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  • Novice exchange links and do outside the chain of misunderstanding

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    is said that the PR value and block updated, I believe that many novices are desperately doing the connection, I as a rookie who has done for several years rookie, should not send any tutorials. However, looking at many beginners and I went to the wrong area, so here’s my little experience and share with you..

    said, "it’s a bit of experience. It’s only a little.". That’s the anchor text that you do the connection. What will you do when you exchange links? Of course, you can explain your website name and the address of the domain name. Other general webmaster see after will do connect following contents: the following references cited content:

    also thank A5 for giving you a platform to explore and learn from each other.. My new station bbs.infosjz.cn Shijiazhuang local gateway, there are friends in Shijiazhuang can come to see… Common development.

    Some tips on enterprise website optimization

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    for enterprise website optimization, for small and medium-sized enterprises, no doubt injected new blood. So, how to make small and medium-sized enterprises have a good site for their marketing?. According to their own years of experience, talk about some experience, I hope to give you help.

    home page: website design and domain name selection.

    1. domain containing keywords, domain name to choose easy to remember.

    2. web site structure, try to avoid using search engine unfriendly framework, Java language, if not to avoid using, use CSS external, the best use of HTML based static pages.

    See the internal connections for each of the pages within the

    3. website. Use anchor text to link to related pages organically.

    4. website should have website map, although the content of our website of medium and small businesses is relatively little. But we can’t ignore it either, or you can create map tools online: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ or tiger software.

    5. adds robots files. You can effectively control which pages you want to grab by search engines and which pages don’t want to be crawled.

    6.404 error page. Plus 404 error pages will make search engines feel that your site is trustworthy and trustworthy.

    7. optimizes the picture in the website, the picture of the website controls 50K as far as possible, undertake to picture Alt label description.

    The title of each page of the

    8. web site is critical, with the key word in the title, and a brief modification of the keyword. That’s what we call long tail keywords. Describe the title of the meta, described by keyword, Description.

    secondly, the optimization of the content of the website.

    a good website does not require SEO to optimize. So how do we better choose the content of the website content,


    1. service experience. If your client can write a short text based on the product or service you offer, or discuss the benefits of your product / service, you’ll be much better off. You can put them on the website as proof of success.

    2. opens an expert question and answer column on the front page. Ask an expert to answer questions, and then post a question, answer, or half an interview every week on the home page, and then make a searchable archive of past questions and answers in the station.

    3. product evaluation. If your industry has products or software that needs to be evaluated, consider writing fair reviews. Publish the article to your website. Readers will always be interested in the integrity of the evaluation, because the author is not biased to list the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

    4. frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) >

    My view on the current situation of personal websites

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              distinctive personal thousands on thousands of websites on the Internet China constitute a beautiful scenery line, according to the statistics of relevant departments now has more than 100000000 Chinese with personal homepage. Such a large number, quality how? Below I talk about my personal opinion.

    one, beautiful girls everywhere,

    is the phrase "a quiet and modest maiden, a gentleman’s good mate" since ancient times, the Internet site and access not only to crush a large quantity, it is weak for a long time, some owners began shuttling back and forth between the "pretty girl" and "pornographic", a link from the beautiful eyebrow beauty enter the "unsuitable for children", although the relevant departments of the three to five acoustic forbidden sites, but in energy is limited, unlimited network, "unsuitable for children" sites or in the crevice to add strength.

    two, we’re all game kings,

    single game, wind network game, everything, diffuse in the corner of the network. Your new game promotion, I do pass through the secret exchange; you have the game channel, I have the game hall; you do the journey, I will do the three – Wei Wei grand, raise a Babel of criticism of, is to enter the network began the game of life".

    three, bringing ism prevailed for a while,

    Chairman Mao teaches us that we must dare to be another good things take over, and now many webmaster is good or bad, to take over again, to advance into the online world communism: you have I have you.

    four, huge amount obviously superior for

    I can’t say, reality indeed many personal site is pure but there are many columns of incompetent person, the actual value of the rare thing. Some people might not like to hear that, but when we find a series of related websites through search engines, we open them one by one. Is there a sense of being cheated when we get nothing?


    over the right to talk nonsense, I hope it will not affect the enthusiasm of the vast number of Internet users, this is the driving force behind the development of the internet. We still have a large number of original works around us, full of wisdom and creativity, the crystallization of dreams and inspiration, which is the mainstay of personal websites.

    Micro-blog promotion three modes analysis how to do

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    through the other too Yadi two well-known brands of micro-blog promotion mode analysis, on 2014 micro-blog promotion

    how to do?


    FOTILE pulls the bond between its fans through 2 micro activities a month. Yadi by millions, tens of millions of micro-blog large forwards, the effective dissemination of content to micro-blog.

    Sina [fans] first time offline activities or events displayed on Sina micro-blog first page. Can achieve four points: crowd locking, controllable time, regional precision, controllable budget.

    The same point:

    FOTILE Yadi

    first, the dissemination of content, manufacturing ability is very tough.

    1, micro-blog copywriter has a high standard of writing. Close to the user to make a good impression, it is worth stopping to pay attention to.

    2, the picture is beautifully designed. Make users more easily moved, interested in micro-blog content.

    3, micro-blog’s plan is in place. Including content topics, activities, planning, activities, material grasp.

    two, its own fans reach an order of magnitude. Ensure that micro-blog content has a basic amount of reading.

    three, the purpose is to maximize the effect of communication, so that brand influence a step further.

    FOTILE Yadi differences:

    one, FOTILE forwarding comments are relatively close, interactive effect is better. Yadi way to pay more attention to communication, interaction.

    two, there is a difference in the cost budget. FOTILE is the active material cost, Yadi is a one-time payment to third party companies.

    three, FOTILE is the official self organization, can train the training team, accumulate experience. Yadi is need third party participation, relatively easy.

    give yourself a sentence: when you don’t know how to do micro-blog, look at the big names,


    original text: http://www.lidianchidiandongche.com/2030.html

    Some thoughts on training programs in the circle of stationmaster

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    this year webmaster circles training market is booming, the rapid development depends on the network and the market economy under the severe employment form, more people want to improve their occupation skill training charge so as to solve the housing problem. For the webmaster circles also have every kind of SEO training, training, training, establishment of Wangzhuan marketing training projects, help the webmaster to enhance the capacity of all aspects of personal development, make the grassroots webmaster transformation into a regular occupation development, sustainable development. I summed up the webmaster circle is doing well in some of the training projects, basically from the following 5 aspects to build a complete set of models.

    one, benchmarking. Benchmarking is what we commonly call success stories. Training courses are different from our general form of products, such as air conditioning product tangible, so there is no need for training case; this product, no successful cases, it is difficult to convince people. Network engineer training such as training, will recommend the employment structure; such as higher training after graduation will share some Wangzhuan, can guarantee how much income each month; if you find yourself training benchmark, depending on their location of training content. Is Wangzhuan training? Or SEO training, if SEO training, how to give students users a benchmark. If we simply say that this is a skill training, after mastering the ability to enhance your personal skills, in the job search and entrepreneurship can bring good results. This benchmarking role may not establish the student’s impulsive spending.

    two, public opinion. Public opinion can be understood as the background of the network, such as webmaster circles at present fire some techniques and applications, the relative discussions are more and more people; corresponding under this kind of environment is easy to receive the sought after skills training. Combining the actual training process, experience and harvest after a part of the trainees, you can get good public opinion advantages. Public opinion is not a derogatory term, most of the skills training often belongs to a kind of impulsive consumption, on the one hand, the potential demand of potential students with the skills, such as the owners really want to learn the SEO technology, the introduction to learning technology Wangzhuan in-service personnel, want to learn marketing, integrated marketing skills, combined with some training good public opinion and of course, price, easy impulse. As a training institution, on the one hand, in the context of seizing the environment and public opinion, and combining with the current training results, we actively establish their own brand public opinion.

    three, promotion. Strictly speaking, public opinion is also a model of promotion, we can understand the soft text. But I also want to mention some other promotion models. The more is pushing a person by a representative of the training courses to build enough brand, brand awareness and connections in the industry, reached the final of the propaganda and training institutions, this is our traditional training industry in the promotion of the Internet directly to. Next is through >

    You should learn to really practice it

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    practice, experience, practice the truth, these two phrases speak well. How do you know the truth when you don’t practice it yourself?. If every day is imaginary, it is not good to learn.

    makes a metaphor. It’s like when we learn to swim, we watch people swim in the water every day on the shore, but we don’t go in and try it ourselves. When you go to school on the beach and swim well, you throw yourself into the water, and you end up drowning yourself.


    website is the same, only myself from the station slowly began to do, slowly accumulated experience, such as how to manage the website, how to upload the website, how to make the site is not easily being attacked, how to prevent hackers and so on a series of problems, when one day your site is small black people or management problems, so this time you will naturally try to prevent it from happening again, so you can learn something, when you really a big website, will these small problems or.

    there are many users who want to do web sites or forums. They often ask me how I have been promoted, and we have his own website. They have agreed that they don’t have any. Oh, my God! I don’t have any websites. I want to learn website promotion. I can’t think of it. You know I asked them what is the reason? They said: now every day on the Admin5 to look at other people’s articles, learning experience, such as his rich experience, to buy the domain name and space, now lack of experience is not worth buying the domain name and space. Hear here, how a dizzy word?. Finally, I can only say to them: "then you every day on the Admin5 to see the article on the line, the above a lot of experts.".

    in this case I Speechless, spend one hundred or two hundred yuan to buy a domain name and space are not willing to learn, but also others network promotion, I don’t think. The latest code, you have to have a web site or forum, and then according to some of the ideas you see on the Internet, apply to your website promotion, so that you can know whether this promotion method is good or not. Is not a certain promotion methods are suitable for each type of website, but also to understand clearly that your website is facing the main browsing crowd what, do not blindly do publicity, hoping to achieve a multiplier effect is the master.

    for those who want to grow on the network and some friends hesitate, please do not hesitate, act immediately, and truly join this piece of our network. It’s a good thing not to hesitate and think adequately, but there are many things that we miss so many opportunities because of our own indecision. Friends, let us go east up, don’t hesitate, because we have youth and vigor.

    finally, leave my QQ number: 985535182. I am a friend who prefers to make friends. I like to teach a friend and AD my own station: www.youda>

    Website reputation promotion is divided into three steps

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    most people are unfamiliar with word of mouth promotion, and they think it is more mysterious than SEO. In fact, any kind of promotion methods are regular, and word of mouth publicity is no exception. Generally speaking, word of mouth propaganda can be divided into three steps:

    step 1: let users remember your website

    wants users to remember your site, and you need to do the following:

    1, website should have characteristics, including positioning, content, design and so on;

    2, especially good to show, let users quickly know your website to bring its benefits;

    3, the domain name is particularly easy to remember and spread, the name of the website is also particularly easy to remember and spread.

    second step: let users browse when feeling very good,

    1, server speed must be fast; this is a very important factor, users feel faster, will naturally like your site.

    2, website design must be humane; Web site design does not follow the same pattern to imitate, want to stand to the user’s point of view to consider, how to make the user convenient, how to design.

    3, your benefits are very straightforward performance; many sites have a lot of good things, but always make very hazy, it is difficult for users to go to your site at the first glance to see your benefits. Do web site is not engaged in art, do not engage in obscurity, the more direct the better.

    third step: in the key position, suggesting that the user to word of mouth publicity

    if you don’t remind users, most users will not take the initiative to help you propaganda, but once the important position in the web page in your hint that the user, you think you love website, website users will help you word-of-mouth. Here’s a tip. You have to exaggerate your users first, and then suggest that users do word of mouth, and let the user feel that it’s reminding him and helping him. Instead of using him.

    to master word-of-mouth promotion, you need to try to figure out the user’s psychology, and then in accordance with the above three steps, the process of many details are well done. Word of mouth promotion is one of the most important strategies in network marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth promotion is good. It can not only improve the website traffic, but also enhance the website viscosity and enhance the brand of the website.

    Webmaster ranks are not easy to enter, need rational

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    April 11th, stationmaster net (admin5.com) of all the members in the figure under the leadership of the king, visited the mountain of Yuntai Mountain. Yuntai Mountain is an ecological tourist attraction, covering an area of more than 190 square kilometers. It occupies a very high position in the domestic tourist attractions, and has a beautiful scenery, which is a good choice. Just choose Yuntai Mountain, too many people, the visitors soon shoulder, overcrowded. The author and colleagues sigh with emotion the beauty of the landscape in Yuntai Mountain, while lamenting the number of visitors. When can tourist attractions be limited to the highest number of visitors to the park, giving visitors a relaxing and spacious space to experience the beauty of the scenic spots?

    the number of visitors from the scenic spots, I think of the number of domestic webmasters. With the rapid development of the Internet, coupled with last year’s CN domain name 1 yuan activities, so that the number of webmaster surge. In the stationmaster net only registered user has 150 thousand, stationmaster net trades the registered user of forum to have 200 thousand. More and more users into the webmaster, webmaster site is increased, the domestic well-known master industry website webmaster nets, the laggards, China station, China station, stationmaster industry is thriving.

    I can not help but doubt? How much personal websites, personal Adsense this cake? Personal webmaster of this industry in the China for nearly ten years, especially a breakthrough in recent years, many people see the rapid development and huge profits in this industry, have joined them. However, this industry to bring much profit? How much space for the development of the industry in the end? Is not all the webmaster can share a piece of cake? I believe that many people into the ranks of the original owners accidentally saw a senior success on the Internet, blood boiling, then add the confidence of webmaster. As we all know, in the early stage of the station, we must experience the inhuman training and suffering to see the shadow of success, and success is only a small number of people. A successful predecessor, does not mean that all people can succeed, every success is hard won, even with misunderstanding and exclusion, perseverance, in order to go through the darkness before dawn, to see the dawn of success.

    Internet is an opportunity, is a shared communication platform, personal network can make you success, but if to endure hardships and setbacks, the site has been K, poor promotion, do not flow and so on are everyday problems, it is almost impossible to succeed. If you think that buy a domain name, buy a space, get some data to build a website to be able to make money, you don’t know what is the webmaster, also will not adhere to and failed because.

    finally, the author suggests to enter but not to enter the ranks of webmaster friends, rational choice of career, because this road is not easy; also bless the new owners, and has fought for many years in the ranks of owners of the old webmaster, can develop their own personal website in the world.

    Why do users share on websites and application sharing buttons What is the motivation

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    the weekend watching Hayao Miyazaki’s "goodbye" by Aoi Teshima Honghua Osaka, a song "goodbye summer" completely conquer, listen to an afternoon is not fun, easily in the QQ music on WeChat to find and share the circle of friends, attracted a bunch of friends. Open QQ space, found that many students with the latest watermark camera drying scenery, sun baby, sun food. Open the Tencent micro-blog news events at a glance around, he forwarded a micro-blog search for their loved ones, the hearts of blessing, hope the lost family reunion earlier.

    in such an era, sharing behavior is everywhere, and sharing buttons can be seen everywhere. However, I think the cause is, is not in web applications on a shared button, users will go to share? There are so many websites and applications are added to the share button, why some websites and applications rarely share the contents of many people and some people share content? What is the motivation of users to share

    ?Before thinking about the sharing behavior of users on the web,

    can first think about the sharing behavior of people in real life. Before the web, we often share the channel in the dining table, one family dinner to share this informative day; most often share the person is very close to me around, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues and so on.

    sharing behavior has existed since ancient times. It can be said that human beings are born with a natural instinct. How to understand the "innate" and "nature"? Darwin has mentioned a very interesting thing in "human and animal expression", is why people are born with fear? Because the original human beings living in an environment not threatened by growing crises, in Bao Xi, on snake, tiger, lion and other animal fear can make humans away from them independently, thus better able to survive in the world. A scream made by a person when he fears, can be understood as an alarm to warn a companion or ask for help from a companion. This act of fear, like branding, exists in our genes and becomes our innate ability. The risk of electricity is very high, why children plugged into the jack in the finger when not conscious of fear? Darwin’s explanation is that electricity is only a hundred years of things, the human brain has not yet formed of instinctive fear. So I think, in the primitive society, where there is substantial companion told wild, where is dangerous, all information sharing is more conducive to the ethnic groups in the natural environment to survive, so we can understand why the sharing behavior is a kind of "innate" behavior.


    if you want to talk about user sharing motivation, I think we can sum up from the following aspects:

    , first of all, user sharing is, to some extent, an act of self presentation. Zhang Xiaolong says that micro-blog is essentially a place where users build another self. See in micro-blog’s "I" photos, according to my best photos (so that Meitu Xiu Xiu.

    URL Type Summary

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    visit a website, you must know the domain name of the website, this is the most basic entrance of the website.

    uses a web site user, one of whom is a primary user, who knows which site to visit when he doesn’t know what site to visit. The other is an advanced user, who often visits a website and writes it down, usually in IE’s favorites. There is also a user will use, and that is the webmaster, he will through this way to promote the site.

    URL station has the following types of

    1. shows shape

    okay, 123, http://www.hao123.com

    265 navigation online http://www.265.com

    the earliest domestic web site, hao123 was acquired by Baidu, such imitation of the site appeared a lot, but it is difficult to do so again to his success. Later developed professional areas of navigation, such as tourism, navigation, regional sites, navigation, etc.. Such sites are used by primary users.

    2. URL chain

    51 strand http://www.51link.com/

    this is the webmaster to submit web site, and then get the code, stick on the web site, and bring traffic to each other, but also induce users to click, found interested in the site. At the same time also brought traffic to the webmaster.

    3. links

    inout http://inout.donews.com/

    this is the webmaster or BLOGER first submit url to the platform, then the platform Links, with links to the more links platform, get the higher ranking, the better the recommended position, at the same time to bring traffic to the webmaster.

    4. share + comment

    Web2.0 site collection http://web2list.cn/

    users share the sites they find with other users, while all users can evaluate the site.

    5. personal collection,

    global Chinese Web site favorites http://www.popolook.com

    The public section of the

    site shows the sites recommended by the web site. Personal registration, collection of personal web site.

    6. Collection + tag

    Cape of Good Hope http://www.wang1314.com

    QQ bookmarks http://shuqian.qq.com

    users collect web sites while also tagging websites, >