Talk about the phenomenon of three Shanghai Dragon Industry

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1, Shanghai Dragon – Novice to the rookie rookie, like the baby cry piteously for food;

, entry-level — a lot of Shanghai dragon books, a general understanding of the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but can not operate independently of a website;

3, intermediate level independently optimizing a website, but do not have their own unique insights, grasp the specific operation method, but the search engine slightly change, you don’t know what to do;

1, the mountain is mountain, water is water;

speaking in front of so many, in fact not the want to gather the number of words, but three today and this phenomenon, some more or less

said only, I believe many of my friends are with the same, without the system of learning, for many professional terms are not particularly sensitive. Shanghai dragon this I believe not many people really systematic study, I also do not know now there is no such a professional university (the high school, never went to college, somewhat regret), is now the Shanghai dragon training school one by one.


, 5 Masters level — God figures, to recover the original simplicity realm, equally tiny method can reach thousands of times and even thousands of times, no longer adhere to the Shanghai dragon.

4, senior level from Shanghai Dragon technology research. It can have its own set of optimization system for the size of the website can be completely controlled, or have I said before Shanghai Longfeng thinking;

has been to Shanghai dragon Er is divided into five levels:

to be honest, the do so long Shanghai Longfeng, really did not understand the three realm in the end is what meaning, maybe my realm is too low.

: a halfway decent phenomenon

introduction: Shanghai dragon today talk about truth, don’t talk about the Shanghai dragon thinking, do not speak Shanghai Dragon technology, the same can’t teach you how to make money, which make a lot of money, because the money himself, (laughs) we just tell the three phenomena in the industry today. The do not know if you have not found these phenomenon, or we are in these phenomenon? Shanghai dragon is not grinding away, not behind closed doors, move around the world is not fresh.

there are people from the operation and to explain the Shanghai dragon realm, such as:

, enter the theme!

3, see hill or mountain, see water or water;

2, the mountain is not a mountain, water is not water;

I believe that many Shanghai dragon deities are self-taught, especially at home early that a handful of people. The 10 year contact Shanghai dragon, also belongs to the solid Shanghai dragon Er, had not thought other skills in this line, my own walk is very painful things, while to go on

More haste, less speed., several error prone novice Shanghai Dragon

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outside of the chain are very clear, a lot of high weight of the old site also need regular maintenance of the chain, the new site and as there is no basis for maintaining the release site outside the chain is the focus of the work. The Shanghai dragon novice prone to these problems:

2, the chain has many forms of search engine has been convicted of cheating or.

is now the number of domestic various industries, huge grassroots website, all kinds of types have, can emerge in an endless stream. Due to the restriction site scale, capital and manpower and other factors, this kind of website want only by way of Shanghai dragon A new force suddenly rises. This kind of grassroots webmaster are basically young, smart, full of go, work full of energy is to their advantage, but also easy to appear ambitious, anxious problem. Today, and we discuss some mistakes in Shanghai dragon is apt to make new, maybe you and I have done such a silly thing.

, a website for updates, not for

The importance of each webmaster

maybe many webmaster will complain, not so much time to write a high quality original content every day, can only copy network articles. This is a real problem, can understand, you can send the original "false" content, but to have a "pseudo" level, "pseudo" quality. First of all, the title of the article must not copy, must be intended to be a closely related with the content of the title. Secondly, the proposed station to read through the text, on the basis of fully understanding the meaning of the original text, re organization of language to express the original meaning, it is to have a quality website "pseudo original" article.

called the "content is king", it is necessary to update the content regularly, one of the daily work is every webmaster. The quality of these updates is very important, I often hear some young stationmaster proudly said: my site is updated every day dozens of articles. I went to see his website found that these updates from the network, some even have a real Title move over, this approach is not desirable to cut. The contents of this website published long-term plagiarism, not only let users on your site without interest, will let the search engine on your website "look", think this is rubbish station, not included, serious consequences. Website content updates to ensure the quality of the basic content, and strive to increase the number of updates. Updated daily one hundred plagiarized articles, it is better to seriously write a high quality original content.

two, released the chain anxious, impatient

1, owners to take the chain, but their limited energy, so the use of bulk software or in the online crazy mass employee on behalf of the chain, these two situations are not desirable. Mass software group chain search engine has been strictly prohibited, once found is likely to be down right or direct K station, you do not deserve to take such a risk. The poor quality of the Navy on behalf of the chain, but not stable, easy to be removed, or appear in the garbage site outside the chain, so that it can only bring low your website.

Six major factors influencing web pages included

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server is not stable

web pages are divided into two types, a home page, a page, the front page of the site is only one, but the inside pages can have numerous.

The included is very importantOne part of the

layout of the site of

server is stable or not related to the site collected and user experience, if the spider came to your site when suddenly collapsed, the site is suddenly open, and the spider can not enter the site to grab; it will affect the web spider, the spider web that can’t go into the natural spider next to your website and there are few chances in grasping the content. From the website of the amount collected is reduced. So we must ensure that the server unobstructed, don’t buy those server instability.

flat structure will influence the website included

in Shanghai dragon industry, web page features have a great impact on Web traffic and keywords ranking, each page search engine can not included, this is the content filtering search engine; and we want to improve the site included, have a detailed understanding of the search engines love what content and the rejection of what content. While standing in the search engine’s point of view, the search engine can meet the customer needs the contents of priority show in the sight of customers, so as to reflect the value of the search engine, get more user acceptance. So I say the following specific factors about web page included is what.

is a website of trust on collection is also very important, some Shanghai Longfeng specialist care only about the web site keywords ranking and flow, don’t ignore the trust website; when a website is not just beginning to trust, so we will not immediately update the content to be included, but we need long-term trust maintenance of the website will have, until the site search engine to slowly build up trust, we just want more content will be the second best method, maintenance of Website Trust is regular daily for website updates, stable website content update frequency, it can get the confidence of the search engine, website update number trust will follow the increase.

layout of the site is optimized, and the layout is reasonable on the site collected has great influence. If the site is a mess, no mess and even home page links in the page, in this case even if the spider came to the site your page will not be included in the site, that is to say the spider came to your home page to see your updated content, also talk about what included ah, like website there are many, of course this website ranking is not so good, and the impact of this on page optimization is very large. We should like to layout, each page should have the latest articles and recommend to the plate, it will promote the search engine on the web included, to make reasonable arrangement of each page, will it be possible to get more included.


spider trust on the website of the

Some five students to Wangzhuan entrepreneurs proposalYour success is a state of mind

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two, pay attention to network accumulation, contacts than technology,

The myth of waves

rich uncle Mao contact countless make friends, this good beginning, ending this widowed. For most earning friends, they just understand what they earn online without experiencing the happiness of making money online. Rich uncle Mao think Wangzhuan just like playing games, are spend time on the Internet, the purpose of nature is not the same in different. How to be a successful person rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan? Talk about personal views on this issue.

Wangzhuan success? Recently there are a lot of make friends in the rich uncle Mao asked this question, in fact, rich uncle Mao really can’t answer. Do Wangzhuan years, rich uncle Mao has been guarding the Chinese click Wangzhuan the small stalls, has not changed much, I feel quite good, basically realized the free Internet, as a pleasurable occupation ah, rich uncle Mao consciously succeeded. In fact, here there are two kinds of people, one is the full-time Wangzhuan people, earning thousands or even million a month is their goal, they are likely to succeed; the other is the part-time people they do Wangzhuan, may be purely a hobby, how many Wangzhuan income is not to affect their mood. The rich uncle is such a person. In fact, Wangzhuan success is a kind of mood or a kind of mentality, to meet their needs of online entertainment is the biggest success, so rich that uncle Mao Wangzhuan success is a self satisfied mentality.

some new Adsense just started doing, think with their own technology can only net >

, a steady, steady

1, find their own Wangzhuan project. Wangzhuan is simply to make money online, and do not have a uniform standard, as long as their own will be able to make the score. For a long time did not come to the rich uncle Mao stationmaster net published an article, is not to give up Chinese rich uncle Mao Bux? No, in the second half of the 2009 gross rich uncle go to the mountains, there is no access to the Internet, only until Saturday Sunday, but the gross monthly income of the rich uncle Wangzhuan did not reduce, the the reason is the selection of the rich uncle Mao for their project "Chinese click Wangzhuan", the operation is simple, the biggest characteristic is can pull off the assembly line to make money, get online and less time doesn’t mean that he did not go, I have my own website. Saturday, from the education school back after the Internet, I will do three, since this year. The first thing is to find some of the credibility of good website, click send where advertising, to ensure their own site traffic, traffic is popular, popularity is offline, click on the ads do not need to actually send money, click on the one thousand IP only four yuan. The second thing is to find the new station, after successful registration will be offline link on their online even updated website, a week after the payment back just to meet the requirements. The third thing is the landing site, the station K off, to request the station on Sunday to open the mailbox please, how much money to see. Rich uncle Mao do Wangzhuan is quite regular. Because there is not enough time online, online shops, yards, making money and other items is not suitable for Mao rich uncle. In fact, do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project is to identify, find easier, >

college students now have a lot of free time. Some people play games and talk about friends. But some students have a good eye, after the analysis and judgment of the Internet, in the rapid Internet big cake in a cup of soup. Many people have a very strong desire, have a lot of passion, but on how to do the site, or even how to do not understand, only to make money, so that in the online search "Wangzhuan" and other words, but because of lack of experience is Wangzhuan broken heart, think of making money online is not possible, and with a passion to take off the disappointment. Confused and passionate, this is a common mentality for beginners to earn money, which is something almost every newcomer has. I am from the new up step by step, now offers a few new Adsense website or Wangzhuan views, offer some reference to new people.

What is the concept of

every day now the Internet to get rich, so beginners should not quiet, but also greatly encouraged the morale of the novice, let us look forward to the Internet, anxious not to take to show its mettle, eager. But this also makes the Internet now showing impetuous atmosphere everywhere. Because too many people rushed to the myth of the rich network, hoping to get within the shortest time, but a lot of success can not be copied, success depends on the ability and opportunity, many factors together have the result. But now with the psychology of people too much, this is why people swarmed into the waves of network business people and the army, a group of a group with regret left the team to make money online, because between the ideal and the fullness of the skinny reality gap? Not entirely, just because too much with the psychology of people, they only see the first successful people figure, but did not see the people behind the first successful sweat, "pay only the return", this is the same truth since ancient times. Do or do Wangzhuan, the most important thing is to be able to endure loneliness, can withstand the temptation, it is very likely that your site a month or even six months have no income, because of various reasons, then you have to give up? If you give up, then you regret to tell you, the network business and there is no fate. At this time, the only thing you are good at, or dedicated to learning, can do is to endure, to believe that the pay will always be rewarded. Too many people came and went around again, but in the end they failed. Not because they understand the technology, on the contrary, some people’s technology is even first-class, but because he can not wait, he wants to get rich overnight, but can not continue, can not calm down, seriously thinking and learning. So, remember, the novice must step by step, steady, is to boil out.


Write to the Shanghai dragon 5 Tips

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5, browse some questions page [Note: for example, Sina know love]

4, using the keyword tool

keyword search tool to help you to find out the key words of the new target, this is one of the best ways to do search engine optimization on the content of the article. Noble baby Adwords is one of the most popular, not only because it is free, and it can provide you with a large number of keywords suggestion. Browse available to it under your keywords, and then find a familiar to you to write something on the content I can. Though it is only one of the words, but it may be able to give you the next article find inspiration.

quiz website has become a new trend of the internet. At the most basic level, the website is in question and those I built a bridge. You can use WikiAn>

noble baby trends can help you know the latest search trends about your industry. It will be shown that the day was the most searched. By observing the noble baby trend, you can write some related content to users are searching. In most cases, a keyword search volume soared and events within the industry or related news. So it always gives you something you have never written a topic.

if you have a blog, then I suggest you take some time to browse your past those comments. You will always be some people’s message to the light of inspiration. Listen to your advice, and then write the content they want to see. This can bring you many repeat customers, and give you a stable source of inspiration.


2, observe nobility Baby Trend

Using the

to build a successful website, the website article search engine optimization is reasonable and has been repeatedly verified is really an effective method. Long regularly update your article, establish a trust relationship with the search engine, which can show you to your site will be bigger and the determination.

1, reading other people’s blog

3, check your comment

love ShanghaiSome of the recent rise of the

however, when you feel that you have to do when writing topics are all exhausted, and then have to write to the Shanghai dragon for you have become a difficult thing. Here I will show you 5 tips, you may have exhausted to regain creative thinking.

by reading blogs can help you get some inspiration for writing. Although you can’t copy and paste what the others had written, but these blog article may be your next article starting point. You can for them to sublimate the theme of this article, or by those who write about the authors ignore the content.

Talking about the resurgence of lattice station (Continued)

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last week, I published an article about the rise of the grid station again. Talking about the rise of the grid station again, I started on ADMIN5, and I was forwarded by the main station. After the publication, I thought it was just an ordinary article. Did not expect that many users really questioned it. Of course, there is doubt that my idea is still to let everyone know the side. Below I will ask the net friend’s question to make the following summary and the analysis.

1. The advertising position on the grid station is only a few dozen dollars. What’s the future?

personally, I think everything has been done since childhood. If you have this idea, then your heart is too big. At the beginning, many websites started from childhood. Such as HAO123 and so on. We all know that as early as 06 years was hot at the grid stations are now There is not much left.. Why is that? There are two reasons: a. Because too many people do, but to do is have no, the webmaster is directed at the station to do grid flow situation, and forget the feeling of the users, when the grid station how to allow users to produce viscous advertising piggy bank? This is a challenge to the webmaster. First of all, you should enrich the content of the site, rather than simply for advertising and do stand only for traffic and do the station. Then you might as well be a navigation station.

so I told you to do what you pay attention to is what the content and benefits can be given to the user, but not traffic and advertising. If you have a fixed user. So, traffic and advertising does not naturally come, B?. Should be targeted to do the station, rather than a wide range of stations, the original grid station is for the entire network to do. There is no definite industry orientation, so it leads to the final failure. If you don’t have a definite industry orientation, the grid station is actually a failed navigation station. A traffic interchange station. Will not bring you benefits and users. If you’re going to let the grid stand up again, you’ll have to do the grid work in the industry, and do it in a targeted way. Is " earn Wangzhuan " www.zbcms.cn do, should be targeted. This site is for Wangzhuan to do. So he sold out his ad. So it’s profitable.

2. Anything is possible. Nothing is possible,

why do I say that, even though my station is a bit successful now?. Because it’s in the right direction. Just as netizens say. Anything is possible。 But I think everything is impossible. If the site does not make more improvements after starting, it may also fail. So where is it supposed to be improved? Personally, I think we should improve a few points: 1. Do a forum to why? Because the forum is the best way to improve the viscosity of the site, but also to do Wangzhuan forum. Do it for the theme of the website. Don’t have too many other content. For example, " irrigation version " " film and television version " >

Should we think about it more fully before setting up a website

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considered the level of the site is really not enough. A person, a computer, half page level, began making up their own network crash. Maybe it’s because of what you’re thinking. Anything can happen quickly. Every day pondering the website of those functional modules are also tired, and thus began to make the first site, the establishment of the station to now everything is going smoothly, but unfortunately.

first say something good, · · ~ ~ ~ the site of the day, Google included his site, fifteenth days time, also included. More than 2 months time, PR rose to 3, the early time is often visited Admin5 webmaster nets, but soft Wen see more like a, content and update, and then add your AD, to the back will be a lot less. And go to the site of traffic. Basically, all the methods we can think of are used, and IP has broken through 1300. But, is this website useful? I really doubt myself. Google ZhengZhan articles are included, and Baidu also included a half, but at that time from them to traffic one day a few IP. Only now did you find out where the problem was; · ·

one, keyword unpopular. In the ASP crash, the Baidu index had no such index at all. Even the ASP index is less than 2000, and a lot of people are doing it.

two, followed by the planning of the very good, but to the implementation of the time, but often suffered setbacks. Because the entire site’s programs, including the background, are written by themselves. Caused by many functions can not be achieved, only retreat and seek times. Use simple methods instead. Up to now, part of the functionality on the site is still incomplete. This is deadly.

three, because they will not write the collection of code, but also want to pursue the original, the early stage of the station to think of their own manual input data on the site. To think is good, to act is difficult. Every time is limited, but also class, doing homework and so on, these deduction can have much time to manage website, how much time to track users need is what aspects. And their manual input article is quite unrealistic, a site want to do very well, need the article quantity is very big. Rely on their own manual input is impossible, in fact, add some pseudo original articles, pay attention to the key words on the line.

four, the middle of the station still can’t resist the temptation of advertising, for their site plus 3 advertising. Later, the energy is not spent on the site, more attention to advertising, click proportion, as well as the amount of visits on the day, and how to advertise some of their pages. Gradually less updates, nothing less than · · also ran to play games, playing for some time.

now, looking back at what he’s been doing for months, he really thought about it

Free behind the trap of passive transmission Trojans

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          VPS;     a few days ago to see someone to provide free space and I feel quite curious. Guesses the other party intention to be unsuccessful, then adds QQ to inquire, the result several words come down, frightens me to jump. This person provides free space or VPS, only requires hanging a section of JS code, without any advertising does not affect the site, said the purpose is to brush traffic and ranking! The words to feel each other in nonsense, then download the other requirements of the JS, which is only connected to a JS URL, in looking at another, every time you want to turn into a HTML, several old man down tired out! Finally, out of a pile of things, the ultimate goal of automatically downloading Trojan horse!

            use a lot of loopholes, the specific code not posted, rising free to kill, in trouble!

The thunder storm MPS.StormPlayer.1

DPClient.Vod vulnerability; vulnerability;

first check whether you install WEB thunderbolt, no installation will pop up the installation prompt, the installation will use Xunlei vulnerability automatically download and execute Trojan horse!

linked code is:  

Do a good job of user experience, so that the web site to become user favorite

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user experience is the Internet has been stressed in this large ecological environment, as the network environment is now the beginning of a large purification, SEO more and more emphasis is to return to the most fundamental thing. In fact, for now, the user experience is a very important point, but for the vast majority of SEO, they do not know what should be done in order to enhance their website user experience. In fact for the user experience, and not everyone is so difficult to imagine, as long as you can treat yourself as a user, when you find your own website on the Internet, you want to what this is enough. The following Xiaobian to share with you about the website user experience topic, I hope we can make progress together.

In fact,

for the construction of the user experience, first of all we have to do is think of myself as a user, we hope to be able to get what kind of what kind of information and services on the site, so for us according to their own website for the user experience is very helpful. Secondly, we should think about is how to introduce them to our website to the user by the inertia of thinking, because for the website, if there is no flow of words even if you have a good user experience is no good, we always be their day in YY, when their own users. Then, how to make your website give the user a fresh and refreshing feeling, so that he can remember his website, so the website should learn to innovate, so that it can attract users’ bright spot. The last is the site in the content construction to logical thinking, such as the building must be along the user’s thinking to build, allowing users to follow their own thinking thinking constantly to extend, let users on their website to understand the points have what they want.

is the first to say: there are many kinds of drainage drainage methods, such as through the keywords ranking, website blog business, micro-blog, WeChat, soft Wen promotion and so on these methods and channels, these channels and methods are the methods and ways of site drainage, of course, for these methods in the promotion of the time want to have higher. Especially for keywords drainage and drainage is soft Wen promotion website when the release of information must be published in its website and related platform, positioning customer groups so as to be more precise, introduction to the flow are said to have to understand the needs of customers or a certain intention. In this way, we can reduce the jumping out rate of our website and increase the stay time of the website users.

second to say that when the construction site must have a sense of innovation, innovative website can attract users to a certain extent, as we met in the street a outlandish costume will always be tempted to look at several, also will focus on the memory in the memory of the time. The same is true for websites, and only when we innovate, will we attract users to focus on memory, too

Real estate agency ten brands list

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2016 years of the property market hot, so many real estate intermediary money is earned full pots of alms bowl, which gave birth to the birth of the industry more and more brand. So, what is the real estate intermediary? The specific transaction of real estate intermediary is to help people selling housing registration information, and to ensure the availability of real effective declared release; to help people buy, recommend suitable for ideal housing, and lead the people buy the field house, to guide, facilitate transactions; real estate intermediary income is the main charge Intermediary Service Commission, intermediary service commission for 2.7~3% market practice. (part of the city to buy a 2.5%-3%, but there are exceptions, such as part of the Beijing real estate intermediary to the landlord and owner double Commission.)

China’s first special regulation of real estate brokerage sector regulations promulgated. "Eat the difference", to assist the signing of "Yin and yang contract" was officially included in the "prohibited acts", real estate intermediary "black hand" era is facing the end. Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of real estate agents list.

real estate agent ten brand ranking 1 in CENTALINE (founded in 1978, the real estate agent services in the field of leading enterprises, Hongkong service brand, the real estate agency industry very large enterprises, the Central Plains Group Limited)

real estate agent ten brand ranking 2.21 century real estate (in the United States in 1971, the world’s largest integrated real estate service providers, industry famous brand, Beijing aifeite international franchise Advisory Services Limited)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 3 Lutheran housing (founded in 1981 in Taiwan, the most influential Shanghai housing intermediary chain service brand, excellent service trademark, Shanghai Lutheran housing intermediary consulting Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 4 home chain LianJia (large integrated real estate services, real estate intermediary business as the core is committed to providing high quality real estate broker / financial and asset management services to customers in Beijing chain of home real estate brokerage Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 5 I love my family (the famous comprehensive real estate services, real estate brokerage industry leading brands, brokerage innovation enterprise, Beijing I love my home real estate brokerage Co., Ltd.)

real estate intermediary brand ranking 6 out of ten (the famous trademark, Guangzhou City National Housing circulation integrated service providers, the influential Southern China area housing intermediary brand, MyTopHome (China) Ltd.)

real estate intermediary ten brands list 7 Fu (Hopefluent’s, the larger real estate intermediary service institutions, "