Unmarked grave still to be located – Crime Chief

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first_imgDisappearance of 6-year-oldA father has confessed that he murdered and buried his six-year-old son two years ago at Richmond Hill in the Essequibo river island of Leguan, Region 3; and the Police were up to Saturday evening combing the area for the unmarked grave.During a counselling session with a social worker on December 6, Ewart Adolphus confessed to murdering his son, Daniel Adolphus, and burying his body in an unmarked grave.Being a person who suffers from mental complications, Ewart Adolphus was being counselled after a magistrate had recommended that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation when he made the confession.Father, Ewart AdolphusHe had told Police that in 2016 he was charged for attempting to slit his son’s throat, but the matter was dismissed following an evaluation. Contacted on Saturday afternoon, Crime Chief Paul Williams told Guyana Times that a team of investigators had travelled to Leguan on Saturday to search for the unmarked grave of Daniel Adolphus. He noted that up to late Saturday afternoon the Police were still combing the Richmond Hill area, and he said the search will continue. The search, he noted, is based on information being given to the Police by the father of the missing child.“We are not sure if he is giving the correct information, but we are not taking chances, and as such, we will search the area,” the Crime Chief disclosed.The Crime Chief said the mentally ill man told the social worker what he had done because he said his conscience was “killing” him. While the Crime Chief did not divulge any information on how the man might have committed the act, Guyana Times understands that he might have slit the child’s throat.The child mysteriously disappeared in December 2015, and has since not been seen or heard from. At the time of his disappearance, he had been at home with his father, since his mother had travelled to Georgetown with her new-born baby to seek medical attention.Based on reports, on the night of December 2, 2015, the father claimed he woke up around midnight and saw the television on, the door ajar, and his son missing from home. Initially, he raised an alarm and a search party was launched, but the child was not found even after several days.There were reports that the child might have been kidnapped, but the family never received a telephone call from anyone demanding a ransom for his safe return. The Police had reportedly followed all possible leads, but had come up empty-handed.Ewart Adolphus was, in 2010, charged for committing two robberies while being armed with a gun. He was accused of relieving two people of more than $2 million. He had reportedly carried out the crime with the help of an accomplice.last_img

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