Shanghai Longfeng small money single site sales Station

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compared with the past hundreds of Internet business portal construction, now seems to be a lot lower threshold, few friends know, find some good products, and then build a single page sales station, through the Shanghai dragon optimization or direct purchase of keywords ranking, with good sales performance can I sell a white friends, the website has just launched a month, can Japan sold about 5 boxes, earn nearly 20 thousand yuan, and this is just one of his website. So when many webmaster complaining about the website does not make money, might as well change the idea, from the old ideas out, do some small and beautiful sites, making money may not much.

2, the picture link set. For a single page, the most used is the picture, this is inconsistent with the principle of Shanghai Longfeng routine, so we had to settle for second, more work on the link. So, I suggest you not to copy others single web site, because you leave the link in the "most are others, is in the chain to help others, or if you sell the same product, which means you do propaganda in helping competitors. The picture, or to the original more awesome, more convenient for the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

1, Title title. Love Shanghai for the new sites included more quickly, if you use the new domain name had never used before, so stick 2-3 hours, love of Shanghai will be included, if not included, don’t worry, hurry to love Shanghai Post Bar send several posts with links, pay attention to, must take the link, because we the purpose is to let the love Shanghai breakfast included. Title Title Note: accurate, steady, ruthless. Quasi means you want the full analysis of most Internet users search keywords, keywords behind some of the long tail; stability is don’t change your title title, at least to maintain 1-2 months; that is to be prospective firm, set the keywords must search volume is the highest. I like 178dm will set the jeep men’s official website, then you can wait for the love of Shanghai included.

because of my company is to provide marketing strategy for the network, often to help owners planning sales letter or a single page station, see more, also inevitably Jiyang, and also built a Jeep men’s website, built after the discovery, the single page station of Shanghai dragon is actually very bad to do. When you don’t like the traditional website that the contents of the advantages and Links resources, only through some other channels for a single page station in Shanghai Longfeng, here are some of the ways I summed up, the more common but very effective.

3, Links set. As a single page station, and we are willing to exchange links with the owners certainly not at this time, don’t give up this idea, if you have a good website, can you help yourself, if not, can do their own keyword optimization in single page Links position, here you are not to write ten or twenty the problem, the hottest, long tail, can write write, then the chain on the site, increase the key.

Farrell Christmas special offer surprise + 9 yuan crazy redemption activityShare business ideas unde

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in time

active material has been added. Please get

how to do guest, I believe that many of my friends my obsession. After all, compared to other Wangzhuan form, Amoy really worry, very convenient. But in the policy platform is more strict, the user acquisition costs more and more high under the condition of Amoy is indeed more difficult to do. Of course, more solutions than problems, to master certain methods and techniques, or guest you will be in my hands of the meat and potatoes.

Please see

2. purchase any one non sale area goods +9 yuan, you can buy

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

3. new registered web site user, you can get 20 yuan coupons orders reached 100 yuan available, new accounts activated within 60 days

unique alliance

now has a big change in the access threshold and cost of user resources. Before doing a single page on sh419 can have a monthly income of over a million times already gone, now the Amoy to sustainable development, for the realization of the hands of the user resources reasonably and fully is the core of the core. How to aim at the realization of user resources, can adopt the means there are many, the output value of the content, such as shopping, share discount push, the form can refer to mogujie, dress and a variety of network spread in the ball on the discount group. According to the user’s cash, can be said to be the main mode of the Amoy profit advantage obviously, is the realization of speed and maneuverability, the two can develop user consumption habits, especially in dress, simply say the former page design, indeed there is a big problem, but in terms of content, a content model, since the media the initial dressing up until today, users repeat purchase rate is quite high. And this is worth learning for the new and old Amoy, users should not only have the content of binding, but also repeat the "consumption", so as to reduce the guest operation in the process of instability.

1., minimum 77% off

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

pays attention to the realizable ability of precipitation resources, such as commodity resources, time resources and so on.

note: the sale area sale channel website Rui fingering zone "goods

Tao want to live longer, more profitable, and fully mobilize all resources essential hand. In addition to the first point of user resources, we should also have a new understanding of other resources. For example, commodity resources, Amoy do for a long time, the hands will precipitate some mature marketing channels, the use of these hardware information gradually do its own brand, and the virtual into the real is nowadays a trend. For example, some friends will use store stations do guest, its essence is to open new stores, more than the official website selling low, earn commissions difference, the rebate network with different approaches but equally satisfactory results. But along with the policy to the risk, this mode of operation is also more and more, so many stores do not altogether promotion, to discuss the contract with the seller to buy goods, the corresponding products with lower prices, and sales channels for the promotion of the use of the hands. In addition, there are some friends to drill the loopholes of time. This how to say, more classic mode of operation, that is, before the list of promotion and group. The first is to collect guest commodity information by using the collector, and directly to the public to promote, because the list comes property is convenient, thus promotion effect is quite good. The second is the group promotion or WeChat group promotion, is the core of the main access to the latest information on commodities, "

is fully aware of the importance of existing users and promotes repeat transaction rates.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256


Farrell page: 3suisses.cn

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: weiyi

active time: 2007-12-19 to 2007-12-26

Hu Yilin cattle electric technology why don’t we do share the electric carTumblr’s success it’s an i

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YAHOO bought Tumblr for $1 billion 100 million, and many thought it was a gamble. However, I am convinced that the value of Interest Graphs is, in my opinion, that this acquisition is simply making a profit.

many APP, which grew on parasitic social networks, when the social network cut off the channel, these APP fell to the bottom, because the content of these APP is not worth enough, leaving users. Tumblr is different, it has accumulated a lot of valuable content before the rapid development.

1, the more specific the interest, the more valuable

some view points 2999 yuan pricing as a compromise in Dallas electric bicycle left in sharing — before the M1 and N1S pricing in more than 5000 yuan. "We can’t only care about first-tier cities, there are actually many small city government run public bike, but still have a lot of people to buy electric cars in the city, so from this perspective, the two form of products does not conflict." Hu Yilin said, "everyone and travel demand is not the same, for example, you may demand is from the subway station to the km road, then I need is that I do not want to squeeze into the subway, I five kilometers from home to the company can use the electric car."

Beijing on May 25th news, PandaWhale CEO, · co-founder Adam Rifkin Adam; Rifkin recently published an article about YAHOO’s acquisition of Tumblr transaction, he believes that this acquisition is worth.

Tumblr is different, you don’t even know you’ll see >

after reading the article, perhaps you will agree that Tumblr is more valuable than Instagram.

some big companies may think Tumblr is more valuable than Instagram, why is that so, let’s say something like this:

original text is as follows

Rifkin’s point of view is very interesting.

first, we need to figure out the differences between the two graphs. One is social graph and the other is interest map. The two are coexisting, contradictory and changing each other. Facebook, for example, is more social oriented, and Facebook users focus more on each other than on each other. Tumblr’s content is anonymously released and users are directed at content. Tumblr does not have to rely on other platforms because it has high quality content. If the author releases content in Tumblr, even though the reader does not know who he is, but pays for the content, the two also establish a relationship, which is also a social graph, though it does not exist.

before the press conference, the media had shared bicycle posters and full swing together. Although there is a big difference in cycling and sharing of property, but as a convenient means of transportation, two in the scenario is a hanging point many similarities: conservative life, affordable pricing and 30 to DIY to U1 is also defined as the electric car industry "open platform". On the other hand, full street shared bicycles are unlikely to play a positive role in people’s desire to buy electric cars. In fact, the concept of sharing motorcycles is also ready, some companies have got the investment began to launch, and the whole body with intelligent attributes of the calf electric car sharing is not difficult.

is an interesting example of Tesla, after the introduction of revolutionary products Model S, they immediately developed a PFP Model 3. Similarly, Mavericks electric cars also have a cooler M>

12 this month, Dallas electric new car U1 released in Beijing. To distinguish between battery size and mileage, U1 is divided into power version, urban edition, Youth Edition three versions, priced at 3899 yuan, 3499 yuan and 2999 yuan. Compared to the previous 6899 yuan N1S power version, 2999 yuan of Youth Edition U1 set a calf tram price history low. The new model also joined keyless start for the first time, enabling users to switch on electric cars without needing to insert keys. At the conference, the Mavericks electric also incidentally upgrade the brand to "cattle electric technology."".

"of course we want to make more people experience and use electric cars through technology, or to let more people experience the charm of technology. Sharing is one of them.". Someone once called us, consider sharing or sharing of electric cars, motorcycles, I think whether the shared bicycle mode, to see the Dallas entire business model with the future may go in the direction of what." Hu Gang, the co-founder of Niu electric technology, told dot technology, "we’ve definitely thought about sharing this, but we’re not going to do it for the time being.". We are a product company, the first to do a good job of products, this is the first."

then, what is the value of the interest map that Tumblr builds? 1. It allows users to express an extremely special interest. Two, more to the reader than to the author. Three, it has valuable content that does not depend on specific social relationships, temporary relationships, and platform relationships between readers and authors. Four 、 grasp user’s intention, especially commercial intention.

venture partner Greylock Partners partner Joe history · Ellman Josh Elman that: everyone’s Facebook dynamics and other peers of the same dynamics. A more than 20 year old man posted a post on Facebook, a more than 30 year old who shared a wedding photo, and a more than 40 year old looking at a cute photograph of a child.

Operating a lot of stationery shop decoration tips how much you know

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now, a variety of new projects continue to emerge, which will undoubtedly bring more choices for people. Of course, many people still prefer small investment. Stationery store is a lot of people choose to join, but also need to pay attention to the details of the decoration store a lot of details, the following are some simple decoration skills.

The decoration design of the spatial pattern of

Three space

the space: place assistant customer need and engaged in related work. There are two conditions: first, confusion with the customer space, one is separated from the customer space.

contact store: commodity space adjacent to the street, customers buy goods on the street, the clerk in the store customer service, and the clerk separated by commodity space.

, closed around the store: three spaces are in store, customers are free to choose goods, roaming, is actually open shelf sales.

can often see the school next to the many stationery shop business is good, but there is a common drawback, the space is too narrow, when people go shopping very uncomfortable. Therefore, the decoration must be considered to leave a room for customers to move, which will make people feel more comfortable.


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Ranking from seven million to nine hundred thousand, my English station is the way

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checked my English website Alexa before going to sleep. It’s already nine hundred thousand. From seven million to nine hundred thousand, these four months, I can say a lot of emotion ah. My website is on the line by the end of November. Before, I used a free space, two corn made a mobile game site. In the traffic to do two hundred when the space providers closed, and it is estimated that many unfortunate people at the same time.

then, in the middle of November, I bought an American space and started a station with Joomla. It took three days to become familiar with the system. Now some people do English station with the domestic system, I think in fact or abroad, do as the Romans do well. Also some people do English stand, or use the domestic website style, very fancy, must be done before the station did not seriously investigate foreign websites, hastily mounted. I made twenty articles for the PR update at the end of the year, and the website was released.

second days Google normal included. YAHOO is also included in about a week, but there are fewer pages. About the comparison of the three foreign search engines, you can write an article and say nothing about it today. After on-line, I updated two times a week, about three or four articles. Soon, Google began to flow, less time, a few IP, more than twenty or thirty ip. I remember once came forty, was so happy. But at this point, my IP was sealed. I am a virtual host, no way, who calls abroad is so open?. Fortunately, my site is in English, little impact, just update trouble points, ha ha, all foreign traffic here. Soon Google PR update, I checked my, ha ha, 1.

then insisted on updating. By the middle of the month, the traffic had reached sixty or seventy. However, one of my key words suddenly disappeared. At that time, I was very depressed. Fortunately, I just dropped the right and didn’t enter the sandbox. Just to go home for the new year, and then stopped updating. It was about five million, up two million. Within a month and a half of my home, I stopped updating and promoting. No way. In the country, there’s no equipment in the house. Finally to the end of February, the website has reached one hundred IP, ranking to two million. So two times a week, but also to strengthen publicity.

now, another month has gone by, most of the key words have been sent to the first five pages, and some of the key words have reached the first page. But the main keyword or no ranking?. Of course, the flow has risen a lot, already close to three hundred. Personally feel that the English competition is still very fierce. But if you have the resources or willing to invest, you can do it quickly. Or, if you are industrious and patient, you can do it slowly. From doing stand up, A5 is coming every day, hoping to find peer exchanges. But I haven’t met any real English station. Therefore, write down some of your own experience, and hope to communicate with some of the English station webmaster. In addition, I will write some of my own experience for your reference.

Vip.com’s market capitalization of nearly 100 billion, the secret of sustained growth is what

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Abstract: an electricity supplier company must be in brand reputation, high-quality products, user experience, logistics and warehousing get comprehensive promotion will attract more users, to some extent, the growth of active users also means good prospects for company operation.

, as I predicted last year, vip.com’s market value is steadily approaching the 100 billion mark.

big day thirty days ago, China’s largest sale of electricity supplier vip.com announced the fourth quarter of 2014 and full year earnings data, the main business data all rose sharply, the market value approaching 100 billion RMB. This opened a perfect "crested leading field in sale for the year of the goat sheep’s growth".

vip.com profit margins for nine consecutive quarters of rapid growth, and simply can not stop what is the secret? If you pay attention to the electricity supplier, then you should not miss this "in the stock analysis of vip.com."".

[earnings boost share prices, market capitalization approaching one billion]

after the earnings release, second days before vip.com shares rose nearly 10%, after soaring 15.18%, the last reported income of $25.11, a market capitalization of $14 billion 245 million, about 88 billion 800 million yuan. Hit a new high since the listing, stabilizing the status of China’s top five listed companies on the internet. The other four giants are BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and Jingdong.


strong earnings again increased the confidence of investors, investment banks have raised the price expectations for vip.com, which is expected to more Paget’s vip.com share price will reach $30 (according to the estimated market value of more than one hundred billion RMB). Apart from the steady growth of profits, I think the key point is that investors see the rapid growth of the number of active vip.com users.

comes with a key set of data:

vip.com fourth quarter growth in the number of active users to 12 million 200 thousand people, up 114.2% over the same period last year; the year 2014 active users from 9 million 400 thousand year-on-year growth of 150.4% to 23 million 600 thousand people, in 2014 the number of active users over 1.5 times more than the fourth quarter, the number of users to achieve a 28% growth.

To promote

growth in the number of users, vip.com fourth quarter 2014 total net revenues over the same period last year rose 108.9% to $1 billion 360 million (about 8 billion 498 million yuan); net profit growth of 122.8% over last year, reaching $56 million 600 thousand (about 353 million yuan), the nine consecutive quarter of growth of


[locking high-quality women, the future has a high growth bonus]

The rapid growth of

has a direct bearing on vip.com’s long locked user base.

has been, women are very strong consumer groups, but also business users. Western economists have long been aware of the powerful influence women have on the economy

A year and a half earned 50 thousand I also talk about my Wangzhuan experience

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actually do stand now count for four years, during the to do countless websites, you can make some personal station, just for fun, not to make money, that time is that what Wangzhuan words like purely deceptive, until 05 years of exposure to a called 3155 ad at the time of the alliance, realized that the original site can also make money. At that time my station is a station on the film, several movies registered advertising, every day there are some registered, each commission is 15 yuan, up 3, sometimes every 4 registrations, till the end of the month settlement, a settlement was 4, 500 yuan (later a few months after the discovery they deducted the amount of buckle is very serious), but for me, this has been a lot of advertising, it is the first time ah, I was just too excited, slowly I just entered the ranks of the people. The alliance is closed now, and it may be too serious. The owners have blocked it, ha ha.

well, I also said my true Wangzhuan experience. In 04 years I want to do recruitment, recruitment companies charge a registration fee to make money, the idea is to be, but did not focus on the website, no publicity, no time to maintenance of website, the results of the first station so young. 05 years of my own movie station traffic began to rise, 3155 union advertising effect is also good, but every month is that a few hundred dollars, so I really appreciate what is called Wangzhuan time is 05 years in June, I started to do YAHOO search and bidding, through the accumulation of nearly 2 years of Wangzhuan experience. I have learned a little, so that my advertising revenue by leaps and bounds to reach 3000 yuan every month, every month can sometimes reach 6000 yuan, I was so excited, the original cheating can get so much income ah, now think about every month to the bank to withdraw money the feeling is really very beautiful, ha ha. But good times don’t last long for a year and a half, the time, my account was finally closed, but it is worth, I forget, this time I got a total of $50 thousand in advertising revenue.

there may be a lot of people who don’t believe it, but it’s really my real experience. If people really want to know how I was cheating, I might have said never mind, after all, YAHOO alliance early are closed, that is not what the impact on them is not what high technology inside, is physical work, every day and night except eat and sleep is at the point of advertising, by AD IP, time machine, the number of clicks to uniform and not leave traces, believe it or not, anyway, I got the money in this way. After the account was stopped, so I made a stand, the purpose is very clear, is to improve the flow, so as to put ads on the site, I continued to make money, but only entertainment site for nearly a year, due to the site in the entertainment news with too many beautiful pictures, afraid of being qualitative for illegal websites, often public security bureau check site was bile conflict, then simply sell back. In fact, it seems to be nothing to do now

BBS how to die in the mobile Internet era, forums should also move up

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Once a

Internet era, there are countless stationmaster with a dream, from the perspective of regional and professional, from the station to the operation, touch a profitable way, hard left users, drainage, pull advertising to earn a little money, to achieve a lot of grassroots entrepreneurial dream, that is the bright shining dream ah. In the world of Internet tumbling, have to deal with thousands of changes, grassroots webmaster a sigh: webmaster is not easy. It’s not easy, and seems to have the money can wait to receive the day before a blog appeared, a moment later, micro-blog, now the big wave of mobile Internet has struck, but no one wants to keep the computer community dynamic, countless people sigh: BBS is dead.

How does

BBS die


blog, micro-blog, WeChat, BBS is the impact, but each Internet products exist in different forms, each other is not completely replaced. Micro-blog used to be prosperous and is now on the decline. WeChat is too high, but now also faced with the question, any product can not be divorced from the needs of users is given to pick. A product to decline, may be due to the strong impact of new products, but the root cause is itself, and has no longer catch up with the times, that can only go to ruin. Return to the forum, no matter from content or business model, are showing a state of vitality.

After all

operation or the webmaster feeble attitude. Many webmaster in abandon BBS, do not want to take care of the complex forum plate, do not deal with spam posts, BBS content quality greatly decline, sticky users, ignore the user experience. In particular, the impact of the mobile Internet, the lower cost of the Internet, the traditional way to use the computer bubble forum, but also led to more users from the forum drain.


forum has its characteristics still exist, no matter what kind of the forum, there will be sticky allows users to register to become a member of the user, and there are similarities between members of the forum, with a strong ability of a mob, create a community atmosphere to make users form a sense of belonging advantage. Starting from the forum, held on the floor, all kinds of irrigation, map, video and other activities, mobilize the interactive users, then hold offline activities, go. Owners through a variety of ways to stick to the user, let an active forum, visit the forum gradually, evolved into a kind of feelings, people is very emotional animal, said the BBS is dead, users are the forum a sad.

mobile Internet is a shock, but also a way out,

mobile Internet is coming, not to say that this is the impact on the forum, it is better to regard it as a way out. Mobile phone users in China exceeded the 1 billion mark in March 3, 2013. Mobile Internet users in the proportion of the national Internet users continue to rise, accounting for 66.2%. Take the biggest impact on BBS, for example, micro-blog, a considerable number of users to visit and send micro-blog’s behavior occurred in the mobile terminal, as of the end of 2012, mobile phone micro-blog users reached >

Novice exchange links and do outside the chain of misunderstanding

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is said that the PR value and block updated, I believe that many novices are desperately doing the connection, I as a rookie who has done for several years rookie, should not send any tutorials. However, looking at many beginners and I went to the wrong area, so here’s my little experience and share with you..

said, "it’s a bit of experience. It’s only a little.". That’s the anchor text that you do the connection. What will you do when you exchange links? Of course, you can explain your website name and the address of the domain name. Other general webmaster see after will do connect following contents: the following references cited content:

also thank A5 for giving you a platform to explore and learn from each other.. My new station bbs.infosjz.cn Shijiazhuang local gateway, there are friends in Shijiazhuang can come to see… Common development.

Nostalgia era has come to open the home 24 hours nostalgia Restaurant

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is like the popular elements of the clothing market in general, people in the pursuit of fashion, at the same time, it was found that the clothes had been eliminated has become a popular element. In today’s era, has become the era of nostalgia, so to open a 24 hour nostalgia restaurant, really is a very good choice!

The modern city

24 hour nostalgic restaurant’s address should be in residential areas or along the road, the initial investment 60 thousand yuan. 24 hours of nostalgia restaurant in the investment highlights two points, the first point, the time is long, 24 hours a day, customers can enjoy the service at any time.

to collect some antique market reflect the customs of the old black and white photos, old city street map, old player, music, clock, the old straw hat, old bag, porcelain, badges and so on the cultural revolution, the decoration in the dining room, the unique character of old objects, easily won the customers favor, in addition, the obvious cultural nostalgia look at the language, its catering properties, outstanding personality, very attractive.

"nostalgia" atmosphere to be strong, always put some old songs, to arouse people’s feelings of nostalgia. The clothes of the attendants can be changed at any time, such as the ethnic costumes, the clothes worn by the educated youth to the countryside, the military uniform during the cultural revolution, and the reflection of the customs of the farmers in the Northwest