Did you know that there is no English translation for these words in Spanish?

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first_imgIn the world there are currently more than 7,000 different languages, of which the second most spoken is Spanish. This language is increasingly used throughout the world and in addition to being spoken in Spain, it is the native language of many Latin American countries and is increasingly common among the inhabitants of the United States. Spanish is composed of almost 300 thousand different words and although it seems surprising among all of them there are some that have no translation into English. This fact is not so rare since it occurs because in English there is no exact word for that situation or thing although similar, or even because a specific concept does not exist in this language.Words that have no English translationThe day before yesterday: Spanish is one of the few languages ​​that only needs one word to refer to the day before yesterday.Reveal: Term that is used to refer to not being able to sleep or the moment we wake up and we can not fall asleep again.Elf: Word that originated to refer to a fantastic and small being that caused uproar and sometimes even some chaos.Brand New: Wear something that is new for the first time, be it a piece of clothing like a book.Chilly: Spanish is the only language that has a word to refer to people who are much more affected by the cold.To snack: As everyone knows the meal times in Spain are very different from other countries and that is why this term was born that refers to food that is made in the middle of the afternoon.Desktop: Period of time given after lunch or dinner and in which we continue talking with other guests.One-eyed: In English there is no exact word to define a person who has a problem in one eye or even one is missing.Shame on others: In English the word that comes closest to refer to the shame you feel for the things that someone else does is “embarrassed”. Image: iStockcenter_img There are words in Spanish that have no English translationThis occurs by not having an exact word or the absence of a concept.last_img

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