Personal website optimization need to pay attention to what

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every site needs a your own domain name, they can choose according to their own business to. The general international domain name贵族宝贝 is 100 yuan a year, the price is very cheap, but also very safe and stable. If your English is very good, you can go to registration, if English level is not very high, can find people on behalf of note. Here to remind you, in the choice of the space must be careful to choose a stable speed, independent of the IP space, the space cost of this may be a little high, but it is worth it. If you choose to buy a space, this may put a lot of space inside the station, the optimization is very negative, so to separate IP space more appropriate.


third: select the


webmaster can add a keyword in your description, but we should pay attention to the description can not write too long, because beyond the limits of "description >


setting is a very important link, because it and your income directly linked. Now do site, the same industry competition is more and more intense, so when you enter a word will come out tens of thousands of content. So, we in the choice of keywords is the best time to stand in the perspective of the user to choose, a lot of understanding the user’s heart, to understand the user’s search habits, come up with some easy to remember, some words are simple and convenient users love, so the search rate will be much larger.

the first point: how to choose the domain name and space

second: about the title of the site

is now doing many personal websites, some do more successful, so many people remember his website, but also to do the station itself have brought a lot of benefits. But also do not succeed, but not the success of the majority, this is exactly why? For so many personal websites novice, always have a lot of questions, such as how should choose the title more attractive? How to choose a better user search keywords? How to write a description of many problems? Let the webmaster very distressed, if you want your website to be able to have a good ranking, these are the key to do so today, and we want to talk about personal websites need to pay attention to what

I think many people have the experience, when you enter a website, first of all is to see the title of an article, if the title attracted to you, you will have to continue to look down the interest, so choose a good title is very important. The title of the site should add a keyword, key settings must be appropriate, not too much, three compared to don’t repeat too much, the index of keywords can query in some search engine. Selected three keywords must be separated by commas, such words separated. Website title words should be appropriate, the length of the right, not too much, the best is simple and clear, with no more than 32 Chinese characters.

The value orientation of links to optimize the site links to two

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Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The front to introduce yourself after seeing Li Jianzhong’s article "link strength evaluation of link quality dimension" after a point for the perception of the link in the website of Shanghai Dragon – "use value oriented links to optimize the site link", which links for "power" in the article only talks about three aspects of dimensions quantity, speed and frequency (see "links link optimization value"). Today the five dimensions share the remaining link value orientation.



also need to operate for the website of Shanghai Longfeng the priority among priorities of the chain, is what we really want to do is get accurate direct traffic to the construction of the external links. Many friends understand Shanghai dragon is to do keywords ranking, of course, more scientific website optimization work is optimized to do ZhengZhan, each stage of the development of different keyword strategy, but in fact both keyword ranking ranking optimization or ZhengZhan optimization is just a process we get through the Shanghai dragon website potential customer flow, ultimate goal we are get traffic, if we can directly obtain the target flow through the Shanghai dragon, then is not to save the middle of the process, in the process of reducing the traffic loss rate. It’s like two person race, is 110 meters, but the middle of a few hurdles, maybe you will like Liu Xiang in the Olympic Games of the tragedy on the way down, and if not considering these obstacles, you may do more easily. The thinking of the construction of the chain is also based on this goal, as we build our micro-blog link, to build their own website content links, share plug-in settings on the site, set up a subscription tool is for users convenience, let them find our website directly, this part is also the Shanghai dragon link building.

site links to release its role should be is to guide the precise flow, also is the request we will release these links to be able to bring direct traffic place. For example, Sitelinks, mostly do recommend links for users (front also mentioned the recommended links can improve the user access speed), if we talked about in the article mentioned the need to improve the keywords ranking ranking to high quality links, here we recommend before finishing a comprehensive comparison the high quality of the chain, want to understand the relevant knowledge of the friends will click on view, so as to guide the intention of precise flow for the site.

for the link and the link is actually a lot of friends in doing things, in the process of Shanghai dragon in this point is really needed, the ultimate purpose is on the first points we mentioned Shanghai dragon is to enhance the flow, but we can not completely ignore these processes, in part by Shanghai Longfeng get traffic web site keywords optimization or ZhengZhan optimization is still the mainstream.

1, in order to obtain accurate traffic service website


2, the construction site has links back to

Huang Zumin 5 reasons why enterprises do the Shanghai Dragon

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with the rapid development of Internet, more and more people are using the Internet to search the results you want. Like me, what problems encountered, will use search engines to find their own problems, because the knowledge on the Internet is very comprehensive. According to the survey, China 2009 online shopping number has more than 248 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 93.7% in the online shopping, the latest survey, there are over 600 billion yuan in May 2011 online shopping. The results show the dependence on the Internet masses, shopping online has strong demand. This paper is published by the Anhui in Shanghai dragon, please show me your address.

long tail optimization

did Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster very clear, grasp the Shanghai Dragon technology not only can use low cost benefits, but also can enhance brand awareness, as well as their fame. How do you say? A webmaster if you want to use the search engine to enhance the visibility, can use independent blog, space, micro-blog, promotion planning plan, to insist for a long time to do down, can be a little famous. As we all know, many famous examples of the use of the internet.

for small and medium-sized enterprises, general TV advertising not only funds high precise user oriented advertising is low. If we can make full use of Internet advertising, brand enterprise search engine to a favorable position, not only can bring a lot of precise users, but also can reduce the cost of many. As a day of optimization search 500 words, if a little investment funds, 1-3 months can be discharged home to. Shanghai dragon as optimization bidding, the user clicks do not need any money, the investment is less than general advertising several times, even several times so.

love to Internet users, white-collar workers, Indoorsman and other industries are in the habit of using the search engine, we can from friends and relatives consulting, 10 people have 6 personal or habitual often use search engines to shopping. Then the search engine what can bring the enterprise what? Why enterprises attach great importance to search engine optimization and far more than other

reason 1. do Shanghai Longfeng high performance

3. reasons can be

reason 2. do Shanghai Longfeng high precision


is one of the core keywords do the home page, is to point to the site within the chain. >

according to target keywords advertising?

some TV commercials through play times to put their products to the front of the user, many users are not buying the product demand. Or is the competition of high strength, and peer competition, advertising has thus become a high price low, the advertisement will be a day of tens of thousands of investment. Do Shanghai dragon is not free, but the cost of investment master Shanghai Dragon technology is very low. Do a good job one day bring hundreds of precise user, and click on the button is not cost.

Google update algorithm to calm Shanghai dragon er

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web page stack keywords, believes that many webmaster have the experience, some Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve website ranking, increase website traffic, deliberately increase the keywords in the web page, increase keyword density, actually this kind of practice is not very good, once the search engine that will be considered as a means of cheating, will have a certain impact on the site, will drop right, that is K, so suggest the webmaster early in the site, we must consider the appropriate use of keywords, the density remained at 3%~8%.

two, Links to limit

This is the The number of of original content website


we all know the importance of the original web content, especially for a new station, is the search engine of the most critical moment, if we insist on the site every day to update the 1~3 original articles, or directly to the search engine to eat meal, it is proved that the "content is king" words. Many webmaster in site construction, collecting a large number of articles, collecting content no quality at all, and the repeatability is high, so it is easy to be ruthless delete search engine. The original article is not much importance.

three, the most important

last March 19th, according to foreign media reports, Google is currently planning to punish the excessive use of optimization search engine optimization technology website, because there is a lot of webmaster optimization the pervasive use of a page, keyword stack, even heavy, or the number is a website Links exchange too much, Google for this the phenomenon, take a certain strategy, will be in the next few weeks or months after beginning to affect the search results, this is undoubtedly the Shanghai dragon Er is a very heavy blow, because the search engine is one of the main ways for our website traffic sources, if the website is search engine to K, between the site of IP the night will reduce, the website source of customers is relatively less, directly affect the site’s profit, the consequences of this is our own. Think, today and we discuss, before taking a strategy at Google, how should we start on the website

, do not stack keywords

Links website optimization is an important one, because Links is a two-way link, if point to change the link to the site, high PR, high weight, love Shanghai snapshot update is normal, the weight of the website is relatively more dispersed, some owners in order to quickly improve your weight, some day unexpectedly added 10 friends of the chain, there are more than 100 of a month, such a large increase in the number of site outside the chain, but not in time to check each other site server is not open, the site is down right etc. appear, just blindly increase the chain, to the search engine, a massive increase in the chain, may cause some judgment is cheating the effect on the site.

Expose a webmaster hair soft trick, learn its soft text technique

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wrote the main purpose of this article is to reveal some webmaster issued some "soft" article. The main reason is that I began to feel very good article, is carefully read, but a closer look, the competition is "soft"! Another purpose, I really admire the webmaster, although do not know who, but really high technique.

first about the general events. I often go to the three station is: Admin5, Chinaz, im286, today when the Chinaz forum to see an article titled: C2C and the market started, the browser market also began to rush, a look behind the " is to write a recent Taobao event, the browser market also began to rush; " specific is not clear what open look. It turned out that Microsoft executives accused Google’s new Chrome browser of using Microsoft software source code. After reading it, I smiled. The stationmaster estimates that his education is poor. Obviously there is a typo in the title: "the C2C market and started the" normal writing should be: "C2C market fighting started when I back to the post second look at this article. I found one trick, the beginning of the first sentence is this: these days because of the wind and rain into full " Taobao Baidu " seal; events directly ignited a massive market door apartment layout Gundam C2C website, and I see in the online news today is found here "and" the dirt two the word is actually a connection, and point to the www.887jizhansifu.cn to open a 887 and what I can only see light suddenly: originally this is a soft, it seems that this world is really not the soft. My heart is very angry + depressed. But think again, this stationmaster is really tall.

, let me take a closer look at this:

: the first method with the title.

will be the "battle" wrong "and" it’s written consciously reflects his words. And reading is the same, and will make a lot of people mistakenly believe that the posting of people without culture, wrong words.

second: make use of current hot events for speculation.

these days, the Internet incident, in addition to milk powder incident is Taobao event. The station master is very smart.

third: add to invisible.

do stand all know writing soft text will be webmaster or peer BS, this is directly in the article reflects the connection. It adds a connection directly to the beginning of the article. The title plus typos and in front of the echo, is really "impossible to guard against!" later found himself "IQ has been fooled, I immediately went to check the network domain name registration information, this time to understand the basic. Registration Date: 2008-09-06 the 17:48 domain name is just registered. It looks like the webmaster wants to do it

Green flying do website design industry still have no way out

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the earliest in the "million" network in channel management, and "58" the boss is equivalent to the relationship between colleagues, he was the general manager of the Southern China area, did not think he is now worth over one hundred thousand of my net worth hundreds of millions, the following generation, it is not better than ah, think bitter, sometimes think of God it’s not fair, why not give me a chance, but some people say that the opportunity to create their own, so today I have lost two years of Internet business, to get it, so the imitation of a small website, specializes in the design of personalized web service and marketing, want to use personality to attract customers Green flying enterprise Internet application center is a new website I can master it, drifting away. Because the site is modeled on an old station to change.

small Internet studio or team, if you want to obtain the market, you must be careful and dedicated, otherwise it is difficult to see the tree, my idea is:

1, customers should be narrow, not big.

I don’t want me around to find customers, do not want to have a lot of customers come to me, my goal is to do I think that a few customers need, who knows how to do SEO and web design requires a lot of energy, so customers face a little smaller can do better, quality assurance.

2, website wants originality, individual character.

business website is actually used for orders, the number of functions is not important, important is that several pages to personality, simple, practical, in order to better attract customers attention, and you are not to SEO on its website issued a heap of original information, such as green flying the name and website interface. We have adopted a new style, estimated on the market is very difficult to find the same type of website, so the customer can easily remember, also shows that we are out of the ordinary individual design, at least in time and customers that can refer to this.

3, fewer items, be careful.

Don’t do things

too much, I only do personalized website design at present, and a small amount of SEO orders and the publicity, website design basic principles in green flying website also has instructions, is a user interface design must comply with the W3C and the DIV to write two functions must be simple and practical. I only do SEO orders of the enterprise, Chinese, abroad will not do, so as not to give yourself the trouble, 4 words following the keyword so I don’t do, thus limiting the part of the customer, can greatly improve the effect of the guarantee.

4, a single project charge is slightly higher than normal, but not very high,

, my principle is that a few people, two small, so I can not do a lot of customers and help to maintain them, so no time or energy, so I can only do less customers, and also guaranteed income, so a single customer to share the cost, such as SEO, originally a word 500, now 800, you don’t do it, because I don’t want to give yourself the trouble and risk, make some no effect or can’t give you.

Ktv franchise operators how to improve profitability

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Ktv franchise operators if you want to improve the profitability of the store, which needs to do management work? Many beginners do not even know the direction of the effort, so the need to continue to learn. Xiao Bian provides a number of simple analysis, hoping to help you find some direction to find ways to provide store earnings.

The status of

traditional competitors: analysis of the number, the level of performance, turnover, profit and income statistics; the reasons for the success of advanced management level: excellent service?? social environment conditions? Failure: poor infrastructure policy factors?? market positioning mechanism failure?


emerging high-end KTV operators: business type, market orientation, whether civilian, aristocratic, etc.. Business area: which area, paragraph, the decoration of the style characteristics and selection of decorative objects.

operating conditions: turnover, operating profit, volume, number of rooms, etc.. Scope of business: the size of the store, can accommodate the number of guests. The size and distribution of all kinds of boxes and so on.

analysis of operating conditions, to find the existing problems, propose solutions, which is a lot of Ktv franchise operators will encounter business process. If you do not know how to investigate the operating conditions, the above analysis can help you find the right path of development, to learn it quickly, I hope you can successfully find a suitable investment opportunities.

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How to open a snack bar Need to pay attention to what

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how to open the snack bar? After the development of the catering industry, has great development space in the market, there is a snack to join the great development space, is Hotline for Business Promotion to join, let us further understand the open snack bar, the need to pay attention to what.

Customer positioning

The layout of the store

the price, it is best to adapt to mass consumption price, price of about 2 ~ 5 yuan, do not engage in matchmaker, easily lead to customer dissatisfaction. Varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, as long as the common varieties of snacks can be, such as wonton, noodles, Steamed Jiaozi, stew pot, lo.

? Choose snacks to join the contents of the introduction, whether you have mastered it? Then hurry up, it is a good idea, more content to look forward to your message.

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How to join gold saber Sliced noodles chicken soup

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no matter where we go to a restaurant meal, the boss will give you a lot of dishes, so a restaurant menu is necessary, but today small topic is the menu, but noodle shop in the menu will be a project of cutting surface – chicken soup. When it comes to chicken soup Sliced noodles which taste quite authentic, is still the golden knife Sliced noodles soup.

gold knife Sliced noodles Sliced noodles chicken soup is a characteristic after long-term exploration and research have a unique style of gold knife several generations of chefs and the development of the. Now the "golden Saber" registration office to register the trademark, in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce? Production of sophisticated technology, noodle color white, light steel whistle; strict election materials, making delicate, seasoning, about soup, meat soup, whistle face fresh and tender taste. Gold knife chicken soup Sliced noodles since listing, welcomed by the majority of the masses, has become a brand become an independent school, a new era of high-quality brand-name snacks.

gold saber chicken Sliced noodles five advantages:

1. joined the headquarters after the commencement of the contract to send professional and technical personnel to the stores to teach technical training for a month.

2. provides special seasoning and special sauce noodles machine robot.

3. headquarters to provide free professional stores to the franchise unified door, product descriptions, posters, price list, ribbon data.

4. stores in the business process if the quality of feedback to the store or send staff to the headquarters and headquarters learning, free accommodation.

After joining the

5. headquarters will send technical personnel to regular inspection and supervision branch. Management and technical problems in the operation.

gold knife chicken soup Sliced noodles franchise:

1. franchisees must be willing to join the legal Sliced noodles or chicken soup Golden Horse natural person;

2. operating area of at least 30 square meters, more than 3 years of stable operation;

3. has a good brand awareness, accept the golden horse Sliced noodles soup business philosophy and service specification;

4. franchisee must be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have to maintain the stability of the brand perseverance;

5. have a good spirit of cooperation and business reputation, willing to accept the management and supervision of the head office;

6. area protection: the distance between the shop and the store should not be close to 1.5 km.


The employment guidance teacher to practice the students for entrepreneurship entrepreneurial skills

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about entrepreneurship, college students need to learn and master a lot of things. "What do you think of this project?" "Where did you start your money?" On the afternoon of November 21st, in the North China Electric Power University student entrepreneurship Park, a group of people with a small book, surrounded by a girl wearing glasses asked, but also seriously put the answer in the notebook.