Analysis of Web site optimization design affects the efficiency of success

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we know, site optimization in the design process is very important for the website optimization effect, as a qualified webmaster we must consider in the process of design for the web site optimization optimization factors to improve the efficiency, we must build a new station is a station on the site details under the time, if we have to go to get the from the aspects of structure design and website to adjust the details of the operation, the key to Shanghai dragon for the first time that the old station, web design for the optimization effect is mainly reflected in the level of

first, reflect the essentials of web design website optimization effect. We know that the web structure and good design style, especially the layout details of columns and website pages are the focus of the optimization, and web page design is the most direct manifestation of "implementation details and structure is the embodiment of the key column to attract users click, before any type of website we will the design thought, structure of the site as much as possible to meet the requirements of W3C design, popular in the choice of language as the div+css layout has gradually become the enterprise site choice, the main reason is that in order to optimize the service of Shanghai Longfeng later. So, we will be early in the web design from the site layout, details page design and website construction work on the choice of language.

second, web design is how to influence the behavior of users? Especially the background of the current user experience is king, is the webmaster transposition thinking focused on breakthrough, this time as a webmaster must learn from the user’s perspective to consider the user experience habits, the user enters the site first consideration is their sensory experience that is, we often say that the usual visual experience, this is mainly reflected in the website design layout style and block collocation, for example some agricultural sites, naturally reflected in the minds of people is a natural green, harmony between man and nature of the scene, we will consider in the design of color to green as the main this time the tone, the details to increase the user to the scene to Lenovo, is the webmaster to design the details of the analysis and planning. Secondly, the access efficiency of the site, the site response speed mainly, as we all know, if a site open speed more than 10 seconds, will produce what effect, users may be very impatient turn off ", the Internet site a lot of customers do not need to wait for a site to spend their time, unless your site is the industry brand.

third, the design process in the construction of suggestions. In fact, the majority of owners understand that the above two points is not difficult to understand the design of a good site is actually very simple, because the ultimate purpose of web design to meet the user’s search experience, mainly in the design of the website sensory experience, color collocation is very important, the web site of the open speed response is the response efficiency of the user, secondly, website structure and friendly, for users and search engines can be very good to find what they need, both with the public habits, can also help the search engine good >

Shanghai dragon will make a personal blog to a dead end

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With the rapid development of

began learning blog website promotion, the most common is from Shanghai dragon optimization above. This idea makes me about two years, every day struggling within the chain, the chain, the original and pseudo original, hate on the Internet, anywhere can typing were left on their own web site, every moan of the original, write a short Lee parents, those who break things. Three months before leaving home driver’s license test took two months, morning afternoon in Shanghai Longfeng car, finished the driver’s license after the strengthening of Shanghai Longfeng a month’s time, it is found some tips for personal blog of the Shanghai dragon. Blog love Shanghai weight quickly from zero to again and again to two, feel very excited, as if in the night opens a window to see the silver moon.

The weight of his personal blog

my personal blog to date, a total of 3 years survival running for 15 days in July. The first purpose is very simple, that is built up by a website is a very technical work, is a kind of electronic commerce to enhance their ability. Set up a blog, I changed a few times, for a few keywords and titles, changed several times in the theme, with two words to describe: toss. After more than a year’s time, suddenly feel tired, feel a personal blog is a very simple thing, buy a domain name, buy a space program, upload, fix everything, but up to over an hour. A personal blog is like a Taobao shop, is a very simple thing, but later let the blog create value is very difficult, just like to let you earn money as a Taobao shop.

up, I flow up into a new thinking: why do I spend so much time and energy to maintain this blog website? This is three years from this blog I get what? Shanghai Longfeng this promotion methods really applies in the blog website? Only to have the intention to Shanghai dragon blog webmaster, it is to let the blog have better ranking, thus introducing flow. Many owners believe a word: insist on at least every day a original is victory! I think this sentence end.

, micro-blog, WeChat, the public, whether it is in custody in Sina, NetEase and other large web site platform personal blog, or relying on the WORDPRESS zblog blog, a domain independent personal blog, has already lost its aura, in addition to the well-known personal blog webmaster developed early, basic are in a state of half-dead.


more than three years ago, I used my name Pinyin registered a domain name, set up their own personal blog, in order to establish a delusion of e-commerce personal brand. Who knows this road is hard and long, it is important to see the future direction, without direction will make people lose power forward and lose disappointed. Who is a must for a purpose, to do something.

Do Shanghai dragon must understand learning and Practice

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2, every day of the chain construction. How to release the quality of the chain, the chain I insist every day to do inquiry platform, classified information website, the forum outside the chain three.

I feel a Remember when

B: classification information website: classified information website business related content, can also get some traffic. For example: 58 city and Ganji, people network I released most of the information website, in addition to publishing business information, you can also publish recruitment information, good resources.

added: if it is to increase the YAHOO chain, the blog collection release is a good choice, but is now the most blog outside the chain of love Shanghai are not included.


C: the forum outside the chain: before I was quite afraid of the forum released outside the chain, now familiar with certain rules, is actually very simple. Now most of the sites are free for users, choose some weight high BBS website, make good use of the forum signature, every day in the BBS large posting, can bring the chain number very good.

of Shanghai Longfeng work most of the time arrangement, the best is a detailed work table, so that the work can be ordered to complete. For example:

started predecessors said: "Shanghai dragon is to adhere to and learn all the master is so experienced." So, with dreams, I will step into the promotion of industry promotion, from basic start, step by step, contact the relevant knowledge.

with the passage of time, with the needs of the work, encountered more and more problems, in order to seek answers to questions, slowly increasing understanding of people, to promote knowledge slowly shenru, see upgrading, have a different understanding of the industry. Shanghai dragon constantly learning, deep mining, will be more interesting.

A: quiz platform: speaking quiz platform, many webmaster think love Shanghai know, because now the love of Shanghai is the largest and most popular search engine, targeted to do, will receive good results, I love every day from the sea to the flow is the strongest. In addition to love Shanghai know, YAHOO, SOSO, you also do more, I have to bring some traffic sites. I used to ask quiz platform done in YAHOO, Google on the next day in the home, feeling really good. You love Shanghai and SOSO will also be included, is nothing more than a source of chain.

1, website update. Try to do every day to update the content of the website, as to why to do every day, is very familiar with, you believe that there is no repeat. Update the content appears to be simple, insist on is the most important, simple words by you to create, let you play thinking a powerful and unconstrained style turn, the content does not leave the industry center as far as possible to the professional. This is not simple, the same industry, will inevitably be bumped, as for how to organize the language expression, the search engine will not gudeishang your feelings.

5 tips to take you out of the web site is down right Dejiong exit

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found that the site is down right is not what great things, look at your Links is not too much, or other site is K, a chain of snapshot is updated, the weight chain is efficient. When looking for the Links should pay attention to these, don’t pay attention to PR, the weight is also very important, get rid of the problem in the chain, update your website content. Find your weight is to know timely to check the chain in the lower, should not be ignored. This also remind everyone to pay attention to the quality of looking for a chain rather than quantity.

site will affect the site’s ranking is stable, I think that everyone should be sure. Novice in the website is because.

four, web serverThe

Association of

three, long time no original content of the website

we all know that the site is down right mainly has the following performance: Web site keywords ranking drop; website page reduction; website snapshot not update the home page; not included in the first; the name of the web site is not the first, why these problems? How to solve

title, a website, keywords accumulation

title is an important index for the spider in the site, many webmaster love on Title today, tomorrow we are to change, change, change will often let the spider think you are cheating, or do not know the site. The keyword of the website is to be described in the title, but not the words too much, it will form the keywords accumulation phenomenon. For a long time, site, you will find that the home page is down right, love Shanghai included are constantly reduced. So don’t often change Title keywords to describe good, insist to do this keywords, ranking is to have time to do it, this is not one or two days, not urgent.

webmaster friends every morning is not the first to brush my teeth, but to look at the website ranking rose? Key ranking rose? The snapshot update included many?? when these factors are not changed or reduced, our webmaster can be one day is very sad. We are not too sad today, and we talk about the reason, let me take you out of the site is down right Dejiong exit.

spider every day in the visit to your website and found your article are some of the old content, or basically is collected, the lack of original content, so that a long time, the spider will not come, then you will keep ranking, snapshot update, search engine will be included so? No matter how busy you are, you have to remember to update the original website, not every day, but with a frequency. If it is within the enterprise website, original content less, you can also try to increase the pseudo original website. Collect things will only give your site more disadvantages.

two, Links.In fact,

The stability of

Yu Minhong talks about the 3 CEO rules of the past 24 years the past, the present, the futureBusines

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other defendants in accordance with specific circumstances, respectively, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, suspension or immunity from criminal penalties, and impose a corresponding amount of fines and so on.


‘s startup, his entrepreneurial experience was made into a film. When he helped a small party, he said the reality was better than the script. "If I had to start all over again, I would have done better than I have now, because I had too many lessons and experiences."."

24 years after

hung Tai Foundation’s founding partner Yu Minhong speech live

of the original "home shopping company chairman should be guilty of organizing and leading the crime, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan; guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to 7 years imprisonment; two crimes, decided to implement 15 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan.

former company vice president Yang Jiangfeng committed the organization, leading the crime pyramid schemes, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and fined 500 thousand yuan.

two is a fearless young man who is grateful to Hong tai. From the start of a man, there have been people coming in and more and more elites coming in. Because of you, project investment, management and service have become more and more in place. So, thank you very much.

participants are required to purchase goods, membership development, development of the franchisee, and according to the membership qualifications and conditions, divided into ordinary members, management members, VIP gold agents, gold agents, regional agents, the company level. According to the time sequence of the registered with the formation of the level relations and the implementation of the "six generation payment" and "regional payment".

it is understood that "ten thousand shopping" located in Zhejiang million Agel Ecommerce Ltd should be built, Yang Jiangfeng, Shao Kang, Hu Wei 4 people formed in May 2010. Around December, the new Ye Feilin, Xi Aimin, Xiao Zhong, Wang Ping, Le Huiling, Fang Guoxian, Zhu Xiaoxia, Yu Cuizhen 8 shareholders.

just now the moderator said he missed the new shares before the listing of new oriental. I think, no matter how much money he had lost is not a pity, because he walked out of that door from the New Oriental, as I began to go out from the north gate, like Thailand brother and I decided to do Hong Thai fund, life produces the true value in rushing between.

since July 2010, "billion company" to "million shopping" rebate site and the "business alliance" franchise network as a platform, a full 500 back to 500 and under the guise of "one yuan rebate", "consumer money = = free" super high rebate soliciting consumer.

involved in the amount of about 24000000000 yuan of Jinhua "10000 shopping" network MLM case, much national attention. Yesterday, the people’s Court of Wucheng District of Jinhua made the first instance verdict.

comes from the day he spoke to more than 100 CEO:

a man moves, and a tree dies. Entrepreneurship combines the two. It is a dynamic process and a process rooted in the soil we seek. Today we are all CEO, no matter your company is big or small, have experienced the company from 0 to 1, from 1 to infinity, there may be nothing. In the process, I am similar to the ups and downs experienced by everyone.


verified by the public security organs, "billion company" by the operating mode of development in the country a total of about 1900000 members, including about 1100000 ordinary members, VIP members more than 750 thousand, more than 5000 gold agents, more than 6000 gold agents, regional agents more than 2000; development business alliance of more than 10 million businesses.

case review,

million shopping platform operations should be reimbursed

on March 27th, at 6 in the evening, the last link of the vernal equinox rally, as usual, was the concluding speech of Yu Minhong. From 9:30 in the morning, he had been listening to the radio for a day.

people’s thinking, poor thinking and thinking of the rich, CEO must have rich thinking. The thinking of the rich is to see everything as an opportunity. Negative thinking, even if I met a pretty girl chasing me, I was worried if she would take my money.

day, a total of 126 founders of the start-up company to attend. Facing them, Yu Minhong made his first speech after exchanging greetings. The second sentence was: "I feel the same way as you do.".


June 11, 2012, Jinhua police for "billion company" and under the "million shopping sites suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities in the case to carry out unified action to close the net, arrested should be built and several other major criminal suspects.

Shao Kangfan, chief financial officer of the former company, organized and led the crime of pyramid selling activities, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, and fined 450 thousand yuan.

speaker, Jason Jiang and his contemporaries have such entrepreneurs, like Wang Xiaochuan in entrepreneurs, the more it is the young CEO who started the last two years.

defendant Ye Feilin committed the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months, and fined 400 thousand yuan.

today is the CEO conference, and I’d like to say something about myself as CEO. This is 2006> speaking.

so here are two thanks: one is to thank all of our CEO. When you are looking for funds, be your first choice. I believe that this is not just because of my brother and two personal reputation, more is because the Hong Thai team to show more and more professional force.

Watercress how to use 200 million influence fun fun social

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shortly before I found an article entitled "how to make marketing interest in Douban, 200 million users and 200 brands of the accidentaly across?" asked me to have been called Chinese slow Internet enterprise bean is very interested in, but has yet to have the opportunity to write articles for some of their Douban views share out, I will put some views about watercress and communicate with you.


as of September 2013, watercress registered users reached 75 million, covering 200 million monthly independent users, the average daily PV more than 200 million. Watercress last year when the line, watercress commercial aroused heated debate in the industry. The watercress high interest marketing banner, watercress once again attracted public attention. Perhaps the interest marketing based on interest and the development of commercial bean and bean by this trick, interest interest in social interaction and active users do not conflict. Small Qian wrote the first draft of the new year "are faded unfamiliar street about gun shell, wearing new clothes Ali pay", has been paying close attention to the social field, so I want to bean using some of the existing resources and advantages, play social interest and give advice and suggestions.

small modest know watercress diary is a sub channel of watercress official speech, opened today, saw a "watercress 2013" list". List is divided into reputation list and the most attention list, respectively, the user rating, comprehensive evaluation of the number and user collection number and time weighted. I see this small bean 2013 list, which can be divided into watercress reading, movies, music, watercress watercress watercress watercress group and activities of the five plates, so bold independence claims based on the five sector is divided into three groups (watercress group and watercress activity alone as a group, the remaining three the plate is a group), to talk about my bean accumulated by the five plates of the resources and advantages of fun social interest view.

play 200 million advantages influence interest from the media to play


have lamented the popularity from the media, but from the media concept fiery may also be regarded as a huge influence, a successful event marketing package opinion leaders and the gossip broke man planning. Watercress month covering independent users have 200 million, daily average PV more than 200 million, small modest is not what data statistics analysis master, but conservative estimate watercress has 200 million users influence, should not be too much.

200 million influence, if it is completely translated into media influence, in addition to the powerful CCTV, all other media should be its spike. But this transformation, to achieve the perfect transformation of 200 million users, even if Jobs worship immortal should also be completed. Although not completely transformed, but there will certainly be room for transformation, and the current hot media may be a reference direction.

I read watercress 2013 annual list when it was found, reputation books list of "ice and fire song" ·>

Xitang very profitable to teach you the success of Xitang stores

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every time someone’s happy, joyful is unavoidable, Xitang has also become a hot investment projects, aroused the attention of many investors. Xitang is money, then how to successfully open a profitable Xitang store? Let’s take a look.

brains, to expand the scope of the candy. For example: the wedding of joy, joy, and best wishes for your new home promotion list of joy, son of joy, the title, the children admitted to the TOEFL abroad etc……. These are happy events to celebrate. People buy a bag of candy to share with friends, you will have the opportunity to make money.

Open Xitang store   points; collect candy information, understand the new varieties of candy, taste and price, and according to customer requirements for good taste, high quality, reasonable collocation of candy, and the new packaging design, highlighting the new people’s tastes and preferences, in order to achieve the out of the ordinary the effect of. Packaging personnel must undergo professional training.

if the guest choice of candy packaging itself is very beautiful, also can choose enough grades, transparent glass packaging, let candy candy at a glance; if the guest is very general, you can use pretty wrapping paper put it up against; if the guest is ready for the old 50th wedding anniversary, so can some sugar free collocation type of candy, to prevent the elderly may have diabetes, hypertension etc..

the traditional wedding candy packaging has become obsolete, a lot of Xitang store style are similar, consumers expect change. How can we successfully open a profitable Xitang store? Xitang to be creative, packaging personnel must go through professional training.


Huazhong Normal University to join the Department of investment and Entrepreneurship

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Society for college students continue to improve the degree of concern, colleges and universities are continuing to carry out entrepreneurship education activities. The birth of professional entrepreneurship training branch, will help the majority of students as soon as possible to carry out the work of entrepreneurship.

7, Huazhong Normal University and China Merchants Group signed a joint venture college. In the future, the school entrepreneurial students will receive courses in education, training, personalized counseling, project incubation, financial support and other package service.


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What are the energy saving and environmental protection projects suitable for investment

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energy conservation and environmental protection concept has gradually become popular among the franchisee in order to catch up with the development of the main theme, the choice of the project also requires a lot of attention. Which projects are consistent with this idea? If you want to invest in energy conservation and environmental protection projects, the need for an investigation, in the end what projects are more suitable for investment? Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you.

Project: environmental protection small hotel

entrepreneurs need professional knowledge: hotel management is the strategy of sustainable development and knowledge.

the launch of this project funds at about $10 thousand to $100 thousand. Compared with the traditional hotel, there are many new factors in the transfer, but also requires entrepreneurs too many things, such as decoration costs and more energy, and at the same time will also work hard abnormal, because you want to build a green environmental protection is the premise of housing. To do so, the initial cost of renovation of the green hotel, in fact, do with you to do the traditional two times the cost of ordinary hotels are almost the same.

note that must adhere to the "environmental protection" of the word in the full range, can buy the most simple packaging environmentally friendly products; the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products; note: recovery of each room are put on the recovery box; purchase and provide local organic food. The design of a water-saving garden watering system; bed sheets and towels should be made of pure natural fiber; energy-saving light bulbs; remind guests to turn off the lights, turn off the TV, save water. With a small gift shop, this will give you more additional revenue.

two projects: water saving landscape design

entrepreneurs need to have professional knowledge: landscape design, water saving

the project start-up capital just below $10 thousand to fix, the same starting time is very short, only a few months can, for some market preheat slow businesses, a few years time is enough. And some of the professional knowledge of entrepreneurs is more stringent requirements, the need to develop landscape design skills and knowledge.

item three: environmental protection business consulting

entrepreneurs need to have professional knowledge with enterprise creation and sustainable development recommended

Simulation pet gross profit of more than 50%% suitable for small operators

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now, many people keep pets, however, such a pet, have you seen it? Eye blue cat to stay in the TV; two lazy sausage dog curled up dozing in the basket lay down…… But the strange thing is that these cute little guy, do not shit pull urine, do not eat food, which is why? Originally, they are made of animal fur in accordance with the size of the physical simulation of pet.

and operation of these simulation animal, is a young mother Chen Xuemei. Even more interesting is that, if the beloved pet died, she can imitate the way it looks like a clone of a small pet, to the owner of the bitter sorrow.

at the beginning, Zheng Xuemei’s business is not good in anticipation. Although these cute little guys earn a lot of eyeballs and customer praise, but often see more people, fewer people buy. So she had to settle down to find out why. The reason is: one is the simulation of pet mostly by PET scale production, although the vivid, adorable, but many customers worry too big, put in the home place; two is the simulation of pet price is too high, the price is more than 300 yuan, the average customer is not easy to accept.

pet simulation