Page 404 an indispensable supporting role in Shanghai Dragon

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404 page do not appear 200 status code

or URL do not exist in the search, the psychological itself has a sense of anxiety, if this time the 404 page is the default or unfriendly user experience page, then the user will not hesitate to shut down, so when the set of 404 pages, the whole should be beautiful and practical. First of all to let the user know it to access the page does not exist, now you must be clear to prompt the user to visit is what website, and then give the user a reasonable proposal, it set up some more practical or popular website links, allowing users to follow other pages link to visit your website, this process seems very subtle, but a user can grasp. No matter in station or Shanghai Longfeng, within our reach, can do things to the pursuit of perfection.

404 page to be beautiful and practical


a good 404 page layout is not only a simple HTML page even if done, must be with the server setting is correct, in addition, the 404 error page best can give customers a guide, even if the customer access to the wrong URL, but also through the 404 error page back to your website, for to minimize the loss of customers. Well, to today’s text, mainly from three aspects to share.

in the process of learning Shanghai dragon in the 404 page is a Shanghai dragon which must master the skills, the proper use of 404 pages of the website is absolutely harmless. Some owners may feel the site without error pages, so that the 404 page is not essential role, in fact, not necessarily. Sometimes anywhere online there may be some errors in the URL path to your website, these are not under the control of our own, so the 404 page reasonable can make these mistakes to change the URL value. On the other hand, a good 404 page can let users leave a good impression on your website, for memory.

When the user access to

when the page does not exist, the server must return to the 404 error status code is normal, some owners set up 404 pages, does not exist in accessing these pages, return a 200 status code, so that the search engine is the large error page when doing is to treat the duplicate pages, so on website Shanghai Longfeng is not good. Don’t use the 301 Error 404 page to jump directly to the home page, so the search engine will think that there are a large number of web page content with the same page; it is best not to use less than 10 seconds following the jump, such as JS or meta refresh, or search engine will think the error page is normal. In the usual set of 404 error pages, the most basic requirement is not to the wrong page returned to normal 200 status code.


Love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm would affect the medical industry

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good user experience is the key to

love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm in view of what is the

from the love of Shanghai released the latest announcement, claiming that the pomegranate algorithm will be on the line, this let many webmaster a fierce discussion, especially for medical websites, do a lot of medical sites friends special worry website will be affected, a responsible medical website of Shanghai dragon also worry about not again right down, do the medical Shanghai dragon is really vulnerable. Today, Chen Chen to share about love, whether the impact on Shanghai pomegranate algorithm in medical industry, inadequacies also hope predecessors advice.

algorithm is love Shanghai pomegranate influence on medical industry website

Shanghai launched the last love, for medical site is relatively large, especially completely broke the optimization techniques before the medical website, keywords optimization + chain. So, in the medical industry do not know how to optimize. The new algorithm for pomegranate, whether there is influence by everyone’s attention to the medical industry site.

to the medical profession itself, do not, is mainly reflected in your website is suspended advertising too much

the first 贵族宝贝cc-sem贵族宝贝/bdyy/330.html, the editor for Sun Chen, please indicate the source, thank you for your attention.

we know that the general medical website is difficult to respect the user experience, because medical sites generally need immediately to patients, but not how to consider the brand marketing. So, the quality of marketing more and more low medical sites, resulting in many sites will choose some suspended advertising, either the left or right, the middle is anxious, the whole site on the consultation window, but the user experience is very poor. From pomegranate algorithm is introduced, we can see that this will be suspended advertising affect user experience.


is not difficult to see from the announcement of bad advertisement for containing a large number of hinder the normal browsing of users page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page spam pages as the representative of the website. Before Sun Chen’s "love Shanghai let garbage advertising page stand aside" carries on the analysis to upgrade again pomegranate algorithm, mainly covers the Yellow advertising, video website, website and other drug pornographic websites.

?Scindapsus algorithm

is not difficult to see that love Shanghai every time the algorithm upgrade is in order to better user experience, such as that in the algorithm for pomegranate pop ads. In fact, when we open the responsible medical website, do not feel suspended advertising will feel disgusted? We often complain that the user experience is a very abstract concept, do not know what kind of a good user experience. From this point, we can find is that itself is a good user, let your satisfaction is the best user experience.

Analysis on the website main keywords ranking suddenly drop

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careful thought, whether recently in the soft release when the chain is too obtrusive, because I use the management software of dozens of blogs, blog group of building is my usual Shanghai Longfeng technique, hundreds of forums, if the chain of words, one day can do ten thousand outside the chain, but also included the situation has reached more than 10%, that is to say 100 soft article can be effectively collected more than 10, this situation has been quite good. So I carefully view the past history of the soft release, and one by one to see the collection, found that in addition to the forum included but deleted the more, it will affect the site ranking even drop right (this I also need time to grind)? The blog collection is not very optimistic, but in YAHOO the chain query results is satisfactory, but the love of Shanghai link outside the chain of results is not ideal, may love Shanghai to anchor text link is not displayed. I have done these query work tired, but in order to find out the reason as soon as possible, I must insist.

these days have been observed in the website main keywords ranking drop causes 100 abroad, through the analysis of web server log, found the number of crawling spider Baiduspider love Shanghai very intensive, careful look at the number of grab page index.asp accounted for more than 80%, we all know some of the Baiduspider data capture love Shanghai for example code, successfully crawled and included in the database code is 20000, but the love of Shanghai Baiduspider grab the index.asp code for the 200064 majority, there is a lot of people say that this code is the K station of the aura, but my analysis of the previous several days and months before the log, the code is always present, confusing, and I compared with the HTML code page 20000, which are rarely part of the 20002 code, perhaps because of my home. The ASP dynamic page, 2 months ago I from home static into dynamic, until now, from the comparison before and after log access data, Shanghai Baiduspider love has not changed, I also analyzed the recent major search engines and the number of the chain of contrast, no much change (included and the chain increase or decrease), have shown a good trend, the world ranking has risen, at about 300W, so I judge the website main keywords ranking drop suddenly cause hundreds of the reasons not the server or website data itself, but also related to the search engine optimization.

yesterday I query the web site keywords ranking and included, found improved, included in a timely manner, the fastest to reach 1 hours before this day, Shanghai also updated snapshot in 16, but the main keywords or not see a return to the weight, and keywords ranking have recovered from all sorts of results, Shanghai is interested in love a serious drop right for a keyword, relates to the keywords of Shanghai dragon cheating lead >

2014 worth looking forward to 4 Internet start-upsWangzhuan classroom chat room with three hanging

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pale as chrysanthemum 19:58:41

good now

class did not hear a friend to www.chuangyenet to study. There are good finishing materials.

is the theme of this hall can be

but the domestic league has a problem

that sometimes you are not cheating will also do not seal ID


so strange…

is domestic technology alliance is good method to analyze the antecedents is still relatively backward

sometimes mistake caused a lot of disputes

but domestic league advantage after all do not need to check all is directly to the account

if it can find an ideal alliance to do the domestic well

there is some domestic small Alliance

2013 has been hailed as the first year of intelligent routing, and hardware rejuvenation has brought new dawn to startups’ software companies. The best is Chengdu – cloud technology to catch up with the "best choice for mobile phone application Xiaoyun cloud landing", will start the journey to another height. Ruyi cloud is a private cloud system built-in, external USB expansion and support third party plug-in platform intelligent routing, giving routing intelligence is not the same definition. Ruyi cloud came to market, with new concepts and gameplay, has been the industry’s consistent attention and expectations. According to the news, its sales also broke the record. In addition, the recent Ruyi cloud revealed that 2014 will introduce new products, the introduction of high-end NAS hard disk protection, mobile phone charging, automatic backup and eye-catching 3D printing and other innovative elements.

2. Ruyi • cloud: intelligent routing

for young people to take pictures of the keen, Camera360 has a huge market potential; but also have a doubt: the Internet ecosystem is being formed by a single function, no system of business model of the products can be in business on the road to become bigger and stronger

less than a year on the line, Camera360’s Android version of the user has more than 10 million, the world’s users have exceeded one hundred million. Camera360 is Chengdu Fruit Technology Co., Ltd. launched based on iOS, Windows, Phone and Android powerful mobile phone photography software. Able to take pictures of different styles, different effects, and share the internet. It has more than 30 kinds of special effects and powerful shooting mode, although there is a lot of software and he is similar, but the software for many users feel: "as long as I want, it can be done very well."

? ?


1.Camera 360: photo processing,

intelligent routing is the inevitable home information center before the advent of the Internet of things and smart homes

for the Internet, 2013 is by no means a calm year, the Internet structure has changed dramatically, BAT erode acquisitions, consolidate the three giants to carve up the status. Other giants are unrelenting, millet actively deployed the "family economy" eco industrial chain, Lenovo to flex to successfully build eggplant fast transfer test software industry, 360 in the 2013 "safe food" extends to APP, shops, and even hardware Renaissance oath and the "Penguin" fight to the end. When we praise when high rich handsome, is aware of "grass root" of the Internet grassroots entrepreneurial team is trying to understand the essence of the Internet, to make a turnaround, get the 4G license has a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment? The Internet, broadband demand rose gestates new opportunities. Looking at 2014, there are those who are optimistic about the entrepreneurial team, may be the dark horse out of the siege,

When the Shanghai dragon optimization

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all know to optimize the site for many webmaster, want to have good keywords ranking, then certainly need Links and chain. A lot more impatient, will not only ensure the quality, and in a short time the chain of large-scale add Links. It’s easy to search engine punishment. We should remember that the chain that first of all to the quality of work, and then from the number. But the chain increases too much at the same time not. Especially Links, if a sudden increase too much, the search engine will think you are buying links.

2: your words are used over

< >

1: if you are too anxious

site optimization, there may be a few weeks or months to see results, many 90 will feel more anxious now, do you want to step away, and then even the website optimization may also have this idea. Although we can not deny the positive attitude, but you have to think about you and not everyone can do, if a website optimization is so simple, so there is no value of the Shanghai dragon er. Also remember that if you do the Shanghai dragon for longer periods of time, your site in the search engine ranking will be more stable, not on the first page today, gone tomorrow.

said the frequent use of keywords, it is easy for us to associate keyword stuffing. Some owners in order to improve the proportion of keywords to get good rankings. So I think a bunch of unnatural words together, this method has been Shanghai dragon industry that is the black hat. With the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the search results to the user more and more friendly, this method can be said to have been blocked by the search engine. So how much is suitable for keyword density? The industry generally believe that should be maintained at about 3%~8%.

3: avoid revising the title

It is not 32 days and

4: excessive addition of Links and chain

many novice webmaster to make your site in the search engine as soon as possible to have good rankings and get more traffic through organic search engine ranking, may make some mistakes in the optimization problem. When a thing at the extreme, it will move in the opposite direction, this also applies to our Shanghai dragon. So here I summarize several webmaster easy to make mistakes in engineering optimization.

many novice title written may be confused, as we all know, if the title of your site can reflect the key words on the site is very useful. As a novice may just start to do a very good planning optimization, after a period of time, it is not suitable to change the title title. The title change approach, search engine is very hate, the worst case may be search engine drop right or be K.

The Baidu website is divided into new policies, which makes the prospects for the site navigation st

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Baidu alliance in 2009 06 on the afternoon of 30, the site is divided into new policy news, will be dedicated to the site navigation site into the side rate to make adjustments, the content is as follows:

from July 1, 2009 onwards, search, cooperation, promotion, URL station cooperation model will implement the new policy. Baidu search into the default initial ratio is 30%, then were divided according to the forms of cooperation, increase the proportion of flow, quality, cooperation and alliance website alliance certification time and many other factors, up to 45%; non default Baidu search will not enjoy the cooperation into.

The default

Baidu cooperation form has three kinds of forms of cooperation (example at the back there, Union):

, A, Baidu exclusive, B bias Baidu, C Baidu priority, D put competitors first: K, ha ha, the original text without this D, hereby disclaimer.

and most importantly, there is a special note below:

1, members can only put one of the above "default Baidu" forms of cooperation, not to mix a variety of forms, otherwise it will be divided into the lowest proportion.

2 and other forms of cooperation need to be approved by the written agreement of the alliance, otherwise they will not be involved.

3, from the date of publication of the announcement, all through the URL station for search, promotion and cooperation of members of the alliance, the need for the League for the record, otherwise the Union has the right to directly follow the URL station policy to deal with accordingly. Please click here to submit information on the website. Http://research.baidu.com/index.php? Sid=57264& lang=zh-Hans

Baidu alliance salute to everyone.

author analysis, Baidu released the main purpose of the news can basically boil down to the following points:

one, will be a large number of Web sites, use groups guide to Baidu, while Google is still busy when the fire, and quickly burn a commercial gimmick. Grab lost market share.


full use of Chinese as the search leader, "soft pressure" most navigation station to actually for a navigation website, Baidu and GOOGLE placed in the upper position and the lower position does not seem to affect the user’s habits, but Baidu should see the more far-reaching effect. That is, always put the Baidu pictures in the middle of the room is what effect? Whether the battle or the final effect, can only get better and worse. My site, no choice, no choice.

two may be collected in the form of URL station information

is now for the site navigation site management is more and more strict, because in addition to search engines, navigation website ranked second place there seems to be no doubt too easy for novice users especially the site to find the interested

Station perception success is simple and persistent

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think about yourself. It’s been three or four years since you’ve been standing. Say long not long, say short is not short.

remember the beginning, it was in the semester, just bought a computer, and even the Internet, the registered mailbox will not. From the beginning of learning to do web pages, and later to have their own space, do their own ASP applet, from their own changes to other people’s procedures, to their own development procedures, from ASP to PHP,.NET, the road to go too much.

this is more of a feeling of fatigue and confusion. Remember to earn the first money is moving to do throughout the City Unicom website, rely on Baidu included, can have three thousand or four thousand day traffic, insist for a year and a half, but then do not know how to be K. Then start the school code station. I feel like I’m doing second or third in the country. Because at that time, Baidu search school code on the home page of the two or three sites. Then I didn’t know how much fire there was on the campus. As long as you had a page on Baidu’s homepage, you could have thousands of IP.

so it’s time for me to do my best. Remember, you can earn 2000 yuan a day at most. No matter what. But then there were too many people and too many people. Baidu or K?.

from last year to this year almost a year, and did not do anything, between the three English stations, nothing.

walked so many detours, now finally understand, why some people can be successful, earn money forever: it is one thing to do, no matter how easy it is, keep on keeping on,

will be successful!

so this month, has been engaged in our Huangshi area of a consumer website, Huangshi Life Network: http://www.hs345.com, I hope we can exchange together. Thank you,

Where fast food stores – good business

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now, fast food industry is a major investment in the food and beverage industry. Join a brand to run a fast food franchise is also a good choice for many investors to start a business. The prospects for the development of the industry is very promising, but investors in the fast food franchise stores, store location choice is very critical. If the store location is not selected, fast food franchise business will be a variety of problems. How to set up a fast food restaurant? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

generally speaking, the convenience of the location of the store is the first condition for consumers to eat. If there is a bus station near fast food restaurants, where to open a fast food restaurant is better? Or customer walking time in 15 minutes of pavement is worth considering. For fast food such as the purchase and impulsive consumption of goods, if you can focus on the peer and related goods get together lot or block, it is more conducive to business. Because of the same kind of fast food franchise stores, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose.

where to open a fast food restaurant is better? If fast food stores opened in residential areas, where the population is relatively concentrated, high population density. In this area of consumer confusion, where to open a fast food restaurant is better? People of all ages and social classes have. No matter what kind of style or type of fast food, there will be a certain customer base, but the disadvantage is that the floating population is too small, the market space is smaller, if it is not suitable for high-end positioning of the store. The central area of the city is also a commercial center, downtown, frequent business activities, business climate better. This site is called "land".

in fast food stores early, the location of work is very important, it requires investors of more consideration, where fast food is better? Investigation of the surrounding big market situation. In the formal operation of fast food franchise before, be sure to find a good location. Usually in the fast food store before, should understand these site selection method.

How to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

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ate so much Ganmian skin you know the origin of this special snack wrapper for you, and you know this delicious snacks do? The following Xiaobian introduced for you.

wrapper is a traditional snack in Shaanxi unique, Ganmian skin is evolved from the Tang Dynasty to Amoy cold surface. Has the characteristics of loop, soft, fragrant, cold hot and sour taste, is one of the representatives of the people of Qishan Xifu snacks, the wrapper approach is very special, the rice dough and elsewhere niangpi is to tune into a paste, placed in a special cage steam. The Qishan wrapper is the first roll into the surface, and then steamed, steamed and then cut into slightly wider than the cold noodle strips, and eat rice dough is basically the same, different from the rice dough, roll paper are hard, high toughness, a reinforcement. People in Baoji enjoy eating, and they are popular in Xi’an in recent years.

how to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

gold stick rolling rolling dough is the industry’s well-known brands, also have stores in many parts of the country, in places such as Zhengzhou also have stores, the address is in the city of Zhengzhou City Court Street No. 105. Then the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper to join


Zhengzhou gold stick rolling rolling dough join conditions are as follows:

1, long engaged in the industry

2, with a certain vision

3, with enthusiasm

4, is full of dreams of wealth

5, with a certain amount of funds

Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper procedure:

1 consulting, gold stick rolling wrapper

2, apply for project

3, headquarters audit through

4, headquarters training

5, headquarters location decoration

6, the official business


wrapper will choose Zhengzhou snacks to join gold stick rolling wrapper. If you have the desire to join us, please tell us by the way of the message, we leave the message on the bottom of the article page, after the latter to see the message we will reply you in the first time.

Convention and exhibition economy is a new economic form

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is now organized around some exhibition activities have become the norm, so at the same time, through a variety of exhibition activities in many places, is also derived from the exhibition economy, and now the exhibition economy has become a new economic form.

exhibition economy is a new economic form, which means to hold all kinds of conferences and exhibitions, fairs, a kind of economic phenomenon and economic behavior brings direct and indirect economic benefits and social benefits. It can not only bring business flow, logistics flow, capital flow, information flow Everfount, directly promote trade, tourism and other industries, to create opportunities to attract investment, but also stimulate the development of other industries. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition economy can promote the development of the city, improve the city’s external visibility and reputation

with the opening degree of upgrading, increased domestic and foreign trade and economic activities, the initiative, Changxin enterprises to participate in various international exhibition is also becoming more active. In order to promote the development of open economy, Changxin is also actively encourage local enterprises to go out to participate in various types of overseas exhibitions, through this platform to enhance the visibility of enterprises, promote foreign exports. At the same time, in order to active County in the consumer market, and promote the development of local commerce industry, the county also launched the housing fair, car Expo, Expo exhibition, which at high frequency appears in front of consumers in Changxin, has achieved considerable economic benefits.

to use outside the county to participate in exhibition and exhibition held in the county, creating a high economic benefit, has become the process of economic development in Changxin "good wind", and the exhibition industry has become a new economic growth point of Changxin, has a very strong role in promoting for the city of Changxin the development of it.

In the global development of


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