Right down the website how to do, how to share through a one-time treatment of illegal operations

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Some rules of Of course, the above

content editor

when we met the problem in the chain, this drop right phenomenon is chronic. When the time comes down right is difficult to optimize, to restore. Because the chain optimization, link optimization is to improve the response and the search engine will be very slow.

content is our core factors, if you write with a user experience of the article. It is a search engine of love. Then we have to pay attention to many factors. For example,

(3). The optimization, the description of things, the rational use of picture + text + Video + audio, not abuse a way. This is not to provide users with a good experience.

, excessive optimization.

Do not enter >

alt=" ****" special special image ranking, ranking

website contains pictures to add ALT and flash to assist the text on these to search engines optimization is very important, if we did not write. It is not conducive to the search engines crawl. This led to the problem is very serious. Even if you do a good user experience is no way. So we do in the optimization time to pay attention to these aspects.

is mainly a problem of thinking do optimization for our website structure and website. In fact, the first thing we are going to see the basic law of our Shanghai dragon. These in Shanghai Longfeng research center of Shanghai dragon training will be involved to explain. Of course, we can also go to the Internet in our love to see our Shanghai optimization guide can better do note this aspect. Meet those targeted to improve the phenomenon. But excessive optimization improves overall is not easy. So the reminder webmaster friends in the optimization of time must pay attention to these things.

(2) site rules.

then I will tell you about the irregularities in our daily problems.

many people are very anxious website right down. On the Internet there many forums, QQ group and Shanghai dragon rushed to find the answer. In fact, many right down is due to our website operation optimization problems. But even a very understand people who need a long time to understand the operation of your situation. And now meet problems to find solutions. So this article is to share with you how can we judge for yourself some of their illegal operations. In order to improve our website.


(1) within the chain within the chain optimization, excessive optimization is common we add back links at the bottom of our website, as well as in our website content page has a lot of pointing to the site’s home page. Of course there is the site of bidirectional path dynamic path and pseudo static, but also included the phenomenon.


With the most simple way to see Shanghai dragon VIP keyword selection

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in the beginning, we look at this website keyword ranking, keyword selection for "Shanghai dragon training" and "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" and "Shanghai dragon" and "VIP training" these keywords as the thinking part of it, as shown in figure

with the most simple ideas Robin Shanghai dragon training site, I believe many of my friends have seen Shanghai dragon VIP website ranking, from the "Shanghai dragon training" the first to disappear and then to now ranked second, it should be said that the website itself gave us a lot of ideas and Reflections on this. Article, hope can talk about my own views, is supposed to embrace the simple mentality of this website, Daniel hope they do not Paizhuan.

we analyze the "Shanghai dragon training" key information, throughout the site, "Shanghai dragon training, "" Shanghai dragon "and" training "keyword density as shown in figure


don’t know what you can see from these rankings, maybe we will say why the "Shanghai dragon training" keyword is very good, but "Shanghai dragon" keyword is not good, but "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" the keyword ranking is general, the final "VIP training" will not know what is the following it, the meaning of it, is about why you want to query these keywords ranking information.



from this picture, we can see the distribution of the training part of the keyword boby, see the distribution of Shanghai Longfeng keywords, but why do some keyword in Shanghai dragon "Shanghai dragon VIP" this is together, or do separate, so in the beginning we test. "VIP training" this keyword ranking, to actually see the Shanghai dragon can be regarded as VIP +vip in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love eyes can, in the rankings have given us very well.





you can see from this point, the layout of the site, Shanghai dragon training and occupy most of the proportion, there is no ground for blame role in the overall layout, which is in the structure of the main part of the keyword ranking. This is the first point of the author said: the content of keyword selection must be based on the site theme for, however, as we see this website home page screenshot, training and key part of Shanghai dragon, as shown in figure


Zhou Hongyi university students beware of hurt Zhong YongTalk about the details of sh419 for promoti

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Wang Anshi once told a story of "hurt Zhong Yong", and I have also encountered such a thing. The Lord judges a year I worked as a dark horse contest, against all the odds award to a graduate student face recognition products. This thing is very early, so at that time VC gave him some suggestions, and to have the strength of the Internet Co cooperation, so that products and users in the interactive process to be polished, verified and refined. But unfortunately, after he won the grand prize, he became more educated and had a different attitude. A year later, although not obliterate all men, but I did not see this team has no business progress.

first, a good product is not a flash of light, overnight, we must constantly grasp the needs of users, constantly keep pace with the times, small step, continue to polish. So you have to have toughness, and know how to grasp the user’s needs,

entrepreneurship, like the game of leveling, Daguai the same, there are many choices, many challenges, every step up, you have to have a self promotion. Many companies are dying on this upgrade. So before you get into the game, you’ll need to find a practice ground where you can get nourishment from some successful companies and successful entrepreneurs.

I always thought the Internet belonged to the young people. Today, we are 70 after the "Altman", and today’s college students from birth to contact the Internet, represents the mainstream users and future trends. Have the mind emerge in an endless stream of whimsy. You have an incomparable advantage, but I don’t agree that when you graduate, you should start your own company. You should go to a big company to study and accumulate experience.

second, with good products, but also good operation. I never think that the emperor’s daughter needs to marry, and the wine is not afraid of the alley. You have to find ways to promote the product, so there are only products and technology is not enough to understand the market.

went to school that year

third, you start business, as long as the brother a few, in the dormitory to engage in a few computers, you can work. But as your career continues to grow, you need to finance. How do you deal with VC, financial predators, finance? You have to be familiar with capital operations.

assassin " money online Canon " a paragraph I see a paragraph, each at will, after reading a great inspiration, also has no time, artificial ringtones, SMS strike time some time ago, also began to explore the ringtone, mainly sh419 bidding write some ideas, do not see, did not want to do may give you some help, not detours! Mainly on several points:
: first opened the sh419 bid, the choice of keywords, search the largest amount of keywords is not the best ringtone registered keyword this, you must use some key words which are chosen, not intelligent matching and theme promotion service, the two is the most no effect, more words do not necessarily registered amount is not good!

their failure is that technology can be gifted, but something needs experience and needs to be accumulated. These are the students we have just gone out of the ivory tower lack, but it is necessary to create a successful enterprise.

fourth, you successfully got 10 million, how to spend this money, three people when the work in full swing, but the company to 200 people, almost no work. Management is another big challenge for you.

did not learn these, you go directly to the business, is exhausted. I am a very love person, can not bear to see the "injury Zhong Yong" situation repeats itself.

Fifth horizons 08 years in January, second weeks to pay detailsHow did I choose the Internet

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can’t play that high, either. When I have a train of thought, I will go ahead and do it. Even if I don’t sleep or eat today, I will finish the task today. Remember to earn eight hundred dollars for the first time, it was an ad. At that time, I was doing a game website,


is very hot legend, ha ha, I remember very clearly. Shanda Sina server, played 37 fighters. Well, at that time, this equipment was rarely taken in our service, and I spent RMB2500

was very interested in making money, because the account lost, I think I lost a lot of money, I will come to you, and I think the time is wasted has no meaning in the game, playing online games is not making money on the internet. Time tries no man,


IDname: nacori











with three of the stationmaster Congress have invited me, and made great achievements. Slowly introduce to you later. If you want to start business on the Internet, then invincible in this station will talk about the idea of making money, absolutely helpful to you. Hope you stick to



data correction




I finally know the secret behind the Internet, the original site can make money by advertising, you can also sell products, you can also sell services. I studied countless ways to make money, I was a very strong executive, hehe, or


indulged in the game, and the. When I played enough of these two games, I started learning to play CS again. CS finally had enough, this is just the single game. I also played online games, played a online game



violation list:

bought one, and this one is pretty NB already. Finally playing with, lost the account. Sorry, it was no secret. Oh, but it’s also changed my destiny this time. At that time, I would like to play, or the internet.







at that time


, a game business where I advertise, and actively manage me to bank account, directly hit the money in my account, was very excited. So easy to earn eight hundred, and at that time, unlike now there are many advertising Union, you do not have to go to the merchant



certainly hides a lot of business opportunities that people don’t know, and I started researching the Internet to make money. But I don’t know how to make money online. I analyze the profit patterns of other websites every day. I go to research and study every day,

current payment list:



has been on the Internet for years. Remember in 2001, when you just learned to surf the internet. Play Three Kingdoms every day, and star wars. I think it’s the same as you in Internet brothers. All day long,



put advertising code on your station, you can go to the background every day to check the money on the OK. At that time all businessmen gave money, not a few advertising alliances, there are also foreign. In this way, step by step to today, I have small and medium reputation in the Internet,







data cleared





down, Ma Ma said a word, "today is very cruel, tomorrow will be more."

Live video force Tencent to push all the moneyThe latest ad alliance news click ads 7 times

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latest news < dazzle advertising alliance > all picture ads 0.07 yuan / click, accurate statistics, the company’s strength, over 100 yuan apply for payment!

Author: Lin rokkyo

tourbillion advertising supported by modern science and technology, standardized management as a means to high-quality personnel for the foundation, to provide perfect service for customers. The rapid development of the Union since its inception, and now owns a number of high performance servers, and has a group of experienced technical development personnel with information perfect management and customer service management system, with strong technical strength and economic strength, have enough ability to perform every customer service commitment.

Edit more than advertising has not been verified, please contact the webmaster nets admin5

is not the small Tencent and I * * * copycat plagiarism name, by virtue of its rolling strong user base of the internet almost all profitable areas. As early as two years, a topic about entrepreneurship, more than ten sentences, will inevitably ask "if Tencent do you this product, how do you do", is simply smell Tencent discoloration. Later, many employees of the Tencent and dealing with, to understand its fierce internal competition and strong execution, and in fact not all will do a lot of plagiarism — internal burn attempt, the incubator project, but most of them are not available. This makes small Bian slightly changed for Tencent. However, the push to live video business – the choice of business direction is not creative, promotion is thick this window

@ ***YuKHan users: "my dear sister, you ‘going to KTV’ off…… Listen to their singing, want to shit heart have, let me go."


tourbillion advertising alliance is the Internet advertising and online marketing solutions provider, mainly for advertisers, website owners, the software provides the fair trading platform, maximize the use of.

is about 9158 at YY, with the muffled grass root financial Tencent envious, also enter the real video field, one is called "to k song" project will be on the line at the end of August in fact, has been on the line, Xiao Bian just into the experience, very lively. And officials sent out news of the recruitment of the anchor. This is the product of singing, or what products, Xiaobian can not conclude, but first opened the page, that thick Dongguan night weather, or can not help blowing. Words alone are no proof. this screenshot, you feel.

on both sides of the marketing resources

in micro-blog search "to k song" a lot of people, this product met earlier, there are also some netizens as amazing as Tracy: some people sing well, but some other people…… Where come such shameless confidence? For these "Teana", the same room users in order to wait for their opportunity to stand up and show patience is also very alarming.

in recent years, the next line of talent show is not a fire, good voice is the strongest voice, the strongest sound, followed by the sound of dreams, happy boys, Super Girls, XX sound…… Together with the growth of online voice, video products. APP of singing class emerge one after another, and very hot. The mobile Internet bubble blew for years, thought to give small teams the opportunity to go ahead, the tide receded, only to find the birth of the APP, the real little team built little left, sing it is one of them. A few days ago saw a friend in micro-blog Tucao: in China, the stall, stickers, small ads, nightclubs, moving the Internet have become giants respectively, alluding to several giants, careless. In the mobile Internet era, so that the entrepreneurial team and giants at the same level of competition, but also these industries. Indeed, these "cock wire" areas have money to earn. You can hardly imagine how powerful the user’s demand for this type of product is.

company website: 21goo.net



From the Ministry of cancellation of the record, talk about the survival of small and medium owners

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recently made record events raise a Babel of criticism of many small Adsense headache, but do not know how to deal with the emergencies, like server problems, many people know to use, but do not know how to solve the problem. According to the Ministry of the cancellation of the record of events, I do not express any objection, just to talk about how to deal with this unexpected events, I am confident, able to handle emergencies contingency plans for a webmaster is good webmaster. Then how can we solve the problem that the website has been written off and


1. Temporarily replace a foreign server or Hongkong server

in the face of this record number is cancelled under the condition, must not be cut off, do not know how to handle, to be calm, the first consideration is to let the website within 24 hours open, it should be replaced as soon as possible to the server, especially for the old station, this disaster is absolutely fatal. My Taobao xiaotao5.com flagship store this station is hard one year of operation, has been a better weight station, but because the record was canceled, the website does not open, the amount collected from 20 thousand down to 3, the disaster people absolutely unbearable.

however, I temporarily replaced the server in Hongkong, and is a seven day trial that, let go after the formal filing process, but there is a problem, your site must cannot be accessed in record time, otherwise the record is very difficult by the. In fact, really sigh small webmaster survival is not easy. Anyway, this solution is only temporary, not once, moreover, Hongkong server access speed, than on domestic slow some, if placed in the foreign server is needless to say, the biggest security risk is, if the site data is lost, you can not solve, not may go abroad to find foreigners theory.

two, disciplined, regular filing process

from a long-term perspective, if you want to cultivate a long-term site for you to make money, then from the early days should be considered after possible problems. Such as website filing problems, server security issues, etc.. But, again, it is impossible to consider all the issues, the website development process will always have unexpected problems, such as the Ministry of clean up the shell website is a.

undeniable, their practice is indeed some extreme, just like the Internet implementation of the "one size fits all" policy, in the domestic website, really still have to do things in accordance with the regulations. If the site has this problem, then you can wait for the case, rules provide authentic personal or business information, and then go to the record, wait for a month or so, you might have the record number down. However, the site is K is normal, but in the long run, regular filing process is necessary.

three, emergency policy to seek rapid filing

for some quick money sites, if >

Sellers start their business, and pay attention to e-commerce

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along with the electronic commerce industry very influential young people began to open, Taobao stores in droves, join the e-commerce industry and the brightest people to Taobao as the largest business platform. But in recent years, the soaring number of Taobao entrepreneurs will be the era of e-commerce to its heyday, with Taobao business is booming, more and more college graduates began to enter the field of electronic commerce, the Taobao store business is not a simple thing. Push Kazakhstan network, according to recent years, many Taobao shopkeeper summed up the experience, open Taobao business need to pay attention to the most important matters, there are three main points:

first, the source to choose the right.


The quality of the

goods and the adequacy of the goods are the fundamental guarantee for the long-term stability of the Taobao store. If there is no brand as a support, the quality of the product simply can not attract customers. Of course, unless your business product has not yet formed a brand ecosystem, a business in China, Taobao shop, be sure to choose a real commodity. Low commodity prices can only use to attract customers, not a profit. So, push Kazakhstan network reminder: select well-known brands as the object of joining, is to open Taobao business need to pay attention to the first step;

second, management should stress efficiency and attitude.


everyone drives a Taobao store. When e-commerce is almost saturated, the intensity of competition can be imagined. How can we attract a fixed source of tourists without losing it? Efficiency and attitude are the key to winning. When customers in the online consultation, some impatient guests or guests some time, so in a timely manner to each other to provide advisory services is very necessary, this is efficiency, once your service efficiency is not high enough, the customer impression of the Taobao store will be greatly reduced. Like some of the activities of Kazakhstan network platform, merchants, customer service is a lot of amateur, leading to the effect is not good. At the same time, the attitude of service determines the fate of Taobao’s operation to a certain extent. In a modern society where warmth is absent, everyone needs to be treated with warmth.

finally, if you think you open the Taobao store can not achieve innovation, sustainable development can only is nonsense, don’t be discouraged, Every cloud has a silver lining., change some few business new products can be, no matter who is love new things, early adopters of the total is not necessarily a bad thing.

short, into e-commerce, Taobao open shop business, you have to be busy preparing, successful in the front, only to see if you have the patience to wait for the moment to gather the sweet fruit. This article by push ha net (http://www.tuiha.com) original, contribute to A5, reprint, please retain copyright.

Some tips on enterprise website optimization

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for enterprise website optimization, for small and medium-sized enterprises, no doubt injected new blood. So, how to make small and medium-sized enterprises have a good site for their marketing?. According to their own years of experience, talk about some experience, I hope to give you help.

home page: website design and domain name selection.

1. domain containing keywords, domain name to choose easy to remember.

2. web site structure, try to avoid using search engine unfriendly framework, Java language, if not to avoid using, use CSS external, the best use of HTML based static pages.

See the internal connections for each of the pages within the

3. website. Use anchor text to link to related pages organically.

4. website should have website map, although the content of our website of medium and small businesses is relatively little. But we can’t ignore it either, or you can create map tools online: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ or tiger software.

5. adds robots files. You can effectively control which pages you want to grab by search engines and which pages don’t want to be crawled.

6.404 error page. Plus 404 error pages will make search engines feel that your site is trustworthy and trustworthy.

7. optimizes the picture in the website, the picture of the website controls 50K as far as possible, undertake to picture Alt label description.

The title of each page of the

8. web site is critical, with the key word in the title, and a brief modification of the keyword. That’s what we call long tail keywords. Describe the title of the meta, described by keyword, Description.

secondly, the optimization of the content of the website.

a good website does not require SEO to optimize. So how do we better choose the content of the website content,


1. service experience. If your client can write a short text based on the product or service you offer, or discuss the benefits of your product / service, you’ll be much better off. You can put them on the website as proof of success.

2. opens an expert question and answer column on the front page. Ask an expert to answer questions, and then post a question, answer, or half an interview every week on the home page, and then make a searchable archive of past questions and answers in the station.

3. product evaluation. If your industry has products or software that needs to be evaluated, consider writing fair reviews. Publish the article to your website. Readers will always be interested in the integrity of the evaluation, because the author is not biased to list the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

4. frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) >

Webmaster ranks are not easy to enter, need rational

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April 11th, stationmaster net (admin5.com) of all the members in the figure under the leadership of the king, visited the mountain of Yuntai Mountain. Yuntai Mountain is an ecological tourist attraction, covering an area of more than 190 square kilometers. It occupies a very high position in the domestic tourist attractions, and has a beautiful scenery, which is a good choice. Just choose Yuntai Mountain, too many people, the visitors soon shoulder, overcrowded. The author and colleagues sigh with emotion the beauty of the landscape in Yuntai Mountain, while lamenting the number of visitors. When can tourist attractions be limited to the highest number of visitors to the park, giving visitors a relaxing and spacious space to experience the beauty of the scenic spots?

the number of visitors from the scenic spots, I think of the number of domestic webmasters. With the rapid development of the Internet, coupled with last year’s CN domain name 1 yuan activities, so that the number of webmaster surge. In the stationmaster net only registered user has 150 thousand, stationmaster net trades the registered user of forum to have 200 thousand. More and more users into the webmaster, webmaster site is increased, the domestic well-known master industry website webmaster nets, the laggards, China station, China station, stationmaster industry is thriving.

I can not help but doubt? How much personal websites, personal Adsense this cake? Personal webmaster of this industry in the China for nearly ten years, especially a breakthrough in recent years, many people see the rapid development and huge profits in this industry, have joined them. However, this industry to bring much profit? How much space for the development of the industry in the end? Is not all the webmaster can share a piece of cake? I believe that many people into the ranks of the original owners accidentally saw a senior success on the Internet, blood boiling, then add the confidence of webmaster. As we all know, in the early stage of the station, we must experience the inhuman training and suffering to see the shadow of success, and success is only a small number of people. A successful predecessor, does not mean that all people can succeed, every success is hard won, even with misunderstanding and exclusion, perseverance, in order to go through the darkness before dawn, to see the dawn of success.

Internet is an opportunity, is a shared communication platform, personal network can make you success, but if to endure hardships and setbacks, the site has been K, poor promotion, do not flow and so on are everyday problems, it is almost impossible to succeed. If you think that buy a domain name, buy a space, get some data to build a website to be able to make money, you don’t know what is the webmaster, also will not adhere to and failed because.

finally, the author suggests to enter but not to enter the ranks of webmaster friends, rational choice of career, because this road is not easy; also bless the new owners, and has fought for many years in the ranks of owners of the old webmaster, can develop their own personal website in the world.

The first entrepreneurs remember eight small details can help entrepreneurs succeed

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venture itself there is a big risk, especially for the first time entrepreneurs are more so. Because they do not have enough experience, enough to withstand the pressure from all sides, the following Xiaobian tell you the first eight small details of the business, I hope to help the people of the first venture.

1, is more important than imagination.

entrepreneurs need to have imagination, but entrepreneurs cannot indulge in wishful thinking all day, hands more difficult than tempted, do more important than to think of the new road; especially the entrepreneurs said that the sentence is: get your trial and error! Idea, do not do it to accept the market test, will never know the true answer. I hope it is popular, perhaps no one cares, then someone will admit defeat to choose to give up, some people will try and try again until success, of course, there will be a number of trial and error, still failed. Ha ha, entrepreneurship, not only trial and error, but also in the trial!

2, small is beautiful.

3, focus on doing one thing.

What is called "

4, focus on making money.

The reason

5, focus on customer.

who says business you become a boss? Supreme boss company is the customer, not you, only they are happy, your day is better.