Optimization of Shanghai dragon in the pictures do not ignore the

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Shanghai Longfeng Figure 2


website by channel page, page, column page and content of these pages, this is the homogenization of the web site is easy to make people feel is stereotyped, the website has its own characteristics, it will cause a copy to the site of the feeling, if we cannot do in a whole lot of changes, you need to do the details ready.

, GIF and JPEG are the most common image formats, we simply say what they are:

At present, PNG

especially from the Internet to find pictures should pay more attention to the watermark, if conditions allow the use of the original customers, as far as possible, after all, fell in love with the Pirates of the map, the similarity is too high, will not be included in the crawler.

generally, the official name of web page title is the website, is the highly generalization of a web site. So the website is the title of the best of your company or brand name. Keywords should choose the right keywords, you must take their own websites and maintain consistency, if the wrong keywords, you optimize perfectly, but also of no avail.

not only that, one of the pictures is an important link, many people tend to ignore the pictures, but choose the right picture is crucial to your web site.

JPEG is one of the most commonly used image format, but it images are highly compressed, may affect the quality of images, but it also depends on your settings.

Internet in the unceasing development, more and more enterprises to enter the Internet, want to occupy a world, make their own enterprises to obtain better results, Shanghai dragon have become an important supporting technology essential.

In addition to the

: GIF is a commonly used animation format, support 256 colors, but not recommended using realistic images.


picture from the network

image of the Shanghai dragon optimization is a large part of the same text keywords, search engine weights tend to the site itself. Picture Alt tag is recognized as the most important part of the picture of Shanghai dragon optimization, it often determines the ranking position of the picture.

PNG: it supports transparency and better color range, is three in the new format, the top two format is a good substitute, but not easy to be widely used to support.


users are most interested in the search, but also the most potential commercial value of the service means.


format, we also need to pay attention to some problems, such as the size of the picture is best not more than 200K, because the volume is too large, it will lead to the page loading speed is too slow, affecting the user experience, website bounce rate will be increased.


Share recovery is gradually down right after experiencing the love of Shanghai

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May 16, 2011, Taizhou examination network on-line version of the update information, I insist every day from dawn to dusk, collect the local examination information, including some unknown test, the first few days flow steadily rising, largely due to the love of Shanghai, because it gives me more than half of the flow, and according to the statistical results of love Shanghai and do the relevant Shanghai dragon, by May 25th, the cups, suddenly found the search "Taizhou examination network home key Taizhou exam and other related parts of the exam for 6 years in the major search engines before 3, even love Shanghai completely from the search results eliminated, it is difficult to find other included the search page, tzks is also not a trace, the first reaction is Taizhou sea K exam is love? The immediate search, found that there are more than 5000 pages of results, But in the first few pages or see the page carefully to find the N page, found the home tracks, can determine the Taizhou examination network love Shanghai serious drop right, originally wanted to take this time after the revision, the Taizhou examinations do strong, become the largest and most complete, the most well-known education examination website at this time, but the mood fell into a trough, love Shanghai so suck, let me feel heavy, anxious.

although the mood is depressed, but still have to look for remedies, so a careful analysis of the time correcting problems that may occur when the final results, the only possible problem is the revision to the original content, all transferred to the old directory, of course, I also consider doing so will lead to the original search engine included page unable to access, so I used a 404 error with jQuery, PHP technology enables users to access legacy content if there is no page, find the old file, if found to jump to the old version of the file, so for users, is quite friendly, yet for the search engine, did not do any good and it will only think this is a page missing, so after the new version of the line, love the sea every day to reduce the amount collected, a week, a drop of more than 5000 . Since we have found the problem, immediately began to remedy on the server to do 301 redirection, and restore to the line on the first day of the Shanghai dragon set, and then no adjustment, while ensuring all information is updated every day, try to provide some original content. Next day, Taizhou examination network traffic declined sharply after almost 3 days, fell in love with the sea in search of, included the amount recovered to more than 10 thousand, every love Shanghai has included Taizhou test network information, just home page snapshot or not refresh, fourth day home page snapshot has been updated, we continue to work in QQ, forum, blog and other places we can promote publicity, let Taizhou care exam net friend, come to visit, so there is no love in Shanghai, Taizhou test network traffic returned to be right down Before 50%, last for a week, that is yesterday, Taizhou examination of the home page snapshot is updated every day for 3 consecutive days, fell in love with the sea search tzks, tzks.c>

Shanghai love sick a large number of sites were not in the first home page

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article by the Wuhan decoration 贵族宝贝 original share, please indicate! Thank you

love this update after I found his home page is not the first, the first thought is their website is a problem, immediately think of is the first check Links, look there is no cooperative website chain being punished. The results of an investigation, scared me, I discovered that the original is not a station of the existence of such problems, but a large number of websites because this update page didn’t in the first. Please look at the picture:

to once again prove "love the sea really sick, I will query the Chinaz friends please link cooperation website:

love Shanghai big update from last December 8th, 9, I noticed this love Shanghai updated data absolutely out of the question, but when the data is updated in the volatile period, only thought to be able to return to normal after updating, unexpectedly after ten days, or no recovery.


Figure 2

found that the owners of the house, including the science and technology are not all home in the first place, so we can believe that "love the sea really sick". What time can return to normal, we can only continue to observe.

Figure 1 Links Cooperative Station on my website


After !

Chinaz Links cooperation website


An antidote against the disease understanding the working principle of search engine, and then do th

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3, import link

two, pretreatment – Index Program on page text extraction, data capture to Chinese segmentation, indexing, for ranking procedure call.

4, with the home page click distance

do you know "love Shanghai" the search engine is how to work? Have you ever doubt it, the same website theme, why in his ranking fell in love with the sea in front of me? Is the sorting algorithm of love Shanghai affect our website ranking. Well, we just feel out the love Shanghai is how to give us these website ranking, we can put our website optimization into an antidote against the disease it love website, ranking natural will go up


three: ranking user input keywords, calculate the correlation ranking procedure call index data base, then according to a certain format to generate search results page.

then came the question! We know, want to let our website let love Shanghai included in its database, we must let the love of spiders in Shanghai we are found in the vast Internet, the working principle of the spider web link address is the crawling pages of information, from the theory, the spider can all pages crawl and crawl on the Internet, but actually not, it will not do so, in this context, the spider has to do is try to crawl the main page. So, we want to let Shanghai Longfeng staff own more pages indexed, we must find ways to attract the spider to grab.

1, pretreatment. In some Shanghai Longfeng materials, "pretreatment" is also referred to as the "index", because the index is the most important step of pretreatment. We know that love is included in the database in Shanghai is not off the page, but the "HTML" label the source code, the search engine content preprocessing first remove HTML code, the rest of the text is just a line for ranking.

actually, the working process of search engine can be divided into three stages:

page update

, a search engine spider crawling and crawling through the following links to access the web page HTML code stored in the database, get.

is a search engine that meets several factors important page:

! and web page weight

we have to make our site close to the top of the 4 messages, will be included in the database and found a spider. Well, when our website information is included after the next love Shanghai can be divided into the following steps:

2, Chinese word (which is unique to Chinese search engine, who let us.

in addition to the visible text, search engines will extract some special information including text code, such as META tags in the text, image replacement text, Flash files in the replacement text, link anchor text.


The convenience store O2O really is a dead end Dare to try all the chips shopReflect on the site but

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1, in the address of the shop where the recruitment of investors, recruitment of 200 people, 3000 yuan per person. Specific data can be adjusted according to cost, need to protect the passenger flow of patronage inn.

2, investors shopping with app payment, in order to statistics the investor shopping situation, with the investor invitation code registration and shopping customers, also calculate the amount of money the buyer purchases.

the idea of raising all the convenience stores is as follows:

all chips convenience store

9, development investors backstage a>

stupid Wangzhuan network through the analysis, summarizes the four main reasons why the website does not make money, including don’t know how to use the site to make money, profit model is mixed but not only, do not know how to do network marketing, blindly follow easily the letter people etc..

how to break through this road, the author puts forward a new idea: "to raise the public convenience store", with the help of APP to realize to raise public convenience stores set up, operation and sharing, greatly enhance the convenience store sales, enhance convenience store competitiveness, reduce the difficulty of location. Maybe just a convenience store to raise public lack of innovation, but the author puts forward it and before several programs see the related article together, may produce a chemical reaction, to achieve disruptive change.

to raise the public convenience store is the idea of recruiting community residents a convenience store owner, enjoy the convenience store profit and value, so as to attract all the chips as far as possible through convenience store shopping, improve store sales, to achieve a more substantial profit.

7 stores, is jointly owned by the investor, and the headquarters is joined, commissioned by the headquarters management and delivery, if not satisfied with the management of headquarters, funded by APP vote for signs of self, or sell the store returns.

for how the Internet combines convenience store innovation, many companies tried, and now basically no universally recognized success stories.

in addition to these reasons, it should be said that attitude is also very important. Speculative mentality has let the webmaster lost too much. Only a short while ago, do a website or sit in front of the computer is on hundreds of websites, only a short while ago do casually is tens of thousands of thousands of IP January income N years ago although I did not want you in which time into this seemingly everywhere gold industry, but already there are too many owners have been looking for not to their landing sites, many webmaster always follow, what prospects, well done, good money to do what. Often a few days of frenzied promotion of the film, tomorrow will be crazy to promote friends. This may lead to a temporary gain, but a successful network takes time and loyal users to accumulate. In these days, but also is to make a part of the webmaster accumulated a certain wealth, such as today’s webmaster nets, admin5 diagram king, etc.. Webmasters need a good attitude. No matter what the industry, money is not earned, as in the streets of the hotel, every day there are new hotels opened, every day there will be the same hotel closed. Webmaster is the same, some webmaster every day and very relaxed, but earn very moist, some webmaster fortunately to midnight, but earn only their own living expenses. Now the Internet site in this industry, due to the prevalence of CMS these years, has greatly reduced the owners of this industry

6 can book fresh fruit through stores or app, which is part of the sales and profits of the entry shop and share.

as a webmaster, at least 2 websites? Know little point SEO money and promotion, each station 500IP not? Add up to 1000IP, shlf1314 and other 1000IP hang what alliance, I think 5 dollars a day is not a problem? It also has 150 yuan a month. Why is it zero income or even negative income? If you are a full-time webmaster, you can’t only have 2 websites, and it’s impossible for each website to have only 500IP. That is to say, your monthly income can not be less than 300 per month. Why am I so sure? Because I tried it myself. I made a picture stand, began a month about IP100, 2 months IP to 500, 3 months after IP to 800, after I was in charge of the IP, after half a year to reach 1500, just hang a few alliance, there are hundreds of dollars a month income. If it can be updated for a long time, the income will be more and more. Now the work is so hard to find, money is so difficult to earn, this income is not too difficult.

4, if the store loss, loss of 20%, the headquarters bear, 60% by investors equally, 20%, according to shopping counter proportion.

8, logic is to attract investors shopping demand, 200 investors in this store shopping, basically able to feed the stores. Therefore, investors can not be too small, the store priority in supermarkets, because no worries about the market, and more powerful than other competitors. Site selection is easier, developing faster and requiring less capital.

3, if the profitability of stores, a net profit of 50% to 30%. The investor, according to investor shopping proportion to the investor, the 20% is the headquarters of profit.


once in A5 webmaster BBS see a webmaster to make money investigation. The result shows, most individual stationmaster does not earn money, the income that make a website is zero or even negative number. This can not help the new owners of this industry, industry doubts. I want to ask the webmaster who doesn’t earn money. Why didn’t you make money?

Wen / Wisteria Park, Zhang Chen Yong,

5, a line on the online supermarket, investors buy supermarket goods online through APP, concentrated to the store after the customer delivery, convenience stores to meet the demand for convenience shopping, online supermarket to meet the family shopping on demand, online supermarket shopping on investor purchases.

Innovation and entrepreneurship Institute, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

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in the country’s call and support, colleges and universities are gradually adding a new function – to become the cradle of College entrepreneurs. Colleges and universities or set up innovation and entrepreneurship education courses, or to provide a special venture fund help, multi pronged approach to help college students to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

although entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities are still in the theoretical stage, there are a number of shortcomings in the practical experience, but with the continuous improvement of the education system, believe that after several years of practice and exploration, will produce more China university student entrepreneurs.

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Ma Yun does not endure hardship does not struggle what do you want to do

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"when you do not travel, do not take risks, do not learn, do not try to live a new life, all day QQ, micro-blog, Taobao, playing online games. What do you want to do when I’m 80 years old?"

What is

he eat bitterness, is already beginning to sleep only three hours a day, from N years ago to check data yesterday, do a little bit of careful incomparable; he eat bitterness, is to strive for a customer, and migrant workers crowded in a sleeper bus. Take the risk of being stolen robbed of the crash, while knocking the mail, while looking around surprised eyes; he eat bitterness, is a set of management methods in order to more reasonable system, and constantly and various leaders to work together, to ask, to think; he eat bitterness, is to sign a a large order, alone at home, watching other people in the world of reunion, decorated with their own love dreams; he eat bitter, for a listed projects, hundreds of thousands of words in the self-study materials within three days, make yourself from a layman in three days. An expert. Many times he fell in the mud, and even let others step on their own body.

he successfully made up the glory, only because he is.

How to effectively manage nail shop

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nail is very common in our lives, very popular with female friends, like nails, a period of time to do it, to provide a huge market. Nail market opportunities, attracting the attention of many entrepreneurs, many people want to do nail business. How to effectively manage the problem of nail shop, here are some.

Home sales network marketing is the most critical interaction

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with the rise of the electricity supplier, many traditional industries are facing the transformation of the Internet, and now, a lot of home buyers to join the store realized that the main direction of the development of the network! Because with the network market turnover rate is higher than the store, therefore, when you open the Home Furnishing franchise, to seize this one advantage, then shop in the market to get more long-term development is very simple! Among them, the most need to cause the attention of entrepreneurs is the home store network marketing interaction is the key!

"seckill" is the birth of the computer network technology promotion based on the core is "limited" and "super low", the purpose is to gather popularity, enhance the brand in the concern of the network. Furniture enterprise is have a brilliant future in this field, such as specially designed furniture a cool jewelry, planning a "seckill" in the shop, in a time range, the top 100 players in the online game lighting, you can get a chance, then let these users drying their photo on the forum or a blog or experience, through online voting to elect a few people as a brand spokesperson, let them participate in corporate commercials, this is a complete "interactive marketing" is completed, the enterprise will get great attention and brand reputation, through the Internet immediately can make a new product listing and hot.

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There are better reasons than dry cleaning

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entrepreneurship is a hot topic in the current society, or to get rich, or for the dream, a lot of people began to venture. But the entrepreneurial process contains a lot of risk, so some people want to join the model to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship.

before joining the dry cleaning industry, many people hesitate. In the end is a good choice or dry cleaning franchise stores. Through the following, Xiao Bian give you five reasons to choose dry cleaning franchise.

select Hefei management will be more standardized. Any one thing, there is a never mature to mature. From the standard to the standard process, the chain is also the same. From the introduction period to the development period, and now gradually standardize the government departments to develop relevant policies, from the legal system to regulate the chain market. Consumer awareness of the chain of more and more deep, more and more consumer awareness, the market has gradually standardized and improved. This time choose a dry cleaning shop to join the brand shop standardized operation is more advantageous.


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