The long tail word why build independent site optimization

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single product demand

in building site that, as Shanghai dragon er or site, analysis of the industry keywords must demand, determine the site optimization and value orientation, in order to clear enterprise in the network should be how to develop.

, from the data, pictures accounted for 1/3 of traffic, and the importance of the full picture, and before that girl picture experience must be done, but most of the pictures for the steam website, user experience is very bad, the picture makes the word traffic increased, and the demand of users will change. The search will be more specific, more long tail words, so, with the "decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013" the keywords >

NH designed steam for a period of time in optimization, before also wrote a similar article, so today to continue with decomposition and sharing. Similar articles: the same keywords different demand analysis, and talk about: steam website user experience how to do, the demand diversification, promote website in different directions. If today from an objective point of view is a little to share ideas, for reference only.


analysis of single demand, such as some special industries, such as: the decoration decoration industry, search keywords, search engine drop-down, picture is always in the first row, on demand analysis, analysis of Shanghai love index, a picture of this keyword flow is, and the decoration of the word alignment. Please look at the picture:

return to the special gas industry, whether this phenomenon exists? Of course for cold models, rarely have such a wide range of flow beyond, can see the popular models: sprinkler, tank truck, for key words, whether traffic beyond itself keywords? Please look at the picture:

, in this period of time in 2013, "the decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013" than the "decoration effect diagram" and "decoration" love Shanghai index, most of the traffic is exceeded, the demand has changed? Or the user psychological change? If a little on the decoration is not very clear, optimization the direction error of. In the case that the user when there is a demand for the latest and time, should choose the independent website optimization, instead of optimization at the same site, it will get faster ranking and breakthrough site traffic restrictions.

Keywords Because From the figure of

for a single demand, in the special steam website user experience in how to do already talked about, buy Truck users, at the same time for the cranes is unlikely, but does not rule out the situation, in the establishment of the time, do not hinder the demand for small demand, thinking a lot after the car into a single demand website the direction of enterprise website optimization, different choice of different ways, this is just my personal opinion.


[introduction] From figure



Strange characters and the mobile phone side of Shanghai know that the chain of new sex.

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use is actually in their website address before the love Shanghai site for a very simple example is: hi.baidu贵族宝贝/www.lovegou贵族宝贝/, many webmaster is to use this way to make love in Shanghai know, through smoothly. In addition to the above example, as long as the use of words such as Baidu, should be easy to pass. The webmaster can try.

two, strange characters plus the form of

, by Shanghai own advantage

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of audit is difficult, Baidu always repeated words cannot let you through. And there are not so many words for you to do. Relative to other products like Shanghai, love Shanghai know is to use a way up. Many users may have discovered that, in the question which links are generally not passed through the difficult answer add links are more difficult. The author found that the addition of many web site owners to use the method of offbeat online, now list:

Shanghai know there are a lot of skills, online articles are introduced in this article, I was just finishing a few small special skills, for your reference to the webmaster. The chain in Shanghai that love has a high quality, but with more things, the site was found in Shanghai, love is likely The whole army was wiped out. the breadth of the chain, is very important, ask the chain will not overdo sth.. This paper by carnitine which.

three mobile phone, the mobile terminal to do


posted second points from the figure can be found in the mobile phone symbol, the answer is the answer in the mobile phone on the mobile terminal. I haven’t really tried, but many have discovered this phenomenon. Is it easier to do mobile phone answering, or webmasters to use mobile phone business, the way to do the chain under the answer? Want to know whether the mobile phone terminal more easily through the answer, then try it yourself.

sometimes look at love in Shanghai know, some people will find the answer out of order, all kinds of strange characters. The most common is a few letters + + +. English period period plus several English letters. I have tried this way by really fast, but few do not. Although this kind of random character looks no user experience, but sex is not just to know Shanghai leave a link, there are pictures and the truth.

webmaster love by love Shanghai’s own product chain, such as Wikipedia, know love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai, Shanghai, Post Bar love experience, love Shanghai library, but also clear the way is not easy to do. The Encyclopedia of popular word are very difficult to do, unless it is long term, so that it was easy to pass. Ask when one plus links, Shanghai will be able to find love is very sensitive. Although these methods are not very easy to do, but the effect is the best, so the owners are trying to find ways of reliable not reliable.

love. .

Shanghai Longfeng details determine the weights, weights to determine the ranking

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Because the original article reproduced as ranking

basic factors: refers to the basis of site types, such as encoding shown by your website for what kind of audience, the page quality has a direct relationship with the user experience, page type is associated with the structure of the website, the effectiveness is needless to say, directly related to the content of your weight. These three factors determine the website weight gain of our site is to the user and the spider friendly (user-friendly and spider-friendly). And these factors we can control and master, so Shanghai Longfeng counterparts should be based on the weight gain in the factor of more efforts.

from the current situation, effectiveness, quality and encoding type, page page type belongs to the basic factors; social factors, whether to click and browse, the authority belongs to the weight factor; and abundant degree and other factors the page belongs to the weighted factor. Where:

then gain website weight on our daily work of Shanghai Longfeng what help? We wrote in the previous article to review some of the factors that influence the website weight gain: including but not limited to the following kinds: authority, effectiveness, quality, type, Page Page Page encoding type, rich degree, whether to click and browse., social and other factors. These factors in the proportion of the website weight gain we also can make nothing of it, after all, the core algorithm which belongs to love Shanghai.

: the weight factors are factors that the search engine on the web are weighted or down right, since entering 2012, social factors played a very important role to improve search engine rankings. Whether it is love or love to share Shanghai Shanghai statistics, which are used to monitor the social factors of the shadow. Whether to click and browse is a new change of Shanghai dragon industry, "love Shanghai 11 phenomenon" and we see in other website "48 hours to enter the home page ranking (before three) are caused by this factor. The authority is needless to say, should be the most important point in the website weight gain factor. If you recently in the word "Shanghai dragon", observation should be able to see these subtleties: Zac has been ranked first, even if the last stone article even without content but also in the forefront.

weighted factor: refers to if done properly, will be on the search engine rankings to be weighted, if not do or do not, will not have much impact. It is worth noting that this website weight gain factor is that we can directly control. When editing articles or pseudo original articles, the use of some Map >

the author in a previous article: "weight gain" talked about the concept of website weight gain. It should be said that this concept has existed for a long time, the Shanghai dragon played a different name for it. But in the final analysis, the core meaning is: "the website weight gain index fell in love with a Haitong website, to the site within a weighted or drop the right operation".

Method to increase the stability of the chain through the blog speed

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Forum: after practice we post on the forum that there is also included the fastest, but we all know, now more forum rules, some sections is not linked, in some sections when posting if do promotion traces is too heavy, will also be deleted, not in here the discussion forum, mainly want to say is, like this site, the weight is relatively high, is worthy of in-depth study of network >

received a single target keyword is Shanghai dragon, antiques, antiques, antiques and global network. This generic term is not only the search volume, and high weight website competition, two words valuation is about more than 30 thousand points, than the optimization is difficult. The analysis of website based OK love Shanghai has about more than 1000 included, PR value is 2, there are about more than 300 links, keywords ranking in the 35 page, extremely unstable.

later decided after the analysis mainly from the chain work, following the way foreign key growth, such as blogs, forums, information classification, B2B website. We are the first to talk about growth through the chain operation method: we use the blog blog is mainly: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Shanghai love space, Tianya, these are currently high weight blog. We are at the beginning of each blog registered two accounts, the beginning, the method is the same for each blog account for the article included, after a practice that they included is the fastest the most, in addition to the Sina included faster, love Shanghai space also, Sohu blog occasionally included, NetEase to be worse, is not included, after this practice, we adjust the method, respectively, at the end of the world, Sina, love Shanghai every day to send more than 10 one-time space respectively different articles, after a period of time after the world is still included fast there, Sina skyline poor, but love than to be a little more space in Shanghai included, we also made a test in the hair article, while leaving the other is optimized Pu’er Tea website link, can To be included, while increasing the chain.

Here’s what Last year, A few months

began to implement the optimization, we take the method of routine, such as every article (pseudo original), we also do some related Links exchange, the chain this piece is mainly used software (free software, mainly blogs and forums, the software itself is valuable for it the resources, and some site, the hair will not be deleted), and every day we send a few articles, but through software blog or forum, most have been removed, so the outer link is not stable, sometimes more than a few, a few days and No. This is not the way, through the software registration blog forum posts, of course, there is no certainty. Because now the forum is very strict audit. The chain is usually produced by the method of natural instability, ranking is very unstable, sometimes in the first two pages, suddenly thrown into the five or six pages, or more than 10 pages. Use this method to do for a few months, love Shanghai ranking has improved, but did not reach the expected goal.

The actual secret mining long tail keywords and value analysis

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1. long tail keywords used to collect

and 4. other methods

and other methods of regional development to collect, collect, expand the occupation development season to collect, collect, expand sex collect user habits. These methods need to be open, or stand in the user perspective to study.

if you have love in Shanghai promotion account, in the background, using the system for all keywords you provide. If not it does not matter, you can use the search to collect love Shanghai. Love Shanghai related search including search box prompts and bottom tips. As long as the use of these two parts to expand, the so-called love Shanghai index, love Shanghai encyclopedia, you can not ignore. Because of the above methods have been collected in a very full. If I do Pu’er slimming tea, first I lose weight in Shanghai love search, then love Shanghai search box will prompt 10 weight loss associated with the keyword, all down, and then, one by one search, and 10 of them at the bottom of the relevant search keywords down. The 10 main words, each has 10 related search words, 100 words will be an easy job to do in the bag. In this way, can the keyword value continue to expand. Shanghai ranked sex, these words are very accurate reflect the habits of users love Shanghai.

2. love Shanghai related search collect


, a fast mining long tail keywords

The relevant channel

3. well-known Web site collection

these tools are also online, Download software. For example, webmaster tools 51, cnzz and other statistical tools. I used to fly Ruda can bring in almost all of the long tail keywords, the disadvantage is somewhat related to include.

when the target keywords competition has reached a fairly intense situation, or the target keywords colleagues have done good, with the promotion of long tail keywords, will play a decisive role. The long tail keywords set flow is very considerable. So, how should we fast mining long tail keywords and analysis of the value of the long tail keywords


two, analyzed the value of the long tail keywords

method is quite rare, but also personal experience summed up. If I do I choose the Pacific women slimming products, slimming channel, browse the above information, some information provides a valuable keywords and find everything fresh and new. Such as the elimination of abdominal tea, tea, tea, waist leg a quiet and modest maiden tea. The use of well-known channels, can be the first time that the value of the word.

may be a lot of network promotion novice will say, target keywords optimization task is a can not catch my breath work, who has the time and effort to mining and optimization of long tail keywords! The idea might be you haven’t fully realize the effects of long tail keywords. Or your boss to give too much pressure, you too busy.

No website can apply for shlf1314 Adsense accountStanding in the air starting an undertaking 3 Inter

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application method

big country, small to an industry, because of obscure details, the formation of the late butterfly effect. Looking at the Internet industry, every leading enterprise in the mature industry is deeply branded by the founder, and has formed a huge influence on the whole industry. Borrow "sword" in a speech: the army’s first chief, gave an army unique temperament.

The principle of

"P2P net loan" platform in China’s first rise in 2007, in 2011 into the rapid development period, the number of national network lending platform soared to more than 2000 in 2012, more active more than 400. After entering 2013, the number of net lending platform is still an average of 1-2 per day on-line rapid growth rate. According to the third party statistics show that in April this year, included in the statistical range of 430 furniture representative P2P net loan platform, the total volume of about 11 billion 200 million yuan.

, such as a SNS site in India, Indyarocks.

‘s blog post on this SNS site must be original in english. It seems that they have a combination of manual audits and machine checks, so even pseudo original English Bowen is likely to be dropped by Pass. Recommend a method: use Googl>

due to the domestic network environment problems, apply for shlf1314 Adsense account has been more difficult, especially for small Adsense, it is very common to be denied N times. Originally applied for shlf1314 Adsense account, is to rely on shlf1314 this tree cool shade to make money, and then spend money to apply for the trustee will inevitably be a little sorry for the rmb. Fortunately, we have many ways to apply.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, when Emperor Yuan Shikai sent in the completely unexpected way station training, the first established Chinese army modernization at the same time, for the next few decades Chinese warlords began planting the seeds, even during the war, the government has many constraints for the formation of factions of warlords.

points to note

first goes to the indyarocks site. This site and domestic happy nets, Renren have similarities, anyway, is a SNS community website. After you sign up, click MEDIA-BLOGS-Write Blogs and try to write at least two original English blogs. Note that it must be original in english. Then click MEDIA-Photos, create albums, and upload at least ten real photos go to Kaixin or Renren for photos. After doing these work, recommend second days later, then click the red shlf1314 Adsense on the right of the home page, and enter the process of applying for the account number. If the blog is original, the number of photos recommended upload portraits, enough is the best of the same person, then this site will send you a letter English mail, there are links to apply a shlf1314 Adsense account. After you click, it’s the same as the normal application for the shlf1314 Adsense account, but you don’t have to enter the site because the site defaults to the SNS’s personal Bowen home page.

the wind is coming, pigs can fly,

indeed, the progress of the times calls for the forerunners. Spring plumbing duck prophet, many olfactory sensitive entrepreneurs have long tentacles into this field. However, for these entrepreneurs, most will choose their own business as a breakthrough: learning or research, or the business process more familiar, and then look for partners, set up the team, entered the ranks of business.

and NPC and CPPCC during this year, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, improve financial supervision and coordination mechanism, close monitoring of cross-border capital flows, hold no systemic and regional financial risks. Let finance become a pool of living water, better irrigation of small and micro enterprises, "three rural" and other real economy tree.

2013, the balance of treasure of the fiery quickly the people’s attention focus, the Internet banking industry especially the instantaneous P2P warming, not only won the favor of capital, but also attracted a large number of entrepreneurs have joined.

lead: the wind came, pigs can fly? Look at this 3 teenager who how to use the Internet and arrogant financial integration.

"sword" had a line: the army’s first chief, gave an army unique temperament. In the Internet financial business also has some maverick, they are often not in accordance with the rules, or leaving countless students the envy of the elite, or give up the original comfortable life and only a dream round of youth, there are people actually give up state-owned enterprise establishment, stable number of decent millions or even higher salary. Even take the risk to convince his boss with a >

specific operation process

, what I’m going to say here is that the method uses shlf1314 to apply for the shlf1314 Adsense account for its partner sites. As we all know, using shlf1314’s own blog service can quickly apply for shlf1314 Adsense accounts, but this trick is gradually ineffective. In the same way, we can use other sites that have partnerships with shlf1314 to apply for the shlf1314 Adsense account. However, some sites require cooperative advertising into, we can get the money is not, to be a partner site heart goose plucking, of course. However, there are still many sites offering zero shlf1314 Adsense account applications to help.

How to choose the publishing platform of the soft text according to the propaganda purpose

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the day before yesterday in A5 see a friend about a promotion of a new website article he, what seems to be the theme for a Charioteer, thematic forum is the female, writing is very professional, is standing on a reporter’s identity to write, not discuss the authenticity of the article, but from this publishing platform is not very appropriate, if the aim is only to an external link, it is no ground for blame. The following heartbreaking talk about how to choose their own propaganda platform for the release of soft text.

first propaganda purpose is to external links, do not talk to the platform of choice, any Baidu spider is often pay more attention to, the article made a short time will not delete places you can choose to release platform, because you do not have to consider the group not to consider what. Whether it can bring much traffic to you only, such as A5, the webmaster stand behind, and the forum, blog and of course Baidu’s home turf, as long as you have enough patience, just published an article can not place your soft, with this object in the choice easier or webmaster no choice.

followed the release of the soft is to site traffic, with this purpose the webmaster, the release of the soft can’t remember where he is, nor is published standard according to the visit of the spider on the theme of women with heat, mentioned at the beginning of the article, if it is to get traffic then A5 is chosen as the release platform to take effect is very little, it’s better to iResearch blog or forum to send a soft Wen to IP, here is just one example, at this level of the release of the soft platform choice will have to really, is a popular and their own website users want to close, or the user group, a webmaster type soft release in Ruili or some entertainment website if you recommend to the first page is meaningless, It’s a long way from your original goal.

and soft release is designed to enhance the site’s brand awareness, such as happy net in this respect is high, although the final purpose is to flow, but the original purpose is not this, then this level can be soft to send some more influential portals, such as the relevant channel of sina QQ, Sohu, etc. such big influence on the portal platform, not only to have to consider the soft release platform in specific areas such as the influence of.

to consider publishing platform users

in the release of the soft can choose different platform according to the webmaster of the soft release, A5 is a good place, but also promote all of the articles are published to A5, even if the editors, meaning to you is not. Just like my http://www.zenyangjianfei.cn, the women’s Web site here sends some traffic, but the quality is not high

With only five steps, you can also make SNS a hot happy net

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is written at the very beginning: SNS promotion is difficult to know, and now play SNS sites are very rich contacts big head can play. Or is a strength! Such as Kang Sheng, and gathered behind, love GJJ, at least in the webmaster in this population, their SNS will do it very well! And general grassroots family play SNS is difficult, but we don’t lose heart, just like the "shock troops" in said that one of the most classic words, do not abandon, do not give up! As long as do the following points, your SNS will become the heart of the site "happy net".

(a) tailored to SNS features and positioning to find a specific group of users, playing web game users, in general, are an office worker. These are the best people to attack. Because work generally, leisure time is still available, so the MM to work. GG people usually find time to relax on the Internet, like watching movies and listening to music. It seems to be their leisure and choice. Of course, playing big games is definitely impossible, so web games are the first choice!


(two), the webmaster that runs SNS website must be individual character, glamour, powerful. Take the station’s unique charm to take the initiative to attract everyone to join, they do not understand SNS, it does not matter! You need to start from yourself, let them understand the interest generated, attracted to SNS. Your starting point, you can choose the most familiar colleagues around, classmates, friends and relatives and so on.

(three), through the SNS website running positioning correction, content and characteristics as the center, to create your own "happy net"". I also did SNS, found in UCHOME chose an online book game, this is more interesting. Through online books, you can let the user enter your daily consumption and income. This allows users through a period of time, you can draw their own monthly consumption of how much, spent a lot of careful analysis of the actual needs of users, which can be said to be an important promotion window SNS. If all of them are games, it will make the user feel like playing games, and it seems to be of little use.

(four) uses content and features to build SNS and binds users to web activity or offline activity. When there is a certain foundation, you can carry out online activities. For example, the author here (I conducted activities), with their appeal held in SNS activities, such as pictures, OK, here is more than who who photographed beautiful and handsome, but personalized, fully mobilize the interests of users actively involved in. At this time the user can take photos of some of the more personal photos, such as sexy lips, sexy legs, slender fingers and so on, in time to organize activities to remind you of any body can take a place, classic, small gifts of personality can reward such as QQ coins.

(five), it is recommended that you do not put all your eyes on a few pure game applications, and recommend them to your users, which will lead to the most practical and useful

Update ranking promotion from correction to enjoy adhere to is victory experience

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file is not a long time recovery update not included, this is many webmaster have experienced trouble, believe that this is not a few, many people will choose to give up the station, and buy a new domain name to do the new station, again, a waste of time and energy. The author and these webmaster friends, also had the idea of giving up. Later in Webmaster BBS BBS post for help, a lot of enthusiastic webmaster friends are encouraging me, must insist, persist is victory. When I stand Baidu snapshot by May 11th, a collection of content is few, my home is still, website traffic is mainly from the home page to search. After the correction of the daily flow of only about 60, very distressed, irreversible, neither dead nor alive feeling, is a very happy thing for a person who loves the cause of personal webmaster website. I persevered, persist for two months, Baidu finally for my insistence and moved, re update my home page, and then began to update content pages a week. Updated the day I brought more than 400 of the IP, a lot of keywords are ranked Baidu home, and some ranked first. I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep all night. Personal feeling the persevering scriptures. Let’s share how I’ve persevered and achieved relatively good results. I’m just on what the SEO rookie network, know a little, here I just wrote nearly three months to adhere to the action, not that I used what good medicine to the site to treat live. I hope everyone will read my experience and give me more valuable advice. Let’s make progress together,


at the beginning of April, I began to build your resume, of course content is copied, minor alterations after it was released, two weeks after Baidu began to included the home page, GOOGLE included a number of relatively slow, a month just collected less than 10 pages. Baidu included every day brings more than a dozen IP. For me it is a kind of encouragement, so I also continue to add content, enrich the content of the whole station finally, when May 20th has 300 articles. From Baidu to May 22nd, it’s almost three days old. On the 22 day, the second day after the update, snapshot back to May 11th, the content page is much less, there are only a few pages left. At first I thought it was just a temporary problem, such as a week or so, anxious, to reason, Baidu search found that the original is not in this day of the two month time template updated three times, the replacement of the template is out and out. Web page code changes greatly, keyword changes greatly, Baidu spider often can not find the road, it does not come, the content of its own station is also non original. When Baidu tried the new algorithm, I think my station has been honored to be a Baidu test. It is not that I stand K, I stand there is a certain value, just fall down the right, do not update and not K out, half-dead, which stationmaster experienced this are very upset.

a month has passed, this kind of stop updating is not included in the situation is still, I went to the webmaster network forum to help station friends, I said a lot of the situation, many webmaster

How to choose between entrepreneurship and study

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this year, more and more young entrepreneurs tend to be young, many students are still studying in the school to join the entrepreneurial tide. For these people, business and academic is always very difficult to choose which one is more important.

"now every day I only in class, watch the shop, rest these three things." Xiamen University of Technology, 2013, the management of cultural industry, Guo Weitong told reporters, with the students around the classroom, dormitory, library life is not the same, she would run every day in the classroom, shops and rental.

"harvest" is the power source of


"let me start early contact with society, learn to be independent." Xie Jiafang’s family did not care about the economic benefits of her coffee shop, but she was in their own shop, and began to realize the difficulty of making money, and slowly learn to understand their parents".

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