How to write high quality soft skills which are

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2. to write the soft no clue it may go to look at the article, you may get some inspiration in the soft while watching people. The author is to do so, because sometimes feels confused, don’t think of no inspiration, after seeing somebody else’s article, a sudden inspiration will have.

5. to add some pictures in the text, add to the main picture is to let readers see the text after a period of time can be.

, how to write high quality soft Wen

3. do not get, one thing to write soft taboo is written down to add some text on the inside, get the effect is not the same.

2. core content of the paper is to highlight, not east pull one Xiche sentence, to elaborate on the title.

1. general write soft skills is their industry to a better understanding of this, you can write more. The author also wrote many soft Wen, if write some industry and its different soft, feel very great pressure, write up not so handy, and to write their own industry association.


1. as writers, constantly to see people in the article, the accumulation of experience, to write their own soft Wen pave the way.

analysis technique

3. is a good article which must have their own point of view, the author wrote before is soft, will elaborate the experience of others, but not with their point of view, then in the process of writing soft text slowly found his ideas important.


4. the reasonable control of good writing, not too much or too little, to consider the user experience. For example, let you read an article, you will want to take a day to read? I think you will see more disgusted, too much. So, to control the text, so that users will not resent.

in A5 and the owners of the house above many other similar webmaster articles, the article also is the basic and the author of the article be roughly the same. Why people thought article can, why I can’t go? To tell the truth, sometimes my heart will complain about editing. Then again, they may audit more stringent, more will inspire our potential. Here to share my experience:

recently in the A5 above is no less contribution, every day one to 2 articles contribute, to be honest, personal feeling to write the soft skills is very general, not what breakthrough, write the basic content is the latest information from the Internet to see and explore the above. Sometimes I feel relatively easy submission, sometimes did not, I sometimes doubt their writing ability.

4. to write text in combination with the actual situation, not exaggerated and narrow. For one thing or things, must be clearly explained in accordance with the actual.

Love Shanghai promotion background optimize promotion information to samsung

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of course, eventually, love Shanghai backstage and network marketing background treasure roughly the same meaning. However, because of the love of Shanghai is to promote a nationwide, and click on the cost is quite high, so we must strictly control keywords and promotion area. The customer service personnel under the guidance, I will be a dozen keywords and creative quality of type to a three star. It is said that in the oil filter industry is very small. Here I have service to said: "the final price ranking is a relationship with the quality of our bid and, therefore improve the quality of our products is very necessary, a good quality, can occupy a good ranking at a lower price." Said so much, finally left key. Ten words I originally had 5 to Samsung, and one of my most important "oil filter" is the star, so the most important thing is to improve the "oil filter" of the product quality.

Samsung across the finish quality

, creative.

three aspects:

a promotion group using three most creative, as much as possible the use of wildcards. What is the use of specific wildcard I really don’t know, always know, can be used as far as possible. Then, many people think that with the telephone number to avoid unnecessary clicks, thus reducing the consumption of customer service, but to my opinion is that it can not be, really want to use it until the end of the promotion of the content of

after two days, our account is finally opened. Is because we have a customer service as we love Shanghai account settings for. But because of their own things or not depend on others, but we still have to learn, or to the end I don’t know what it is? I treasure before the network marketing management background, but I did not go to the previous management, just how much money per day is limited, and then set the price as much as possible keywords.

The use of

this month, our company promise Qing oil filter started to have the Shanghai promotion. Is to rely on the accumulation of customers to the snapshot. But now because the competition is too strong, do not promote simply no way to achieve the ideal effect. So we love with Shanghai company, ready to start love Shanghai promotion.


three and later

two, the promotion plan structured

I had promotion of the chain closed word is not much, so I divided into three groups. Three group’s aim is to make the quality of the different keywords, separately, do not affect other keywords samsung.

is now three star, but it eventually.

customer service here to give my advice is, can not line not line, ensure the products show. Try not to change the price of the product, promotion unit. But because our consumption plan is limited, if every day would soon spread down. So I will be some keywords oil filter products widely into phrases, I use the precise individual keywords.

Not deviate from the principle of look at the website user experience

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(3) web content. Web content achieve a better user experience. First of all we need to do is of high quality. Spelling, word order is not fluent in these do not have to mention. Between the website content series to do, the depth of which is more conducive to the user’s browsing, reduce web page out rate. In addition, the difference between the website Web site information and similar to the open, let users find the information here out of the ordinary. Also, the interactive link need to do. Users see the website article, want to leave their own views, then reviews and comments the function is very important.

finally everyone will return after all is said and done, "user experience" the eternal topic. No matter how to update the search engine algorithm, "all for the sake of users" is the principle from beginning to end. So the user experience is much deviate from them, visitors can get what information through the website, the website can provide and what to bring your visitors, visitors are in line with their own habits in the process of browsing the website. Next, let us summarize the need to do what.

"not deviate from the principle of the station optimization

in addition, navigation website is also very important. The navigation time is equivalent to the role of GPS positioning, to let the user during the browsing always understand oneself in what position, how to return to their earlier position. Like good wine merchants have done better (see below).


even if you are ordinary people, no matter what you want to know one of the symptoms of the disease, or want to test their own physical condition, or want to get the latest medical developments and so on. You can find the information you need in the first time.

had to admit that last month’s love Shanghai really let the webmasters downhearted. In the webmaster forums, is a piece of Voices of discontent. In the love of Shanghai webmaster communities will hold fire a title for "the webmaster don’t complain about love Shanghai, to modify your website." the post, after reflection is a small station on their website is the adjustment of the algorithm.

In fact,

(1) interface optimization. After the user through the search results page into the site, the first feeling is very important. If the web interface layout is that most people love, so the first step to increase the user retention rates had been done.


(2) navigation optimization. After completing the first impression to the user, can really increase in the eyes of users of a good impression on the site itself. How can let users find the information they need in the shortest period of time, we need a sophisticated navigation design. As the main navigation 39 Health Network, do very well (see below).

(4) advertising layout. It can be said, "

Shanghai dragon knife novice on the chain and in the chain

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in search engine optimization that can hear the most, see the most is within the chain, the chain with the website content, content with the chain you literally know what it is, but the concept of the chain is relatively vague, although can know that the chain is in the internal connection, but how do the chain, how can better distinguish of value chain and the chain where? What is the purpose of the chain in? I have their own understanding of the optimization about the inner chain thought to share, whether it is large or small and medium-sized Web site, can give full play to the chain effect.

chain and the chain of value:

The value of

internal and external links for sites, the relative lack of early sites under the condition of the chain, the chain than within the value chain value. For the website weight, rankings, the importance of the chain is much higher. If you want to increase the weight of the website, then still have to consider the main chain with related website construction. In the medium term chain website development, may begin to play a very big role, but the chain is the need to optimize the layout planning stage on the site to start the implementation of.

chain is actually linked between the various pages of the station, but the station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to maximize the value of the chain, will need to be carefully selected pages, that is to say you decided to let the mutual link between which two pages. The anchor text chain is usually keywords, for example, I want to build a search engine for the anchor text chain optimization, then you must know which page to do this within the chain have a greater help to the rank, usually we take these two ways:

Analysis of the


2, use keywords in the search engine search, see which pages of the front, in which page. Of course, no matter which method, once selected the target page, you should not often modify. Because the chain effect is played by the accumulation of time, ranking will have good performance.

chain strategy to solve the problem:

I just contact

to develop the strategy, must first understand the inner chain is to solve what problem, such as: to improve and enhance the transfer page relevance ranking, the PR value, these 3 points can be regarded as the core principle of the chain strategy.

How to do within the chain of

1, you start to determine each keyword target page, when the word appears in the station anywhere, is a fixed URL. From the beginning and end, through to the end.


is one of important factors related to the page search engine ranking, so the chain strategy also needs to consider the issue, but if it is an important page in a chain of good policy support, the content page should also have a certain value, this is also one of the factors in the side reaction chain strategy problem. You can also use some keywords ranking to see if the two station site is within the chain, do good website page ranking is likely to be more than a station on a home.

Barrage video sites, Youku, strange art, the possibility of evolution

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Abstract: the focus of the barrage video is not the video, the barrage, and the barrage is actually related to social and cultural, these two things is the possibility of future evolution of video sites. I read for you: what is the magical video of the barrage?.

said, although the barrage video for many users have not fresh, and even users now watch network video only choose AB station. But for mainstream video sites, such as Youku, if the content of a full screen barrage comment, I believe most of its users little heart still can not accept.

but this does not mean that Youku Qiyi can ignore the barrage site, because the focus is not barrage video video, is that these things are actually the barrage barrage, and related social and culture, these two things is the possibility of the future evolution of the video site.

but the cultural thing, playing the Internet do not know a few, or Tudou will not pinch "Naruto" copyright, but still can not do two years, barrage video. Below, the author to explain: what is the magical video of the barrage?.

barrage video site is the core of user interaction, that is, social

, for example, has never claimed to be a video site, but rather targeted a barrage site, more like a social platform for video sites and B sites than Bilibili.

social emphasis on human interaction, that is interactive, and this is the barrage of comments in the form and the general video site below the comment form the biggest difference:

screenshot for B station, a up owner produced high-quality original video

barrage real-time appear in the video window, the audience can with the progress of the video, the first time to see other people at the same time point for the same content to make comments, so as to respond. The content of the response may be separated by the number of days and months, but at the same time in space, mutual corroboration, and more access to the audience at the same time.

this process, the interaction between the audience realized the snowballing growth, combined with a brief barrage of text, strong timeliness, strong sense of personal characteristics, so that we can easily think of participation in social networking platforms, such as micro-blog, what the Post Bar.

therefore, compared with other video sites, B station has an absolute advantage, and it is also the best gift from the social platform service: user loyalty, and UGC.

, Baidu, Sina, micro-blog Post Bar Tencent QQ and so on are this way: the user repeatedly access and content production, circulation and the formation of self sustained healthy development. It’s better than spending money on copyright.

in fact, barrage video site has become the main platform to play a lot of video content producers, such as a China "virtual Idol" (the original Vocaloid music video, based on this later to write it) content creation.

Micro-blog promotion three modes analysis how to do

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through the other too Yadi two well-known brands of micro-blog promotion mode analysis, on 2014 micro-blog promotion

how to do?


FOTILE pulls the bond between its fans through 2 micro activities a month. Yadi by millions, tens of millions of micro-blog large forwards, the effective dissemination of content to micro-blog.

Sina [fans] first time offline activities or events displayed on Sina micro-blog first page. Can achieve four points: crowd locking, controllable time, regional precision, controllable budget.

The same point:


first, the dissemination of content, manufacturing ability is very tough.

1, micro-blog copywriter has a high standard of writing. Close to the user to make a good impression, it is worth stopping to pay attention to.

2, the picture is beautifully designed. Make users more easily moved, interested in micro-blog content.

3, micro-blog’s plan is in place. Including content topics, activities, planning, activities, material grasp.

two, its own fans reach an order of magnitude. Ensure that micro-blog content has a basic amount of reading.

three, the purpose is to maximize the effect of communication, so that brand influence a step further.

FOTILE Yadi differences:

one, FOTILE forwarding comments are relatively close, interactive effect is better. Yadi way to pay more attention to communication, interaction.

two, there is a difference in the cost budget. FOTILE is the active material cost, Yadi is a one-time payment to third party companies.

three, FOTILE is the official self organization, can train the training team, accumulate experience. Yadi is need third party participation, relatively easy.

give yourself a sentence: when you don’t know how to do micro-blog, look at the big names,


original text: http://www.lidianchidiandongche.com/2030.html

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to support innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Shanghai

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country in order to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Entrepreneurship Competition organized a series of activities in the city of Shanghai, has recently held a contest of innovation and entrepreneurship activities, but also in order to better promote the people of entrepreneurship.

It is reported that the

at the same time, the further optimization of the approval process, the establishment of post audit system will greatly shorten the time for enterprises to apply for loans. In addition, start-ups can also choose a one-time payment of loans or self-help circulation in two ways, the applicant can choose according to their own needs, choose self-help circulation for the loan can be borrowed.


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Footwear market marketing rules

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let’s take a look at the footwear industry in the market is how to make a marketing strategy? How can we truly understand the development of the market, the success of building your own and my life.

so in every store promotional activities, manufacturers and market negotiation is the most important point deduction, it needs to have communication skills and even some hidden rules. In fact, every time the promotion. Shopping malls will make different concessions in different brands, the stronger the brand, there is a good condition to negotiate with the mall.

Baidu white-collar workers to give up the high salary to open a bakery

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people often say that life is a multiple-choice question, in fact, life is a solution with different solutions, each person’s problem-solving ideas are different. Life is not the same choice, the choice lies in their own, not the same entrepreneurial life may have the same wonderful.

she graduated from the Beijing Jiaotong University, read the software engineering, the university when the dream is to own a cake shop, the dream has been rooted in the heart, with her four years of college. After graduating from college into the work, first in Beijing, and then fought in Shanghai.

Comparison of

in each aspect, she chose a name of Singapore’s mother baked package brand, when I asked why she would choose this in so many brands, she told us that she is seeing the franchise brand on the internet. She believes that Singapore mom baking bag brand planning perfect, through the network to understand these stores have their own characteristics, the marketing strategy of rich and colorful, word of mouth is higher than that of the other network currently on the market of other brands.

started before the analysis and consultation, by headquarters staff communication and join the project, more to help her analysis of the future of the shop recommended

From Knowledge has no limit. by saying the enlightenment

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with the market economy era, more than other industries, even the education industry has also undergone changes in turn the world upside down teaching resources, accumulate in this moment finally broke out, the so-called never too old to learn, more and more people in the investment in education is not stingy!

and in primary and secondary schools, key middle school fee is as high as a few million yuan. Admission is donated tuition fees, fees, fees to mention Chajuan; when the new school is school fee, school fees, tuition fees, repeat; school graduate employment guidance service fees, send a fee, information fee, graduation certificate fees.