Love Shanghai increase super chain chain market against cheating will never disappear.

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second, the website on the Internet to millions of millions of love, Shanghai can not use artificial audit mechanism one by one to see, so only through the algorithm to deal with the upgrade and change. But each time the algorithm upgrade and change although there will be a number of stand down, but there is always a fish escaped through the seine.


in Shanghai as long as love does not give up the influence of the chain on the weights of the website, then the link trading market may not disappear. This article from ZZ to reliable business plan 贵族宝贝cykuang贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please specify.

first of all, the author believes that trade links will not disappear, but the love of Shanghai continued to increase efforts to crack down, will have a negative impact on the link trading market.

fifth, the so-called foot step ahead, before many links to buy webmaster to buy soft link, through the form of coping algorithm into the chain in the upgrade.


plan to buy links and improve the rankings flow much better earnings of the webmaster may be because of the search engine that is super chain cheating instead of buying links, and then make the market turn business links.

The fourth, first part

first, in algorithm love Shanghai, the important effect of internal and external link optimization. As long as the love Shanghai algorithm mechanism, the chain for an assessment of the weight of the website and link, trading market is unlikely to disappear.

third, some rely on sale for the site link may converge slowly, before a station export hundreds of links will no longer appear the phenomenon may be.

: the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform October 23rd announcement: super chain cheating upgrade algorithm said: the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. This not long after November 5th, again released a new announcement: the sale of link behavior will be hit.

in fact, part of the webmaster link through transactions reached to love Shanghai in search results ranking, through the operation of Shanghai love search ranking buy links, leading to the Internet ecosystem into vicious spiral unhealthy, so love Shanghai to intensify the crackdown in the many people expected. After this period of time, many webmaster are talking about the trend of the future market for the sale of the link, the author to share their views.

The website is search engine punishment five analysis methods of

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general in Shanghai after the big update website, volatility is normal, do not get excited over a little thing, once the website ranking drop felt end come, in fact as long as according to the above several methods to analyze the specific state, check out the web site, and then through the appropriate method to optimize the natural website ranking will still come back source: www.021daiyunwang贵族宝贝

two: enter the name of your site in the search engine in the dialog box, if the results of their official website is not in the first row, then your website is likely to be search engine punishment!

: analysis of the use of love Shanghai site command, the specific operation method in the search engine input dialog box site: website domain name, and then look at the results returned, if the website homepage does not appear, only some included pages appear, then your website will be right down, if the returned no results, then your website is K

Every time when !

five: judging by analysis of keywords ranking, comprehensive analysis and statistics of keywords on the site, if before a lot of keywords ranking in the love of Shanghai in a comprehensive update down, then your website the possibility of the punishment is very big, if some keywords decline, some keywords rise, then this is normal the adjustment, does not need to save the method after punishment to operate the


love Shanghai update, always a few happy tears, some website promotion, website ranking dropped, many owners found themselves once the site ranking dropped will be very worried about their website is search engine K station, or the right to be reduced, but only by the decline in ranking that site is K or drop right that is not very scientific, often lead to do a lot of useless or even work site to make bad things, this analysis whether the site is K or drop right is very important! I have the five kinds of analysis method that is relatively easy to use, and the majority of the following the webmaster friends share

!> website! !

four: it is relatively simple, it is through the search on the website of some specific words, such as your website address, contact telephone and record information, if the results returned by your website is not first, then your website will be down the right, because the information is only on the Internet, if not be included, that your website content is rapidly removed, not to return the


three: through the analysis of webmaster tools, the best with the most comprehensive and accurate data, webmaster tools than Google webmaster tools, this tool can provide detailed test data and information, this information can effectively help webmasters to judge their own website is search engine punishment, as well as the website which problems need to be improved in order to let the webmaster and amendment, the improvement of their own website

Analysis on site keywords grasp the reason is not normal

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these two keywords are Harbin website production and construction sites in Harbin, Shanghai, in love and not grab grab headlines, but directly grasp the general keywords, this causes in a situation.

is the search engine’s own problems, we may also catch up with the site’s problems cause the problem, generally difficult to immediately update over, my website is one reason, three points above I may have accounted for the cause, this last result, it is difficult to immediately change over, fortunately, I do good, this is to me to keep ranking, for other people is not to say.


third: is the site of the update frequency is too large, may before is a long time to update, but this becomes a daily update, can also have this problem, but the probability is very small.

recently do not know how to love Shanghai, ranking one day several changes, the duration of my feeling is the longest, there is not a day or normal grab several changes, but this seems to be the most serious, however, there are always good, today is simple to write my plan.

encounter these problems, how do we handle it, I first put the blame on the search engine, after all, we are not cheating, do not punish us. But the search engine is not constructed in the operation of the artificial intervention, then we must.

The first is the snapshot

search engine to submit questions, hope as soon as possible, this time I submitted NPC and CPPCC, both quickly grabbed, but no email reply, don’t know why, maybe they don’t know it, but was really grabbed for a while, and this can be seen from the snapshot log come out, but did not change, from this point can be analyzed, the love of Shanghai is still adjusting.

: when first love Shanghai grab, catch up with the site is open, this site has a very high weight or domain name registration for a long time, so the ranking retained, but only love Shanghai grab the key words, this is an important point, basically 50% are made into the causes of the.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, some recently busy work, there has been no time to write what the site’s ranking is not very good, also not to work overtime today, write, what it does, in fact recently I always grab web site keywords is not normal, previously wrote an article on this issue, but did not pass the audit, is probably not a picture or say understand, try to write today, after a few days, feeling.


second: website update, is actually the revision you said, this is to catch up with the search engine algorithm adjustment, so the ranking will certainly fluctuate greatly, sometimes is only reserved keywords, this problem is also accounted for a large proportion.

Duguxiaomeng the secret order of ranking algorithm engine search algorithm

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of the frequency of updates every day is a holiday break, at 3 pm every day to start the update, all layout complete, beautiful picture type all stored in the server, the alt attribute contains keywords, always adhere to the present, the site is in good condition. Keywords the customer required has been fully in place, all at first, occasional fluctuations, but the ranking is stable, at present the word "Ford" has also been in love in Shanghai third, if this continues, the word Ford one day to be able to appear on the first page, of course, if the method contains some words. The time will be shortened, because of the friendship.

recently duguxiaomeng I have been to several local enterprise site network marketing consultant. At the same time, in the network marketing tactics in duguxiaomeng from search engine for enterprise site weights and evaluation and give some new understanding here, Xiao dream directly to write these things, for us a new algorithm.

this article mainly is used to illustrate the optimization strategy, and some knowledge level ranking algorithm. To trigger this "algorithm" link in the main content update, please continue to see below:

Xiao Meng began to take over the local network marketing consultant Ford automobile 4S stores from mid August last year, in the whole network marketing, optimization also accounted for a relatively large share, because investment for outdoor advertisement is very big. In the advertisement, they each advertisement will contain the name of the enterprise, so the enterprise name in this series of local intention models users will have a very large value, of course, the word dream in mid September has already done the first. (here, the network marketing strategy, the dream with a new article to explain here, network marketing link is not specifically described.

in the whole optimization technique, the dream for many sites, so it is incapable of action in some Shanghai dragon mouth every day Er mentioned in the original dream, and the dream for the Ford car did not know much, there is no original. But the site is not updated, so the method of dream take is directly to the official news copy to his site up. In the copy, the dream did not modify any of the title text and content. Of course, the only difference is that at the end of the text, the dream also increased the number of contact enterprises. Keywords in contact contain added links.

) The


many people are confused, ask me why I don’t do false original dream, in fact has been not in favor of what is original, pseudo original, original copy is original, copy, copy to copy to be honest, not the words that your article search engine will think you write it. The search engine intelligence is not so low, so Xiao dream has been do not advocate, has asked the Department of the people below, to copy all copy, do not do half true.

Break through the traditional station atmosphere of China

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more words. Personal ideas, text expression is clumsy, including.

in the webmaster group talked about two topics "break the traditional Chinese webmaster trading market" and "to do a website." "break the traditional China webmaster trading market" perhaps this is our class these small webmaster no capital to talk about. Because there are many giant portals. They lead, the Internet affects China heart


this topic, many people actually have this idea expressed in their hearts, but not many people raised, or not many people concerned about.


talked about the topic, there was a commotion in the crowd. The topic seems so deep that we can do nothing but not do it.

"to break the traditional China webmaster trading market" which is a way to practice the idea? In fact, many owners have a better understanding of the development of the Internet Chinese now, most of the grassroots webmaster is also very sensitive to this topic, just because a lot is incapable of action.

we can’t really do what? NO! But there is always debate and inevitable, but also because there is a further argument, the topic and the idea of perfection. "Constant"! Has its value in any way.

"go to a website",

this topic is just the first topic. The topic is "traffic topic all day long."". A webmaster friend said, "the site does not put traffic advertising, do not make money, what?"

sites do not put ads that don’t make money what? That’s right! But, if you are in order to their own interests and aspirations, but stay in a China style living to the flow of advertising webmaster, to dwell on network to make money. Then your last grand ideal climate station it is difficult to do successfully.

of course, what money thing easier. If you have no money, there is a web site do not belong to junk traffic? Do not advertise, do publicity. Your content is not bad. There are 80% of the traffic from the search. If five hundred people a day, from the search should have 4 people so. How to think of the search,


choose to do a web site, for a person, an atmosphere is very important (external cause), of course, not lack of talent, 80 after many webmasters create miracles. So if we want to consider a traditional station development, so to understand their development history, and to reflect on what you are doing, how to do it yourself! People are not necessarily suitable for yourself, but it is necessary to learn some.

how to develop personal websites in the future, I’ve read a lot of articles. Among them, the website with individual interest still has development path very much.

We can think of the

, the development over the station, the success of the network business. Whether it’s a group or an individual, which one?

Six misunderstandings of website construction

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first pays tribute to the volunteers who are struggling to build a website. It is our hard work that brings about the prosperity and development of the internet. Busy, rational reason, in the construction site at present, there exist some misunderstandings of several aspects.

1 was not aware of the risk. I often see some people declare that they have resigned, specially for the website. Website profit is quite long, the public understands to accept website to have a process. Unless you have a certain economic base, or do not quit your job to do special website, that risk is quite large. Even if there is a certain accumulation, investment must also be careful, can not blindly act, must do a good job of market research and analysis in advance.

2 overestimates personal abilities. A person’s time and energy is limited, an individual’s knowledge structure is relatively fixed, a person always had the habit of thinking, these decisions as an individual we can only finish the work, also means that some of our work is impossible. Don’t say anything about hao123, it’s just a very isolated phenomenon. It’s impossible for everyone to have that opportunity and stick to it for so long.

3 overestimates the importance of domain names. Now, what’s the price of some domain names? Incredible. A good domain name is important, but it’s definitely not the most important. NetEase domain name is how good, YAHOO domain name is how good, the key is content, this is the most essential thing.

4 blindly follows suit when choosing a site type. The website is popular, do the website station, the local station is popular, do the local station. Should be in their own familiar areas to think about, to do a related site; to choose Chaoyang industry related sites, then there is a prerequisite for development. For example, motorcycles are being phased out, and you do a web site related to that, and the results can be imagined.

5 does not pay attention to originality. Many friends site is a simple OK source code, change. The content is also to get a collector to fix. If it’s a dumpster, that’s all right. Stereotyped web site, how much development, ability to write on their own, without this level, find someone to help or spend money for others to write.

6 does not pay attention to teamwork. Choose a person to do without considering forming a team. Can find a few like-minded friends, sub division, each person is responsible for their special work, that is not a higher success rate? At least 2 people, one is responsible for the content and maintain a responsible for publicity and promotion.

hopes everyone can look at the website construction with an investor’s eyes. In advance to do the investigation and analysis, choose the direction of the station, make an appropriate plan, the process of reasonable operation, that is not far from success.

wrong place, shoot two bricks, forget it. Welcome to my website

Some thoughts on training programs in the circle of stationmaster

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this year webmaster circles training market is booming, the rapid development depends on the network and the market economy under the severe employment form, more people want to improve their occupation skill training charge so as to solve the housing problem. For the webmaster circles also have every kind of SEO training, training, training, establishment of Wangzhuan marketing training projects, help the webmaster to enhance the capacity of all aspects of personal development, make the grassroots webmaster transformation into a regular occupation development, sustainable development. I summed up the webmaster circle is doing well in some of the training projects, basically from the following 5 aspects to build a complete set of models.

one, benchmarking. Benchmarking is what we commonly call success stories. Training courses are different from our general form of products, such as air conditioning product tangible, so there is no need for training case; this product, no successful cases, it is difficult to convince people. Network engineer training such as training, will recommend the employment structure; such as higher training after graduation will share some Wangzhuan, can guarantee how much income each month; if you find yourself training benchmark, depending on their location of training content. Is Wangzhuan training? Or SEO training, if SEO training, how to give students users a benchmark. If we simply say that this is a skill training, after mastering the ability to enhance your personal skills, in the job search and entrepreneurship can bring good results. This benchmarking role may not establish the student’s impulsive spending.

two, public opinion. Public opinion can be understood as the background of the network, such as webmaster circles at present fire some techniques and applications, the relative discussions are more and more people; corresponding under this kind of environment is easy to receive the sought after skills training. Combining the actual training process, experience and harvest after a part of the trainees, you can get good public opinion advantages. Public opinion is not a derogatory term, most of the skills training often belongs to a kind of impulsive consumption, on the one hand, the potential demand of potential students with the skills, such as the owners really want to learn the SEO technology, the introduction to learning technology Wangzhuan in-service personnel, want to learn marketing, integrated marketing skills, combined with some training good public opinion and of course, price, easy impulse. As a training institution, on the one hand, in the context of seizing the environment and public opinion, and combining with the current training results, we actively establish their own brand public opinion.

three, promotion. Strictly speaking, public opinion is also a model of promotion, we can understand the soft text. But I also want to mention some other promotion models. The more is pushing a person by a representative of the training courses to build enough brand, brand awareness and connections in the industry, reached the final of the propaganda and training institutions, this is our traditional training industry in the promotion of the Internet directly to. Next is through >

Rural electricity providers to enter the entrepreneurial vision of choice

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believe that after seeing this year’s 11 double hot phenomenon, but also a group of people who want to invest in the field of electricity supplier investment profits. As the focus of the future development of the Internet, rural electricity supplier blue ocean market has begun to enter the field of entrepreneurs who.

"from Skynet, network, people network to carry out rural electricity supplier." Come to participate in the rural e-commerce and Internet town in Hainan Province Agricultural Development Conference group Sun Lijun, vice president of Alibaba, Hainan rural development suggestions for the electricity supplier, Hainan Daily reporter in an interview, "Skynet" is the government support in order to create a good environment for the development of rural electricity, rural electricity supplier to the government and the same direction, so that the same force. Grid is the two channel, a closed loop, the first channel is the logistics channel, the second channel is the information channel; a closed loop is the people pay close loop. The "human network" is to promote outstanding talent back to rural entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs to take the rural Internet market is not fully open when entering the first pot of gold for most easily earned, and then step by step steady development, early in the rural market foothold.

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Did you know that the Internet has spawned so many professions

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now, the Internet has become the focus of entrepreneurs than gold field. The reporter learned through the investigation, from the Internet to 2006, the disappearance of the occupation of more than 3000 species, and this data in 2014, has risen to 5000 kinds, in the disappearing occupation, there are also some due to the Internet industry, analyzes the once popular network sends a founder of occupation Wu Jun:


qqflash occupation

the initial network, bandwidth is not enough, the output format Flash is becoming the main transmission format video animation, Flash brings a huge business space with affinity and propagation speed and other advantages to the whole industry, spawned a hot new occupation – flash flash, who rely on their own creative ability and created a large number of high-quality animation, swept the entire Internet field, become a force in emerging industries. However, behind the network environment has become increasingly rich and colorful, flash have also gradually fade out of sight.

two occupation: the chain released


as a reference standard in the website optimization is outside the chain number, want to improve website ranking, you only need a daily non-stop for the website chain, website ranking is rushing forward, it also created a high income chain. When Baidu plans to destroy the SEO bombing of entire optimization market, the friends chain, the chain method to improve website ranking has become website optimization of the past, the chain also not brilliant, and the rest of the so-called master optimization are just clouds.

three Occupation: SMS writer

text writer known as "digital era legend occupation, when the mobile phone operators are fire, mobile phone short message service operators will be pushed to the ground, SMS writers income into the brief period before and after 2002, some even reached 100 thousand and 20 million annual salary. However, when the network enters the public participation in the network information era, to achieve explosive growth, SMS operators have been closed down, it’s SMS writers down the mountain, gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Occupation: four

WitkeyThe concept of a

Witkey, the Internet attracted a creative market turmoil, business owners have a creative platform of choice, technical personnel have a creative platform, many investors smell sensitive network regarded him as "xiangbobo" stampede in, however, this heat and not because of its convenience and sustained how long after carry out Witkey Witkey estimated 1000, employment cost is low, some business owners are more vicious spiral, through Witkey sleight of hand, let Witkey chill. Witkey this career in the Witkey and Witkey distrust each other, eventually ushered in the transformation of the entire Witkey industry, Witkey has gradually become a past of the internet.



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比我预计的更早的如果我和你一样诚实。Square Enix公司透露,在海洋之星系列第五标题将被释放7月1日,




如果你所寻求的终极黑客和斜线的游戏就只有一个显而易见的选择。当然,我能谈论的唯一一个系列就是鬼泣!最初发布在2008回,Capcom为DMC 4注入一些新的生活,回到原来的系列。这是否更新提供一些吸烟生病的风格吗继续阅读找出!

GAME ?鬼泣4特别版












DMC4:硒是一砍,射击的动作冒险充满活力四射的时间!虽然游戏是开放的按钮攻击,战斗系统的核心在于时尚的排名表,取下那些恶魔非常生病的风格!当你进行组合,你会排在你的行动,更丰富精彩的组合,更多的风格你获得。如果你反复使用同样的动作,你的分数就会减少,你知道他们说什么,变化是生活的调味品!尼禄有类似的举动但丁,但一些曲折。他的红皇后剑拥有超过系统,加速起来很像一个踢一个引擎。独特的尼禄是他的魔鬼的手臂,他的恶魔力量的源泉。这可以提供一个强大的冲击力和手臂被用来解决跨越障碍。这个魁梧的手臂也允许一些敌人被当作盾牌,或把他们周围的一切,在你的肩膀上像一个团的士兵!随着你的进步,尼禄将获得新的权力,他的手臂,这将允许您通过障碍和利用周围的物体。Devil Trigger模式激活恶魔尼禄可以结合Yamato叶片释放毁灭性的动作。但丁保留他原有的四的风格,swordmaster是近战为主,枪手利用远程攻击,royalguard对国防的关注和最后的魔术师,它依赖于逃避。但丁也有魔鬼触发模式这也让他使用大和叶片和获得更多的毁灭性的恶魔。




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