Beijing Normal University released the 2015 Labor Market Research Report

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China’s employment problem is becoming more and more serious, the state tries to solve the employment problem by encouraging college students to start their own businesses. Recently, Beijing Normal University released the latest survey report, affirmed the role of entrepreneurship driven employment.

2015 years, the number of new companies in China every day nearly 1. A large number of entrepreneurial enterprises provide a large number of jobs for the majority of workers." Report moderator Lai Desheng, director of the Labor Market Research Center, Beijing Normal University, said.

through the first half of the work, we can see that the significant role of entrepreneurship to create jobs, to prove the correctness of this decision. Next, China should continue to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and gradually realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry, so that the economy continues to develop.

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College students start a few hot money market

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for many college students, now forms of employment have seriously bad, the employment environment is not too bad, under a background of this, more and more students go on the road of entrepreneurship.

2015 college students to make money   novel rental shop, the door of entrepreneurship

select the location for the school, usually residential streets and other personnel, The stream never stops flowing. high density area is divided into several types according to different crude properties: 1): the rental shop store characteristics mainly provide customer convenience book rental service, store decoration patterns tend to Gao Caiguang, book rental process is simple and fast, turnover allocation to books by the vast majority of customers, in reading consumption proportion is less; 2) the types of leisure reading Hall: the main characteristics of the store to provide customers with high quality reading leisure space, indoor decoration style is characteristic, indoor lighting tend to be soft, compared to the rental shop, leisure reading within the proportion of Museum Reading consumption accounted for a higher proportion of turnover distribution. Most of the leisure reading hall effectively enhance the consumer price, often multiple business projects, such as catering, network etc.; 3) other industries: composite rent Bookstore main business items of this type is not a comic novel rental, only to provide the additional services, hoping to enhance the degree of competition of this shop.

2015 college students venture to make money   sea monopoly, a different world of water

2015 college students to make money   myth, millions of people in Shenzhen to eat his food

Cabinets to join the investment in environmental protection is worth defending brand

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      quality cabinet has been a concern of the people also buy inferior white products will make his life more trouble, and even a threat to their safety, so many people lack a sense of trust cabinet products. Editor’s note that the cabinet wants to regain the trust of the banner of environmental protection, good quality in exchange for a new sense of trust.


      brand recommendation: Berlin family home

Did you know that the Internet has spawned so many professions

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now, the Internet has become the focus of entrepreneurs than gold field. The reporter learned through the investigation, from the Internet to 2006, the disappearance of the occupation of more than 3000 species, and this data in 2014, has risen to 5000 kinds, in the disappearing occupation, there are also some due to the Internet industry, analyzes the once popular network sends a founder of occupation Wu Jun:


qqflash occupation

the initial network, bandwidth is not enough, the output format Flash is becoming the main transmission format video animation, Flash brings a huge business space with affinity and propagation speed and other advantages to the whole industry, spawned a hot new occupation – flash flash, who rely on their own creative ability and created a large number of high-quality animation, swept the entire Internet field, become a force in emerging industries. However, behind the network environment has become increasingly rich and colorful, flash have also gradually fade out of sight.

two occupation: the chain released


as a reference standard in the website optimization is outside the chain number, want to improve website ranking, you only need a daily non-stop for the website chain, website ranking is rushing forward, it also created a high income chain. When Baidu plans to destroy the SEO bombing of entire optimization market, the friends chain, the chain method to improve website ranking has become website optimization of the past, the chain also not brilliant, and the rest of the so-called master optimization are just clouds.

three Occupation: SMS writer

text writer known as "digital era legend occupation, when the mobile phone operators are fire, mobile phone short message service operators will be pushed to the ground, SMS writers income into the brief period before and after 2002, some even reached 100 thousand and 20 million annual salary. However, when the network enters the public participation in the network information era, to achieve explosive growth, SMS operators have been closed down, it’s SMS writers down the mountain, gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Occupation: four

WitkeyThe concept of a

Witkey, the Internet attracted a creative market turmoil, business owners have a creative platform of choice, technical personnel have a creative platform, many investors smell sensitive network regarded him as "xiangbobo" stampede in, however, this heat and not because of its convenience and sustained how long after carry out Witkey Witkey estimated 1000, employment cost is low, some business owners are more vicious spiral, through Witkey sleight of hand, let Witkey chill. Witkey this career in the Witkey and Witkey distrust each other, eventually ushered in the transformation of the entire Witkey industry, Witkey has gradually become a past of the internet.


Suzhou Kunqu Opera began with the young people together – the whole

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to twenty-first Century, people pay more and more attention to cultural heritage, those five thousand years of cultural treasures, it is worth the attention of modern people. Among them, the local opera has been welcomed by many people, including Suzhou’s Kunqu Opera is not only the elderly, but also popular among young people, which is a very good phenomenon, conducive to cultural heritage and carry forward.

[Yiyuan new ·]

opera into the campus;

every Monday to Friday at 1:30 pm, located in Jiangsu, Guanqian Street, Qin LAN hall, the classic Opera repertoire staged one by one, the audience are all students. Followed by the interactive link, the children learn to sing a few words with the young actor, participate in quiz to win a small gift, the atmosphere relaxed.

2007, Suzhou launched the "Kunqu Opera for students in the public performance of universal engineering". Every student in Suzhou city can watch more than one Kunqu Opera in a year. Over the past ten years, the project performed a total of more than 1000 screenings, more than 30 students watched the Kunqu opera performances, listening to the introduction of relevant knowledge. The project by the Suzhou Municipal Finance pay, trying to get the "origin of Kunqu in young people in the" popular ".

meet: meet with young life

11 year old Yang You, standing on the stage of the country’s eighteenth stage of the drama of the small plum blossom finals, of confidence, two eyes sparkling.

spread the word in Kunqu Opera: male fear of "night flight", women are afraid to "Si Fan". But it is by virtue of the "Si Fan", won the drama of the small plum blossom award, Yang You. Kunqu nurtured the child, so that she was born again, has nurtured 14 small plum, the guidance of Xu Xu, with the teacher, watching the top of the stage can not help but wet eyes.

Yang gifted with an unknown family story. Parents have died due to serious illness and car accident, Yang You has been living with her stepmother. "At that time, the child was very introverted, the hair covered almost half of the eyes, always hiding behind other children." Xu Yuntong told reporters.

two years ago, Yang You is located in Kunshan City Qiandeng center primary school to organize students to participate in "Kunqu Opera into the campus". Exquisite choreography, beautiful singing, gentle movements deeply grasp the child’s heart. After returning to school, she proposed to enroll in a small school Kunqu Opera troupe.

Xu Yuntong, the charm of Kunqu Opera fascination and Yang through hard training, quickly became one of the best performers in the school, "she later put in front of the long fringe cut, the eyes are really beautiful!"

in addition to Yang You, the charm of Kunqu is also nurturing more children. 2007, Su recommend

A few good projects for small businesses

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some people want to start, but no prior business experience, there is no strong capital, small business insurance is the most well, can minimize the risk in this way, general small business profit space is not large, but can puerile, for beginners is a very good start the idea of what a small business project is better?

personal entrepreneurship small project one: specialty restaurants

catering industry due to the low investment threshold, strong outbreak, has been greatly welcomed by entrepreneurs. Catering industry experts believe that the current stage is still quite profitable to do food and beverage projects, entrepreneurs can give priority to the choice. For the first time entrepreneurs, can start from a small catering business, the gradual accumulation of experience and capital, and gradually become bigger and stronger enterprises. In particular, some of the characteristics of the current category of snacks, a good project with reasonable operation, will be a very good choice for entrepreneurship!

personal entrepreneurship small project two: health care products store

According to

, an industry source, a factory price of 12 yuan worth of medicine, 40 of sales price, then the price 28 yuan of money in circulation cost about 7 yuan to 15 yuan, and the so-called "circulation cost" is the most rebate, that is to say, the price of 30% to 40% for rebate. In the high price of drugs to denounce the sound, some parity pharmacies in the country everywhere.

some parity pharmacies to lower than the average retail price of 45% approved sales price. However, even if the price of 45%, can still be profitable, you can imagine the extent of drug retail profits. In addition, with the Chinese knowledge level and expenditure level, more and more concern for health, in recent years, health care products market prospects, especially in the holidays, health care products sales soared, are "money king" good business direction.

personal entrepreneurship project three: Pet Photo Gallery

pet has become a member of the family to some extent, and the pet art as the price has been refreshed, even expensive baby art photos". Investment of about 20 square meters of pavement, a simple studio and photographic equipment can be. The position near the parks, public square and pet hospital, in order to "excuse me". Personal conditions, in addition to excellent technology, but also must understand the knowledge related to pets, know each of their most valuable parts of the body, and even to know the skeleton of most pets.

single photo price can be between 30 to 60 yuan, an album price can be set at $200 to $1000. At the same time you can also consider the photos printed on the cup, or put into the key. Promotion, the beginning of the intention of the customer can send a few photos free of charge, but also through the pet website and customer reputation recommend

Adult supplies store to good business location can not be too fancy.

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After all

products has a special, therefore, if you will be a Adult supplies store opened in the streets of People are hurrying to and fro. at any time, there will be passers-by through the door, you feel like Adult supplies stores will be hot business? After all, Chinese mostly influenced by traditional ideas, even if consumer Adult supplies are hidden, but the place is too loud, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers. So, Adult supplies store to business is good, location can not be too loud!

how to open an adult store? Location is very important. The famous brand of spring CEO Lin Degang revealed that Chinese influenced by traditional culture, Adult supplies store is not suitable to put up a pageantry opened in the commercial street or some obvious street front. The best location is the location of the community, but also to the store as the center, the radius of 1 kilometers of the number of residents in the vicinity of about ten thousand people.

Adult supplies store front selected position, must choose the dry line, such as the branch of the main trunk, which is not loud, but will not affect the attention to the store. At the same time there is a factor, if opened in the main line, more people in the past, if the number of customers encounter acquaintances will be embarrassed, especially female customers.

Adult supplies store area of not more than 20 square meters, some people want me to open up stores, more customers, earn more, in fact, because this is a secret business, most of the customers are pay to go, stay in the store not too long, so the store open too large there is no point, but also increase the expensive rent. In addition, Adult supplies in many people’s eyes are more obscure, so you front, who will offer into the shop to buy something? In fact, the big stores will be equal to the customers away.

also, if there are a lot of 40-55 year old middle-aged men in the street near the store door of old residential area, you can determine the shop can live well "; in the new community near the consumer into the store for the main crowd of young people aged 20-30, and the proportion of women into the store even more than 30%, can this shows that Adult supplies store can live well.

a shop how to operate, in fact, every industry summed up a lot of experience, which can be implemented in the process of shop slowly specific business, but if you want to experience these can be achieved certain effects, nature also need to have a correct location. So, if you open an adult goods store, do you know how to choose the site?

Tibet to increase poverty Alleviation Office efforts

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in the past, Lhasa gives people the feeling is particularly poor, especially in the State Road to see those kids make people sad. After several years of development, Tibet’s economy has gradually gone up, but also with the poor, farther and farther. As the country’s only provincial-level contiguous poor areas, the existing poverty population of 777 thousand people in Tibet, accounting for about 23.96% of the total population.

around "who is poor, who helped to poverty alleviation, how poverty, Lhasa through the door thoroughly, one by one investigation, participatory poverty alleviation precise identification object, established the dynamic management system of poverty population. In July 2015, the district Party committee to further clarify the party committees and governments at all levels in charge of poverty alleviation and the main responsibility, the establishment of "area of responsibility, city, county, township governing implementation engineer" poverty alleviation management system, and the innovation of financial management system of special poverty relief funds, the funds to deep poverty, poverty and poverty area of difficulty tilt.

according to the types of poverty and development needs, focusing on the implementation of the "Tibet five" a number of supporting measures, namely, production, supporting a number of relocation of a group, a group of intellectual education, guaranteeing the policy fallback skills for employment of a group, a group of health poverty relief. Since October 2011, the autonomous region has sent four batches of residency work team, more than 10 party members and cadres in the region’s 5463 villages (neighborhood) and poor households twinning recognize the pro friends, "one to one" to achieve precise helping poor households in the village, and dispatched cadres and workers to help the poor in coverage, directly an increase of 1 billion 510 million yuan of income for farmers and herdsmen.

Tenzing, Lhasa, Jiangsu Province, hot summer through the painting training classes for two years of free learning, and now has become a painter. "Mastered the painting skills, the better the days of the home." Tenzing said. Tibet actively cultivate the rain plan brand, to increase the poor families, two epigenetic (high school graduates can not continue to go to school) education training, young adults labor skills training efforts. It is reported that, in order to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation skills, employment, money to spend, Tibet in 2015 invested a total of 1 billion 675 million yuan of national special financial relief funds, the implementation of various projects of the 922.

How can

help the people of Tibet to create wealth? In recent years, Lhasa Poverty Alleviation Office made a number of achievements, the formation of the poverty alleviation policy, special poverty reduction, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, financial industry, government poverty alleviation Tibet five parts, market, social collaboration to promote poverty alleviation pattern. The formation of poverty alleviation policy, special poverty reduction, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, financial industry, government poverty alleviation Tibet five parts, market, social collaboration to promote poverty alleviation pattern.

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College students entrepreneurship is not a dream, shrimp rich

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in today’s society, as long as you can achieve your personal value is a success, many people do not care about what to do, like the following 80 percent of College students.

. Baoshan District Luojing town agricultural entrepreneurship garden small boss Ma Lan is in a good mood: Australian Lobster growth she farmed most gratifying, lobster raised to 232, a few months, raised to 672 of the time, these will be able to market the lobster. It is hard to imagine that the breeding Park was busy small boss, was 80 who graduated from famous female university students. The day before, Baoshan District Luojing agricultural park officially inaugurated. Ma Lan on his "Lan Lan aquaculture Park" is full of confidence.

she found from the daily observation, now people love to eat green food, pay attention to nutrition collocation, planting and breeding industry has a certain market, but she had never been exposed to this industry, have ideas but no start. Fortunately, Ma Lan from the Luojing business guidance expert Wang Yiyu got help, Wang Yiyu has long been engaged in agricultural production, but also have rich experience in planting and breeding. Under his guidance, Ma Lan decided to breed Australian lobster.

however, her entrepreneurial path is not smooth. Started early this year, when the business, due to lack of experience in breeding, technology is not mature, the first batch of Australian lobster was frozen to death…… And for this batch of new lobster, the 80 percent of college students entrepreneurs confidence, now has the breeding experience, as well as technical assurance, this group will be able to raise success, to achieve sales!"

13 business site features at the beginning of this year, the city introduced to encourage entrepreneurship to employment action plan for three years. Lack of entrepreneurial venues has been a major problem plagued Baoshan District entrepreneurship. Baoshan District through the introduction of real

Female entrepreneurship bloom red tide

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is not a man to earn money to support his family, women at home with children to do housework in the era of women can also strive for the family economy, men can also help his wife to share housework. Female entrepreneurship, blooming red.

3 7, Zhengzhou street, a teahouse in Huainan.

choice: different red flowers

Ji Yu

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