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The website is search engine punishment five analysis methods of

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general in Shanghai after the big update website, volatility is normal, do not get excited over a little thing, once the website ranking drop felt end come, in fact as long as according to the above several methods to analyze the specific state, check out the web site, and then through the appropriate method to optimize the natural website ranking will still come back source: www.021daiyunwang贵族宝贝

two: enter the name of your site in the search engine in the dialog box, if the results of their official website is not in the first row, then your website is likely to be search engine punishment!

: analysis of the use of love Shanghai site command, the specific operation method in the search engine input dialog box site: website domain name, and then look at the results returned, if the website homepage does not appear, only some included pages appear, then your website will be right down, if the returned no results, then your website is K

Every time when !

five: judging by analysis of keywords ranking, comprehensive analysis and statistics of keywords on the site, if before a lot of keywords ranking in the love of Shanghai in a comprehensive update down, then your website the possibility of the punishment is very big, if some keywords decline, some keywords rise, then this is normal the adjustment, does not need to save the method after punishment to operate the


love Shanghai update, always a few happy tears, some website promotion, website ranking dropped, many owners found themselves once the site ranking dropped will be very worried about their website is search engine K station, or the right to be reduced, but only by the decline in ranking that site is K or drop right that is not very scientific, often lead to do a lot of useless or even work site to make bad things, this analysis whether the site is K or drop right is very important! I have the five kinds of analysis method that is relatively easy to use, and the majority of the following the webmaster friends share

!> website! !

four: it is relatively simple, it is through the search on the website of some specific words, such as your website address, contact telephone and record information, if the results returned by your website is not first, then your website will be down the right, because the information is only on the Internet, if not be included, that your website content is rapidly removed, not to return the


three: through the analysis of webmaster tools, the best with the most comprehensive and accurate data, webmaster tools than Google webmaster tools, this tool can provide detailed test data and information, this information can effectively help webmasters to judge their own website is search engine punishment, as well as the website which problems need to be improved in order to let the webmaster and amendment, the improvement of their own website

The Walton School of business Google Shanghai Longfeng adjustment algorithm adopted piecemeal

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Google announced in February 24th this plan. Google ever to search for some minor adjustments, but ordinary users usually can’t notice, but this time is different. The company hopes to solve a series of problems of recent media exposure. The most famous is "New York Times" according to a report by Penney J.C., the American department store chain to deceive the search engine ranking mode at the top of many search results. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that in another case, the retailer Overstock贵族宝贝 for violation of Google’s policy by punishment. The policy to prohibit enterprises to improve search engine rankings by improper behavior.

these events and Google reaction caused a series of problems. The search engine will produce what effect on people? Google’s market position is too strong? Whether the company should be decided on the search results of the algorithm is more transparent? What is the future of search


has experienced a series of search for quality of criticism, Google began to take action. The search giant recently on the sorting rules were adjusted to give a higher weight for "high quality", and also cut "not very useful" information ranking. Google said it will move about 12% U.S. search requests have a significant impact.

The following is the full text:


Google’s search business needs to meet the needs of the two kinds of people: users and advertisers." The Walton School of business professor of legal studies and business ethics Kevin · Wabach (Kevin Werbach) said, "Google is a dominant search engine, but if users found it impossible to get the results you want, will look at other options. From a financial perspective, perhaps more serious, because advertisers may give up on the search keyword auction. Is the value basis of Google as an honest and neutral broker, providing excellent search results."


Walton school believes that Google search results by increasing attention highlights a game of cat and mouse, one is Google, the other side are those who want to cheat the algorithm, so that the rankings of people. This behavior is called "

lead: electronic magazine "Walton knowledge online" Walton school at the University of Pennsylvania, published an article on Wednesday, the modified algorithm for Google and analyzed to improve the quality of search behavior.

many tech critics have recently criticised Google spam and low quality content included in the search results. Google has responded, said it would crack down on so-called "content farms" (Content Farm). Demand Media and Associated Content are content farms, these sites through some method to obtain a higher ranking, to quickly compose a large number of articles.


Fuzhou makeup training on the January 2017 love Shanghai home page ranking algorithm change

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2, the original owners protection.

has the following two main

recently received many webmaster feedback, substantialvolatility website’s index. Webmaster Platform consulting engineers after that, the index strategy is adjusted and may lead to a site index data fluctuate significantly, but does not affect the site traffic, everyone please rest assured. The adjustment is expected to end in mid January 2017, the index data will restore stable

3, hit collection site.

2, Fuzhou makeup training development space seriously squeezed, to the development of the Internet is bad, have published the article source statement, but love is not included in Shanghai, even if it is already included in the article will filter out the love of Shanghai, which included the amount of decline included and ranking is proportional to the not included, where ranking.

The change of ! index

from the media platform link belongs to high value >

, adjusted

first we see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform for index decline announcement.

love Shanghai index system

1, many webmaster to publish content to the web site and then contribute to the self media platform and copyright sources, Fuzhou makeup training with an article published from different media platforms high weight, love of Shanghai is based on the weight of the site, site the higher the weight included faster, more high ranking. And the factors such as personal webmaster reprint collection. Ofrepetitive love Shanghai included, seriously affecting the needs of users to search.


from the top of the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform notice we can interpret some algorithms and love the needs of Shanghai

two, reduce the effects of the




1, reduce the number of media platform from the show.


algorithm is the big adjustment if love Shanghai generally have a month’s time, so the webmaster to find website ranking on the site or testing found no problems can be normal optimization included the amount of decline, observe a period of time to see whether the recovery. Do not rush to adjust to this website, algorithm adjustment, analysis of Hai Yao are the following:

2, the chain

platform will actively tracking the situation, will follow the progress of timely notice to all the webmaster. I wish you all a happy New Year!

in many sites ranking in 2017, (Fuzhou makeup training site 贵族宝贝dtsyd贵族宝贝/) included volume decreased significantly, if not a senior webmaster, but also that their website is K or lower. Spend a lot of time and money to do rankings so cast to the wind. Then in 2017 January in Shanghai where love algorithm! Fuzhou makeup training supervisor optimization for your detailed interpretation of

Do Shanghai dragon must understand learning and Practice

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2, every day of the chain construction. How to release the quality of the chain, the chain I insist every day to do inquiry platform, classified information website, the forum outside the chain three.

I feel a Remember when

B: classification information website: classified information website business related content, can also get some traffic. For example: 58 city and Ganji, people network I released most of the information website, in addition to publishing business information, you can also publish recruitment information, good resources.

added: if it is to increase the YAHOO chain, the blog collection release is a good choice, but is now the most blog outside the chain of love Shanghai are not included.


C: the forum outside the chain: before I was quite afraid of the forum released outside the chain, now familiar with certain rules, is actually very simple. Now most of the sites are free for users, choose some weight high BBS website, make good use of the forum signature, every day in the BBS large posting, can bring the chain number very good.

of Shanghai Longfeng work most of the time arrangement, the best is a detailed work table, so that the work can be ordered to complete. For example:

started predecessors said: "Shanghai dragon is to adhere to and learn all the master is so experienced." So, with dreams, I will step into the promotion of industry promotion, from basic start, step by step, contact the relevant knowledge.

with the passage of time, with the needs of the work, encountered more and more problems, in order to seek answers to questions, slowly increasing understanding of people, to promote knowledge slowly shenru, see upgrading, have a different understanding of the industry. Shanghai dragon constantly learning, deep mining, will be more interesting.

A: quiz platform: speaking quiz platform, many webmaster think love Shanghai know, because now the love of Shanghai is the largest and most popular search engine, targeted to do, will receive good results, I love every day from the sea to the flow is the strongest. In addition to love Shanghai know, YAHOO, SOSO, you also do more, I have to bring some traffic sites. I used to ask quiz platform done in YAHOO, Google on the next day in the home, feeling really good. You love Shanghai and SOSO will also be included, is nothing more than a source of chain.

1, website update. Try to do every day to update the content of the website, as to why to do every day, is very familiar with, you believe that there is no repeat. Update the content appears to be simple, insist on is the most important, simple words by you to create, let you play thinking a powerful and unconstrained style turn, the content does not leave the industry center as far as possible to the professional. This is not simple, the same industry, will inevitably be bumped, as for how to organize the language expression, the search engine will not gudeishang your feelings.

I share is how to make search engines fast included new

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two, site specific analysis

: 贵族宝贝db.sohu贵族宝贝/regurl/regform.asp

for new friends, maybe there are some friends worried how to make new major search engines fast included, rather than have to wait half a month or even a month or so, I give an example to analysis together with you today, I hope to help you.


first, new sites do, we have to modify the site as a whole, including: title, keywords, description, web site map, robot, today I will not detail how the specific operation method, specific Internet search, the operation process and the video website owners drink can be found directly. Not difficult, after modification, and then check the site if there are dead links, bad links, because once submitted allow search engines to crawl the page is not good, is influential for search engine points.

give each page with the text of the title. If the web site title site title may advocate the use of the site representative of the company / organization title; other content pages, the title that abstraction and induction of the text made. This allows you to visit potential users quickly to your page. Please do not accumulate in the title has nothing to do with the text keyword. To ensure that each page can be a text link at. Baidu is unable to recognize the Flash connection, the connection is pointing to a page on these elements, Baidu will not be able to input. The connection between the page, try to use the level of super chain, instead of redirecting jump. Use the active jump page, may be lost baidu. To minimize the use of frame and iframe framework. If the number of dynamic pages, please control what parameters >

search: 贵族宝贝d.zhongsou贵族宝贝/NetSearch/pageurlrecord/frontpageurl.jsp

baby baby aristocratic noblesSogou

: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html


Shanghai: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html

, the above preparation work done, you can submit to the major search engines to open the site, you need to submit the search engine search bar above will be prompt, then follow the prompts, you can submit, in accordance with the specific can I give the address, followed by submission, if necessary:

TOM: 贵族宝贝search.tom贵族宝贝/tools/weblog/log.php

Huang Zumin 5 reasons why enterprises do the Shanghai Dragon

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with the rapid development of Internet, more and more people are using the Internet to search the results you want. Like me, what problems encountered, will use search engines to find their own problems, because the knowledge on the Internet is very comprehensive. According to the survey, China 2009 online shopping number has more than 248 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 93.7% in the online shopping, the latest survey, there are over 600 billion yuan in May 2011 online shopping. The results show the dependence on the Internet masses, shopping online has strong demand. This paper is published by the Anhui in Shanghai dragon, please show me your address.

long tail optimization

did Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster very clear, grasp the Shanghai Dragon technology not only can use low cost benefits, but also can enhance brand awareness, as well as their fame. How do you say? A webmaster if you want to use the search engine to enhance the visibility, can use independent blog, space, micro-blog, promotion planning plan, to insist for a long time to do down, can be a little famous. As we all know, many famous examples of the use of the internet.

for small and medium-sized enterprises, general TV advertising not only funds high precise user oriented advertising is low. If we can make full use of Internet advertising, brand enterprise search engine to a favorable position, not only can bring a lot of precise users, but also can reduce the cost of many. As a day of optimization search 500 words, if a little investment funds, 1-3 months can be discharged home to. Shanghai dragon as optimization bidding, the user clicks do not need any money, the investment is less than general advertising several times, even several times so.

love to Internet users, white-collar workers, Indoorsman and other industries are in the habit of using the search engine, we can from friends and relatives consulting, 10 people have 6 personal or habitual often use search engines to shopping. Then the search engine what can bring the enterprise what? Why enterprises attach great importance to search engine optimization and far more than other

reason 1. do Shanghai Longfeng high performance

3. reasons can be

reason 2. do Shanghai Longfeng high precision


is one of the core keywords do the home page, is to point to the site within the chain. >

according to target keywords advertising?

some TV commercials through play times to put their products to the front of the user, many users are not buying the product demand. Or is the competition of high strength, and peer competition, advertising has thus become a high price low, the advertisement will be a day of tens of thousands of investment. Do Shanghai dragon is not free, but the cost of investment master Shanghai Dragon technology is very low. Do a good job one day bring hundreds of precise user, and click on the button is not cost.

5 tips for making money onlineSuccessful financing of $75 million entrepreneurs, teach you 8 strokes

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to prepare a financing speech pitch deck, especially for those who have never done it. Just like me in 2011, when we were financing the first round of the Bigcommerce, even though we got $15 million in investment, the whole process was exciting, tense and anxious.

four: often study predecessors

so why is my proposal because first of all, over the past 3 years, I have received 75 million of all financing, and have undergone three rounds of financing. I’ve seen a dozen top tier VC ventures across the shores of the United states. I have received many quotations, etc. most of all, I have been dealing with a lot of VC. So hopefully these suggestions can help you:

1: don’t update

has a big vision for entrepreneurs. It’s important, but many first-time entrepreneurs tend to tie their own minds. Actually, I haven’t been able to do that many years ago, but now I think that no matter what your vision is, you need to be more ambitious and competitive. For example, if the vision is intended to solve a particular problem for someone in a particular country, then extend that vision to the global scale. Continue to expand your vision, and one day you will find that you will be frightened by your grand vision.

two: sell what you are good at

it’s stupid that many people make money and sell what they sell. Because of this project, there must be a lot of people. And the key is, you don’t have any advantages. Do what you are good at selling, or you have capital projects. For example, your location is the wholesale place for clothing, so you can sell clothes. And if you sell jewelry, it’s a big mistake.

Mitchell Harper is the co-founder of new business platform Bigcommerce and CEO, recently released his article on the well-known technology blog VentureBeat, describes how to prepare a pitch deck Finance speech. The company, from Sydney, has been growing at 100% for the first time in years from the initial $20 thousand, and has so far received $75 million worth of investmentIt’s difficult for


can not say, "half of the marketing, half spent on the development", such an answer can not get investor confidence, because it is a big investment after all. A detailed financial model can describe revenue growth and expected revenues over the next two years. The most important thing is to describe in detail where the investment is going. A good financial model can reduce some of the risks in the eyes of investors. And the lower the risk in their eyes >

above is a personal opinion, I also remember the Olympic Station, www.58task to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

shop to make money, probably need to pay attention to the following items:

2. explains in detail how you use this fund,

a lot of people shop, change for a few weeks, or add different kinds of goods. Doing so is very user experience, and if you want to update, you need a normal speed, such as "one day a piece" or "10 pieces a week.". Also don’t sell clothes today, tomorrow to sell jewelry, to a center, don’t chop and change, so that your customers will also be lost.

many people when doing the shop decoration, only pay attention to appearance, but they are not selling goods on the home page, then ask you what is the use of the decoration decoration shop? We must pay attention to the user experience with commodity based, supplemented by appearance.


but the good news is that the content of a financing speech is very fixed. You should tell an entrepreneurial story, describe a vision to others, and then clearly know your company’s status, then you will continue to sell these things. These requirements are effective at all financing stages. You just have to take care of your own affairs and everything else will come to pass. In this article, I’ll introduce eight suggestions for preparing pitch deck.

accompanied by the prosperity of the network, online money making has become one of many people’s choice of ways to make money. But it’s not easy to make money online. There are always people who can’t make money. The main reason is that many people do not know what should pay attention to the local people.

1. has a big vision, and continues to magnify it 10 times

three: shop decoration to meet the user experience,

, we must pay attention to the production of goods, often learn peer, better than their own shop. Don’t make a detour to see how he decorates it. How does he sell it?. Best to add his friends to learn from him. Because, after all, is to make money, others have a better way, why not study,

Analysis on site keywords grasp the reason is not normal

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these two keywords are Harbin website production and construction sites in Harbin, Shanghai, in love and not grab grab headlines, but directly grasp the general keywords, this causes in a situation.

is the search engine’s own problems, we may also catch up with the site’s problems cause the problem, generally difficult to immediately update over, my website is one reason, three points above I may have accounted for the cause, this last result, it is difficult to immediately change over, fortunately, I do good, this is to me to keep ranking, for other people is not to say.


third: is the site of the update frequency is too large, may before is a long time to update, but this becomes a daily update, can also have this problem, but the probability is very small.

recently do not know how to love Shanghai, ranking one day several changes, the duration of my feeling is the longest, there is not a day or normal grab several changes, but this seems to be the most serious, however, there are always good, today is simple to write my plan.

encounter these problems, how do we handle it, I first put the blame on the search engine, after all, we are not cheating, do not punish us. But the search engine is not constructed in the operation of the artificial intervention, then we must.

The first is the snapshot

search engine to submit questions, hope as soon as possible, this time I submitted NPC and CPPCC, both quickly grabbed, but no email reply, don’t know why, maybe they don’t know it, but was really grabbed for a while, and this can be seen from the snapshot log come out, but did not change, from this point can be analyzed, the love of Shanghai is still adjusting.

: when first love Shanghai grab, catch up with the site is open, this site has a very high weight or domain name registration for a long time, so the ranking retained, but only love Shanghai grab the key words, this is an important point, basically 50% are made into the causes of the.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, some recently busy work, there has been no time to write what the site’s ranking is not very good, also not to work overtime today, write, what it does, in fact recently I always grab web site keywords is not normal, previously wrote an article on this issue, but did not pass the audit, is probably not a picture or say understand, try to write today, after a few days, feeling.


second: website update, is actually the revision you said, this is to catch up with the search engine algorithm adjustment, so the ranking will certainly fluctuate greatly, sometimes is only reserved keywords, this problem is also accounted for a large proportion.

Duguxiaomeng the secret order of ranking algorithm engine search algorithm

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of the frequency of updates every day is a holiday break, at 3 pm every day to start the update, all layout complete, beautiful picture type all stored in the server, the alt attribute contains keywords, always adhere to the present, the site is in good condition. Keywords the customer required has been fully in place, all at first, occasional fluctuations, but the ranking is stable, at present the word "Ford" has also been in love in Shanghai third, if this continues, the word Ford one day to be able to appear on the first page, of course, if the method contains some words. The time will be shortened, because of the friendship.

recently duguxiaomeng I have been to several local enterprise site network marketing consultant. At the same time, in the network marketing tactics in duguxiaomeng from search engine for enterprise site weights and evaluation and give some new understanding here, Xiao dream directly to write these things, for us a new algorithm.

this article mainly is used to illustrate the optimization strategy, and some knowledge level ranking algorithm. To trigger this "algorithm" link in the main content update, please continue to see below:

Xiao Meng began to take over the local network marketing consultant Ford automobile 4S stores from mid August last year, in the whole network marketing, optimization also accounted for a relatively large share, because investment for outdoor advertisement is very big. In the advertisement, they each advertisement will contain the name of the enterprise, so the enterprise name in this series of local intention models users will have a very large value, of course, the word dream in mid September has already done the first. (here, the network marketing strategy, the dream with a new article to explain here, network marketing link is not specifically described.

in the whole optimization technique, the dream for many sites, so it is incapable of action in some Shanghai dragon mouth every day Er mentioned in the original dream, and the dream for the Ford car did not know much, there is no original. But the site is not updated, so the method of dream take is directly to the official news copy to his site up. In the copy, the dream did not modify any of the title text and content. Of course, the only difference is that at the end of the text, the dream also increased the number of contact enterprises. Keywords in contact contain added links.

) The


many people are confused, ask me why I don’t do false original dream, in fact has been not in favor of what is original, pseudo original, original copy is original, copy, copy to copy to be honest, not the words that your article search engine will think you write it. The search engine intelligence is not so low, so Xiao dream has been do not advocate, has asked the Department of the people below, to copy all copy, do not do half true.

Google update algorithm to calm Shanghai dragon er

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web page stack keywords, believes that many webmaster have the experience, some Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve website ranking, increase website traffic, deliberately increase the keywords in the web page, increase keyword density, actually this kind of practice is not very good, once the search engine that will be considered as a means of cheating, will have a certain impact on the site, will drop right, that is K, so suggest the webmaster early in the site, we must consider the appropriate use of keywords, the density remained at 3%~8%.

two, Links to limit

This is the The number of of original content website


we all know the importance of the original web content, especially for a new station, is the search engine of the most critical moment, if we insist on the site every day to update the 1~3 original articles, or directly to the search engine to eat meal, it is proved that the "content is king" words. Many webmaster in site construction, collecting a large number of articles, collecting content no quality at all, and the repeatability is high, so it is easy to be ruthless delete search engine. The original article is not much importance.

three, the most important

last March 19th, according to foreign media reports, Google is currently planning to punish the excessive use of optimization search engine optimization technology website, because there is a lot of webmaster optimization the pervasive use of a page, keyword stack, even heavy, or the number is a website Links exchange too much, Google for this the phenomenon, take a certain strategy, will be in the next few weeks or months after beginning to affect the search results, this is undoubtedly the Shanghai dragon Er is a very heavy blow, because the search engine is one of the main ways for our website traffic sources, if the website is search engine to K, between the site of IP the night will reduce, the website source of customers is relatively less, directly affect the site’s profit, the consequences of this is our own. Think, today and we discuss, before taking a strategy at Google, how should we start on the website

, do not stack keywords

Links website optimization is an important one, because Links is a two-way link, if point to change the link to the site, high PR, high weight, love Shanghai snapshot update is normal, the weight of the website is relatively more dispersed, some owners in order to quickly improve your weight, some day unexpectedly added 10 friends of the chain, there are more than 100 of a month, such a large increase in the number of site outside the chain, but not in time to check each other site server is not open, the site is down right etc. appear, just blindly increase the chain, to the search engine, a massive increase in the chain, may cause some judgment is cheating the effect on the site.