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The long tail word why build independent site optimization

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single product demand

in building site that, as Shanghai dragon er or site, analysis of the industry keywords must demand, determine the site optimization and value orientation, in order to clear enterprise in the network should be how to develop.

, from the data, pictures accounted for 1/3 of traffic, and the importance of the full picture, and before that girl picture experience must be done, but most of the pictures for the steam website, user experience is very bad, the picture makes the word traffic increased, and the demand of users will change. The search will be more specific, more long tail words, so, with the "decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013" the keywords >

NH designed steam for a period of time in optimization, before also wrote a similar article, so today to continue with decomposition and sharing. Similar articles: the same keywords different demand analysis, and talk about: steam website user experience how to do, the demand diversification, promote website in different directions. If today from an objective point of view is a little to share ideas, for reference only.


analysis of single demand, such as some special industries, such as: the decoration decoration industry, search keywords, search engine drop-down, picture is always in the first row, on demand analysis, analysis of Shanghai love index, a picture of this keyword flow is, and the decoration of the word alignment. Please look at the picture:

return to the special gas industry, whether this phenomenon exists? Of course for cold models, rarely have such a wide range of flow beyond, can see the popular models: sprinkler, tank truck, for key words, whether traffic beyond itself keywords? Please look at the picture:

, in this period of time in 2013, "the decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013" than the "decoration effect diagram" and "decoration" love Shanghai index, most of the traffic is exceeded, the demand has changed? Or the user psychological change? If a little on the decoration is not very clear, optimization the direction error of. In the case that the user when there is a demand for the latest and time, should choose the independent website optimization, instead of optimization at the same site, it will get faster ranking and breakthrough site traffic restrictions.

Keywords Because From the figure of

for a single demand, in the special steam website user experience in how to do already talked about, buy Truck users, at the same time for the cranes is unlikely, but does not rule out the situation, in the establishment of the time, do not hinder the demand for small demand, thinking a lot after the car into a single demand website the direction of enterprise website optimization, different choice of different ways, this is just my personal opinion.


[introduction] From figure



How to write high quality soft skills which are

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2. to write the soft no clue it may go to look at the article, you may get some inspiration in the soft while watching people. The author is to do so, because sometimes feels confused, don’t think of no inspiration, after seeing somebody else’s article, a sudden inspiration will have.

5. to add some pictures in the text, add to the main picture is to let readers see the text after a period of time can be.

, how to write high quality soft Wen

3. do not get, one thing to write soft taboo is written down to add some text on the inside, get the effect is not the same.

2. core content of the paper is to highlight, not east pull one Xiche sentence, to elaborate on the title.

1. general write soft skills is their industry to a better understanding of this, you can write more. The author also wrote many soft Wen, if write some industry and its different soft, feel very great pressure, write up not so handy, and to write their own industry association.


1. as writers, constantly to see people in the article, the accumulation of experience, to write their own soft Wen pave the way.

analysis technique

3. is a good article which must have their own point of view, the author wrote before is soft, will elaborate the experience of others, but not with their point of view, then in the process of writing soft text slowly found his ideas important.


4. the reasonable control of good writing, not too much or too little, to consider the user experience. For example, let you read an article, you will want to take a day to read? I think you will see more disgusted, too much. So, to control the text, so that users will not resent.

in A5 and the owners of the house above many other similar webmaster articles, the article also is the basic and the author of the article be roughly the same. Why people thought article can, why I can’t go? To tell the truth, sometimes my heart will complain about editing. Then again, they may audit more stringent, more will inspire our potential. Here to share my experience:

recently in the A5 above is no less contribution, every day one to 2 articles contribute, to be honest, personal feeling to write the soft skills is very general, not what breakthrough, write the basic content is the latest information from the Internet to see and explore the above. Sometimes I feel relatively easy submission, sometimes did not, I sometimes doubt their writing ability.

4. to write text in combination with the actual situation, not exaggerated and narrow. For one thing or things, must be clearly explained in accordance with the actual.

Page 404 an indispensable supporting role in Shanghai Dragon

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404 page do not appear 200 status code

or URL do not exist in the search, the psychological itself has a sense of anxiety, if this time the 404 page is the default or unfriendly user experience page, then the user will not hesitate to shut down, so when the set of 404 pages, the whole should be beautiful and practical. First of all to let the user know it to access the page does not exist, now you must be clear to prompt the user to visit is what website, and then give the user a reasonable proposal, it set up some more practical or popular website links, allowing users to follow other pages link to visit your website, this process seems very subtle, but a user can grasp. No matter in station or Shanghai Longfeng, within our reach, can do things to the pursuit of perfection.

404 page to be beautiful and practical


a good 404 page layout is not only a simple HTML page even if done, must be with the server setting is correct, in addition, the 404 error page best can give customers a guide, even if the customer access to the wrong URL, but also through the 404 error page back to your website, for to minimize the loss of customers. Well, to today’s text, mainly from three aspects to share.

in the process of learning Shanghai dragon in the 404 page is a Shanghai dragon which must master the skills, the proper use of 404 pages of the website is absolutely harmless. Some owners may feel the site without error pages, so that the 404 page is not essential role, in fact, not necessarily. Sometimes anywhere online there may be some errors in the URL path to your website, these are not under the control of our own, so the 404 page reasonable can make these mistakes to change the URL value. On the other hand, a good 404 page can let users leave a good impression on your website, for memory.

When the user access to

when the page does not exist, the server must return to the 404 error status code is normal, some owners set up 404 pages, does not exist in accessing these pages, return a 200 status code, so that the search engine is the large error page when doing is to treat the duplicate pages, so on website Shanghai Longfeng is not good. Don’t use the 301 Error 404 page to jump directly to the home page, so the search engine will think that there are a large number of web page content with the same page; it is best not to use less than 10 seconds following the jump, such as JS or meta refresh, or search engine will think the error page is normal. In the usual set of 404 error pages, the most basic requirement is not to the wrong page returned to normal 200 status code.


Optimization of Shanghai dragon in the pictures do not ignore the

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Shanghai Longfeng Figure 2


website by channel page, page, column page and content of these pages, this is the homogenization of the web site is easy to make people feel is stereotyped, the website has its own characteristics, it will cause a copy to the site of the feeling, if we cannot do in a whole lot of changes, you need to do the details ready.

, GIF and JPEG are the most common image formats, we simply say what they are:

At present, PNG

especially from the Internet to find pictures should pay more attention to the watermark, if conditions allow the use of the original customers, as far as possible, after all, fell in love with the Pirates of the map, the similarity is too high, will not be included in the crawler.

generally, the official name of web page title is the website, is the highly generalization of a web site. So the website is the title of the best of your company or brand name. Keywords should choose the right keywords, you must take their own websites and maintain consistency, if the wrong keywords, you optimize perfectly, but also of no avail.

not only that, one of the pictures is an important link, many people tend to ignore the pictures, but choose the right picture is crucial to your web site.

JPEG is one of the most commonly used image format, but it images are highly compressed, may affect the quality of images, but it also depends on your settings.

Internet in the unceasing development, more and more enterprises to enter the Internet, want to occupy a world, make their own enterprises to obtain better results, Shanghai dragon have become an important supporting technology essential.

In addition to the

: GIF is a commonly used animation format, support 256 colors, but not recommended using realistic images.


picture from the network

image of the Shanghai dragon optimization is a large part of the same text keywords, search engine weights tend to the site itself. Picture Alt tag is recognized as the most important part of the picture of Shanghai dragon optimization, it often determines the ranking position of the picture.

PNG: it supports transparency and better color range, is three in the new format, the top two format is a good substitute, but not easy to be widely used to support.


users are most interested in the search, but also the most potential commercial value of the service means.


format, we also need to pay attention to some problems, such as the size of the picture is best not more than 200K, because the volume is too large, it will lead to the page loading speed is too slow, affecting the user experience, website bounce rate will be increased.


Love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm would affect the medical industry

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good user experience is the key to

love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm in view of what is the

from the love of Shanghai released the latest announcement, claiming that the pomegranate algorithm will be on the line, this let many webmaster a fierce discussion, especially for medical websites, do a lot of medical sites friends special worry website will be affected, a responsible medical website of Shanghai dragon also worry about not again right down, do the medical Shanghai dragon is really vulnerable. Today, Chen Chen to share about love, whether the impact on Shanghai pomegranate algorithm in medical industry, inadequacies also hope predecessors advice.

algorithm is love Shanghai pomegranate influence on medical industry website

Shanghai launched the last love, for medical site is relatively large, especially completely broke the optimization techniques before the medical website, keywords optimization + chain. So, in the medical industry do not know how to optimize. The new algorithm for pomegranate, whether there is influence by everyone’s attention to the medical industry site.

to the medical profession itself, do not, is mainly reflected in your website is suspended advertising too much

the first 贵族宝贝cc-sem贵族宝贝/bdyy/330.html, the editor for Sun Chen, please indicate the source, thank you for your attention.

we know that the general medical website is difficult to respect the user experience, because medical sites generally need immediately to patients, but not how to consider the brand marketing. So, the quality of marketing more and more low medical sites, resulting in many sites will choose some suspended advertising, either the left or right, the middle is anxious, the whole site on the consultation window, but the user experience is very poor. From pomegranate algorithm is introduced, we can see that this will be suspended advertising affect user experience.


is not difficult to see from the announcement of bad advertisement for containing a large number of hinder the normal browsing of users page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page spam pages as the representative of the website. Before Sun Chen’s "love Shanghai let garbage advertising page stand aside" carries on the analysis to upgrade again pomegranate algorithm, mainly covers the Yellow advertising, video website, website and other drug pornographic websites.

?Scindapsus algorithm

is not difficult to see that love Shanghai every time the algorithm upgrade is in order to better user experience, such as that in the algorithm for pomegranate pop ads. In fact, when we open the responsible medical website, do not feel suspended advertising will feel disgusted? We often complain that the user experience is a very abstract concept, do not know what kind of a good user experience. From this point, we can find is that itself is a good user, let your satisfaction is the best user experience.

What kind of website is consistent with Shanghai’s appetite for love

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is not all websites for static pages, enterprises need not, because the love of Shanghai in technological innovation, has the program suffix such as news.asp? Iuwer=siet this program links have a very good grasp. But the large door website apartment layout is to do static pages, because static not only can facilitate the spider love Shanghai, but also can reduce the burden on the server.

this is basically the portal to the set, because the set up portal site keywords heat are relatively large, strong competition, Links can be set as the classification: home Links – News Channel Links – news channel hot news Links. So you can then exchange Links when PR8-1 Links are suitable for your website. We are interested can see Soufangwang Links, I feel Soufangwang Links do this is the best.


2, the website uses DIV+CSS global structure

page add keywordsWe all know that


3, Links can use the tree structure of

I saw all the time, great progress every year in this industry. But now there are many websites are still using table, some websites even keyword stuffing. There are more display technology means are complete code, love of spiders in Shanghai simply cannot read what is, this technology is very outdated, you say Shanghai is not K you K who ah. Below I combined with his own experience, put forward some comparison with the now love Shanghai algorithm skills.

1 web pages, all static

because the background I’ve seen Sina, Tencent and other websites, their website is basically free to modify the. For example, Sina background – News center. Seen in the background is the news center of the static code

love of Shanghai < h1> < h2> tag features, but I think everyone is more reasonable and more natural to use will be better. In the keyword density, personal feeling of the rankings without help, a website keyword density do not affect the site’s ranking.

program design


Has been engaged in the construction site 5 years


there are a lot of websites using table, to create a web site. In fact, DIV+CSS has been popular for 4-5 years, DIV+CSS website structure can save a lot of unnecessary code, let the web page code looks more clear, more concise. Love Shanghai spider more love, brief and clear code, after 6.22 events, this is very prominent, the new DIV+CSS will soon be included, table will support the site for a long time.

How to analyze the viscosity of the site from the site’s traffic numbers

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to see a site of the viscosity of the basic problem is how your web page will be able to attract visitors. And one of the most direct method is to analyze the visitors in the residence time of the page. We assume you a visitor, if you enter a friendly user experience is not high, the low viscosity page of the site, I think you will not stop it. So we can use it to analyze the viscosity of the site data. As shown below:


analysis of the site viscosity from the old and new visitors to the site of the difference

above we can find the site on the viscosity is good, because we found the page views reached in a day, and some even more than the residence time of two minutes. Of course, this is just individual pages, analysis we need the whole page on the site.

ER as the Shanghai dragon every day we have to view the site traffic statistical information in the IP and PV information, but the analysis for these figures, many Er just stay in Shanghai Longfeng is rising, compared the changes and ignore these values reflect problems. Also we can clearly see some data from this site the user experience of how, and how the viscosity. Our statistical tools (I use CNZZ) will take visitors into independent visitor data and the newly independent visitor data, we can use the difference between the two numerical analysis to number two visitors to visit our site, from the side reflects how the viscosity of the site. As shown in figure



digital surround our optimization process. The digital analysis of the site may be one of the one thing a lot of Shanghai dragon Er headache, because most of Shanghai dragon Er do not love the face of a pile of boring numbers, but only our in-depth analysis of these data, we can truly understand the site to find the means to improve the viscosity. So we can analyze from what aspects? Today I will share three points to analyze their site experience viscosity.

two: analysis of the visitors in the residence time of our web page

: a

three: from the site of the user back rate of viscosity

is one of the most direct see back rate viscosity is the site visitors. I think it is very easy to understand. Visitors back that visitors are our site to. If a website to look good, then we can say this.

can be found in our site yesterday in total unique visitors to 11319, and the new data for the 6195 independent visitors. Two numerical difference not many 5000 values, we can roughly say there are about more than 5000 visitors is two times the return. We can see how the viscosity of the site.

Keywords layout tips site optimization can be changed easily

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finally, most can lead to long tail keywords flow at the bottom of the column of the site, you can put it on a specific product page, such as how to Finance Bureau treatment, on the page of the Ten thousand steeds gallop. talent database optimization.


play in the site optimization process is unexpected, you only need a day Shanghai Longfeng practitioners continue to tap new words, but also in the form of the page, think about how to layout keywords. After all, keywords layout affect later pages are included, so whether it is the core keywords, or extend the correlation between keywords, need a reasonable distribution throughout the site.

1, Pyramid structure distribution

whether you are just beginning to contact Shanghai dragon industry, or has been claimed as "master" of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is an important content of certain keywords site optimization can not be ignored. It took over the new site of the small, in the understanding of the site of various basic information, website architecture etc., on the site of the key words of sorting.


in the finishing process, Xiao Bian found that the site does have a lexicon of thousands of, but because the former did not finish keywords very thorough, so small does not know which keywords web page already exists, is not what the distribution page keywords, so small a cost a month’s time to finish the corresponding page keywords, of course, now this work had yet to complete. So before when it comes to keyword layout, small to Shanghai dragon Er put a small suggestion, that is when the extended key thesaurus for the site, please everyone on all kinds of words, the corresponding page record, easily edit the construction of internal and external chain at the same time, also let the next took over the Shanghai dragon er a better understanding of the website.

in the study of key words, the webmaster can choose keywords and site, page add work, can be classified many keywords or have a certain difference. The face of this situation, the actual operation of the small.



2, will help to optimize the implementation of

you know, so many words must have the so-called secondary, of course, can not be called the keyword in the home page, so the reasonable layout of station keywords should be similar to the shape of Pyramid. We need the core keywords in the spire of the position, generally two or three of the best, this part will use keywords home key optimization; keywords level is part of the tower body, the number must be more than the core keywords, can be placed in a classification (or channel and column page, etc.) at this time the meaning of the most relevant keywords in a column page is the most appropriate; again keywords level can be placed on the two category page, of course, many small sites will not use the so-called two level classification.

On the internal structure of 360buy series title article title (two)

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in this figure, we again see the "market price", the evaluation of the four major heart words, this is called the basic combination of keywords, and in the front part of [W686] Amagatarai Amagatarai W686 3G (black WCDMA/GSM) mobile phone dual sim card ", these are the settings the main parameters of the mobile phone, from this setting method, it can be seen that the general product page in the title setting can write all, then the Jingdong will likely learn various matching keywords to be added, so as to obtain the possible flow of import, the interception of dangdang贵族宝贝 a mobile phone title as compared to

everyone in this figure can be compared and the Jingdong found what? That is for the product, although the parameters of this piece in place, but for some possible flow and not so careful to do so, this in itself is the product page title optimization will be missing place, and in a Jingdong do > block

in this category of sort, we can often see is the keyword combination flow, "" combination, you can at least 4-5 hot flow trend of achievement of the long tail keywords, long tail and a popular combination of Jingdong choice as well as we can learn, because in many cases. We will use such a combination, such as the Shanghai dragon why home title,


secondary directory Title settings – combination of key technology

as shown below, the secondary navigation on the Jingdong, we can often see the following category title

is the inclusion of Shanghai dragon basically all the long tail word, "Shanghai dragon" optimization "Shanghai Dragon Technology" and "Shanghai dragon learning" and "Shanghai dragon training" and "Shanghai dragon platform" and so on a series of key words combined with each other, which extends to all Shanghai Longfeng business, so as to achieve the optimal combination of Shanghai dragon. The long tail keywords, each keyword as a single part, then the combination of another achievement another keyword is such combination.

Website Title – mobile phone set detailed parameters into the title +

based keyword combination


finished "on the internal structure of 360buy – Title Series Title article (a)" now then finish second pieces of work, in the setting of title, we have a lot of way to go, then the following is the author Xugao part.

Learn some experience of the Shanghai Dragon

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said the popular point is: the user through the search engine into our website, and our website and practical solution for the user he needed content.

many people may even user experience is not very clear, even the user experience is used to doing not know

now as the 360 search engines to occupy market share is relatively large, forcing love Shanghai feel pressure alexander. Love Shanghai in order to retain customers, then only to continue > algorithm

to now almost two months from the time of learning Shanghai dragon, is slowly moving towards Shanghai dragon er the industry. Study in Shanghai dragon in the process, I found the Shanghai dragon industry compared with other industries is more abstract. Unlike other learning technology, you’ll learn it, you can see the actual effect, while the Shanghai dragon is different. Because Shanghai Longfeng need a certain time to wait for the results, eventually this result is not satisfied with you. Why? Because Shanghai dragon does not depend on the one or two day the hair outside the chain, update the article, ranking can be up. There is something intangible, invisible, can only rely on their own accumulation of continuous exploration and experience.


users will be very satisfied with this site, give a high praise. Next time when you need it will visit this site again, inadvertently to our website and an increase of more than a fan. So why do we pay more attention to the user experience website to do? What are the benefits?

recently in each group through the understanding of some problems, some people treat Shanghai dragon in this industry, still stand in the old view of the previous treatment, they think: Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, do friends chain, through daily updates on the to do list, don’t focus on user experience.

when the site of fans gathered to a certain number, is not our website ranking will be faster? Perhaps some people do not understand the truth: we believe that each site has statistical tools are? Also know views (PV) (UV) and the relationship between the number of visitors and out of IP the rate of the? Hypothesis: a website with 300 fans of the masses, so they may browse your site in a day. Because they know from the website you can find what they need. So for each article or other things will be carefully to see. Inadvertently make browsing our website is not high? The bounce rate is not very low? It is also worth noting that: when the top twenty in the key words, then click algorithm, because love will bring Shanghai’s top twenty ranking websites, to the user to choose. The more the number of users click on the site, and this site traffic increase, jump out rate is very low. This website will think you love Shanghai website is a good website, ranking will naturally.

Duan Liang: user experience it refers to his experience of users access to a web site or use a product.