How to make love Shanghai updated daily snapshot of experience sharing

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how to make love Shanghai love Shanghai updated daily snapshot, updated daily snapshot of the sharing of experience, we all know that love is not the Shanghai update for all website snapshot every day, the website snapshot update will affect your website ranking, now in love for the Shanghai king in Internet environment to keep the site snapshot every day update, ensure their sites in Shanghai love home is too important. Influence factors of love Shanghai snapshot update following

is the first web content

2, their website to the Links platform, most Links platform PR are very high, after the release will soon be included in the search engine. But there will be people who do Links and

the complete knowledge of parenting the original release, reproduced must indicate the source 贵族宝贝pmzw.cn

is the last chain website construction, website content increased to more than 10 articles, it is necessary to consider the well within the chain, each keyword relevance articles directly within the chain, and the chain key are very important, but also remember to do this web site with navigation, when your web pages included too much time for your navigation page weight is very big

improve the weights of the blog also maximizes the weight of the website.


"content is king, the chain for the importance of the emperor" of the construction of the chain, the site construction outside the chain is very easy to do, 1, through their own experience to write soft article released to the A5 and China stationmaster net kept you link to your article is reproduced will give you increase the chain without the number of.

website update is one of the most important, of course, not to say that you collect a lot of articles of your web page will be updated every day, you do not need to write a lot of original content, after all, is our personal webmaster do not have so much experience, my parenting knowledge Daquan every day I released 2-3 semi original, as far as possible do "around a word" (half the original, the title, love Shanghai and search an article and the front half part of all modifications)

3, to submit your site to directories, directory search under the classification of a lot of love Shanghai one by one submission, very useful.

blog construction, this is a must on the construction of the chain, most webmaster can keep a few or dozens of blogs, register several blogs by Shanghai dragon on the A chain, a link to the blog B blog -B-C-E-A so formed a round shaped every blog to link their website,


followed by the construction site outside the chain


Talk about the recent Shanghai dragon and life

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2, new audit speed, this is mainly reflected in the collection, and released the inside pages before love speed, Shanghai for the new general half month included home, about 1-2 months time to release the inside pages, now 1-7 days can be included home, sometimes included first can be simultaneously released inside pages. But >

, rarely on the Internet bubble, but there are often some friends looking for me, let me help you analyze your website that follows a typical problem:

2, why not update the snapshot

3, ranking why don’t


5, please help me analyze the website to see how Shanghai Longfeng do

up? Although

1, why website drop right?

1, a new station on the line of improper operation, easy to fall right, which mainly manifests in: the website often revised, a lot of garbage outside the chain, collection content, and before some similar, but more strictly, it is difficult to avoid.

two, a Shanghai dragon


to tell you the truth, now I also have a lot of things not clear, these problems are in Shanghai Longfeng this one problem a commonplace talk of an old scholar from the beginning of last June, has been unable to find out the love Shanghai habit, I have always insisted on the research and exploration, here to talk about their own views, not to say, please don’t I spray. In general, this algorithm has great changes, as before the old routine is certainly not enough, personally feel that the changes are as follows:

life is still the same, busy every day, but do not know what a busy day, a project to ask a friend for advice a few days ago, then chatted for a long time, I slowly discovered that all grass root born friends now have to get VC investment, open company, bankruptcy, struggling also, all day and I talk about the dream did not persist, and accomplish nothing. 13 years I feel that most of the company’s bankruptcy a few friends, and I like Tucao, the final conclusion is: arrogant, always think oneself very cow B, persist blindly according to their own ideas to do to fix things out, leading to funding to torsional failure. Then continue working career. I have experienced some things, after the time and everyone Tucao Tucao,

hasn’t written blog, feel myself slowly fade out of Shanghai dragon this circle from the beginning of the 12 year, Blog, BBS, SNS seldom go to the platform, but often in the QQ group chat at the same time, in 2012 June began to love Shanghai to suppress the Shanghai dragon, the most obvious is the main industry in the medical industry, grey some industry, violence, the circle of friends have now also slowly turned everyone busy, very little contact. I just mean to insist on his own dream.

4, included reduced

, about the life of


Three chaos interpretation of medical sites are prevalent in Shanghai Dragon

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if you visited the medical site, then you will find a lot of medical site marketing purposes are very strong. Specific performance in when we enter the site, forcing the eject window that lets you chat with, and sometimes the window is shut off, five seconds to give you a jump. Even some of the "online" or "free consultation" button to do abnormal eye-catching in the pop-up window, but can blur the close button, resulting in a lot of visitors.

optimization personnel for medical site optimization is few in-depth understanding of the medical profession, most of them are some do not understand the professional technical layman. The medical industry is different from other industries, you have no professional but will not be able to write real content. So we can see a lot of medical site is the collection or plagiarism means to enrich the content of the site. Have a little heart to the owners will be pseudo original, such as modify title, paragraph or combination of the finishing put all sorts of things together. The content in the credibility and integrity is not up to standard. The visitors will often find these articles not fit to be seen when browsing the article, the high similarity, the irrelevant, or is the superposition of a lot of naming wonderful keywords and so on. This is a big mess in Shanghai Longfeng industry, many owners just to please the search engine, and ignore the importance of the contents of the article, the importance of user experience. The visitors could not be satisfied with the resulting content.

two chaos: chain disaster caused by flooding water


and July K Shanghai station in the event of love, I want to make many webmaster fresh, especially medical sites, can be said to be the K station in the wake of the injured most. Why is this the K station is the largest storm affected medical site? Love Shanghai official is to those collected by pseudo original low quality site treatment for the consolidation of the argument, and many medical site is to please the search engine, ignoring the typical user experience. The author will briefly analyze the existing medical site of Shanghai Longfeng three chaos.

chaos is poor, high similarity

We know that

as an ordinary visitors, we may go in some community forums, the most annoying is that the overwhelming medical site outside the chain. Indeed, if you look you will find the site outside the chain of medical hair too, has almost crazy situation which get in by every opening, Internet users for this type of chain had a great emotional conflict. Not only so many medical sites in the construction of the chain on the principle of weight is not heavy, purely in order to send the chain and the chain. A flood of chaos and outside chain is the Shanghai dragon industry. The author believes that the construction of the chain in quantity at the same time, we should pay more attention to quality, thought to be more in line with this friendly user experience.

Three Chaos: marketing purposes too strong

In June

Why do users share on websites and application sharing buttons What is the motivation

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the weekend watching Hayao Miyazaki’s "goodbye" by Aoi Teshima Honghua Osaka, a song "goodbye summer" completely conquer, listen to an afternoon is not fun, easily in the QQ music on WeChat to find and share the circle of friends, attracted a bunch of friends. Open QQ space, found that many students with the latest watermark camera drying scenery, sun baby, sun food. Open the Tencent micro-blog news events at a glance around, he forwarded a micro-blog search for their loved ones, the hearts of blessing, hope the lost family reunion earlier.

in such an era, sharing behavior is everywhere, and sharing buttons can be seen everywhere. However, I think the cause is, is not in web applications on a shared button, users will go to share? There are so many websites and applications are added to the share button, why some websites and applications rarely share the contents of many people and some people share content? What is the motivation of users to share

?Before thinking about the sharing behavior of users on the web,

can first think about the sharing behavior of people in real life. Before the web, we often share the channel in the dining table, one family dinner to share this informative day; most often share the person is very close to me around, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues and so on.

sharing behavior has existed since ancient times. It can be said that human beings are born with a natural instinct. How to understand the "innate" and "nature"? Darwin has mentioned a very interesting thing in "human and animal expression", is why people are born with fear? Because the original human beings living in an environment not threatened by growing crises, in Bao Xi, on snake, tiger, lion and other animal fear can make humans away from them independently, thus better able to survive in the world. A scream made by a person when he fears, can be understood as an alarm to warn a companion or ask for help from a companion. This act of fear, like branding, exists in our genes and becomes our innate ability. The risk of electricity is very high, why children plugged into the jack in the finger when not conscious of fear? Darwin’s explanation is that electricity is only a hundred years of things, the human brain has not yet formed of instinctive fear. So I think, in the primitive society, where there is substantial companion told wild, where is dangerous, all information sharing is more conducive to the ethnic groups in the natural environment to survive, so we can understand why the sharing behavior is a kind of "innate" behavior.


if you want to talk about user sharing motivation, I think we can sum up from the following aspects:

, first of all, user sharing is, to some extent, an act of self presentation. Zhang Xiaolong says that micro-blog is essentially a place where users build another self. See in micro-blog’s "I" photos, according to my best photos (so that Meitu Xiu Xiu.

How not to spend a penny to open shop

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how to be able to spend a penny can not be a real profitable online shop? Now the whole network Xiaobian two online shopping website for a simple analysis of the most popular in China, hoping to help you relieve some psychological doubts.

, Tencent


The two


The north section of Qingdao Metro Line 3 officially opened into the trial operation stage

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is now an era of convenient transportation, a variety of traffic patterns change the way people travel. Today, the north section of Qingdao Metro Line 3 officially opened, which is the first subway line opened in Shandong, Shandong will enter the subway era.

China by fourteen Railway Construction Bureau and other units participating in the construction of Shandong’s first subway – Qingdao Metro Line 3, the northern section of the official opening today.

It is reported that

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Innovation and entrepreneurship education needs to establish a professional system

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China’s innovation and entrepreneurship education has just started, but also the lack of systematic development model. It is of great significance to establish a system of entrepreneurship education that meets the needs of the times.

system supporting the construction of entrepreneurship education system

Many colleges and universities

entrepreneurship education

Qinyuan tea is good – LAN

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brand strength to highlight the extraordinary quality, even if it is a small tea shop to make a surprising move. Now on the market of tea brand is more and more mutual contests, give play to their own charm to attract a large number of consumers. Different from these brands up a blue Qinyuan tea out of the ordinary way of development, it is committed to the development of the market for travel around the airport, business personnel, and provide special delicacy quality environment and attentive service, has its own competitive advantage.

blue Qinyuan tea has a good reputation in the market, it pays attention to the service quality and delicacy quality, relying on the strength in the headquarters, innovative products taste, for people to bring the tea, meals, fruits and other diversified products enjoy it; to improve service quality, in the professional comprehensive training, create a warm environment, so that people can comfortably spend waiting this time.

blue Qinyuan tea is good?

blue Qinyuan tea good? Brand strength, the market constantly praise, is the real reliable business choice. Investment in it, businesses can get the entire store output support, you can use the brand’s influence, to open the market; you can rely on high-quality multi product, easy profit. It joined a significant advantage, has a considerable development prospects, creating a good choice.

blue Qinyuan tea good? Delicious popular products; yuan, elegant and comfortable environment, beloved; brand strength, shop more security. Choose to join them, businesses can step forward to create a successful career. Now, the headquarters is looking for like-minded partners, you want to join the friends can not miss!


above is just a brief introduction to the blue Qinyuan tea, if you are on the brand what other issues need to consult our please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Brand children’s clothing store opened sales doubled

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children’s market demand is large, lucrative, so open a brand children’s clothing store is a good business choice. So, how to better manage the brand children’s clothing store? The following small series to introduce some brand children’s clothing store business skills.

A, brand children’s clothing store location is very important

discount brand children’s clothing store, a lot of moderate levels of consumer groups are generally gathered in the community, so good in the community. Because there is a brand shopping environment, and the price is half. This can attract the community is relatively low consumer groups. I believe that the people around the community are to the brand and low price to buy this. There are families in the community for their children to buy children’s clothing, a lot of people do not go to the downtown area of business trouble, are the children need to buy it immediately. And brand children’s clothing quality and guarantee. Parents can rest assured. Brand children’s clothing style and novel, children like. So it’s a repeat customer. In particular, the staff around the community, such as supermarket sales, post office hotel restaurant owners and staff is also a large customer base. To hotel accommodation training staff will occasionally have, and are large customers, will buy a lot of sets to bring back. So shops in the community to choose, you can consider the community outside the traffic convenience elements.

two, brand children’s clothing store style to enrich

brand children’s clothing store decoration

four, to be good at selling

brand children’s clothing store

above four points, is the need to pay attention to open the brand children’s clothing store, if you want to make your brand children’s clothing shop business is booming, may wish to operate in accordance with the above four points. Careful management, will make your children’s clothing store sales doubled.


Don’t miss the five brands – Chengdu business Hot pot

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said that more than Chongqing hot pot seems to make us forget how to have a hot pot with Chongqing hot pot comparable to the brand – Sichuan hot pot. The term "hot pot" is the name of the cooker, the name of the cooker, or the technique, the method of "eating" and the unification of cooking utensils and utensils. Showing the harmony of the Chinese diet. Sichuan hot pot embodies the inclusiveness of Chinese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine is also the most representative of the characteristics of food.

Sichuan hot pot brand which good?


With the

Sichuan Hot pot from the raw material, the soup cooking techniques, difference, differences in the sum, so that the meat and grain, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crisp cotton rotten, fragrance and mellow wonderful together. Showing a harmonious and dripping earned compatibility of the scene and the psychological feeling, to create a "get together with one heart and share the fun" culture.

seasoning unique

Sichuan Hot pot most representative of Sichuan spicy character. Authentic duck Hot pot Atsumi heavy oil, the preparation of the traditional soup is made in Pixian, Yongchuan, Ganzi spicy bean fermented black bean butter, Zanthoxylum bungeanum as raw materials. In recent years, the beer flavor, the flavor of pickled cabbage and the flavor of seafood have appeared, and different kinds of chafing dish have different chafing dish soup and different seasonings, and the quantity can reach more than 30 kinds.

Chengdu can not miss the five hot pot

1, old pier hot pot

address: No. 29 Middle Road, Wuhou District, Yulin (a second ring road)

to Chengdu will eat hot pot – Antique environment, the style of the big copper pot, long chopsticks are unique atmosphere. Different from the traditional hot pot soup, in the center, very delicious, red soup in the periphery, enough oil, hemp, spicy enough enough; comparison, yellow duck, goose intestines classic rinse dishes; small material is oil, have a distinctive flavour. Service is also good, will remind not more, very intimate.

2, Shu nine incense pot

address: Qingyang District No. 160 West Ring Road, a section of

typical Sichuan style hot pot, not the door, has been attracted by bursts of fragrance. The red squares of the other soup can be really creative dishes in different grids, convenient for taste; natural color, spicy and delicious be nothing difficult. If afraid of spicy, choose Yuanyang pot, soup is delicious, boiled vegetables very delicious. The dip is the authentic garlic oil dish, all on the table, to taste. The environment is not exquisite, but antique. The business is called a fire, waiting is commonplace.