The enterprise website optimization to do so, will be able to enhance the ranking

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and many business owners to communicate, many entrepreneurs are now know the website much beautiful atmosphere, have the marketing function, but sometimes they don’t care for the web server, perhaps many business owners do not know what is the server space, as long as they can see the website. So here is the need for universal, if we are to do domestic business, recommend the use of domestic servers, now of course is to use the domestic server record, but the record is not imagined so much trouble, but it is still very simple, as long as required by data can be, and are free of charge for the record. Select the domestic server and had prepared the case of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and has a little effect on the positive.

development of enterprises to carry out network marketing as everyone knows, the first step is to establish a corporate Web site, to show the enterprise products, the strength of enterprises and other related information through the enterprise website, so the establishment of the enterprise web site is very important, it should be said that from the enterprise site began to take into account the factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but now the market a lot of enterprises site CMS system has the function of optimization of Shanghai dragon, the author thinks that the CMS system comes with the Shanghai dragon optimization function, can satisfy the enterprise optimization requirement, especially in the interior of the website optimization, there is no specific recommendation which site CMS system, in order to avoid advertising, you can find a lot of love in Shanghai. If you need to communicate can add my WeChat: 29305395.

but now optimize the traditional enterprise website is more and more difficult, many sites are very difficult to optimize, only to have to do the bidding, so now the enterprise website how to do? The author is engaged in the traditional enterprise network marketing service for nearly 10 years, has a more in-depth understanding of the traditional enterprise network marketing. Today and share some enterprise website how to do optimization, in order to reflect the effect.


two, choose a good server

, choose a good website system

can be said that this is a website optimization is a very important factor in ranking, many website ranking sit up, because the website content, either very simple, or not what value. The content must have value, mainly reflected in: 1, the content of the website is not plagiarism, is original; 2, the content of the website is meaningful for the visitor speaking, can bring some useful value to visitors. Of course, how to write about the content of the website, such as enterprise.

on the content of the web site

three, on the site of the domain name

this one is not to say, recommend the use of贵族宝贝 domain name.

is the traditional enterprise website optimization competition has entered the Red Sea, the main reason is that more and more enterprises want to spend less money, can get good rankings, it seems that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a channel, compared to bidding is the cost is a big province.

Couplet Mark about the Spring Festival holiday notification and commission application timeIs it sha

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thank you!

January 25th to February 14th Commission, you can apply in February 16th, please forgive me,

our project is to subvert the advertising model, our website is not to make money by selling advertising. These are, "…… I saw and heard some projects more recently described, especially the Web2.0 website.

since the ad appeared, the advertisement is always the most profitable way of life, whether online or offline, you will never get a copy of the newspaper, said not to advertising income? That being the case, the Internet can not be divorced from advertising, and the Internet advertising has become increasingly fierce, and even in online games will also appear "master Tea House" such advertising.

Although the

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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Hello, Mark, the Spring Festival break for February 4th – February 13th, February 14th normal work.

wish webmaster friend a happy New Year!


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The traditional service industry is facing disaster! Segments of O2O startups hitTaobao bear child e

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for Wang Yanyun, doing children’s clothing is not only a business, but also to create content, convey lifestyle. Entrepreneurship 8 years, 3 children, she kept watching the children, and children grow up together. "How can parents dress their children today? What do children need? How can they dress to develop their aesthetic taste?"

brothers, sisters, tee and climbing suits become "

powder board child product founder Wang Yanyun

had the most enviable life, past time fashion editor, Wang Yanyun often high-heeled shoes, take a plane to see the show, the world interview celebrities, this is her home in the "easy mode"; in 2009, when her daughter was born, Wang Yanyun was a "click", to switch into life the "hard mode" roll up their sleeves in the world order, looking for fabric, she opened the shop in the Taobao children, also called themselves "small boss", "small shopkeeper".

every child has a unique temperament, don’t let it be "what to wear" from




mom starts business and kids do "

, the mother of the last generation in Shanghai, if she wanted to make a good dress for her child, she would probably have to find a tailor, and I wanted to do it myself." A man with 3 mixed wanderers, Taobao manager Wang Yanyun start the children for eight years. "My husband and I are starting a business. I’m in China. He’s in America."." She said, taking care of a parcel full of studio. For she such Taobao dispensers, every year "61" should not be underestimated, and this year is more heavy, the immediate as reflected in the store sales.

refuses to be overly animated, refuses to dress up as a princess, and refuses to be defined by adults. Wang Yanyun’s ideal of children’s clothing to full details, sometimes can let the children and the clothes on "small organs" interactive, fun; sometimes it can bring a sense of ritual culture, the concept of different dress children on different occasions, such as family travel, graduation weekend, etc..

of course, from another point of view, for offline traditional stores, this will be after the electricity supplier and another disaster. A number of services for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Internet giant, is also facing the crowning calamity: they think online connection and service customers are likely to die, because the new generation of entrepreneurs were connected directly to workers and consumers! "

now, everything is different.

because of the many children at home, Wang Yanyun designed a set of brothers, sisters, tee and climbing clothes. One family was just wearing a lively, fun, "parent-child", did not think the shop guests are love, then it is chasing a single, new, are sold to sell something.

brother said: moving, car wash, toilet, nail art…… The soil to the dregs of the traditional service industry is always being optimistic about the "small business", the field of entrepreneurs are limited in the small business level, it is difficult to attract the attention of capital. But based on the new model of O2O mobile Internet service +LBS, so that all services can go to the store, home to the people, the traditional service industry is the result of large-scale disintermediation, who can not keep up with the wave of small business people are likely to face the crowning calamity on a number of services for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Internet giants, they face: they want to connect online crowning calamity and customer service are likely to die, the skin does not exist maojiangyanfu

all VC believe that China’s local service sector will appear in the tens of billions of dollars of listed companies, but more than a decade, they rarely invest money in this industry. That’s right. Most of the services provided by local service companies are non-standard services, most of which are limited to the local market, and entrepreneurs are mostly at the level of small traders…… In short, these companies neither the concept of non performance, could not listed. There is water, just not too successful, such as spring. He invested in a wealthy overseas Chinese in 2009, and the latter is close to bankruptcy.

At the beginning of the "

| "entrepreneurs" magazine reporter Yang and

since 2013, the local service has more than 30 segments, there has been a large number of O2O model start-ups. The attitude of investors to them can be explained by the rapid growth of their valuation. From angel development to A round, Internet Co generally takes a year, and finally rose 10 times normal. And many O2O company’s trajectory is, the establishment of six months, that is, to complete the A round of financing, from Pre A to A round of valuation may rise 10 times. The company, which started a relatively long time, valued at $100 million at the beginning of the year and is now talking about the valuation of $300 million." 58 city chief strategy officer Chen Xiaohua told the "entrepreneurs", as well as the company told him "no less than $400 million price".

business, the powder board only covered some of Shanghai’s quality families; after opening the Taobao store, the field of vision opened. Wang Yanyun jokingly said, "Taobao has brought all Chinese consumers to me, and I want to think more."." Grasp the head of users, Shou Shou product reputation, in the influx of new users of the situation, we should actively operate "die loyal powder", to get feedback from users. In this way, even if the unit price has reached "high price" like 586 yuan, the popularity of the powder board is only increasing.

will still have the investor makes mistakes, but the probability of not so high as before. Because of the wave of entrepreneurship, several pioneers have redefined the offline products and gained opportunities in the national market with new tools, thus generating scale income. Such as magic net, its revenue in 2013 was about 200 million yuan. E generation drive has also received a scale income. Their experience has proved that the current wave of local services O2O entrepreneurship is solid, not playing the concept.

The ?

Analysis of Taobao passenger transport camp should be around the promotion of conversion rate to do

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off because the low barriers to entry, has become a kind of operation mode of small owners are more interested, but Taobao off one hand because adding a lot of personal webmaster, accelerate the degree of competition, on the other hand, a large number of super large portal use its powerful traffic source, small and medium-sized customers continue to erode Taobao profit space. This as a personal webmaster how to break the traffic bottleneck, improve their profit margins off Taobao


I think, in the flow is difficult to compete with others, through the transformation and promotion of flow rate is the most economical, but also is the most effective way, based on the analysis of a jacket Taobao guest website, found the site daily flow of only more than 100, but the turnover rate is as high as 15%. The daily income can reach 200 yuan, and its successful way is to rely on the

one or two soft article!


A few soft

the jacket website to occupy the Baidu home page, because the keywords jacket itself is relatively cold, and not the guest website to Taobao in the first row, just soft in the first place, is completely through the soft Wen brought traffic, it is so, making the site only to invest five hundred or six hundred yuan we can harvest every day up to 200 yuan of income. High performance price ratio.

from the success of this site can bring us what kind of inspiration? The author summarizes three aspects below, hope to be able to the preparations for the operation of Taobao, Taobao has been in operation or the guest friends help.

one: Keywords choice, not too hot, but must have a certain profit,

jackets and jacket which brand is good, ranking the two long tail keywords is the Taobao company’s core keywords, originally the jacket Baidu keyword index is not high, coupled with the long tail keywords, the degree of competition will further decline, but is this jacket industry profits are high, sales product percentage is relatively high, so every day can be transformed into a dozen traffic, can get considerable profits.

two: marketing should pay attention to conversion rate of

The main way of marketing

this site is soft, the soft but also a very good optimization long tail keywords, and gradually upgrade the soft release, is a combination of the PR value from 0 to 7 different sites, upgrade type soft release, will eventually be the long tail keywords, ranking rose to Baidu the home page, and occupy the second rank the first position, the total investment is not more than 1000 yuan, but it is such a targeted promotion of soft paper, just let the website brings a lot of directional flow, of course, soft Wen wrote the well is a very important aspect.

through the analysis of these two soft Wen, can give us two important inspiration, one is soft Wen, must comply with SEO optimization, better highlight key words, and the key >

The PC site is dead and wrong. The real value of the site should be a standard

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in the Feng Xiaogang endorsement of a brand mobile phone, so say: "the man of success is the standard, so the intelligent mobile phone mobile phone!" era, indeed subvert a lot higher, such as lucrative website once for the grassroots, along with the migration of Internet population, money effect has been less obvious, so some people shouted, the PC side of the site

is dead!


It is in fact

? Had seen such a thing: a well-known local enterprises because of poor management, on the verge of collapse, jittery, at this time, the company’s website is in trouble, by a foreign company sued for patent infringement, many people think, nor how the company’s Web site take care, now the enterprise website is not all the way, there is no! But the end result is that the company did not give up the site, even in the site closed for nearly three months, have persisted, later reversed, the site returned to normal.

and these three months are the toughest three months the company has spent, restructuring, downsizing, and corporate change…… Although experienced a lot of changes, but the site is the former site, it is said that the company has received a lot of orders, start again, but in Baidu encyclopedia, the information of the company to re do the update, a web presence, you can feel the company still have strong vitality.

also has an entity friend, mainly engaged in steel wholesale business. The first holding play attitude, made a website, but also find a little SEO of the son of a friend to take care of this website, then did not think this website gave him the equivalent of 30% store orders, then the friend also made Baidu for promotion, website peak not only, their business is saturated, also to the others do. Later, everyone is doing, more competition, the site brought less orders, but the friend site has also been insisting. "Although the list is not much, but it is better than nothing," because the site on-line early, and now just do simple optimization, basically every year there are orders.


, an enterprise that has a real business, usually doesn’t die, and the friend’s Web site is not very good. He made a station, the station was collected and then pseudo original release out, the station included, rankings are very good, there are a lot of people visit every day, but almost all of the visitors are one-time (there is no return, not long after the user) by degrees the mother got killed, although relying on advertising to earn a lot of money, but Baidu suffered punishment is a matter, because you have no industry on the one hand, on the other hand is with traffic to make money, such a web site, once the use of plug-in mode, Baidu was blocked sooner or later.

we know that many websites now play <

How many loyal customers do you open

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when more and more investors into the food and beverage industry, but also led to increasingly fierce competition in the market. In the face of the current fierce catering market, how to keep the restaurant revenue, depending on how many customers you can retain, how many loyal customers.

catering industry every day to face the harsh challenges, the time to open a shop door, who do not know what the results of the day will be. Look at the street water Malone, people come and go, at any time the Secretary can have a business to the door, as if the business opportunities are endless, but the guests with banknotes. With the idea that no one can master their spending intentions.

at the end of the day, the restaurant sold out, surrounded by the door waiting for the next wave entering the crowds at a glance; but some restaurant to a vacant seat, apparently a hard day and will be cast to waste. Prosperity and decay, cold and heat, as if there is no reason to explain, but there seems to be some kind of rule in the rule of this phenomenon.

restaurant opened along with back place, advantages and disadvantages of the taste of the food, the service level of high and low, are important factors influencing the ups and downs of the business, so Business Hours must show a grad situation. But most of the time we will see some restaurants, Business Flourishes, indeed in all aspects of a master.

However, some

place dishes, service superior than its restaurant, but why not many customers will? What factors are more important than the location, dishes and service will affect the customer’s consumption intention?

"one thousand old customers" concept

The competition of

food and beverage industry is intense year by year, the market supply of this industry already exceeded demand. In other words, there are 10 restaurants have been opened in the first half of the 3 can not survive, there will be very hard to operate the business of the 4, can be stable and profitable only accounted for about 30%.

in such difficult conditions, to become a profitable restaurant, in addition to a good environment, dishes to the standard, style, price is also very important. However, these conditions are still not fully expressed will be successful, but also to have a stable long-term support for tourists.

what is the "one thousand customers"

called the one thousand old customers, is the average of 1000 months to come to the store to eat more than once guests. These guests even when 50% alone, with a partner when the 50%, will bring more than 1500 people per month consumption. 1500 people divided by the consumption of 30 days, at least 50 people a day fixed consumption brought by them.

to store 200 square meters to the size of 300 square meters of the restaurant every day

Wen businessmen have a new era of entrepreneurship has come

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referred to entrepreneurship, people often feel that rely on intelligence and courage to start a business is a necessary factor for success, in fact, now "literary creation" is popular, what is the literary creation? I believe that the following business story, you will have a certain understanding of the vocabulary.

in the sky overlooking Monument for Liberation square, Cathay Pacific, has become a natural heart. Cathay Pacific square is the heart of the left ventricle, the surrounding building is the right ventricle and other components of the heart. The ground is a group of artists in the open-air exhibition, Chongqing decorate the lustrous and dazzling, bright. From the high altitude overlooking the heart as if beating, flashing a dazzling light.

Put forward the idea of the


Lu Temple forever

full selling marketplace breath shouting, "global market" as a "land of idyllic beauty" inside.

into the "global market" found inside the scene unexpectedly: hidden but beautiful spot pushed open the door, greeted by a red stone pot test, stood beside the bamboo hat, dustpan. There is a large stone pot on the left side of the table retro mahogany table, put a row of lights, if not carefully look at it can not be the cashier.

and this is just the tip of the iceberg…… Spent almost an hour in the inside, and finally came to the end of the two floors of the fair: Audrey, Hepburn, and so on, tea, pots, cans, gramophone, fabric lanterns, retro sofa…… Every small ornaments are very exquisite, fine will show a breath of 80s.

carefully considered, here includes the Chongqing pub, Chongqing salon, galluzzo face house, yard in Chongqing and the Republic of China and Pakistan teahouse tank and eight branch Guoding hey burn. Visitors can not only drink here, you can eat noodles, tea, barbecue, chat, and so on and so on. As a global market, let us forget.

How to do a good job to open the wonton shop project planning

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a lot of people like to eat wonton, wonton shop is also a good idea. Before the shop, do a good job in the early planning is very important, in the choice of open wonton store must be done before the project plan. How to do a good job to open the wonton shop project planning? Today to introduce a few points.

The second step:

project site analysisThe importance of

third step: good financial planning

fourth steps: project selection


How to get a Burger Shop

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as long as you have a young heart, you will never grow old. As long as you keep an optimistic attitude towards life, you never know what will happen in the future. So give your future to the unknown. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly an adventure, the idea of entrepreneurship is positive, it is also encouraged. However, if there is no practical experience, the paper approach is not rational, this time may wish to find a franchise to join, but also to make up for lack of experience. Someone asked, how to open a hamburger store? For inexperienced person of course is poorly understood, in this small series recommended Nadal, Burger King, good brand offers more serious, and as an example to introduce how to join the hamburger franchise.

first of all, to understand the brand, investors can through online reviews and the company introduced a preliminary understanding of delicacy story under the project, and then discuss cooperation, if there is the intention of the project, for example, to join with degree of Burger King, can further enhance the delicacy and degree of understanding, take the story by phone and online consultation on line, and then the on-the-spot investigation, after a relatively deep understanding, can inspect the delicacy story headquarters, and decided to join with the degree of nigeria.

next is to cooperate with the company to complete the. First of all, to store location, take the shop will be the location of the headquarters to provide professional guidance, and make the appropriate renovation plan. Then technical training, the company will arrange for the relevant management and technical training. The last thing is to get ready to take up the shop, the headquarters will arrange the relevant professionals to bring home shop. In addition, Nadal, join, product holiday promotion, equipment maintenance and maintenance, the development of new products, update, Nadal headquarters will be of help and support, allowing you to easily shop, firm and secure money.

take advantage of cheap and cheap, service for the public, suitable for small investors venture capital, with a small investment, low risk, stable source, the rapid return of the unique advantages, is the choice to join the hamburger shop. Want to make money? Come and join us.

How to lay off 30 laid-off workers to start the business of 50 knowledge and strategy of the 40

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everyone’s life will not be flat, there will be a time when the track. In recent years, laid-off workers have become an important topic of concern to the government and the community, look at the major media, said hi, like Chinese opera in the big reunion". Laid-off workers entrepreneurial journey really need to pay sweat can harvest success?

40 under age >