Learn some experience of the Shanghai Dragon

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said the popular point is: the user through the search engine into our website, and our website and practical solution for the user he needed content.

many people may even user experience is not very clear, even the user experience is used to doing not know

now as the 360 search engines to occupy market share is relatively large, forcing love Shanghai feel pressure alexander. Love Shanghai in order to retain customers, then only to continue > algorithm

to now almost two months from the time of learning Shanghai dragon, is slowly moving towards Shanghai dragon er the industry. Study in Shanghai dragon in the process, I found the Shanghai dragon industry compared with other industries is more abstract. Unlike other learning technology, you’ll learn it, you can see the actual effect, while the Shanghai dragon is different. Because Shanghai Longfeng need a certain time to wait for the results, eventually this result is not satisfied with you. Why? Because Shanghai dragon does not depend on the one or two day the hair outside the chain, update the article, ranking can be up. There is something intangible, invisible, can only rely on their own accumulation of continuous exploration and experience.


users will be very satisfied with this site, give a high praise. Next time when you need it will visit this site again, inadvertently to our website and an increase of more than a fan. So why do we pay more attention to the user experience website to do? What are the benefits?

recently in each group through the understanding of some problems, some people treat Shanghai dragon in this industry, still stand in the old view of the previous treatment, they think: Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, do friends chain, through daily updates on the to do list, don’t focus on user experience.

when the site of fans gathered to a certain number, is not our website ranking will be faster? Perhaps some people do not understand the truth: we believe that each site has statistical tools are? Also know views (PV) (UV) and the relationship between the number of visitors and out of IP the rate of the? Hypothesis: a website with 300 fans of the masses, so they may browse your site in a day. Because they know from the website you can find what they need. So for each article or other things will be carefully to see. Inadvertently make browsing our website is not high? The bounce rate is not very low? It is also worth noting that: when the top twenty in the key words, then click algorithm, because love will bring Shanghai’s top twenty ranking websites, to the user to choose. The more the number of users click on the site, and this site traffic increase, jump out rate is very low. This website will think you love Shanghai website is a good website, ranking will naturally.

Duan Liang: user experience it refers to his experience of users access to a web site or use a product.

Shanghai WebUnion love interest of audience attribute analysis

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in Shanghai love to our background, click on the "audience" analysis we can see that the interface here contains the audience gender, regional interest, etc.. Here we analyze the properties of the audience’s interest.

Click on the

indexing audience


attribute core audience show discrimination and discrimination on the audience

said the difference between the audience and the Internet users click on the distinction of the greater the absolute value, the higher the position in the diagram, the difference is more obvious. Discrimination is in the right line, said that it prefers the property than Internet users (interest, gender); discrimination is negative, in the left vertical line, said Internet users don’t tend to more than the property (interest, sex). Simply click on the more intention which interest your advertisement. This value is very valuable, because this is the user to click, that he has the intention of advertising this point.

Show the audience the discrimination of

The case of



put our love in Shanghai, you must have been exploring what type you will put the object on the website, what their interests are, because it involves your advertising effect, if accurate grasp of audience interest, then certainly throw out bad advertising effects. But how do you know your audience’s interest, a lot of people on the head, experienced operators on the understanding of the industry can guess 80% through a period of time, but after all is a guess, a little data to support it, this is actually WebUnion itself provides this function, why don’t we it used to.

Figure 1:

data is the networking industry a branch of industrial products, products mainly businesses. The author screened nearly 2 months of data from.

said the difference between the audience and the show of Internet users, the greater the absolute value of discrimination, in the area of the chart position is higher, the difference is more obvious. Discrimination is in the right line, said that it prefers the property than Internet users (interest, gender); discrimination is negative, in the left vertical line, said Internet users don’t tend to more than the property (interest, sex). That is simple in your advertising display of the audience, the reference value is not very big, because the audience is advertising on display, exhibition display, the audience is not initiative.

Here is the >

the following us which case analysis

focus on clothing accessories and an account of the users are not interested in cosmetic products, this should not see all guess, love the beauty of how women might be interested in industrial products. But here is some "households beauty" – "other" this category there are still a lot of interest in this kind of click, can not let go, if direct guess, you ignore this kind of

How to make hundreds of new keywords are ranking

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is a web content.

no matter what the industry website, the number of keywords are certainly very large, you only need a little digging tools, tens of thousands of words immediately appear in front of you. I think this website for inflatable toys to choose keywords: one is to pay attention to a few key words related to high, high correlation refers to the keywords, keywords to optimize your website content to belong to the same type, more specifically speaking on their web site often those keywords are. Two is the choice of keywords is not too wide. Many webmaster friends that ambition is very large, what words do, the result is what words do not go up, for a new sites, I think the first to optimize the competition small long tail keywords, wait until the site has some weight.

two is the choice of keywords.

a website if not many articles, search engines will rarely, so the long tail keywords driven rankings is very small, want to have more keywords are ranking, the article in the station must have certain quantity, whether you are original, or false original article, a web site a lot the content is one of the important factors of long tail keywords ranking.

station is an inflatable inflatable do website address is www.***贵族宝贝, this site is produced by his own company, but the construction is not flattered, URL is no longer long. What scares me the most is not the site to do so bad, but customer demand is too high, the new station requires the optimization of hundreds of keywords, then there is a do not want to control its year, site of the title station or co-workers, it put all the main keywords write in title website wrote: we all know that title is more of a search engine, give weight is relatively high, if you write a lot, so each keyword to share is very little weight. Said the site so much is not good, but the keyword ranking than the other station to the good. Is the legendary: the gander? For new sites keywords can fast ranking, I think there are several aspects still need to pay attention to:

Shanghai dragon

optimization promotion is a process of combining theory and practice, both are indispensable. Love all the time in Shanghai because the algorithm change, if you only have the technology and not to learn, then you’ll probably be out of technology; secondly, the light theory knowledge but no combat experience, can be said to be empty talk, the main point is to just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon friend and we should be bold to try, don’t be afraid of failure. Not to say nonsense, today to share with you the topic is: how to make hundreds of new keywords are ranking. Although there are some long tail keywords, but the user is absolutely demand, many words are bidding. Just cut to look at a map, you can check out


new platform new international tailored for your monthly advertising, both large and small stationDo

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usually with Xiamen University Students nonsense, when it comes to work, I found them more and more about how the future is starting a business here, instead of looking for a job or the civil service exam if they can do it. When I asked why they would want to start here, most people the answer is Chinese the economy is vibrant, then the environment here is very good. I grew accustomed to the estimation of air and beautiful living environment, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, through the Shanghai Guangzhou suddenly came to Fujian, heart sad..



after I saw two foreign guys in the gym, can let the handsome Obama legs are ashamed, and talk with them, know from Brazil and Poland. They stayed in North Canton, and then came to Xiamen, feel that this is a good city, the natural environment is good, suitable for entrepreneurship. Although I feel a little worried about the prospect of domestic entrepreneurship for the two young Chinese men who will not yet speak or listen, I feel gratified by the confidence of international friends about our entrepreneurial spirit here.

in addition, AD, please join the league with poison , poison every day to help you broadcast the latest news of the union.

line of big city has a resource siphon effect, in the unequal information era, is indeed a lot of other city can not provide opportunities, but the Internet, and now the mobile Internet is rapidly disintegrating the unequal information situation. Regional advantages are no longer as important as they used to be. And the so-called more resources, more talent, more opportunities, but also relatively, you did not have the strength, there is no way to integration alliance, no ability to grasp, for you, is zero! City environment is just a catalyst, to be successful, and not in first-tier cities seems to win tickets in hand.

you note: choose appropriate site advertising, and set a reasonable price, so your advertising will soon be successful sales.

gym is actually a very good environment: rugged high like the same torture instruments, a variety of screams and groans, the concentration of carbon dioxide… But over a reason I can enjoy is, can see so many stocky or slim handsome and beautiful, and can talk with them that is really harsh environment, a very good thing.

natural environment is good, this actually became the first choice for entrepreneurial city. The choice of the Internet entrepreneurial city, there was a saying before, entrepreneurship to go North Canton, where there are many resources, many talents, opportunities. I think they should add a little love, Fudge media, or how we see are young pioneers, fast financing easily attract venture capital, announced the splendid retirement news with vigour and vitality, get there was a time I doubt the Internet business is a can not lose the

League address: myiee

you do is: send us advertising position, will your site can be the location of the monthly price, we will help you make monthly sales. Temporarily unable to sell advertising positions, all use YAHOO bidding alternative, divided into proportion, according to show amount, get the total 55-70% of the bidding earnings.

with the Internet to enhance the ability of individuals and enterprises scheduling resources to a new level, in the past that first-tier cities can enjoy the convenience of personal life and business facilities, has greatly weakened. Today you, even in the three or four tier cities, you can always face massive amounts of information and resources, you shop online, >

new online grand to all webmaster recommend monthly advertising, if you want to get more stable income, then contact us directly, this process is very simple.

The situation should be how to develop the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

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two, website content simplified

enterprise station content is very low, generally only the home page navigation bar, product center, news center, about our program. The website content is less the more you should do fine content. Following the need to pay attention to is the center of the product, key enterprise stand optimization are their own products, when people search product name to the website after the first to see the details of the product, so the content of products is very important. Recommended product description states price roughly between, technical parameters, product design concept and successful cases, with multiple display products, product layout, everything from buttons in order to facilitate users to quickly understand the purchase of our products starting. With the construction of website marketing thinking to do product description. Not every day to update the article included the amount of impact, as long as the ranking is secondary to the amount collected, the ranking is good exchange Links others will be happy to change.

three, the website of the chain

site outside the chain has been the focus of the enterprise stand optimization, the above is just one or two points on the transformation of stability, site ranking site rate has great effect on promoting website ranking is not great. To rank the fast and stable, the chain is the core. The construction of the chain mode before the very rough. What place can chain in what place, the.

Fine Shanghai dragon strategy

after the last 3 months love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, enterprises can not be used before the station of Shanghai dragon "ax" strategy. If it is not improved, there will be a ranking not to maintain the passive situation difficult. According to the characteristics of the enterprise stand the new situation now, enterprise station Shanghai Longfeng should do the following aspects:

the second more important content is about us, when people see the product description after feel more suitable for their own needs, to see his second page is about us, about us page content is the key to clinch a deal. If a web site description written very well, but the content of the page to write about our looks not ready to accept either course of informal enterprises, the visitors will not have confidence in the site, would rather spend more time to spend more money to find a reliable the site look. Recommended product description should be clearly written on his business name, domicile, registered capital, business telephone, corporate, corporate information, winning honors, all kinds of certification patent information.

love Shanghai already have announced the blow, copy the contents of hyperlink cheating algorithm, the algorithm is certainly relevant to the next release site structure, so at this point, the website structure optimization is very important to remove the traces, if you want to have a better natural site more stable ranking it will adjust the structure of everything, from the basic elements of the website and filled the user experience.

the situation should be how to develop the enterprise website

, a natural site structure

How to select a good service provider for novice webmaster

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half past six this afternoon, there are partners to reflect to me, I can not open the site, I immediately tried, and indeed can not open, and then try my other two sites, but also can not open. I used the space provider to provide the original three domain name, tried, and can open, I immediately understand, is the domain name business problems. I found the domain name country net data, and got the reply is four words: in processing. Ten minutes later, all of the staff in network data under the line, but the problem has not been resolved, I now write this post when it is half past ten in the evening, I still cannot access the site, three of my site paralyzed.

so far, less than a month in the past, the network data is known as Southern China large network providers, there have been four or five times of DNS could not be resolved, so toss back and forth so I feel very headache, always dropped by Baidu K does not say, the station will continue to visitors, because the site is always open. Who is willing to. In general, novice webmaster are not familiar with the network technology (I am a typical), or if the space domain is a problem, on the one hand to seek help in the webmaster QQ group, on the other hand is to rely on suppliers to help solve some of the problems, but it must be the supplier who can solve, such as DNS could not be resolved the problem.

so, I thought of a problem, novice webmaster how to choose the best supplier price (refer to space and domain name business)? Who knows, the price of your natural good, like M-net, Shenzhou Acer, service and performance are first-class, but the price is very expensive, many people can not afford. Or that there is no need to buy a new station on the line is so expensive, I said here is how to choose the price is not expensive and good service provider.

first, through the introduction of the old webmaster.

in the webmaster QQ group questions, and about their ideas and site situation say, ask you to help suppliers, many old webmaster are willing to help. They will recommend to you they have worked with suppliers, because they do not have any interests with you, so generally will tell the truth, good use is good, bad use is not good. If you want to know more about it, you can talk to them more.

but don’t listen to some vendors salesman, does not deny the many IDC’s clerk can indeed help to us, but they have with US interests, you buy something for him, he has a commission, so it is inevitable that every suspected, all paizhexiongfu said something good, in fact but not necessarily.

second, look at the supplier’s customer service online.

when you log on to a vendor’s website to see their product configuration and price, please look at their customer service online, especially the technical staff online. If the customer service staff on duty for a long time, that they are responsible for their users, the service is good for the first not to say, at least they have a user, when your space or domain name is a problem when you first time.

Discussion on the development trend of mobile phone free

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With the popularization of

intelligent mobile phone, more and more people have a mobile phone or even more intelligent, intelligent mobile phone causes popularity lies in its purchase price decline, the reason is because the decline in the cost of hardware. So with the development of mobile Internet, but also in the past one or two years has produced free resources associated with the mobile phone, such as free calls, free Wifi service and so on, but there are still some people look forward to more intelligent mobile phone can achieve free. Maybe some people will say, not the three operators often have free delivery activities related to the mobile phone? In fact, the premise of free will often give the user some relatively harsh conditions, such as minimum consumption, use time, pay packages bound for other numbers. Therefore, in the mobile Internet era, whether there will be no consumption restrictions on smart phones? For this problem, personally think that in the next few years there will be a greater possibility, the reasons are as follows:

first, some companies may make disruptive innovations free of charge for smartphones. Qihoo 360 in the earlier period of time before also launched a "special machine", its purpose is to the corner in the intelligent mobile phone industry touch, but behind millet, HUAWEI in the field ahead, causing the back stop for a period of time. But from the 360 cool God, let us feel in the intelligent mobile phone has occupied a number of enterprises under the condition that the company is still willing to go to the spoiler, so in this case, if you can not make some innovative subversive of intelligent mobile phone is difficult to win in the competition, so this time if you can make intelligent mobile phone free can advance intelligent mobile phone charges, but also to give other intelligent mobile phone manufacturers a fatal blow.

second, the emergence of various virtual operators. From the past two years, up to now, more and more enterprises, including Suning, Jingdong and other electronic business platform has got issued by the State Ministry of virtual operators license, the service has started a period of time. Free Internet is an important magic weapon to win, just imagine, free internet service who don’t pay attention to, and the communications industry will slowly into the Internet thinking, it is possible to start a free mobile Internet services in these virtual operators. In 2014, the number of virtual operators to provide free services for some of the more awesome, such as free voice calls and free internet service, then the service free of charge at the same time, these virtual operators will likely become free of intelligent mobile phone.

third, competition from smartphone makers has made it possible for mobile phones to be free. Some domestic occupy the higher position in the intelligent mobile phone production enterprises, with the expansion of production scale, this time the smaller market share of the mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly facing greater competitive pressure, if not reduce mobile phone sales price, it will slowly out of the market, especially those in the low-end mobile phone market is that a relatively high-end mobile phone manufacturers gradually occupied, this time, intelligent mobile phone prices gradually decline is becoming more and more.

WeChat Zhang Xiaolong what is a good user experience

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editor’s note: what is a good user experience? This is a question everyone is looking for, and everyone has a different answer. Zhang Xiaolong believes that "natural" is the best user experience, so that users do not need to learn.

         ;     (know link: http://www.zhihu.com/question/19682869/answer/14398439)

‘s personal goal for the user experience is to be "natural"". Here are some examples:

1, I look at 3 year old children, with iPhone, it’s easy to get started. For example, iPhone unlock, children even do not have to learn to use. Because touch is human nature, and iPhone through the arrow icon to the right of the sliding bar (children can not read text), to indicate that the finger touch to the right to slide to unlock. Nature is consistent with human nature. Adults because adults are more polluted, but not necessarily immediately learn to unlock iPhone, may need to see text explanation to understand. As a result, illiterate children may learn to use iPhone faster than older people. Interactions that need to be interpreted in words are not good interactions.

2 and Apple did a lot of experiments on the "natural" experience. For example, the folder (or even file) that is usually under PC is a bit less natural, and computer concepts are removed from the iOS (the file is only meaningful and can be explained by its application). MacOS tried to change the traditional scrolling direction of the trackpad, which changed the finger to a consistent direction, and called it "natural" mode, that is, the slide direction of the previous trackpad was "unnatural". It takes courage to change, but perhaps Apple feels that in the long run, a more natural model will be more viable, even if it changes the user’s habits for the time being.

3, nature is often associated with human nature. WeChat’s shake is a "natural" as the goal of the design. "Grasping" and "shaking" are the instincts that man must have when he had no tools in ancient times. Mobile phones provide the ancient instinct for stimulating human beings. When designing a wave, the goal is to be consistent with a person’s natural or instinctive experience. Shake shake action: including experience; visual screen and split up the response action; hearing: attractive (male rifles, female voice is Bell) in response to action; results from a central sliding under the screen name card. There are no menus and buttons throughout the interface. But there is hardly a simpler interactive experience than it. Thanks to mobile phones, ancient people used to throw stones to connect to other people, and evolved to shake their cell phones to connect virtual people.

How to store layout Health Museum

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a good store layout, are of great help to the health center business will be late, because of this, if you want to open a popular business health museum, nature also need to do layout work related. So, how to maintain the health of the store layout? Let Xiaobian to introduce.

1, the use of space

health museum store design can not be separated from the modern mood, in a simple room to do health is not a sense of freshness. However, in the era of development today, tomorrow may be fashionable, very backward, we can not be a month a decoration shop, to get their own health museum and other counterparts is not backward, will be in the use of space efforts.

in front of the mirror design exquisite decorative table, you can change the display at any time, so that the small embellishment add strange luster. Note: do not according to hospital decoration to decorate Health Museum mirror, mirror is a division hospital observation customer hair and customers to watch their hair products, the degree of satisfaction of teachers and the lack of it, customers will feel inconvenience.

in the health of the screen and partition between the design of the activities of the decorative frame, by replacing the picture, to the health of the customer with a sense of novelty. Screen and partition design should consider mobility, if you can then equipped with lighting, personalized cosmetic embellishment, with a modern sense of the popular lines, etc., it will give the customer a beautiful enjoyment.

in the design of some light box on the ceiling, the promotion of health knowledge, because the customer when the mask, the face is always on the face, so that you can do care while enjoying the edge of advertising, will be able to play a multiplier effect.

2, pay attention to convenience

it is very important for the customer to accept the convenient service of the health division. Some of our customers in the health museum a door where a carpet, the customer wants to door, must take off your shoes (if you do not want to take off your shoes, you will not get); if you want to go inside, know better, not, must go through the checkout, give a person a kind of do not pay not in the sense, these are not conducive to the development of health museum.

so, conditional Health Museum in the design of the layout of the store to take into account the main channel, the secondary channel and management channel. Do not spread the main channel carpet, is a division of health guide potential customers from the entrance to the health center has been inside the central channel.

potential customers can walk freely in this corridor, increase their understanding of Health Museum opportunities; side channel is prospective customers and health division around the channel, it can carpet, try to work on the management level; relatively narrow channel, is to contact the health division and the management of the line, we should design from the side channel closer.

Korean fried chicken business in China coco Korean fried chicken business hot

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thought for entrepreneurs in the business when need to grasp the whole social trends, for example, recently, in the Chinese market, fried chicken is a popular delicacy, so people can choose the direction in the business when it.

coco Korean fried chicken, delicious flavors, fashion, by consumers, now choose this project to join, to seize opportunities, win wealth, based on the introduction of Korean fried chicken, with Chinese taste, in keeping fresh chicken, developed a really suitable for all delicious, let the fans eat delicacy more flavor.

coco Korean fried chicken, delicious flavors, fashion, by consumers, now choose this project to join, to seize opportunities, win wealth, based on the introduction of Korean fried chicken, with Chinese taste, in keeping fresh chicken, developed a really suitable for all delicious, let the fans eat delicacy more flavor.

coco Korean fried chicken flavor, taste delicious, with its aroma taste and delicate taste conquered consumers taste buds, the cooking technique from Korea, pickled chicken professional keep fresh and delicious, juicy, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes.