The construction of the chain of posting notices

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keyword density is between 3%~5%, keyword insert to be decent, suggested in the post at the beginning and the end of the content, not just the words piled up in the back or front post.

every webmaster want to site traffic increased rapidly, the chain release is included, can drive the keywords ranking; even eager readers can click on the link to this page to key words in the chain you browse content when released. So how to do? Your blog should pay attention to what matters? Pawn Shanghai Longfeng introduce about post published notice.

Two, the blog title

blog name must be in service type or keywords for naming, for example: pawn Shanghai dragon blog: Shanghai dragon share a little experience, to provide comprehensive consultancy services named Shanghai dragon.

blog post to a certain frequency, not this week issued a N article, next Monday article no webmaster, according to their actual situation, formulate a post release frequency and quantity.

blog title must contain keywords, the title of each post to be unique.

five, blog release frequency and number of

is more than pawns Shanghai dragon introduced on the post published release notes; if you want to learn other knowledge, welcome attention to pawn Shanghai dragon blog.


The density of



four and key wordsEach post is inserted in the

content must be high quality original or false original content, blog content must with keywords high correlation.

, a blog name

The taste of search engine spider

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spider’s voice, in the site for site characteristics, important content and fixed information into static pages, such as company profiles, contact us. Often need to publish product information, website content update ", we can use the corresponding transformation technology is not regular into pseudo static network.

is not a spider taste, deep love

spider’s voice, in the construction site or network template is, do not do the depth of shallow links, links, spiders don’t love diving too deep.

spider two tastes, quiet rather than

white spider is a program that has its features for web spider program, we should according to its characteristics to study how to promote the website construction, how to cater to the tastes of his draws it, so the website promotion method you must accord with the spider’s taste, give it love network it will take food to be collected, sent to the headquarters (database) to reserve. You can come out from the camp in search of information. In the construction of the world collection network from www.txsc100贵族宝贝 when I realized the characteristics of several network spider crawling, below I will introduce how to deal with the network spider.

speaking of spiders, you may think, will make eight legs weaving scary spider, I introduce here is the spider. Spider has its own personality and judgment standard. In order to improve the network rankings, our website is open the door waiting to see it looking forward to it, it is not someone who is willing to patronize casually, it depends on your site up to his taste.

statistics, the capacity of the largest search engine database also just grab the entire Internet web page forty percent, the biggest reason is that in order to avoid the large amount of data, affect the search efficiency, so the spider according to their "habit" just grab those important pages, it is the basis of judging Web links the depth, first it will grab the initial page links all the web pages, and then select one of the links to web crawling, of course it won’t catch it, it is the quality that the shallow link ", which is also consistent with we consider the problem of habit, always put the important things right in the front.

According to

dynamic web page is generated by the program, maintenance is simple, no need for professionals to operate, and the interaction is relatively strong, which is why a growing dynamic website. But it will bring some trouble to the spider crawling, relative to the dynamic, because there is no database of static pages, the spider will directly in the web pages of information, it is difficult to deal with the dynamic web page script language generation. Especially some properties of product sales website, upload to continue to generate a new page. The development trend of web spiders and preferences have a great contradiction.

The influence of Lu Songsong on the site of the Shanghai dragon architecture

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2011, Lou loose here I wish you a happy new year, today is summarized Lou loose all site architecture of the Shanghai dragon under the influence of before, there are many friends asked to repeat the question, I summarize here. In the future, I will continue to optimize the site to provide the template download, in line with the Shanghai dragon at the same time, both the performance problems more templates, the template for the user to create a station optimization high traffic website template.

  < DOCTYPE; HTML PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD! XHTML 1 Transitional//EN" " 贵族宝贝w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd" >
< HTML xmlns=" 贵族宝贝w3.org/1999/xhtml" >

page source (right click to view the source file), almost every website at the top have the following code:

website design Shanghai dragon is obviously, because of the simple structure and conforms to the standard, the use of DIV+CSS architecture website search engine by love, but are good and not all DIV+CSS on the site’s ranking, the correct page layout for Shanghai dragon is very favorable. For the XHTML standard DIV+CSS layout, in general after the completion of the design are verified by W3C.

this code is to tell the browser, verification mechanism and the search engine’s spider website is based on W3C standard. Validation of the method is 贵族宝贝validator.w3.org/, input validation site, we can see the mismatch error information.

: the impact of W3C standard on the Shanghai dragon.

three: static >

Effect of DIV+CSS on the

although many websites do not follow the W3C standards and also have a good ranking, as early as a few years ago, many sites do not follow the standard, but after verification, can ensure compliance with the W3C site of the standard style will not be different browsers change, makes the site visitors see "and designed entirely consistent.

DIV+CSS is one of the commonly used terms in the web standard, XHTML website design standard, no longer use form (table) positioning technology, and the adoption of the DIV+CSS search engine for website ranking is not fixed, Shanghai dragon’s thought is to use the search engine concept to build website.

We see each

two: the effect of DIV+CSS on the Shanghai dragon.

Open shop is a good Wangzhuan wayEasy squiggly in fact Wangzhuan is on your side

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3, the product will not expire, reduce cost risk. This game currency has no guarantee period, and in contrast, the game city will not appear in general prices and so on. because there are already member mechanisms

said now for the new shop mainly refers to open a store on taobao, then put their goods sold, it has become a popular topic in the Internet era, more and more people through the network shopping, it is convenient and there are a lot of reality than cheap, may have petty psychological. Although Taobao in the online shopping on the Internet, is a virtual network market, but the principle is the same with the reality, there are buyers and sellers, which is a real money trading, which is a virtual currency trading is an electronic business platform, now has been very popular, and will exist for a long period of development, has become a mainstream on the internet.

"only 19 yuan! The highest value of 65 yuan of anti Doo Park" star legend "super value entertainment" package 2 "1" adult package: game currency 30 + carousel 2 tickets; parent-child package: Maze + merry go round ticket. KK MALL shop exchange, a number of branches general. Warm family leisure sharing, childlike innocence and enjoyable."

4, Shenzhen counter games, game currency, the city’s 12 branches are universal.

above are good to think about how to promote the shop, is waiting for the arrival of customers or take the initiative? I believe everyone will choose the latter, although many promotion means is not allowed, whether you are a careful study of the new promotion methods? 10 days ago due to busy shop decoration, ah, to learn ah. Edit pictures and shelves of goods ah, how did the store really is propaganda, I was extremely disappointed No one shows any interest in, but be disappointed, disappointed, disappointed customers will not because you sympathize with you and come to patronize you, after the disappointment or a drum for gas to think about how to promote, the existing methods are many: opening Wang Pu, joined the consumer protection association, the opening of train… Two… Before I do, think there is not much improvement, I should find some new sellers, so to search through the shops The sock seller who just opened soon wants to talk to them directly, and this method is really effective

1. Good product:

do network marketing friends especially personal Adsense, every day in the discussion in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, discuss techniques, although very small to understand this is not a crooked, but some time ago experience, and also to share some experience for everyone! Saying that it is also from a beauty group information in the beginning of March:


100 in group


2, buy products, the price is generally low. small crooked probably calculate, fight bucket park game coin shop to buy 1.5 yuan /; cheap membership card about 0.83 yuan /, but after recharge need monthly consumption

open shop is a good way for a project is higher, more money, is a good choice for many people, there are good and bad, but also a risk today to talk about some small views about it, I did not say sorry.

two, good price:

the second is to find their own sources, from where the purchase, how many goods can go, how much time, these have to know in advance, looking for a good business, on a good price, there must be able to provide a stable supply, can sometimes have the goods, sometimes not, so that people will not believe you and even lose a lot of customers.

find a good source to think about the marketing strategy for retail as the main body, run wholesale, small profits is the guidelines for me, but one thing, no sale! This is a good strategy, look at what you do is the sale, to analyze specific issues, do not blindly, have their own advantages and characteristics.

then we should be how to open a shop, first registered an account on taobao, opening its own stores, positioning yourself shop, mainly selling what goods, for the crowd which, the preparatory work is to prepare for the best, do some market research is better, so the conclusion will be right, we can be targeted.


1, because buy a website to just rise just before long, this kind of group buys information, people basically holds wait-and-see state of mind, do not wish to spend great price to buy a product!

because the game currency group buys the price to be quite low, after inspected the shop price, I priced at 0.75-0.8 yuan /, the specific price looked that the demand quantity >

below is how to sell my game counter coins through the network, and 1 days later, this time to buy information, announced the end of buy. So began my counter coin network promotion road, a total of about 10 or so, external information about +5, BBS posts, +2 local group + nearly a week, =3000 game currency sales completed.

lives near KKmall, when nothing is often used to stroll, and know that inside a StarCraft game hall, so keep the purchase of a group, 30 coins, on the night of the past exchange, I found the ticket exchange group and not many, most parents give their how old the children buy. I think at that time, whether you can buy some other group purchase over to resell? Most play this kind of game is all students in the city of Shenzhen, to global game room often are generally rich at least I think so, just do it, quickly ran home to, because of the Internet banking card enough money, had to brush 1900 yuan credit card group, 100


process and network marketing experience extraction:

What do the station masters need It’s worth all the webmaster thinking!

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wrote an article yesterday, there are so many words in the article: "the spirit of perseverance, don’t see a station, one week, two weeks, one month, two months is not included, it has a problem, to delete again; not this station a bit IP. Suddenly saw the article, well, very enlightening, to do so, the station is deleted, the network is the station; station, you can do every? Stick to one theme, continue doing it will be successful, I believe."

later many of the webmaster friends add my QQ, said these words, they are more experienced, a friend said that he had just put a data from two months ago to be deleted, want to make a station, it seems, there is this idea of many webmaster.

recently soon more than half a year, there were many webmaster webmaster webmaster to headache, is now included in Baidu algorithm allows us to change, the new station, a few months after the GG is not included, click advertising scheme adjustment, everyone’s income is greatly reduced, then cancel the ggAd line into the continued appreciation of the RMB it is said, do GG have to pay taxes, finished, I think a lot of small owners may have a beat a retreat. Yes, now for many small Adsense is a very difficult period, but to believe in a word, the emergence of the crisis also means the emergence of opportunities, I hope you do not give up.

at this time, we small webmaster, need more is to insist.

persistence means we need to put up with more pain. We still have to face the daily 0 collection, 0 revenue and 0 happy;

so we should now prefer to endure the pain, but also to the owners of the road to the end, then what should we do now? Everyone has their own ideas, I will talk about my thoughts, I am going to graduate now, so I choose to go to practice, but their website is not the update segment does not have time to do outside the company, I think a site should be the life cycle is very long, want to put a few months back to recovery, it is not really like gold digging site, so don’t believe the first tube is included, what what advertising revenue don’t put the best first, honest to enrich the site, the other should be to follow. If you do not want to update themselves every day, but also want to enrich the content of the site, then I can introduce such a system: http://aijuhe.net friends who are interested to look at it. If you don’t have time to do a website, but you already know what you want to do website, then please do not always have an idea of the domain name, buy back, get a space, the first page, the title, the words together, so you can not let you in time when you have included Baidu, etc. time to prepare to do well when a hey, Baidu has actually included your domain name, so start up time relatively faster. My health network, for example

Internet study platform, these 4 models enough to sustain you 2016!

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with the increasing number of Chinese students, the study abroad agency has become a hot industry. The popularity of traditional study abroad agents has also declined, and the Internet learning platform has been playing a different game.

data show that in 2014 China abroad increased by 11%, in 2015 the number of students may have exceeded 500 thousand armies of Chinese holds the world source country students toubajiaoyi.

at the same time, the popularity of traditional study abroad agents has also declined. Cohabitation, high costs, false advertising and other pain points have been criticized, despite their brand and financial strength is very strong.

came from the community, electricity providers and other modes of playing different Internet study platform. They can hit success? Small first take a look at how they play overseas market.

community model

case: silly Forum (2001), station study (2011)

foolish forum is mainly to solve the information needs of the students to study pain point, whether it is advanced information, experience, time planning, or studying the teacher open class, almost can be found in this forum, it embodies many students when going abroad for memories.

station is one of the first study mainly for the TOEFL test experience and provide a forum, download, test data and TPO tools. Many users in the small station forum to find test friends, pro forma materials, practice spoken english. In recent years, it has begun to enter online education, expanding IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT and other overseas examination product line.

as a study abroad Internet forum, too silly and small station, can be said to be an Internet upgrade of the traditional study abroad service, and won a lot of fans. According to entrepreneurs understand, too silly, with more than 3 million registered members, the number of users studying in the small station is not less than hundreds of thousands. Only community study platform, community activity in recent years, some decline.

Taobao mode

case: Orange Network (2012), (2014)

to study well

orange network is a typical international service business platform, the service process is: the user choose according to their needs in foreign products – online payment – input information – planner team and cooperation mechanism for students to develop study plan, help students prepare for the study in the application materials, submit the application for admission results – – visa foreign matters.

went abroad similar, students can choose online consulting, online consultation meeting experience center. Even students can evaluate each link, if the score is less than 4 points, the central system will intervene to see where the problem is, once the three customer complaints, consultants will be offline.

they study the application of electricity supplier practices, but also in the Internet era, a good innovation for the study industry. On the surface

Hong Kong Hong Kong style hot pot

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Hongkong, China has always been dominated by the British before returning to the motherland. So compared to the China mainland, Hongkong early development closer to internationalization, abandon the rule by outsiders is not good for the specific performance of Hongkong in all aspects, take the delicacy, Hongkong is the city of the delicacy, exquisite dishes are quite complete, the integration of the essence of the world delicacy, and focus on the fine workmanship and the effectiveness of health, eat a lot of innovation emerge in an endless stream.

from Hongkong is fishing port rotary small Hot pot also has significant advantages on the dishes Nothing needed is lacking. exciting level beyond imagination. It is a small fishing Hot pot broke the traditional Hot pot dining form, using one pot method, so that every consumer can according to taste characteristics and their food intake, to choose their own love of boiling food, can not be wasted, but also allow consumers to eat happy, consumers can not make money,


fashion style of Hong Kong Hong Kong style rotary hot pot of the most flavor characteristics of all kinds of pill ingredients are derived from the local Hongkong, with a strong universality, taste very rich and famous for all ages. Consumers across the country can still be at the door of the Hong Kong Hong Kong style small hot pot restaurant taste authentic Hong Kong and Taiwan, I believe no one can refuse.

is still fishing small hot pot to do fast, multi, all. It is not a single, small fishing Hot pot eating fast, especially now with the fast-paced way of life of people; yet many kinds of small fishing Hot pot pot, than a single pot of traditional Hot pot more abundant; it is a small fishing Hot pot seasoning soup pot for all varieties, relatively light taste, the key point is the combination of soup and seasoning. Fishing is still a small hot pot brand chain is used to rotate the bar one pot of business, dining style is novel and fashionable. One pot not only to meet the needs of consumers clean and hygienic, but also those who eat a pot of hot pot to avoid the guests in the traditional hot pot restaurant with four seats embarrassment.

is fishing merchants excellent avant-garde market analysis and product innovation team effort and diligently strive after continuously launch to meet market demand, new products, the majority of diners eat a hundred tire. Hong Kong style new model to achieve wealth selection is still fishing, hand in hand, brand assurance.

How to start a beverage shop

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drinks franchise can be called a year-round no off-season business projects. Summer selling cold drinks, hot drinks in the winter, the four seasons can be profitable. However, the beverage industry has a strong market competition, making investment shops also become less easy.

currently on the market the competition pressure increases, many industries have been gradually transformed into or No one shows any interest in the big upset. However, under the conditions of fierce competition in the industry, the beverage industry is still standing still, still showing a rising trend. Therefore, a lot of small and medium investors have a great interest in the beverage industry, then for some people who want to open a tea shop, how to invest in business, please look at the small series as detailed:

The first is


these factors is very important for a tea shop, do advance planning analysis, to worry about everything. Ready, careful management, follow the prescribed order, I believe your tea shop opened after the bustling


Small cities in the three small investment projects which can make ordinary people to make money

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those who choose to work in the first tier cities, mostly because of the limited development of small cities. However, we also forced by high prices and other pressures, many people fled North Canton, back to the small city, but the employment situation faced, in addition to civil servants, the cause of the preparation of the "a secure job", almost only entrepreneurs have a way out. Millions of investment projects is not the first choice for ordinary investors, then, in the three lines of small cities, which can not make investment projects to ordinary people to make money?

now open web search and decoration, can see all kinds of model pictures, shapes, very artistic, let the young couple be tempted. But in the three line of the city, some interior designers for many years of work more people, these people still stick to their own style of decoration, even emulate, it may not be able to copy out a bit, so many families have a big price, hire a designer in the field.

the fast pace of life, busy with work is   8  0 after the common feature, the small city is no exception. A child’s 80, almost all of the parents have not yet retired, but also their own work, so the child’s transfer, trust is indeed a problem, but the infant child hour child care center can solve this problem for the majority of parents.

this venture is no age limit for entrepreneurs, but more initial investment, mainly for rent and purchase of children’s toys, children’s books, small chairs, need to hire 1 preschool professionals responsible for the implementation of children’s games, observation of children’s behavior, provide advice to parents.


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这拖车来揭示音乐的游戏,与评论从作曲家Olivier Derivi那;重新和歌手IR é;

对于那些谁不知道,Olivier Derivi那是作曲家;他在视频游戏的工作谁赢得多个奖项(记得我,刺客信条4)。在这段视频中的许多新的序列和迷人的摘录游戏的配乐说明,奥利维尔告诉我们他的工作受火焰。这也是机会发现歌手Ir é;Zhekova,谁给她的声音,一些游戏的音乐。预告片看到两个解释他们如何沉浸在黑暗和绝望的气氛中传达的音乐在游戏的黑暗气氛。他们还描述了他们如何结合一个潺潺的合唱团与清晰的声音,一个单一的声音充满感情,产生一种感觉之间的游戏英雄和火焰恶魔拥有他。他们发明了红外的一个虚构的语言;歌唱探索人类的声音和表达的情感超越词语的意义和表达的希望和恐惧的感觉。



将发布专为任天堂Wii 2月24日在欧洲,最后的故事是最新动作RPG来自业界的传奇,Hironobu Sakaguchi的创作心态。


CD将从植松伸夫创作的游戏音乐的一个7-track选择特征,另一个行业顽强的人也有很多他以前的偶像Hironobu Sakaguchi合作