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first_imgDay Two action of the 2007 Senior NTL will feature an exciting schedule of games that is sure to separate the pretenders from the contenders.After a keenly contested first day in humid conditions, competitors across the seven Senior divisions will be looking to cement good form leading into the final days of competition.Showcase games for the day include Field One action in both the Men’s and Women’s 30 years divisions. In the Women’s 30s division, competition heavyweights Suns and Cyclones will battle for the top spot.Suns, led by current Australian World Cup Men’s Open representative Matt Curran, and Rustlers, spearheaded by 2007 Australian Men’s Open Captain Gavin Shuker, will meet in a high quality encounter on the premier field late in the day.Scorpions and Sharks will tangle for control of the leaderboard in the Men’s 35s division, whilst in the Women’s 40s division Sharks and warm favourites Scorpions will test each other out in an entertaining match up. For all the results and tables for all divisons go to the TFA SPORTINGPULSE WEBSITE8.30amWomen’s 30s:               Scorpions v ACTWomen’s 30s:               Suns v EaglesMen’s 45s:                   Rustlers v ACTMen’s 45s:                   Eagles v HornetsMen’s 45s:                   Suns v Sharks9.20amWomen’s 30s:               Rustlers v SharksWomen’s 30s:               Cyclones v HornetsMen’s 50s:                   ACT v SharksMen’s 35s:                   Sharks v ScorpionsMen’s 35s:                   Suns v CobrasMen’s 40s:                   Scorpions v Rustlers10.10amMen’s 40s:                   Barbarians v EaglesMen’s 40s:                   Cyclones v MetsMen’s 50s:                   Rustlers v CyclonesMen’s 50s:                   Eagles v MetsMen’s 40s:                   Warriors v SunsMen’s 40s:                   Hornets v Sharks11.00amMen’s 30s:                   Warriors v HornetsMen’s 30s:                   Cobras v CyclonesMen’s 50s:                   Hornets v SunsWomen’s 40s:               Scorpions v SharksWomen’s 40s:               Suns v HornetsMen’s 30s:                   Rustlers v Barbarians11.50amMen’s 45s:                   Suns v ScorpionsWomen’s 40s:               Cobras v CyclonesMen’s 50s:                   Scorpions v CobrasWomen’s 30s:               Suns v ScorpionsWomen’s 30s:               Cyclones v ACT12.40pmMen’s 45s:                   Rustlers v HornetsMen’s 45s:                   ACT v SharksMen’s 40s:                   Suns v HornetsWomen’s 30s:               Rustlers v EaglesWomen’s 30s:               Hornets v SharksMen’s 40s:                   Scorpions v Sharks1.30pmMen’s 30s:                   Suns v WarriorsMen’s 35s:                   Sharks v CobrasMen’s 35s:                   Scorpions v MetsMen’s 40s:                   Mets v WarriorsMen’s 40s:                   Eagles v CyclonesMen’s 40s:                   Rustlers v Barbarians2.20pmWomen’s 40s:               Scorpions v SunsWomen’s 40s:               Cobras v SharksWomen’s 40s:               Cyclones v HornetsMen’s 30s:                   Rustlers v HornetsMen’s 50s:                   Cyclones v CobrasMen’s 30s:                   Barbarians v Cyclones3.10pmWomen’s 30s:               Suns v CyclonesWomen’s 30s:               Hornets v RustlersMen’s 50s:                   Mets v SunsMen’s 50s:                   ACT v HornetsMen’s 50s:                   Eagles v ScorpionsMen’s 50s:                   Rustlers v Sharks4.00pmWomen’s 30s:               Sharks v ScorpionsWomen’s 30s:               ACT v EaglesMen’s 45s:                   ACT v SunsMen’s 45s:                   Sharks v EaglesMen’s 45s:                   Hornets v Scorpions4.50pmMen’s 30s:                   Suns v RustlersMen’s 30s:                   Cyclones v WarriorsMen’s 40s:                   Rustlers v MetsMen’s 40s:                   Barbarians v SunsMen’s 40s:                   Scorpions v Eagles5.40pmMen’s 30s:                   Barbarians v CobrasMen’s 35s:                   Sharks v SunsMen’s 35s:                   Cobras v MetsMen’s 40s:                   Cyclones v SharksMen’s 40s:                   Warriors v Hornetslast_img

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