On the internal structure of 360buy series title article title (two)

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in this figure, we again see the "market price", the evaluation of the four major heart words, this is called the basic combination of keywords, and in the front part of [W686] Amagatarai Amagatarai W686 3G (black WCDMA/GSM) mobile phone dual sim card ", these are the settings the main parameters of the mobile phone, from this setting method, it can be seen that the general product page in the title setting can write all, then the Jingdong will likely learn various matching keywords to be added, so as to obtain the possible flow of import, the interception of dangdang贵族宝贝 a mobile phone title as compared to

everyone in this figure can be compared and the Jingdong found what? That is for the product, although the parameters of this piece in place, but for some possible flow and not so careful to do so, this in itself is the product page title optimization will be missing place, and in a Jingdong do > block

in this category of sort, we can often see is the keyword combination flow, "" combination, you can at least 4-5 hot flow trend of achievement of the long tail keywords, long tail and a popular combination of Jingdong choice as well as we can learn, because in many cases. We will use such a combination, such as the Shanghai dragon why home title,


secondary directory Title settings – combination of key technology

as shown below, the secondary navigation on the Jingdong, we can often see the following category title

is the inclusion of Shanghai dragon basically all the long tail word, "Shanghai dragon" optimization "Shanghai Dragon Technology" and "Shanghai dragon learning" and "Shanghai dragon training" and "Shanghai dragon platform" and so on a series of key words combined with each other, which extends to all Shanghai Longfeng business, so as to achieve the optimal combination of Shanghai dragon. The long tail keywords, each keyword as a single part, then the combination of another achievement another keyword is such combination.

Website Title – mobile phone set detailed parameters into the title +

based keyword combination


finished "on the internal structure of 360buy – Title Series Title article (a)" now then finish second pieces of work, in the setting of title, we have a lot of way to go, then the following is the author Xugao part.

Fuzhou makeup training on the January 2017 love Shanghai home page ranking algorithm change

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2, the original owners protection.

has the following two main

recently received many webmaster feedback, substantialvolatility website’s index. Webmaster Platform consulting engineers after that, the index strategy is adjusted and may lead to a site index data fluctuate significantly, but does not affect the site traffic, everyone please rest assured. The adjustment is expected to end in mid January 2017, the index data will restore stable

3, hit collection site.

2, Fuzhou makeup training development space seriously squeezed, to the development of the Internet is bad, have published the article source statement, but love is not included in Shanghai, even if it is already included in the article will filter out the love of Shanghai, which included the amount of decline included and ranking is proportional to the not included, where ranking.

The change of ! index

from the media platform link belongs to high value >

, adjusted

first we see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform for index decline announcement.

love Shanghai index system

1, many webmaster to publish content to the web site and then contribute to the self media platform and copyright sources, Fuzhou makeup training with an article published from different media platforms high weight, love of Shanghai is based on the weight of the site, site the higher the weight included faster, more high ranking. And the factors such as personal webmaster reprint collection. Ofrepetitive love Shanghai included, seriously affecting the needs of users to search.


from the top of the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform notice we can interpret some algorithms and love the needs of Shanghai

two, reduce the effects of the




1, reduce the number of media platform from the show.


algorithm is the big adjustment if love Shanghai generally have a month’s time, so the webmaster to find website ranking on the site or testing found no problems can be normal optimization included the amount of decline, observe a period of time to see whether the recovery. Do not rush to adjust to this website, algorithm adjustment, analysis of Hai Yao are the following:

2, the chain

platform will actively tracking the situation, will follow the progress of timely notice to all the webmaster. I wish you all a happy New Year!

in many sites ranking in 2017, (Fuzhou makeup training site 贵族宝贝dtsyd贵族宝贝/) included volume decreased significantly, if not a senior webmaster, but also that their website is K or lower. Spend a lot of time and money to do rankings so cast to the wind. Then in 2017 January in Shanghai where love algorithm! Fuzhou makeup training supervisor optimization for your detailed interpretation of

5 tips for making money onlineSuccessful financing of $75 million entrepreneurs, teach you 8 strokes

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to prepare a financing speech pitch deck, especially for those who have never done it. Just like me in 2011, when we were financing the first round of the Bigcommerce, even though we got $15 million in investment, the whole process was exciting, tense and anxious.

four: often study predecessors

so why is my proposal because first of all, over the past 3 years, I have received 75 million of all financing, and have undergone three rounds of financing. I’ve seen a dozen top tier VC ventures across the shores of the United states. I have received many quotations, etc. most of all, I have been dealing with a lot of VC. So hopefully these suggestions can help you:

1: don’t update

has a big vision for entrepreneurs. It’s important, but many first-time entrepreneurs tend to tie their own minds. Actually, I haven’t been able to do that many years ago, but now I think that no matter what your vision is, you need to be more ambitious and competitive. For example, if the vision is intended to solve a particular problem for someone in a particular country, then extend that vision to the global scale. Continue to expand your vision, and one day you will find that you will be frightened by your grand vision.

two: sell what you are good at

it’s stupid that many people make money and sell what they sell. Because of this project, there must be a lot of people. And the key is, you don’t have any advantages. Do what you are good at selling, or you have capital projects. For example, your location is the wholesale place for clothing, so you can sell clothes. And if you sell jewelry, it’s a big mistake.

Mitchell Harper is the co-founder of new business platform Bigcommerce and CEO, recently released his article on the well-known technology blog VentureBeat, describes how to prepare a pitch deck Finance speech. The company, from Sydney, has been growing at 100% for the first time in years from the initial $20 thousand, and has so far received $75 million worth of investmentIt’s difficult for


can not say, "half of the marketing, half spent on the development", such an answer can not get investor confidence, because it is a big investment after all. A detailed financial model can describe revenue growth and expected revenues over the next two years. The most important thing is to describe in detail where the investment is going. A good financial model can reduce some of the risks in the eyes of investors. And the lower the risk in their eyes >

above is a personal opinion, I also remember the Olympic Station, www.58task to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

shop to make money, probably need to pay attention to the following items:

2. explains in detail how you use this fund,

a lot of people shop, change for a few weeks, or add different kinds of goods. Doing so is very user experience, and if you want to update, you need a normal speed, such as "one day a piece" or "10 pieces a week.". Also don’t sell clothes today, tomorrow to sell jewelry, to a center, don’t chop and change, so that your customers will also be lost.

many people when doing the shop decoration, only pay attention to appearance, but they are not selling goods on the home page, then ask you what is the use of the decoration decoration shop? We must pay attention to the user experience with commodity based, supplemented by appearance.


but the good news is that the content of a financing speech is very fixed. You should tell an entrepreneurial story, describe a vision to others, and then clearly know your company’s status, then you will continue to sell these things. These requirements are effective at all financing stages. You just have to take care of your own affairs and everything else will come to pass. In this article, I’ll introduce eight suggestions for preparing pitch deck.

accompanied by the prosperity of the network, online money making has become one of many people’s choice of ways to make money. But it’s not easy to make money online. There are always people who can’t make money. The main reason is that many people do not know what should pay attention to the local people.

1. has a big vision, and continues to magnify it 10 times

three: shop decoration to meet the user experience,

, we must pay attention to the production of goods, often learn peer, better than their own shop. Don’t make a detour to see how he decorates it. How does he sell it?. Best to add his friends to learn from him. Because, after all, is to make money, others have a better way, why not study,

Watch the movie station for 2 months, IP to 2000 movie station outlet

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today to see the A5 article, see a "personal webmaster shame: what to take to save our original" article, the article is mainly about a personal webmaster, through the 2 months to reach 2000 IP, which is a major site on TV movie in July 20th last year, on-line, on-line when there are 100 articles, according to the owners of their own action site is original, so on-line a few days after the IP reaches about 26, this is not easy, squid meal site, once a month, only a few IP, no more than 10, then the station long and updated daily, final in August 30th IP reached more than 700, the weight of the site Baidu is also up, the owners continue a month after IP, reached 2000.

The rest of the

, he is telling the station to be non original and transfer station to defeat, finally being punished, then Baidu was relentless K out a lot of ", the specific reason is because K lost weight high website pseudo original or reproduced in his article, and he did not leave the site, and then to be Baidu drop right. Of course, interested friends can go directly to see this article, I’m not talking about why the site will be down right, but to chat about the content and form of this site.

In fact, many webmaster

sure about the station takes 2 months to nearly 2000IP envy, especially small webmaster, according to this article webmaster introduction, his website IP sources are basically from the search engine, it can be said that the webmaster, not to use WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking tools to drainage then, the 2000 can only rely on search engines to.

In fact, the

station, I went to look carefully, and now Baidu is the weight of the station is 3, Baidu is expected to flow to 732, but this can only be used as a reference, his Baidu keyword is the basic content of the weight of lines, and I think one thing, "Keywords very large lines" of the audience moreover, the word search volume is not large, is the word search volume is derived out of long tail keywords is also very large, in fact many people say that the movie station is difficult to do now, what relates to copyright, even Baidu will punish you, why not transfer your weight onto the relevant contents of film on the


film class webmaster whenever what new movies and TV series, you want to go to the Post Bar forum, to send links, will be deleted at any time, and then be punished, why not change a thought? This line station is one of them, what movie plot, but also what feedback? What movie information, can be done, the content is up, the number up, then the search volume naturally come, at least you do a movie station is much better, you say


actually I think this line station is somewhat similar to the QQ station, are the main text, the search volume is large, but better than in the original film on the day when you stand where IP for the film and proud, look at.

My view on the current situation of personal websites

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          distinctive personal thousands on thousands of websites on the Internet China constitute a beautiful scenery line, according to the statistics of relevant departments now has more than 100000000 Chinese with personal homepage. Such a large number, quality how? Below I talk about my personal opinion.

one, beautiful girls everywhere,

is the phrase "a quiet and modest maiden, a gentleman’s good mate" since ancient times, the Internet site and access not only to crush a large quantity, it is weak for a long time, some owners began shuttling back and forth between the "pretty girl" and "pornographic", a link from the beautiful eyebrow beauty enter the "unsuitable for children", although the relevant departments of the three to five acoustic forbidden sites, but in energy is limited, unlimited network, "unsuitable for children" sites or in the crevice to add strength.

two, we’re all game kings,

single game, wind network game, everything, diffuse in the corner of the network. Your new game promotion, I do pass through the secret exchange; you have the game channel, I have the game hall; you do the journey, I will do the three – Wei Wei grand, raise a Babel of criticism of, is to enter the network began the game of life".

three, bringing ism prevailed for a while,

Chairman Mao teaches us that we must dare to be another good things take over, and now many webmaster is good or bad, to take over again, to advance into the online world communism: you have I have you.

four, huge amount obviously superior for

I can’t say, reality indeed many personal site is pure but there are many columns of incompetent person, the actual value of the rare thing. Some people might not like to hear that, but when we find a series of related websites through search engines, we open them one by one. Is there a sense of being cheated when we get nothing?


over the right to talk nonsense, I hope it will not affect the enthusiasm of the vast number of Internet users, this is the driving force behind the development of the internet. We still have a large number of original works around us, full of wisdom and creativity, the crystallization of dreams and inspiration, which is the mainstay of personal websites.

Talking about the relationship between website and entity product

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Relationship between

website and entity product

website building, many are for publicity role, and further, the website is based on the company’s products (services) to play a role in expanding. The role of the promotion of the site is good, the role of the site’s propaganda is good, the site itself for the existence of the enterprise is profitable.

I’ve seen many customers and found that customers will feel that the establishment of a website is a good way forward for the company’s development. Want to achieve promotion and profit effect, many will consider to do network promotion, but after promotion for some time, customers will find that network promotion effect is not very direct effect. Customers will blame internet promotion workers for their lack of profit, saying their job is not in place.

believes in this situation, there should be quite a few people.

analysis of the reasons, to promote the network, the most important and necessary is to have a place of your own in the network, this place could be a site that can also be a blog (the first to ignore said). Next, the network promotion personnel should aim at the customer’s profession to carry on the promotion, will revise the website, the website procedure in the website, adds the article and so on.

after the site of the operation, for the website to obtain a better performance in the search engine, so as to bring web traffic, people look through your website to know which product (service). Call again to the client, let client communicate effectively, sign a bill, gain.

does not describe a very complex process, the first to sort out, the site in the above process, play what role:

· a network, by and large, has a place of its own in the network,

· display the role of displaying the company’s products (services) information

· the promotional premise is that the site is choosing to do web promotion by finding sites

in search engines

· the customer understands the customer, sees the website, knows what product (service) information

· customer demand here only for customers, and then read the site, through the site left contact information to find customer company

from the above points can be seen, and direct communication with customers is not the site itself, but the enterprise staff, speaking plainly, is to answer the phone staff. To this end, the role of the site even if it comes to an end.

The role of

products (services):

· company development core

· company profit core

· company promotes core


Shop on the road continue to encounter the elegant

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countless people are lamenting the complexity of society, people’s ruthless, however, in fact, in our daily lives will continue to appear in a variety of elegant, for our lives have a great help. Nearly twenty years of shop history, along the way, every step will encounter the noble help, let me harvest too much moved, although not reported, but can not remember and thank!

encouraged me to start a business with my neighbor

thirty years ago because of misdiagnosis, I became a can not take care of severe disabilities, lying in bed all day complaining, but complain and decadent but can not change the point of the hardships of life, during this period, there are a lot of good neighbor to help and encourage and enlighten me. Their love and support of my life, but also to help me out of the heart of the valley, want to use their own efforts and destiny.

again, I began to think about the next life, this shop retail idea at home, just say it, it was all opposition from relatives and friends, we consider my physical condition, I do not want too hard; on the other hand, in order to give my mother and I treat home in already in debt. No start-up funds, shop is just a word.

as I always encourage me to bend the brows, help the distant uncle couple, neighbor brother Zhao couple and silver Fang sister-in-law know my situation, said they would try to help me find a way to raise funds.

their encouragement and support, strengthened my confidence in entrepreneurship, I bite to raise start-up capital 960 yuan, a few neighbors to help where I live, using an old table to do the shelves, move a desk to do counter. Table aunt also helps with the purchase of the first batch of goods to the city back to help put, neighbor uncle offered help to write a few posters, and take out the post, I shop with the help of the crowd opened.

trouble ensued. This is not the cost, not how to purchase on the poor. When the key is 1000 yuan, Zhao brother out their selling cattle, silver Fang Sao couple sold for 1000 yuan food is sent to me, these funds is undoubtedly the timely rain, helped me through funding difficulties, maintain the normal operation of the shop.

taught me the skills of a friend

shop to do business, you need to learn things too much, how to purchase, how to price, how to communicate with customers, how to recommend their own store goods. I want to find people feel utterly ignorant of, he can not go out, so after the opening, all these things have depressed.

when I was in need of help, I met

Huarong Pu silver case in Beijing court involved up to 5 billion 500 million

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Internet era, many companies use the Internet to develop their own, so that their strength has been growing. Yesterday, the largest case of illegal fund-raising in Beijing, Huarong Huarong silver case in Beijing Chaoyang Court trial. Reporters learned that the case involved up to 5 billion 500 million, involving more than 3000 investors.

: the prosecutor accused the defendant Jiang Quansheng together with the defendant Dong Zhanhai silver Huarong company was established in February 2012, and is responsible for the management of the company; the defendant Jiang Quansheng together with the defendant Wei Wei, Dong Zhanhai Huarong Puyin company was established in September 2012, and is responsible for the management of the company. The defendant Li Ming since September 2013, when it served as vice chairman of the Department of the company holding company to Huarong yin’an, Huarong Puyin company, is responsible for management of the two companies.

The defendant Jiang Quansheng, Wei Wei

, Dong Zhanhai Li Ming, from February 2012 to May 2014, during the silver Huarong company, Huarong Puyin company, has the instruction alone or together, as the company’s marketing department manager of the defendant Lu Zhiyin, Wang Sheng, Bai Yan, Qiu Junfeng et al., located in Beijing, Chaoyang District No. 19 East Third Ring North Road and Jing Guang Center two companies operating in other places, with two companies to invest in the new airport logistics, Shandong Expressway (5.430, -0.02, -0.37%) highway project needs funds on the grounds, commitment to the currency the interest return and annual investment return rate of 8% to 15%, to the public propaganda, disguised absorbing more than 3000 of investors’ money, audited. A total of 55 million yuan.

believes that the public prosecution, the defendant Jiang Quansheng, Wei Wei, Dong Zhanhai, Li Ming as a unit directly responsible person in charge, the defendant Lu Zhiyin, Bai Yan, Wang Sheng, Qiu Junfeng as the persons who are directly responsible units, ignore national laws, in violation of state regulations, disguised deposits from the public, disrupting financial order, a huge amount, their behavior had constituted illegal absorption public deposit crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.

Huarong Cape silver case after the court in Beijing, involving up to 5 billion 500 million. This involves a large number of people, but also led to a lot of victims. In the face of such illegal fund-raising behavior, the relevant units in a timely manner to investigate and deal with illegal acts, given the proper legal punishment.

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High speed traffic police to avoid blocking small holiday weapon

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This year from May 31st to June 2nd, is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. In accordance with the provisions of the highway in Qinghai Province during the Dragon Boat Festival will not be implemented within the jurisdiction of the toll free policy, but because this year the Dragon Boat Festival and the Children’s Day overlap, high-speed traffic police is expected during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the number will not be decreased via the highway.

to facilitate travel, high-speed traffic police detachment to make a detailed prediction for the pre holiday travel during the holiday season, and return after the holiday. According to the pre judgment, on the morning of May 31st, out of downtown Xining are the peak period is expected to reach about 250 vehicles per minute, about 5. High speed Beijing Tibet Chaoyang, rhyme ieguchi, main line is easy to block roads, high-speed traffic police will also be based on the actual traffic conditions of traffic management work. June 2nd afternoon, in order to return to the peak of the urban area of Xining, the peak period is expected to be 16 to 22 when the traffic is expected to reach about every 5 minutes, about 100.  

Three districts to develop governance strategy

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today’s Qinghai, has stood at a new starting point, the world is showing a more broad prospects for development. Efforts to build a recycling economy development zone! Efforts to build ecological civilization in the first district! Efforts to build national unity and progress of advanced areas! Based on resources, ecological stability, three important strategic position, the construction of "three areas" strategy, as the provincial government governance Green Governance overall strategy to enrich and develop, for the people of Qinghai to bring a different kind of warmth, confidence, hope, more gather up the majestic power of the people of Qinghai to build well-off.

circular economy, to build the country’s leading area

2008, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone has become the second batch of pilot park, the development of circular economy to promote the scientific development stage.


] the industrial chain planning system at present, development of circular economy in Qinghai province basically completed, through the active construction of circular economy industrial chain, promoting the centralized layout of related industries, Qinghai has formed a circular economy industrial cluster with Qinghai characteristics.

next year to build the basic framework of the

according to the "development of circular economy in Qinghai Province pilot area construction of national action plan", 2015 to build circular economy development framework, completed in 2020 the national circular economy pilot area development, at the same time, to build industrial clusters as an important carrier of the development of circular economy construction of national first district, building circular and complete industrial system in accordance with the 15 industrial base location.

Xining implementation plan is being developed

in the development of circular economy, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, one of the four parks and focus on the development of eight industrial chain is the highlight of circular economy. The strength of the development of circular economy in Xining city has begun to build in non-ferrous metals, chemical integration as the foundation, eight integrated industry chain development system to enhance the transformation of traditional industries such as steel as the focus, let the future development zone has become the first area of the province’s recycling economy. At present, Xining is developing the implementation of circular economy development zone ahead of the implementation of the program. (reporter Xiao Yu)

Qinghai advantage in resources, potential in resources, hope in resources.

circular economy has become a powerful leverage leveraging resources in Qinghai.

is based on the circular economy, Qinghai station in the new historical development of circular economy and building national height put forward the first area of strategic vision, has become the only way which must be passed Qinghai scientific development, accelerate economic growth in Qinghai has become an important shortcut in the total transformation of the mode of development.

construction is the first area of reform is also sprint

batch of infrastructure projects started construction, a focus on investment in the pilot area of Bibi funds, cast into the industrial chain…… From Qaidam to Xining, Qinghai circular economy industrial system is taking shape, the development of circular economy in Qinghai area is becoming more and more.

[idea] in 2012, the province proposed to build a national recycling economy development zone strategic structure;