Some suggestions on making money online for beginnersFive novice must know the secret of Wangzhuan

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two: open their own Wangzhuan channel

website, nor the construction site, but still want to do Wangzhuan, how to do? I suggest that friends can learn some Wangzhuan skills, learn such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other software, such as mastering trademark design or programming skills, then each Witkey website to bid or direct orders to do so. These can be counted as Wangzhuan range.

a lot of people in order to promote their own Wangzhuan site, usually in some group or forum advertising fell off the assembly line, have to say this is a way to promote the fastest, but the consequence is to make other people feel disgusted, and even some people will pull you into the blacklist, to see it from the long-term perspective of Wangzhuan is disadvantageous, so learn to innovative thinking, to find their own Wangzhuan mode, not to steal the fruit.

Wangzhuan today is the most popular model to make money, but this money mode also need to accumulate some experiences and skills, in fact, there are many Wangzhuan inside the industry unspoken rule, which is why some people in the industry failed to Wangzhuan, here I share with you five people must know the unspoken rule in Wangzhuan:

network, this information should be good at discovering the differences, so only information for profit. The cyber source is usually should be kept secret, because people know more, profits will be lower, and no profit, resulting in their first discovered Wangzhuan project ended in failure, this is not a waste of time and energy in vain. So to seize resources like Wangzhuan can open up a channel of their own wangzhuan.

four: to develop the good habit of silence

five: be nice to your competitors,

human resources are the most valuable resources in Wangzhuan industry, so we must hold friendly attitude towards work on the same project or the same Wangzhuan Wangzhuan career, so that we can better develop their own Wangzhuan circle, to obtain the approval of others, at the same time will get more people to cooperate with you so, you get more.

free Wangzhuan wuyouptc and you may love Wangzhuan friends to exchange learning!


today free Wangzhuan chose this commonplace topic, because after this period of time free Wangzhuan recently this time with experience and understanding of some new ideas about Wangzhuan, two is many novice make friends feel very confused, think you can give them some advice.

Wangzhuan own model If there is no There are a variety of Wangzhuan information on the

finally summarize, valuable is the want to share the promotion or service is an important condition to do wangzhuan. I hope some above can have some inspiration and help to Wangzhuan new.

don’t be too much to ask the relevant information of other Wangzhuan personnel, this is the new must abide by the rules, some people are always curious about others Wangzhuan site, you may be out of the attitude of learning to understand others, but for some successful Wangzhuan webmaster, this is in competition with them online resources, so that must develop a good habit of a silent, to be good at observation, explore the success of others.

in Wangzhuan, regardless of how much money they can make people a month, is the most important in the network to find some successful experiences, repeated reading, learning some Wangzhuan skills, this is the most important task for some Wangzhuan newcomers. At the same time to add some Wangzhuan group, in order to facilitate the timely communication with others and learning, but not too much to ask people how much money, this is a taboo in Wangzhuan more appropriate, to understand their successful experience, and accumulated and summarized, so as to facilitate the development of their own in the wangzhuan.

three: divergent thinking for

: study hard Wangzhuan skills, accumulate experience of others

Wangzhuan, after all is a kind of network advertising, its purpose is to promote the main advertising promotional stuff. Either the product or the service. So if you want to do Wangzhuan, there must be a strong generalization ability, such as having a high popularity of the website, through good traffic to achieve the purpose of promotion. So, Wangzhuan is the need to establish the flow based on the flow, only the foundation do wangzhuan. So for going to do Wangzhuan friends, the first way is to create a traffic site. With a traffic website, you can either promote a project, sell an ad, or sell your product.

wants to get better returns by Wangzhuan, you need to provide a valuable service, whether it is to promote the valuable or valuable skills, the premise is valuable. Now many friends do Wangzhuan very tired, for example, to send some advertising about each forum or send some false advertising messages such as. The effect is generally bad, after all, we can recognize such false things. What day to earn a few hundred, sounds very attractive, look carefully you will find the advertisement mentioned things there is no substantive value, a value of a product or service is unlikely to have substantial income.

Lei Jun Angels like to buy lottery tickets in most cases are lostEntrepreneurship is the best way to

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this originally achievement little girl, once inadvertently discovered through space to sell a personalized product for peers, earned tens of thousands of blocks, decided not to study, do business after 95 electricity supplier.

A bit like Liuhe

let people feel that the world is in the hands of these young and ignorant child.

"angel investment rules of the game, you bet on 1 million, 2 million, has the chance to earn 10 million, but most of all. The core is like friends out of the country, support your business, most of them can not be, but if it is, the result is far beyond imagination." Lei Jun said that his investment in 2007, UCweb earned thousands of times.

‘s official website doesn’t work.

, and business models are… You can’t guess it.

on the program: I let you earn enough money after 95, so she took 15 million financing

this mature business people seriously feel ridiculous model, actually ran up, but also tens of millions of funds.

even CEO Wang Kaixin was also deleted.

moves into the deluxe Office

technology news Wang Pan millet company founder, chairman and CEO Lei yesterday in Tianjin Davos forum China speech said that the current business environment will become better, at present in China entrepreneurship is the most difficult of angel investment. But the real way out of business can only rely on angel investment, rather than bank loans.

a year ago, the magic department or chunfengmanmian, a 17 year old school girl, get 15 million of the financing.

she could have continued to do her little deals, but with the intervention of capital, everything has changed.

now, sh419.

made a little money selling things in space,

Lei Jun said that the probability of success of angel investment, about 30 projects invested successfully one or two. He also pointed out that angel investment, even if ten thousand projects are dead, is not important, but care about how you finally earned a few.

what a topic, a story.

Abstract: most of us are not geniuses. We should not be fooled by the legends of successful people. They are mainly packaged and not packaged. They are geniuses. If you are a genius, you have already succeeded, not by watching others succeed.

2016 on the program to become an entrepreneur star


through Taobao purchase into its own electronic business platform, instead sell to their users.

Lei Jun: I think now in China, the entrepreneurial environment has undergone enormous changes, not because the two leaders are flattering me. Change in what place? I think a series of policies, especially the new incubator, including the environment of public opinion guidance, I think more and more people in Chinese entrepreneurship, innovation of enterprise more and more, including the popularity of mobile Internet so that we also become more entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, there are a lot of people do poineering work directly in China, global business, the company also emerge in an endless stream I feel with our business, 15 years ago, 25 years ago, good business conditions do not know how much, of course, still a lot of difficulties.

is empty.


apart from this, there is no advantage.


can say that the company has vanished into the world.

dropping out of business,

encyclopedia doesn’t exist.

normal people’s thinking knows that a mature business model is bound to have its own advantages and barriers, that is, how to attack and defend. But in the 17 year old girl’s business model, there is no possibility of defense.


in my opinion, she was successful in the early stage, just because the crowd after 95, business information blocked, not applicable to Taobao caused by, otherwise, who would choose a more expensive goods?. This part of the difference, earned by this platform, is of added charm to its age.

Lei Jun: I do a lot of investment company, in 2007 after the Kingsoft listed me to rest for a few years, mainly to do angel investment, I saw in the China entrepreneurship is the most difficult of angel investment, you want to start, who will be the first to give you 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan, I told a lot of leadership and communication, they say the bank I think the loans, bank loans is certainly not the way. I think the real way out is angel investment, which already has a mature solution, and then we practice doing angel investment, while advocating angel investment, which still has a great extent in the past ten years. Angel investment >

Li Daokui: you’ve also been investing in very early budding ventures. Can you share one or two examples without marketing too much,

below is Lei Jun’s speech memoir:

these days, but the business circle is "magic fire department" down the altar event.

came to see a series of events.

, for example, with the United States, such as Silicon Valley entrepreneurial environment than this, and now a lot of money, mainly in the PE link. Investment in science and technology enterprises, an enterprise to do down on average, ten years, fifteen years, and fast also have six or seven years, do PE simple, so money is difficult to flow to the earlier venture investment. Therefore, the establishment of our entire multi-level capital market will take a long time.

The return hot Jingdong to raise the strength of the product + Lazi

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a hot "king return" once again let people focus on the domestic animation, and many viewers don’t know this with a strong commercial atmosphere of film achievements of a new business model, "product +" mode is coming.

"return" the Cat Entertainment articles open Jingdong to raise the public to raise long-term derivatives to promote a strong "product + Lazi

to Mahatma home

"return" wu-k’ung hit full swing, classic characters, the monkey king, chaos, land and left a deep impression on the audience, many fans think so lovely vivid animated characters in real life, the enthusiasm of the fans has driven personalized animation derivatives industry.

small empty series U disk, face masks, goggles series fight small empty pendant, Medusa headset "Mahatma return" classic series of creative derivatives, from the basic necessities of life to the innovation of science and technology, a full range on the basis of "return" copyright Mahatma re design products, Jingdong to raise the public to make "king return" into each user life derivatives all aspects of.

< recommend

Do the dream candle shop business to make life more emotional

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once Chinese romantic will not pay attention to what do the live is basic, but now all this is not the same, the candlelight dinner began to receive numerous people sought after, so now to open a store in the candlelight, so business is good!

candle shop business is surprisingly good. I think this is the reason why people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and spiritual enjoyment. My shop has a variety of candles, almost every customer to come with a long time to watch, and ultimately will buy a favorite.

The key lies in the design of

immutable and frozen life, everyone will hate, at any time to add a mood, this is now a lot of people’s pursuit, so we can foresee that if to open a shop there must be candlelight fantasy, allows you to easily make full full earthen bowl!

Human resources and social Bureau of the city’s comprehensive management system training courses

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In order to further improve the personnel management institution of scientific and standardized information level, according to the Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social security "on the application of unified institutions and personnel management information software notice" requirement, I Bureau on September 18th -21, five of the four districts of Xining City, three county departments and municipal institutions and affiliated institutions of more than 1100 units in the post management of the responsible person and the main business of training

in order to further improve the personnel management institution of scientific and standardized information level, according to the Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social security "on the application of unified institutions and personnel management information software notice" requirement, I Bureau on September 18th -21, five of the four districts of Xining City, the Department in charge of three county and municipal institutions and affiliated institutions of more than 1100 units in the post management of the responsible person and the main business of training.

institution is an important gathering place for all kinds of talents. It plays an important role in promoting the coordinated development of economy and society and building a well-off society in an all-round way. Personnel management information system construction is the basic work of personnel management, is an important part of improving the level of personnel work. In recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to the reform and development of institutions, continue to intensify efforts to promote the reform of institutions has taken a welcome step, our institutions post setting and full employment system has been initially established. But for a long time, for the institutions of the complicated professional technical and management positions and the work of personnel information, we can only help manual paper and calculator management, not only spent a lot of time and effort, but also prone to error, efficiency is not high. This training is aimed at the personnel department of the actual work, solve the personnel management work is difficult to adapt to the new situation, go the bottleneck problem of road information, to accelerate the establishment of a sound management system set up institutions of Xining city jobs, improve the post setting management institutions of information standardization level, improve work efficiency, to provide a strong guarantee for the institutions and professional and technical personnel services.

in the future, I will gradually put the institutions of personnel management work into the computer management, the establishment of institutions personnel database. Jobs in public institutions and other personnel management will be handled through the "personnel management system" software institutions, finally realize the full electronic computer network reporting, audit, approval, filing and examination office.



What are the advantages of ancient yuan barbecue

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There are many

catering brand items, barbecue investment projects will not be less natural, so if you want to have a home barbecue restaurant is a very easy thing, but want to open a special brand barbecue shop is not easy. Election is the key to the brand. Yuan ancient barbecue is a very good barbecue.

What are the advantages of

yuan ancients barbecue?

yuan was founded in 2009, has been seven years of development experience, in the production of a variety of food technology summary. Whether it is more popular before some kebabs, fungi and so on, the past two years or more famous seafood barbecue have unique technology. Have a professional team, is a number of chefs together for joint development, a number of experiments to find the most suitable ingredients, production methods, but also to create a classic taste. So what are the advantages of Yuan ancestors barbecue join it?

yuan ancients barbecue join advantages:

1, the strength of the brand: the country more than 100 stores, brand awareness and appeal are very good;

2, top marketing: Top publicity planning and professional planning publicity and strong marketing success;

3, dishes rich: a variety of dishes taste classic road, after years of market certification taste excellent;

4, excellent service: the whole shop guidance, theory and practice all aspects of one to one guidance training.

today, the franchise stores already exceeded 100, but not every franchisee who have food and beverage experience. In technology and experience are not enough, but the improvement in the ancient support training, but also mastered the technique of making better, they are easy to start a chef, is an easy job to do things to make the delicacy. For the selection of the ingredients, processing, pickling, barbecue, every step is a good training, can have a professional training manager for your hands-on teaching, let you learn to better technology, easy to solve production problems.


above is small for the brand to join the advantage, if you are on the brand barbecue join interested, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Xiao Bian to analyze how much money to open a toy store

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a lot of friends are interested in the toy shop, open a toy store is really a good idea. So, how much does it cost to open a toy shop? Before you invest in a shop, you need to know about the cost of investment. Here is to introduce how much money to open a toy shop.

A, small toy store (also known as mini store, 15-30 square meters)

two, the conventional toy store (also known as the standard shop, 30-60 square meters)

rental store is one of the main cost of the toy store, the general non first-tier cities 30 square meters of shops rent should be controlled at 3-4 million or less, if you choose to store larger, the rent increased anyway, because the store has the effect of publicity, benefit is certainly go upwards.

Open toy store renovation costs is the main showcase design, materials used and the overall decoration, if the choice is a showcase wood + paint, the cost will be relatively high, with 30 square meters of shops for example make a suitable showcase need about 20 thousand yuan, if is the choice of shelves, basically the cost can be reduced to 10 thousand yuan, how to choose, depends on the personality of the owner.


2017 top ten brands of cabinets list

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in a variety of Home Furnishing supplies, cabinets can be said to have played a very important role in the cabinet as part of Home Furnishing, and also the people in the decoration of a large consumer, ambry to satisfy the customer and his family in the kitchen decoration function demand and demand, complex and important. It is shown that it is necessary for the consumer to know the brand of the cabinet when choosing the cabinet. Small collection of some of the top ten brands in 2017, the cabinet list information, we hope to bring help.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brands list ranking: cobio · BOLONI cabinet

brand was established in 1999. Cobio · BOLONI has cabinet design style in Italy, and combined with the living habits and methods of using the Chinese. This production of cabinet products quickly occupied a place in the furniture market. Much loved by consumers.

2017 latest cabinet ten brands ranked the top two: gold cabinet

was founded in 1999, the cabinet was elected in 2003, the first president of the unit. As the first brand in the high-end market, the gold cabinet, so that people see the dream of home life.

2017 the top ten brands in the top of the list: Darbo Hickman

was founded in 1993, Darbo Hickman is Shenzhen City Po Industrial Development Company Limited under the brand name, is one of the earliest modern factory China production kitchen cabinets.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brand rankings ranked four: Optima kitchen

founded in 1994, Optima kitchen brand, is the first European kitchen concept China, as the leading brand in the whole cabinet. Optima has already laid the Chinese cabinets kitchen cabinet industry leading position. Strictly in accordance with international standards of production, in the raw materials of the product is also carefully selected, strict checks, really good texture and environmental protection.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brand rankings ranked five: cabinet

was founded in 1995 the cabinet brand, is the domestic large cabinets enterprises. The main products are solid wood door series, fire board series. As in the end brand cabinet is economical and high-grade decoration decoration consumer choice.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brands ranked the top six: Haier cabinet

was founded in 1997, Haier cabinet submitted the kitchen electric integration >

News aggregation site Reddit financing $50 million valuation of up to 500 million

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the social sharing features strong news aggregation site Reddit, is about to get a new round of investment risk, site valuation of more than $500 million.


in the mobile Internet boom, not only by the risk of capital investment Hard Suits Inc, some of the personality of the content of the company (especially the news site), is to obtain high valuations of capital. According to the latest news, the United States to share the characteristics of strong social news aggregation site Reddit, is about to get a new round of venture capital, the site valuation of more than $500 million.

sources said, Reddit recently reached a preliminary agreement with investors, investors will inject $50 million to obtain a stake in the site of 10%, the site was valued at $500 million. It is reported that last year to seek investment, Reddit valuation is only about $400 million.

said, this round of investment promoters including Reddit co-founder Orhan Neil (AlexisOhanian), and the American science and technology business incubator company YCombinator, is the incubator of the company in 2005, "incubator" out of Reddit.

other investment institutions involved in investment, including the United States well-known Silicon Valley venture Anderson Horowitz company, as well as Sequoia capital.

Advance publishing company (magazine publishing giant Condé, Nast’s parent company), is currently the largest shareholder of the Reddit website, it is reported that the proportion of shares held at more than 50%. In 2006, Advance spent the acquisition of Reddit, a few years later, Reddit spin off independent operations.

in addition to major shareholders, Reddit site employee stock ownership system.

is reported that the current number of independent visitors Reddit up to 130 million people.

it is worth mentioning that, in the current mobile Internet boom, although smart devices, wearable devices and other hardware vendors, a risk investment darling, but at the same time, a large number of web content, has gained more and more high valuation, which includes a number of controversial features of news website.

at the beginning of August, Anderson, Inc., news aggregation site BuzzFeed, conducted a $50 million investment in this round of investment, BuzzFeed valuation reached $850 million. It is reported that, BuzzFeed’s monthly independent visitors up to 150 million people.

is also a favorable capital from various quarters of the news media is Vice, according to U.S. media reports at the end of August, because the Vice valuation is too high, Time Warner has withdrawn from the stock purchase negotiations, but also a television media giant A& ENetworks and Vice>;

For the eleven Tmall electricity supplier double tip of goods piled up overseas warehouse

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"in November 1st, eleven days away from the full day is still full of 10 days, a large number of electricity providers are doing the final sprint for the annual shopping carnival. So, this year the electricity supplier had done what special arrangements? Whether can express than usual speed? Overseas orders can no longer be long in coming? With these questions, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited."

Suning Beijing logistics base

automated warehouse 30 minutes to ship

yesterday, the reporter visited the BMC Majuqiao town is located in Tongzhou Suning logistics base in Beijing. This includes a base and two reached a total area of 210 thousand square metres of the base is not all over the streets of Suning stores that consumers are familiar with, but in fact almost every piece of merchandise from consumers Suning purchase to go through here to enter thousands of households.


came to the logistics base, think in BYD reporters in the mind of the scene should be noisy, complex, and goods piled up racket. However, entering the logistics base, it is difficult to imagine the quiet scene here was once a year "for 11· – a huge warehouse lined with rows of huge shelf stage 11 big promotion before the goods on the shelf be in full swing, packing boxes neatly arranged, the automatic transmission system will be automatically transported to the outbound goods the picking area, the entire warehouse is only picking area to see the staff of the figure, the other areas are automated. Even the picking area, goods are in order, and there are not many courier companies that Montreal messy pile of goods.

According to Xu Wei, deputy general manager of Beijing Suning introduction, as one of the country’s five largest warehouse, Beijing Suning logistics project is put into use two years ago, in this year, completed the transformation of automation projects in August. At present, 54000 square meters of warehouse, all of the double shelves, that is, from the ground has been top to the roof, greatly improving the efficiency of space utilization, can achieve about the size of the storage of 10 million goods.

"goods to the warehouse from the warehouse, all have barcode barcode tracking, like every Taiwan ID and the number of goods, storage of goods being placed in what position all exist in the database to extract the goods; the system can automatically find the location of goods, and then by the automatic transfer equipment of goods from the shelves transport to the bottom. If large appliances, then have forklift below wait; if it is a small commodity is delivered directly to the picking area for manual sorting." BYD Xu Wei told reporters, in fact the significance for the whole system of bar code is not the case, such as an air conditioner, from the manufacturers of the products transferred to Suning started, it has a unique barcode, in the Suning procurement, sales, logistics and customer service service system, this code has been accompanied by products. "As long as we can be traced into the database, we sell every product to what to which the consumer’s home, how the current use situation, there is no maintenance service record."

for daily use