Qinghai Lake international sculpture and earth art tourism season started yesterday

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June 15th, the beautiful Qinghai Lake · tour Milton joy as the theme of the 2013 Qinghai Lake international sculpture and landscape art wonderful tourist season starts. At present, the ongoing tourism activities, has become one of the important Qinghai Lake brand activities.

is different from previous years, this year’s art tourism season more prominent cultural connotation and natural style. The distribution of Milton scenic sand sculpture is rich in meaning, and the land art, three categories of works of art. The sculpture is the main theme of "fairy tale". Great sand dunes, tens of meters high straw made land art: the tree of life to show human nature worship, 23 fairy tale theme sculpture is brilliant. Do not have fun from restocking, kite flying competition, visit the project aircraft, water drum and other sightseeing ship fresh water, in the tourist season highlight art leisure mood, joy of natural philosophy also attracted many tourists enthusiasm.

according to the relevant person in charge of the protection and utilization of the Qinghai Lake scenic area, the tourism season from June this year until October. In June, Qinghai people with a local ID card can enjoy certain concessions. The future, Qinghai Lake international sculpture and earth art tourism season will be the depth of excavation of Qinghai Lake Milton scenic tourist resources, highlighting the Qinghai Lake Milton area joy theme characteristic, form a visibility and reputation of the Qinghai Lake Scenic Tourism Festival brand. (author: Zhang Lifeng)

news: train tour Milton

in June 15th, with a passenger train approaching the Qinghai Tibet Railway "Qinghai Lake station, Xining to Qinghai Lake Milton area successfully train access. This means that the tourists to enter the Qinghai Lake Milton area will no longer be time-consuming, also means that our province has added a plateau train tourism project.

Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau of the relevant person in charge, in order to solve the season when a car is hard to find the problems and the development of the tourism industry, to make Qinghai Lake tourists can choose various modes of railway highway + experience the beautiful scenery along Qinghai Lake, get rid of traffic control bottleneck, effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of tourist season scenic tourist vehicle, drive people grow, the Qinghai Lake scenic area again in cooperation with the Qinghai Tibet railway company opened a "train tour Milton tourist routes.

in June 15th, to Milton scenic train, just 2 hours by car full of laughter and songs. Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau responsible person believes that the Qinghai Lake scenic area in cooperation with the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company pioneered the railway into the area "mode, the use of their resources, launched a strong cooperation mode between the cross domain, achieve mutually beneficial win-win situation. At the same time, it will change the traditional tourism mode of Qinghai Lake scenic spot. (author: Zhang Lifeng)


The biggest danger of leading cadres is to break away from the masses

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The eighteen report of the

Party pointed out that "spirit slack dangerous, dangerous lack of capacity, from the masses of dangers passive corruption, more pointedly placed in front of the whole party," which is the greatest danger from the masses. Xi Jinping in June 18th this year, held the party’s mass line educational practice work conference stressed that the mass line of educational practice in leading institutions above the county level, leading bodies and leading cadres to focus on. It is an important judgment for the current phenomenon of a small number of leading cadres from the masses, leading cadres from the masses to a large extent undermined the image of the party, hurt the feelings of the people. Therefore, the behavior of leading cadres against the wishes of the masses and harm the interests of the masses need to effectively correct and prevent.

leading cadres from the masses is the main problem: one is the ideological deviation from masses; two is the behavior on the job is alienated from the masses; three from the masses; four is the life of the masses is free; five moral loss from the masses; six is the style away from people. Among them, the three aspects of thinking, work, life is particularly prominent.

one is ideologically deviated from the masses. With the ruling environment and conditions continue to improve, the ruling position of commanding and control the power resources, as well as a variety of external temptations, a few leading cadres, the importance of maintaining close ties between the party and the people of the necessity and urgency of lost and keenly aware of identity and life values changed. First, we can not treat the masses equally; two, we can not treat the masses with the public servants; the other is that we can not treat the masses with the heart of "ordinary".

two is working away from the masses. Some local relations between cadres and the masses, performance engineering and image projects frequently launched, frequent incidents of mass incidents and corruption, the credibility of the government declined. Specific performance in a leadership decision-making and the needs of people out of tune; the two is not listening to the voices of the masses, not to solicit the opinions of the masses, not working to support the masses; three is the lack of communication between the lead and the masses, the masses do not trust.

three is a free mass in life. A handful of leading comfort enjoyment, rather than to the basic services for the people, indulge in the scene of debauchery, ignoring the plight of the people, even for Mandarin and contrary to public opinion and sacrifice the interests of the people of the events occurred frequently. Its performance: first, the lack of attention to the reasonable demands of the masses, working hard to make things difficult for the masses; two is not enough concern about the vital interests of the masses; the three is not enough care for the lives of the masses.

from the masses of the problem while a few leading cadres exist in the body, but the existence of these problems seriously affected the party’s image in people’s mind, hurt the feelings of the masses, the masses of the people of lower trust party, weakened the party with the people’s flesh and blood relation, serious impact on the relation between the party and the masses harmony. Therefore, this issue must be highly vigilant.

first, strengthen the party spirit, so that leading cadres do not want to leave the masses. People’s attitude towards the problem, fundamentally speaking, is the issue of party spirit, world outlook. Leading cadres should stand up to the test of power, money and beauty;

The first half of 2016 the National College English Test Band 46 test today

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in the second half of 2016, the National College English Test Band Four, grade (hereinafter referred to as CET) in December 17th, Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai National University, Medical College of Qinghai University, 4 test sites. This test is for 17405 people (of which: Four English 12652, English six class 4753), the number of candidates 1136 people increase over the same period last year, an increase of 7 percent.

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the examination, the examination management center of Qinghai province for the detailed deployment of the CTE examination work. The test center at the school at work should resolutely overcome any slack, careless thinking, to take strong measures to ensure the smooth CET security test.


test increased during the high-tech prevention efforts, the test involved harmful radio signal monitoring suppression using radio monitoring vehicle; the installation of electronic shielding device on each floor of all sites, the use of "electronic dog" inspections; strict admission related detection, using metal detectors each admission candidates, will carry illegal mobile phone, wireless communication headset plugging tool in the center of the peripheral tissue outside the examination room; the inspection team, the implementation of mobile inspections near the test sites around the floor, on the use of radio transmitting device in the harmful information organized and premeditated cheating gang; before entering the examination room invigilator teachers must be strict security checks, prohibited teachers will be proctored wireless communication tools into the examination room invigilator after receive the papers; subject to the provisions of the route to the examination room, and in strict accordance with the prescribed time unsealed papers, in strict accordance with the rules Invigilator.


The second installment of the 1400 sets of public rental housing will be allocated

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with the end of 2014 the first batch of public rental housing pilot work, the city part of the housing difficulties of low-income families have xiqianxinju. At present, the city’s second batch of public rental housing pilot allocation work has also entered the intense preparations, plans for the second batch of public rental housing for the public Yaohao allocation of more than 1400 sets.


These rumors are unreliable heating

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Today is the first day of heating season, the district heating enterprises will be charged in accordance with the new standard of residential natural gas central heating costs. But recently, WeChat network appeared in the relevant departments of the state requirements below reduce household heating fee, heating fee but lower natural gas prices rise "rumors, and even the" voices of doubt this year heating costs if the price adjustment held hearings "and" let you first do not worry over heating costs "and" advised words". October 14th, the reporter conducted an interview.

for counseling of non residents with natural gas price adjustment of central heating in our city residential natural gas, guarantee the normal heating heating enterprises in our city, according to the provincial development and Reform Commission on the hearing directory, in accordance with the strict laws and regulations program in November 28th last year held a heating residential natural gas price adjustment hearing set. In January this year, fortieth municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Xining city central heating residential natural gas price adjustment programs", with central heating residential natural gas price of 4.90 yuan per square metre per month to 5.77 yuan. The original price adjustment in March 15th began to implement, taking into account the relevant factors, the city government decided to postpone the heating price adjustment program to be carried out before the winter heating period in 2015. Because of central heating, natural gas prices have been adjusted, residents of central heating, gas price from 1.30 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 1.60 yuan per cubic meter, up 0.30 yuan, increase the purchase cost of gas heating enterprises, such as not timely adjustment of the residents of central heating prices, is bound to affect the normal operation of heating enterprises and all the central heating residential property the. In order to ensure the normal development of centralized heating in winter, the request approved by the municipal government and the municipal development and Reform Commission issued on the adjustment of Xining residents gas central heating price adjustment notice, the specific implementation in October 15, 2015.Development and Reform Commission

Xining Shengli Road gas hall will be added to the gas window

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September 3rd, the reporter learned from the Victory Road gas service hall, Shengli Road gas lobby is being renovated, after the completion of the renovation will be added to the gas window, when people go to pay faster.

entered the Victory Road gas hall, the front door of the service window is being renovated, the door on the right side of the position, the new opening of the 5 service window, the public is currently available in the newly opened window payment, business. After the renovation is completed, the door is the 6 window for the main business, the right side of the window will be all for the payment window 5.

it is reported that before the Victory Road gas hall is only responsible for the payment of two windows, the rest of the window for the business window, when the purchase of winter gas busy, will temporarily increase the cost of 1 to 2 windows. Gas hall will be completed before the end of this year’s heating period. (author: Li Yanfang)


Three districts to develop governance strategy

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today’s Qinghai, has stood at a new starting point, the world is showing a more broad prospects for development. Efforts to build a recycling economy development zone! Efforts to build ecological civilization in the first district! Efforts to build national unity and progress of advanced areas! Based on resources, ecological stability, three important strategic position, the construction of "three areas" strategy, as the provincial government governance Green Governance overall strategy to enrich and develop, for the people of Qinghai to bring a different kind of warmth, confidence, hope, more gather up the majestic power of the people of Qinghai to build well-off.

circular economy, to build the country’s leading area

2008, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone has become the second batch of pilot park, the development of circular economy to promote the scientific development stage.


] the industrial chain planning system at present, development of circular economy in Qinghai province basically completed, through the active construction of circular economy industrial chain, promoting the centralized layout of related industries, Qinghai has formed a circular economy industrial cluster with Qinghai characteristics.

next year to build the basic framework of the

according to the "development of circular economy in Qinghai Province pilot area construction of national action plan", 2015 to build circular economy development framework, completed in 2020 the national circular economy pilot area development, at the same time, to build industrial clusters as an important carrier of the development of circular economy construction of national first district, building circular and complete industrial system in accordance with the 15 industrial base location.

Xining implementation plan is being developed

in the development of circular economy, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, one of the four parks and focus on the development of eight industrial chain is the highlight of circular economy. The strength of the development of circular economy in Xining city has begun to build in non-ferrous metals, chemical integration as the foundation, eight integrated industry chain development system to enhance the transformation of traditional industries such as steel as the focus, let the future development zone has become the first area of the province’s recycling economy. At present, Xining is developing the implementation of circular economy development zone ahead of the implementation of the program. (reporter Xiao Yu)

Qinghai advantage in resources, potential in resources, hope in resources.

circular economy has become a powerful leverage leveraging resources in Qinghai.

is based on the circular economy, Qinghai station in the new historical development of circular economy and building national height put forward the first area of strategic vision, has become the only way which must be passed Qinghai scientific development, accelerate economic growth in Qinghai has become an important shortcut in the total transformation of the mode of development.

construction is the first area of reform is also sprint

batch of infrastructure projects started construction, a focus on investment in the pilot area of Bibi funds, cast into the industrial chain…… From Qaidam to Xining, Qinghai circular economy industrial system is taking shape, the development of circular economy in Qinghai area is becoming more and more.

[idea] in 2012, the province proposed to build a national recycling economy development zone strategic structure;

To the Central Committee of the party to the high standards

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In December 31, 2015, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the city’s above Deputy departmental level cadres meeting to convey the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau will be the topic of democratic life spirit.

Xining Zuoqi light motor vehicle accident treating method on the first day of the formal implementat

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Driving on the road, the most afraid of is a traffic jam. Many sections of the traffic jam is the occurrence of a small rub in front of the vehicle, the car station in the middle of the road dispute caused by traffic jam. Yesterday, the Xining motor vehicle accident treatment approach was formally implemented. Reporters from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment accident handling battalion squadron was informed that, as at 17:45 on the 10, the first day of the implementation of the new regulations, the provincial capital is not the driver of a small accident caused by a large traffic jam and punished.

small into urban traffic accidents due to the traffic jam

"measures", on the minor road traffic accident with fast processing conditions, the parties did not leave the scene according to the provisions of the traffic police should be ordered to evacuate, refused to evacuate, in accordance with the mandatory evacuation, and give 200 yuan punishment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "procedures" deal with road traffic accidents.

the slight accident processing method and photographed skills

Xining signed a big data cloud computing protocol

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In September 16th, the Xining municipal government and the Qinghai China Telecom held a cloud computing and big data business cooperation agreement signing ceremony, the wisdom of the city of Xining to further enhance the level, accelerate the development of regional economy, optimize the industrial structure, develop new formats, has an important significance to improve government management level and management efficiency. Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong, general manager of China Telecom, Qinghai, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony, vice mayor Xu Guocheng speech.