Month: April 2017

Chicken shop should follow suit

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Chinese people generally have a psychological, which is to follow suit, whether it is their own consumption, or venture capital. It is precisely because of this trend, many people’s investment in the final failure. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that the chicken shop should follow suit.

chicken shop is just like a gust of wind? Chicken shop to make money? Zhengzhou municipal labor security training and Employment Guidance Center trainer Chen Hansheng said, chicken shops blossom everywhere, and "follow suit" phenomenon. See a make money, someone killed in, the key is the technology of these projects, capital threshold is not high." read more

Don’t miss the autumn auction in Xiamen

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in our daily life for the auction word is not unfamiliar, is the so-called "highest bidder", is through the auction of the way out. 2016 Xiamen poly autumn auction will be held on November 3rd to 5 in Xiamen Rui Yi Hotel preview and Juchui on November 6th. This season the auction will include Chinese antique curios, China paintings, contemporary art, antiques, jewelry watches and western western wines wine five special, take over a thousand pieces of goods.

this autumn auction, Chinese and China antique curios plate painting is still the highlight of Xiamen poly, will launch a "xuanlan – important works" concert, including the lack of appearance of "Qing glaze Sanyangkaitai statue of Yong Zheng and Qianlong enamel imitation Ru Tianyuandifang bottle gourd" Jack products, and Qi Baishi "little sparrow", "Wisteria", Huang Binhong the most favorable auspices "Qianshan scenery" of the famous Miao ink, there are "small willow hall" Tibetan painting fan of five masterpieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties, including Dong Qichang, Wang Duo, Huang Daozhou, Wang Duo, Zou Zhilin and other calligraphy works and landscape works, famous precious hands. read more

Baidu white collar workers to give up the high salary to open a bakery

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people often say that life is a multiple-choice question, in fact, life is a solution with different solutions, each person’s problem-solving ideas are different. Life is not the same choice, the choice lies in their own, not the same entrepreneurial life may have the same wonderful.

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Don’t miss the five brands Chengdu business Hot pot

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said that more than Chongqing hot pot seems to make us forget how to have a hot pot with Chongqing hot pot comparable to the brand – Sichuan hot pot. The term "hot pot" is the name of the cooker, the name of the cooker, or the technique, the method of "eating" and the unification of cooking utensils and utensils. Showing the harmony of the Chinese diet. Sichuan hot pot embodies the inclusiveness of Chinese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine is also the most representative of the characteristics of food. read more

How to join Hamburg shop which brand good Maitaji Hamburg

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burger to join the market, has been very hot, small entrepreneurial choice to join Hamburg, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business is not it? How about Mataki burger? Entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful business!

which is a good brand of burger burger? Mataki burger choice of high-quality ingredients, so that people eat more healthy, is a very good hamburger brand. Mataki on the basis of consumer demand, to make the burger quality, is a very motivated fast food brands. Mataki hamburger made of Hamburg are suitable for Chinese tastes, so that many consumers are very satisfied, so sales are very good. read more

1 little tea shop to join the whole

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nowadays people’s living conditions are improving day by day, and many families are living a better life. Accompanied by the increase in the pressure of our lives. In this case, the consumer demand for leisure products increased. Beverage business. A little milk tea ingredients fine, allowing consumers to experience the true fresh.

a little bit of milk tea can get rich? Choose to join a little milk to let investors good business throughout the year, the investment without any worries, relaxed when the boss. So, how to join the 1 little tea shop? Food and beverage for the small one for the interpretation of the 33. read more

County opened what shop is a good recommendation to get rich project

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you do not want to own a small town in the county to open a shop of their own? So, the County opened what shop is better? There is no small investment in high return projects? Today Xiaobian for you to bring a very good entrepreneurial projects.

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From Knowledge has no limit by saying the enlightenment

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with the market economy era, more than other industries, even the education industry has also undergone changes in turn the world upside down teaching resources, accumulate in this moment finally broke out, the so-called never too old to learn, more and more people in the investment in education is not stingy!

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How much is the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken franchise fee business

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want to easily shop to choose to join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. In fact, the small entrepreneurs choose to join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken project, is a very powerful choice. Join the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken? Good project, good choice!

Tian Bang Bang chicken join, do not have to worry about no business headquarters to help you get rich. Tianfu Bang Bang chicken joined Feiduobuduo? A few million shop, no kitchen, no smoke, food ahead, clean health. Is the characteristic of Sichuan halogen snacks, authentic lo. Headquarters to provide operators with a new, fast, safe wealth channel, will bring you business opportunities. read more

A burn drink all the details to join

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Taiwan food brand has always been numerous, of course, many of which are well-known brands, such as what tea shop. A burn tea popular in the market, it also relies on its diversified business and marketing concepts and advanced management methods, throbbing burn rooted catering market, by many consumers and entrepreneurs of all ages. Then the throbbing burn plus fee number? The throbbing burn plus the cost of detail. If you want to know more about this project, can visit the official website to see throbbing burn. read more

Foshan held the first public entrepreneurship exchange will provide one stop service

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entrepreneurship needs a suitable environment. China government through a number of strong entrepreneurial policies, promote entrepreneurship and encourage entrepreneurship, 000 kinds of innovation, formed a good business atmosphere in the society, effectively promote the optimal allocation of resources, to achieve the sustainable development of entrepreneurship.

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Fast food chain store management skills

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        for each entrepreneur, shop is easy, it is difficult, want to put a fast-food franchise business, we must master a lot of business, let us know, opening a fast-food chain stores we need to understand what?

        to learn some of the methods before the novice to open the fast food chain stores, as operators must listen to consumers, for different consumers, the consumer demand will be different, so investor protection products rich in flavors are suitable for the needs of the masses, attracted the interest of consumers from the color, smell and taste form and matter, is a. Know how to seize the potential consumer groups, different types of fast food, fast food is mainly for those in the working group, they don’t have much money, too much consumption can not afford, while taking into account the cost, fast food franchisees to be innovative. read more

What about Christmas themed hotel

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with the gradual improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the quality of life. So, in order to improve the quality of my life, to choose a Christmas theme hotel? Next, let’s take a look at the Christmas theme hotel:

Christmas Eve, the major hotel with several large restaurants are used, including Chinese restaurants, cafes and chess room, all kinds of food into the menu, in order to arouse the appetite of the public. The program has more to the band playing, acrobatics, dance, performing team basically are local, is often played in this hotel last year, played in the hotel this year, can brighten things less. read more

Catering franchise is the need to pay attention to these

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food and beverage is a very important thing, there are a lot of things need to pay attention to, saying that there is no intention to fall into the trap may be willing to fall. Each franchisee choose and join the time, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

first, the franchisor’s main qualification

prior to signing the contract to confirm whether the franchisor for the enterprise, if it is outside the enterprise or other units or individuals, franchisees may at any time request termination of cooperation and the right to report to the competent authorities in charge of the illegal facts. In addition, the franchisee should be more detailed understanding of the headquarters of the franchise is real, whether there are flaws, such as whether the trademark registration, whether the Department of foreign brands, etc.. read more

What are the popular street food project

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said the roadside stalls snacks are not clean, can not eat, do not eat what is good for the body, but small to say, it is hypocritical, and not every day to eat, so delicious things for human beings and their isolation, it is a torture. Sometimes we should abandon some kind of inherent idea to choose the one we like best.

now start the snack business friends in a variety of street snacks, which are currently the most popular street snack? Here may wish to follow the small series of steps up and look at the moment the most popular 10 Street food. read more

Teach you how to do Egg Tart

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what is the Egg Tart, you may not have heard of this name, but I believe you have eaten, Egg Tart is on the surface of the black caramel Egg Tart, many people love this Egg Tart varieties, and want to do it yourself, so Xiaobian to introduce the Egg Tart how should do.

1, tart materials: 270 grams of low gluten flour, high gluten flour 30 grams, 45 grams of butter, margarine (sheet package into use, can be replaced by margarine) 250 grams, 150 grams of water. There is no high powder in the home, there is no ready-made powder. On the use of flour: (ordinary flour) 270g+ corn starch 50g (about 20%, reduce the degree of flour gluten) with low powder. No butter, salad oil. read more

Red liquor Luzhou Lao Jiao agent a of good business venture in 2017

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How about

Luzhou Lao Jiao red wine? In our life, has always been a very strong choice of joining the project. Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor to join the project choice, good business venture in 2017!

Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor agent 2017 drinks rich good business

Luzhou Lao Jiao red liquor agent agent support policy:


personnel training support: before and after the opening of the professional marketing manager to follow the guidance of the red wine by Luzhou liquor company invited Special Commissioner for centralized training. read more

Fresh investment Qihuan beverage market Unlimited Business Opportunities

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casual drinks choice, very pleasant time. In our life, there is always a choice of desserts. What about delicious healthy fresh fruits and drinks? Good quality projects, the best choice for successful business. Moreover, in the market, is still very popular drinks, loved by consumers. So, join the fresh fruit Huan drink, shop is earned!

select material natural nutrition

people do not pay attention to eating and drinking in terms of delicious, and now for the health requirements are also high, fresh fruit Qi Huan drink? It gathers fruit quality, using the world’s advanced extraction sterilization technology exclusive, retains a variety of vitamins and minerals of fresh, natural nutrition, no additives, no preservatives, to obtain the most pure fruit juice drinks, which retains a considerable number of nutrients, and has the effect of beauty beauty, highly popular! read more

Open the Mala shop in Zhengzhou why good the whole

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now entrepreneurship is not a rarity, many people have turned to their favorite industries began to write their own entrepreneurial story. Entrepreneurship is a trend of people now have more and more success stories to encourage people to start, open Malatang stores is a popular choice, Zhengzhou develops very quickly in recent years, there are a lot of entrepreneurs. A lot of people are aware of Zhengzhou to open a spicy hot shop to make money?.

in Zhengzhou opened a hot shop why good? There are three main reasons: read more

Dessert ten investment brand recommended

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The existence of

catering has its inevitability since ancient times, because it is the inevitable demand in our daily life. The existence of each project because of its market demand, the market will naturally need to fill it. Take dessert, from the survival needs, this is a dispensable consumer goods, but rise to a certain level of people’s pursuit of life, it is not necessary in the necessary products. Therefore, in accordance with this view, a good investment prospects for the dessert market, below we recommend a few good dessert investment projects. read more