The site is down the right diagnosis method and K station

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in the first half of this year, the site down much right K of the station, in fact, many owners encounter these things we tell everyone I at a loss, with the right K station said the drop diagnosis method, let you quickly find their deficiencies, corrected.

before we said that the difference between love and right down to the Shanghai K station, right down the search engine is that the existence of improper practices of your site, to give a warning to you, while the K station is very evil behavior abuse treatment based on your right down to. Have a little less, this is very normal, the search engine will forgive you, but you love you, contrary to the site rules, all the current interest, ignoring the user experience, and even the use of some form of cheating, it is very easy to cause the search engine to let you down the right K station.

website is a need for the record, no record of the site, usually to the filing Department directly blocked, it will cause you to drop the right K website.

Shared IP space

, 3 websites with the effect of IP

, a construction siteThe stability of

from our years of experience, the site right down K station is generally from the 3 aspects of diagnosis: 1. construction sites, 2. Shanghai dragon operation, 3. black hat tactics. Basically the right down K station can be analyzed and diagnosed with from these 3 aspects, we will detail under these 3 ways in the diagnosis of details.

website will often use a lot of things, such as web site title, keywords, description, or URL, website structure, website will certainly attract the attention of search engines, so it is easy to cause the search engine drop right K you stand. If you do not consider thoroughly the process of revision on the site, it is easy to cause the database error or produce a lot of dead link, this is very susceptible to drop right K station.

, the website for the recordThe

if the search engine drop right K station, but also to the diagnosis of website content, see have too many unhealthy.

5, website content is not healthy

1, server


4, website

web server for search engines, keywords ranking is very important. If a site is often not open, or access speed is too slow, I believe that many users directly ignored this website. The search engine is the same, every time I think of you website but there so many obstacles, positive evaluation on your website is very poor.


a lot of people to save money, but if the IP there are several station was drop right K station, will also have an impact on your website. We like to work in an office, if there are a few people have a cold, it is easy to cause other people infected. If your request is very high, but also do not want to take such a risk, you can choose the independent host.

Lilac Garden CTO Feng Dahui luxury Internet start-upsMicrosoft Shen Xiangyang big companies need tec

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GFW’s first law: foreign websites that are "UGC content" User-generated can be harmonized.

from the path of view, China’s plagiarism can be divided into at least: large companies to copy Silicon Valley big companies, start-up companies copied Silicon Valley start-ups, big companies copy small companies, small companies copy each other……

but these have China Cidaoxianhong the entrepreneurs more than they understand Chinese market. Silicon Valley bigwigs fear little attention to the plight of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs. We take a look at those across these entrepreneurs need to face the past Kaner what. The issues mentioned in this article may not be unfamiliar to Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, but they are indeed some arabian nights for Silicon Valley readers.

        Shen Xiangyang; Microsoft; global vice president; chief scientist of search and advertising;

technology to product conversion in the end what is the relationship? It actually has only two practices, one is "pull" relationship; one is "push" relationship, or two kinds of both.

GFW brings obstacles,

"pull" relationship is, first look at this technology, do you have? If you have, we will; if not, we go to buy, it is too late to do.

, in Silicon Valley’s investors and analysts, China may be the first big market for billions of people. Each cell phone user installs one of their App, and it definitely hits a massive user base; everyone clicks on an ad and they make a profit; every company buys a device and they can IPO it.

GFW second law: as long as it is >

I have always felt that the country should come up with funds to do innovation, universities should also do innovation, in order to reserve for the whole society, perhaps some student with a certain technology to do it.

below is Shen’s dictation:

perhaps it’s no longer important to swing between plagiarism and innovation, and it’s important that you create value for your users. It’s a question whether there’s any need for Chinese users to be shielded from GFW.

in fact, large companies do a certain degree, but also have a certain responsibility to society – they should be innovative. The Microsoft Research Institute, IBM and AT&, T’s Research Institute may not help the company, but it will help the community as a whole.

, a successful big company like Microsoft, in fact, is afraid not to know where the next new technology will appear. So he did a bunch of techniques. shlf1314 sounds sexy today and has made driverless cars and glasses. But what do you mean by that? I don’t know. Innovation is a random thing.

technology and product transformation?

this is a country that lacks any protection for innovation.

there is a theory that technology is only two years old, but I don’t agree with it. Far from the gap of two years, but as long as you have enough time, you can go up slowly.

as long as the business model is clear, you’re at the top. No one starts to do it, but you do it. It’s okay to have a poor technology. It can be improved later.

The transformation of What is the relationship between

technology into products is a big problem. I’ve been working on technology for years and have done some product and management over the past few years. I think technology is a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition, to succeed in business.

searches for "China Copycat" in shlf1314, with all kinds of critical information coming into view, and some even raised the issue to the cultural level. Interestingly, "copy" notoriety seems to be dominated by entrepreneurs to bear, big companies may not care too much. You can despise them morally, but the ultimate winners are still them. Dancing with shackles of entrepreneurs even the survival problem, accusing them of "plagiarism" meaning is really small, just in pain.

conversion from technology to products, most of the technical staff can not afford. The engineer of the research institute can

copied or innovation

, the biggest headache for Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, is the plagiarism by China’s big Internet Co. In fact, what is "innovation" has no concern, and any real effective protection is hard to find traces of the entrepreneurial environment, even if you have a little innovation, a larger competitor can also grab your results in a flash. Some people may say, why not use legal weapons to protect themselves? You will find that the court have to beat each other — was criticized as "a few large Internet Co, already copied nature" to make no reply to the application for your patent, occupation interests of entrepreneurs face can only be at a loss what to do.

technology in business success, there are three things to think about. If you want to start your business, think first: what is the business model, user experience, technology reserves?. These three things form a Pyramid.

March 25th, Microsoft’s senior vice president and chief scientist Shen Xiangyang, search advertising hit things interview, he released the topic to product conversion technology view. He believes that large companies need to ensure that the country does not fall, the need for a full set of technical reserve system.

The seven most confidential weapons of Robin Li’s career borrow money and keep passion when you don’

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second trick: promise less, cash more

regardless of the traditional commercial behavior or e-commerce as the core of network business behavior, profit is an established premise. For new network entrepreneurship, profit or profit is expected to have important implications for the ongoing entrepreneurial drive, and for the larger economic pressure and even borrowing to get money to start a business student, it has a great practical significance to profit. However, in reality, only a small number of students can make profit in the online business activities. This involves many factors, such as personal endowments and individual differences, entrepreneurial resources that can be deployed, school guidance and government support, and the local economic environment and entrepreneurial climate. Many scholars have carried on the macroscopic analysis to these factors, but at present the domestic lacks to the network commercial behavior profit pattern inquisition, but this kind of microscopic concrete research has the practical significance to instruct the student to start an undertaking.

any commercial act should be consistent with the laws of economics, P Ying Li, =R revenue, -C cost, and Ying Li’s meaning is P> O. A profit model is a system that provides value to the customer while he can share the benefits. Based on this, this paper analyzes the profit models of various online business behaviors and the feasibility of college students choosing this mode of entrepreneurship.

the cost of this model mainly comes from financing costs, purchase costs, logistics costs, inventory costs, pre equipment input costs, return costs, the profit comes mainly from the post sales difference of

Robin Li warned eager young people: "must look forward to two years of vision.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

relies on the network information technology to carry on the product transaction pattern of operation. There are self built websites and relying on third party platforms such as Taobao transactions. The vast majority of students, network entrepreneurs choose the latter, especially in Taobao users.

when Robin Li in the United States abandoned the easy to do Dr. hat and hard work, the United States IT sector is the hottest e-commerce. Many people desperately want to squeeze on this car to be optimistic about the network of trains, and even throw away their familiar industry.

1 cost benefit analysis of the profit model

"how long will the project be completed?" "6 months."." "4 months, okay? Give you a 50% pay."." I’m sorry, I can’t do it."

Robin Li did not follow the big stream into the field of e-commerce, but quietly to the few people still interested in the field of online search. Because he saw the tremendous impact that search could have on the web world.

this is a conversation with a client at the beginning of Robin Li’s business. Later, the client told him that he was very pleased with Robin Li’s refusal, because it reflected that Robin Li was a real and steady person, so that his product would be guaranteed in quality

first move: look forward, two years,

currently, there are three profit models of online business behavior: one is based on the mode of commodity transaction; two is based on service; the three is based on the mode of information delivery. The information the pay mode "refers to the Internet information agency based, such as various types of auction sites, the profit model of the threshold limit of ordinary student entrepreneurs to enter, in reality, few students entrepreneurs involved, in this small series is not discussed.

2 advantages and disadvantages of the profit model

Abstract: Robin Li did not follow the big stream into the field of e-commerce, but quietly went to a few people still interested in the field of network search. Robin Li warned the eager young man: "there must be two years to look forward.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.


? In the course of business, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything "is able to withstand heavy battering the truth. The Silicon Valley in the United States, both because of the risk investment companies and pioneer rippa every day, every day, because the cash strapped and put up the shutters. Robin Li thinks it’s important to invest in investors when they don’t need the money.

Robin Li believes that an innovative company must technically invest heavily. Only in this way can I make myself a leader in technology or even a monopoly. And this kind of lead will certainly bring great return to the enterprise in the future. It is irrational to sacrifice a company’s long-term interests to declare a profit.

for student entrepreneurs, the cost of computer and Internet costs is compressed. Inventory costs vary depending on the size of the student’s business. Most students online shop is small, basically no inventory cost pressure. Student entrepreneurs, the main cost is the purchase cost, due to the lack of social resources, it is difficult for students to relate to price concessions in the customer bargaining power supply, improve the environment of the network economy, which is the main bottleneck.

Robin Li did not follow the big stream into the field of e-commerce, but quietly to the few people still interested in the field of online search. Robin Li warned the eager young man: "there must be two years to look forward.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

to Taobao shop, for example, student entrepreneurs still have a greater advantage. First of all, the threshold for this approach is low, and the student entrepreneur just needs to have a computer

Robin Li did not follow the big stream into the field of e-commerce, but quietly went to the network search field where few people were interested. Robin Li warned the eager young man: "there must be two years to look forward.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

1. model based on commodity transaction

Research and analysis of tourism websites, development status of tourism websites

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predicts that by 2020, China will become the world’s largest tourist country, and by then, 10% of the tourism market will come from the internet. As the latest model of commodity transaction in the era of Internet economy, the transaction process of electronic commerce should be completed completely in the virtual environment. However, the overall development level of China’s tourism websites is not very high, and the construction of tourism websites is more for the simple display of the information of tourism enterprises, and the real e-commerce has not been realized.

In order to promote the rapid development of tourism website enterprises,

compares the research of tourism websites at home and abroad, and puts forward the problems that need to be solved in the future tourism websites. In China, after several years of development, tourism websites have appeared in many well-known tourist websites, such as China, Ctrip, spring and autumn.

many travel websites like travel, care for this and lose that, Pengfei music tickets travel these travel sites, travel and tourism will be fully taken into account, the discount tickets, special offer tickets, ticket booking, hotel reservation, tourist guide services such as reasonable collocation, perfect service and good user experience is the magic weapon of the tourism websites.

also needs a lot of research on the cooperation of various marketing modes, market demand and positioning, and the difference of marketing at home and abroad. In the tourism website profit model, the Tourism Internet enterprise should integrate the resources with the traditional tourism enterprise, and must take the market actual demand and the reality characteristic as the guide.

in the construction and evaluation of the website, one of the key factors for the success of the tourism e-commerce website is whether it can provide content that meets the needs of consumers. In addition, the effectiveness and quality of tourism websites play a more and more important role in the success of online marketing. The performance orientation of website affects the performance of travel agency e-commerce, including three aspects: website effect, website efficiency and website benefit. It can be used as the evaluation element of travel agency website performance.

in other ways, some people find that typical online travel products and services differ from typical offline product services. However, China’s Turist Hotel industry has made initial achievements in actively using Internet to participate in market competition, and proposed some options and measures for the problems in construction and management.

research abroad on tourism websites is relatively early, and has been studied from various aspects. Research on tourist motivation, age, residence, tourism website type, network time, self efficacy, specific areas of the field of innovation, the Internet is perceived to visitors into the influence factors of potential travel booking.

website content research, through the user interface, information diversity and online booking three aspects of the study, the site as an effective market tool.

other aspects, I think the website evaluation method should be composed of art, information, interaction three aspects. Few people pay attention to brand and price, pay more attention to customer information demand and online security.

on >

The analysis of domain name investment location Nanjing do Pteris do foxnut

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Investment in a few days before the

A5 version of the chat activity invited a guest to talk about the domain name for the webmaster, see countless stationmaster enthusiastic questions, I have not pleased but sigh, China owners too much, resulting in an increase in the webmaster is to carve up the Internet industry, is now in the popular and popular domain name investment a webmaster to carve up the object, then the domain name investment you your position analysis? Have their own investment plans? Do we really want to do a


domain name into countless stationmaster investment community, does not bring the domain name to lower prices, but a mess, want to have a hao123 like domain name, want to have a 2 digit domain name, actually this kind of idea is not realistic, we should recognize that now in addition to some phonetic and creative types the domain name has not been excavated out, the rest of the domain are basically be registered first, in the face of this situation we need positioning for their own investment.

positioning your main domain name, we are doing the practical needs of domain name or domain name will be used in the future? The first step to locate this domain is the domain name investors, many domain name investors are think I would do both, so I want to ask a question, you have so much money so we need? Choose one to do, if want to do the practical needs of domain name can now choose the city name, domain name, domain name, tourist attractions name domain name investment, through the comprehensive analysis of the choice of their own to invest domain. If you want to do the domain name the future needs, then you can now select some non mainstream domains, such as mamawoaini, xubuxuyaowo, haishinihao, domain name as the main domain name, but we must remember that when you do a do, don’t chew, you don’t have so much time and energy to do.

selected domain name, we will be the main object of your choice is a comprehensive analysis of the domain name, we are an investor, you should stand in the buyer’s point of view to the problem, analyze the problem, we choose to join is a three line of the city’s domain, then.COM is good or NET I? That if the three line of the city population is more than 1 million, the economic level is not the poor areas, so we can put the two domain names are registered, the registration time is not too long, 2 to 3 years, the longer the registration time is accounted for by the formation of funds, funds flow. If you select the domain name, such as mechanical and electrical company, so we choose Jidian with COM or CN or NET? Here for you to remind the city domain cn is held by the government, we do not even have successfully registered, registration may be revoked, and the company domain name must be CN domain name to grab a hand because, his value is greater than the value of NET, now, love is the truth of the domain name with CN. If it’s the chosen domain name, then we just need to put the COM domain >

The experience from the railway station 100 Aogu access statistics as standing rules

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Since the

100 abstruse Cereal Contest start, my entry site has been ranked in front, the optimization effect is good. In this period also made a few new, often visit the statistical analysis of traffic sources, Adger found a characteristic, the content of strong repeatability, for the new station, it is difficult to obtain flow. To flow the key words are I personally written some of the original article. A point of view for new Adsense website now Ajie talk about my.

first, don’t be impatient,

new station made, the real flow is in half a month later, during this period, we do not have to go through a large number of collection to enrich the content of the site. Even if we want to make new sites more content, we’d better do the appropriate editing of the data collected, so that when the search engine included, relatively speaking, there will be a relatively good weight.

second, new sites to actively do the chain

for new webmaster, a new web site to get high quality of the chain is more difficult, then we can only choose the second. Like well-known forums, well-known blog, are access to the chain of relatively good place, but such a chain should not lead in a short time to increase too much, it will backfire.

third, write soft Wen propaganda

writing soft Wen is to test our webmaster in junior high school writing standards, language learning good webmaster, undoubtedly occupy a certain advantage. But this is not to say that writing is not good webmaster can share the big cake, as long as insist on writing, I believe your level will slowly improved, although can not be compared with the professional writer, but to promote your site experience and share their experiences is enough.

next article, I will detail (excellent, graceful, www.yoyomei.com) website operation process, to a new station of personal examples to tell new AdSense for new station construction – promotion of the whole process.

  more contest 100 abstruse cereal Forum: http://bbs.admin5.com/forum-193-1.html 

Pack from Taobao’s multiple Pinterest products for a glimpse of Taobao product strategy

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‘s latest data show that Pinterest has surpassed Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+, becoming the nation’s third popular social networking site after Facebook and Twitter. The popularity of Pinterest has also led to the development of reading graphic websites, which has exceeded the trend of group buying explosive growth.

But this kind of website

profit basically rely on electronic business platform, in the big and small game player in succession after admission, the electricity supplier bigwigs are eager for a fight. As a leader in the domestic electricity supplier, Taobao naturally does not want to let the external web site to make all of this money go, so also launched its own class Pinterest products.

previously Taobao class Pinterest products "circle" released beta news, and recently there is another class of Taobao Pinterest products – "stubborn rabbit" today (April 11th) official release of the news. Coupled with love shopping, wow, Amoy pictorial and other early graphics products, we found that Taobao has at least 5 similar pictures shopping guide products,




, let’s get a rough idea of these products:

Amoy illustrated is relatively early sellers "resources" in the Taobao platform, but also the earlier type electricity supplier shopping guide products. Among them, the main pictures of Taobao sellers, through the registration entrance recommended by Taobao small two audit and release.

wow is actually the previous Amoy share "is the main content of consumers after the completion of the purchase of goods in the Taobao share. It is more like a beautiful, so that relatively pure social electricity supplier products.

love shopping share is a commodity, found in the community, users can directly through the link sharing, wow part among them. This product is somewhat similar to mogujie.com at the interface.

circle is for the Taobao user’s interest group. People feel like watercress based on Taobao products, the product design seems to be able to find the shadow of scouring gangs.

rabbit stubborn is more like a pure Pinterest products, users can purchase contains links and other information at the same time sharing pictures.

we know that beauty and mogujie.com are social electricity supplier website, but also Taobao insiders revealed to us, "wow" and "love shopping" is actually the same product. Shopping in love is a shopping tool based on Taobao goods, which helps users to filter out a large amount of merchandise.

, director of the rabbit products team, told us, "the rabbit community is based on a wider range of content that includes more pictures, and the picture contains, but is not limited to, the Taobao graphics."

Six tips for university graduates entrepreneurs

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university graduates employment pressure is more and more big, a good job more and more difficult to find, even to find a job, the poor pay and what? So, more and more college graduates choose to start their own business, but just out of college students lack of social experience, how can the success of small business? Collection of college students successful entrepreneurs are in the hope of you who cheats, start on the road to help:

the first one???


heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence.


Third??? Pragmatic

Fourth??? Accumulation of knowledge


? Hard work

The whole network to teach you to run a successful car maintenance shop

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now the number of private cars soared, many entrepreneurs have aimed at the car maintenance market to invest, then open car maintenance shop prospects? In the end how can we successfully run a car maintenance shop


because repeatedly lowered the level of economic development and car prices, car ownership in China is increasing, the rapid development of automobile industry, and vigorously support the national policy, the automotive industry has become a pillar industry of China’s national economy, while the development of automobile service industry is also remarkable. As an emerging industry in China, the development of automobile maintenance industry is a good choice for investors.

if shop entrepreneurs choose to join the way, before to join in the choice of the brand, the brand should first go to the headquarters of the field view, every second to see the terms of a contract to join, to avoid disputes after day. Entrepreneurs should also make full use of training, learning related knowledge of vehicle maintenance shop business, it is also very important for the development of their own after the day.

After the



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What tea shop to join more reliable

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tea industry development momentum is strong, what tea shop to join more reliable become catering entrepreneurs to invest the question in the heart, walking in the streets and lanes of each of a tea shop to carry out a survey found that the Alice project in the tea drinks taste on some new innovations that make people here for tea have more heart feeling.

with the prospect of leisure drinks to become rich, many people want to invest in casual drinks industry, the future prospects of the great natural. In casual drinks to the number of Alice milk tea is a good project, what tea shop is more reliable? Alice tea leisure tea mainly is the best choice for you, Alice inherited the most pure British tea mellow tea, is your best choice to consumer, Alice tea shop overflowing with rich cultural atmosphere, more care is healthy and delicious, join Alice tea, easy to create wealth.

what milk tea shop more reliable? Available on the market of tea, mostly for instant or powder brewing products, incense and alcohol, long-term drinking will increase the burden on the body. Alice, fusion " fresh milk fresh tea fruit fresh flowers Valley " five elements are fresh, light taste, healthy nutrition not to hurt the stomach! Five original fresh flavor, color and soft, moist taste, in line with the pursuit of quality consumer market, with the more popular popular single product, and collocation, hot seasons and the taste of the product only, can not be copied, ensure daily sales of

super high!

to Alice British milk tea shop has a variety of flavors and drinks series, the store drinks are based on the needs of modern young customers and research, with different tastes. What tea shop more reliable? Alice tea according to the different regions of young customers demand differences do standardized corresponding adjustment, the characteristics of Alice’s special drink tea, let the young customers to drink different drinks characteristics, Alice tea every year hundreds of stores, investors you should try the drinks! The development of a new store every year, investors want to invest in the beverage industry to join


above is about the tea shop to join more reliable introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of Alice milk tea, if you want to join this project, you can consult in detail.

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