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Six tips for university graduates entrepreneurs

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university graduates employment pressure is more and more big, a good job more and more difficult to find, even to find a job, the poor pay and what? So, more and more college graduates choose to start their own business, but just out of college students lack of social experience, how can the success of small business? Collection of college students successful entrepreneurs are in the hope of you who cheats, start on the road to help:

the first one???


heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence.


Third??? Pragmatic

Fourth??? Accumulation of knowledge


? Hard work

How to choose between entrepreneurship and study

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this year, more and more young entrepreneurs tend to be young, many students are still studying in the school to join the entrepreneurial tide. For these people, business and academic is always very difficult to choose which one is more important.

"now every day I only in class, watch the shop, rest these three things." Xiamen University of Technology, 2013, the management of cultural industry, Guo Weitong told reporters, with the students around the classroom, dormitory, library life is not the same, she would run every day in the classroom, shops and rental.

"harvest" is the power source of


"let me start early contact with society, learn to be independent." Xie Jiafang’s family did not care about the economic benefits of her coffee shop, but she was in their own shop, and began to realize the difficulty of making money, and slowly learn to understand their parents".

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Hong Kong Hong Kong style hot pot

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Hongkong, China has always been dominated by the British before returning to the motherland. So compared to the China mainland, Hongkong early development closer to internationalization, abandon the rule by outsiders is not good for the specific performance of Hongkong in all aspects, take the delicacy, Hongkong is the city of the delicacy, exquisite dishes are quite complete, the integration of the essence of the world delicacy, and focus on the fine workmanship and the effectiveness of health, eat a lot of innovation emerge in an endless stream.

from Hongkong is fishing port rotary small Hot pot also has significant advantages on the dishes Nothing needed is lacking. exciting level beyond imagination. It is a small fishing Hot pot broke the traditional Hot pot dining form, using one pot method, so that every consumer can according to taste characteristics and their food intake, to choose their own love of boiling food, can not be wasted, but also allow consumers to eat happy, consumers can not make money,


fashion style of Hong Kong Hong Kong style rotary hot pot of the most flavor characteristics of all kinds of pill ingredients are derived from the local Hongkong, with a strong universality, taste very rich and famous for all ages. Consumers across the country can still be at the door of the Hong Kong Hong Kong style small hot pot restaurant taste authentic Hong Kong and Taiwan, I believe no one can refuse.

is still fishing small hot pot to do fast, multi, all. It is not a single, small fishing Hot pot eating fast, especially now with the fast-paced way of life of people; yet many kinds of small fishing Hot pot pot, than a single pot of traditional Hot pot more abundant; it is a small fishing Hot pot seasoning soup pot for all varieties, relatively light taste, the key point is the combination of soup and seasoning. Fishing is still a small hot pot brand chain is used to rotate the bar one pot of business, dining style is novel and fashionable. One pot not only to meet the needs of consumers clean and hygienic, but also those who eat a pot of hot pot to avoid the guests in the traditional hot pot restaurant with four seats embarrassment.

is fishing merchants excellent avant-garde market analysis and product innovation team effort and diligently strive after continuously launch to meet market demand, new products, the majority of diners eat a hundred tire. Hong Kong style new model to achieve wealth selection is still fishing, hand in hand, brand assurance.

Real estate agency ten brands list

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2016 years of the property market hot, so many real estate intermediary money is earned full pots of alms bowl, which gave birth to the birth of the industry more and more brand. So, what is the real estate intermediary? The specific transaction of real estate intermediary is to help people selling housing registration information, and to ensure the availability of real effective declared release; to help people buy, recommend suitable for ideal housing, and lead the people buy the field house, to guide, facilitate transactions; real estate intermediary income is the main charge Intermediary Service Commission, intermediary service commission for 2.7~3% market practice. (part of the city to buy a 2.5%-3%, but there are exceptions, such as part of the Beijing real estate intermediary to the landlord and owner double Commission.)

China’s first special regulation of real estate brokerage sector regulations promulgated. "Eat the difference", to assist the signing of "Yin and yang contract" was officially included in the "prohibited acts", real estate intermediary "black hand" era is facing the end. Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of real estate agents list.

real estate agent ten brand ranking 1 in CENTALINE (founded in 1978, the real estate agent services in the field of leading enterprises, Hongkong service brand, the real estate agency industry very large enterprises, the Central Plains Group Limited)

real estate agent ten brand ranking 2.21 century real estate (in the United States in 1971, the world’s largest integrated real estate service providers, industry famous brand, Beijing aifeite international franchise Advisory Services Limited)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 3 Lutheran housing (founded in 1981 in Taiwan, the most influential Shanghai housing intermediary chain service brand, excellent service trademark, Shanghai Lutheran housing intermediary consulting Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 4 home chain LianJia (large integrated real estate services, real estate intermediary business as the core is committed to providing high quality real estate broker / financial and asset management services to customers in Beijing chain of home real estate brokerage Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 5 I love my family (the famous comprehensive real estate services, real estate brokerage industry leading brands, brokerage innovation enterprise, Beijing I love my home real estate brokerage Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary brand ranking 6 out of ten (the famous trademark, Guangzhou City National Housing circulation integrated service providers, the influential Southern China area housing intermediary brand, MyTopHome (China) Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 7 Fu (Hopefluent’s, the larger real estate intermediary service institutions, "

The store can’t play tricks on sales promotion

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"promotion" has now become the major stores will take the business strategy, and how to promote the sales of the store will have a great influence. However, if you want to really promote the sale of the store to help, you can achieve higher product sales, you can not play tricks, or the development of the store will have a very negative impact.

there is a saying in China: a good excuse for a moment, I can not hide. If the business promotion is not based on customer honesty and respect, but purely to promotions and promotions, only to curry favour by claptrap attract the attention of customers, for customers pocket money, and lotteries are little more than practical unsalable goods, I think this business really can put up the shutters not far away. At the very least, this is no respect for customers! Customer is god! Just think: who would like to go to a store that has left unhappy memories? No matter how attractive the business promotion.

to tell the truth, the old lady in rural areas like to take advantage of small, which supermarket in the village to engage in special, which supermarket more affordable, they are more clear than young people. A young woman in the village told about one of the things she had experienced. She was so angry that she never wanted to go to the supermarket again.

what is this: there is an opened near the supermarket, from the brochure written on the egg 2 9 pound, when the egg prices strong, the price of the egg as can be imagined. At once, all the old sisters rushed to the bargain. 2 eggs, a pound of 9 is indeed true, but the purchase of $2 per person. The purchase is right, but the queue queue too long.

team is too long is right, the key is the time limit. There is a time limit is right, but more annoying is that this group of people standing in the legs of the old ladies, the time limit is empty handed back. The old ladies: "no good Voices of discontent. No quality, won’t go to the supermarket to buy something." These old ladies have never bought anything.

heard this thing, I do not know when is the supermarket sales egg supply is no ample supply or sell more pay and more thoughts have halted promotion. But in any case, the supermarket is indeed a way to hurt their hearts, I believe that, because of the unsuccessful promotions, the loss is not only a group of people who are not high consumption of the old lady so simple?

although many shops have been aware of the importance of the promotion, but in the real promotional activities, but it is easy to ignore some of the details, resulting in the development of the promotion of the shops unfavorable. If you really want to improve their visibility and vigorously promotion, at least to businesses to operate, holding a real honest heart, life, so far, qiaosheruhuang more lethal than blandishments. Of course, this is lethal

How to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

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ate so much Ganmian skin you know the origin of this special snack wrapper for you, and you know this delicious snacks do? The following Xiaobian introduced for you.

wrapper is a traditional snack in Shaanxi unique, Ganmian skin is evolved from the Tang Dynasty to Amoy cold surface. Has the characteristics of loop, soft, fragrant, cold hot and sour taste, is one of the representatives of the people of Qishan Xifu snacks, the wrapper approach is very special, the rice dough and elsewhere niangpi is to tune into a paste, placed in a special cage steam. The Qishan wrapper is the first roll into the surface, and then steamed, steamed and then cut into slightly wider than the cold noodle strips, and eat rice dough is basically the same, different from the rice dough, roll paper are hard, high toughness, a reinforcement. People in Baoji enjoy eating, and they are popular in Xi’an in recent years.

how to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

gold stick rolling rolling dough is the industry’s well-known brands, also have stores in many parts of the country, in places such as Zhengzhou also have stores, the address is in the city of Zhengzhou City Court Street No. 105. Then the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper to join


Zhengzhou gold stick rolling rolling dough join conditions are as follows:

1, long engaged in the industry

2, with a certain vision

3, with enthusiasm

4, is full of dreams of wealth

5, with a certain amount of funds

Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper procedure:

1 consulting, gold stick rolling wrapper

2, apply for project

3, headquarters audit through

4, headquarters training

5, headquarters location decoration

6, the official business


wrapper will choose Zhengzhou snacks to join gold stick rolling wrapper. If you have the desire to join us, please tell us by the way of the message, we leave the message on the bottom of the article page, after the latter to see the message we will reply you in the first time.

Zheng Guangyu return home to promote economic development

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in the hard years, personal experience is very rich, at the same time, wealth is also very much, in such a context, many people will choose to return to business, make a contribution for the economic development of the hometown. In this paper, the hero Zheng Guangyu is the case, through continuous efforts, the choice of home business, thus the development of parents played a very big role in promoting.

Zheng Guangyu, 40 years old this year, is the town of Changchun Ling village, the village of six. After graduating from junior high school in 1986, go home to farming, a small age, he was faced with the early corruption of farm work is reluctant. The heart is always thinking, must not be in the countryside with the same kind of a lifetime as parents, we must find a way out. However, he is a seventeen – year – old children on their own in the end what can be done in the end? In the end, what can be a child of the age of eight? Where can I go? There is no spectrum of the heart. But Zheng Guangyu, although the age is not big, the idea is very positive, all the time think is to leave the countryside to find a job, go to work, never farming.

is motivated by this idea, at the beginning of 1989, at the age of 20, his arms Chuaizhe only 200 yuan, from home to Songyuan to find work, his heart is only a thought, I have to earn money in the city, change my life. In the absence of any external help, he will rely on their indomitable will and faith to support him.

the first two days of walking a few places no result, living in a small hotel where he made a sad, really do not know where to go? Then listen to people say: if there is no money to do anything big, put stall selling fruit, the whole day can earn a few hundred dollars. Those who said no, the listener interested. The second day early in the morning, he came to the fruit wholesale market, where there are varieties of fruit on the observation, and then follow a number of vendors came to the open-air market, look at the stall selling fruit how to operate.

through observation and investigation, he made a decision, then he sold two years of vegetables and fruits. Although all day out in the market every day, crying all day, but every day there is a certain income, solve the food with rich rich. He congratulated himself that he had stopped at the foot of the city.

later introduced by the students, Zheng Guangyu and received a year old bearings, this time his business has a good turn for the better, economic income day by day up.

in 1992, he learned about bearing sales situation, through the collection of waste bearing so he opened a small shop bearing a small in Songyuan, because of limited funds, so the goods are bought on credit, sales for a period of time and then back to the supplier. Bearing store opened two years, at the beginning of the benefits can still be, but because of fierce competition in the market, economic benefits gradually decline.

is facing more and more depressed business, he decided to leave it

Ktv franchise operators how to improve profitability

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Ktv franchise operators if you want to improve the profitability of the store, which needs to do management work? Many beginners do not even know the direction of the effort, so the need to continue to learn. Xiao Bian provides a number of simple analysis, hoping to help you find some direction to find ways to provide store earnings.

The status of

traditional competitors: analysis of the number, the level of performance, turnover, profit and income statistics; the reasons for the success of advanced management level: excellent service?? social environment conditions? Failure: poor infrastructure policy factors?? market positioning mechanism failure?


emerging high-end KTV operators: business type, market orientation, whether civilian, aristocratic, etc.. Business area: which area, paragraph, the decoration of the style characteristics and selection of decorative objects.

operating conditions: turnover, operating profit, volume, number of rooms, etc.. Scope of business: the size of the store, can accommodate the number of guests. The size and distribution of all kinds of boxes and so on.

analysis of operating conditions, to find the existing problems, propose solutions, which is a lot of Ktv franchise operators will encounter business process. If you do not know how to investigate the operating conditions, the above analysis can help you find the right path of development, to learn it quickly, I hope you can successfully find a suitable investment opportunities.

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Store location summary common factors are always the same

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to open the door, the first problem to be faced is the site, although each industry has a certain difference in the requirements of the site, but as long as the observation, the location of some gold address is still a lot of common location. The details of this issue deserves careful consideration.

position although not absolute, but there are many similarities, such as population mobility, traffic convenient, so choose a good place to consider the following factors:

1. flow: ordinary, holiday and day, night to person and proportion;

2. vehicle flow: automobile, motorcycle flow;

3. traffic: current and future possible increase and decrease of transport;

4. road width and parking problems;

5. regional characteristics: competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions and cultural and educational, leisure facilities, etc.;

6. population survey: population, consumption habits, etc.;

7. business district survey: the main and secondary business area, rent, price.

According to the popular

On the basis of

site location

in the mature central business circle investment shops, a large amount of investment, and different business circles of the nature and level of development, will directly affect the operation efficiency and shop space rental. This is the first operation of the store by the close of the entire business district of popularity, and then there is a constant flow of people to ensure that the tree under a good shade, get all the time without effort.

Wen businessmen have a new era of entrepreneurship has come

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referred to entrepreneurship, people often feel that rely on intelligence and courage to start a business is a necessary factor for success, in fact, now "literary creation" is popular, what is the literary creation? I believe that the following business story, you will have a certain understanding of the vocabulary.

in the sky overlooking Monument for Liberation square, Cathay Pacific, has become a natural heart. Cathay Pacific square is the heart of the left ventricle, the surrounding building is the right ventricle and other components of the heart. The ground is a group of artists in the open-air exhibition, Chongqing decorate the lustrous and dazzling, bright. From the high altitude overlooking the heart as if beating, flashing a dazzling light.

Put forward the idea of the


Lu Temple forever

full selling marketplace breath shouting, "global market" as a "land of idyllic beauty" inside.

into the "global market" found inside the scene unexpectedly: hidden but beautiful spot pushed open the door, greeted by a red stone pot test, stood beside the bamboo hat, dustpan. There is a large stone pot on the left side of the table retro mahogany table, put a row of lights, if not carefully look at it can not be the cashier.

and this is just the tip of the iceberg…… Spent almost an hour in the inside, and finally came to the end of the two floors of the fair: Audrey, Hepburn, and so on, tea, pots, cans, gramophone, fabric lanterns, retro sofa…… Every small ornaments are very exquisite, fine will show a breath of 80s.

carefully considered, here includes the Chongqing pub, Chongqing salon, galluzzo face house, yard in Chongqing and the Republic of China and Pakistan teahouse tank and eight branch Guoding hey burn. Visitors can not only drink here, you can eat noodles, tea, barbecue, chat, and so on and so on. As a global market, let us forget.