How to analyze the viscosity of the site from the site’s traffic numbers

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to see a site of the viscosity of the basic problem is how your web page will be able to attract visitors. And one of the most direct method is to analyze the visitors in the residence time of the page. We assume you a visitor, if you enter a friendly user experience is not high, the low viscosity page of the site, I think you will not stop it. So we can use it to analyze the viscosity of the site data. As shown below:


analysis of the site viscosity from the old and new visitors to the site of the difference

above we can find the site on the viscosity is good, because we found the page views reached in a day, and some even more than the residence time of two minutes. Of course, this is just individual pages, analysis we need the whole page on the site.

ER as the Shanghai dragon every day we have to view the site traffic statistical information in the IP and PV information, but the analysis for these figures, many Er just stay in Shanghai Longfeng is rising, compared the changes and ignore these values reflect problems. Also we can clearly see some data from this site the user experience of how, and how the viscosity. Our statistical tools (I use CNZZ) will take visitors into independent visitor data and the newly independent visitor data, we can use the difference between the two numerical analysis to number two visitors to visit our site, from the side reflects how the viscosity of the site. As shown in figure



digital surround our optimization process. The digital analysis of the site may be one of the one thing a lot of Shanghai dragon Er headache, because most of Shanghai dragon Er do not love the face of a pile of boring numbers, but only our in-depth analysis of these data, we can truly understand the site to find the means to improve the viscosity. So we can analyze from what aspects? Today I will share three points to analyze their site experience viscosity.

two: analysis of the visitors in the residence time of our web page

: a

three: from the site of the user back rate of viscosity

is one of the most direct see back rate viscosity is the site visitors. I think it is very easy to understand. Visitors back that visitors are our site to. If a website to look good, then we can say this.

can be found in our site yesterday in total unique visitors to 11319, and the new data for the 6195 independent visitors. Two numerical difference not many 5000 values, we can roughly say there are about more than 5000 visitors is two times the return. We can see how the viscosity of the site.

The Walton School of business Google Shanghai Longfeng adjustment algorithm adopted piecemeal

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Google announced in February 24th this plan. Google ever to search for some minor adjustments, but ordinary users usually can’t notice, but this time is different. The company hopes to solve a series of problems of recent media exposure. The most famous is "New York Times" according to a report by Penney J.C., the American department store chain to deceive the search engine ranking mode at the top of many search results. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that in another case, the retailer Overstock贵族宝贝 for violation of Google’s policy by punishment. The policy to prohibit enterprises to improve search engine rankings by improper behavior.

these events and Google reaction caused a series of problems. The search engine will produce what effect on people? Google’s market position is too strong? Whether the company should be decided on the search results of the algorithm is more transparent? What is the future of search


has experienced a series of search for quality of criticism, Google began to take action. The search giant recently on the sorting rules were adjusted to give a higher weight for "high quality", and also cut "not very useful" information ranking. Google said it will move about 12% U.S. search requests have a significant impact.

The following is the full text:


Google’s search business needs to meet the needs of the two kinds of people: users and advertisers." The Walton School of business professor of legal studies and business ethics Kevin · Wabach (Kevin Werbach) said, "Google is a dominant search engine, but if users found it impossible to get the results you want, will look at other options. From a financial perspective, perhaps more serious, because advertisers may give up on the search keyword auction. Is the value basis of Google as an honest and neutral broker, providing excellent search results."


Walton school believes that Google search results by increasing attention highlights a game of cat and mouse, one is Google, the other side are those who want to cheat the algorithm, so that the rankings of people. This behavior is called "

lead: electronic magazine "Walton knowledge online" Walton school at the University of Pennsylvania, published an article on Wednesday, the modified algorithm for Google and analyzed to improve the quality of search behavior.

many tech critics have recently criticised Google spam and low quality content included in the search results. Google has responded, said it would crack down on so-called "content farms" (Content Farm). Demand Media and Associated Content are content farms, these sites through some method to obtain a higher ranking, to quickly compose a large number of articles.


How profitable is a local portalYiqifa DELL commission rate adjustment notice

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Yiqifa alliance platform


DELL urgent notice, since October 29, 2007, DELL computer including commercial and non commercial machines sales commission will be changed to 280 yuan per unit. The data return time is unchanged, and orders before October 29th are calculated at 360 yuan for commercial machines and 280 yuan for non commercial machines.

1. can not be the way to cash back.
2. cannot buy DELL related keywords in a search engine.
3. is not allowed to sign "DELL official website" on the META tag.
4. can not exaggerate the extent of concessions, such as "buy DELL computer crazy province 5000 yuan" and so on.

        please pay attention to the webmaster; otherwise, your performance may be cleared.
        for questions, please contact :16360016, msn:leon_ma2005@hotmail

the age of the Internet, the Internet business into the social and economic life, profit very much, eyes wide, eyesight how smart, how much profit point. Profit side   type can adopt investment, subcontracting and self support and many other ways.     the local companies for financial and other units to provide comprehensive information technology solutions, to carry out online advertising, channel named, logistics, Internet banking, online trading, e-commerce, business services,   e-mail, search engine, merchants, website construction, network marketing, information intermediary, information consultation, product project join the occupation training and online exhibition and so on;     it can help the government to carry out a series of major events, such as investment, tourism service and trade negotiation, project bidding; & nbsp;   it can provide service of SMS, network game, network mall, medical, education, Internet cafes network alliance;     the use of this platform, or join together to do some good products and projects and so on;     by brand effect Should be, leveraging the power, promote the enterprise, the government’s influence, driven by enterprises, the government’s own products and services image, economic benefit and social effect;     the other can expand the business innovation, expand the business profit point.  :     specific examples are as follows: 1. Network advertising can be self-employed, this site, other members of the Union website or terminus of advertising projects. The network advertisement is divided into two categories, one is soft advertising, including special reports, business opportunities, product exhibition hall, business directory, and other investment; two is the mandatory advertising, including web pages, fixed cursor, FLASH and other forms of advertising. Internet advertising prices are not expensive, the market space is great, considerable benefits. 2, government affairs

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

You should learn to really practice it

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practice, experience, practice the truth, these two phrases speak well. How do you know the truth when you don’t practice it yourself?. If every day is imaginary, it is not good to learn.

makes a metaphor. It’s like when we learn to swim, we watch people swim in the water every day on the shore, but we don’t go in and try it ourselves. When you go to school on the beach and swim well, you throw yourself into the water, and you end up drowning yourself.


website is the same, only myself from the station slowly began to do, slowly accumulated experience, such as how to manage the website, how to upload the website, how to make the site is not easily being attacked, how to prevent hackers and so on a series of problems, when one day your site is small black people or management problems, so this time you will naturally try to prevent it from happening again, so you can learn something, when you really a big website, will these small problems or.

there are many users who want to do web sites or forums. They often ask me how I have been promoted, and we have his own website. They have agreed that they don’t have any. Oh, my God! I don’t have any websites. I want to learn website promotion. I can’t think of it. You know I asked them what is the reason? They said: now every day on the Admin5 to look at other people’s articles, learning experience, such as his rich experience, to buy the domain name and space, now lack of experience is not worth buying the domain name and space. Hear here, how a dizzy word?. Finally, I can only say to them: "then you every day on the Admin5 to see the article on the line, the above a lot of experts.".

in this case I Speechless, spend one hundred or two hundred yuan to buy a domain name and space are not willing to learn, but also others network promotion, I don’t think. The latest code, you have to have a web site or forum, and then according to some of the ideas you see on the Internet, apply to your website promotion, so that you can know whether this promotion method is good or not. Is not a certain promotion methods are suitable for each type of website, but also to understand clearly that your website is facing the main browsing crowd what, do not blindly do publicity, hoping to achieve a multiplier effect is the master.

for those who want to grow on the network and some friends hesitate, please do not hesitate, act immediately, and truly join this piece of our network. It’s a good thing not to hesitate and think adequately, but there are many things that we miss so many opportunities because of our own indecision. Friends, let us go east up, don’t hesitate, because we have youth and vigor.

finally, leave my QQ number: 985535182. I am a friend who prefers to make friends. I like to teach a friend and AD my own station: www.youda>

Website reputation promotion is divided into three steps

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most people are unfamiliar with word of mouth promotion, and they think it is more mysterious than SEO. In fact, any kind of promotion methods are regular, and word of mouth publicity is no exception. Generally speaking, word of mouth propaganda can be divided into three steps:

step 1: let users remember your website

wants users to remember your site, and you need to do the following:

1, website should have characteristics, including positioning, content, design and so on;

2, especially good to show, let users quickly know your website to bring its benefits;

3, the domain name is particularly easy to remember and spread, the name of the website is also particularly easy to remember and spread.

second step: let users browse when feeling very good,

1, server speed must be fast; this is a very important factor, users feel faster, will naturally like your site.

2, website design must be humane; Web site design does not follow the same pattern to imitate, want to stand to the user’s point of view to consider, how to make the user convenient, how to design.

3, your benefits are very straightforward performance; many sites have a lot of good things, but always make very hazy, it is difficult for users to go to your site at the first glance to see your benefits. Do web site is not engaged in art, do not engage in obscurity, the more direct the better.

third step: in the key position, suggesting that the user to word of mouth publicity

if you don’t remind users, most users will not take the initiative to help you propaganda, but once the important position in the web page in your hint that the user, you think you love website, website users will help you word-of-mouth. Here’s a tip. You have to exaggerate your users first, and then suggest that users do word of mouth, and let the user feel that it’s reminding him and helping him. Instead of using him.

to master word-of-mouth promotion, you need to try to figure out the user’s psychology, and then in accordance with the above three steps, the process of many details are well done. Word of mouth promotion is one of the most important strategies in network marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth promotion is good. It can not only improve the website traffic, but also enhance the website viscosity and enhance the brand of the website.

The disadvantages and Countermeasures of female entrepreneurs

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with the progress of the whole society, there has been a large number of women entrepreneurs, the society at the same time, there are many women in the business when are often faced with many difficulties, so women should how to overcome some difficulties in this time.

The following is

"Eight Tips from $50 million in annual revenue of female entrepreneurs" (8  Simple  Tips  From  A  $50M  Female  Entrepreneur) a continuation of Lumsden, how to overcome the fear of failure, how to do, and in the strategic idea to help you continue to give up. The guiding suggestions.

How to overcome the fear of

1, imagine the worst possible scenario

2, focusing on process rather than outcome

3,   recommend

Three lines of entrepreneurship to do what these projects worth investing

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relegated to the three tier cities, the competitive pressure will be much smaller, so many people want to venture in the city of three lines. Three line city do poineering work? Are you thinking about it? Today Xiaobian for you to recommend a number of projects suitable for three line city entrepreneurship.

now transfer and computer technology together in the application area has been extended indefinitely, can be applied to the blank T-shirt, jeans, sweaters, leather bags, belts, gloves, this technique can also be color pattern, portrait photo baked on a metal plate, ceramic plate, metal plate core, mouse pad, puzzle and pendant other items. Simple operation, very good income, no computer basic knowledge.


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From 700 yuan to billionaire metamorphosis

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not all successful entrepreneurs are the high costs, some people use a little bit of money to create a miracle, this is the protagonist with only 700 dollars in net worth billions of dollars and then finally started, inspirational story, with the view of.

every time Zhang Qingjie drove through Shennan Road, Shenzhen Bookstore Building, will always take a look at the building. "That was my first stop in Shenzhen. In 1987, this is still a small hillside, I lived on a hillside in an abandoned cement tile roofed house, has been living for two years."

now serves as chairman of the Lok house, Zhang Qingjie, Shenzhen in 80s of last century to start from scratch. 18 years later, Zhang Qingjie just came to live in Shenzhen on the hillside, has long been a tall building, he also from the rural poor man in the year, became a billionaire sitting on the billionaire’s wealth. When his car — a general jingling old bicycle, also became the latest Conditions are becoming better and better., the BMW seven series. Nevertheless, mention the old bike that year, Zhang Qingjie still deep memory. The story begins with the old bike.

started from scratch

cycling cost seven hundred

"this old bicycle was the most valuable property in the family." Zhang Qingjie recalled the distress when I first came to Shenzhen, have mixed feelings.

1968, Zhang Qingjie was born in Chaoyang County, Gangtou village. "That is a place where even porridge can not eat enough, less than four per capita." As the boss at home, Zhang Qingjie just finished primary school drop out to sell fruit to supplement household. 1987 Spring Festival, listen to the village people go out to work, said the money is relatively good in Shenzhen, so less than 20 year old Zhang Qing Jie bid farewell to his family, set foot on the road to the gold rush in Shenzhen.

on the way to Shenzhen, and I agreed with the partners, and so earn fifty thousand dollars, went back to build a house! Because in my hometown, building a house about three, or about forty thousand." In this way, holding a house of lofty ideals, Zhang Qingjie and his companions in the present Shenzhen bookstore on the hillside, rented a former army abandoned a cement tile.

at the hands of only Zhang Qingjie, is an old bike and sell fruit to earn 700 yuan, in addition to nothing.

had to, Zhang Qingjie in Shenzhen back to the old line – selling fruit. To the depths of the second day at 5 in the morning, he stepped on the bike for about three hours, to Nantou to take the banana to the people’s bridge small commodity market. "Every time I carry 100 to 200 pounds of bananas, however, a lot of bananas in Shenzhen are ripe for medication, can not wait for the next two days will be broken. Initially because do not understand the market, almost every day there are many recommendations

Adult supplies store to good business location can not be too fancy.

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After all

products has a special, therefore, if you will be a Adult supplies store opened in the streets of People are hurrying to and fro. at any time, there will be passers-by through the door, you feel like Adult supplies stores will be hot business? After all, Chinese mostly influenced by traditional ideas, even if consumer Adult supplies are hidden, but the place is too loud, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers. So, Adult supplies store to business is good, location can not be too loud!

how to open an adult store? Location is very important. The famous brand of spring CEO Lin Degang revealed that Chinese influenced by traditional culture, Adult supplies store is not suitable to put up a pageantry opened in the commercial street or some obvious street front. The best location is the location of the community, but also to the store as the center, the radius of 1 kilometers of the number of residents in the vicinity of about ten thousand people.

Adult supplies store front selected position, must choose the dry line, such as the branch of the main trunk, which is not loud, but will not affect the attention to the store. At the same time there is a factor, if opened in the main line, more people in the past, if the number of customers encounter acquaintances will be embarrassed, especially female customers.

Adult supplies store area of not more than 20 square meters, some people want me to open up stores, more customers, earn more, in fact, because this is a secret business, most of the customers are pay to go, stay in the store not too long, so the store open too large there is no point, but also increase the expensive rent. In addition, Adult supplies in many people’s eyes are more obscure, so you front, who will offer into the shop to buy something? In fact, the big stores will be equal to the customers away.

also, if there are a lot of 40-55 year old middle-aged men in the street near the store door of old residential area, you can determine the shop can live well "; in the new community near the consumer into the store for the main crowd of young people aged 20-30, and the proportion of women into the store even more than 30%, can this shows that Adult supplies store can live well.

a shop how to operate, in fact, every industry summed up a lot of experience, which can be implemented in the process of shop slowly specific business, but if you want to experience these can be achieved certain effects, nature also need to have a correct location. So, if you open an adult goods store, do you know how to choose the site?

Female entrepreneurship bloom red tide

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is not a man to earn money to support his family, women at home with children to do housework in the era of women can also strive for the family economy, men can also help his wife to share housework. Female entrepreneurship, blooming red.

3 7, Zhengzhou street, a teahouse in Huainan.

choice: different red flowers

Ji Yu

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