Keywords layout tips site optimization can be changed easily

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finally, most can lead to long tail keywords flow at the bottom of the column of the site, you can put it on a specific product page, such as how to Finance Bureau treatment, on the page of the Ten thousand steeds gallop. talent database optimization.


play in the site optimization process is unexpected, you only need a day Shanghai Longfeng practitioners continue to tap new words, but also in the form of the page, think about how to layout keywords. After all, keywords layout affect later pages are included, so whether it is the core keywords, or extend the correlation between keywords, need a reasonable distribution throughout the site.

1, Pyramid structure distribution

whether you are just beginning to contact Shanghai dragon industry, or has been claimed as "master" of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is an important content of certain keywords site optimization can not be ignored. It took over the new site of the small, in the understanding of the site of various basic information, website architecture etc., on the site of the key words of sorting.


in the finishing process, Xiao Bian found that the site does have a lexicon of thousands of, but because the former did not finish keywords very thorough, so small does not know which keywords web page already exists, is not what the distribution page keywords, so small a cost a month’s time to finish the corresponding page keywords, of course, now this work had yet to complete. So before when it comes to keyword layout, small to Shanghai dragon Er put a small suggestion, that is when the extended key thesaurus for the site, please everyone on all kinds of words, the corresponding page record, easily edit the construction of internal and external chain at the same time, also let the next took over the Shanghai dragon er a better understanding of the website.

in the study of key words, the webmaster can choose keywords and site, page add work, can be classified many keywords or have a certain difference. The face of this situation, the actual operation of the small.



2, will help to optimize the implementation of

you know, so many words must have the so-called secondary, of course, can not be called the keyword in the home page, so the reasonable layout of station keywords should be similar to the shape of Pyramid. We need the core keywords in the spire of the position, generally two or three of the best, this part will use keywords home key optimization; keywords level is part of the tower body, the number must be more than the core keywords, can be placed in a classification (or channel and column page, etc.) at this time the meaning of the most relevant keywords in a column page is the most appropriate; again keywords level can be placed on the two category page, of course, many small sites will not use the so-called two level classification.

The website is the latest K recovery method

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, a Shanghai love to complain. This method is suitable for some of the old station, and for a long time have a good ranking, suddenly is right down the situation, generally as long as the details are clearly written, love Shanghai check, usually by adjusting the algorithm to recover in three months.

now I have summarized the recovery method of K site only after several tests between friends, the success rate is very high, hope you stand as soon as possible to restore the ranking. The www.hblqfhz贵族宝贝 please respect copyright, please indicate.

first, some websites is the webmaster of years of painstaking efforts, some even direct economic source is K or drop right is not a small loss, so we must find a way to restore, but there are several situations, I do not recommend recovery:

Five, the domain name for

now do the friends all know that love Shanghai in recent years, frequent adjustment, adjust the algorithm also came to an end, but is down right even K station, a huge number, then we should be how to restore

the above two kinds of circumstances is not recommended for recovery, then the other station, excluding the above two situations, in accordance with the formal method can be restored. The following are the specific methods:


two, delete the false original article, and to submit 404 love Shanghai. Original content update value, and then submitted to the website URL to love Shanghai.

The first kind of

, back to the station. This method is the last ditch, because the site even recover all need a few months time, then make a new station, get good rankings is only one or two months, so for some new or small, may change the domain name is the best choice.

three, released the high quality chain, let the reader automatically forwarded to form a natural chain. Release the high quality of the chain, can be a blog, Admin5 page, Chinaz page and so on, these places often publish an article will be reproduced to the user various forums or their own websites, the chain formed by this method are more natural, love Shanghai more value.

: without substance, all others copy, pseudo original content sites, this station does not suggest that you try to recover, because even if can be restored, will eventually be eliminated, rather than spend some experience to do the station.

second: by the station of the rankings to buy links to a large number of this station, if it is K, the possibility of recovery is very small, it is not recommended to restore.

four, to each big news website source soft chain. This method is not the general webmaster can bear, because the cost is too high, generally released more than a dozen this news source station, have hundreds, so unless wealthy owners, or otherwise do not use this method.

Webmaster should be rational to face the hype, can also become public welfare

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saw on TV yesterday a matter of wide discussion and controversy. The thing is, in a city (which city forgot, but does not affect the narrative, a) the old woman selling vegetables may be perennial vegetables, exposed to the weather, the body is not good, the foot, the last serious effect on walking to fester. Then there was a woman who was engaged in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (presumably a Chinese medicine clinic) and heard about the old lady. Run over for the old lady do Chinese medicine physical therapy, and personally help the old lady feet. The incident attracted people’s attention, and some people to television and newspaper reflect, this lady’s things through television and newspaper reports and widely circulated. This act of helping others and giving love has also been praised by the media and people.

from the surface, this is a simple but touching good thing, but everything put on the Internet users, it will lead to more extensive, more views of the discussion. Internet users have praised and advocated the discussion and evaluation, and most of them are learning. But some also hold different views. Some netizens said "she is in the hype is a show, through such a good thing, he made a name, is to do the advertising for their diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, killing two birds with one stone. And said that such a good thing to do once is a show, to really help others, love, insist on doing it to prove." The lady’s behavior really can not rule out "show speculation" suspects, users of this view also has some truth. There are users who hold a more pertinent, more accepted view: "the lady even speculation, is doing the right thing, if we are to do a good thing to show his own hype, it is not necessarily a bad thing." In the face of speculation and show, we do not advocate, but we can not blindly deny and oppose. Hype show has negative and positive points, if it is with positive events, hype show at the same time, and participate in the public welfare, and contribute their love, then hype show will be recognized.

on the network hype show act, this is indeed a promotion of their products or service a good way, but if excessive use of negative events to hype hype, even to do some bad things. Then, even if you have made a name for a while and made a profit, it will also be cast aside for the long run. Like the recent network very red Xifeng, her "famous" is indeed the public entertainment, if someone behind the hype, then the team may therefore have a lot of profit, but everything has a degree, will be on the aesthetic fatigue demanding users, Xifeng this clown curry favour by claptrap, long time end will be forgotten by the users. The network is so, stationmaster is no exception. In addition to those conventional means of promotion, speculation show is also often used to promote the site Adsense gimmick, network competition is fierce, who do not want their website traffic more, exposure rate a little more. However, excessive speculation, the use of negative events, and ultimately tend to outweigh the benefits, and achieved some results, only short-term. For example, the past two years, a variety of frequent "XX door", the webmaster does not

To the webmaster who struggled under IP2000 day

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yesterday in the webmaster network saw an article on the use of QQ bookmarks to get traffic (name is not clear), feeling good, last night, a test, today looked at the statistics, I feel very good.

has been in the webmaster nets to see the article, have not voted to Admin5 draft, afraid to write, not to publish, today according to endure, must try. Below I use the QQ bookmark to obtain the flow step, to Japan IP2000 following stationmaster general speaking about


, this is a screenshot of the statistics


is because I did not test too much of the article, only took 10 minutes to pick a few articles to QQ bookmarks inside, you can see the above screenshot shows me only a collection of 30 articles, actually this is to forget, today I see statistics in the "background analysis" when I remember last night that bookmark.


only 30 article but it brought to 160 IP, accounting for 1.8% of the proportion of my website, and this is only half the time.


IP in two thousand following stationmaster friends trying to collect more few, after time, each made a post to QQ bookmarks, it wouldn’t take long, and you put your article to copy the address above position, it will automatically extract the information of your Titile. Very save time, half an hour to collect hundreds of articles, at least a day can Laiyiqianduo IP, if your website content to attract people, visitors will be able to retain IP is rising.

aside from anything else, I think the most important thing is to make the content and the details of the website. It’s difficult to do it, but you must be afraid of trouble and do these two things seriously. You will be successful,


, finally, AD, just 2 websites that you just applied for today, 1,, 2, and If the editor feels this ad is too heavy, you can delete the URL of the url.

What are the operating characteristics of the box Hotel

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for lunch box, I believe that the work of the family will not be unfamiliar, more or less have enjoyed, then you want to run a special feature of the hotel? If the operation of the rice, and those skills? Let you pee to elaborate on it!

The characteristics of

finally it should be noted, some customers just want to enjoy dishes back, and don’t want to buy a plain white rice. The owner can comply with this demand, the menu will be sold alone, such as curry chicken, curry beef, curry pork, etc.. When the students and workers are more crowded neighborhoods or lunch time more customers, the owner with the operating characteristics of the dishes, but also can improve the customer’s consumption.

Jewelry chain decoration magic

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with the continuous development of the industry, the business opportunities are changing. As people’s progress and the update of the times, people’s thinking is also more and more progress. Now the housing and street shops are very focused on decoration. Also because of the progress of science and technology and modernization, people not only pay attention to the decoration of the house, but also pay attention to personal image of the "decoration".

Several major female entrepreneurship projects recommended

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China in life, there is an old saying is nei, this sentence is often cited by many people, at the same time in the market there have been many suitable for women entrepreneurship project to choose.

several female small business projects:   cleaning ink

several female small business project:   slip round

slip round is a kind of youth movement, the new trend of new products. Slip round to meet the young people enjoy skating and roller needs whenever and wherever possible. Thousands of small commodity business, it is small and exquisite, can be set on the shoes instead of walking, but also will be issued a smooth color light, become the focus of the public.

several female small business projects:   dust collecting blackboard eraser

See how to start from scratch

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now people start empty-handed and build business are welcome, at the same time, the whole society also appeared a lot of start empty-handed and successful entrepreneurs, next to introduce such a successful entrepreneur is to start empty-handed.

online Jones

"we go to Beijing exam, do not learn Chuang Wang Li Zicheng." Chairman Mao’s famous saying is the motto of Lynch, his character just confirms the word "Chuang" word.

his earlier business computer business was booming, VC on a good, $5 million. But because of various reasons, and later VC to give up investment, this experience is like riding a roller coaster. From peak to trough let him experience the entrepreneur in addition to the need to have the courage and opportunity, but also need to have accurate judgment and grasp of the overall situation.

list, tour family network has Lynch third pioneering, in his own words, before the business failed in the majority, but in the game when success. Maybe it has a kind of heroism complex and has always been interested in the game industry." Lynch side people say.

2016 college students entrepreneurship projects recommended

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college students entrepreneurship is not a strange thing, in 2016, many college students want their own efforts to achieve entrepreneurial dreams, so we are looking for a good project for college students entrepreneurship. The following is recommended for 2016 college students venture, come and see.

2016 college students venture project recommendation: wedding company

2016 college students entrepreneurship project recommendation: education opportunities

2016 students start the project recommendation: flavoring mechanism

now for people to enjoy the pursuit of material is also very high, not only environmental protection has become a people’s pursuit, also have a certain demand for high-quality taste, for indoor clothes or flavoring came into being. This industry has been prevalent in foreign countries for many years of mature industry, and in the country has not yet arisen, imagine how much profit space will be

suitable places: dry cleaners, car wash, car beauty shop, cosmetics shop, perfume stores or manufacturers counter cooperation or sharing rent operation is a good business.

for college students, entrepreneurship is not a distant thing, 2016 to business success, we must first find a good project. The above is the 2016 college students venture project recommendation, Xi

Red liquor Luzhou Lao Jiao agent – a of good business venture in 2017

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How about

Luzhou Lao Jiao red wine? In our life, has always been a very strong choice of joining the project. Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor to join the project choice, good business venture in 2017!

Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor agent 2017 drinks rich good business

Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor agent agent support policy:


personnel training support: before and after the opening of the professional marketing manager to follow the guidance of the red wine by Luzhou liquor company invited Special Commissioner for centralized training.

terminal material support: unified promotional materials, POP leaflets, small gifts, promotional brochures and other promotional products, promotional gifts perennial follow-up.

support: Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor store decoration franchise headquarters store decoration design a set of unified.

advertising management: the company is responsible for the mainstream media and local TV advertising, Luzhou red wine dealers local advertising support.

tasting wine support: professional marketing team to help promote the brand, wine tasting will be held and give wine support Luzhou laojiao.

support for exchange of goods: Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor agent headquarters support free exchange of goods (not to affect the two sale premise).

bonus: red wine Luzhou Lao Jiao presided over the agents enjoy high bonus.

Travel Awards: purchase reached a certain number of free travel opportunities both inside and outside the country.

Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor to join?

Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor agent? 2017 is a good opportunity to get rich wine, health wine agent choice! Because agent headquarters support more drinks can effectively reduce the risk, so choose cooperation projects, to focus on brand headquarters to give what kind of support is we must pay attention to the red liquor! Luzhou Lao Jiao joined the agency as agents from the market development, sales channels, products and so on to support, join when business is relatively easy to


with the characteristics of wine, worry free business, what are you still hesitating? Luzhou Lao Jiao joined the red wine? The choice of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our attention and join! Hot market, popular project, 2017, earn a!