Wolfsburg and Augsburg return to training

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first_imgWolfsburg have decided to return to training despite the spread of coronavirus. The German team, which has returned to the dynamics this Monday, is logically respecting all the recommendations of the central government, although the fact that they have returned to exercise has raised controversy in Germany.The club has reported that the players did not step on the grass and trained inside the facilities in four small groups. In addition, each of the divisions exercised two hours apart for the next to avoid direct contact between all members of the staff at all times. Disinfectant gels have also been placed throughout the rooms. Daniel Ginczek, footballer of the first team, spoke about the situation on the club’s website: “Of course, we would all prefer to play soccer, but now we have to accept the situation. It is our job to stay in shape, whether at home or in small groups together as we are now. The club has taken all possible measures in terms of hygiene“The player wanted to clarify that the rooms are large enough so that there is a reasonable distance between them and that each one had its own utensils. Even so, many fans have criticized this fact, for the risks of contagion that exist despite precautionary measures.They are not the only ones. Augsburg have also trained and, what’s more, they have done it on the pitch. It was in two groups of between seven and eight players, as reported by Bild. Of course, short passes were prohibited and could not collide. They devoted themselves to making long shipments for just over an hour. Subsequently, the showers were disinfected. Leipzig also ventured back last week.last_img

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