Month: July 2017’s market capitalization of nearly 100 billion, the secret of sustained growth is what

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Abstract: an electricity supplier company must be in brand reputation, high-quality products, user experience, logistics and warehousing get comprehensive promotion will attract more users, to some extent, the growth of active users also means good prospects for company operation.

, as I predicted last year,’s market value is steadily approaching the 100 billion mark.

big day thirty days ago, China’s largest sale of electricity supplier announced the fourth quarter of 2014 and full year earnings data, the main business data all rose sharply, the market value approaching 100 billion RMB. This opened a perfect "crested leading field in sale for the year of the goat sheep’s growth". profit margins for nine consecutive quarters of rapid growth, and simply can not stop what is the secret? If you pay attention to the electricity supplier, then you should not miss this "in the stock analysis of"".

[earnings boost share prices, market capitalization approaching one billion]

after the earnings release, second days before shares rose nearly 10%, after soaring 15.18%, the last reported income of $25.11, a market capitalization of $14 billion 245 million, about 88 billion 800 million yuan. Hit a new high since the listing, stabilizing the status of China’s top five listed companies on the internet. The other four giants are BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and Jingdong.

strong earnings again increased the confidence of investors, investment banks have raised the price expectations for, which is expected to more Paget’s share price will reach $30 (according to the estimated market value of more than one hundred billion RMB). Apart from the steady growth of profits, I think the key point is that investors see the rapid growth of the number of active users.

comes with a key set of data: fourth quarter growth in the number of active users to 12 million 200 thousand people, up 114.2% over the same period last year; the year 2014 active users from 9 million 400 thousand year-on-year growth of 150.4% to 23 million 600 thousand people, in 2014 the number of active users over 1.5 times more than the fourth quarter, the number of users to achieve a 28% growth.

To promote

growth in the number of users, fourth quarter 2014 total net revenues over the same period last year rose 108.9% to $1 billion 360 million (about 8 billion 498 million yuan); net profit growth of 122.8% over last year, reaching $56 million 600 thousand (about 353 million yuan), the nine consecutive quarter of growth of


[locking high-quality women, the future has a high growth bonus]

The rapid growth of

has a direct bearing on’s long locked user base.

has been, women are very strong consumer groups, but also business users. Western economists have long been aware of the powerful influence women have on the economy

The PC site is dead and wrong. The real value of the site should be a standard

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in the Feng Xiaogang endorsement of a brand mobile phone, so say: "the man of success is the standard, so the intelligent mobile phone mobile phone!" era, indeed subvert a lot higher, such as lucrative website once for the grassroots, along with the migration of Internet population, money effect has been less obvious, so some people shouted, the PC side of the site

is dead!


It is in fact

? Had seen such a thing: a well-known local enterprises because of poor management, on the verge of collapse, jittery, at this time, the company’s website is in trouble, by a foreign company sued for patent infringement, many people think, nor how the company’s Web site take care, now the enterprise website is not all the way, there is no! But the end result is that the company did not give up the site, even in the site closed for nearly three months, have persisted, later reversed, the site returned to normal.

and these three months are the toughest three months the company has spent, restructuring, downsizing, and corporate change…… Although experienced a lot of changes, but the site is the former site, it is said that the company has received a lot of orders, start again, but in Baidu encyclopedia, the information of the company to re do the update, a web presence, you can feel the company still have strong vitality.

also has an entity friend, mainly engaged in steel wholesale business. The first holding play attitude, made a website, but also find a little SEO of the son of a friend to take care of this website, then did not think this website gave him the equivalent of 30% store orders, then the friend also made Baidu for promotion, website peak not only, their business is saturated, also to the others do. Later, everyone is doing, more competition, the site brought less orders, but the friend site has also been insisting. "Although the list is not much, but it is better than nothing," because the site on-line early, and now just do simple optimization, basically every year there are orders.


, an enterprise that has a real business, usually doesn’t die, and the friend’s Web site is not very good. He made a station, the station was collected and then pseudo original release out, the station included, rankings are very good, there are a lot of people visit every day, but almost all of the visitors are one-time (there is no return, not long after the user) by degrees the mother got killed, although relying on advertising to earn a lot of money, but Baidu suffered punishment is a matter, because you have no industry on the one hand, on the other hand is with traffic to make money, such a web site, once the use of plug-in mode, Baidu was blocked sooner or later.

we know that many websites now play <

Watch the movie station for 2 months, IP to 2000 movie station outlet

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today to see the A5 article, see a "personal webmaster shame: what to take to save our original" article, the article is mainly about a personal webmaster, through the 2 months to reach 2000 IP, which is a major site on TV movie in July 20th last year, on-line, on-line when there are 100 articles, according to the owners of their own action site is original, so on-line a few days after the IP reaches about 26, this is not easy, squid meal site, once a month, only a few IP, no more than 10, then the station long and updated daily, final in August 30th IP reached more than 700, the weight of the site Baidu is also up, the owners continue a month after IP, reached 2000.

The rest of the

, he is telling the station to be non original and transfer station to defeat, finally being punished, then Baidu was relentless K out a lot of ", the specific reason is because K lost weight high website pseudo original or reproduced in his article, and he did not leave the site, and then to be Baidu drop right. Of course, interested friends can go directly to see this article, I’m not talking about why the site will be down right, but to chat about the content and form of this site.

In fact, many webmaster

sure about the station takes 2 months to nearly 2000IP envy, especially small webmaster, according to this article webmaster introduction, his website IP sources are basically from the search engine, it can be said that the webmaster, not to use WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking tools to drainage then, the 2000 can only rely on search engines to.

In fact, the

station, I went to look carefully, and now Baidu is the weight of the station is 3, Baidu is expected to flow to 732, but this can only be used as a reference, his Baidu keyword is the basic content of the weight of lines, and I think one thing, "Keywords very large lines" of the audience moreover, the word search volume is not large, is the word search volume is derived out of long tail keywords is also very large, in fact many people say that the movie station is difficult to do now, what relates to copyright, even Baidu will punish you, why not transfer your weight onto the relevant contents of film on the


film class webmaster whenever what new movies and TV series, you want to go to the Post Bar forum, to send links, will be deleted at any time, and then be punished, why not change a thought? This line station is one of them, what movie plot, but also what feedback? What movie information, can be done, the content is up, the number up, then the search volume naturally come, at least you do a movie station is much better, you say


actually I think this line station is somewhat similar to the QQ station, are the main text, the search volume is large, but better than in the original film on the day when you stand where IP for the film and proud, look at.

Should we think about it more fully before setting up a website

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considered the level of the site is really not enough. A person, a computer, half page level, began making up their own network crash. Maybe it’s because of what you’re thinking. Anything can happen quickly. Every day pondering the website of those functional modules are also tired, and thus began to make the first site, the establishment of the station to now everything is going smoothly, but unfortunately.

first say something good, · · ~ ~ ~ the site of the day, Google included his site, fifteenth days time, also included. More than 2 months time, PR rose to 3, the early time is often visited Admin5 webmaster nets, but soft Wen see more like a, content and update, and then add your AD, to the back will be a lot less. And go to the site of traffic. Basically, all the methods we can think of are used, and IP has broken through 1300. But, is this website useful? I really doubt myself. Google ZhengZhan articles are included, and Baidu also included a half, but at that time from them to traffic one day a few IP. Only now did you find out where the problem was; · ·

one, keyword unpopular. In the ASP crash, the Baidu index had no such index at all. Even the ASP index is less than 2000, and a lot of people are doing it.

two, followed by the planning of the very good, but to the implementation of the time, but often suffered setbacks. Because the entire site’s programs, including the background, are written by themselves. Caused by many functions can not be achieved, only retreat and seek times. Use simple methods instead. Up to now, part of the functionality on the site is still incomplete. This is deadly.

three, because they will not write the collection of code, but also want to pursue the original, the early stage of the station to think of their own manual input data on the site. To think is good, to act is difficult. Every time is limited, but also class, doing homework and so on, these deduction can have much time to manage website, how much time to track users need is what aspects. And their manual input article is quite unrealistic, a site want to do very well, need the article quantity is very big. Rely on their own manual input is impossible, in fact, add some pseudo original articles, pay attention to the key words on the line.

four, the middle of the station still can’t resist the temptation of advertising, for their site plus 3 advertising. Later, the energy is not spent on the site, more attention to advertising, click proportion, as well as the amount of visits on the day, and how to advertise some of their pages. Gradually less updates, nothing less than · · also ran to play games, playing for some time.

now, looking back at what he’s been doing for months, he really thought about it

Update ranking promotion from correction to enjoy adhere to is victory experience

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file is not a long time recovery update not included, this is many webmaster have experienced trouble, believe that this is not a few, many people will choose to give up the station, and buy a new domain name to do the new station, again, a waste of time and energy. The author and these webmaster friends, also had the idea of giving up. Later in Webmaster BBS BBS post for help, a lot of enthusiastic webmaster friends are encouraging me, must insist, persist is victory. When I stand Baidu snapshot by May 11th, a collection of content is few, my home is still, website traffic is mainly from the home page to search. After the correction of the daily flow of only about 60, very distressed, irreversible, neither dead nor alive feeling, is a very happy thing for a person who loves the cause of personal webmaster website. I persevered, persist for two months, Baidu finally for my insistence and moved, re update my home page, and then began to update content pages a week. Updated the day I brought more than 400 of the IP, a lot of keywords are ranked Baidu home, and some ranked first. I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep all night. Personal feeling the persevering scriptures. Let’s share how I’ve persevered and achieved relatively good results. I’m just on what the SEO rookie network, know a little, here I just wrote nearly three months to adhere to the action, not that I used what good medicine to the site to treat live. I hope everyone will read my experience and give me more valuable advice. Let’s make progress together,


at the beginning of April, I began to build your resume, of course content is copied, minor alterations after it was released, two weeks after Baidu began to included the home page, GOOGLE included a number of relatively slow, a month just collected less than 10 pages. Baidu included every day brings more than a dozen IP. For me it is a kind of encouragement, so I also continue to add content, enrich the content of the whole station finally, when May 20th has 300 articles. From Baidu to May 22nd, it’s almost three days old. On the 22 day, the second day after the update, snapshot back to May 11th, the content page is much less, there are only a few pages left. At first I thought it was just a temporary problem, such as a week or so, anxious, to reason, Baidu search found that the original is not in this day of the two month time template updated three times, the replacement of the template is out and out. Web page code changes greatly, keyword changes greatly, Baidu spider often can not find the road, it does not come, the content of its own station is also non original. When Baidu tried the new algorithm, I think my station has been honored to be a Baidu test. It is not that I stand K, I stand there is a certain value, just fall down the right, do not update and not K out, half-dead, which stationmaster experienced this are very upset.

a month has passed, this kind of stop updating is not included in the situation is still, I went to the webmaster network forum to help station friends, I said a lot of the situation, many webmaster

Webmaster should be rational to face the hype, can also become public welfare

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saw on TV yesterday a matter of wide discussion and controversy. The thing is, in a city (which city forgot, but does not affect the narrative, a) the old woman selling vegetables may be perennial vegetables, exposed to the weather, the body is not good, the foot, the last serious effect on walking to fester. Then there was a woman who was engaged in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (presumably a Chinese medicine clinic) and heard about the old lady. Run over for the old lady do Chinese medicine physical therapy, and personally help the old lady feet. The incident attracted people’s attention, and some people to television and newspaper reflect, this lady’s things through television and newspaper reports and widely circulated. This act of helping others and giving love has also been praised by the media and people.

from the surface, this is a simple but touching good thing, but everything put on the Internet users, it will lead to more extensive, more views of the discussion. Internet users have praised and advocated the discussion and evaluation, and most of them are learning. But some also hold different views. Some netizens said "she is in the hype is a show, through such a good thing, he made a name, is to do the advertising for their diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, killing two birds with one stone. And said that such a good thing to do once is a show, to really help others, love, insist on doing it to prove." The lady’s behavior really can not rule out "show speculation" suspects, users of this view also has some truth. There are users who hold a more pertinent, more accepted view: "the lady even speculation, is doing the right thing, if we are to do a good thing to show his own hype, it is not necessarily a bad thing." In the face of speculation and show, we do not advocate, but we can not blindly deny and oppose. Hype show has negative and positive points, if it is with positive events, hype show at the same time, and participate in the public welfare, and contribute their love, then hype show will be recognized.

on the network hype show act, this is indeed a promotion of their products or service a good way, but if excessive use of negative events to hype hype, even to do some bad things. Then, even if you have made a name for a while and made a profit, it will also be cast aside for the long run. Like the recent network very red Xifeng, her "famous" is indeed the public entertainment, if someone behind the hype, then the team may therefore have a lot of profit, but everything has a degree, will be on the aesthetic fatigue demanding users, Xifeng this clown curry favour by claptrap, long time end will be forgotten by the users. The network is so, stationmaster is no exception. In addition to those conventional means of promotion, speculation show is also often used to promote the site Adsense gimmick, network competition is fierce, who do not want their website traffic more, exposure rate a little more. However, excessive speculation, the use of negative events, and ultimately tend to outweigh the benefits, and achieved some results, only short-term. For example, the past two years, a variety of frequent "XX door", the webmaster does not

Free behind the trap of passive transmission Trojans

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          VPS;     a few days ago to see someone to provide free space and I feel quite curious. Guesses the other party intention to be unsuccessful, then adds QQ to inquire, the result several words come down, frightens me to jump. This person provides free space or VPS, only requires hanging a section of JS code, without any advertising does not affect the site, said the purpose is to brush traffic and ranking! The words to feel each other in nonsense, then download the other requirements of the JS, which is only connected to a JS URL, in looking at another, every time you want to turn into a HTML, several old man down tired out! Finally, out of a pile of things, the ultimate goal of automatically downloading Trojan horse!

            use a lot of loopholes, the specific code not posted, rising free to kill, in trouble!

The thunder storm MPS.StormPlayer.1

DPClient.Vod vulnerability; vulnerability;

first check whether you install WEB thunderbolt, no installation will pop up the installation prompt, the installation will use Xunlei vulnerability automatically download and execute Trojan horse!

linked code is:  

Barrage video sites, Youku, strange art, the possibility of evolution

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Abstract: the focus of the barrage video is not the video, the barrage, and the barrage is actually related to social and cultural, these two things is the possibility of future evolution of video sites. I read for you: what is the magical video of the barrage?.

said, although the barrage video for many users have not fresh, and even users now watch network video only choose AB station. But for mainstream video sites, such as Youku, if the content of a full screen barrage comment, I believe most of its users little heart still can not accept.

but this does not mean that Youku Qiyi can ignore the barrage site, because the focus is not barrage video video, is that these things are actually the barrage barrage, and related social and culture, these two things is the possibility of the future evolution of the video site.

but the cultural thing, playing the Internet do not know a few, or Tudou will not pinch "Naruto" copyright, but still can not do two years, barrage video. Below, the author to explain: what is the magical video of the barrage?.

barrage video site is the core of user interaction, that is, social

, for example, has never claimed to be a video site, but rather targeted a barrage site, more like a social platform for video sites and B sites than Bilibili.

social emphasis on human interaction, that is interactive, and this is the barrage of comments in the form and the general video site below the comment form the biggest difference:

screenshot for B station, a up owner produced high-quality original video

barrage real-time appear in the video window, the audience can with the progress of the video, the first time to see other people at the same time point for the same content to make comments, so as to respond. The content of the response may be separated by the number of days and months, but at the same time in space, mutual corroboration, and more access to the audience at the same time.

this process, the interaction between the audience realized the snowballing growth, combined with a brief barrage of text, strong timeliness, strong sense of personal characteristics, so that we can easily think of participation in social networking platforms, such as micro-blog, what the Post Bar.

therefore, compared with other video sites, B station has an absolute advantage, and it is also the best gift from the social platform service: user loyalty, and UGC.

, Baidu, Sina, micro-blog Post Bar Tencent QQ and so on are this way: the user repeatedly access and content production, circulation and the formation of self sustained healthy development. It’s better than spending money on copyright.

in fact, barrage video site has become the main platform to play a lot of video content producers, such as a China "virtual Idol" (the original Vocaloid music video, based on this later to write it) content creation.

A year and a half earned 50 thousand I also talk about my Wangzhuan experience

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actually do stand now count for four years, during the to do countless websites, you can make some personal station, just for fun, not to make money, that time is that what Wangzhuan words like purely deceptive, until 05 years of exposure to a called 3155 ad at the time of the alliance, realized that the original site can also make money. At that time my station is a station on the film, several movies registered advertising, every day there are some registered, each commission is 15 yuan, up 3, sometimes every 4 registrations, till the end of the month settlement, a settlement was 4, 500 yuan (later a few months after the discovery they deducted the amount of buckle is very serious), but for me, this has been a lot of advertising, it is the first time ah, I was just too excited, slowly I just entered the ranks of the people. The alliance is closed now, and it may be too serious. The owners have blocked it, ha ha.

well, I also said my true Wangzhuan experience. In 04 years I want to do recruitment, recruitment companies charge a registration fee to make money, the idea is to be, but did not focus on the website, no publicity, no time to maintenance of website, the results of the first station so young. 05 years of my own movie station traffic began to rise, 3155 union advertising effect is also good, but every month is that a few hundred dollars, so I really appreciate what is called Wangzhuan time is 05 years in June, I started to do YAHOO search and bidding, through the accumulation of nearly 2 years of Wangzhuan experience. I have learned a little, so that my advertising revenue by leaps and bounds to reach 3000 yuan every month, every month can sometimes reach 6000 yuan, I was so excited, the original cheating can get so much income ah, now think about every month to the bank to withdraw money the feeling is really very beautiful, ha ha. But good times don’t last long for a year and a half, the time, my account was finally closed, but it is worth, I forget, this time I got a total of $50 thousand in advertising revenue.

there may be a lot of people who don’t believe it, but it’s really my real experience. If people really want to know how I was cheating, I might have said never mind, after all, YAHOO alliance early are closed, that is not what the impact on them is not what high technology inside, is physical work, every day and night except eat and sleep is at the point of advertising, by AD IP, time machine, the number of clicks to uniform and not leave traces, believe it or not, anyway, I got the money in this way. After the account was stopped, so I made a stand, the purpose is very clear, is to improve the flow, so as to put ads on the site, I continued to make money, but only entertainment site for nearly a year, due to the site in the entertainment news with too many beautiful pictures, afraid of being qualitative for illegal websites, often public security bureau check site was bile conflict, then simply sell back. In fact, it seems to be nothing to do now

Do a good job of user experience, so that the web site to become user favorite

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user experience is the Internet has been stressed in this large ecological environment, as the network environment is now the beginning of a large purification, SEO more and more emphasis is to return to the most fundamental thing. In fact, for now, the user experience is a very important point, but for the vast majority of SEO, they do not know what should be done in order to enhance their website user experience. In fact for the user experience, and not everyone is so difficult to imagine, as long as you can treat yourself as a user, when you find your own website on the Internet, you want to what this is enough. The following Xiaobian to share with you about the website user experience topic, I hope we can make progress together.

In fact,

for the construction of the user experience, first of all we have to do is think of myself as a user, we hope to be able to get what kind of what kind of information and services on the site, so for us according to their own website for the user experience is very helpful. Secondly, we should think about is how to introduce them to our website to the user by the inertia of thinking, because for the website, if there is no flow of words even if you have a good user experience is no good, we always be their day in YY, when their own users. Then, how to make your website give the user a fresh and refreshing feeling, so that he can remember his website, so the website should learn to innovate, so that it can attract users’ bright spot. The last is the site in the content construction to logical thinking, such as the building must be along the user’s thinking to build, allowing users to follow their own thinking thinking constantly to extend, let users on their website to understand the points have what they want.

is the first to say: there are many kinds of drainage drainage methods, such as through the keywords ranking, website blog business, micro-blog, WeChat, soft Wen promotion and so on these methods and channels, these channels and methods are the methods and ways of site drainage, of course, for these methods in the promotion of the time want to have higher. Especially for keywords drainage and drainage is soft Wen promotion website when the release of information must be published in its website and related platform, positioning customer groups so as to be more precise, introduction to the flow are said to have to understand the needs of customers or a certain intention. In this way, we can reduce the jumping out rate of our website and increase the stay time of the website users.

second to say that when the construction site must have a sense of innovation, innovative website can attract users to a certain extent, as we met in the street a outlandish costume will always be tempted to look at several, also will focus on the memory in the memory of the time. The same is true for websites, and only when we innovate, will we attract users to focus on memory, too