A knife analysis of the value of micro-blog’s search engine optimization

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Now the Search Engine >

Twitter user information, do not know there is no nobility baby has begun to feature extraction into the ranking algorithm without noble baby. But we know that a little baby is the nobility of Twitter has integrated information, that is to say if you have a Twitter account, you may not know what time the Twitter information will be displayed in the search results to the noble baby, you don’t know what kind of information will be displayed in the search results to the noble baby.


2, micro-blog faces:

The characteristics of The search system of

is very hot, I believe we will not feel strange. Noble baby search rankings of the social change of a text, that is the noble baby Twitter integration, the integration of Facebook. Twitter, no Fu Xiaoshou China users. But in China, still have two micro-blog service providers. One is Sina, a Tencent, is now busy playing, but who wins or loses, we are not interested in. We want to know is micro-blog, there is no help for the Shanghai dragon.

Data link,

from the perspective of the traditional search engine micro-blog:

ZAC from the experimental point of view, apparently did not reach his goal, because his blog not ranked. But any Shanghai Longfeng experiment, did not give a definite time of the termination of the experiment. Maybe after thinking of this article billion Europe finished, ZAC blog ranking up. The ZAC experiment topic, hold on.

Although micro-blog

1, micro-blog information:

is also a kind of information, but micro-blog is micro information. From the content point of view, correlation, information characteristics with the traditional WEB page can not be compared. But micro-blog information is representative of the sudden, etc. for real-time information, a very important attribute. Fast, real time with the two kinds of feature information, the search engine doesn’t ignore.

ZAC made an experiment in his Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog is testing links in Tencent has not played the ranking effect. ZAC just enter a bunch of meaningless text, and then take the own blog address. To the experimental results, his Tencent micro-blog ranking up. But the ranking did not go up.

search engine is to integrate the Internet information for the mission, the search engine cannot do without information, like a fish without boiling water. Since micro-blog is also a kind of information, then micro-blog will also participate in the search engine index, ranking system inside. In the case of baby, now an active user of micro-blog, for example, Li Kaifu sent a message, will be included in the noble baby after 5 minutes, and is included in the micro-blog URL, the overall information not only update Li Kaifu micro-blog. This problem included efficiency, not just Li Kaifu this level of micro-blog. This problem is not carefully studied, just for example.

Case study how to target keywords positioning station enterprise

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Here is the key: Keywords: how to locate the The

1, the current transformer enterprises as an example. We need a clear understanding of the specific situation of enterprises. For example, the main products of the enterprise production and sales (current transformer) etc..

from 2 we can analyze some relevant keywords following, drop-down list words: current transformer wiring diagram, current transformer, current transformer, current transformer transformation model · · it can be seen that for a firm stand, although these words can bring good traffic, but search the words the user is not going to buy your product – current transformer. So the relevant keywords, love Shanghai drop all give up

of Shanghai dragon website for a need, if the site keywords pre positioning is not accurate, will directly lead to encounter various fatal problems in the optimization process: keyword rankings do not go up, go up and order, with no traffic flow and is still not ranked order · · · sometimes, site target keywords are set correctly or not, or even directly affects the life and death of an enterprise.

2, a statistical analysis of related keywords and long tail, it can be seen from the love of Shanghai keywords drop-down box and relevant search, as shown in figure (1), (2) can also use analysis tools of long tail words better, catch words and fly to Darou analyze whether there is some value of the long tail word.

look at the relevant search. We can see these words from the search: zero sequence current transformer, current transformer wiring diagram, current transformer, three-phase current transformer, through core type current transformer · · we can realize the precise user can bring these keywords (buy related products user word) only four. Zero sequence current transformer, three-phase current transformer, through core type current transformer, voltage transformer (the words according to the specific circumstances, the enterprises have to do if the voltage transformer, the word.




once appear this kind of problem, or modify the title (there is the risk of K), or revised, re design the content of the website and the title of the rewriting, the most serious will even throw away the old site, re apply for a domain name to do. These are your efforts in vain. So say: positioning the target keywords website must attach great importance to.

3, to determine the target key. This is important because you at least after several months to around this keyword to the operation, we should pay more attention to the key words, then the current transformer to locate.

Game chips raised wave of attack, hand travel projects raised public dilemma should be how to breakH

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again, the current popular Taobao guest, that is, build a website, and then promote the goods on Taobao, as long as customers through your website link into Taobao, buy goods, you can get a commission. The principle is simple, but many new people join in enthusiastically and want to get income from it. But a lot of times are counterproductive, do not always think that the sky will drop pie.

if you operate a PTC click on the project, although it is free to join, do not need to invest money, but you also need time to every point of advertising, this means your capital is time, is your energy. This risk is relatively large, new people do not think that after joining the tutorial to see, find more than a few PTC stations, adhere to click ads every day will be able to make money, do not underestimate its risk. How many people are blind to the operation of many PTC projects, the result is nothing, but also a waste of time and energy, because now many are liars click station station, collect money, to remind the novice to join click Wangzhuan must be careful, be sure to find a strong stand good reputation is guaranteed.

network to make money, a number of people excited about it, all think in the net little mouse can make money. In fact Wangzhuan is not so simple, people tend to see only the successful brilliant or every day can make a lot of money, very envious, but you know behind these successful people pay much effort, how much bitterness, experienced many groundless talk, along the way, the failure of many times, so many, have you ever thought of. Do not think that making money online is really so easy, you can know the network trap everywhere, not accidentally fall into, the author suggests that new entrants can not underestimate the risk of wangzhuan.


actually Mobile Games project to raise the public is with the well-known IP products or their own accumulated a certain amount of users.

short, is higher with risk, before new entrants must have a correct attitude, not to underestimate the risk, should fully consider all things before investing. Of course, do not have to be too negative, the network is still unlimited potential to make money, as long as you can seize the opportunity, I believe that online money is not impossible. This article in A5 starting, reprinted, marked

, perhaps as a new person, you will think so, to see if others are doing a single product Taobao station, every day plus some articles, hair outside the chain, ranking will go up, there is flow, there is no worry about no income. Do not want to be so simple, now the different search engines before it, the great risk of SEO, the ranking of the rules may change at any time, may allow you to invest Taobao station overnight ranking disappeared Not the least trace was found.

games to raise the number of successful projects declined for the time being aside, the success of the tour hand public chips are very low, but very worthy of our attention. You know, in recent years in the game to raise public projects is the increasing number of large manufacturers, since the Double Happiness game project "broken time Broken  Age" after the success of the game all the chips continues to heat up, more and more games to raise public projects has made no small success.

the rapid development of the Internet era, more and more people are joining in the big business camp. But the business is not an easy thing, it requires not only the manpower and material resources, is the need for financial and other aspects of the support, and raise the concept of entrepreneurs to see new life, a time all the chips become the object of many entrepreneurs common pursuit.

now, more and more hand travel projects all the chips failed, only a small number of projects have been successful. The original small and medium-sized manufacturers to survive Mobile Games is not easy under the pressure Mobile Games Mobile Games Dachang, the congregation raised more difficult for these small and medium-sized manufacturers is undoubtedly a heavy blow, how small and medium CP Mobile Games project to raise the public need to pay attention to what

Wangzhuan have similarities with the business, how much will with risk, whether you are doing what types of projects, as long as there will be a risk investment, and your capital both money and time, will also face many unpredictable risks.

what is the game to raise the public? Game congregation raised refers to the game developers through the Internet to raise funds for gamers, and then use the funds used to develop the game. It is characterized by a low threshold, regardless of identity, status, occupation, age, as long as you have the idea and creativity, you can launch a game project.

for this, the authoritative research institutions ICO , Partners conducted a deeper excavation. ICO said that the congregation raised platform Kickstarter game congregation raised the total amount of funds increased, but the number of successful projects raised compared with last year, but there has been a slight decline. In addition, the current hand travel to raise the success rate is very low, can get large proportion of financing is not high.

as part of the game industry as a whole, and now travel all chips raise the success rate is very low, it means that the game is not suitable for all projects raised hand travel. It’s really fantastic! So many games can successfully raised the public why Mobile Games projects can not be a game all the chips in the train

after a period of growth, the game to raise public concept has gradually matured. In 2014 Li, the rise of the public website platform, more and more games to raise public projects are also homeopathy in the eyes of the public. A month ago, the congregation raised the site Kickstarter to share the platform’s 2015 game related data. Kickstarter revealed that the platform in 2015 to raise the public game projects up to more than 350   one, the congregation raised more than $41 million in total funds.


Ownership of public accounts

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in addition to expressing his views as much as possible, the name of the public account also has some personal color.

"start-up nation" magazine Wen / Wei Wu Yao


Wei Wu Bo: new media observer, lecturer, School of media and design, Shanghai Jiaotong University,

‘s media people engage in a public account in his spare time, IT media have more people because of waterside pavilion. The reason why I put a quote in my spare time is that it takes time to play with the public accounts. The more subscribers, the more time consuming, and the two words from the energy, the time, the amateur, really want to quote.

You have a

regardless of whether the public account is expected in the future what successful business model, but at least reclame is up a rose – this is one of the benefits. Some of the media world or slightly low integrity and write some soft Wen, because of their own account, send out very easily, but also can collect pennies. The media people engage in the public account so popular.

media organizations will envy individual public account creation influence? In most cases not, I rarely hear the media with their own personal requirements of public accounts for the media service. But the world cannot stand still some idiotic leaders.

recently, a media man told me that her media organization had asked her to hand over her public account. It made her angry and helpless. She asked me, "is that all right,


that depends on the specific situation. Specific to this media person, what she does the content of public account, and what she has done in the media organization, there is great intersection. Well, we can make a judgment like this: if she were not a reporter for the media, she would never have done so much. The judgment is generally valid. In that case, in theory, a media organization wants her to hand over a public account, because she takes advantage of the resources the media organization provides her.

this way, and love is not too, but you really want to seriously lawsuit, I reckon media organizations will very large. The question is: how do you avoid that,


my view is: in their own public accounts, as much as possible to express their own subjective views and views, rather than doing reports, gossip. The latter, in fact, the media organizations can do, just arrange a person to take over, still can continue to do reports, pull gossip. But the former is different, subjective view and view, everyone is different. The reason why this public account gathers so many subscribers is that the core lies in your views and opinions and has received favorable comments from subscribers. Once the individual is changed, these subscribers run away easily.

, in addition to expressing his views as much as possible, has a personal name for the public account name – for example, simply make an account with your own name. My friend of the media public account is a safe end >

Local website operation can not be separated from public service activities

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"as long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become a better world." love activities require everyone to participate, and local website operations can not be separated from public welfare activities.

in 2008, I had the honor to become the people network partners in Harbin, as a person, this is a good opportunity to grow I learned not only large companies experience in site operators, I also know some friends at the same time, the "Harbin love alliance" of rain, I also have the honor of being the one, "Harbin love union" a volunteer. Love is when the alliance will rescue leukemia female college student Ma Lin, Harbin Red Cross President Chi Kejie personally approved as a non-governmental organization members of the red cross. "Harbin love alliance" president, Xiaoyu successfully organized relief leukemia female students, orphanage condolences, homes for the elderly to visit the elderly, volunteers, just to scratch the hands of swindlers and other activities.

Lantern Festival, released by Harbin people welfare section and love alliance forum Lantern Festival volunteer condolences to the nursing home elderly activity notice ", supported by the users and the public in Harbin," Harbin love union "organized by President rain once again completed the Lantern Festival condolences to the nursing home elderly. Activity.

The rapid development of

networks today, the network has become the people activities and exchange platform, so the website of nature to give full play to the advantages of the platform, to gather the user through a variety of activities, develop themselves and contribute to society, so the operation of local website cannot do without public welfare activities, let the public welfare activities and local site common development and make its own contribution for the social development and construction. 2009 Harbin people network to support public welfare activities, "Harbin love alliance" to continue to work hard, with sincerity and practical action to influence and drive around the friends, the love stories change each high streets and back lanes of


author Department of Harbin people network webmaster

Taobao operates an adult store for half a year, 100 thousand marketing ideas

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I’m a Taobao business. So so, I’ve got a 100 thousand profit per year now. My main products are condoms and other sex products.

has just started when I told you the same mixed community, forum, blog these conventional means of promotion for many times, the effect how not to say, it gives me a patience and calm! Accidentally on the network know global hospital network marketing for Kartal, with him after a chat that he did not grasp the direction, is one of the most important products, one needs a creative, not found.

after talking, thinking, combined with my years of experience in relevant forums, I found that my main products (An Quantao) users, there is a part of many are after an abortion only to realize the role of An Quantao. So I thought, can I set up an information system for my clients to guide the customers to consume?. After all, this society is marketing, not selling. Customers must consider their interests and guide them to spend.

and I in the Kartal site to collect a number of abortion information, including artificial abortion, medical abortion, visual flow and other maintenance, and how to prevent complications and so on. The understanding that you can say in the respect of the relevant knowledge, and then I began to mix BBS (love, school), I set up a circle of love, I set up the QQ group, I know a number of age is not very big, but the young girl, boys, talk to them. Life, talk about feelings.

has accumulated for six months, and in October of last year, sales finally exceeded 100 thousand.

of course, there are many of my products, and I still have a lot of ideas. Just put out today, the first time I run things to share with you, the process is the same, it is important that you understand your customers, you can achieve a win-win situation with your customers, you can let him think the first thing is when you buy the product.

to do this, first of all, to understand the following 3 points:

what do your customers need,


what can your product offer,

?What benefits can

customers buy for your product?

the last point is the most important thing. If you can get to the last point, your sales will be much better.

Many rooms how to use the Internet to sell a house

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leads: the room many platform pattern lets the broker and the buyer both sides can see on-line all housing information, expanded broker’s service radius.


three years ago, has ten years of experience of the real estate industry Duan Yi clearly feel the real estate transaction each chain pain points: real estate sales promotion cost is too high, the agent’s income is very low; a large number of houses on the real source of information brokers, false troubled buyers often flooded. Line difficult to solve the problem, can the Internet through the advantages of trading changes? In this context, Duan Yi sprouted an idea: the establishment of a real estate transaction can solve the problem of buying a house, selling the pain point.

in July this year, in the establishment of three years later, the housing more announced the completion of the $80 million B round of financing, has become a dark horse in the real estate industry. In the past three years, from the start to help developers sell houses, a lot of room has attracted developers, brokers, sellers and buyers all aspects of transactions settled, distributed to the 500 thousand line around the signing by brokers and developers will be the cooperation of more than 500 projects, the first half of this year, has achieved a lot of room close to 100 billion of the cumulative turnover of the platform.

in the next, according to Duan Yi introduction, the housing more in 2014 turnover target is to break through 200 billion yuan, which also includes the second half of the second-hand housing business. The new business, officially launched in November this year, has now covered three cities in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu, which will soon reach ten".

liberating information

looking for developers to take projects, and then to the new premises to direct access to property buyers brokers, the use of second-hand housing flow to broaden the new premises sales channels. A lot of room of this model is not new, as early as in the last century in 90s, this is called "a second-hand linkage" pattern of sales had appeared in Hongkong, then in 2008 affected the real estate market downturn was introduced into Guangdong, after gradually northward.

Duan Yi was recalled, as start-up companies a lot of room to choose this model as a starting point, because the threshold is relatively low, the second-hand housing transactions in accordance with the project "new batch get housing, but also to solve practical problems."

for the participants of the transactions, the advantage of this model is that all parties can create a win-win state with the broker source: developers get new home sales, the broker can house a lot of new houses on a platform, to provide quality services, so as to bring more transactions, while buyers can get real housing information more information and real benefits.

and for the newly established housing, this model can skillfully put developers, brokers and property buyers demand together. "Because a house is not a standard, a set can do it, as long as you want to find it."

The pitfalls of buying websites and Solutions

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Analysis of

by their own China wrong network experience and Research on other websites, I think a successful website not to see your innovation and flow, recently because of the economic crisis, I want to own the China wrong network sale, that is a lot of people asked me: your website traffic, the number of search engines? I for one to ask this question, almost did not reply directly to ignore, not to sell? Many people say why? Because I do not sell flow but the site itself, I analyze:

The flow rate of

1. when I was operating flow, don’t you know I take what way, you don’t know how can I buy the past, promotion and operation, so how can you guarantee me now the flow of


for this, I suggest that understanding methods is more important than asking for results.

2. flow is not good, there are many websites by buying traffic as well as through some so-called technology make up this station, traffic is large, you buy, if you go to the development in accordance with the conventional model, the flow will keep you

how much?

for this, I suggest: look at the statistics to see the natural flow, mainly by looking at the flow of statistics in the road to come,


3. flow does not necessarily make money, I know a few websites, some IP3 site, a month can only earn one thousand yuan, but my Chinese wrong IP on the network is not very high, the highest exceeded ten thousand, but the average case is about 6000IP, I am now every month the income is 3000 yuan.

for this, I suggest: do not look at the flow to determine whether to make money, depending on the flow and money conversion ratio.

anyway, if you want to buy the site, I suggest you first consider not his website’s traffic and so on, I think you should first think about the following questions, and then decide whether to buy, a right to purchase the site steps I personally think is:

1. identifies the other party’s website theme as you are interested (interest is the best teacher);

2. asks himself a question: "if I buy it, what can it bring me? How can I make the site run better?"

3., the situation of the other website (website, target, operation, train of thought and so on, make up the proportion of flow and profit)

4. determines whether to buy.


Chinese fault network station (, I have their own planning for web site operators and read insights, innovative, I have a lot of sites suitable for the creative right now, if you want to do have their own characteristics of the site, then you can contact me, I can help you (only need to pay a little, you will reap a lot of


at the same time: China wrong network is still on sale, contact QQ>

Zheng Guangyu return home to promote economic development

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in the hard years, personal experience is very rich, at the same time, wealth is also very much, in such a context, many people will choose to return to business, make a contribution for the economic development of the hometown. In this paper, the hero Zheng Guangyu is the case, through continuous efforts, the choice of home business, thus the development of parents played a very big role in promoting.

Zheng Guangyu, 40 years old this year, is the town of Changchun Ling village, the village of six. After graduating from junior high school in 1986, go home to farming, a small age, he was faced with the early corruption of farm work is reluctant. The heart is always thinking, must not be in the countryside with the same kind of a lifetime as parents, we must find a way out. However, he is a seventeen – year – old children on their own in the end what can be done in the end? In the end, what can be a child of the age of eight? Where can I go? There is no spectrum of the heart. But Zheng Guangyu, although the age is not big, the idea is very positive, all the time think is to leave the countryside to find a job, go to work, never farming.

is motivated by this idea, at the beginning of 1989, at the age of 20, his arms Chuaizhe only 200 yuan, from home to Songyuan to find work, his heart is only a thought, I have to earn money in the city, change my life. In the absence of any external help, he will rely on their indomitable will and faith to support him.

the first two days of walking a few places no result, living in a small hotel where he made a sad, really do not know where to go? Then listen to people say: if there is no money to do anything big, put stall selling fruit, the whole day can earn a few hundred dollars. Those who said no, the listener interested. The second day early in the morning, he came to the fruit wholesale market, where there are varieties of fruit on the observation, and then follow a number of vendors came to the open-air market, look at the stall selling fruit how to operate.

through observation and investigation, he made a decision, then he sold two years of vegetables and fruits. Although all day out in the market every day, crying all day, but every day there is a certain income, solve the food with rich rich. He congratulated himself that he had stopped at the foot of the city.

later introduced by the students, Zheng Guangyu and received a year old bearings, this time his business has a good turn for the better, economic income day by day up.

in 1992, he learned about bearing sales situation, through the collection of waste bearing so he opened a small shop bearing a small in Songyuan, because of limited funds, so the goods are bought on credit, sales for a period of time and then back to the supplier. Bearing store opened two years, at the beginning of the benefits can still be, but because of fierce competition in the market, economic benefits gradually decline.

is facing more and more depressed business, he decided to leave it

How to join the North South brand

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we all know what business is now the easiest to enter the industry, the highest degree of accommodation? That is the catering industry. Food and beverage business is the most common brand franchise. With the continuous expansion of the food and beverage market, chain management has gradually become a mainstream business model, and has been widely recognized and applied in the world. How to choose a good brand to join the restaurant is a lot of investors are most concerned about the place, which is a chain of hot issues triggered by a series of problems. South flour North investment philosophy, investment stores can not just look at the reputation, fame can be speculation, more importantly, reputation. To choose the best food chain franchise operators, because these businesses have many years of operating experience, a certain number of stores, at the same time, there are also very good management rules and regulations."

indeed, now join the market is very prosperous, many brands have been joined by the aura of advertising, investors face a wide range of food items will inevitably miss. Fast food chain is the most important to avoid joining the trap, to ensure that the franchise has a certain development prospects.

South North powder as Chinese fast food franchise in a dark horse, the face of fierce market competition, to avoid using products to display the advantages of competition mode, but rely on the brand’s competitive advantage to reflect the strength of enterprises. Such projects, for investors, earnings and the chances of success will be relatively large.

South flour to do is not simply expand the number of outlets, but through the chain of this way to convey a new food culture and dining concept. At present, the South flour in the country dozens of provinces and cities have been numerous customers praise. For investors who are eager for success and wealth, the future of a mature project is immeasurable.

if you have the idea to join the North South flour, please leave a message on our website.