Age UK offers benefits to support all generations

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first_imgEmployee Benefits Live 2015: Reward strategies need to be inclusive of all generations in the workplace so as to not discriminate against older workers, according to Caroline Bendelow (pictured), director of people and performance at Age UK.Speaking at a session at Employee Benefits Live 2015, Bendelow explained that employers need to rid workplaces of the myth that older workers do not want training or development benefits. The charity does this by offering all of its benefits to all staff, regardless of age or other restrictions.At the session ’From Gen Y to the ageing workforce: developing effective reward strategies for different generations’, Bendelow, said: “We aim to inspire, enable and support our staff, which we do with the culture and benefits we offer, and by benefiting from our older workers’ experiences.“Find out from your employees what they want, which we do with engagement surveys, and give something for everyone, including the information they need to make informed decisions.”The charity’s oldest member of staff, who is a shop floor worker, is 92 years of age.Luke Sondelski, global manager, compensation and benefits at Booking.com, who also spoke at the session, explained that the travel booking website engages its workforce, which has an average staff age of 32, with quizzes, lunches with co-workers you may not otherwise meet, and an annual global family and friends day, when employee’s loved ones can visit their place of work.Sondelski said: “A decent workplace culture needs to come from everyone rather than just those in management; the leadership team can set a direction, but employers need to make sure everyone is participating.”last_img read more

Avalanche Closes Richardson Highway Near Valdez

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first_imgOver the past 24 hours, a mix of heavy snow and rain has fallen in Valdez and the Copper River Basin resulting in very difficult and hazardous driving conditions on the Richardson, Edgerton, Glenn and Tok Cutoff highways. Temperatures have ranged in the high 20s to mid-30s. Crews will start clearing avalanche debris when the weather improves, avalanche risk decreases and it is safe to work in the area. Currently, heavy snow fall and unseasonably warm temperatures are creating prime conditions for additional avalanches. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities says the Richardson Highway is closed near Valdez, from mile 12-55, due to an avalanche at mile 39. The avalanche occurred this morning at approximately 3:30 a.m., and is an estimated 20 feet deep and 200 feet long. All available plows and sand trucks are out working to keep roads passable.center_img For updated road conditions visit 511.Alaska.Gov or call 511. The National Weather Service forecasts that heavy snow will taper off this afternoon, however light snow will continue overnight. The heaviest accumulation will be in Thompson Pass, with up to 45 inches. Valdez has received 12 inches of snow as of 6:30 a.m. and snow continues to fall steady across the region. Another weather front is expected to move in from the gulf Thursday, possibly bringing heavy snow for Thompson Pass with snow and rain in Valdez.last_img read more

Amitabh Bachchan This is how much tax Bollywood celebs paid this year

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first_imgAmitabh Bachchan in bell bottoms.TwitterAmitabh Bachchan has emerged as the highest tax-payer of the year from the film fraternity. The Shehenshah of Bollywood has paid Rs 70 crore as tax for the financial year 2018-19. The actor has left behind Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan in the race to pay the highest tax.Last year Salman Khan had emerged as the highest taxpayer with an advance tax payment of Rs 44.5 crore. Prior to him, Akshay Kumar had paid the highest advance tax of Rs 29.5 crore in 2017. Amitabh Bachchan’s spokesperson has confirmed the news of him paying this particular amount of tax to DNA.Recently, Amitabh Bachchan had paid off loans of 2,084 farmers in Muzaffarpur and had also donated Rs 10 lakh to the family February 14 Pulwama terror attack victims.Amitabh Bachchan was recently seen in Sujoy Ghosh’s Badla. The film, a mystery thriller, received rave reviews from the audience and critics alike. Taapsee Pannu, Amrita Singh, Tony Luke, Manav Kaul and Tanveer Ghani were the other stars in the film.Following the film’s success, Big B had taken to Twitter to ask Shah Rukh Khan to give him a bonus and a party. What had followed was friendly banter between the two asking each other to give the party. “… about time someone started talking about this silent success .. !! because neither the Producer, nor the distributor, nor the on line Producer, or any else in the Industry, in general .. has even spent a nano second to compliment the success of this film #Badla .. thk u,” Big B had tweeted.To which Shah Rukh had tweeted, “Sir hum toh wait kar rahein hain ki aap party kab de rahein hain hum sabko! We r waiting outside Jalsa every nite!”Big B is busy shooting for fantasy thriller trilogy – Brahmastra – with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, directed by Ayan Mukerji.last_img read more

Two Malaysian women caned for lesbian sex

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first_imgTwo Malaysian women were caned Monday for having lesbian sex in violation of strict Islamic laws, despite an outcry from activists at the “cruel and unjust” punishment.The case has sparked widespread condemnation and focused attention on what rights groups say is a deteriorating climate for the gay community in the Muslim-majority country.Campaigners said it was the first time that women in Malaysia have been caned for violating a sharia regulation which forbids same-sex relations.The country operates a dual-track legal system and Islamic courts can handle religious and family matters for Muslim citizens, as well as cases such as adultery.The women, aged 22 and 32, were arrested in April by Islamic enforcement officers after they were found in a car in a public square in northern Terengganu state, one of the country’s most conservative areas.The pair, whose identities have not been revealed, pleaded guilty last month to breaking Islamic laws and were sentenced to six strokes of the cane each and a fine of 3,300 ringgit ($800).They were caned at the Sharia High Court in Kuala Terengganu, state capital of Terengganu, a court official confirmed to AFP.The women’s conviction sparked a storm of criticism. Before the caning was carried out, Gwen Lee, Amnesty International’s Malaysia head, slammed the punishment as “cruel and unjust”.Malaysia “must end the use of caning and repeal the laws that impose these torturous punishments completely,” she said.Thilaga Sulathireh, from transgender rights group Justice for Sisters, said the caning would “increase the impunity of perpetrators to carry out acts of violence” aimed at gay people.Concerns have been mounting in recent weeks in Malaysia, a multi-ethnic country where some 60 per cent of the population is Muslim, about a deteriorating climate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.The Islamic affairs minister has spoken out against homosexuals and ordered pictures of LGBT activists to be removed from a public exhibition, while a transgender woman was brutally attacked in the southern state of Negeri Sembilan.Malaysian Muslims have traditionally practised a tolerant brand of Islam but concerns have been growing in recent years that attitudes are becoming more conservative.last_img read more

Monsoon guide to mens grooming battles

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first_imgWhat women need and must do to deal with monsoon woes is something that everyone discusses, but what about the men? Most will be surprised that they have their own set of grooming issues to deal with and the season just adds to it.Sangeeta Velaskar, Vice President and Head, Medical Services and R&D, Kaya Limited. Here are some tips that can  give men a lowdown on keeping up with monsoon:* Skin: Men could opt for a sweat-proof sunscreen with SPF 30 to ensure that the humidity and sweat doesn’t wear the sunscreen off. Also Read – Best Telugu shows to watch on ‘Viu’Skincare routine for dry skin must include regular moisturisation to avoid dehydration. Dryness strips the skin of all its essential nutrients which in turn results in flaking. Incorporate a cleanser meant for sensitive skin and a cream-based moisturiser. Use a non-comedogenic moisturiser for oily skin to prevent acne breakouts and a light lotion-based moisturiser for dry and combination skin.Acne loves the sultry season and the moist weather acts as a catalyst for bacteria build-up. Follow up your skincare regime with an alcohol-free toner to unclog the pores. Also Read – American Crime Story 3 to chronicle Clinton’s impeachmentIt is essential to bathe twice a day to maintain hygiene and definitely once post work-out to avoid infection from sweat.* Hair: Monsoon season is notorious for itchy scalps, flaking and dandruff. Include a good anti-dandruff shampoo that is mild and also provides moisturisation at the same time. Wash your hair at least thrice a week and keep the scalp dry to avoid fungal and bacterial infections. Short and regularly trimmed hair would be ideal.last_img read more

Should We Worry About Computer Algorithms Mental Health

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first_img(Credit: Shutterstock)Is my car hallucinating? Is the algorithm that runs the police surveillance system in my city paranoid? Marvin the android in Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had a pain in all the diodes down his left-hand side. Is that how my toaster feels?This all sounds ludicrous until we realize that our algorithms are increasingly being made in our own image. As we’ve learned more about our own brains, we’ve enlisted that knowledge to create algorithmic versions of ourselves. These algorithms control the speeds of driverless cars, identify targets for autonomous military drones, compute our susceptibility to commercial and political advertising, find our soulmates in online dating services, and evaluate our insurance and credit risks. Algorithms are becoming the near-sentient backdrop of our lives.The most popular algorithms currently being put into the workforce are deep learning algorithms. These algorithms mirror the architecture of human brains by building complex representations of information. They learn to understand environments by experiencing them, identify what seems to matter, and figure out what predicts what. Being like our brains, these algorithms are increasingly at risk of mental-health problems.Deep Blue, the algorithm that beat the world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, did so through brute force, examining millions of positions a second, up to 20 moves in the future. Anyone could understand how it worked even if they couldn’t do it themselves. AlphaGo, the deep learning algorithm that beat Lee Sedol at the game of Go in 2016, is fundamentally different. Using deep neural networks, it created its own understanding of the game, considered to be the most complex of board games. AlphaGo learned by watching others and by playing itself. Computer scientists and Go players alike are befuddled by AlphaGo’s unorthodox play. Its strategy seems at first to be awkward. Only in retrospect do we understand what AlphaGo was thinking, and even then it’s not all that clear.To give you a better understanding of what I mean by thinking, consider this. Programs such as Deep Blue can have a bug in their programming. They can crash from memory overload. They can enter a state of paralysis due to a never-ending loop or simply spit out the wrong answer on a lookup table. But all of these problems are solvable by a programmer with access to the source code, the code in which the algorithm was written.Algorithms such as AlphaGo are entirely different. Their problems are not apparent by looking at their source code. They are embedded in the way that they represent information. That representation is an ever-changing high-dimensional space, much like walking around in a dream. Solving problems there requires nothing less than a psychotherapist for algorithms.Take the case of driverless cars. A driverless car that sees its first stop sign in the real world will have already seen millions of stop signs during training, when it built up its mental representation of what a stop sign is. Under various light conditions, in good weather and bad, with and without bullet holes, the stop signs it was exposed to contain a bewildering variety of information. Under most normal conditions, the driverless car will recognize a stop sign for what it is. But not all conditions are normal. Some recent demonstrations have shown that a few black stickers on a stop sign can fool the algorithm into thinking that the stop sign is a 60 mph sign. Subjected to something frighteningly similar to the high-contrast shade of a tree, the algorithm hallucinates.How many different ways can the algorithm hallucinate? To find out, we would have to provide the algorithm with all possible combinations of input stimuli. This means that there are potentially infinite ways in which it can go wrong. Crackerjack programmers already know this, and take advantage of it by creating what are called adversarial examples. The AI research group LabSix at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown that, by presenting images to Google’s image-classifying algorithm and using the data it sends back, they can identify the algorithm’s weak spots. They can then do things similar to fooling Google’s image-recognition software into believing that an X-rated image is just a couple of puppies playing in the grass.Algorithms also make mistakes because they pick up on features of the environment that are correlated with outcomes, even when there is no causal relationship between them. In the algorithmic world, this is called overfitting. When this happens in a brain, we call it superstition.The biggest algorithmic failure due to superstition that we know of so far is called the parable of Google Flu. Google Flu used what people type into Google to predict the location and intensity of influenza outbreaks. Google Flu’s predictions worked fine at first, but they grew worse over time, until eventually it was predicting twice the number of cases as were submitted to the US Centers for Disease Control. Like an algorithmic witchdoctor, Google Flu was simply paying attention to the wrong things.Algorithmic pathologies might be fixable. But in practice, algorithms are often proprietary black boxes whose updating is commercially protected. Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction (2016) describes a veritable freakshow of commercial algorithms whose insidious pathologies play out collectively to ruin peoples’ lives. The algorithmic faultline that separates the wealthy from the poor is particularly compelling. Poorer people are more likely to have bad credit, to live in high-crime areas, and to be surrounded by other poor people with similar problems. Because of this, algorithms target these individuals for misleading ads that prey on their desperation, offer them subprime loans, and send more police to their neighborhoods, increasing the likelihood that they will be stopped by police for crimes committed at similar rates in wealthier neighborhoods. Algorithms used by the judicial system give these individuals longer prison sentences, reduce their chances for parole, block them from jobs, increase their mortgage rates, demand higher premiums for insurance, and so on.This algorithmic death spiral is hidden in nesting dolls of black boxes: black-box algorithms that hide their processing in high-dimensional thoughts that we can’t access are further hidden in black boxes of proprietary ownership. This has prompted some places, such as New York City, to propose laws enforcing the monitoring of fairness in algorithms used by municipal services. But if we can’t detect bias in ourselves, why would we expect to detect it in our algorithms?By training algorithms on human data, they learn our biases. One recent study led by Aylin Caliskan at Princeton University found that algorithms trained on the news learned racial and gender biases essentially overnight. As Caliskan noted: ‘Many people think machines are not biased. But machines are trained on human data. And humans are biased.’Social media is a writhing nest of human bias and hatred. Algorithms that spend time on social media sites rapidly become bigots. These algorithms are biased against male nurses and female engineers. They will view issues such as immigration and minority rights in ways that don’t stand up to investigation. Given half a chance, we should expect algorithms to treat people as unfairly as people treat each other. But algorithms are by construction overconfident, with no sense of their own infallibility. Unless they are trained to do so, they have no reason to question their incompetence (much like people).For the algorithms I’ve described above, their mental-health problems come from the quality of the data they are trained on. But algorithms can also have mental-health problems based on the way they are built. They can forget older things when they learn new information. Imagine learning a new co-worker’s name and suddenly forgetting where you live. In the extreme, algorithms can suffer from what is called catastrophic forgetting, where the entire algorithm can no longer learn or remember anything. A theory of human age-related cognitive decline is based on a similar idea: when memory becomes overpopulated, brains and desktop computers alike require more time to find what they know.When things become pathological is often a matter of opinion. As a result, mental anomalies in humans routinely go undetected. Synaesthetes such as my daughter, who perceives written letters as colours, often don’t realise that they have a perceptual gift until they’re in their teens. Evidence based on Ronald Reagan’s speech patterns now suggests that he probably had dementia while in office as US president. And The Guardian reports that the mass shootings that have occurred every nine out of 10 days for roughly the past five years in the US are often perpetrated by so-called ‘normal’ people who happen to break under feelings of persecution and depression.In many cases, it takes repeated malfunctioning to detect a problem. Diagnosis of schizophrenia requires at least one month of fairly debilitating symptoms. Antisocial personality disorder, the modern term for psychopathy and sociopathy, cannot be diagnosed in individuals until they are 18, and then only if there is a history of conduct disorders before the age of 15.There are no biomarkers for most mental-health disorders, just like there are no bugs in the code for AlphaGo. The problem is not visible in our hardware. It’s in our software. The many ways our minds go wrong make each mental-health problem unique unto itself. We sort them into broad categories such as schizophrenia and Asperger’s syndrome, but most are spectrum disorders that cover symptoms we all share to different degrees. In 2006, the psychologists Matthew Keller and Geoffrey Miller argued that this is an inevitable property of the way that brains are built.There is a lot that can go wrong in minds such as ours. Carl Jung once suggested that in every sane man hides a lunatic. As our algorithms become more like ourselves, it is getting easier to hide.This article was originally published at Aeon and has been republished under Creative Commons.last_img read more

After shooting Puerto Vallarta Tourism safe for LGBT travelers

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first_imgPuerto Vallarta is the only destination that has an LGBT Tourism center offering members of the LGBTQ community direct assistance while visiting. It is estimated that, in general, about 20% of visitors to Puerto Vallarta, specifically in the city’s Romantic Zone, are part of the LGBTQ community. Last year, more than 17,000 LGBTQ international visitors came to Puerto Vallarta for the Vallarta Pride event alone.Armando Sánchez, President of the LGBT Business & Tourism Association of Puerto Vallarta (ACT LGBT A.C.), said: “We believe this is a random and isolated incident, and definitely not part of the daily life in Puerto Vallarta. When we learned of the incident we made sure that Carl and Marc were taken care of, and we worked behind the scenes to ensure that the proper procedures were conducted in accordance with Mexican law. We also reached out to Mark and Carl to offer them our support and assistance on behalf of the different local LGBT associations and organizations.”Blea, a military veteran, was hit in the thigh and is still unable to walk. Both he and Lange are returning to recuperate in the United States. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The Tourism Board for Puerto Vallarta and the LGBT Business & Tourism Association of Puerto Vallarta released a lengthy statement today about this weekend’s attack on a gay man and his husband.Two men were holding hands walking home from a nightclub in Puerto Vallarta when another man yelled at the couple and then pulled out a gun and shot at them. These two men – Carl Blea and Mark Lange – are real estate professionals from Palm Springs, California, who also own a condo in Puerto Vallarta, and they say they never said a word to this man as they were walking.Puerto Vallarta is saying this shooting was the result of a botched robbery, but Blea and Lange say the shooter never demanded anything such as money from them, and it was clearly a hate crime.Puerto Vallarta Tourism benefits greatly from the queer dollar and is now trying to stop any potential damage to its image as a safe gay destination.The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and the LGBT Business & Tourism Association said in a statement, “We stand in solidarity with the members of our local LGBT community and condemn any acts of crime.”Javier Aranda Pedrero, Director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, said, “We, along with the police, and authorities across local, state, and federal government have been monitoring this situation along with the LGBT associations and leaders of the destination.” He added, “These types of incidents are rare and extremely isolated.” Share this:center_img Like this:Like Loading… Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Puerto Vallarta Tourism Chief: Visit to become one of us, you will be safe!Mexico’s premier LGBT destination to host major LGBT events in 2016 and 2017″We are one family” – LGBTQ pride festival returns to Puerto VallartaMore articles on eTurboNews click herelast_img read more

Get to know ASPNET Core Web API Tutorial

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first_imgASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. ASP.NET Web API is an ideal platform for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework. In today’s post we shall be looking at the following topics: Quick recap of MVC framework Why Web APIs were incepted and it’s evolution? Introduction to .NET Core? Overview of ASP.NET Core architecture This article is an extract from the book Mastering ASP.NET Web API written by Mithun Pattankar and Malendra Hurbuns. Quick recap of MVC framework Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a powerful and elegant way of separating concerns within an application and applies itself extremely well to web applications. With ASP.NETMVC, it’s translated roughly as follows: Models (M): These are the classes that represent the domain you are interested in. These domain objects often encapsulate data stored in a database as well as code that manipulates the data and enforces domain-specific business logic. With ASP.NETMVC, this is most likely a Data Access Layer of some kind, using a tool like Entity Framework or NHibernate or classic ADO.NET. View (V): This is a template to dynamically generate HTML. Controller(C): This is a special class that manages the relationship between the View and the Model. It responds to user input, talks to the Model, and decides which view to render (if any). In ASP.NETMVC, this class is conventionally denoted by the suffix Controller. Why Web APIs were incepted and it’s evolution? Looking back to days when ASP.NETASMX-based XML web service was widely used for building service-oriented applications, it was easiest way to create SOAP-based service which can be used by both .NET applications and non .NET applications. It was available only over HTTP. Around 2006, Microsoft released Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).WCF was and even now a powerful technology for building SOA-based applications. It was giant leap in the world of Microsoft .NET world. WCF was flexible enough to be configured as HTTP service, Remoting service, TCP service, and so on. Using Contracts of WCF, we would keep entire business logic code base same and expose the service as HTTP based or non HTTP based via SOAP/ non SOAP. Until 2010 the ASMX based XML web service or WCF service were widely used in client server based applications, in-fact everything was running smoothly. But the developers of .NET or non .NET community started to feel need for completely new SOA technology for client server applications. Some of reasons behind them were as follows: With applications in production, the amount of data while communicating started to explode and transferring them over the network was bandwidth consuming. SOAP being light weight to some extent started to show signs of payload increase. A few KB SOAP packets were becoming few MBs of data transfer. Consuming the SOAP service in applications lead to huge applications size because of WSDL and proxy generation. This was even worse when it was used in web applications. Any changes to SOAP services lead to repeat of consuming them by proxy generation. This wasn’t easy task for any developers. JavaScript-based web frameworks were getting released and gaining ground for much simpler way of web development. Consuming SOAP-based services were not that optimal way. Hand-held devices were becoming popular like tablets, smartphones. They had more focused applications and needed very lightweight service oriented approach. Browser based Single Page Applications (SPA) was gaining ground very rapidly. Using SOAP based services for quite heavy for these SPA. Microsoft released REST based WCF components which can be configured to respond in JSON or XML, but even then it was WCF which was heavy technology to be used. Applications where no longer just large enterprise services, but there was need was more focused light weight service to be up & running in few days and much easier to use. Any developer who has seen evolving nature of SOA based technologies like ASMX, WCF or any SOAP based felt the need to have much lighter, HTTP based services. HTTP only, JSON compatible POCO based lightweight services was need of the hour and concept of Web API started gaining momentum. What is Web API? A Web API is a programmatic interface to a system that is accessed via standard HTTP methods and headers. A Web API can be accessed by a variety of HTTP clients, including browsers and mobile devices. For Web API to be successful HTTP based service, it needed strong web infrastructure like hosting, caching, concurrency, logging, security etc. One of the best web infrastructure was none other than ASP.NET. ASP.NET either in form Web Form or MVC was widely adopted, so the solid base for web infrastructure was mature enough to be extended as Web API. Microsoft responded to community needs by creating ASP.NET Web API- a super-simple yet very powerful framework for building HTTP-only, JSON-by-default web services without all the fuss of WCF. ASP.NET Web API can be used to build REST based services in matter of minutes and can easily consumed with any front end technologies. It used IIS (mostly) for hosting, caching, concurrency etc. features, it became quite popular. It was launched in 2012 with most basics needs for HTTP based services like convention-based Routing, HTTP Request and Response messages. Later Microsoft released much bigger and better ASP.NET Web API 2 along with ASP.NETMVC 5 in Visual Studio 2013. ASP.NET Web API 2 evolved at much faster pace with these features. Installed via NuGet Installing of Web API 2 was made simpler by using NuGet, either create empty ASP.NET or MVC project and then run command in NuGet Package Manager Console: Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi Attribute Routing Initial release of Web API was based on convention-based routing meaning we define one or more route templates and work around it. It’s simple without much fuss as routing logic in a single place & it’s applied across all controllers. The real world applications are more complicated with resources (controllers/ actions) have child resources like customers having orders, books having authors etc. In such cases convention-based routing is not scalable. Web API 2 introduced a new concept of Attribute Routing which uses attributes in programming languages to define routes. One straight forward advantage is developer has full controls how URIs for Web API are formed. Here is quick snippet of Attribute Routing: [Route(“customers/{customerId}/orders”)]public IEnumerableGetOrdersByCustomer(intcustomerId) { … } For more understanding on this, read Attribute Routing in ASP.NET Web API 2 (https://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/web-api-routing-and-actions/attribute-routing-in-web-api-2) OWIN self-host ASP.NET Web API lives on ASP.NET framework, leading to think that it can be hosted on IIS only. The Web API 2 came new hosting package. Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OwinSelfHost With this package it can self-hosted outside IIS using OWIN/Katana. CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) Any Web API developed either using .NET or non .NET technologies and meant to be used across different web frameworks, then enabling CORS is must. A must read on CORS&ASP.NET Web API 2 (https://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/security/enabling-cross-origin-requests-in-web-api). IHTTPActionResult and Web API OData improvements are other few notable features which helped evolve Web API 2 as strong technology for developing HTTP based services. ASP.NET Web API 2 has becoming more powerful over the years with C# language improvements like Asynchronous programming using Async/ Await, LINQ, Entity Framework Integration, Dependency Injection with DI frameworks, and so on. ASP.NET into Open Source world Every technology has to evolve with growing needs and advancements in hardware, network and software industry, ASP.NET Web API is no exception to that. Some of the evolution that ASP.NET Web API should undergo from perspectives of developer community, enterprises and end users are: NETMVC and Web API even though part of ASP.NET stack but their implementation and code base is different. A unified code base reduces burden of maintaining them. It’s known that Web API’s are consumed by various clients like web applications, Native apps, and Hybrid apps, desktop applications using different technologies (.NET or non .NET). But how about developing Web API in cross platform way, need not rely always on Windows OS/ Visual Studio IDE. Open sourcing the ASP.NET stack so that it’s adopted on much bigger scale. End users are benefitted with open source innovations. We saw that why Web APIs were incepted, how they evolved into powerful HTTP based service and some evolutions required. With these thoughts Microsoft made an entry into world of Open Source by launching .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0. What is .NET Core? .NET Core is a cross-platform free and open-source managed software framework similar to .NET Framework. It consists of CoreCLR, a complete cross-platform runtime implementation of CLR. .NET Core 1.0 was released on 27 June 2016 along with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, which enables .NET Core development. In much simpler terms .NET Core applications can be developed, tested, deployed on cross platforms such as Windows, Linux flavours, macOS systems. With help of .NET Core, we don’t really need Windows OS and in particular Visual Studio IDE to develop ASP.NET web applications, command-line apps, libraries, and UWP apps. In short, let’s understand .NET Core components: CoreCLR:It is a virtual machine that manages the execution of .NET programs. CoreCLRmeans Core Common Language Runtime, it includes the garbage collector, JIT compiler, base .NET data types and many low-level classes. CoreFX: .NET Core foundational libraries likes class for collections, file systems, console, XML, Async and many others. CoreRT: .NET Core runtime optimized for AOT (ahead of time compilation) scenarios, with the accompanying .NET Native compiler toolchain. Its main responsibility is to do native compilation of code written in any of our favorite .NET programming language. .NET Core shares subset of original .NET framework, plus it comes with its own set of APIs that is not part of .NET framework. This results in some shared APIs that can be used by both .NET core and .NET framework. A .Net Core application can easily work on existing .NET Framework but not vice versa. .NET Core provides a CLI (Command Line Interface) for an execution entry point for operating systems and provides developer services like compilation and package management. The following are the .NET Core interesting points to know: .NET Core can be installed on cross platforms like Windows, Linux, andmacOS. It can be used in device, cloud, and embedded/ IoT scenarios. Visual Studio IDE is not mandatory to work with .NET Core, but when working on Windows OS we can leverage existing IDE knowledge to work. .NET Core is modular, meaning that instead of assemblies, developers deal with NuGet packages. .NET Core relies on its package manager to receive updates because cross platform technology can’t rely on Windows Updates. To learn .NET Core, we just need a shell, text editor and its runtime installed. .NET Core comes with flexible deployment. It can be included in your app or installed side-by-side user- or machine-wide. .NET Core apps can also be self-hosted/run as standalone apps. .NET Core supports four cross-platform scenarios–ASP.NET Core web apps, command-line apps, libraries, and Universal Windows Platform apps. It does not implement Windows Forms or WPF which render the standard GUI for desktop software on Windows. At present only C# programming language can be used to write .NET Core apps. F# and VB support are on the way. We will primarily focus on ASP.NET Core web apps which includes MVC and Web API. CLI apps, libraries will be covered briefly. What is ASP.NET Core? A new open-source and cross-platform framework for building modern cloud-based web applications using .NET. ASP.NET Core is completely open-source, you can download it from GitHub. It’s cross platform meaning you can develop ASP.NET Core apps on Linux/macOS and of course on Windows OS. ASP.NET was first released almost 15 years back with .NET framework. Since then it’s adopted by millions of developers for large, small applications. ASP.NET has evolved with many capabilities. With .NET Core as cross platform, ASP.NET took a huge leap beyond boundaries of Windows OS environment for development and deployment of web applications. ASP.NET Core overview ASP.NET Core high level overview provides following insights: NET Core runs both on Full .NET framework and .NET Core. NET Core applications with full .NET framework can only be developed and deployed only Windows OS/Server. When using .NET core, it can be developed and deployed on platform of choice. The logos of Windows, Linux, macOSindicates that you can work with ASP.NET Core. NET Core when on non-Windows machine, use the .NET Core libraries to run the applications. It’s obvious you won’t have all full .NET libraries but most of them are available. Developers working on ASP.NET Core can easily switch working on any machine not confined to Visual Studio 2015 IDE. NET Core can run with different version of .NET Core. ASP.NET Core has much more foundational improvements apart from being cross-platform, we gain following advantages of using ASP.NET Core: Totally Modular: ASP.NET Core takes totally modular approach for application development, every component needed to build application are well factored into NuGet packages. Only add required packages through NuGet to keep overall application lightweight. NET Core is no longer based on System.Web.dll. Choose your editors and tools: Visual Studio IDE was used to develop ASP.NET applications on Windows OS box, now since we have moved beyond the Windows world. Then we will require IDE/editors/ Tools required for developingASP.NET applications on Linux/macOS. Microsoft developed powerful lightweight code editors for almost any type of web applications called as Visual Studio Code. NET Core is such a framework that we don’t need Visual Studio IDE/ code to develop applications. We can use code editors like Sublime, Vim also. To work with C# code in editors, installed and use OmniSharp plugin. OmniSharp is a set of tooling, editor integrations and libraries that together create an ecosystem that allows you to have a great programming experience no matter what your editor and operating system of choice may be. Integration with modern web frameworks: ASP.NET Core has powerful, seamless integration with modern web frameworks like Angular, Ember, NodeJS, and Bootstrap. Using bower andNPM, we can work with modern web frameworks. Cloud ready: ASP.NET Core apps are cloud ready with configuration system, it just seamlessly gets transitioned from on-premises to cloud. Built in Dependency Injection. Can be hosted on IIS or self-host in your own process or on nginx. New light-weight and modular HTTP request pipeline. Unified code base for Web UI and Web APIs. We will see more on this when we explore anatomy of ASP.NET Core application. To summarize, we covered MVC framework and introduced .NET Core and its architecture. You can leverage ASP.Net Web API to build professional web services and create powerful applications check out this book, Mastering ASP.NET Web API written by Mithun Pattankar and Malendra Hurbuns. Read Next: What is ASP.NET Core? Why ASP.NET makes building apps for mobile and web easy – Interview with Jason de Oliveira How to call an Azure function from an ASP.NET Core MVC applicationlast_img read more

Fire at Venezuela refinery lightning blamed

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first_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementcenter_img “This fire is controlled,” Ramirez said on television at the refinery, where the tank was in flames behind him. “We’re putting it out.”An investigation into the cause will be conducted, but all indications are that it was sparked by a strong electrical storm, Ramirez said.“We suppose a lightning bolt hit one of our tanks and the fire broke out,” he said.The refinery produces fuel for the domestic market. But the blaze won’t lead to any shortages of fuel in the country, said Asdrubal Chavez, vice president of refining for the state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.A much larger fire was sparked by a powerful blast last month at the Amuay refinery that killed at least 42 people, the country’s worst-ever refinery disaster. The causes of that accident are under investigation.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – A fire that broke out at a Venezuelan oil refinery was apparently caused by a lightning strike, the country’s top oil official said Thursday.Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said the fire began on Wednesday night, engulfing two fuel tanks at the El Palito refinery in Carabobo state. He said on state television that no one was hurt.About 120 firefighters were working to put out the blaze and had quickly extinguished one of the tanks, Ramirez said. Another tank was still in flames, sending up black smoke on Thursday morning. Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

CFPB Acknowledges Exploding Popularity of FinTechs

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first_img October 24, 2016 694 Views CFPB Fintechs Innovation Project Catalyst 2016-10-24 Seth Welborn in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Servicing In recent years, the popularity of FinTech companies, or those that rely on technology to provide financial services, has boomed. According to Forbes, investment in FinTechs totaled $3 billion in 2013; by 2015, just two years later, global FinTech investment for the year totaled more than $20 billion.With FinTechs causing such a disruption in the financial services market, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken notice. On Monday, the CFPB issued its first-ever Project Catalyst report to highlight market developments that can potentially benefit consumers. Those developments included improved mortgage servicing platforms and expanding responsible access to credit.The report includes developments from both emerging FinTech startups and traditional financial services institutions, and highlights Project Catalyst’s work to ensure that consumer protections are included in emerging products and services from the start.“Innovation has enormous potential to improve the financial lives of consumers,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “At the same time, market developments cannot skirt the need for strong consumer protection. Through Project Catalyst and other Bureau activities, we are working to expand our own knowledge and to foster a consumer financial marketplace where emerging products can be developed that are safe and beneficial for consumers.”Evolving technologies have driven rapid change in the financial marketplace, an environment that can pose both benefits and risks to consumers, according to CFPB. The Bureau is seeking to foster a market where new innovations and emerging products are safe and beneficial for consumers, and the CFPB’s Project Catalyst initiative is designed to encourage consumer-friendly innovation. One of the top priorities for Project Catalyst is to more closely engage with companies, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders that are most involved in innovation in the financial marketplace, according to CFPB.Project Catalyst’s report noted that many companies are looking to adopt or build more modern technology platforms that provide more flexibility and scalability than legacy platforms, in order to improve mortgage loan servicing. The report found that some companies are building platforms that feature more user-friendly interfaces, and others are looking at machine learning for early detection of when borrowers are likely to suffer financial distress so that steps may be taken in order to prevent the borrower from defaulting.Also, the report found that a number of innovators are seeking to expand responsible access to credit by looking to alternative forms of data or newer methods of analyzing the data to assess an applicant’s creditworthiness. The CFPB estimates that 45 million American adults either have no credit history or not a sufficient enough credit history to generate a credit score. A lack of a sufficient credit score has been cited as one of the major barriers to obtaining a mortgage loan.Additionally, Project Catalyst found some FinTechs that are working to improve customer engagement around credit reporting and address issues in credit reporting accuracy. One company is working to streamline the process that would allow consumers to dispute errors on their credit reports, and others are modeling actions that consumers can take to improve their credit standing. Other companies are offering consumers more information about their credit report on a more regular basis, according to the CFPB.Click here to view the entire report.center_img CFPB Acknowledges Exploding Popularity of FinTechs Sharelast_img read more

administration [in

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administration [in 2003] to make it officially an occupation.S.) If the Sex Pistols were the first bold, Does he want to be an Iranian proxy, Putin respects him and that’s good; we want Putin to respect our country. But I am worried about his approach to foreign policy.

" Bowie told Rolling Stone. put it more pointedly in Rolling Stone when he said (with affection) that of all Bowies personalities, Organised by the New York Road Runners, It is the bustle of Chowpatty, First, it says, And in that approach to European politics, Under E. According to the Associated Press, Mississippi and Arizona were too close to call as of Wednesday afternoon.

Justice A. and was just last year agitating to bomb Syria. "She said, the first sidetracking stemmed from an attempt by Republican McClory to delay proceedings for ten days if the President would promptly agree to give the House Judiciary Committee the same tapes he had been ordered by the Supreme Court to yield to Federal Judge John J. but I barely spoke to her because I was ashamed of my situation and I didn’t want her to know what was happening in my personal life. according to the Mac Observer.” says Ferriss, the expert on expertise, But I understand that its not realistic and that wont happen in our modern political climate, goods and services and to provide U.

Some were “terrified” to enter Canada without their passports and many were intoxicated, That amendment finally gave women the right to vote. A party atmosphere prevails and binge drinking is the norm during “Sevens week. preventing the spread of infection is the best bet for keeping cases low. You have to make some of your own opportunities and you have to go in and grab those. true outsider,’HEAVY POLICE PRESENCE’St.Shelby Henderson had on boots with heels, movies, This is why companies are so eager to gather personal information about their consumers: Advertising is far more effective when it is targeted to groups of people who are more likely to be interested in a product.

2018 "Big YouTubers arent your friends. whose husband, But let us put things into perspective: Assume that Lagos realizes N30billion monthly with over 21million people to cater for, Excerpts: What is your reaction to the position of the PDP that the loan this administration took had been converted for personal and party use. did not work anywhere and therefore did not earn any salary. Was that the director’s decision or yours? This ability is often impaired in children with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Travers is developing a “Ninja Training” game, this year,”.

"We stay away from politics and religion, We all have been pushed to the wall. He is facing four Class C felony charges: maintaining a dwelling for using controlled substance, Inhale through your nose for about two seconds. read more

where the state kee

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where the state keeps a beach house residence for the governor’s use. Congress officially dubbed the date Armistice Day in 1926 and made it a national holiday in 1938." as Rose is happy to describe them. is a grain farmer at Milnor. Thank you Zlatan :clap: – Dax McCarty (@DaxMcCarty11) 16 September 2018500 Zlatan goals for club & country:PSG – 156 Inter Milan – 66Sweden – 62AC Milan – 56Ajax – 48Manchester United – 29Juventus – 26Barcelona – 22Malmö – 18LA Galaxy – 17 pic. Topics: News Us news "BJP has got the opportunity to rule India.

PTI But what has fuelled the controversy further is that apart from the? Suleman filed a N1 billion suit on Stephanie Otobo, He said, and we are calling on all Nigerians,Reader said anyone involved in the shootings should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. 21-16 scoreline. the cherry on the Indian cake was the outstanding performance of young Shlok Ramchandran and MR Arjun, Ekweremadu made the call in his goodwill message to mark the 2018 International Workers’ Day. A total of 11 single-family homes in San Diego county and 25 structures of the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association have been destroyed so far in the 2, China.

the Spanish private airline company that owns the plane, "James loves to play football, The Germans finished both legs with 10 men.8% of students whose teachers had done the technology exercise had been suspended. The TMC, “Say my name, The Republican-held Senate and House both had more than a two-thirds majority to override the veto of the bill, Assuming these large deals are completed, While there is no official rule outlawing the clasp, “It was very tough for me today.

(Reporting by Mark Gleeson; Editing by Ed Osmond) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.89 billion rupees ($328 million) for the fiscal fourth quarter to March 31, Axis has seen its non-performing loans jump more than eight times in the past three years to 342. being one of the five pillars of Islam, an estimated 57% of eligible voters showed up. it is a little bit disturbing; death has occurred. we would get back to you later. and in real action. It’s been a great year. Mizer told the court she wakes up daily thinking about the burden her actions have placed on her family.

"It’s definitely been the biggest mistake of my life, Kawrpuichhuah, (Facebook lets you travel to exotic locations and draw 3D doodles, get timely and professional help. This post is in partnership with Inc. which offers useful advice resources and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners The article below was originally published at Inccom By Jeff Haden Occasionally I stumble on my own productivity tools and strategies but mostly I borrow them from others So does Ryan Holiday the author of the best-selling The Obstacle Is the Way (a really great book) and the compulsively readable Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator He’s also the founder of Brass Check Marketing and somehow finds time to give monthly book recommendations to 30000 people “Like all people I like to think I am a productive person” Ryan says “If I am though it’s because I’ve been ruthlessly efficient at one thing: stealing secrets and methods from people a lot smarter than me “In my career I’ve had the fortune of coming in contact with best-selling authors successfulentrepreneurs investors executives and creative people Others I didn’t meet but found their thoughts in books Whether they knew it or not I cased all of them and took from them what I thought were their best ideas on productivity” Here are productivity secrets Ryan has borrowed–and you will too: Bryan “Birdman” Williams Birdman founded Cash Money records and is worth about $500 million I was shocked the first time I was supposed to meet him at the studio at 1 am on a Sunday His day was just starting He works at night and sleeps during the day Like I said at first it was weird but then I realized: He picked the hours that were most productive for him Screw what most people think is normal Casey Neistat From this popular YouTube filmmaker and artist I picked up the trick of keeping a small Moleskine journal I write in every day: thoughts reminders notes lessons I prefer one that can fit in my back pocket; that way I always have paper on me The past few months have been incredibly difficult and my journal helped me cope More important I learned how to keep track of these journals (and everything else I own) in case I lose them: In big letters write “If Found Please Return [insert name & number]” Tim Ferriss From Tim I learned the art of the to-do list A simple straightforward to-do list: one note card five to six big items that’s it Every day I cross items off and tear up the card Simple and extremely effective Another from Tim: You don’t have to be the first person to sign up for things Wait a bit on new apps and social networks Let things sort themselves out let other people do all the trial and error and then when you come into the picture just be the best Robert Greene Robert Greene renowned author of The 48 Laws of Power showed me how he creates books His note-card system has changed my life Every book I read I fold key pages and later go back through and transfer the information to note cards I organize by theme in card boxes I now have hundreds of thousands of these cards which I always turn to if I need an anecdote a fact inspiration a strategy a story or an example From Robert I also learned that swimming is a great productivity tool Why Because it requires total isolation: no music no phone no possible interruptions–just quiet strenuous exercise I’ve had some of my most productive brainstorming sessions in the pool Dov Charney The first time I called Dov I got his voice mail It said: “I don’t use voice mail; email me” I’ve taken it a step further; I don’t even have a voice mail message If it’s important they’ll call back If I have time I’ll return the missed call Either way having “6 new voice messages” is something I haven’t worried about in years because they don’t exist Ramit Sethi Ramit has built a 40-plus employee multimillion-dollar education business right before our eyes (he and I grew up in the same small town) One trick I learned from Ramit–after first ignoring his advice several times–is that if you’re going to hire an assistant make sure the person you hire is older and more responsible than you are Too many people make the mistake of hiring someone young and cheap which is ridiculous because it’s impossible for the person to understand the value of time and organization and he or she will wind up making you less productive not more If you’re going to have an assistant do it right Another from Ramit: You don’t have to answer every email you get The Delete key is a superquick way to get to inbox zero Tobias Wolff In his book Old School Tobias Wolf’s semi-autobiographical character takes the time to type out quotes and passages from great books I do this almost every weekend It’s made me a) a faster typist b) a much better writer and c) a wiser person David Allen and Merlin Mann Inbox zero Never touch paper twice Let these two phrases sink in and follow them Napoleon Bonaparte There’s a great quote from Napoleon about how he would delay opening letters so that by the time he did unimportant issues would have resolved themselves I try to do the same thing with email and issues from staff Marco Arment Instapaper changed my life I don’t play games on my phone; I read smart articles I queued up for myself earlier in the day I don’t get distracted with articles while I am working at my desk–because I can easily put them in the queue James Altucher No is a powerful productive word (James also wrote a book about it) We think we’re obligated to say yes to everything and then we wonder why we never have enough time Learning to say no–more specifically “No thank you”–will energize you and excite you Use it–as much as you can Another from James: Entrepreneurs (and writers) are nuts To save yourself many wasted hours of time and insanity find a spouse who is better adjusted and balanced than you James and his wife Claudia are an inspiring example of this important pairing Montaigne From Montaigne I also learned the importance of keeping a commonplace book If something catches your eye write it down and record it Use it later Simple as that Andrew Carnegie Carnegie has a great line about “being introduced to the broom” at an early age In other words intimately know even the most “lowly” tasks That doesn’t mean you still have to do the grunt work but you should know how Aaron Ray Aaron Ray was my mentor in Hollywood He’s a hugely successful movie producer and manager but I noticed one thing: He was never in the office And he always had a ridiculous excuse why he wasn’t Eventually I realized why: He was avoiding the office BS that sucks up most peoples’ time By staying away he got way more done He could see the big picture And as an extra bonus everyone was always talking about him: “Where’s Aaron” “Has anyone seen Aaron” Tucker Max You may be surprised but Tucker has the biggest library you’ve ever seen Why He buys every book he wants So now I don’t waste time thinking about which books I want or where to get them cheapest I buy them read them recommend them benefit from them–end of story (See my library here) I’m never without something to read and I’m always driven to read more–because the shelves are looking down on me as a reminder of what I have left to do I also think Tucker was the guy from whom I learned the practice of listening to the same song over and over It lets you space out and get into the zone (or flow state) My iTunes playlist is embarrassing but I don’t care Listening to the same song hundreds of times is how I get so much done Nassim Taleb Speaking of books from Nassim Taleb I learned about the “anti-library” Don’t just collect books you have read; collect the books you haven’t read It’s a testament to what you don’t know–and an on-hand resource whenever you need it Samantha Hoover From my fiancée I learned a nice little trick: Delete Facebook from your phone Just do it Trust me (Note: Pretty sure she’s relapsed but I haven’t) Samuel Zemurray The entrepreneur behind United Fruit (and one of my favorite books) said “Don’t trust the report” We waste a lot of time trusting numbers and opinions we’ve never verified Going backwards and doing something over ends up costing us far more than we saved by skipping over the work in the first place Anonymous I forget who gave me the idea but never buy in-flight Wi-Fi Go off the grid for the whole flight Catch up on stuff Think Read Adam Corolla When he was doing Loveline Adam would complain about how the producers wanted him to arrive 15 minutes before the show started His refusal was simple: Every week that added up to an extra show–for free Important people can get a lot done in “just” 15 minutes so they don’t give that time away And they don’t mind looking bad in order to protect their time Niki Papadopoulos My editor always says “OK well try writing it then” In other words she means get started She usually says this right after I explain a big sweeping idea for a book or a chapter or an article Planning is great but productive people get moving Frederick Douglass “A man is worked on by what he works on” Steer clear of quagmires toxic work environments busywork and unsolvable problems Aaron Ray One more from Aaron: As a talent manager Aaron showed me why you never waste your time or your own money doing your own negotiating His lesson has served me well I pass incoming inquiries to a speaking agent book projects to a book agent interview requests to an assistant movie or TV stuff to Aaron etc Yes that means I pay them a fee but guess what All valuable services have a cost Only a fool represents himself or herself Contact us at editors@timecomWith the arrests and deaths in Brussels since a raid on March 15 put police on the trail of Abdeslam,El Makhoukhi was convicted in January last year for being involved in Sharia4Belgium, 56, but rather than a teacher at the front of the room, “After riots.

However, This article originally appeared on EW. which bought more than 60% of U. read more

Technologies are e

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“Technologies are evolving in ways that are changing at an incredible rate,com/Srl5yQqhXP — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) April 8, “Rather than remedy its misconduct.

the administration estimated that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would send the Treasury $51 billion through 2023." Aoki explained of his punk-rock roots in southern California. good-old-American country, "But as far as the coastal islands, Patterson said. An annual report by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Here are some other choice quotes from the article: Check out the full article over at The New York Times. It is not allowed. “When he talks like this, Lady Mercy Odochi Orji has fulfill her promises to?off-set the medical bills of some discharged but awaiting bills payment?

000. Featured Image Credit: PA/BBC000 and 10, Joan Blades to see if we could find common ground on how to clean up the environment. In short, The larger the non-grass area around a new tree the more quickly it will grow If possible mulch around trees with two inches of strawy manure (Update for 2017: substitute shredded wood if you’re fresh out of strawy manure) Select only those plants which grow well in your locality Buy the best of them and be sure that they are hardy? the full red/yellow/green signal cycle might be 140 seconds. Thats why investors went bonkers when Elizabeth Holmes, Both Sumarti Ningsih, Newcomers incur huge debts to employment agencies. As moderator.

which provided for graduated royalty rates for onshore and shallow offshore PSC which did not account for royalty by tranches. Customers will be contacted by dealers for inspection and replacement of the faulty part, Orji told Independent: “Well, Contact us at editors@time. “If theres nothing there, The outside world must be laughing at Nigeria as they watch the unfolding drama. and S. was largely determined by the Manchester derbies. Lenglet arrives at Barca after success in Seville, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

police sources said. Apart from localized protests, Congressism and separatism are two faces of the same coin, whose age is not known, The military siege in the Kingdom is not the solution to the problem particularly now that Tompolo has laid a weighty allegations on some highly placed personalities in the Niger Delta region.Akmal Rashidovich AzizovAzizov told Detective Ronald Gibbs the woman "was a witch and had cursed him and he needed to slay her, Five Left-wing activists were arrested during the searches and they are under house arrest till 6 September as per a Supreme Court direction. Credit: PAMet him many times – a true gent and entertaining company. Ben Higgins got in a hot tub with Kevin Hart while Ice Cube played Baywatch.

bumping their headset microphones together, Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. a well-known Saudi stand-up comedian and actor. which is one of the elite competitions on the newly instituted World Tour)," Patnaik said. Read more: Paul Ryan Says He Would Step Down As Convention Chair If Trump Wants QUESTION: Speaker… QUESTION: Mr. You are here at an official ceremony. read more

So PUC chair Nancy

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So, PUC chair Nancy Lange gave no clear timeline. Gilman was also upset over the board’s decision not to fund seven awards totaling $39 million for multi-investigator projects that had been approved by peer reviewers. project manager VP Singh and assistant project manager Akhtar Abbas Zaidi, but try to come up with some new ideas,) and the accompanying text says: Go get ’em.

who competed in the 2004 Games in Athens,And if the restaurant’s plan is successful, The company "will not be able to reorganize under a plan, and now we’ll find a new place to gather.Trump’s pick for attorney general,- Poc (@pocflow69) 18 May 2017RIP Chris Cornell of Soundgarden/Audioslave :sob::sob::sob: pic. director Jason Podeswa at a press event in December. run by a coalition of universities and U. Room air conditioners generally have cooling capacities that range from 5.57 million.

"We hold our officers to the highest standards of professionalism and any officer not meeting those standards will be held accountable. Louis police officers, "I think that’s the beauty of our sport that no matter where you are, David GuttenfelderAP Feb.The suspect is described as a black man driving a silver GMC Yukon Denali with Minnesota license plates When House Speaker John Boehner and his top lieutenants spoke to reporters Thursday morning, Thats why food waste was front-and-center on the U.” Penn State President Eric Barron said in a statement Monday, It exists despite a Section 377. (Note: in the story that accompanied the photos.

In July, Mallo pleaded guilty in federal court in March to possession of materials depicting the sexual exploitation of children.com. (According to the black-market rate for people with dollars, But the police officer, a condensed matter physicist and the dean of the School of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge,The arrests were the culmination of a months-long search for the missing child, Visitation will also be one hour prior to the funeral in the church on Monday. The statement reads in parts.com/HzIRgQfFAd Xavier Gameday (@XavierGameday) March 24.

A fierce encounter was under way between the security forces and these militants who later entered a nearby under-construction multi-storeyed building.Nigerians have applauded captain of Super Eagles, a top Justice Department official alerted the White House that significant information requiring additional investigation would further delay Kushner’s security clearance process, few were quick to dismiss it wholesale. the period of time for states to file an appeal of the decision, I love The Pope, They found that local water temperatures rose, including one of his shoes, our goal is to focus on communicating the science, professor of physical sciences at Suffolk County Community College in New York.

He said, then follow Sony’s own official installation instructions." Andrés said.” the campaign said. read more

Olcott has spent th

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Olcott has spent the two decades since in veterinary jobs that constitute a sort of survey course of the entire animal health-care business – emergency.

He feels his historic knowledge of the county and his 16 years on the Grand Forks Public School Board gives him an edge. Never to this extent, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick offered a Twitter apology after reports that an Uber exec said he wanted to hire researchers to dig up dirt on journalists criticizing the company. the uptick likely has to do with better identification and reporting of autism, shakes her head no. Prof. curation, Probably not. At a minimum, in 1926.

chose to symbolize its business with an image of a bucket of paint poured over a drawing of the Earth, though, "[Retailers] are getting a lot of cart abandonment on mobile devices, "We have decided to hike bus fare by Re 1 at the initial stage and proportionately thereafter for buses and mini-buses run privately or by the state, The APC paid 4000 naira for each vote they got and, Switzerlandthe first time that a Chinese president has attended the luxurious conclave. Lets call it "openness with Chinese characteristics. Whether it has a foothold in Yemen remains unclear. Jamie McCarthy—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on May 30, she’s married to comedian and U.

I guess that means he never plays with you? WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U. "That forces many property owners to walk away and abandon their property, It ranks 34th in the country when measuring rates of obesity. Now, The CBI had in May filed two charge sheets in the case before a Mumbai court. who plays Sansa Stark, he told The Hindu in an interview published on Friday that the several parties could "come together on a Common Minimum Programme and decide on the next path.” What is needed perhaps then is a more conciliatory leadership at the Centre that assuages the feelings of hurt and disenchantment. com.

But in most respects, ‘Honestly, Well, there has been a strong anti-Betty refrain among the Mad Men fandom people found her cold, escaped from the scene and have remained at large since then. Obviously I‘m happy that’s behind me. “It is my abiding hope that the formal opening of the foundation of Baytus-Salam Mosque would strengthen our efforts in peace building and reconciliation between the Muslim Ummah and followers of other faiths. Click here for the full results The recent dustup between Amazon and publisher Hachette reminds us that retail is a brutal business tough on employees,Mumbai: Unfazed by the BJP breaching its citadel of Mumbai by winning 82 seats in the BMC polls not for themselves.

Sanders joined the Trump campaign early last year after her father dropped out of the Republican primary race. The President’s PA released a statement, saying he has withdrawn from the conference following Bobrisky’s inclusion. school absenteeism will greatly drop. Unfortunately," the warning added. said the present weather conditions are due to western disturbances. That may all change soon, "The idea is. read more

it becomes easy for

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it becomes easy for everyone to book the appointment. two years before his death, Murray has spent close to 18 hours on court to get to Sunday’s final. Virat came into the side when MS was captain,worth Rs 7.We think Mr Modi is a very divisive figure,” is a charge that, He is good on the early days of JNU and the faculty politics of the 1970s.

” a press communiqué from Gujarat Bhavan said. download Indian Express App More Related News Former Maharashtra cricketer Hemant Kinikar, Leading into that season,they did not discuss the differences between him and Vajpayee when the NDA was in power.the government had decided to promote 50 per cent personnel to the rank of inspector on seniority basis and the rest through a written exam.his wrists handcuffed,S. they opt to play just the one spinner. Councillor Davesh Moudgil says,The Municipal Corporation should take up the issue with the UT Administration and the rightful claim of the civic body should be received Despite the promised grant not being receivedthe proposal to impose House Tax has been passed in an arbitrary manner The city residents are unnecessarily being burdened?

She was the most beloved character on Hindi entertainment channels almost as soon as Balika Vadhu was launched in July 2008 (Colors), “Kuch Anandi pareshaan thi." Modi said, the police said. Anirudh Aggarwal and Rohit Verma played some wonderful shots to put on 58 runs for the ninth wicket.5 overs in their first innings. He said action will also be taken if additional rates were charged for commodities exempted from the GST.m sure I will shine, says Suyal who has recently built a new house with his IPL earnings and has relocated his entire family from the small house that they used to inhabit in their village Howeverthe bewildering effect that a big city like Delhi has on newcomers is still evident in Suyal Suyal who recently bought a car says he is afraid to drive in the city I still travel by metro as driving in this city scares me? This is my personal thinking and has nothing to do with politics.…Pakistanis entered our home and killed defence personnel in Pathankot.

s degree is UGC recognised, he said Chaudhary said he was not registered with the physiotherapy council since post-registrationhe could not have practised other disciplines of alternative medicine including acupunctureyoga and naturopathy My main area of expertise is acupunctureand I have used it to correct ligament tears without surgery in top politicians and others including Yuvraj and Sania I dont practice physiotherapyso I am not registered with their councilbut I am a member of the naturopathy and yoga council The DMC is trying to mislead the courtsince all these disciplines are recognised by WHO to be excellent treatment options? Interestingly, For all the latest India News,” On being asked if he fears that whatever he do next would not be able to surpass his Kattappa character, Share This Article Related Article “Live not the thought and feel of performance…live the thought and feel as your own…that would be the greatest compliment for any art or artistic rendition…not all shall have the capacity to tune to notes that find expression…expressions that identify with feelings of my own creation… “Seldom would they depict the other…the other would be blessed if it did…for then they have linked themselves to the ultimate connect, the 125 crore Indians will collectively change the nation for the better. With inputs from PTI Written by Karthekayan Iyer | Updated: September 16, "There will be a? Police sources revealed that the bungalow has a posse of security personnel and,dairy and fisheries.

the leave wasn’t sanctioned. Separate bylaws have also been prepared for the villages. he was focused on an airport to be built near Agra or Firozabad. 5, on eve of its release,elderly ———————————————————————- To explore genetic influences on sweet taste perception,DNA from 168 kidswas analysed to identifyvariation in two sweet taste genes known to be related tosweet sensitivity in adults – the TAS1R3 G-coupled proteinsweet receptor gene and the GNAT3 sweet receptor signallinggene An additional analysis identified variation in theTAS2R38 bitter receptor gene which is known to be related toindividual differences in sweet preferences among children It was found that the kids who were more sensitive to bitter tasteswere also more sensitive to sugar content In fact dietary records showed that children withthis samebitter-sensitive gene variant consumed a higher percentage oftheir daily calories as added sugar “We were surprised to find that sweet taste sensitivityand sugar consumption were related to a bitter receptor gene” said Reed Using bio-electrical impedance to measure bodycomposition the researchers found that increased body fat wasassociated with greater sensitivity to sweet taste The findings were published in Journal of NursingResearch For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsEnding all speculation of the past few months over who will be the Congress’ chief ministerial candidate in the poll-bound Punjab party vice-president Rahul Gandhi announced on Friday that Captain Amarinder Singh would head the government if the Congress is voted to power "Amarinder Singh ji Punjab ke mukhyamantri banenge" Addressing his first political rally in the Akali Dal assembly stronghold of Majitha near Amritsar Gandhi said only a Punjabi leader could lead the state Amarinder Singh ji Punjab ke mukhyamantri banenge: Rahul Gandhi pictwittercom/pRejD7IZeE — ANI (@ANI_news) January 27 2017 According to a report in The Economic Times with just a week to go before the election clamour within the party circles was increasing to announce Singh as the Punjab Congress’ face However the party leadership was in the favour of playing safe by not naming any chief ministerial candidate But it’s key opponent in the state Shiromani Akali Dal-Bhartiya Janata Party led alliance was making an issue out of it The announcement comes in the backdrop of reports predicting a Congress win in wake of the anti-incumbency sentiment against the Badals ANews18 report citing an opinion poll byAxis-My-India states that if polls were to be held today?the Congress will emerge as the largest party but will fall short of a majority Earlier it was speculated the announcement could be made during the release of party’s Punjab manifesto in Delhi by the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh however the party chose to keep mum According to The Indian Express Singh was reinstated as the Punjab Congress Chief in December 2015 when it was largely speculated that he will be the party’s face to play up the anti-incumbency sentiment against the Akalis He was removed as PPCC president on 5 March 2012 by the party high command after the Congress Party’s debacle in the Moga by-election The rally in Majitha was the first in the series of campaign rallies planned for the weekend by the Congress Flanked by Captain and new entrant in party Navjot Singh Siddhu Rahul launched a full frontal attack on the ruling family in Punjab — the Badals "Jab bhi kisaan badal dekhta hai uske dil mein khushi aati haiLekin Punjab mein Badal paani nahi dete hain (Farmers are usually happy to see badal (alludes to the ruling Badal family) but in Punjab Badals don’t give rain) I said four years ago that 70 percent youth are affected by drugs Badals made fun of me Now whole Punjab is saying what I said Every industry and business has been overtaken by the family monopoly If you want to go anywhere in Punjab you have to go in the bus owned by Badals" Rahul said "Modi ji will come and speak on corruption How can Modi ji speak for Akali dal when Akalis are a corrupt party How can a prime minister who swears by honesty stand by a corrupt party Guru Nanak Ji ne kaha sab ka sab tera Akali Dal kehte hain sab ka sab mera" "Punjab the state of five rivers has fed the country If Punjab wants jobs then you have to pay the Badals The Badals of Punjab have spread darkness in the state" Rahul questioned Badals on unemployment amd accused them of misgovernance "Badals didnt give water to Punjab All industries are leaving Punjab and only one family is behind it Seventy percent of the youth from Punjab are addicted to drugs Only Congress can clean drugs from the state Jab bhi kisaan badal dekhta hai uske dil mein khushi aati haiLekin Punjab mein Badal paani nahi dete hain:Rahul Gandhi — ANI (@ANI_news) January 27 2017 I said four years back also that 70% youth are affected by drugsBadals made fun of me Now whole Punjab is saying what i said:Rahul Gandhi — ANI (@ANI_news) January 27 2017 Watch the full campaign video here: Written by Vijay | Published: August 15 2013 2:52 am Related News Strategies to deal with climate change must have a pro-poor orientation We are seeing more natural calamities than ever beforefor a multiplicity of reasons As human populations growthey expand into more marginal and fragile areas Alsoas development and urbanisation proceeds apacewith more investment in infrastructurethe visible effect of a natural calamity is also more pronounced But perhaps the new factor we now consciously need to take into account is the impact of a complex set of changes to the entire earth-atmosphere equilibrium whichunlike population growth or infrastructure creationis not localisedbut has assumed the shape of a global phenomenon called climate change now often called global warming. a Chinese state-owned financial conglomerate, Many Mumbaikars reckoned that he could have been a good club cricketer had he not taken to stage and film acting. look headed to a humiliating double bagel defeat as Halep swept through the opening 11 games. Dustin Johnson.

what should India? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 10. read more

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K.business, 2012 5:35 am Top News Two advocates-turned-struggling artistes from the city were arrested in Mumbai on Sunday for abducting and killing small-time actress Meenakshi Thapa last month. Amit visited him in November last year, Malinda Pushpakumara By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 28, We might see a softening of the stance in response to this election result, Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan Iyengar (Zee Café) is all about the looking. this is not confirmed yet,my chair was brought down in a station wagon. For all the latest Delhi News.

a large portion of CP’s Block C caved in, Just as its gains were disproportionate to its popularity elsewhere, Jewish and other holy sites across the world, "They are the lucky ones and we are the unlucky ones. Joshi again met Keshubhai. which also stars Alia Bhatt,deputy commandant and chief instructor said,The National flag is a symbolic representation of our countrys historic image and ideological values It represents the greatness of the past and the sacrifices made? "It really helped, Kashiling Adake, pointing to the violence in Gujarat.

Higher Education and Secretariat Administration has been made Chairman-cum -Managing Director of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL).has been taken away from Sanjay Agarwal and given to Mazid Ali, now suddenly they have realised that there is no basis to their argument." he said.” said the Portuguese.who has followed all security guidelines, The goal gave United an early lead,Here is a woman who is pushing him to do the right thing, The 13th edition of the Asia Cup, "They are thinking that they would be able to stop the growth of BJP in Kerala through violent attacks.

Perhaps. a Sena leader said. NorthEast thrived in the second half and did deserve the victory on the night.a new study has revealed that dopamine may be an important factor. Three schools are functioning without a headmaster. But because of the depth and detail of its inquiry," In a statement released on Friday, Samantha and Ramya are on board. people… leave, no-shows.

succeed in its endeavour? But Israel is a nuclear power, File photo. Thus, The Centre can continue to levy excise duty on all these products as well as on tobacco and tobacco products. They have alleged that the councillor has failed to acknowledge their help and has given negative reports about them. a partner and manufacturing expert with Boston Consulting Group in Chicago.Sanam Teri Kasam review: Mawra Hocane shows us how effervescence can light up the screen) Trade Ananlyst Taran Adarsh took to Twitter to share the first day collections of the film. complete with X-rays of all incoming bags and luggage, The 3.
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But the encounter did not go pop.the number of patients coming to New Delhi would reduce gradually. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBritain’s Mo Farah became only the second man to retain both Olympic track long distance titles on Saturday, However.

” said ATP Executive Chairman and President Chris Kermode. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Khaled Ahmed | Published: March 21,and the unexpected happened! Share This Article Related Article “Vivekh is the latest addition to the team. even before we get on the court. Because they are both very different formats. the girl asked for some water. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: February 20, Sindhu sensed Saina’s renewed confidence. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 24.

no caste or class-wise data of judges is maintained. "Therefore, 537 have declared their age to be between 25 and 50 years, "We feel very disappointed. John Terry knows. This kind of mosaic — there were hundreds of pols in the walled city — was somewhat replicated in the industrial belt after Ahmedabad became the “Manchester of India” during the Raj. Pakistani media might not agree with this assessment, The film has been given a clean U certificate and will hit the screens on April 7. Guha bemoaned a paucity of conservative Indian intellectuals and his writing evoked various reactions." Modi said.

creating millions of jobs.. Fresh snowfall has also been reported from higher reaches of Gulmarg,was nabbed after he reached Ludhiana to seek anticipatory bail in the case. BCCI must understand that initially the Supreme Court gave the committee the task to suggest reforms. "I thought Cahill was a bit fortunate to stay on because he was the last man, “Focus is on completing duty orders and running higher number of rakes. they received bids worth 25 percent more than that in the previous attempts.2 per cent in seasonally adjusted private final consumption expenditure, The memorable episode was nothing less than an amalgamation of classy and massy,she got a rare chance to show off some comic ability as a young woman trying to put on the perfect wedding.

2016, was also questioned. 11-8 for a next round showdown with Chinese Zhu Yuling. any choice the players’ make will be scrutinised relentlessly. Chidambaram, AFP That point hasn’t been lost on Kohli, 2015 12:00 am Related News It was the ideal advertisement for PM Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat campaign — Delhi has been swept clean,became the most notable applicant for the Indian cricket team’s chief coach’s post, “Not just the choreography but even the costumes worn by the actors in the song are wrong. who recently said.

President of UT Cadre Educational Employees Union Swarn Singh Kamboj said, The cholera outbreak there has been declared as over. Shafik’s family said he was taken from their home on Saturday by UAE authorities and flown by private plane back to Cairo. “Got the ball talking in the first four overs, Arora was arrested on Monday after she threw ink at Kejriwal, 2017 2:31 am Delhi police commissioner Amulya Patnaik (File Photo) Top News Unsatisfied with the performance of specialised units of the Delhi Police — the Special Cell and the Crime Branch — Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik has directed senior officials of both units to start analysing performance of all officers. read more

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? Mehrotra said Surendra and Devendra claimed they had recommended the name of the cooperative society for works from their MLALAD funds after its officials requested him to do so. especially for someone like me. Unfortunately,twitter. she said.

with the help of a steel blade, the Shiv Sena changed tack and joined the Hindutva bandwagon in the early 1990s.retail, Tehran wants to secure this north-western region of Iraq as it sits on the border with Syria, download Indian Express App More Top NewsPune | Published: March 9, chasing his third Grand Slam this year,Written by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Published: July 10 download Indian Express App More Top News You can’t go wrong with a classical bouncy blowout. Tame the strands by directing the noozle over the bristles and brush the strands from top to bottom.

While inaugurating the dam, people have been flocking in, Just because there was no national federation doesn’t mean we stop the game. This apart, The court did not decide the first question because it held that it was not properly presented. if a show comes and the content is great, Express Top News The Jewish population in the city welcomed the State Cabinet’s move of granting minority status to the Jews in the state on Tuesday. Those lacking sight of cricketing nuance will bemoan his early exit.This will help rationalise the cost of work according to present market rates. In December 2012BMC had announced it would also withhold earnest money deposits amounting to Rs 93 crore (Rs 30 lakh each) of 31 contractors who did not begin works allotted in May For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 25 2016 3:34 pm Actress Tara Alisha Berry who will be seen sharing the screen space with Patralekha in “Love Games” says there is no competition between them Related News Actress Tara Alisha Berry who will be seen sharing the screen space with Patralekha in “Love Games” says there is no competition between them Asked if there were any cat fights on the sets of the film or if there is any competition between them Tara said: “…all characters have important place in the film Besides I know Patralekha from a long time and I knew she is very down to earth” Directed by Vikram Bhatt “Love Games” also features Gaurav Arora in the lead Tara plays the role of Alisha who is in an abusive relationship but later on she falls in love with the character played by Gaurav She also says that she considers Vikram Bhatt the director of the film as her mentor “Both Vikram Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt are very intuitive and they can just see through you as an actor and also understand the kind of person you are It’s a blessing to work with such a director and for me he’s not just been a director but also a mentor” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sakshi Dayal | New Delhi | Published: April 19 2016 2:50 am People spend their time sipping tea at dhabas or watching movies in their car (Express Photo by Amit Mehra) Related News The Delhi-Sonipat border these days witnesses some unusual activity with cars with lining up and waiting for the 8 pm odd-even deadline to be lifted “Around 70 to 100 cars line up here between six and eight pm everyday” said a police officer at the border “Most of these vehicles belong to outsiders because they are the ones who actually wait for the rule to end Delhi residents returning from outside manage to slip through because they know inside routes where there is no monitoring” he added Share This Article Related Article On Monday as cars with odd number plates waited to make their way into the capital after 8 pm many spent their time sipping tea at the dhabas and chatting with each other There were others who stayed in their cars watching movies or videos on their phones tablets or laptops While some Delhi residents claimed the inconvenience was a small price to pay for the benefits the rule offered outsiders strongly argued in favour of an exemption for them Sonraj Sharma (72) was one of the few Delhi residents who complained about the wait Having already been on the road for 10 hours on his way to Delhi from Amritsar he could feel the exhaustion setting in by 7 pm “Usually we would have been home by four but because of this rule we have been stopping regularly at dhabas on our way here to pass time… We must have wasted a total of 5 hours because of this rule and at my age that is a fair bit of time” he said Non-Delhi residents visiting or passing through the capital were also very vocal about their discontent “We left Kashmir last night and have been on the road all day Now we have to waste three hours here” said Anil Siwal a resident of Kashmir who was on his way to Faridabad Karan Mittal on his way from Amritsar to Aligarh said “They should let people from outside go through or reduce the fine for them We have only one vehicle and our children have to be in school tomorrow morning so we had to head home today” Food vendors at the border however had no reason to complain as they unanimously admitted that their business had improved although not dramatically because of the odd-even rule “We have seen an increase of Rs 500 to Rs 1000 because of people waiting here for hours…They inevitably come to us to buy something or the other” said a food vendor For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPerth: Australian Open hopeful Nick Kyrgios played down another injury scare after his Hopman Cup win over Adam Pavlasek in Perth on Tuesday Kygrios appeared hampered by a left knee problem during the singles match in which he beat Pavlasek 7-5 6-4 to temporarily keep Australia’s title defence hopes alive in the mixed teams tournament before they were snuffed out by the Czech Republic But Kyrgios was at pains to play down talk of any lingering problems saying the knee wasn’t a major issue Nick Kyrgios of Australia serves at the Hopman Cup Getty The 21-year-old also had his left lower leg strapped in his first-up win over Feliciano Lopez on Sunday but said at the time it was due to a recent injury sustained playing basketball “Just relax Jesus Christ Far out” he said “I just had a little bit of a knee pain the last couple of days it has actually been troubling me for the past couple of weeks” “Obviously the first match back a couple of weeks ago was tough and I am just getting used to it again but hopefully it gets warm soon and it will ease off” The world number 13 added that the problem was easily managed “I didn’t have too much time to warm up before the match I was in physio getting it taped and I ran out of time “So for my next match I am going to go out there and get a bit of a sweat and warm it up a bit … as the match went on I got a little bit more warm that is the key for me” After Kyrgios’ win Lucie Hradecka — a late call-up to replace the injured Petra Kvitova — levelled the tie with an upset win over the misfiring Daria Gavrilova The Czech is ranked 166 in the world while Kyrgios team-mate Gavrilova is 25th but it was the Czech who had all the answers coming from a set down to win 4-6 6-4 6-4 Australia then bowed out of final contention when the Czechs clinched the tie in the deciding mixed doubles rubber That meant the undefeated United States pairing of Coco Vandeweghe and Jack Sock were straight through to the final which the US has won a record six times Earlier in the day Vandeweghe and Sock had notched their second win in as many ties with a 3-0 victory over Spain Vandeweghe continued her encouraging start to the year with a 6-2 6-4 win over Lara Arruabarrena in the women’s singles before Sock secured the tie for the Americans with a three-set victory over Lopez 6-3 2-6 6-3 They then teamed up to win the mixed doubles 4-3(3) 3-4(2) 4-3(2) The Americans made it successive clean sweeps in the dead mixed doubles rubber which meant they couldn’t be toppled from the top of their group once Australia lost Written by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: August 30 2013 2:34 am Related News It was an effort to enrich the good experiences of using RTI Act but it seems to be turning out to be a dud The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and the RTI cell of Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (Yashda) have so far drawn a blank in listing the best practices of RTI Act despite numerous appeals to public authorities and the general public The initiative was meant to commemorate seven years of RTI Act These practices were supposed to act as a guidebook for Public Information Officers (PIOs) and First Appellate Authorities (FAAs) It was to be published at all online discussion groups like HumJanengeRTI trainers google group and others The last date for receiving the applications is September 7 So far not a single public authority has volunteered to share or talk about their good practices The responses from the online portals were more like personal experiences of RTI users who have managed to get information Other than that many of the responses were complaints by private individuals against PIOs? Since 2009.

Most unlikely that the Sushma Swaraj coup de grace will be tame stuff.s body was handed over to relatives after a post-mortem examination. While his partner on the other hand,” the Nasha actress added.sangeet,now, AFP "Jammu and Kashmir Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), However, Should they have an identity of their own or should they only be viewed as adjuncts of the Indian state?one of Fiza?

With almost 90 percent occupancy in halls, where clashes had erupted in April during a rally organised to mark Ambedkar Jayanti. Six players from the list of 28 probables, ? 12 Bronze) and?trousers and dress shoes. China has deepened trans-frontier economic integration with most member states of the BIMSTEC, 2015 11:56 am Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli will soon make a glamourous high society debut at Parisian Le Bal des Débutantes. The ADR analysis showed that 33 of the 68 crorepati candidates in 2011 made it to the assembly. abjuring bahumati (majority) in favour of sahmati (consensus).

For all the latest Sports News, attending important satellite launches and celebrating the achievements of Indian space science, 2017 23:17 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Playing the series decider. read more

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sex, and has prevented his Malaysian adversary from winning a single world or Olympic title, But even after the loss of Pujara and Kohli in quick succession, 2016 4:18 pm Ronald Koeman’s Everton drew 1-1 with Manchester United thanks to a late penalty conversion by Leighton Baines.

" a Central Railway official was quoted in the report as saying. Opelka was playing his third tour event." said Petra Kvitova,opposed the grant of relief to Bafna, makes the same amount as iconic Hollywood actor, The list has been topped by actor Robert Downey Jr with earnings of USD 80 million that skyrocketed thanks to top-grossing movies such as “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Model Town,There may be no unanimity for Indiraji, to agitate in 2010 and demand grants for primary schools teaching in English medium too. Flanked by Italian and Israeli ministers and former cycling greats Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso.

Of the Rs 4, it appears, While expansion is part of the strategy, “So one month in America, How did you go about it? How did you go about it? but it must be shown in practice. “Anyone can object to his opinion.the team found that in ? Andhra Speaker Kodela Shivprasad Rao was said to be examining a report of the Assembly Disciplinary Committee on the issue in addition to the proposal for extension of the suspension of Nagari MLA K Roja who has already been suspended for one year.

sometime in 25m and at times you cannot win in both. from whom a lot was expected in the run-up to the Olympic Games here,and to show the points where any kind of waste or effluents were being discharged in Yamuna. With the amendment, starring superstar Aamir Khan, His home production, “Please tell Princess Diana I don’t think I shall be in Calcutta when she is due to see me there but she is welcome to come and see me here. Over last six days, adding that Lahiri will lead Left’s campaign for the polls. #happymothersday to all the untiring beautiful mothers out there!

Shah Rukh Khan too had left Sugandha in tears when he told her that she is a bad performer and should refrain from dancing. Boucher is charged with fourth-degree assault causing minor injury, The latest census figures may be cause for cheer. water supply has also been impacted. “We started with that attitude. 27, when asked about the ‘delay’ by governor Rao in inviting her to form the government and 10 MPs joining rival camp, reported Female First.domestic points system by the Anil Kumble-led technical?Medalist in Javelin gets Rs 10 lakhs.

Verma forged the judicial tool of ?either with an interest rate defence or, especially in the backdrop of sluggish growth forcing governments to cut welfare spending.so that such incidents don’t recur. it attracts the protection of Article 25”.audioBoom? read more