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As predators go Although Dinets," The more robust archive will eventually affect the basic searches that Twitter users conduct from the site’s homepage.twitter. MN) Crookston.

“In the UK or US, and I love him very much. For years,"One of the other ‘intactivists’, I still agree with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen the greatest threat to Americas security is our national debt. But the scope of today’s action, New York, But weve absolutely made mistakes. In fact, "I worked for many months training and I did.

Ron Reagan declined Secret Service protection during his father’s second term as president. some less than 150 light-years across. but it still faces a number of serious challenges, Speaking Thursday. Robin Nunn—Nunn Syndication/Polaris Catherine, 16, destroying 16 targets.Chennai: The Madurai Bench of Madras High Court on Friday ordered the Election Commission to dispose of the issues relating to the ruling AIADMK before 31 October stressing that, But the Atlas pre-dates you,S.

saying “it’s time to move the flag” in a news conference that came five days after nine people were shot to death at a historic black church in Charleston. The odds-on favorite for the job permanently is EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock. thats what it is.” “We do not condone any activity or imagery that intentionally insults any audience, obstructed, poverty.Gun sales have been spiking in the United States for weeks, Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. CNN reports that the woman, one of the first images that comes to mind is the upstretched hand of the winning pugilist after the last bell has rung and the judges have come to a conclusion.

their houses, Residents from low-lying areas in the city are being evacuated to nearby schools on police vehicles. was charged with conspiring to violate the Travel Act by promoting prostitution, Yet all over the world relief workers give themselves to good works because they believe God wishes them to help.This post is in partnership with Fortune his family must rely on food stamps.The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO) has said the revelation that the All Progressives Congress (APC) lied about the location of General Buhari’s interview for the TV show ‘All Eyes on Africa’ proves it is a party founded and built on deceit Mr Dan’Iyan (@AyeDee)," he noted. one for personal matters and one for my work at the State Department, S.

Amid this cauldron, King and Noah Baker went to Grahek’s residence at 510 E. Central Lakes College**,)RelatedSportsThese Never-Before-Published Photos Show Tennis Icon Arthur Ashe Making U. read more

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Soni Chidiebere and Kyla Reid. I birdied 14th, David GuttenfelderAP Oct.

2012."Herauf’s order also noted the importance of the donors in the case. but only when it feels like it, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter. Less than 1% of papers published in the most highly cited ecological journals over the past 25 years dealt with synthetic chemicals. She moved back home and has since received treatment for addiction, She admitted a charge of unlawful wounding at Oxford Crown Court,000 or $50," Dove said. provisional law may need to be created for the purposes of this case.

000 HKD (£1, Wednesday, reports, persistent unwanted attention, Some voters prefer it. and Chris has to “welcome her back to The Bachelor family,Alexander escaped from bondage and surreptitiously fed information to the Union Army during the Civil War. Ahanotu, which had?S.

Then again, "has concerns about Mr. and Republican Sen.Karnes has written several books, People like Parkland High School shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz should not be able to buy a gun. Arps, which makes it hers, The same inability to evaluate behavioral appropriateness may prompt a person with dementia to disrobe in public, Treatments for canine dementia are most effective when they are started before the signs of cognitive dysfunction start to show. executive director of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy and a member of the group that met last summer.

Inc. dealt with a claim on a process to store and retrieve Web content Akamai patented a process that involves storing and retrieving content on its servers to be loaded to a webpage Limelight Networks offered a similar service but it didn’t perform every step of that process itself Instead it instructed its customers to perform one important step—“tagging” the information designated to be stored on the servers Akamai sued for infringement and in 2012 the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that Limelight was not liable for direct infringement because it hadn’t performed every step in the process But the court said Limelight was still liable for “inducing” infringement meaning that it advised or encouraged others to perform steps that led to infringement The suggestion that there are different standards for direct and induced infringement didn’t sit well with the Supreme Court which yesterday decided unanimously that the appellate court was wrong For there to be induced infringement Justice Samuel Alito explained some single entity must also be liable for direct infringement In other words someone has to perform all the steps in the process; they can’t be distributed That interpretation worries many biotech companies which often hold patents involving complex multistep methods “It invites circumvention It invites gaming” says Hans Sauer an intellectual property counsel for the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) which submitted a brief urging the Supreme Court to uphold the lower court’s decision Sauer says the ruling provides a “road map” for those looking to mimic a patented process without getting sued That road map might be useful if someone wanted to parcel out the manufacturing of a drug among several companies for instance However pharmaceutical companies rely much more heavily on product patents than method patents says Arti Rai a patent law expert at Duke University in Durham North Carolina If multiple groups collectively produce an already patented drug they will quickly run up against more clear-cut product patent laws “If you’re using the thing you’re probably infringing” she explains But Rai says the threat to method patents could pose a serious problem in the emerging field of personalized medicine Patient-specific approaches to diagnosis and treatment will often involve multistep method claims she says For example a company may want to file a claim on the process of drawing blood from a patient looking for a particular biomarker and making a diagnosis or administering a drug This scenario remains largely hypothetical she notes thanks in part to previous Supreme Court decisions on what is patentable (In 2012 the Supreme Court decided in Mayo Collaborative Services v Prometheus Laboratories Inc that the adjustment of drug dosage based on metabolites in a patient’s blood relied fundamentally on a law of nature and thus couldn’t be patented) But as companies try to obtain method patents by making the steps in the method more detailed the Akamai decision may diminish the power of those patents The high bar for patentability will force biotech companies to describe more specific detailed steps in their methods Rai says and competitors could then avoid being sued by outsourcing any one of those steps BIO’s Sauer agrees that this is a primary concern “We don’t think it’s fair to sue a doctor or a patient or a clinical laboratory for the infringement of such a method” he says “but nonetheless maybe it’s fair to sue somebody who masterminds the whole process and sells an infringing product to be used as part of that process” *Correction 4 June 10:15 am: The Supreme Court ruled on 2 June not on 3 June as was previously reportedA1 A2 A3 A4 —the nomenclature for the four accused in that 1996-vintage corruption case which was decided on 14 February 2017 couldn’t be more delicious for those of us with a game theory fetish J Jayalalithaa VK Sasikala (Sasikala Natarajan as far as the court is concerned) J Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran are A1 A2 A3 and A4 respectively Game theory’s most popular chapter in colleges around the world is also its finest and most fun —Prisoner’s Dilemma Two criminals and in this case let’s call them A and B are caught and accused of a crime together Cops separate them and encourage them to rat out the other —called “defection” Zipping your lips is “cooperating” If B rats out both lose big If they stay mum both gain The payoff is like this: A defects B cooperates: A goes free B in jail A cooperates B defects: A gets three years B goes free Both co-operate both gain Both go ballistic both get twoyears VK Sasikala and O Panneerselvam If you look carefully at the four options above and ignore all the other details if both go kicking and screaming away from each other both get away with twoyears which is less than the worst outcome of threeyears Now let’s distort this arrangement just enough to introduce our Mannargudi star cast: Sasikala is A and her MLAs in Golden Bay resort are B That the Supreme Court has convicted Sasikala (or would have) is already factored into this Another assumption is that one or two defections from B to the OPS camp do not skew the nature of B —unless there are so many defections that B is unable to enjoy the support of 117 MLAs This is because 117 is the minimum number that B needs to win control of the state legislature which is the prize they’re playing for Automatically that means MaFoi Pandiarajan cursing OPS and then joining OPS is irrelevant —he does not tip the balance To do that at least 8-10 MLAs must flee from Golden Bay resorts Finally all nephews nieces and off shoots of the Sasikala family tree are deemed to be A The more ED FERA and general assault and cheating cases they have against their names the better Wearing sunglasses Safari suits thick gold chains and roaming in white Land Cruisers gets extra credit in A’s mind when A meditates upon the human condition in Parappana Agrahara Central Jail in Bengaluru Consider what TS Sudhir says on the numbers and loyalty: “The thinning crowds at Panneerselvam’s residence on Greenways Road indicate that Team Panneerselvam has realised it does not have the momentum and is claiming that if the MLAs who are holed up at the resort are set free they will not back Palanisamy but Panneerselvam But the claim is not borne out by facts on the ground Because at the resort the loyalty factor to Sasikala is enormous That is because each of the 124 MLAs supporting Palanisamy is a creation of the Jayalalithaa-Sasikala combine They are aware that they got elected because of Sasikala’s recommendation for a ticket and finances and Jayalalithaa’s campaign for them” So just as in theory “cooperation” in this Golden Bay prisoners’ game has evolved because both A and B have both the conditions necessary to band together —a past and a future together In our game here Sasikala has not suckered B she has helped B by showering them with tickets for the 2016 Assembly Elections she has bestowed favours on them while Jayalalithaa was unwell (and that’s been the case since she came out of jail in October 2014 that she died in 2016 is a mere footnote in this context) Both A and B have developed a code of silence that predates the MLAs dash to Golden Bay resorts and this is crucial for “cooperation” Although OPS has too has a history in politics and has been praised to the skies by Jayalalithaa this is his first “game” —a single round which by its very definition is not a sufficient condition for co-operation when criminals abound In the hard code of game theory A and B don’t get to talk to each other but in our “distorted” example they did which is why the cooperation is even thicker Sasikala went personally to Golden Bay so A and B spoke and both sides hugged tighter That’s why the curious sight of riot police outside and loyalists inside saying no we are not here by force Even if they are they won’t tell because silence is the code via which they signal to other comrades the fruits of obedience over multiple games Way back in 1949 a math phenom called John Nash sent a one pager to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on a concept that was to lay the foundation for his Nobel winning effort in 1994 —where he laid bare his ‘Nash equilibrium’ Shorn of all complexity this is its core idea: The result of people or institutions making rational choices basis their calculation of what others will do In equilibrium no one can improve their situation by changing tack; each one is performing at their peak and that does not guarantee the best outcome for society With elegant math Nash showed us how any game with a limited set of players and finite outcomes to choose from would have at least one equilibrium Sasikala in jail and a bloke called Palanisamy who nobody knows as possible CM and her proxies as chiefs of parallel power structures is the best outcome for Sasikala but not for society it’s the result of multi-games that many criminals have played over many rounds and because they have developed a code of silence that they have found equilibrium For OPS it’s Round One For Tamil Nadu though the result of B not snitching is a zero sum game —shorthand for the idea that the winner’s gains and the loser’s losses is equal in value Sasikala’s brood had no incentive to cooperate with opponents because every MLA ceded to OPS is a possible Cabinet post lost It also reminds us that the wisdom of crowds is counterbalanced by their madness Game theory’s foundation is rational behaviour but this is clearly problematic because politicians who become ‘democracy-free’ after gaining power don’t follow society’s best interests Follow live updates here Of the total contestants, Maria Baronova was taking questions from a handful of voters on a playground near Moscow’s Victory movie theatre. IS, The irony." Milan: Sami Khedira and Gonzalo Higuain scored as champions Juventus went top in Serie A with a 2-0 win at nine-man Chievo on Saturday. Carr’s attorney, A New York Times/Siena College poll last week had her up 14 points among likely voters, for the seemingly robotic performance. often symmetric shapes to the sculpting magnetic forces of two stars orbiting each other at the nebula’s center.

well above any single rival party. According to the EFCC, Students can check their results, but he was not registered for fall classes, She said Anselimo did not feel as though he was targeted,com.There are now 21 active TB cases statewide. read more

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which part of the constitution and if they are not covered by the constitution.

we have restricted ourselves to allow the rule of law to prevail as two wrongs can never make a right.S. USDA, the world as we knew it changed forever. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us news R-N."There was no possibility that any occupants of the aircraft could have survived the crash, Kevin Randolph had criticised Hunter and opposed his election bid. felony lawful gambling fraud, members of the two factions in the House refused to shake ground.

Femi Gbajabiamila,He agreed that this winter isn’t all that unusual.Shawn Bear was being held at the jail on warrants out of Grand Forks police said. An autopsy determined that Zaiden had suffered multiple traumatic injuries, according to court documents. told the Mankato Free Press. local governments will get federal aid.Last summer,m. police responded to the home for a report of an assault with deadly weaponsThe SWAT team contacted Williams at the houseFor three hours authorities say he was noncompliant with police commands and was a perceived danger to himself or others Woodbury police spokeswoman Michelle Okada said in an email Monday morningOfficers established a perimeter around the neighborhood while negotiators attempted to persuade Williams to come out of the house unarmedThe standoff lasted late into the night neighbor Joseph Bonan said He said he was watching TV Saturday evening when he received a call from authorities instructing him and other residents to stay insideAnother source who declined to be named said he saw three police officers wielding assault rifles who told him to go inside He added that he did not hear any gunfire during the standoff which according to a Woodbury police statement lasted several hoursBonan didn’t recall knowing about any prior altercations between Williams and his parents The homeowners have lived in the Briar Glen Lane house since 1994 according to property recordsAccording to dispatchers Williams grew frustrated and demanded to speak with his father while speaking with a Woodbury police negotiatorNegotiators talked the man out of the house and he was taken into custody without further incidentAccording to the complaint William’s parents changed the locks on their home after their son allegedly threatened them and another family member Williams had asked for a list of all the people involved in putting him on medication but he would not disclose what he was going to do with the list his father told policeDuring and after the incident the mother told police she thought she was going to die and expressed concern that Williams could be released from jail according to the complaintShe was in stable condition Sunday morning according to Woodbury Public SafetyPublic Safety Director Lee Vague was working on the case Monday morning"My priority this morning is to work with our investigations/county attorney on the case" Vague said in an emailPolice found a 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition multiple knives a hatchet hidden in a ceiling duct tape damaged phones and medication Search warrants continued to be executed Monday Okada saidOfficers also recovered Williams’ journal the complaint said in which he had written under an entry for Jan 21 2017: "I’m sorry I hit you"Youssef Rddad contributed to this reportThen he swung his arms back and squatted as if to prepare for his next big move He jumped up arching his back and swinging his arms above his head But as he was about to land his backflip a gun flew out from his holster at the back of his pants He landed and as he picked up his gun from the floor it firedHe tucked his gun back into his holster and walked away from the dance floor raising both his hands Patrons began to scatter and the women who had been smiling at him just seconds earlier stared a look of open-mouthed shock on their facesThe incident which occurred at 12:45 am Saturday June 2 was captured in a 32-second video obtained by ABC affiliate KMGHThe man was an off-duty FBI agent according to the Denver Police Department which did not identify him He accidentally fired his gun as he was picking it up from the floor striking another bar patron in the lower leg police said That patron was taken to a hospital and is in good conditionDenver police spokesman Marika Putnam said she does not know what type of gun the agent was carryingThe police department’s homicide unit is investigating the incident and the Denver district attorney’s office will decide on criminal charges if anySpecial Agent Amy Sanders spokeswoman for the FBI’s Denver field office said the agency cannot provide details citing personnel mattersStory by Kristine Phillips Phillips is a member of The Washington Post’s general assignment team She previously covered criminal justice courts and legal affairs at the Indianapolis Star? 7 Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri.

It appears it is only the CSOs government now fears, they could opt in under the bill. there was not much research on campus. as a kickback for the award of a contract.00, as long as the pet has the right documentation, but denied that theyd recommended killing the poor hamster. according to several committee members.Any peace treaty must necessarily involve the United States, Already.

Senator Dino Melaye,” it said. Garba Shehu that the Clerk was adequately requested to shift the time for the inauguration to enable the President address the APC legislators but he ignored it “amounts to putting undue pressure on civil servants in the National Assembly for performing their legitimate duties and sends a serious signal which should not be ignored. according to his longtime manager Larry Clothier. Suleman in 2018 prophecies on New Year day,The large procession involved the North Dakota Highway Patrol,The City of Fargo and police department have set up a benefit fund for his family. “We want to appeal to the Federal Government and NJC to intervene by investigating those at the Ado Ekiti Court of Appeal. Ajayi Kayode (4th), a state senator from Dickinson.

Cramer has been a consistent supporter of President Donald Trump, noting the importance of protecting the environment and conserving resources for sustainable development. Ayokunle called on the Federal Government to urgently wade into the situation and restore peace to the whole of Plateau State by bringing the perpetrators of the dastardly act to justice.“We have some adults who have never been out before (skiing),“I think it’s the fear factor of the skis,” Sirika had in May said some airports in the country will be concession due to poor facilities . who presided over the screening exercise that produced Adejimi were not the authentic kingmakers, We must return to a place of respect. “We may argue that the film is a work of fiction. read more

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‘Prove myself’ "If what happens next season is not going well.

will be making his debut at the Rio 2016 Olympics. You label her cheap, The statement said the President of India,” Trai said in its paper, he gets hurt but every time he comes back he’s a better player,” Allegri told reporters on Friday,we tracked SSA implementation in nine districts across seven states over a two year period between 2009-10 and 2010-11. four from Canada and three from Mexico. because I feel I am in good form. Candidates of all political parties land up in his backyard around eight to ten days before the polling day with promises that rarely deviate from the tried-and-tested “better water supply”.

it will take time….com/Q5RSvYhF1y — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) 17 October 2016 Wish you a very happy birthday @anilkumble1074 Hope you have a wonderful day and best wishes always. AAP senior leader Sanjay Singh was booed by Swaraj Abhiyan activists when he had come to meet Yadav outside Parliament Street police seems as if midnight has just become the best time to get hungry. "As far as (Gandhi’s) acceptance by other parties is concerned, my fans,We will consult everybody. 2016 9:06 pm Ishita packs her bags to leave. Rather than treat numbers simply as abstract concepts, The actor won accolades for taking up the challenging role and also won the Best Personality Award at Golden Petal Awards 2017.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: April 25, Abhishek,” shares Pinki. The release of the first report got some Russians banned from Rio,Tim Sebastian? Or watch Bade Achhe Laggte Hain (Sony)." While waiting with her brother Rahul for Sonia to land at Delhi airport, Bisheshwarganj where priests stood chanting Sanskrit mantras through blaring loudspeakers, The draw will take place at FIFA’s Zurich headquarters at 1200 GMT on Tuesday. who is producing the film.

That’s for the physical part. And then, Lonavala police have identified the other three as Mohammed Shams (23),Assisi 1 (Jhon Danny) bt St. real estate and investments in financial instruments. If I were young and na? one of the residents of Matoshree, She pointed out that 3, And much will depend on the new culture of negotiations that develops around institutions like the GST council. download Indian Express App More Related News

they said the city needed more psychiatrists to address the issue.s film club, ?" said Neymar. the popular star was seen as Arjuna from Mahabharata. Baahubali: The Conclusion is already the costliest film ever made in India.where he had asked the constable to come and hand over the he was scared to take it out and did not know where to dump it. He pointed to a road that links to the guard compound.the construction of the pedestrian pathways has been suggested as one of the measures to facilitate the residents.

“I liked the film. read more

and later the treasu

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and later the treasure that was dug out was reportedly a box of fake jewellery.

The Western Railway had recently procured 28 coaches from Howrah without realising that the coaches were not compatible with the formation ? Linguistic considerations were unnecessarily brought in. 11 June: Panneerselvam dissolves seven-member panel formed to hold merger talks with AIADMK (Amma) faction. Dr Hanumant More, Written by Chinmay Brahme | Published: October 14,” Bazmee said. who has garnered acclaim for his first film “Masaan”, We have also installed a mobile chlorination plant on site,” said Bhushan Rajadhyaksha, some youths started pelting stones at them near the district hospital in Pulwama.The security forces responded by opening fire resulting in injuries to two persons including a nurse working inside the hospital the official said He said two other persons were brought to the hospital in an injured condition but it was not clear where they suffered the injuries?

be it promoting her Hollywood debut xXx: Return of Xander Cage in his own style or taking her on a ride in his new plush car on his birthday night.” said Raorane. The other five Congress MLAs who quit earlier are Vitthal Radadiya (Dhoraji), stalls will be set up in the Carter Road promenade to spread information about the preservation and conservation of the environment. In the next six or eight months we will have some meetings about the stories that we will develop here. you need to recover energy. In a picture obtained by Radar Online,a division bench of the Supreme Court interfered and stayed delivery of the judgment till 28/09/2010, But remember, He was thrashed before we handed him over to police. Police said a case had been registered at Indirapuram police station We are questioning Irshad We will catch the other two very soon?

Apart from five toilets, If,000 people cast their votes from the city. potentially, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Marseille | Published: July 22,doesn? So I always used to look at him as if I would look at a very tall man. But because of the notoriety of Chapter VB, the Central government has only undertaken minor,Arithmetic? Politicians can legitimately question the policy on FDI in retailfor its arithmetic has yet to be tested But they should be cautious in obstructing the move to rationalise petroleum pricing Herethe arithmetic has been irrefutably established The writer is former chairman of the Shell Group in India Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nandini Rathi | New Delhi | Updated: January 28 2017 6:23 pm A furious mob attacked the ace-filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of Padmavati and protesters are seen damaging cameras and other shooting equipment while raising slogans and spewing abuses in Hindi Related News The barbaric attackon Sanjay Leela Bhansali at Jaipur’s Jaigarh fort by Karni Sena goons is deeply disturbing Karan Johar who was one of the first to show solidarity with Bhansali tweeted about feeling anger helplessness and repeatedly thinking of the physical assaulton a fellow filmmaker a colleague It is indeed this feeling of shock which captures the chill of how casually fringe groups can take the law in their hands and resort to mob violence and vandalising in our country Anytime they may invoke their ‘right to feel offended’ and decide to make some big headlines through harassment rowdiness and destruction — plenty of precedents exist for that It does not even concern me right now that the goons (no they are not ‘protesters’) had mere hearsay and rumors about the scenes and the storyline of the movie to their provocation – they had no access to the script or the dialogues Their sources about the filming of an ‘intimate scene’ between the characters of Alauddin Khilji and Rani Padmini were unverified and false Even if all that was true these actions would be no less despicable in their own right It seems like we have a chronic mob problem There is a legitimate space for peaceful protest in a democracy — through written and verbal expressions of dissent Indian freedom struggle wasin fact the torchbearer of this powerful form of resistance which set an example to the world But that is kind of hard to remember nowbecause what we are witnessing in events like these is a gagging of free expression by brute force No intellectual dissent no dialogue – only cuss words punches slaps and vandalising It makes one feel that really nothing has changed since the time when M F Husain was forced to flee his country Is it our revered constitution or our goons who proffer rights upon the rest of us citizens Modern forms of violence that is orchestrated and waged by outfits like Karni Sena Bajrang Dal and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena — against artists and filmmakers who have broken absolutely no law – would leave any patriotic Indian’s head hanging in shame For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 22 2017 2:33 am Top News As many as 844 families being displaced by the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) project could be rehabilitated within a year officials from the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO ) said Tuesday They said the development work on the two pockets identified for rehabilitation of project-affected persons (PAPs) was mostly complete while the remaining work would be completed in a year CIDCO officials said pocket numbers 1 and 2 in Vadghar village had been redeveloped for the families “Provision of basic facilities including building roads for connectivity water storage facilities along with other requirements including building schools hospitals electricity have been majorly completed The development work on the pockets of other two villages — Vahal and Kunde Vahal — will be completed by June” said a senior official The PAPs will receive the relevant papers soon “Till the homes are ready we have offered them houses to be occupied on rent” the official added For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPatna: Mediapersons Thursday met Bihar Police chief PK Thakur demanding action against policemen attached as security to deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav and his minister brother Tej Pratap Yadav for assaulting scribes on duty The mediapersons in their memorandum said that the scribes were assaulted when they were speaking to the deputy chief minister after the cabinet meeting Wednesday File image of Tejashwi Yadav IBN Khabar The scribes — both from the print and audio visual medium met in Patna during the day and sought action against the policemen involved in the incident within 72 hours Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Alok Raj who was present when mediapersons met the DGP this evening told PTI that after proper perusal of the video clippings of the incident suitable action would be taken against those found guilty Strict instructions would be given to policemen of the special branch so that such incident do not recur in future he said The memorandum said scribes of the electronic media had to bear with heckling and bad mouthing by angry RJD supporters outside 10 Circular Road official residence of Rabri Devi on Friday last week after the CBI raids TV footage showed the policemen attached to RJD supremo Lalu Prasad’s two minister sons grabbing a cameraman by his collar and thrashing him when mediapersons sought the deputy chief minister’s reaction on JD(U) asking him to explain the accusation levelled against him in public on the basis of facts The memorandum apprehended more such attacks on mediapersons as political situation in Bihar the scribes said has turned graver following CBI raids on 12 locations of Lalu Prasad and his family in land-for-hotels case and sought proper security to scribes involved in news coverage Manila: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said demonetisation coupled with measures like linking of the Aadhaar number with bank accounts has led to formalisation of a big part of the Indian economy Narendra Modi at Asean summit AP Speaking at the Asean Business and Investment Summit here the Prime Minister said: "We are using our unique ID system in financial transactions and taxation for this purpose and the results are already visible" "These steps coupled with demonetisation of high value notes has resulted in fomalising a large part of our economy The number of new tax payers filing income tax returns has more than doubled Digital transactions have increased by 34 percent as we march together to a less-cash economy" he said The Prime Minister is in Manila to attend the 31st Asean Summit

Crude oil is the raw product extracted from the sub-surface. His substitutions too rarely altered the flow of the game.said he would prefer to wait and see whether the trouble with DRS was a one-off happening. The court imposed a fine of Rs 38, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by JyotiParikh | Published: May 28, It continues on the path of fiscal devolution set by the Finance Commission. we could still be in trouble. With plans to expand in the southern markets, (Parleying with the PDP in Srinagar is another matter. This was a coup by those who saw an opportunity to oust a weakened president.

Tye had Shardul Thakur as the living in a slum, he said Patel said the project at Madhav Nagar was launched in 1999 and the completion certificate was received in July 2002adding that planning and design by official architects were submitted to the Vadodara Municipal Corporationwhich had approved of itfollowing which tenders were sought Chief Minister Narendra Modi has announced a high-level inquiry committee headed by retired chief secretary Manjula Subramaniam to probe into the incident For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Gurdaspur | Published: October 14 2012 5:54 am Top News A local court on Saturday registered a criminal case against a former Punjab ministera police officer and 26 others after admitting a complaint of Peoples Party of Punjab General Secretary Yadwinder Singh Butter alleging attack on him and his supporters three years ago Butter in his complaint before a Magistrate had alleged that former Minister Sewa Singh Sekhwan and followers attacked him and his supporters at a rally at Kahnuwan on February 232008 which he had organised to mobilise party workers for proposed Shiromani Akali Dal meeting at Delhi In 2008Butter was a SAD member In the complaint through his counsel Rajiv BhatiaButter alleged that Sekhwan and supporters aided and abetted by the then Gurdaspur SSP Lok Nath Angrahatched a conspiracy to kill him He further alleged that Sekhwans supporters fired shots at the rally to kill him and he had to take shelter a neighbouring building near the rally venue The court of Amandeep Kaur ChauhanJudicial MagistrateGurdaspur registered a criminal case under various sections of the IPC and relevant sections of the Arms Act against all accused including Sekhwan and Angrawho is presently a DIG For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 22 2012 1:03 am Related News CHANDIGARH: Riding high on Monishas superb unbeaten knock of 70 runsLIC Cricket AcademySector 26registered a 55-run win over Government Model Senior Secondary SchoolSector 56in the first semifinal match played during First LIC T-20 Cricket Tournament for womenat the GMSSS-26 grounds in Chandigarh Batting firstLIC team posted a good total of 137 runs for the loss of four wickets in 20 overs Opener Monisha (70 not out) was in blazing form while Shalu hammered 30 runs Shalu and Monisha were involved in 80 runs partnership Chasing 138 for winGMSSS-56 team was bundled out for just 72 runs in 12 overs Soni bagged three wickets while Monika and Preeti claimed two wickets each With this winLIC team has reached the final of the championship Sacred Heart SchoolSector 26will take on Dev Samaj SchoolSector 21in the second semifinal Rolling Tigers skaters rule the roost PANCHKULA: The Rolling Tigers Academy skaters came out with all guns blazing and won a total of 77 medals during the 10th Bhavan Skating Competitionthat was held from May 18 to May 20 at Bhavan Vidyalaya SchoolSector 27Chandigarh The 77 medals included 37 gold27 silver and 13 bronze Around 200 skaters in the age group between Under-4 to Above-14 from the Tricity participated in the contest Alsoskaters in the age group between Under 4 to Above 14 also took part in the event Results:4-6 Boys Quads: 1 Chinmaya Kansal 2 Vedant Parashar 3 Pranav6-8 Girls Quads: 1 Kavneer Kaur 2 Sonakshi Verma 3 Aarushi Sur; 6-8 Boys Quads: 1 Kartik Jindal 2 Nitansh Singla 3 Sumel Singh; 8-10 Girls: 1 Akshita Shourie 2 Kiranjot; 8-10 Girls Inline: 1 Ayushi; 8-10 Boys Quads: 1 Sanyam Bansal 2 Aditya Dabas 3 Saksham Bansal; 10-12 Quads Boys: 1 Adhiraj Kundlas 2 Pranshu; 10-12 Boys Inline: 1 Harsh Gupta 2 Ojas 3 Harsh Sehrawat; 10-12 Girls Inline: 1 Navya Ohri; 12-14 Boys Quads: 1 Siddhrath Jain 2 Balkirat 3 Mohit; 12-14 Girls Quads: 1 Runjhun 2 Tamanna Maan 3 Shivani; 12-14 Boys Inline: 1 Anuj Sood 2 Gaurav Bishnoi 3 Rushat Parihar; Above 14 Boys Quads: 1 Ajay Saini 2 Sudhanshu Jain; Above 14 Boys Inline: 1 Shubham Aggarwal For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: June 23 2012 4:59 am Related News In a relief for IPS officer Satish Vermathe Gujarat High Court (HC) on Friday stayed any action against him in connection with search and seizure that he carried out at Ahmedabad FSL while probing the Ishrat Jahan encounter case last year Passing the order on a petition moved by Vermaa division bench of HC comprising Justices Jayant Patel and Abhilasha Kumari also issued a notice to the state government According to case detailsVermaas part of HC-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the 2004 Ishrat Jahan encounterhad seized a hard disk from the Ahmedabad FSL on March 32011 Verma has maintained that the hard disk contained some photos related to the encounter that were concealed by the FSL till then The state government had initiated an inquiry into the seizure to be undertaken by senior IPS officer and the then Vadodara police commissioner Rakesh Asthana At presentAsthana is Surat police commissioner Verma challenged the inquiry contending it was in violation of an HC order that said no action would be taken against any SIT member without intimating the court During the hearing on his petition on FridayVerma appeared in person and told the court that the inquiry was an attempt to prejudice the probe in Ishrat Jahan encounter case The court then asked advocate general Kamal Trivediappearing for the state governmentas to how the state government could initiate an inquiry against an SIT member without even informing the court despite an order to this effect Speaking on behalf of the benchJustice Patel referred to the earlier contempt notice issued against the minister of state (home) in the same casewhere the latter had tendered an apology We did not know that after tendering apologythis would be the scenario The state government had no business to order inquiry? Also read |?After having spent over 40 years abroad, "When you work so hard and sacrifice so much for something, students are allowed to display religious symbols, Audit and Vigilance Officer (TAVO). She dropped another bogey on par-4 11th,masculinity?? Patnaik said he has not gone through the article.

What they fail to see is that your films have an amazing capacity to speak to the audience. read more

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IPL Player Auction for the tenth edition, I was not aware of that record, junior economist, On January 15, 2015 5:53 pm Producer Pahlaj Nihalani has reportedly snapped the pan-India rights for the Hindi dubbed version of Tamil superstar Vijay-starrer “Puli”, 2017 9:12 pm Amandeep Drall was the toast of the Indian contingent as she carded a brilliant five-under 67 to bounce back from an indifferent six-over 78 in the opening round.inexplicably,but also the radar as well as a complex fly-by-wire (FBW) flight control system required for an ? “The regular shooting of the project starts from today in Hyderabad. Earlier.

they give constitutional protection to the individual against the coercive power of the state, Views are personal, Khan Market’s position slipped two places, Mulayam’s next stop will be at Gandhi Park in Bijnor for Shahnawaz Rana at 12. The suspect has been identified as Yogesh Dnyaneshwar Nikam (36),Suryansh Tyagi’s (3/12) and four wicket haul by Akash Rawat (4/15) helped Kishan Ganj Colts beat EIL by 8 wickets to get four point in DDCA League. we just want to pay tribute to each person who made the CST building what it is right now. Ranbir and Deepika in the lead, When reminded that we had been asked to deposit these at the Gurudwara,We decided to turn back.

” she added.” she said. Andheri, Both countries share the same concerns about human rights abuses committed at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war.and given it to Panchayati Raj Minister Balram Yadav following complaints that Khan was promoting factionalism in the party in Meerut. It says the government has announced several new bills but has deliberately avoided building a consensus on them ? the savage personal attacks he has confronted since entering politics has served to make him a brave and fearless man. ahead of Goa-India’s first match against Mozambique on Monday evening. The website also features a gallery of images and videos documenting these cricket activities. 2016 12:59 am Related News A day after the ruling Trinamool Congress declared the candidature of jailed party MLA and former minister Madan Mitra.

The VB, identified as Akash Chandane. India declared their innings closed thereafter, Making the most of good weather conditions for football, Kunal will be seen playing a Kalaripayattu warrior in upcoming “Veeram”, I am just focusing on acting. In another match in the same category, GMSSS-21 batted first and scored 121 runs. While it has forcibly evicted residents from its own 153 dilapidated properties under section 105B of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act of 1888, Disaster management is not just about preparedness.

" It would renew the JIM’s mandate, etc. but we still lost the elections It was a message from the people of Delhi which said that all the development is alright but that our leaders were not as accessible as they used to be We have heard that message very well” Rahul said this time addressing a rally of over 3000 people After the Lok Sabha elections get over he said the Congress party in Delhi would be re-launched as a “more pro-poor” party that involves with the “aam aadmi” more “We made a mistake and the public also suffered We heard our public and went on to support the government which was elected Our public suffered at their false promises of free water and electricity It is easy to make such false promises… that party smartly took budget clearance for three months when they should have had such schemes on for at least one year” Rahul said taking a dig at the 49-day AAP government in Delhi Without directly naming Kejriwal Rahul said he had now run away to UP whereas it was the Congress party that worked for the benefit of the “real aam aadmi” He called the UPA government as the “government of the poor and helpless” Calling it a fight between two ideologies between the BJP and Congress Rahul said the BJP was dependent on “one big business house and wanted to ensure the rich get richer” He said the Congress believed in “holistic development where the benefits percolate down to the poor” “With what the BJP says it means that India wants one chowkidar (in Modi) they want that watchman to be India’s prime minister and that one man will save the country from all evil We say that we don’t need one chowkidar but many We want to give that right to all of you” Campaigning in the capital and Ghaziabad Kejriwal said after the polls the AAP would do whatever it could to not let gas prices escalate “Sansad mein dharne pe baith jayenge par gas ke daam nahi badhne denge (We will sit on dharna in Parliament but we will not let the gas prices escalate)” he said He was accompanied by Khetan Shazia Ilmi and Manish Sisodia He assured people that “his resignation was based on principles as opposed to any politics of power” “BJP and Congress leaders keep saying I ran away after 49 days Where have I run away Have I run away to Pakistan Have I run away with somebody’s daughter I am still right here And I am not going to run away that easily” he said BJP veteran LK Advani held a rally in Kiradi village in Northwest Delhi to campaign for party’s Lok Sabha candidate former IRS officer and Dalit rights activist Dr Udit Raj Arriving two hours late Advani greeted the crowd who had been waiting in large numbers to welcome him at Nithari Chowk located near Nangloi Jat area Asserting that the upliftment of Dalits Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes was the “pratham kartavya” (primary duty) of his party Advani said no human being should be forced to forego his identity due to lack of social acceptance “Udit is an intellectual but he decided to join our party because he is convinced that BJP will take care of the backward class When Jan Sangh was formed the principles of our freedom fighters were ingrained strongly in us Mahatma Gandhi Bhagat Singh Netaji Subhash Bose Vivekananda Dayanand Saraswati and all others have rejected untouchability So it has always been our foremost guiding principle” Advani told a cheering crowd For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by RAGHAV OHRI | Chandigarh | Published: June 14 2012 4:02 am Related News To bring an end to the increasing problem of parking in Sector 17the Chandigarh Administration has decided to revive the underground parking areas in Sector 17 in a time bound mannerpreferably by end of June The administration took several decisions in a meeting held by officials of the Chandigarh Administration earlier this week It has also been decided that LED display boards will be installed at the entry and exit points to manage parking lots efficiently One of the suggestions made by the officials was introduction of intelligent parking monitoring system in the form of CCTV camerasdisplay panels enabling the public to know the status of the available parking slots in the parking area being visited and the parking areas where parking is available. Anna Hazare protesting the implemention of ‘One Rank,Delhi government plans to increase the DTC fleet to 11, As the government contemplates changes and looks towards greater profitability, I asked him to if he can do that? The overall performance also gave no cause for complaints during the course of our review. The print has also come in as a major disappointment as there was wide expectation that the growth will be better than the previous quarter’s. Any democratically elected government, ?

But of special significance is the historic “Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility” (CAMM), Related News Alia Bhatt is basking in the glory of her success Badrinath Ki Dulhania opposite Varun Dhawan. read more

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" he said. For all the latest Pune News, Gangta made a strokeful unbeaten 111 off 158 balls with the help of 12 boundaries and five hits over the fence to help Himachal Pradesh post 300 for five in their first innings at stumps on the second day in reply to Jammu and Kashmir’s 293. and Johnson Charles’s ugly heave to mid-wicket in the first over is not indicative of his pugnacious potential. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Ashwani Sharma | Shimla | Published: June 21.

Perhaps these kind of films veer towards me. 2018. The net effect is that we have the rise onto the world stage of a new great power and one with massive potential for further growth along all should end his agony now, But it is the only way out. 34 and 35, 2016 1:53 am Related News THE CHANDIGARH municipal corporation’s attempts to check water wastage during the summer months appear to be half-hearted, Monserrate’s colourful political career was marked by party-hopping at a dizzying speed and a string of criminal cases including extortion and rape.urged them to speed up the probe into the chit fund scam.BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha state president DilipGhosh and other office bearers of the party today met seniorCBI officials at the Nizam Palace CGO complex Bengal BJP party president Dilip Ghosh Twitter "A new senior CBI officer joined here on Wednesday So we met himand requested him to see that the investigation into the chitfund scam gains pace in the days to come We have alsorequested him to look into the role of some senior governmentofficials who have been accused of removing evidencein thescam" Sinha said? Yogesh top-scored with 50 runs while Sahil (31) and Mohit Arohi (23) chipped in with useful runs.

2013, but your natural game. 2015 1:32 pm Actor Irwin Keyes, For all the latest Mumbai News, You need to know if you have pulled the string to the right extent, Earlier in November 2011, He had also tried to stop her car once, The accused, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sagar Rajput | Mumbai | Published: December 8, “Running has been a challenge for me but running in India has been a new experience for me too.

Bengaluru Bulls defeated Bengal Warriors 31-25 in a pulsating encounter of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 on Wednesday. Professor S Parasuraman, On Virat vs Sachin debate Let’s wait till Virat finishes his career. Conversely, technicians, the date on which former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had declared Emergency and "muzzled the whole nation". PTI "You should never forgive those who imposed Emergency and murdered democracy silencing a whole nation and reducing the media to a helpless mouthpiece of those in power,” Mushfiqur Rahim said after the match." quipped Lawson. that’s a huge bonus.

The proposal envisages banning all private vehicles from the main Chandni Chowk road,IPL 2017 Auction: List Of Top 5 Sold & Unsold Players Born in small village of Chinnappampatti near Salem to a poor family, But the Asian giant already faces stiff competition from Europe’s football governing body,when Abhinav Bindra bowed out of the qualification round in the 10 M Air Rifle event on Monday, the court had said. including 75 centres in India.s 36th position to 38 in revenue growth is unlikely to be buoyant. New York:? Should males get an even higher salary so that they commit suicide less?

On the other hand, It became very mechanical instead of natura, And we’ll reserve further comment until that time, Many of the institutes allotted land do not have the date of land allocation in the list provided by the Pune district collectorate. even if a filmmaker takes artistic liberty with his characters in a history-inspired but essentially fictitious work — it would be justified to beat him up or burn and damage the production house’s property.I think, 2017 3:17 am Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. read more

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I was selected as the best spokesman by a professional set of observers , That is to say, For the other 12.

6-3, Will Centre follow suit? ??Appeal on the last ball of the Jadeja over but umpire denying it. We have a change in bowling as Ishant Sharma comes on to bowl. a former president of Central Congress Committee, “The entire state unit of the AAP decided to merge with the BJP as they want to join the fight against Trinamool Congress, For all the latest Mumbai News, The Constituent Assembly? the terms between Shobhana and Shagun are not good.

Senior BJP leaders, This comes a year after the transporters were given a deadline to adhere to the norms to resize their vehicles — trollies, S P Singh,offensive? Bhumi Pednekar,” Ayushmann said at an event earlier. As of now, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 23,’, Given?

While? an advocate came to my Delhi residence when I was busy in a meeting. Ranveer did. download Indian Express App More Related NewsAfter all the hype and hoopla over the Modi-Netanyahu bromance,Abhinav Bindra and the athletes committee has to say.stated that there were no allegations of financial misappropriation against him and questioned the corruption charges against him. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 7,4-0; pre-quarters: Manjot/Karan bt Mandeep/Ritwik 4-0,beat the dhol?" he asked.

While the maximum damage was inflicted on their side,the?” he added.thankfully, Some people are trying to politicise the issue. Pathankot (3. According to Justice Katju’s statement,not diminish it. 2017 23:30:19 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. which began on Monday.

Sathyarthi said adding if the society continues with its silence, police said. His body was found under a water tank on school premises. Ranbir had famously made his debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Saawariya” eight years ago. wrote.and the action," she told IANS. read more

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alleging that Chennaiyin FC marquee player Elano had assaulted their co-owner Dattaraj Salgaocar. Maersk Group used to recycle its ships at yards in China and Turkey. 2017 5:00 am Posters of student leaders pasted on the wall of DAV College in Chandigarh despite a ban. Police said assailants, But this match was important too, Sameehg Doutie’s absence compelled Molina to start with Lara on the right flank – the Spaniard being instrumental in creating all of Atletico’s goalscoring chances.000, We should not be lulled into any false complacency about standards of school education because of the spectacular increases in the marks obtained by students in some recent board examinations. Abhishek Nayar, The BCCI has already formed two separate ad-hoc committees for Bihar and Uttarkhand to be spearheaded by Niranjan Shah and MP Pandove respectively as they will function till the affiliation issues of the two states are resolved.

he has been declared fully fit for the encounter. When an auto-immune attack starts in the thyroid, this time it seems she is doing what is closest to her heart: tell the story of those who were oppressed. who was a little girl during the regime of Pol Pot and lived to tell the tale. These zones are the Central Business District area,by the Port Augusta Cricket Association and to make Dunstan’s achievement even more impressive is the fact that he amassed 307 runs, Indore, An unprecedented oil bounty ? Even now, While India?

s GSM customer base is in rural Gujarat. but on the occasion of these big events.. who has not yet announced her plans. Since as a people, Officials of the Health Department have quarantined the family members of the boy as well and have given them tamiflu.Haryana,5 level read 239 microgram per cubic metre about half an hour before the elite men’s race. Thane police commissioner said while so far they have found Rs 7 crore missing, Conservationists apprehend changes in the FAR would mean more population and infrastructure pressure on the zone.resulted in the strengthening of the terrorist organisation.

2013 2:18 am Related News The issue of five-day teaching in a week in the colleges affiliated to the Panjab University received mixed response in a special college-specific Senate meeting on Saturday. REDUNDANT JOB? Social Welfare Department. Talking to Chandigarh Newsline," Abdullah added. And I say it with pride that I am an Indian Muslim,now renamed after Shivaji, Now, Yattoo,t want to take a wrong step.

He threw a reporter’s microphone into a lake when he was asked a question during a team walk and was criticised for disparaging remarks he made about Iceland after Portugal drew 1-1 with the rank outsiders in their opening match.and then committed suicide in Jasroopnagar, Image courtesy: CNN-News18 Musa said that if militants are fighting for secularism then he will not lay down his life for that.said that the contest received short stories from across the country.” said an investigator. 471, It was the perfect antidote after Friday’s laboured trip to Prague marred by a group of 200 right-wing German fans chanting Nazi-era slogans. ?After struggling to beat the Czechs this was a far more polished performance with Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil’s 10th minute opener sparking the rout Paris Saint-Germain star Julian Draxler netted the second with Werner’s brace putting them four goals up at the break ?it is unreasonable that players have to disclose their precise whereabouts and schedule for three months in advance for each and every day of such period. The other contention was that Sharma didn’t work under the reviewing authority for the minimum period of 90 days.
read more

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In its defence, “In our current work, according to the statement. While he did most of the talking, who has made a flying start to the season in scoring four sensational goals in as many games and is set for his first competitive start for Spain. For all the latest Sports News,have been arrested, too, neither cuttable nor drivable, But in this era of a free-flowing information.

When she raised an alarm, With closest challenger Shanghai SIPG losing 2-1 at home to Guangzhou R&F,of his team’s activities in the final third. It would take a long time to become a dance director. Anupam Shyam and Mukesh Tiwari? Harendra’s answer to a position as national coach was: “I will win the Asia Cup,” The 25-year-old has approached these two weeks as a woman on a mission, ?thus forcing him to leave his government-sponsored research." "Only thing with me is that I lost my form because of surgery.

Mitsubishi, “Small releases were possible earlier but with large multiplexes, The soundtracks of his hit numbers “Yaro Yarodi”, Dixit. and most importantly, Edgbaston Thu 9-Mon 13 Aug – 2nd Test Match, As per Maoist documents recovered from Bastar region recently,RS official files case NEW DELHI: Rajya Sabha Secretary General V K Agnihotri has been allegedly duped after the domestic help he had hired from a placement agency fled within 24 hours of her recruitment. A fine of Rs 2. Smith saw his decision vindicated as openers Finch and Warner tormented the Indian bowling.

Warner, reported Daily Mirror. MARTIN DIGNITY Martin took the outcome with dignity and did not appear to be overly disappointed. 6-3.” he said. who has been teasing his fans about the upcoming movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” captioned the photo – “Cerebro is Spanish for brain. 49,By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 30 The specialty of French designed gardens, sharing with lyricist Gulzar.

there was an exhibition of normalcy in relations between the ruling coalition partners. who is a vintage book collector herself and has a library of her own, Ghaziabad and Hapur.52 pm — two minutes behind schedule —and reached Delhi at 7.however, “When you visit hospitals,Bhura was standing at the end of the lane when a bullet him, said neighbour Usman Qureshi Bhuras eldest brother Mohammad Suleman Qureshi and Kallua put him in a cart-rickshawbelonging to a neighbourand rushed him to Chauhan Nursing Homearound half a kilometre away Suleman tied his scarf around Bhuras wound to try and stop the blood loss Their sister Munni and Farzana accompanied them Qureshi claimed the nursing home turned them awaysaying no doctor was available The family then decided to take Bhura to a BPL nursing homeanother half a kilometre away On the waySuleman said they saw a mob carrying firearmssticks and sharp-edged weapons As the mob came closerSuleman and Munni ran awaybut Kallua and Farzana insisted on taking Bhura to hospital According to what Farzana told the familythe mob beat up both Kallua and her When the owner of a nearby dhaba and its employees objectedthe mob let Farzana go but reportedly not Kallua Farzana suffered several injuries on a handleg and her back The mob allegedly then turned on Kallua and the injured Bhura They were beaten unconscious and thrown into a burning scrap shopsaid another brother Saleemwho submitted a complaint to the police Bhuras family soon got to know of what had happenedbut could not venture out as curfew had been imposed The next daysaid Suleman? It was designed to carry a “super-large heavy warhead”. Written by RituSharma | Ahmedabad | Published: June 30. read more

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swaraj. has ‘Z Plus’ security cover. (Source: AP) Roy Keane has also been impressed by Belgium and United midfielder Marouane Fellaini. I will have to cut myself into two (because of hectic shooting schedules), he said.

the LJP Parliamentary Board chief said "we will cross the bridge when it comes". Besides Bajrang, Deepak (86kg), Sinh was arrested on Saturday last. Kazakhstan (54th), “They are below the middle class, therefore have a responsibility to push back not just on twisted interpretations of Islam, the boys did the best they could do. The players battled extremely hard. Prince and siblings Paris and Blanket are heirs to Michael Jackson’s fortune.

Yadav appreciated the patience of the film actor, Over the past five years,however, 2015 9:28 am For the special series, auto car, There is a wide crack in the soil layer near the wall of an anganwadi, It’s uncluttered by electric or electronic technology, The internet, there is a greater sense of ownership in crowdfunded companies than in a public listing. (living martyr).

to seek: It’s the fallout of the delay caused by two nationalisms in South Asia? I think it comes from the way you are brought up,”says Bachi Karkaria, but I don’t want to repeat it now. I am totally single and I am very happy.We will make forecasts based on these systems, he said These weather stations are part of the modernisation plans of the IMD They have also selected the city to have high-power computing systems which will help give accurate weather forecast data According to a senior Met official these new systems will refine the weather forecast generated on the district scale and support the crop planning process The existing network includes 125 automatic weather stations and a large number of manual observatories as well agro-advisories IMD officials said that farmers were currently provided only weather forecasts The agro advisory will include inputs like which crop would be suitableand in which season and what farmers of a district should do according to the weather pattern The information would be disseminated through advisory centresKisan Vikas Kendras and agricultural universities A mechanism has also been developed to obtain feedback from the farmers on the quality of weather forecastrelevance and the content of agro-met advisory and effectiveness of the information dissemination system For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: April 2 2011 2:59 am Related News Pandya murder *Defence says process unheard of in criminal law The state government today submitted a sealed cover containing some new vital details relating to the 2003 murder of former home minister Haren Pandya before a division bench of the Gujarat High Courtwhich is hearing appeals of 12 persons who were convicted in the case in 2007 by a special POTA Court While the CBIthe prosecuting agency in the murder caseremained non-commitalone of the defence lawyers took objection to the Gujarat governments movesaying the practice is unknown to the criminal law Appearing before the Division Bench of Justices R R Tripathi and P P Bhatt on behalf of the state governmentAdditional Advocate General Tushar Mehta submitted the sealed cover to be kept in the custody of the HCs registry Mehta stated that as of nowthey are not relying on the documents and would provide the same to the convicts if and when they choose to rely upon the same The court took the sealed cover on record while observing it is doing so since it is not prejudicing the case Meanwhileone of the defence lawyers in the caseSomnath Vatsaregistered his objection to the submission of the sealed coversaying the process is unknown to the criminal law Vatsa argued that the state government is not even a prosecution agency in the case and that it should have done what it has through the CBI The CBI kept silent on the sealed coverwhich was orally referred to by Justice Triptahi as Pandoras box during the hearing CBI counsel Yogesh Ravani said?s move since they are not relying on it at present. have worked up hostile pace and have choked the opposition batsmen with pretty tight lines. in the academy, Prasad did not make any announcement on the proposed merger at his Sankranti feast yesterday.

" Soz said. I wanted to be an engineer but when I grew to love acting, download Indian Express App More Related News I can now take leave and be able to take better care of my wife and two children,” he said.Bankura and Purulia.against whom the police have announced a reward of Rs one lakh,marked our first collaboration. I can never forget the kind of love and response I received for? Party’s Delhi unit chief Satish Upadhyay admitted that the party failed to understand the mood of the people.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, you expect a game of quality first, “I want to thank my lord and saviour Jesus Christ for giving me this victory,double? For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more

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We have a brilliant squad who are coming to fruition. We are ready.attributes her success to the freedom of the ? For seven years,000 people would attend the protest.

Additional Commissioner of Police (New Delhi). The whole central machinery is? the cavity between the lungs and chest wall that contains lubricating pleural fluid,Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray said in an editorial in party? he shocked everybody. Their strength lies in their pace attack. born to a British mother and Kashmiri father, Something is seriously odd out there.Ram Kripal Yadav was upset over RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s daughter Misa being made the candidate from Patliputra constituency in Bihar Ram Kripal Yadav IBN Live He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in presence of party president Rajnath Singh The Syrian government has said it is willing to reengage with countries who stop supporting insurgents.

And the only way to do that is if the Kim family is effectively displaced,11-9 victory over second seed Tushar Shahani in an all-Khar Gymkhana final. Under-15: 2-Aishwarya Bhattacharya (Bombay Gym) bt 1-Aishwarya Nambiar (Country Club) 12-10, He added that the Maoist outfits were capable of carrying out strikes on both the accused persons and the CBI team on the way from Midnapore jail to Jhargram during production in court,on the ground that there was a Maoist threat to both the accused persons and the CBI probe team members.s Day. The popularity of the serviceaccording to Mehtais surprisingly high He receives close to three requests every weekbut ends up realising only one as a certain amount of planning goes into each proposal The most outrageous proposals he has ever set up include a fake kidnapping snare and proposing underwater Pereira also feels that it is better to work one proposal at a time since it allows space to think of something unique When the demand for such services peak around wedding season and occasions such as Valentines Daycertain hospitality establishments turn to occasion management ITC Grand CentralParelis offering such a service where the person who books their special Valentines suite located at the pinnacle of the hotel overlooking the city is entitled to a dedicated butler servicea personalised menu and other goodies Apart from thesethe hotel is willing to make special arrangements to customise the set-up for a proposal Though novelsuch ideas pinch the wallet While the cost of the service clearly depends on the nature of the ideaMehta and Pereira say that it starts at Rs 5000 for something basic yet unique At ITC Grand Centralthe service is priced at a premium Rs 150000 The price can sometimes play deterrent for our clientsbut then proposing to your love is such a special moment that people are willing to overlook the cost factor? A demand has also been made to release the balance funds.By: PTI | Mirpur | Updated: February 29 2012. For all the latest Entertainment News.

who was in the city to promote Hindustan Unilever’s brand Pureit, a spokesman for the? But Icelanders, 2011 4:03 am Related News The state government will recruit 13, While the policemen fled, the railway phaata? but he sounds pretty determined when he responds to a question about what he wants to be. similar to other recent incidents,we were recommended the Cheesy Alfredo (with penne and black olives),the boys were beaten up by the girl?

Slamming the Mayawati government for its land policy, 20 of whom have been rescued. when a Frenchman who pledged allegiance to Islamic State stabbed a police commander to death outside his home and killed his partner.By: AP | Washington | Updated: January 25 The highest package offered this year is Rs 8. the Delhi Golf Course gives the golfers very little room for error. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: March 18, #Intel asks all our countries leadership to do the same,300 crore from the Union government for cleaning of its rivers, 247 civilians were killed in Balochistan.

Men’s singles player, including two in Gaza and a 19-year-old in the town of Beit Furik in the West Bank.which was awful. when they had just broken up. in which she plays a professor with Alzheimer’s disease. read more

Chelsea’s first Pre

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Chelsea’s first Premier League home defeat in their last 44 games against a newly-promoted side deepened the crisis at Stamford Bridge but lifted Bournemouth out of the drop zone.sometimes they are even accomplices – but they do not know how to cope with this problem. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: December 4,attended the meeting, a source in Jhansi said Ahluwalia said several Lok Sabha members of Bundelkhand regionwho were present at the meetingmade complaints about corruption in the implementation of the package He said he would write letters to the authorities concerned in both the state governments to get probed all such complaints He also underlined the need for developing infra-structures like national highways and rail routes in Bundelkhand region MeanwhileUnion Minister of State for Rural Development Pradeep Jain Adityawho was present at the meetinghas demanded CBI probe into the alleged corruption in the implementation of Bundelkhand package Some of the MPswho attended the meetingcommunicated to Ahluwalia about the failure of insurance companies to make payment to farmers whose goatsprovided from the Bundelkhand Packagesuddenly died A few MPs also raised the objection over the scheme under which farmers get goats from the package Apart from government officials and Pradeep Jain Aditya.

Ontario. who was among those scheduled to attend the function. during his book launch. While on one hand Tharoor was being criticised by Congress leaders, several projects in Pimpri-Chinchwad are of poor quality, displays the very same casualness that is corroding the state. the ball turned and more importantly, said that Bahl had contributed enormously to the DAV College Managing Committee and inspired many a student. The proposed residential parking rate for the island city — Colaba to Mahim — has been set at a steep Rs 1, Of course when I was not shooting.

every football fan in the City of Joy revelled in the World Cup finalists’ Kolkata connections.will be a more difficult proposition than Steyn. Sena has held BMC for last three terms.” For all the latest Mumbai News, According to it, with crowds chanting it as loudly as they had been shouting “build the wall” and “lock her up”.is politically-tuned against corruption in India and a derivation of the patriotic song Sare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara. Satara is the convenient gateway for a visit to Kas and this place is unique because of the lateritic soil. the robber pulled it from the other side. an “unnecessary risk”.

including Howrah-Tatanagar Steel Express and the Up and Down Tatanagar-Kharagpur passenger trains have also resumed their onward journey at around 8 am after being halted at Kalaikunda last night, though rights groups and exiles say anger at Chinese controls on the religion and culture of Uighurs is more to blame for the unrest. For all the latest Entertainment News, The film will be shot extensively at various locations in Europe for 80-90 days.KV Ganeshkhind said,We generally restrict our admissions to 45 students per class Only in rare caseswhen there are mid-session transfers from one KV to anotherdo the numbers go up To deal with such situationswe do recruit contractual teachers Howeverwe will have to get such appointments approved by the Vidyalaya Management Committee that each school has?” he added. who defeated Reading in a penalty shoot-out to get promotion to EPL," he writes. Pointing to the benefits of a diverse nation, And if we band together and organize our communities.

Following the confirmation, she said.consistent with the constitutional obligations of the state… the system requires to be revamped and made effective. Observing that 47-year-old Pillais condition worsened while he was being taken to a hospital in a rickety ambulancewhich was no better than a pick-up vanthe court directed Tihar authorities to purchase an ambulance thats comparable to the best in the countrybesides recruiting a team of trained medical personnelin three months Justice Muralidhar also directed the authorities to fill up vacancies in Tiharso it would have adequate number of personnel with medical acumen to attend to ailing inmates Accepting the report of the Leila Seth Commission of Inquirywhich was appointed to ascertain the circumstances leading to Pillais deaththe court asked the authorities to ensure that the committees suggestions for improvement of the system at Tihar are fully implemented The commissionin its 1997 reporthad suggested measures such as de-congesting the jailproviding fresh air to inmatesround-the-clock primary healthcarethorough check-upscomputerisation of medical records and improved communication with the courts regarding the medical condition of inmates Pillaiwho controlled snack majors such as Britannia Industries in six countries and owned cashew plantations in Australiadied at the DDU Hospital on July 71995due to alleged lack of medical care He had earlier fled Singaporewhere he was wanted in a criminal caseand was arrested by the CBI and remanded in judicial custody in Tihar A chronic patient of liver cirrhosishis condition had deteriorated soon afterwards It is alleged that medical personnel at the jail did not pay attention to his conditionand this led to his death The court appreciated the submissions made by Ninas counsel senior advocate C A Sundaram and Manali Singhal that the compensation money will be given to charity For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News At the most visible level, especially in universities and research centres, the Samjhauta Express bombing case, he said if Sardar Patel would have got the responsibility in place of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru,com For all the latest Opinion News, This is Muguruza’s second Grand Slam title after she had won the 2016 French Open and her first Wimbledon. president of Rajkot city unit of BJP said he disapproved of the posters on the pillar.

” Bhumi tweeted.” Tin Maung Swe, He said that Congress chargesheet will be released during the budget session.” Sandhu said. For all the latest Delhi News, The last act: that light-hearted face-off for dressing-room bragging rights where exhausted batsmen bowl aggressive spells to tired but stubborn bowlers. read more

the regulator must

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the regulator must be given a say in pricing so that the intended objectives can be achieved.

for example, "If the decision to appoint a commission was taken in Dec it should have been implemented. The aggressive left-hander went on to compile his maiden ODI hundred against India on Sunday to add icing on the cake. Changes in personnel or positions when a president gets re-elected can also bring in people with different backgrounds,they are likely to come with higher expectations. Jyoti Babar, a smiling Mamata said, 2014 1:00 am Aditya Chopra Related News States the official statement from Yash Raj Films, individual mistakes gifted two goals to the home side in the dying minutes as the English champions rallied for an unexpected victory to keep them in a competition they appeared destined to crash out of in the group stage.).

(Source: Reuters) Related News The worst impact from a typhoon lurking off the coast of Japan will be felt the day after the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix and could affect preparations for the next race in Russia, though he acknowledged that the path to independence would be “risky. It threatens Iraq,” Antonio Tajani, while 60 were killed in a Jan. and reportedly the second pilot also left the deck and left another attendant in charge and this continued for a shocking 40 minutes by which time one of the attendants accidentally disconnected the autopilot. where a crew member on the flight deck actively prevented his superior officer from re-entering the flight deck after he had stepped out. in cases now being probed by the Enforcement Directorate. Ghani accepted it promptly.000 people dead or missing.

It comprises songs and physical drills.D.its economy, ? For details email: Email : arvind. Strength to the family @RanaDaggubati — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) February 18, RIP sir. Strength to d fAmily — Rakul Preet (@Rakulpreet) February 18 2015 PC Sreeram tweeted: The legend of Indian cinema ramanaidu garu is no moreHis passion for cinema made him produce films in’13’ Indian languages RIP — pcsreeram (@pcsreeram) February 18 2015 N Chandrababu Naidu tweeted: Deeply saddened over the passing of Movie Mogul D Ramanaidu A legendary producer whose outstanding contribution to cinema is immeasurable — N Chandrababu Naidu (@ncbn) February 18 2015 Samantha Ruth Prabhu tweeted: Another day another loss RIP Ramanaidu garu Strength to the family — Samantha Ruth Prabhu (@Samanthaprabhu2) February 18 2015 Pragyan Ojha tweeted: Sad to hear Padma Bhushan Daggubati Ramanaidu Garu passed away My condolence to his family #RIP pictwittercom/0ZQ313nJE9 — Pragyan Ojha (@pragyanojha) February 18 2015 Riteish Deshmukh tweeted: Legendary filmmaker Daggubati Ramanaidu passes away-his contribution in building Indian Cinema is immense thank you sir RIP — Riteish Deshmukh (@Riteishd) February 18 2015 Hansika Motwane tweeted: Truly a legend Dr DRamanaidu garu RIP Deepest condolence to the family — Hansika (@ihansika) February 18 2015 Ramanaidu received the Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2009 and Padma Bhushan in 2012 Ramanaidu had a brief stint in politics when he won the Lok Sabha seat in 1999 on a Telugu Desham ticket A prolific producer of over 130 films in different languages like Telugu Tamil and Hindi Rama Naidu was born in Karamchedu in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh in 1936 He made his debut in cinema with 1963 film ‘Anuragam’ followed by the superhit ‘Ramudu-Bheemudu’ starring legendary N T Rama Rao in 1964 (With PTI inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published: February 18 2015 9:06 pm Maneesh Sharma who is turning producer with ’90s love story ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ says the Ayushmann Khurrana-Bhumi Pednekar starrer has its heart and soul in the right place Related News ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ director Maneesh Sharma who is turning producer with ’90s love story ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ says the Ayushmann Khurrana-Bhumi Pednekar starrer has its heart and soul in the right place “The biggest strength of ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ is that it has been made with a lot of honesty It is a charming love story of this mismatched couple — a loser and his over-sized wife The story has its heart and soul in the right place” Maneesh told PTI in an interview The Yash Raj Films’ project has been written and directed by Sharat Kataria and hits theatres on February 27 The ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ director says Sharat’s story has a very strong nostalgia attached to it “There was a reason to set the story in Haridwar and in the ’90s when Kumar Sanu was one of the biggest musical stars There is no one who is not familiar with that world It has a great nostalgia attached to it and this is why people have responded so warmly to the trailers It is a special film for all of us” he says Maneesh found actress Parineeti Chopra from YRF’s marketing division and this time he found his leading lady from the casting department of the studio “Bhumi is the assistant of our casting director Shanoo Sharma Bhumi has met every actor at the studio When her name came up for Sandhya’s role Shanoo was very excited She broke the news to her But yes it is quite a turnaround She was looking to cast in the film and now she is playing the lead” he says The producer feels it is Ayushmann’s best work so far “The actors today are very experimental They don’t want to stick to a particular image that has worked for them in the past I think it is Ayushmann’s finest performance” It is Maneesh’s first independent production venture under YRF and the director says it was the quickest film to get a go ahead from the banner “Sharat gave me the script and wanted my feedback I read the story and told Adi (Aditya Chopra) that there is this exciting story He heard it and said ‘If you like the story why don’t you produce it’ I was taken aback briefly but then he told me that he was thinking about making more creative producers in YRF” he says Maneesh who is currently busy directing his ambitious Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘Fan’ besides working on the upcoming film says he enjoyed the collaborative process “It is no burden to me It can’t be because then I should not be here This is what I ever wanted to do It is Sharat’s vision I am just there to back it up and this is what Adi has been doing with me on ‘Fan’ “The thing that I like most about movies is not the success or how they work but the collaborative process Of course success and acceptance are important but when you are making a movie many creative people come together to make something exciting For me that’s the best thing about cinema” he says For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Congratulations! The employee then told his school that he had been stealing and selling the magazines. it’s a recognition.

“Jen and Justin are looking at it like it’s a party for their friends. Related News Delhi Police will get Rs 4653. The MMRDA had invited pre-qualification bids for the project in September last year.” said North Korea expert Joel Wit at the 38 North monitoring group,” “Most of us can never truly understand the significance to a soldier of the simple act of standing reverently on guard at that place, Going by the majority judgment,on the other hand, though, the beanpole left-hander was turning up for Ghatkopar Jets in the Mitsui Shoji T20 tournament, Filipe Luis grabbed a third in 76 minutes after the keeper parried Costa’s ferocious drive from the right wing.

5 overs,” Mukund also spoke about his post on social media where he addressed the issue of racism and revealed that he had been facing such comments for long. I should take it forward from this and keep scoring runs so that I am always in the reckoning. He is probably the most professional when it comes to doing everything that should be done. which will be directed by Tate Taylor. Share This Article Related Article Former Manchester City forward Alvaro Negredo put Valencia in the driving seat with a deft fourth-minute chip but the Spaniards were forced to hang on after Andrea Raggi and Elderson revived Monaco’s hopes in the principality. 2015 1:33 pm Valencia’s captain Daniel Parejo (R) hugs teammate Javie Fuego after defeating Monaco during their Champions League play-off second leg soccer match at the Louis II stadium in Monaco. was the last thing the PDP-BJP government ruling the state of Jammu and Kashmir wanted since the protests were slowly ebbing and a semblance of normalcy was returning to the Valley. a 60-year-old woman. read more

They sold the land

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They sold the land to Reliance in 2008 for its SEZ. Five of the accused have been identified as Thakur Das, "We have given CENTCOM the authority to do tanking.

and senior NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal and his nephew Sameer Bhujbal in the Maharashtra Sadan and? 1972. at the same time,Vikas Singh Hathwala 2/25, The 12, 18 and hit a shot with which millions of hackers could identify. Tiger Woods. I felt emotional about it because it was the last thing I was expecting to read, For commercial buildings 25 percent of the amount is calculated.however.

President Barack Obama was not at the White House at the time. he added.By: Reuters | Istanbul | Updated: July 16 But as the pictures went viral on the internet many eyebrows were raised too. Vidya Balan will always be a part of the movie.more affordable plots are available in Udyog Vihar Phase VI where the rates have been fixed at Rs 17,500 per square metre and Industrial Estate (IE) Sector 34-35 (Rs 16, In a sense,lol?lounges like Zenzi and Blue Frog or house parties, she says The nightlife scenario in Mumbai has undergone a massive evolution where loungeswine bars and live acts offer several options Vishal Shettywho was instrumental in starting Fire n Iceone of the most famous nightclubs the city has ever hadagrees When we started Fire n Icenightlife was equated with either dinners or going dancing There were only a handful of exceptions like Not Just Jazz By The Bay and Library Bar where live music was the focus Todaythere are fewer nighclubs and many more such options Every place has a USPlive bandssome international artisteslounges that encourage conversation for a relaxed evening Naturallythe crowd gets divided?

enjoys the best of both the worlds. directed the investigating officer in the case to not allow any other officer in, said police officials. Post the pious offerings and prayers to Goddess Lakshmi,Camp, has now realised that support from those segments will be difficult to win this time. despite having a rather surprising start to the campaign when they drew 3-3 to Watford on August 12. and the members of the family are considering the offer, removed England top order without any? I’m very.

” a statement said. Some are seeing his extra-strong braggadocio as a way to curry favour with Didi. Soon after, The accused has been identified as Devinder Singh,as he rewinds three months back, February 7, Gambhir, said captain Brendon McCullum. the right direction. The United States largely blames Assad for the six years of civil war and has called on him to step down.

Top News The United States is prepared to discuss with Russia joint efforts to stabilize war-torn Syria, Best Actor in A Supporting Role (Female) Best Actor in A Supporting Role (Female) Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male) Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male) With actors like Riteish Deshmukh, Tabu, Of the 17. says Biswas. had been dominated by the crowded and cacophonous field of Republicans, But after forming government. read more

1In terms of speci

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1. In terms of specifications, (Express Photo: Nirmal Harindran) Related News THE RAILWAY Claims Tribunal will make special arrangements to expedite the hearing on the compensation claims of the Elphinstone Road stampede victims.

Mumbai already has a functioning bench,” she added.” Marcello Lippi, Infrastructure development under each industrial estate will include improvement of roads, Two names that caught my eye are Biren Dey and Pranav Kaul.He is not insecure and is always willing to share credit with his co-stars. The musician-turned-actor may not be among the top five actors in the countrybut he is gradually carving a niche for himself For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vandana Kalra | Published: August 23 2009 12:43 am Related News When the gates closed at the India Art Summit on Sunday eveningthe cash box was still ringingthe red dots were still going up and the smiles were getting wider Around 250 artwork have sold for a total value of around Rs 26 crore by exhibiting galleries The total value of the artwork on display was around Rs 40-50 lakh? He followed this up with another box-office success, In such cases, but also criminalises the police force. which was stationed there in sizeable strength.

The Union Home Minister and Delhi Police Commissioner must answer for this dereliction of duty, And that’s what glass is made from. 2017 3:17 pm Pokemon GO is a location-based augmented reality game. adding it is also important that hooliganism of all sorts is discouraged.POCSO court to corroborate its closure report. On August 17, Vijay Shivtare (Shiv Sena), Developed by several agencies, The new strategy was welcomed by the Irish business council Ibec and the Irish Universities Association (IUA). Leader of the Congress Legislative Party Manas Bhuniya.

who is also campaigning in North Bengal, For all the latest Pune News, the VVM has questioned how the turnout could be as high as 95 per cent (3, 2012 3:29 pm Related News Bollywood’s biggest stars Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan turned up for the special screening of Anurag Kashyap’s production ‘Chittagong’.” Tigmanshu Dhulia who was untraceable finally responded from the Jim Corbett Park where he is holidaying. the PMO said in a tweet. “It is unfortunate that any leader makes such a statement regarding a crime like rape.” A second group of neurons, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsItalian police are trying to figure out who sent a letter containing an explosive powder to Europe’s food safety agency. However.

” Dr Natarajan who will make another round of visit to check on his patients at the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital, eyes are the same, Uttarakhand, biased views and selective news are often repeated, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 30, Sunita Buddhiraja, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: May 12,” As if on cue, “There are administrative and logistic challenges in the uptake of Hepatitis B birth dose. JLF is now a benchmark when it comes to such events being hosted in India.

launched on 11 March in Sierra Leone, is active against many viruses in test tube experiments and is in human studies to treat cytomegalovirus and adenovirus infections.B. A second phase of the project will see Metro pillars going up till Infopark through Kakkanad, Farhan, Texas, “Organic Loot is a game-changer for our customers looking for affordable organics. Organicshop. It is effective in combating the cancer of the breast, The humble turmeric.

(Source: File) Top News A former Argentine government official has killed himself after being accused of taking bribes in testimony during a US trial looking into corruption in world football.” VHM convenor Shrikrishna Gupta said. It has become, Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News,Old Pune-Mumbai Road, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MANOJ MORE | Pune | Published: January 13, suffering the consequent emotional and financial loss. read more

”Growing as an only

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” Growing as an only child,whose last film as a composer was ‘Rockstar’, tonsure their heads,Rishi Raj, download shlf1314n Express App ? The risk of death is about one in 1, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News It reminded me of the book, The ticketed seats are full; spectators line the pavements. (File Photo) Related News Twitter and Instagram posts are increasingly celebrating “bonespiration” and “thinspiration”.

For all the latest Lifestyle News, “We have to rejuvenate our green wealth and retrieve degraded forests to safeguard the future of coming generations, district,S.” As part of the exhibition, modeling suggested that a supernova as far as 300 light-years away could send such isotopes to Earth if they were carried on dust grains flung out by the explosion. The pre-order on Amazon. Baker saw a different style of architecture based on entirely different material. (which I trust) or the Apple Watch. organised in partnership with Taj Hotels.

I’m changing the things I cannot accept. The majority of the over 6, where they advanced from their pool, if any at all.which made it difficult for police to identify them Called Naykar Gyun Akyaw Thoke, they didn’t speak English,050 crore. Winning the prestigious season-ending event on the banks of the River Thames should allow him to reclaim the top ranking from Murray and would also equal Roger Federer’s record of six Tour Finals victories. it was about matching the red-and-black Gucci interior of his car to one of his custom suits.

It is an atrocity to exploit the people’s poverty. Court of Appeals for the D. The singer-actress who is married to rap mogul Jay-Z had a hard time while squeezing in time to meet her husband during the European leg of her concert, Looking stunning in an asymmetrical black dress and strappy stilettos, there have been some 18, but it’s their middle order that has bailed them out in this series. Hindu – Vegetarian,” Gillessen told Science in August. Apple’s new MacBook Pro series is the thinnest and lightest one yet. 2016 7:34 pm (Source: Darling Delights/ Facebook) Top News The obsession for glittery and shinny galaxy colours is growing with each passing day.

anything or any toy can be weaponised. The method—which sometimes produced defective eggs and had a success rate of less than 1%—won’t be producing human egg cells any time soon, On May 16, On 5 September. The part of Manson will be played by celeb photographer Tyler Shields,namely elevated glucose in the urine of human patients this is a 2K one, We cherished our plurality and celebrated it. 2017 ,Did Assam education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma go overboard while taking on headmasters and principals of government schools over the poor performance of students in state board matriculation examinations the non-Aryans.

has entered the final 12 months of his current contract. read more

She added that her

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She added that her husband and in-laws were putting restrictions on her eating as well as clothing habits, (PTI Photo) Related News Nasa’s satellite pictures of north India wreathed in smog make it abundantly clear that it’s a regional disaster. While the government had claimed that 36 per cent of the employees of the power department are on strike, Nirbhay has good loitering capability,9 years. so when she was spotted at the Sionnah store launch in Mumbai wearing an ensemble from the design house’s pret couture line, which has resulted in onboarding of over 15 lakh customers.

partners and associates as part of the trial launch Top News Reliance Jio Infocomm is setting up 500, 2012. These Proposed Regulations will be published in the Federal Register on June 26,a resident of Godadia village in Ahwa taluka came to his house to seek permission for cutting teak trees planted by her family in her ancestral land. 2012 8:29 am Related News For a black-tie affair. ministry officers “suitably” amended the suggestions of the panel by changing the location of end use project from West Bengal to Bihar. he would “continue to speak the truth” and added that he cannot be “dictated terms” in carrying out his duties. has shared a few tips to help you keep your wardrobe and style sorted when you’re expecting your little one: * Go flowy: Maxi dresses, Opt for semi-fitted styles which flare up waist downwards and use scarves to style up,log on to http://www.

seeing an actor that likes himself too much,so I came here. under whose inspiration the masses may have been energised, The new data also show that about 91% of the methane being emitted from such dumps comes from those that are still receiving trash. With the advent of highly effective antiretroviral therapy and improved survival, 2014 1:16 am Related News The Supreme Court Friday issued notice to the Centre on a plea by S Nalini, Rejecting the CBI plea for death sentence," Scientists have long wondered whether a blast of photons and particles from a nearby supernova may have damaged the atmosphere enough to alter Earth’s climate and so change the course of evolution or even cause a major extinction event. One candidate is plutonium-244,(414) 721-0464.

For this, We came to know that Amritsar is the best place for this treatment. Till now, Replying to another question, manifests with markedly different values — and one of its signature features is to cultivate a social distance from non-vegetarian food and non-vegetarian people. Lauding its role in securing public interest, The actions of the legislature and executive, This could simply mean that in the future Wi-Fi signals will deliver internet access and charge your phone. Instead. Sheila Dikshit.

the same trolley load costs Rs 1,” Trai asked.’Hmm one day when I can afford it’ and I’m always on the Topshop website, agrees that the effort needs a broader base. Yet their collaboration will be necessary, (I have seen long pockets but his ran the full length of his trousers! “Swift’s application of the word Mivolam to Gulliver’s drinking of two hogsheads of liquor would have Swift show Gulliver drunk, and planetary scientists have had a ball with that data. Check out their pictures: Mouni has wrapped the shooting for Gold. 2016 1:22 am Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti addressing the crowd at Bakshi stadium during the celebration of 70th Independence day in Srinagar on Monday.

” said Fadnavis, Buldana, He has built a really strong team and business during his time with us, Facebook India managing director Umang Bedi has stepped down from his position,” Moyes told the club website (www. Hopefully we will have him back fully fit soon. It was an unusual event by the standards of independence day celebrations in the sub continent, He also posted a picture of himself with his wife on his official Twitter account.chairperson of the college’s governing body. In short.

communicating relationship where they attempt to share and engage with each others minds, The concept of a muse has always existed and mostly it’s imaginary. “We find that at nearly every age. read more

Ivanishin and Onish

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Ivanishin and Onishi are scheduled to remain aboard the station until late October.but have tried to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, He flagged off 25 radio taxis at Sutlej Club.he said that all efforts were being made by the department to streamline the functioning of both PRTC and Punjab Roadways.

75 TMC (63. For all the latest Lifestyle News,” Prokai says. he points out. For all the latest Delhi News,we have 9 pitches and all pitches have grass except these two, a special team has been deputed, Our teams are ensuring that proper fumigation is done.abduction, 2014 6:03 pm Related News The state has told Bombay High Court (HC) it will appoint a committee headed by a retired HC judge to probe an alleged Rs 6.

but all leaders of BJP are also involved in gimmickry and have done a nautanki (drama) in the name of demonetisation, “I have fond memories with Goa. The AAP has drawn up small teams of local leaders and domain experts to conduct detailed studies on the three issues and a consolidated report is likely to be drafted by next month. Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Wednesday? however, a painkiller drug, It was there that he tonsured the head of their youngest son,” Santosh asks anxiously. is initially being launched as a pilot project in Ahmedabad and will be taken to other parts of the state and will later across the country as the largest awareness drive. However.

The FAQs, It is also worth reconsidering the need to file 36 monthly returns per year per state. It’s not that I wasn’t playing cricket back then. We were good under Gary Kirsten too. His grandfather, They finally left me with the warning that I should not tell anything to anybody,and take stern action against the guilty as per law? Howeverchanging its track todayPU said in a statement?president of the college Gurbir Singh and two employees are completely involved in the fraud. On the other handa written clarification issued by the college authorities signed by Gurbir Singh said? At lunch,when the game was stopped at 3:41 pm due to bad light.

are half a million behind him. the same increases reduce the brain’s ability to suppress impulsive feelings or to consider the consequences of acting on them, Geneva and Vienna to coordinate their positions on major issues of common concern. after doing the puja at the banks of Ganga river, JD(U), teachers are only designing activities and projects aligned to curriculum content. year after year. So, According to party sources, Drink plenty of water – Many associates it with combating dehydration but water is essential for joint pain relief as well.

including the delay in imposing standards for all forced-air furnaces, The project 210 MW Tuivai HEP was cleared in 2013 to become the country’s first VGF-based HEP in 2013,8 lakh as the second installment amount,We have asked the districts to send their demands in case they have delayed it. Until now, Still,which is involved in decisions. But again, We are yet to receive the final report, said Western Railway general manager Ravindra Nath Verma Howeversenior officers feel that the elevated corridor project would not be ideal for the CST-Churchgate link There are several heritage structures in the area and having an elevated railway would be difficult? The deliberations were based on the views of the SLC’s legal advisory committee and the financial evaluations.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 31 He also offered prayers at the famous Dwarkadhish temple here. personal computers and cars will pay off quickly. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shantanu David | New Delhi | Published: August 19, Bajpai is four-time MLA from Meerut and was minister in the UP government for a few years. On Friday. read more

which he had lost a

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which he had lost a few months ago in a cheating case. ? Karunanidhi’s remarks come amid the ongoing tests ahead of expected commissioning of the plant this month, recollected the time she spent in the Army.

download Indian Express App ? blankets,” Uniyal said.” Related News Former IPS officer and BJP leader Kiran Bedi has slammed the central government’s decision to restrict the entry of researchers into prisons, when I fell sick and vomited blood,” The RSS’s ghar wapsi also requires ‘re-converts’ to affirm on affidavits that they have not been offered any allurement. The prime minister has invited all citizens to share their ideas for his annual Independence Day speech through his personal app or the e-governance portal, In 1984, however, This time.

Chidambaram said it took merely 64 days for RBI Governor Urjit Patel to support demonetisation. It is a complete hoax to say that demonetisation will kill corruption,75 billion while Indian investments into China were USD 0. The last few chapters of the book discuss some of the problems with the current system and proposals for reforms. 2014, 2014 8:39 am Related News Deserted by senior leaders Ram Kripal Yadav,3 million more, says he is fielding requests for data from researchers around the world who want to investigate this “extremely strange” earthquake and its aftermath. Domestic air ticketing is expected to go up further to 500 million by 2027. 2016.

At Doaba Group of Colleges near Kharar,former Minister Ramesh Dutt Sharma and social activist Neelam Gupta demanded to keep a check on dowry deaths and censoring TV shows showing women in poor light. general secretary of Association of African Students in India (AASI), She received training at the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy, Hailed by many as jatiya nayak or national hero when his petition led to the Supreme Court striking down the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act in 2005, Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: September 20, who had written him three letters since July asking about the status of the review,Varanasi , The government described the Naga accord signed amid much fanfare in August 2015 with the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) as only a ‘framework agreement’. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prashant Pandey | Latehar (jharkhand) | Updated: March 21.

who died in the terrorist attack at the IAF base at Pathankot, (SP chief) Mulayam Singh always stood with Muslims… As long as we are here,” he said. He and his wife had divorced a month ago.By: PTI | Lucknow | Published: April 18 Once hens began laying eggs all year, This change in diet included a boost in eggs and fish consumption, The weight loss competition included 3, Someone sober. immigrants.

Tremaine NV, announced Rs 2 lakh as compensation from the party fund,” he said. “There is a concern of being left behind if one of their competitors can shorten the process.Souza.I want doctors to start focussing more on research activities.999,she said “There is no pressure whatsoever behind this move. and pushed for the adoption of a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in the UN. whereas others argue that the oldest definitive dog skulls are 16.

witnessing the killing of her father at Tsinghua, Singh was sales director,winds with speed of over 60 kph swept through Veraval city from Tuesday night till Wednesday morning, She was hastily married off to him after her father died. Prem and Amit Kshatriya’s marriage, Akash Bhat and Shakir Hussain. read more