The face of site and domain is not the first home page should be how to face

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site and domain in the face of the new home is not the first time, how should we face, there are a lot of new webmaster began to panic, began to fool around, find the cause from your own website, but more and more find can not find the reason for such a situation where the new owners must first keep calm attitude to face so, find the reasons carefully, so as to better solve the problem, here Shanghai dragon brother together to talk about the food on this issue.

share: my station has seen such a case for a few weeks, but I’m not worried, my other station is site home is not the first, after a week after the normal, this week what I have done, is not blind to withdraw what Links, reduce oneself chain etc.. I continue to do promotion methods as before, after. read more

Website domain name change tracking soft power

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I think the Internet is a fair place, as long as your efforts will be fruitful. The day before yesterday I run the website domain name, what are not, experienced short pain after the replacement of the domain name, to start again, write an article on the "sad case analysis: site replacement domain of the wound" article, who has been released and the owners of the house home display. A high quality soft Wen effects really unimaginable, and writing the original starting point is because I really hurt. Today to see the new data, the new domain name began to love Shanghai included the home page, the PR value from 0 to 3, first please ignore the PR value, because the same doubts with you, the domain name change for only 3 days, there was such a change overnight. This change is likely to bring the power is soft. I had to write an article about soft Wen wen. read more

I share is how to make search engines fast included new

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two, site specific analysis

: 贵族宝贝db.sohu贵族宝贝/regurl/regform.asp

for new friends, maybe there are some friends worried how to make new major search engines fast included, rather than have to wait half a month or even a month or so, I give an example to analysis together with you today, I hope to help you.


first, new sites do, we have to modify the site as a whole, including: title, keywords, description, web site map, robot, today I will not detail how the specific operation method, specific Internet search, the operation process and the video website owners drink can be found directly. Not difficult, after modification, and then check the site if there are dead links, bad links, because once submitted allow search engines to crawl the page is not good, is influential for search engine points. read more

Capital market winter, then the spring of capital is not far awayFailure to start a business fails,

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· overestimates the amount of time money can use

of course, if you open a small shop, maybe not, but "small money, small things, big money, big things" is a natural practice for everyone.

in the current tide of entrepreneurship, should understand that it is not just the accumulation of entrepreneurial projects from scratch, 90 entrepreneurs are probably more than half because of interest and hobby business, their home may not bad money; and as Haier and other large enterprises are encouraged to intrapreneurship, even magazines from the "entrepreneurs" under the banner of the black horse I asked the community project is also the internal two venture. Relatively speaking, young entrepreneurs is probably through personal preferences, there is not much utilitarian sense, in the enterprise business is part of the internal operation of enterprises and enterprise itself from the level of capital operation. The two kind of entrepreneurship is the current mainstream of the field of entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurial projects and investment in the current view, may be the influx of hot money to bubble early signs, no symptoms of winter flatly, the project is still constantly emerging, and even the angel capital A round B round has been put into. read more

Experience after revision of local portal website

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good place portal site has always been my desire, from the 06 initial struggle failure, to today’s website a little color, understand, do not just site technology and popularity, but also to persevere. From ASP to PHP, from the tab layout to the div+css, testing this or that program day and night, sometimes thinking that you’re really boring. Recently made some changes to the template, here to share with you the production process.

first, summed up the original section of the web site and the corresponding function, make up the original deficiencies, such as: the discount program, originally in the field are introduced in detail, just use a text box, so that customers can only put the text, on the basis of change to upload a picture editor, you can let the discount business release of graphics and appearance information free of charge. After summarizing the overall framework to map making effect of each page, this is mainly in blue, broke the last blue bar layout single, to eliminate the "skin color gorgeous switching function is not true, but the layout is very normal, because we are here to the Internet are all new, engage in a mess they will have a feeling of hate. The content of the home page is mainly based on the convenience of the people. After each column, a quick release channel and more information can be set up. In other pages to simple and generous gray based, unified layout, orderly connection. read more

How to successfully open a clothing store

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opened a clothing store has become a mainstream contemporary entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurial success, but want to open a clothing store is not easy, the whole network here Xiaobian for everyone that need to pay attention to the problem.

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URL Type Summary

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visit a website, you must know the domain name of the website, this is the most basic entrance of the website.

uses a web site user, one of whom is a primary user, who knows which site to visit when he doesn’t know what site to visit. The other is an advanced user, who often visits a website and writes it down, usually in IE’s favorites. There is also a user will use, and that is the webmaster, he will through this way to promote the site.

URL station has the following types of

1. shows shape read more

How to do a good job in women’s fashion store image design

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investment fashion women’s clothing stores, need to do image design. From the store design, merchandise display and other related aspects, to create a bright image of the design, to impress consumers, to attract consumers into the store. How to do a good job in this area? Learn quickly.

join in the women’s fashion store image design, need to visit shop itself and the surrounding situation, look at the flow direction, sunshine, obstacles, shop around color, style, and then according to the specific elements, according to the standard design. Now many women’s fashion shop in the shop image design are very casual, but according to their own imagination or copy other shop decoration, no investigation shop in actual position at, let alone on the competition. read more

Shop location Raiders

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want to successfully run a shop, first of all in the site can not lose. Many businesses have been aware of the importance of site selection, but the location is not very clear. Xiaobian compiled the relevant site Raiders, to provide a reference, it is worth paying attention to the business.

A, must choose the content according to the business address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require people to flow in large areas, such as clothing stores, small supermarkets; but not all shops are suitable for people in the sea. For example, sexual health care stores and service centers for the elderly, to adapt to open in the remote, quiet place. read more

The 80 Internet plus agriculture impressive sales business

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has a lot of opportunities in the vast rural areas, especially in recent years, our country is in a variety of measures, to help the vast rural areas and farmers to get rich, then we have to say this, can be said to be the leader of the rich rural areas.

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You can’t think of a postcard

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now people looking for entrepreneurial projects, it is tried, but most of the time, every corner of entrepreneurial opportunities is actually exist in our life, maybe when we least expect, we become the first choice for business, here Xiaobian introduce is such a as an example, look at the postage for a postcard in the end there will be a great business opportunities.

"monkey votes in the collection industry industry, film solar term", in recent years, it is with the wrong version of the "wrong" advantage, more brave, rising prices. As the saying goes, troubled times to buy gold, Sheng Shixing collection". With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and cultural literacy, more and more ordinary people to join the ranks of the collection of investment. So how to be effective read more

Join the dry cleaning market prospects

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in recent years, the development of the dry cleaning industry fiery, people are also very optimistic about the prospects for the development of this market. But what about the dry cleaners market? We believe that this issue is not very clear, today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a simple, interested friends to look at it together.

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Traditional flower song performances so that the audience obsessed

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The traditional Huar tune, Salar traditional Huar tune, Hehuang flowers, traditional Huar tune heritage classic song order…… In August 15th 11, the 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival of Qinghai traditional Huar tune concert performances, in the south of Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall C hot square. Our province outstanding singer flowers gathered here, with its unique and colorful artistic charm, attracted nearly a thousand spectators around the scene to listen, laugh bursts of sound, melodious flowers inserted on the beautiful wings, fly to every one of the hearts of the audience, the audience is obsessed with. "The flowers of the meeting on the waves" chapter, the singer is playing the ring to make the audience crazy.The performances of

by the provincial press and publication sponsored by the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Cultural Museum hosted. Performances in order to flower music as the main line, through the joy of singing and dancing to express the construction of a happy home for the children of the plateau, the pursuit of a happy life happy mood. On display in Qinghai area spread sung traditional Huar tune, the publicity of traditional music I make flowers unique, rich and protection achievements, let people feel the unique charm of traditional flowers, eager to find and develop the traditional Huar tune singing excellent young singer, advocate and guide the country to carry out the form a variety of traditional flowers singing activities in the whole society to create a good atmosphere for protection, pay close attention to the traditional flowers sung traditional flowers. August 16th at 7:30 pm, in the central square will be held on the big stage of the traditional Qinghai folk song performances second performances. read more

Mandarin emotional communication bridge ties

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Mandarin : emotional communication bridge link

in order to achieve the goal of "the popularization of Putonghua and the basic norms of social application of Chinese characters". In accordance with the "unity, innovation, diligent and efficient" principle, I Bureau of the language work into the civilized city system, conscientiously implement the spirit of the language work. On the afternoon of July 7th, I was led by the deputy director of the Tang Dynasty to participate in the office of the municipal government office of language reports. read more

Let the masses to evaluate style wind

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– style wind social evaluation work officially started – the city to participate in the evaluation of departments and industry 52 – ranked last, the main responsible person will be admonishing conversation

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Fang) the day before, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "2015 style wind society in Xining city implementation plan", officially launched the style wind social evaluation. According to the implementation of the plan, the evaluation of mobilization, organization and implementation, statistical analysis of three steps. Through the test and evaluation of the district departments of industry regulation four winds, turn style, fostering new, correct damage the interests of the masses to change the style, enhance the effectiveness of unwholesome tendencies, and optimize the environment of work achievements. read more

How to improve the performance of early brand stores

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we want to get better results, the store’s performance is guaranteed, the wealth of the business will increase. Therefore, we should pay attention to store management, improve store performance. Early childhood is a lot of brand stores in the market, some stores is very hot, the prospects are very broad. But some stores are No one shows any interest in the face of this situation, we should think of ways to improve store performance. So, how to improve the performance of early brand stores? read more

What are the strategies for opening a grocery store

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people’s life always cannot do without all kinds of things to eat, so open a distinctive food shop is a good choice for business investment, but in the shop before choosing a store is critical, shops in what strategy store? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

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Shanxi Apple began to take the international road

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in the life of apple is a favorite, Shanxi as China’s production of Apple’s big province, with the development of Apple began to go out of the country, to the international consumer market! In the twelfth lunar month, Shanxi fruit industry in Yuncheng re transmission of news, Huarong company 450 tons of fruit quality of Wanrong Apple will once again export to Australia, this is the Wanrong County for six consecutive years apple exports to Australia, exports accounted for 48% of total exports. Shanxi Apple began to take the international road, the local farmers to increase revenue! read more

Open a like jinxiangwan Thailand restaurant and see how you like

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you want to open a restaurant, it would like to continue to tourists, you want him to help you get rich, it must come up with features as a bargaining chip. What kind of restaurant is unique, to introduce you to the You’ll see. at the small.

jinxiangwan Thailand restaurant is full of Southeast Asian style restaurant, the curry, seafood, barbecue, snacks, soup dishes has been welcomed by consumers, is a good investment choice. But there will still be a lot of investors in the choice about jinxiangwan Thailand restaurant to join? If you have doubts look at the following! read more

How to promote a new brand of cigarettes

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every industry will continue to have a number of new brands come out, and want to allow consumers to accept these new brand products, natural operators also need to do a good job marketing. The new brand of cigarettes is the same, but for many retail customers, but do not know how to operate. So, how to promote the new brand of cigarettes?

cigarette sales and sales of other items, there is a renewal process. With the continuous change of the market management, people’s living needs are constantly improving. From the previous planned economy to the current market economy, are through further demonstration, the replacement. Similarly, the cigarette manufacturers in order to meet the demand of the market, are starting from the cigarette brand, appearance, taste, and quality improvement, in order to reduce the harmful ingredients and upgrading, in order to meet the needs of most consumers. The new brand of cigarettes on the market, requiring operators to master certain skills to sell. read more