What kind of website is consistent with Shanghai’s appetite for love

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is not all websites for static pages, enterprises need not, because the love of Shanghai in technological innovation, has the program suffix such as news.asp? Iuwer=siet this program links have a very good grasp. But the large door website apartment layout is to do static pages, because static not only can facilitate the spider love Shanghai, but also can reduce the burden on the server.

this is basically the portal to the set, because the set up portal site keywords heat are relatively large, strong competition, Links can be set as the classification: home Links – News Channel Links – news channel hot news Links. So you can then exchange Links when PR8-1 Links are suitable for your website. We are interested can see Soufangwang Links, I feel Soufangwang Links do this is the best.


2, the website uses DIV+CSS global structure

page add keywordsWe all know that


3, Links can use the tree structure of

I saw all the time, great progress every year in this industry. But now there are many websites are still using table, some websites even keyword stuffing. There are more display technology means are complete code, love of spiders in Shanghai simply cannot read what is, this technology is very outdated, you say Shanghai is not K you K who ah. Below I combined with his own experience, put forward some comparison with the now love Shanghai algorithm skills.

1 web pages, all static

because the background I’ve seen Sina, Tencent and other websites, their website is basically free to modify the. For example, Sina background – News center. Seen in the background is the news center of the static code

love of Shanghai < h1> < h2> tag features, but I think everyone is more reasonable and more natural to use will be better. In the keyword density, personal feeling of the rankings without help, a website keyword density do not affect the site’s ranking.

program design


Has been engaged in the construction site 5 years


there are a lot of websites using table, to create a web site. In fact, DIV+CSS has been popular for 4-5 years, DIV+CSS website structure can save a lot of unnecessary code, let the web page code looks more clear, more concise. Love Shanghai spider more love, brief and clear code, after 6.22 events, this is very prominent, the new DIV+CSS will soon be included, table will support the site for a long time.

You have to worry about being the site of Shanghai dragon

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negative Shanghai dragon is not equal to the black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is negative by some benefit from the search engine technology to make your website in search engine ranking drop, while the black hat Shanghai dragon is generally take the initiative to implement the webmaster, want to through some search engine vulnerability to quickly obtain website ranking, the purpose is to enhance the ranking. Negative Shanghai dragon often use some black hat Shanghai Dragon technology to let others website be punished, but the negative Shanghai dragon is not equal to the black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is often negative from the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, but the goal is not fast but not fast ranking, ranking.


now for the website optimization Shanghai dragon is the use of some Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon thinking strategy combined with the user experience, user requirements, construction sites and other sites have to rank well in the search engines, make website usability stronger, make content more suitable for users to read. This is the initiative of the Shanghai dragon, but behind the effective Shanghai dragon has always been a dark place, Shanghai dragon is passive, your site is Shanghai dragon, where there is a light shadow.


for the negative Shanghai Longfeng, should be more protection

generally negative Shanghai Phoenix are bring negative influence to the target site, such as the use of a large number of mirror sites to sync your web page for updates to the search engine to the target site such as false; add a lot of junk the chain or buy junk links; such as a lot of garbage site redirected to the target site; also like to attack the target site, let the slow loading or not open; and for the invasion of your site, the more, malicious modification of robot.txt search engines have injected to prevent, virus, to the target site to the target site with horse, hang black chain, modify site code etc.. This is only a part, of course there are many known or unknown negative Shanghai dragon means.

what is the negative Shanghai dragon

when it comes to this topic, have to say 2 concepts, positive Shanghai Dragon (Positive Shanghai dragon) and negative (negative Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon), positive Shanghai dragon is what we often say the Shanghai dragon, is above the site to get good rankings in search engines. But whether the operator or the negative Shanghai dragon to Shanghai dragon and positive contrast, negative Shanghai dragon is the other person (malicious owners, competitors etc.) by applying some negative factors of Shanghai dragon to your website (search engine prohibited) to make your website ranking drop in the search engine, and was severely punished.

so, for many enterprises and individuals, the site is vulnerable. Including some large enterprises have also been accessed, such as love, Shanghai Google, for example, some time ago known never down Facebook is not the same as the attack, 30 minutes can not access the world. And the more.

Easy to do the site outside the chain of high quality two BBS signature

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first started to do my friend Shanghai dragon has no method, there are many ways to do it or feel powerless, I was just in time to test some forum effect, some research related to stationmaster forum, found a push, Shanghai dragon why, the chain of 28 push sites included fast, high weight, I introduced him to the forum, let him do this, who thought he would get out of hand, the most crazy time, he do every day outside the chain of hundreds, a month to a site outside the chain from one thousand to six thousand. Five thousand a month outside the chain, we can calculate an account, if we do it a day how much do the chain? At least one day to do nearly two hundred! This is the collection of the general chain we do not included, even if most of the chain we made every day at least at about 300, you can do so much? Few people! Here is what I want to introduce a point: do "on

today I’m going to go below and to talk about the forum for the construction of the chain, a lot of BBS is our favorite, not only because the operation is simple, but also because the forum signature effect is very good, so some people tend to do the forum rather than do blog, blog is very actually best, the chain construction skills very full of stamina, can see front of an article of interest. Some people say that I don’t do blog, how do ah? Never mind, do do very cattle forum. Now I give you detailed introduce the forum construction skills.

a cloud!

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In front of me to give you wrote an article "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: a blog", actually in front of I have to write a series of focus is refined from some basic methods, more comprehensive analysis of how to operate. In this series, I not only to share some experience with everyone, but also for us to sort out their well for finishing these chain construction thinking skills. So I will be behind for the forum, classified information, inquiry platform some platform construction of the chain operation analyzed one by one, some skills about yourself, and also to share and exchange, we hope the exhibitions.

1, a month five thousand chain chain is not the forum to tell you

, here I want to tell you what an example is my friend’s example, he is doing very well, I don’t boast took it out as an example of an advertisement for him, but also to the forum to do outside the chain of friends confidence. I read the article before friends may also remember me to give this example, my friend is the forum outside the chain master, because he is not really for more in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon, nor that he can how many cows than everyone, his skill and the beginning of the forum I taught him, but after a period of time the execution has undergone a qualitative change.

Turn software systems into business management modelsIndividual stationmaster also can use the follo

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2. relies on the service to profit, has the artistic design service, has does the SEO service, has made the revision procedure service. We also have transaction intermediary service, service is sweat, harvest is money. Money exchanged with sweat is more permanent and stable than the money you get from uncertain clicks. At present a lot of personal website also began to pay attention to service, do the stock information service, have to do housekeeping, do mobile phone charge download service, as well as traditional disc, movie download service antivirus software service, click on the novel VIP service.

3. relies on commodities, business, selling information to make money, there are some websites, specialized sales procedures, specialized sale of software, and so on, IP less than 100 a day, earn money often more than IP1 million. Business site, I have seen a website, the successful sale of stacks and so on, 1000 IP websites a day, monthly revenue reached 50 thousand. There is also a lottery class website, only more than 3000 IP, a month sales of lottery reached 500 thousand. The proliferation of network information, the collation and sale of quality information is also hot, for the industry, enterprises, or engage in.

always felt like making a website, making money, or getting people to make monthly ads, advertising costs, and making money through alliances. Click on the traffic to earn a click charge. Now slowly rely on the user began to generate profits, although very little, but after all, out of a little effect.

minus 500-1000 yuan "concept of change management, work style, business process change and innovation process" which is the essence of information, Lenovo senior vice president CIO Wang Xiaoyan said.

The background of global integration

A key problem is

1 can build data warehouse and realize enterprise internal business system and enterprise quickly.

future site, everyone will do traffic, but also everyone will, the future of the webmaster, more to consider and explore the object is how to profit, how fast earnings. How to sustain profitability?. This station www.qian114.net will also be aimed at this problem, with more stationmaster discussion, let everybody collide the spark of thought together.

4. membership fees. This different website has already begun to try, but how to provide the members with what they need and how to make the members spend more money is really more valuable. It will be the focus of our industry website.

1. relies on the virtual host, domain name to achieve profitability, and deep contact with customers. Often the traffic comes and goes, but if it comes to deeper relationships with readers and users, it’s much tighter. For example, stationmaster net agent network domain hosting business, if the 10 thousand owners to buy, in addition to the 10 thousand owners to purchase their own profits, and the 10 thousand station traffic. Such a value is eternal.

at the same time, because the relationship between the quantity, we have obtained the core agent ten thousand. There are also some personal services for enterprise owners, directly from us to get the domain name and host. In this way, we form the brand of our service.

brand promotion with this recipe, July activity changes of

Guizhou Shanghai dragon manual optimization once the chain why better

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Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization manual why better visit: Guizhou high was: www.gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝

garbage chain: such as the search results page a link, some webmaster service website chain website ranking is not generated, links to related websites. This is the most basic garbage outside the chain, many tools group is relying on this link to search results produced by search time. They all know that now, these tools have been very rampant, but the charges are not high, short time, a massive increase in the chain to the site, the chain in fact is the biggest harm may lead directly to your site is down right.

Guizhou high was that the network promotion personnel will have many ways to do the chain. For example, two-way Links, acquisition of the Ming link and so on, the chain to ensure that the site from the chain of garbage. Guizhou once thought or the hand chain better, risk control.

manual release, this is the end of love Shanghai website weight and keywords ranking optimization: we manually in the forum / blog post and reply to the theme, with anchor style links, one-way links such directly to your website, to improve website weight and keywords ranking is very helpful. This is also the time of return type with link search engine optimization is the most efficient cost minimum. We love to see some of Shanghai ranking good websites will find that most of them are not the same site outside the chain is a form of link.

The chain

two-way Links, only play a beneficial effect, but only a one-way link into the chain, no export, this effect is ideal. A release, the most important is the chain release quality assured, unlike the software group, the reply is often waste link, the contents of the reply by chaos not logical, very simple webmaster delete each other, so all the links posted on the site will fail, will constitute a great negative impact. Artificial release of the chain, the cost of publishing is through up and selection of serious, these are the chain cost excellent, the quality of the chain released this out will be guaranteed, it is very good for the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect.

Permanent one-way links to


, with excellent quality, cover a wide range, strong universality, which is the return type English manual release chain advantage. Is to link website page PR again, assuming that the chain is not stable for a while, then the keyword ranking effect also can not play any effect.

Programmers open Taobao Stores – Novice promotion articlesFuture trends of Taobao customer promotion

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for small guest, they less investment, promotion of the soul, can earn several hundred dollars a month, also feel pretty good, and with perfect guest promotion products, as long as the effort has its own characteristics, to achieve this goal is not difficult, including the present, it is not very difficult. So, I feel the future, small Tao guest promotion, will be towards the essence and special direction.

is the beginning of your micro-blog is certainly not what people are concerned, you can query to a certain keyword, the keyword, add your micro-blog store or links, remember not to have too much advertising, or micro-blog is not to send the. Jack Bauer from micro-blog mining to 2 customer transactions, I search keywords is "buy the Hong Kong Version," United States "for the Hong Kong version Meisu" and so on, release the content of the mothers who are more anxious, were most likely. After making the keyword, I’m going to make it a tool to automatically comment on these micro-blog!


1, I think the future will show the guest group, both large and small in the middle of the trend. It’s a big trend at the moment. So-called, refers to the large and small Amoy Amoy, Amoy is currently a small majority. I positioned the big cat guest is, have a certain strength, including a large website promotion team, the operation of the company; Amoy is small, individual combat, through the promotion of chat, blog, etc. the simple "amoy. sh419 is currently the top few stations especially one of them I often observe doing really good income will not be less. With the development of Amoy promotion products, some large companies or sites, has joined the Tao guest promotion, such as special offer the king, smart, Tesco etc.. They join, will increase the competitiveness of Amoy promotion. On the basis of existing industry experience and all aspects of strength, they should be able to develop quickly. Of course, with the number of guest, big companies to participate in the cooperation, Ali mother side to product perfect pressure will increase, it will promote the development of the product, with the emergence of more and more big guest.

2, Amoy cashback, is a trend. Only the interests of this part, to achieve a reasonable allocation between Taobao, the shopkeeper, Amoy buyers can do.

5, participate in group buying activities promotion.

1, friends promotion.

the most effective forum, of course, is some of the mothers often go to the forum, such as baby tree, Guangzhou mother, parents, Kingdom, etc.. In these forums, remember that you don’t have to post a post with ads, so your account will be blocked soon. Must be careful management, if you see the urgent need of milk to customers, so you can private letter. Taobao official forum is also a good place, if your article has the opportunity to be rated as the essence, then you are not far away from the sale,

2, micro-blog promotion.


chose to adhere to, we have to talk about their views on the future development trend of the hearts of guest promotion. Just to share, to perfection.

should pay attention to batch promotion. Manager of the number, there are hundreds of friends, there are junior high school students, high school students, university students, old colleagues, and so on. Note that the batches sent today issued the 50, tomorrow the 50; and the store number to less as far as possible, to write on the other nickname name, do not let others think you are poisoned! The promotion effect, the best effect is an old colleague, because of recent contact primary school students, junior high school students, the general effect. Hong Kong version of milk powder, southerners prefer; all my friends in Beijing drink pure imports, are foreign purchasing.

part-time Amoy a month, these days start to earn an average of 50 a day, every day in the group and a discussion forum and help guest communication, found this group and Amoy webmaster group almost, many words are all new and enthusiastic audience are all his money in a real expert. Every day in the forum to see a lot of guest complain, complain about not unreasonable, in fact as long as we are still able to curry favour by claptrap, understand. I am an ordinary, mediocre guest, I hope to see you can earn some commission every day, but sometimes not so. Nevertheless, I still like many here complained about the guest, always choose the silent persistence,. "Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be fine, but most people die tomorrow night."." I hope everyone will be able to see the same words as I do.

, there were Taobao counterparts in the big

do Taobao, many are novice, even if your article is not advanced articles, is the primary article, this also does not matter, Taobao junior sellers accounted for the proportion of less than the senior sellers. Well written articles can be posted on famous websites and leave less obvious marks in the article. Xiaoqiang article published in the "Webmaster Station", but also on the home page, browse thousands of it. But because there is no experience before, without leaving a little bit of relevant information, waste this promotional shop opportunities

guest advantage lies in their mode of operation, operations team, existing customers, to investment fund operation. Their disadvantage is that they can’t do is that "Tao Tao guest promotion", they in the promotion, will certainly take the way to win, and this gave little opportunity for the development of amoy.

free promotion

3, forum promotion.

4, blog promotion.



new store is always no one to see, and there is not a few inquiries, there is also brush reputation, not to mention what turnover. So what is the way to increase the flow of your store? Here are some of the experience I’ve worked on and summarized. It’s mainly divided into free promotion and paid promotion:

Blog source code comparison PHP article – Chinese people use Chinese goods

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blog now more and more independent, in the webmaster circles should be a staff, establish the cost is the lowest from dozens of pieces, to around 200, its avant-garde personality independent concept, you get more recognition, and the overall situation of the world use server system, support PHP Linux hot, domestic IDC have also accelerated the pace of this aspect, flat-share server field is Linux dominate, so the majority of love DIY friends how to use what code to deal with the change of


today on the analysis of 3 blog source code, from three different countries, which is more time to look at the vast number of friends using

below, ehane will help you analyze the advantages of the next source code:

one, Made, in, China-, China PHP blog source code star – "Bo-Blog"

example: http://www.kanseo.com/

1, perfect function

BoBlog is probably the most versatile source blog, inserted very suitable for beginners to use, user-friendly design, let you in the editing and management can be fully integrated feelings, guestbook, expression, weather and other functions to meet the needs of the public.

2, a reasonable code structure,

Tags, two, by top level classification, filing, star and other functions, will effectively organize your log, convenient search and check.

3, rich customization features,

flexible page modules, plug-in systems, xhtml+css based templates, and multilingual architectures give full user rights.

4, easy to SEO optimization,


program has yet to generate this static function, if the estimated, usage rate will be much higher than that of Z-blog, but is now also has a good optimization function, URL aliases can redefine the PHP file name or directory aliases, although the former is still present in the form of PHP, but still there is a better search engine, pseudo static function finally is simple, as presented in the form of read.php/*.htm, is also conducive to the search engine.

two, Made, in, USA-, overseas fever favorite -Wordpress

example: http://www.wangjianblog.com/

1, a lot of resources,

overseas to do the best, even if he, and therefore enthusiasts too many, plug-in ah, subject ah, emerge in endlessly.

2, easy to SEO optimization,

, this is not very much

Analysis of the reasons for the decline of Zhangjiajie tourism network in Baidu

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recently, Zhangjiajie’s largest tourism website: Zhangjiajie tourism network is the key word "Zhangjiajie" "Zhangjiajie tourism" and other key words in Baidu rankings have different degrees of decline, and before these popular keywords in Baidu’s ranking in the first keep for a long time, this is what causes, after careful analysis, found the following the reason and put forward, hope and share and exchange.

1, the home page of the revision, we must first plan the overall layout,

this is the main reason, before the introduction of home Zhangjiajie travel clear without losing depth, is a website popular with tourists, the customer experience is indeed done fairly well, before ranking good is ripe. But the website in September 5th conducted a large-scale change, structure, layout and content of web page has become unrecognizable, thus lead to lower rankings, also be not at all surprising, fortunately before the URL website has not changed much, otherwise the drop would be far more serious.

main point: the revision of the homepage of the website is the process that every website must develop, but how to make the success of a website revision is an important point for all the webmaster to think carefully and plan.

2, changes in website links, trapped in commercial interests,

I checked the Zhangjiajie tourism network links, but also some changes, increased some of the PR value is not high, snapshot update slow, home page site is not in the first page of Baidu friendship links. These links, mostly because of business contacts and increased links, such consequences must be caused by their ranking affected.

points: the quality of the site Links to a certain extent can reach 42 pounds effect, if links become healthy and high quality, is an important part of the site to enhance their own weight.

3, the website content construction is copied too much, the quality of the information released is not high,

Zhangjiajie travel news, are some of the basic tourism industry reproduced Baidu has included the news, there are few exclusive release of news and information, to save website ranking, pseudo original at this crucial moment it is best not to increase the whole unified exchange for the original, exclusive news, and adhere to a week long. In the estimation of the website Baidu update after ranking to make timely adjustments.

points: adhere to the original content of the release, is the key to ranking.

4, customer experience change

website before the revision, the contents of the main modules: travel news, tourists quiz, line consulting, after the revision increased Gallery, tour guides, car rental, travel etc… and the module, the increase in content, will lead to the dispersion of tourists attention, influence on the degree of customer experience now will not be evaluated, how to increase contact site between columns and levels, to allow customers to experience the best. "

Pay attention to three points to do a good job of cigarette Festival display

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different time, for the display of the product will have different requirements, especially during the holiday season, want to do a good job in sales, but also need to work on the display. Do a good job in cigarette display plays a vital role in the operation of cigarettes. In particular, the holiday sales season, but also to seize the favorable opportunity, innovative display, good holiday display three focus to enhance the ability to sell cigarettes, expanding holiday profits.

is a celebration of tobacco with centralized display. During the holiday season, consumers are eager to get festive atmosphere, so you can choose to use smoke festive showcase area set up in store, the packaging is colorful, festive cigarette smoke cabinet placed in the most eye-catching, and have great originality design, through the Liefu color and shape to help Chen factors, creating a strong atmosphere for the holiday consumers.

two is a real estate counter display. During the festival, many tourist consumers in the vicinity of tourist attractions, real estate has become an important tourist shopping gift. Space is more abundant retail stores can set up brand display counters, in accordance with the classification of the brand series, the orderly placement of cigarettes. At the same time, the rich part of the higher priced cigarette brand specifications, enhance the attractiveness of the customer, to promote consumer choice for the same brand of cigarettes.

three is a new area display. New products tend to attract more consumers, the shelves can be placed, concentrated in a region of display cabinet through artistic display, marker assisted display etc., enhanced full and prominent, stereoscopic display effect, create brand atmosphere, stimulate consumers, enhance their purchasing desire.

although many shops in that the holidays will do all the preparatory work, but because of the product display of neglect, resulting not able to grasp the opportunity of the festival, to create more profits. So, if you are a cigarette operator, the festival also need to pay attention to the above three points oh.

Student summer part-time work should pay attention to prevention of skills is not afraid

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is now just the end of the college entrance examination candidates are thinking about how to spend this summer. It seems to work is a very good choice, but every year there are so many students fall into the trap, now we will give you a summary of some prevention techniques, we should pay more attention to.

recently have users through micro-blog for help, said he went to work in Suzhou, after Suzhou was found to be intermediary cheated, money has been spent, can not return home. Currently, the 47 students are still stranded in Suzhou!

two anti fraud type. In printing, advertising companies, government departments and other units of a confidential name, release information, recruit typist, once the students take the initiative to contact, it will allow victims to pay confidential fee and other expenses, to cheat money.

four notice for the prevention. Recruitment SMS, network recruitment information or post their own job information, are likely to make themselves victims. Liar is likely to let it to the upscale club interview, and then to pay medical expenses, interview fees and so on, and let the students waiting for work notice.