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Chicken shop should follow suit

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Chinese people generally have a psychological, which is to follow suit, whether it is their own consumption, or venture capital. It is precisely because of this trend, many people’s investment in the final failure. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that the chicken shop should follow suit.

chicken shop is just like a gust of wind? Chicken shop to make money? Zhengzhou municipal labor security training and Employment Guidance Center trainer Chen Hansheng said, chicken shops blossom everywhere, and "follow suit" phenomenon. See a make money, someone killed in, the key is the technology of these projects, capital threshold is not high."

that how to choose entrepreneurship projects? "We hope that entrepreneurs must do a preliminary investigation, and then select the project, do not blindly." Chen Hansheng said, a lot of entrepreneurs to see other people make money, they follow the trend of the shop, the same business, others do make money, you may not be profitable."

, especially for those who have never had entrepreneurial experience, this is indeed a very critical issue, because the wrong choice will lead to entrepreneurial failure.

Chen Hansheng teachers believe that the success of a business project to determine whether the most important criteria is to see whether the project has characteristics. The so-called "characteristics" is not a vague concept, it includes several features:

Innovation: project must be novel, is the market is not saturated, still have can open up the field, has its own unique "selling point"; professional: good project will have certain professional knowledge of content, can in many projects stand out long-term;: even if some projects may now be in the market is not very popular, but the project will be able to win in the long-term interests, can stand the test of time.

own investment in the end what kind of business should be done, it is necessary to investigate the nature of the market, only the real business needs of the business, such a business can be a long time. And if it is just a behavior to follow suit, the industry will be very fierce competition, leading to long-term. So, if you want a chicken shop, should follow suit.

Don’t miss the autumn auction in Xiamen

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in our daily life for the auction word is not unfamiliar, is the so-called "highest bidder", is through the auction of the way out. 2016 Xiamen poly autumn auction will be held on November 3rd to 5 in Xiamen Rui Yi Hotel preview and Juchui on November 6th. This season the auction will include Chinese antique curios, China paintings, contemporary art, antiques, jewelry watches and western western wines wine five special, take over a thousand pieces of goods.

this autumn auction, Chinese and China antique curios plate painting is still the highlight of Xiamen poly, will launch a "xuanlan – important works" concert, including the lack of appearance of "Qing glaze Sanyangkaitai statue of Yong Zheng and Qianlong enamel imitation Ru Tianyuandifang bottle gourd" Jack products, and Qi Baishi "little sparrow", "Wisteria", Huang Binhong the most favorable auspices "Qianshan scenery" of the famous Miao ink, there are "small willow hall" Tibetan painting fan of five masterpieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties, including Dong Qichang, Wang Duo, Huang Daozhou, Wang Duo, Zou Zhilin and other calligraphy works and landscape works, famous precious hands.

in the contemporary art of small special, famous Taiwan artist Zhu Ming "Tai Chi" series as the representative, will be launched early, including Taiwan sculptor Yang Yingfeng Fujian art master Chen Wenling and other masters, a series of contemporary sculpture, Fujian area is the first sculpture as an important sector of modern and contemporary art.

life if you are interested in something, then it is not easy to buy in the market, might as well go to the auction site to see, maybe you can choose what you want. Recently, poly autumn auction in Xiamen some of the exhibits have been in Xiamen Henghe seven is still the T6 gallery and Zhangzhou janfa Avon double seal the preview, attracted the majority of collectors and enthusiasts to enjoy. Xiamen 2016 autumn auction will be held from November 3rd to 5, interested friends can not forget the time oh!

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Baidu white-collar workers to give up the high salary to open a bakery

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people often say that life is a multiple-choice question, in fact, life is a solution with different solutions, each person’s problem-solving ideas are different. Life is not the same choice, the choice lies in their own, not the same entrepreneurial life may have the same wonderful.

she graduated from the Beijing Jiaotong University, read the software engineering, the university when the dream is to own a cake shop, the dream has been rooted in the heart, with her four years of college. After graduating from college into the work, first in Beijing, and then fought in Shanghai.

Comparison of

in each aspect, she chose a name of Singapore’s mother baked package brand, when I asked why she would choose this in so many brands, she told us that she is seeing the franchise brand on the internet. She believes that Singapore mom baking bag brand planning perfect, through the network to understand these stores have their own characteristics, the marketing strategy of rich and colorful, word of mouth is higher than that of the other network currently on the market of other brands.

started before the analysis and consultation, by headquarters staff communication and join the project, more to help her analysis of the future of the shop recommended

Don’t miss the five brands – Chengdu business Hot pot

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said that more than Chongqing hot pot seems to make us forget how to have a hot pot with Chongqing hot pot comparable to the brand – Sichuan hot pot. The term "hot pot" is the name of the cooker, the name of the cooker, or the technique, the method of "eating" and the unification of cooking utensils and utensils. Showing the harmony of the Chinese diet. Sichuan hot pot embodies the inclusiveness of Chinese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine is also the most representative of the characteristics of food.

Sichuan hot pot brand which good?


With the

Sichuan Hot pot from the raw material, the soup cooking techniques, difference, differences in the sum, so that the meat and grain, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crisp cotton rotten, fragrance and mellow wonderful together. Showing a harmonious and dripping earned compatibility of the scene and the psychological feeling, to create a "get together with one heart and share the fun" culture.

seasoning unique

Sichuan Hot pot most representative of Sichuan spicy character. Authentic duck Hot pot Atsumi heavy oil, the preparation of the traditional soup is made in Pixian, Yongchuan, Ganzi spicy bean fermented black bean butter, Zanthoxylum bungeanum as raw materials. In recent years, the beer flavor, the flavor of pickled cabbage and the flavor of seafood have appeared, and different kinds of chafing dish have different chafing dish soup and different seasonings, and the quantity can reach more than 30 kinds.

Chengdu can not miss the five hot pot

1, old pier hot pot

address: No. 29 Middle Road, Wuhou District, Yulin (a second ring road)

to Chengdu will eat hot pot – Antique environment, the style of the big copper pot, long chopsticks are unique atmosphere. Different from the traditional hot pot soup, in the center, very delicious, red soup in the periphery, enough oil, hemp, spicy enough enough; comparison, yellow duck, goose intestines classic rinse dishes; small material is oil, have a distinctive flavour. Service is also good, will remind not more, very intimate.

2, Shu nine incense pot

address: Qingyang District No. 160 West Ring Road, a section of

typical Sichuan style hot pot, not the door, has been attracted by bursts of fragrance. The red squares of the other soup can be really creative dishes in different grids, convenient for taste; natural color, spicy and delicious be nothing difficult. If afraid of spicy, choose Yuanyang pot, soup is delicious, boiled vegetables very delicious. The dip is the authentic garlic oil dish, all on the table, to taste. The environment is not exquisite, but antique. The business is called a fire, waiting is commonplace.

How to join Hamburg shop which brand good Maitaji Hamburg

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burger to join the market, has been very hot, small entrepreneurial choice to join Hamburg, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business is not it? How about Mataki burger? Entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful business!

which is a good brand of burger burger? Mataki burger choice of high-quality ingredients, so that people eat more healthy, is a very good hamburger brand. Mataki on the basis of consumer demand, to make the burger quality, is a very motivated fast food brands. Mataki hamburger made of Hamburg are suitable for Chinese tastes, so that many consumers are very satisfied, so sales are very good.

burger franchise which brand? Mataki Hamburg, low investment costs, back to the fast speed, so you join in to make money. Mataki Hamburg headquarters, will give investors a lot of support and help, so that investors can be based on the market more quickly, and soon the recovery of the principal, early into the path of income. Maitaji and Hamburg to join the cost is not much, will not bring pressure on investors. Mataki Hamburg, Hall Food takeaway can be, so that consumers can enjoy their homes can not enjoy it, a variety of business models, of course, after joining a variety of channels for investors to profit.

in the catering market, small business to choose Maitaji hamburger? Open a hamburger shop of their own Mataki, good business opportunities in the market, business without trouble! So, come and choose to join Maitaji burger!

1 little tea shop to join the whole

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nowadays people’s living conditions are improving day by day, and many families are living a better life. Accompanied by the increase in the pressure of our lives. In this case, the consumer demand for leisure products increased. Beverage business. A little milk tea ingredients fine, allowing consumers to experience the true fresh.

a little bit of milk tea can get rich? Choose to join a little milk to let investors good business throughout the year, the investment without any worries, relaxed when the boss. So, how to join the 1 little tea shop? Food and beverage for the small one for the interpretation of the 33.

how about a little milk tea? How do you want to join? See the following details:

how to join the 1 little tea shop? Process Description:

1, investment advisory: through telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the preliminary understanding of project information;

2, field trips: investors need to go to a little bit of tea headquarters to conduct field visits to the project, visit the store, confirm the project, submit an application;

3, join qualification audit: a little bit of milk tea headquarters for investors to carry out the qualification examination, confirm the qualification of investors;

4, the two sides signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a cooperation contract;

5, business guidance: a little milk tea headquarters to assist investors in business, and to provide operational guidance and help, after the formal operation, the headquarters to provide shop skills, promotional programs and other technical support guidance.

entrepreneurs can join the process through a little bit of milk to establish a good relationship with the headquarters, and gradually develop their own successful career. In the entrepreneurial process, the headquarters will provide comprehensive professional guidance to build stores, in order to reduce the risk and difficulty of entrepreneurship, allows businesses to easily enjoy the delicacy of wealth.

County opened what shop is a good recommendation to get rich project

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you do not want to own a small town in the county to open a shop of their own? So, the County opened what shop is better? There is no small investment in high return projects? Today Xiaobian for you to bring a very good entrepreneurial projects.


From Knowledge has no limit. by saying the enlightenment

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with the market economy era, more than other industries, even the education industry has also undergone changes in turn the world upside down teaching resources, accumulate in this moment finally broke out, the so-called never too old to learn, more and more people in the investment in education is not stingy!

and in primary and secondary schools, key middle school fee is as high as a few million yuan. Admission is donated tuition fees, fees, fees to mention Chajuan; when the new school is school fee, school fees, tuition fees, repeat; school graduate employment guidance service fees, send a fee, information fee, graduation certificate fees.


How much is the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken franchise fee business

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want to easily shop to choose to join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. In fact, the small entrepreneurs choose to join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken project, is a very powerful choice. Join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken? Good project, good choice!

Tian Bang Bang chicken join, do not have to worry about no business headquarters to help you get rich. Tianfu Bang Bang chicken joined Feiduobuduo? A few million shop, no kitchen, no smoke, food ahead, clean health. Is the characteristic of Sichuan halogen snacks, authentic lo. Headquarters to provide operators with a new, fast, safe wealth channel, will bring you business opportunities.

Tian Bang Bang chicken joined the money?

this snack brand is now received by the vast number of consumers like the brand point of view, in the market has a great potential for development, is a very good to join a good project. Consumers favor food, there will be a large consumer market to achieve entrepreneurial dream, easy shop. Trustworthy. Only authentic chicken delicious, very different innovation practices, development of ingredients, let you eat it. Food and beverage to join the choice of snack food industry, low risk.

a simple way to join the venture to choose, it is worth joining, worthy of attention to the brand to join the project. In fact, the small entrepreneurs choose to join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken project, is the election of the! In the food and beverage market, the success of entrepreneurship is a reasonable choice for a good project. So, join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken project, what are you waiting for?

A burn drink – all the details to join

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Taiwan food brand has always been numerous, of course, many of which are well-known brands, such as what tea shop. A burn tea popular in the market, it also relies on its diversified business and marketing concepts and advanced management methods, throbbing burn rooted catering market, by many consumers and entrepreneurs of all ages. Then the throbbing burn plus fee number? The throbbing burn plus the cost of detail. If you want to know more about this project, can visit the official website to see throbbing burn.

join cost:

burn throb

throb burn franchise products are fresh milk, about the ingredients, and combined with the recipe, without any additives, preservatives, taste authentic. Burn and throbbing franchise fee is low, is really a small investment, big returns, quick, immediate good project! Here is a detailed introduction about the jiamengfei throb of burn.

burn throb join advantage:

Brand advantage:

1, throbbing burn tea headquarters after years of development, gradually improve the position in the minds of consumers, and has a very good reputation in the market.

2, product advantage: throbbing burn franchise headquarters professional R & D team, regularly launch new products, free of charge to the franchisee training products, make the products rich.

3, training advantage: the company has rich store management and operational training experience, provide a powerful guarantee for the franchisee’s staff training, and develop professional training courseware, the implementation of the theoretical knowledge and practical operation mode of combination, quick to join the training of qualified employees.

4, service advantage: headquarters will maintain long-term close business ties with the agents, to provide professional consulting services for its practical, and has joined the supervision and tracking guidance, for you to lift the menace from the rear shop operators.

5, investment advantages: throbbing burn tea high visibility of the brand in the market after joining, relying on the brand reputation and brand strength, stores can easily obtain good performance and higher profits, so that franchisees entrepreneurial path more smoothly.


join burn throb

1, regional protection, regional exclusive business: franchisees in various counties and cities to set up shop, store district and the district strictly implement the protection policy, regulate the market order, to ensure that the regional monopoly, benign long-term business.