The actual selection techniques of different Taobao keyword products and customers

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for the novice, I just suggest a choice. This is my first choice of products, I also recommended that novice experience the selected product, to have the very big effect. Many people do website to study the keyword, then select the product. I do not agree, because I would love to find products. Why? Because the choice of products when selecting businesses, business choice is a very important work for me, sometimes choose the keyword is very good, traffic is also great, but is because each encounter black businesses, selected businesses have a lot of work analysis work, this later specifically write an article. Back to the topic, choose not to millions of large quantities of products are finished, but look out of the product, which is open for a class of products, and then sorted by price promotion, spreading out, if it is more than 200 yuan Commission, at least out of the promotion of 2-3, commodity reputation good point, the most it is important that the product page must be professional. This is the most important one, is responsible for the products businesses, will be on the product page design professional. As long as the user’s point of view this page is attractive to own it, such as video, multi entity photos, brand and so on. The rest, the method can be combined with the internet. Novice, especially the first time Taobao off, I think you can do here. In fact, product selection is to select users, because of different types of products have different types of users. This point has too many things inside, experience more slowly in order to analyze it, I also continue the analysis. Then slowly share it.

1, more competitive products of the choice of

?There are a lot of fixed product selection and keyword argument on the

for this, I want to say is a way of brainstorming. In the second step after careful, actually have some understanding of the alliance. Then according to the net. "

The choice of

products, it is more and more love, more and more choice of products and found the keyword is a science, not one or two words clear. Now plainly, do Taobao off or from niche research often. Some online said I will not go into.

3, the choice of keywords.

, when I was in accordance with the inherent model learned to dig into the station, along with the establishment, development, in fact, slowly found that the choice of niche is not a fixed pattern, Internet technique is a big concept, really want to dig or variable. For example, online said to choose home for promotion less, I don’t think so, like I said before, for many products do not have too much competition, may be too many people because of this "law" and did not choose the products, so the natural stand is not much, and this is the opportunity. So the choice of auction products generally: the search volume, the first two pages of the competition is small, more long tail can choose.

2, new product

How to find a good ?

By optimizing the website, how do I earn 4283 yuan per monthKeywords Jinhua tool keyword analysis to

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also do not often change, so the search engine will be boring.


only needs to do simple optimizations, and the search engine can bring you a lot of traffic every day without having to do more. Therefore, if you want to make money Taobao customers, you need to know how to optimize.

if you want to do optimization, the first thing to do is to increase the site of the company. Only a rich site of the company can guarantee that the site has been fully included. If for some special cases, the site does not have a word even so much, such as your site is flash, even outside of the search engine is not detected, so as to do a site map, to increase website even. Of course, I am not very recommend you use flash website, it is not conducive to optimization, although very beautiful.

, the more important thing is the connection. A certain number of external links can be optimized to a certain extent. Another point is that we should pay attention to the quality of the company, the quality of the external even more, not as good as a quality of the company. And don’t do the dark even, this is a search engine which is not allowed, do not listen to those people who talk nonsense.

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well, I’ve done so much. Generally, after a few months, it will work. Don’t say "Taobao", you can make money at any station, you will win. Write so much for the time being and go on with it tomorrow. 58task, remember my stop, click on advertising to make money on the site.

Outside of the

the introduction:

many friends are trying to use Taobao to make money, but there are few people who can really make money, because they don’t know how to use the most convenient tools to optimize.

actually wants to do is the code of the website. Site code to be concise, in addition to pay attention to keyword density. For example, if you want to click on advertising to make money, then pay attention to his density. Can not be no density, but not too high density, the current argument is 3%-8% or so, but also to control their own specific, this data is not fixed, control is not good, it is estimated that K will be.

content originality is also very important, many friends think a lot of copies of other site content, and then released substantial, will be able to develop. In fact, otherwise, this will only increase his weight, no good for you, but also let you finish, was abandoned by search engines. You may think that big door can do, indeed, who let people wrist, they are old, they copy your content, they are original, you are copied, Ya is such a rogue, no way.


        the group purchase Jinhua keyword tool, mainly in order to facilitate users more accurate search keywords to find the most suitable, such as the degree of competition, sh419 search volume, high conversion words, or sh419 index is not high, but the conversion rate is very high, the SEO keyword optimization is not difficult, and so on.
        SEO as a tool, the most attention is the keyword analysis and mining, the long tail keywords extraction, phase

A5 forum is hot review this phase of the group, immediately participate in interactive: http://bbs.admin5/thread-2585780-1-1.html

———————- reminder developing


Website operation is not a single plank bridge, grasp the overall strength, can succeed

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operation of a website is not only by you can be successful, site operators should integrate all resources, especially the coordination of local resources, the local resources to promote the progress of the website, gather parts into a whole, the author runs a local information network, every website adhere to collect information, organize information, publish information, brand, customer service and so on, to do so many things a person is not wrong, I started the operation of the site encountered many setbacks, after finishing on the website of the resource, merger, integration, to the website now before the formation of the independent operation, with local brands, combined with the author himself talk about information about how to integrate resources, make website can form more support.

we first take a look at my website, my website includes real estate information, news and information, dating information, part-time recruitment information, I can say that the website provides the most comprehensive information, here’s a look at my web page top bar.


one, integrating network team strength

running a website is not a personal thing, website technology, customer service, information and personnel are part of the site, at the beginning of the website I do not understand this, what things are on the one hand, the final result is every day busy, net station staff strength has not been fully by this, I developed a series of systems, such as the completion of what kind of work can get what rewards didn’t finish the work and loss of what will soon be able to establish a website that the strength of the team through reward and punishment for the members of the team, the development of the site and lay a solid foundation.

two, develop website related connections,

no matter what contacts will play a great role in promoting, I is the local people, parents are workers, but we have a lot of friends and relatives in the local, many of them have written a little relative rights, and these rights can be based on pulse the development of our website, then my information in order to develop the network have to contact a number of departments and units to do some publicity, but with my personal strength is very difficult to do this thing, so I contacted my uncle, he is now a small department chief, I explained the situation to him, he brought me to the the Propaganda Department, and I on the Publicity Bureau responsible person explained the situation, and finally reached an agreement, my website can play billboards when they carry out activities, this is what I want to achieve the purpose of, So I think the development of a website also needs to integrate some special development resources, and the network of people is the essential resource.

three, increase the proportion of investment

website want to develop, not investment is not good, and how much investment also with the type of Web site, the future development has a great relationship, the author thinks, as a webmaster, should combine their own situation and reality >

County gateway community development of the road offline promotion so that you stand out

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With the development of Internet and the popularity of Internet, the number of Internet users is increasing day by day, and the demand for localization information of

is increasing gradually. This also marks the transformation of the Internet from the macro economy to the micro economy, and the site from the national comprehensive to local, industrial transformation. Under the localization demand, the opportunity of the small and medium-sized website also increases unceasingly. All kinds of local portal communities that rely on local users to provide localized information and services have sprung up like mushrooms.

            local portal site type community has become indispensable Web2.0, meet the local users become the basic necessities of life, shopping and entertainment, effective carrier and platform for emotional talk. 19 floor Hangzhou, Changzhou long lane, Xiamen fish community…… Domestic Internet has risen a number of remarkable, amazing local traffic portal community. While the Internet is increasingly integrated into people’s lives, the local portal community is playing an invaluable role.

but for the time being, the Internet has a wave of local gateways, community trends, and competition. Internet users have great potential for localization, but local netizens are limited and have strong market limitations. First tier cities, and it is difficult to accommodate 2 to 3 of the same size large-scale portal communities, the general prefecture level city is more difficult to produce latecomers successful case. The limits of the market and the saturation and thus contributed to the further subdivision and further localized information demand, local portal community experienced by the provincial level to the county subdivision to the layers, where users demand digging makes many small sites into the market.

              County gateway community, thus becoming the experimental field for individual owners to start their own businesses". On the one hand, the demand for Internet users in county-level cities has yet to be tapped and has great potential. On the other hand, the county market has not yet been fully developed, competitors are relatively few cities in the prefecture level, if the first to enter, pre emptive, a greater probability of success.

county-level cities are small, but they do not represent less demand for Internet users. On the contrary, it is the lagging development of the Internet industry in county-level cities that makes the demand for localized information of Internet users exuberant, and is eager to obtain information and services through the internet. Especially some county-level cities under the three tier cities, compared to county-level cities under a second tier cities, the development is relatively slow, the Internet is basically synchronized with the real economy, relatively lagging behind. However, the momentum of development is strong, and more demand for Internet users can be excavated. This is like the county road infrastructure lag, unable to increase the number of residents of private cars, the overall lag of the Internet can not meet the localization needs of Internet users and the desire to integrate into the internet. This is an excellent opportunity for County Gate community development.

, however, the County Gate community’s optimism also brings some competition, and the average county-level cities will also have several competitors. How to emerge from the competition and become a county?

How to rapidly improve new station traffic

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recently on the Internet to see a lot of webmaster are complaining about their new station flow is not high, every day there are only a dozen or only a few. I can’t help thinking that I just made the station, and it was only a few traffic every day. Go to 51 every day, and watch a few articles a day. It was pretty depressing at the time. Read some articles written by the veteran later, combined with their own website, now also has a flow.

today I combine the experience of my predecessors to tell me how to improve the traffic of my website quickly. I don’t have enough experience. Let’s have a look and see if I can help myself.

first of all, the new station itself does not have PR, the site rankings are not, and included is not high, so how do we improve the site’s ranking,


now I’ve summed up a few points:

1, write soft text

unconscionable to fry several soft wen. But to the original, because the original will be taught many people reprinted. Online articles were reprinted a lot, many garbage collection functions are used. We use it to make hyperlinks in the article. But do not do join too obvious, otherwise the managers may be deleted, it reproduced many people, you can improve the flow, but also can improve your outreach, keyword optimization of the site is also very helpful, is not


when writing soft text, you can also use temptation,

if you write the soft, good ah, the temptation to get users entranced words, one day Yiliaqian IP

be nothing difficult.

so what temptation? Here I give the song small example to say,

we can go to the hot forum, write a soft, but the key is to write half, you sure this half should be attractive, with recent events can also be used to write what to write our taste, the key is to let people see that half of the soft, see the outcome impulse, then you will be successful and underneath with a distinctive color the song link, tomorrow you will wait Yiliaqian song IP


2, paste it and Baidu know

everyone knows Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know the number of people per day is quite a large number, you can go to the hot Post Bar can also send some articles on hundreds of IP songs. Also, Baidu knows that Baidu knows you can ask yourself questions and then spend some time answering them with another ID. So how do you ask questions?. This is also a knowledge, we ask questions, you can refer to Baidu Fengyun list of the latest keywords to mention, just like a period of time ago, Zhang Yiyi and Li Chongcong on the Internet was copied very hot, we can ask Zhang Yiyi who?.

3, fanchon bookmarks

we can also go to the relatively hot place to do some bookmarks, like what bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, baidu collection, Cape of Good Hope, York’s bookmarks, also can be quickly provided >

Toy shop entrepreneurs have to master the five operating skills

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said it was easy to make money for their children, many entrepreneurs are locked in the direction of investment in children’s clothing, children’s shoes and toys and other fields. Compared to children’s clothing, children’s shoes, toys shop has a larger blank market, more worthy of investment shop. So for the new entrepreneurs, how to operate the toy store, five trick sharing.

1, analysis of market demand to find a stable source of

2, goods less and fine

Just open

3, fair price to attract customers

4, with a good attitude to build customer base

Weapon aluminum alloy doors and windows stores two sales tips

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home improvement consumer enthusiasm, home building materials industry market development is continuing hot, and the Aluminum Alloy window join as building materials market, the best entrepreneurial projects, there are a lot of people want to open doors and windows franchise investment Aluminum Alloy. So open a shop like this want to do a good job in the business of money to know which business sales of the road is very necessary, today we talk about how to use the aluminum alloy doors and windows to correct the "add and subtract" to sell?

aluminum alloy doors and windows to join the company’s products in general, according to the different target positioning, sub high and low three. Excellent aluminum alloy doors and windows store sales staff to introduce the order is high to medium to low introduction. First of all, the most expensive products, even if the customer does not buy the most expensive products, customers will feel that the introduction of the middle and low-end products will be relatively cheap, and ultimately choose to buy.

in the low to mid to high "addition" introduced, low-priced products can only make the products seem very expensive behind, a subtle change in the customer’s psychological account, encourage customers to abandon the purchase decision. The wallpaper brand agency guide, should be according to the low – to high order products, or high – to low order products? This is a direct reflection of how to manage the customer "mental account".

aluminum alloy doors and windows store shopping guide is a general idea, in order to allow customers do not run away, the first to use low-cost products to attract customers to stay. In this way, it may promote the sale of low-priced products, but virtually increase the difficulty of high-end product sales. The shopping guide is also unaware that the reasons for the high price of products. In fact, is not the correct guide in the order so that customers feel the price is high, customers away.

home improvement building materials industry is now in good shape, grasp the opportunity to open the business of this store how to get a lot of money. So how to make a profit the harvest Aluminum Alloy doors and windows stores, as long as the entrepreneurs to do sales in business, then shop in the market profits naturally high! Sales method about Aluminum Alloy doors and windows franchise "subtraction" summarized above, hope to help a friend in.

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Beijing Normal University released the 2015 Labor Market Research Report

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China’s employment problem is becoming more and more serious, the state tries to solve the employment problem by encouraging college students to start their own businesses. Recently, Beijing Normal University released the latest survey report, affirmed the role of entrepreneurship driven employment.

2015 years, the number of new companies in China every day nearly 1. A large number of entrepreneurial enterprises provide a large number of jobs for the majority of workers." Report moderator Lai Desheng, director of the Labor Market Research Center, Beijing Normal University, said.

through the first half of the work, we can see that the significant role of entrepreneurship to create jobs, to prove the correctness of this decision. Next, China should continue to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and gradually realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry, so that the economy continues to develop.

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Fresh investment Qihuan beverage market Unlimited Business Opportunities

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casual drinks choice, very pleasant time. In our life, there is always a choice of desserts. What about delicious healthy fresh fruits and drinks? Good quality projects, the best choice for successful business. Moreover, in the market, is still very popular drinks, loved by consumers. So, join the fresh fruit Huan drink, shop is earned!

select material natural nutrition

people do not pay attention to eating and drinking in terms of delicious, and now for the health requirements are also high, fresh fruit Qi Huan drink? It gathers fruit quality, using the world’s advanced extraction sterilization technology exclusive, retains a variety of vitamins and minerals of fresh, natural nutrition, no additives, no preservatives, to obtain the most pure fruit juice drinks, which retains a considerable number of nutrients, and has the effect of beauty beauty, highly popular!

a wide variety of diverse

people’s tastes for drinks are not the same, in order to meet the different needs of people, a high quality brand will continue to innovate, fresh Qi Huan drink? It focus on creating fresh fruit extract tea, mango, lime story more temptation, pleasant fruits such as durian theme series of food items, 30 second molecular condensation technology, nutrients limit super lock is not lost, it has a variety of types, different fruits give consumers a different mood, can let consumers feel the life colorful and happy.

low cost headquarters to support

fruit drinks Qi Huan is a small project, which makes a lot of venture capital is not very adequate for entrepreneurs with a new look, choose to join the fresh Qi Huan casual drink, investment is only 10 thousand -3 million yuan, the investment is little, high profit, cost recovery speed, more fruit Qihuan beverage headquarters will provide policy support for you to join, service, training service, in the operation of the project service, shop support, etc. the tool is equipped with your business escort, in the summer to achieve success of the shop will no longer be a dream.

small entrepreneurial choice has the strength to join the project, business is good to no friends. In fact, the catering market, join the selection, are often very profitable. If you join the fresh fruit Huan Huan drinks project, is also very exciting, so why hesitate? Hurry up!

Gold nanowires joined conjugalbed nanowires how – net

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vermicelli, vermicelli, rice noodles, and so on these are more popular with consumers snacks brand. Of course, investors are more favored in this low cost, low risk of small food and beverage investment projects. Today we only talk about rice noodle.

vermicelli is a lot of people are very fond of a kind of food, healthy and of taste, but also in the market much attention. For many entrepreneurs with ideas, the food and beverage industry market potential, have to say is a very good choice. One hundred thousand yuan venture, investment in the food and beverage industry, although not much investment, but the profit is very alarming. Golden edge edge, so you can get a small fortune.

to the road of entrepreneurship is a lot of people think, but how to choose their own entrepreneurial projects one hundred thousand yuan venture? How should we choose? Conjugalbed gold nanowires fire tank line founding brand, simmer, crock of mercy, the first 60 seconds 000 affects the throat, eat smooth tasty noodle! Dozens of flavors to choose from, 10 square meters shop to witness the legendary wealth.

rice line to join the selection of gold incense edge line?

golden edge of rice, the use is now the most popular cans made of rice noodles, taste sweet, beautiful color. Jin Xiang edge cans of rice noodles, the modern favorite, variety. Gold conjugalbed tank vermicelli vermicelli made of different ingredients of different flavor noodles, so that every kind of Guanguanxiang noodle is the most delicious. One hundred thousand yuan entrepreneurial projects, golden delicious taste delicious edge line, loved by consumers, choose to venture, get rich faster.

one hundred thousand yuan venture, gold conjugalbed franchise brand unique spicy noodle series, tasty, healthy ways, characteristics and fashion in one, not only from traditional noodle covered with smoke flavor, become an elegant petty upstart family is rice, became the leader for the catering industry catering market Chinese, become the most dynamic franchise brand, customers trust, hot market.

one hundred thousand yuan business, the golden edge of the standardization of the production process and a unified raw material ratio, the average person can quickly grasp the training. National uniform taste, unique production plan, can not imitate and replace. 10 years of delicious heritage, consumer recognition of the brand, is the brand you choose to open a high street brand.

one hundred thousand yuan venture, golden edge edge with the strength of your guide to success. Innovative sales model, to ensure a quick meal, is the only home with KFC, McDonald’s, the real side of the food and beverage brands. National uniform taste, unique production plan, can not imitate and replace. Advantages of the project, cast your way to success.

above is a brief introduction to the golden edge to join, if you have anything else