Talk about the Wenzhou local network group purchase Shanghai Longfeng effect

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in a number of group purchase projects in Wenzhou, with limited resources, in the high-end catering industry has been a net for each group purchase industry in Wenzhou. In 2011, will be more intense.


Wenzhou city every year to update some businesses, some of the more famous catering industry, such as "one day," He Fang "corner" and "COCO" are more difficult to sign. They all have certain customer resources. The number only from their membership card issued, will know how much they have stable member of Wenzhou.

of course, Wenzhou other group purchase network in Shanghai Longfeng do less, does not mean they do not, they started, than my Wenzhou enjoypack network group purchase earlier. I don’t know why they are doing in this area is relatively small, but I clearly feel that many Wenzhou group purchase network, this year has come out a few home at the same time, there are so few will be from the consumer’s view fades.

I took over Wenzhou United enjoypack network group purchase promotion at the beginning, Wenzhou love Shanghai network group purchase keywords ranking in the 15 page after the spring 2011, I found it in the home, but also a key is in the third page, this to me Shanghai Longfeng beginners, is an encouraging.

I to Wenzhou United enjoypack group purchase network of Shanghai Longfeng practice is primary, one is to optimize the web page content, for the salesman to find businesses, some text and colleagues carefully; two is to increase the reverse link, it looks simple, but it is a persistent hard work; three for Links, because the site has just started, the PR value of the site is 0, want to get some high quality Links is not a simple thing, I try to do, but many administrators or owners reluctant, but also some money; four in the local propaganda website, because once a few awards in Wenzhou on the Internet, I also wrote a lot of spare words, therefore, I also had to put his head into his own name and website LOGO, hope netizens in time to see my comments, love Shanghai A couplet enjoypack, come to see, this effect is.

but, from the current point of view, Wenzhou so many network group purchase, only a handful of network group purchase in website promotion. Of course, in the love of Shanghai, can also see some network group purchase pay promotion "".

so, I think, Wenzhou network group purchase all had to be based in limited resources.

as businesses are profitable, for example, by the end of 2010, I went to Jiaxing, a friend opened a sizable hotel in Jiaxing friendship street. The beginning of the opening, they also cooperate with network group purchase. In the Jiahe delegation to provide those impressive client list of my friend, I asked a friend whether money? Obviously, discount in more than 5 businesses, basically no profit at all, but why do, in addition to the free advertising, is to attract customers from the future.

"group purchase Wenzhou" and "Wenzhou network group purchase" two most competitive.

Ali electricity supplier ecological long-term brand development foothold

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as China’s electricity supplier leader, Ali in the last six months of action so that everyone can understand, but also do not understand. See clearly, Ali’s ambitions, as well as for the ecology of the favor, do not understand why, after Sina joined, eager to engage in social electricity supplier. However, compared to other domestic electricity supplier brands, such as Dangdang, where customers, a number of stores to imitate the wind, Ali has always played a leading role, divergence from financial function, to integrate into the social system, and then to the rookie logistics escort, a vision of development in the beginning than others. 6-7 in advance, this operation thinking is commendable.

contact the electricity supplier but also 5 years, although the development of Taobao is not in a stage, but the operations in 84 years site, myself for some business platform to understand the properties of one or two, after all, is to do coupons from the data returned, two customer purchase rate and the quality of the flow, Ali, Tmall and Taobao have a great advantage. But why do the electricity supplier, Ali group will be able to obtain long-term development, continue to maintain rapid development of electricity supplier in the cold of winter, and other platforms to a shareholder capital injection will continue to burn, all their hopes on the customer’s sympathy? I think Ali’s electricity supplier Empire were going to be rational in addition to the opportunities as well as their own efforts, there are many operations on wisdom.

platform advantage is Ali’s most solid business, relying on the platform, Ali derived data and financial services are slowly layout, slowly showing strength. And the development of these secondary platforms, in addition to using the original system of electricity supplier resources, but also effectively enhance their exposure rate, eliminating the cumbersome brand promotion. This is Ali smart place, find a suitable point, then do the radial flow through the development, delivery platform to improve another product user level, build a complete ecological system, small, eventually unify is an incomparable business empire. From the line of the balance of treasure, rookie network, we have been able to feel Ali has hundreds of times in this regard, the rest is if the more functional breakdown of electronic business platform, realize the vertical upgrading and the shopping process.

The diffraction on the

is clear, and it’s not a bit of an outsider’s point of view. But Ali, in addition to the traditional moves outside, also expect to convert new business lines by flow of electronic business platform, like digital media into online travel search, Ali in the flow on the properties of work is very detailed explanation in the tiger sniffing a friend online, will be more like some of the other business flow rectification areas of consumption, such as a Amoy network announced that from now on will enter the online travel search, search, provide hotel service for the consumer price; in addition to the Alibaba group announced a strategic investment community outbound poor travel network, also announced the upcoming launch of Ali box". These seemingly not part of Ali’s work areas, but gradually being Ali stare. This is a creative nature

For grassroots Adsense to send gospel, talk about how to get a large amount of flow

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grassroots Adsense has become one of the most popular Internet words in recent years, a large number of Internet enthusiasts have begun to build personal websites, trying to get a slice of such a big cake. However, how to get a large number of traffic is heavy, many grassroots webmaster who have a headache problem. Here is the personal experience of some stations, hoping to give more grass-roots webmaster who play a role in attracting jade.

one. Do what you love to do.

, for example, I am a beauty idiot, has not been exposed to beauty, let me do a beauty class website, need a lot of energy, I know what to do.

my friend usually likes to read, he made a novel network, can write some articles, to collect articles also have certain identification ability. I have a friend, and he was not engaged in site related occupation, but he love cars, do all prices, although the site is small, but not a month or thousands of advertising revenue.

so, first of all, you have to be a station you like so you can have enough * * * to do it.

two. Don’t be stingy with your domain name. You know, wine is also afraid of deep alley, not to mention a small website you just started. We can go to some large forums, paste it, know, blog and so on all kinds of channels. To increase the site’s chain. The condition is that the post must be valuable. Can help people really solve the problem, otherwise, water injection is really a thankless task, advised everyone to do less, perhaps also risked being Baidu K out of danger.

probably most of the grassroots webmaster in the early stages of the station have had such experience:

is behind the question search and answer question. Like to attach their own domain name attached, you can imagine, this obviously with the advertising nature of the approach, certainly pass through the audit. Now tell the grassroots webmaster who has experienced this type of experience a little trick: first submit your answer up, and then add the answer, add your domain name address, you can go through the review.

three. Good flow belongs to diligent and persistent stationmaster

someone returned to show that he wanted to see something new (except for individual stations). It was like eating. If everyone ate the same food, I think everyone would be upset. Over time, it will also lose interest in this station. Indeed, as long as most of the visitors to visit when there is a sense of novelty, learned things, I feel the webmaster is absorbed in it. Of course, don’t look for a pile or duplicate content in order to do so.

four. The page style must be able to catch visitors’ eyes,

yes, although the content is good, but visitors do not like it, sometimes because of the style of the site caused. The collocation of color, a variety of edge width and height are the result of careful consideration. This requires designers to have a certain aesthetic.

The store can’t play tricks on sales promotion

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"promotion" has now become the major stores will take the business strategy, and how to promote the sales of the store will have a great influence. However, if you want to really promote the sale of the store to help, you can achieve higher product sales, you can not play tricks, or the development of the store will have a very negative impact.

there is a saying in China: a good excuse for a moment, I can not hide. If the business promotion is not based on customer honesty and respect, but purely to promotions and promotions, only to curry favour by claptrap attract the attention of customers, for customers pocket money, and lotteries are little more than practical unsalable goods, I think this business really can put up the shutters not far away. At the very least, this is no respect for customers! Customer is god! Just think: who would like to go to a store that has left unhappy memories? No matter how attractive the business promotion.

to tell the truth, the old lady in rural areas like to take advantage of small, which supermarket in the village to engage in special, which supermarket more affordable, they are more clear than young people. A young woman in the village told about one of the things she had experienced. She was so angry that she never wanted to go to the supermarket again.

what is this: there is an opened near the supermarket, from the brochure written on the egg 2 9 pound, when the egg prices strong, the price of the egg as can be imagined. At once, all the old sisters rushed to the bargain. 2 eggs, a pound of 9 is indeed true, but the purchase of $2 per person. The purchase is right, but the queue queue too long.

team is too long is right, the key is the time limit. There is a time limit is right, but more annoying is that this group of people standing in the legs of the old ladies, the time limit is empty handed back. The old ladies: "no good Voices of discontent. No quality, won’t go to the supermarket to buy something." These old ladies have never bought anything.

heard this thing, I do not know when is the supermarket sales egg supply is no ample supply or sell more pay and more thoughts have halted promotion. But in any case, the supermarket is indeed a way to hurt their hearts, I believe that, because of the unsuccessful promotions, the loss is not only a group of people who are not high consumption of the old lady so simple?

although many shops have been aware of the importance of the promotion, but in the real promotional activities, but it is easy to ignore some of the details, resulting in the development of the promotion of the shops unfavorable. If you really want to improve their visibility and vigorously promotion, at least to businesses to operate, holding a real honest heart, life, so far, qiaosheruhuang more lethal than blandishments. Of course, this is lethal

How to open a small shop to make money for you to answer

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online shop is very popular now, indeed, online shop, do not need to spend much of the investment for small entrepreneurs is very appropriate, and open shop operation is not difficult, this is a good path of entrepreneurship, how to open the shop to make money? Xiaobian this for you to answer.


Yongzhou science women’s champion Wu Xiaoqian summed up high scores

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the same class, the same teacher, the same questions, some people can get a high score, and some may even have not reached the undergraduate line, which naturally has a certain reason. The Yongzhou college entrance examination this year scored points (687 points) first score, ranked the province’s science, the reasons for the various aspects of the eighteenth. Wu Xiaoqian summed up the following seven high school learning methods and experience, I hope the students are struggling to inspire and help.

my name is Wu Xiaoqian, is a fresh graduates in Dongan, this year’s college entrance examination (quality) to achieve the city’s naked points (687 points) the first score, ranked the province’s science, eighteenth, the reasons are manifold. I summed up the following seven high school learning methods and experience, I hope the students are struggling to inspire and help.

one, the foundation to play well. Many students in high school when I have such an idea – I play a year high, such as high school sophomore learning. In fact, this is wrong. Because learning is a gradual process, the beginning of learning is the so-called foundation, the foundation did not learn, then review, it will be very difficult, it will be easy to give up the idea of giving up. The two round of review, the students may according to the actual change your study plan, but in the new round of courses and review this specializing in basic stage, or to follow the pace of the teachers, so as to grasp the overall situation.

two, learning to concentrate. The effective learning time is 11 hours a day, but in fact the time of each class in high school has been reached, so the reason why there will be a high score, a large part is determined by the concentration of. Some students seem very hard in reading every day, but always scores do not, because they are the distraction. In fact, if the use of good time every day to arrange the school time, and then add their own overtime, the results will naturally improve.

three, do solid. When I was in high school, I felt the most is that some of the things you can do, but still do wrong. Later it was discovered that the original reflection, I think this will be a kind of problem, we may look at the skip, and then do we often say that "yangaoshoudi". So, even if it is a simple problem, there is still the value of doing, but in recent years, the college entrance exam is not very difficult, so the basic problem can not be lost points.

in addition, at the beginning of the study, I will adhere to a principle – can do wrong, but absolutely can not guess. Know it, but also know its so. Even if the answer is correct, it is meaningless. Because only you are wrong, in order to have a deep memory, in order to ensure the next encounter similar problems.

four, learn to think independently. Usually in the study of confusion, I generally do not easily ask the teacher, but will try their best to think, but in the hard thinking

A family of crazy wings franchise store shop business – Business

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a family crazy grilled wings? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Start a business to choose their own brand stores, shop is earned!


product family crazy wings with its traditional roasting technology for many consumers is crazy, this is definitely a hitherto unknown previously on the market delicacy experience, consumers now are looking for a unique flavor, now a product family crazy wings of success for ordinary consumers to delicacy, now every one product family crazy wings

business is booming!


product family crazy wings, used from Africa barbecue techniques, not only accelerated the fat dissolution, and will penetrate into the chicken meat sauce, add tender taste. A product family crazy grilled wings franchise technology is highly performing, often surrounded by diners around the circle and so on, some diners can not help but want to do it yourself. More and more people naturally gathered, business, of course, hot every day.

investment product family crazy wings franchise, the popular hot shop business is booming, small investment, as long as 20 thousand easy to join the shop, some good business opportunities, take overall management of unified brand, unified image, unified style, unified menu, taste and technology standard, unified retail price, unified distribution, unified advertising with your

, rapid wealth!

delicious food, always very attractive to consumers. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs, the best choice for business. Join a product family crazy grilled wings? Worthy of our attention and choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

How to join Jing Ren pie

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pie to invest in the selection of the king of this brand. So what about this brand? What are the conditions? How to join it? See the following details:

Weihai Jing Ren catering Co. Ltd. is the Jing Ren pie as the flagship product, learn from the Chinese traditional diet culture, the integration of Western fast food concept, green food, health food as the goal, Chinese fast-food chain organization dedicated to the development of the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management, brand internationalization.

company adopts the international advanced management system catering for strict management of food processing and service, with its fashionable style of decoration, elegant dining environment and first-class service and excellent food products has become a major highlight of the industry. In a short time, has successy developed Jing Ren pie shop, Weihai Qilu Plaza Hotel, Shidao shop, ancient village shop, shop, shop, hometown of bright Ji’nan Huaiyin shop and many other stores and a more than 5 thousand square metre Royal source with center.

king of the pie to join the condition:

1, the trust of the brand influence.

2, the corporate culture and business philosophy and business model.

3, with a certain economic strength, to meet the requirements of the start-up capital stores.

4, able to accept the headquarters of a unified management model, and actively respond to the headquarters of the continuous technical upgrading and service training.

5, honest and trustworthy, sincere cooperation, have a good sense of teamwork.

6, have a good business site, and through the headquarters of the field assessment.

7, agrees to enter into the contract of cooperation, and accept the rights and obligations stipulated in the contract.

king of the pie to join the process:

1, page message consulting

2, in-depth interview appointment time with the manager, to visit the king of the store, visit

3, to apply for an in-depth discussion of the application form

4, assessment of the headquarters of the franchise store for professional site survey qualification

5, officially joined the signing of the contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract to enjoy the rights and obligations of

6, pre opening preparation design, decoration, personnel training

Cultural Huimin promote reform cohesion forward to build a public cultural service network

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[wonderful pen]

government work report pointed out that in 2013, the province’s cultural Huimin continue to deepen. Eight major projects to promote cultural construction, the basic completion of the public cultural service network.

[witness 2013]

since the establishment of the provincial Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., personnel, distribution, artistic production of all the enterprise operation, the average wage growth of 10% compared to the previous restructuring. 2013, performing arts group performances 1134 games, including the grassroots performances of the 473 games, more than ten million yuan income." As the implementation of the province’s cultural system reform and participants, the provincial CPPCC members, provincial culture and press and Publication office, Cao Ping witnessed the whole process of reform.

Cao Ping said that the implementation of the cultural system reform, so that the province’s cultural industry characteristics, the sudden emergence of". At present, the province’s national cultural industry demonstration base reached 8; provincial cultural industry demonstration base, units, demonstration parks, demonstration households reached 84. The national cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor project covers the province of Xining, Haidong and 6 States 30 counties (city), planning a total of 23 cultural industry projects, a total investment of 2 billion 908 million yuan.

through a series of reform initiatives, cultural resources integration and optimization, some cultural business units to achieve the transformation, the internal vitality of nonprofit cultural institutions to enhance the functions of the government, gradually realize the change.

to speed up the implementation of the cultural system reform, there is a clear point: to promote the deepening of cultural huimin. The provincial government issued "on the further strengthening of grass-roots cultural construction opinions", a public cultural facilities as the main position, the flow of cultural services to supplement the coverage of the province’s provincial and municipal (state), county, township and village five public cultural service network basically formed. In 2013, the province’s Cultural Press and publication departments to continue to do the "cultural home village" project, 417 administrative villages in the province is equipped with sound, musical instruments, clothing, sports equipment, TV, CD etc.; for each administrative village of the province’s farm house added $two thousand worth of books; station of electronic reading room equipment for the province’s 140 towns culture; 19 counties in our province in the library is equipped with $4 million 560 thousand worth of books of mobile service vehicles; invested 10 million 800 thousand yuan, equipped with digital library equipment for the seven states, the city and the provincial library.

up to now, Xining, Golmud City, the 6 communities have been rated as the national advanced community culture; Haidong, Hainan and other places of the 29 townships named by the Ministry of culture of Chinese folk art and culture. Golmud became the first to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area.

Provincial People’s Congress, Golmud mayor Luo Baowei said that last year, Golmud city will focus on building activities China Salt Lake City Kunlun Cultural Tourism Festival, mountain Documentary Festival of brand culture festival, advancing into the barracks, into the enterprise, into the campus, into the site, into the farm, the grass-roots cultural activities regularly. Take government employees, equal pay for equal employment, etc., to strengthen professional writing;

Xining labor dispute arbitration committee

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With the "labor contract law", "labor dispute mediation arbitration law" and "social insurance law" implemented, the legal awareness of workers to strengthen gradually, gradually increased to the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests of the people, the city labor dispute arbitration cases also showed an upward trend year by year

with the "labor contract law", "labor dispute mediation arbitration law" and "social insurance law" implemented, the legal awareness of workers to strengthen gradually, gradually increased to the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests of the people, the city labor dispute arbitration cases also showed an upward trend year by year. In order to meet the needs of the current situation, the relevant requirements on the basis of the "labor dispute mediation and Arbitration Law" and the Ministry of human resources and social security "labor dispute arbitration organization rules", the research and application of our bureau municipal government decided, Xining labor dispute arbitration committee was formally established in August 11, 2011.

Xining city labor dispute arbitration committee by the Organization Department representatives and representatives of the trade union, on behalf of my bureau, Economic Commission and other relevant administrative departments on behalf of Representatives, committee office is located in Xining City, human resources and social security bureau. Labor dispute arbitration committee was established according to the law theory and the city’s labor personnel dispute cases, to promote the construction of labor dispute mediation arbitration system in the city, and to guide the city’s labor dispute mediation and prevention, protection of the legitimate interests of the parties, to safeguard social stability play a positive role. (at

  feeds on Mediation and arbitration);