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The website is search engine punishment five analysis methods of

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general in Shanghai after the big update website, volatility is normal, do not get excited over a little thing, once the website ranking drop felt end come, in fact as long as according to the above several methods to analyze the specific state, check out the web site, and then through the appropriate method to optimize the natural website ranking will still come back source: www.021daiyunwang贵族宝贝

two: enter the name of your site in the search engine in the dialog box, if the results of their official website is not in the first row, then your website is likely to be search engine punishment! read more

The Walton School of business Google Shanghai Longfeng adjustment algorithm adopted piecemeal

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Google announced in February 24th this plan. Google ever to search for some minor adjustments, but ordinary users usually can’t notice, but this time is different. The company hopes to solve a series of problems of recent media exposure. The most famous is "New York Times" according to a report by Penney J.C., the American department store chain to deceive the search engine ranking mode at the top of many search results. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that in another case, the retailer Overstock贵族宝贝 for violation of Google’s policy by punishment. The policy to prohibit enterprises to improve search engine rankings by improper behavior. read more

Fuzhou makeup training on the January 2017 love Shanghai home page ranking algorithm change

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2, the original owners protection.

has the following two main

recently received many webmaster feedback, substantialvolatility website’s index. Webmaster Platform consulting engineers after that, the index strategy is adjusted and may lead to a site index data fluctuate significantly, but does not affect the site traffic, everyone please rest assured. The adjustment is expected to end in mid January 2017, the index data will restore stable

3, hit collection site.

2, Fuzhou makeup training development space seriously squeezed, to the development of the Internet is bad, have published the article source statement, but love is not included in Shanghai, even if it is already included in the article will filter out the love of Shanghai, which included the amount of decline included and ranking is proportional to the not included, where ranking. read more

Do Shanghai dragon must understand learning and Practice

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2, every day of the chain construction. How to release the quality of the chain, the chain I insist every day to do inquiry platform, classified information website, the forum outside the chain three.

I feel a Remember when

B: classification information website: classified information website business related content, can also get some traffic. For example: 58 city and Ganji, people network I released most of the information website, in addition to publishing business information, you can also publish recruitment information, good resources. read more

share is how to make search engines fast included new

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two, site specific analysis

: 贵族宝贝db.sohu贵族宝贝/regurl/regform.asp

for new friends, maybe there are some friends worried how to make new major search engines fast included, rather than have to wait half a month or even a month or so, I give an example to analysis together with you today, I hope to help you.


first, new sites do, we have to modify the site as a whole, including: title, keywords, description, web site map, robot, today I will not detail how the specific operation method, specific Internet search, the operation process and the video website owners drink can be found directly. Not difficult, after modification, and then check the site if there are dead links, bad links, because once submitted allow search engines to crawl the page is not good, is influential for search engine points. read more

Huang Zumin 5 reasons why enterprises do the Shanghai Dragon

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with the rapid development of Internet, more and more people are using the Internet to search the results you want. Like me, what problems encountered, will use search engines to find their own problems, because the knowledge on the Internet is very comprehensive. According to the survey, China 2009 online shopping number has more than 248 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 93.7% in the online shopping, the latest survey, there are over 600 billion yuan in May 2011 online shopping. The results show the dependence on the Internet masses, shopping online has strong demand. This paper is published by the Anhui in Shanghai dragon, please show me your address. read more

5 tips for making money onlineSuccessful financing of 75 million entrepreneurs teach you 8 strokes

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to prepare a financing speech pitch deck, especially for those who have never done it. Just like me in 2011, when we were financing the first round of the Bigcommerce, even though we got $15 million in investment, the whole process was exciting, tense and anxious.

four: often study predecessors

so why is my proposal because first of all, over the past 3 years, I have received 75 million of all financing, and have undergone three rounds of financing. I’ve seen a dozen top tier VC ventures across the shores of the United states. I have received many quotations, etc. most of all, I have been dealing with a lot of VC. So hopefully these suggestions can help you: read more

Analysis on site keywords grasp the reason is not normal

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these two keywords are Harbin website production and construction sites in Harbin, Shanghai, in love and not grab grab headlines, but directly grasp the general keywords, this causes in a situation.

is the search engine’s own problems, we may also catch up with the site’s problems cause the problem, generally difficult to immediately update over, my website is one reason, three points above I may have accounted for the cause, this last result, it is difficult to immediately change over, fortunately, I do good, this is to me to keep ranking, for other people is not to say. read more

Duguxiaomeng the secret order of ranking algorithm engine search algorithm

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of the frequency of updates every day is a holiday break, at 3 pm every day to start the update, all layout complete, beautiful picture type all stored in the server, the alt attribute contains keywords, always adhere to the present, the site is in good condition. Keywords the customer required has been fully in place, all at first, occasional fluctuations, but the ranking is stable, at present the word "Ford" has also been in love in Shanghai third, if this continues, the word Ford one day to be able to appear on the first page, of course, if the method contains some words. The time will be shortened, because of the friendship. read more

Google update algorithm to calm Shanghai dragon er

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web page stack keywords, believes that many webmaster have the experience, some Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve website ranking, increase website traffic, deliberately increase the keywords in the web page, increase keyword density, actually this kind of practice is not very good, once the search engine that will be considered as a means of cheating, will have a certain impact on the site, will drop right, that is K, so suggest the webmaster early in the site, we must consider the appropriate use of keywords, the density remained at 3%~8%. read more

An antidote against the disease understanding the working principle of search engine and then do th

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3, import link

two, pretreatment – Index Program on page text extraction, data capture to Chinese segmentation, indexing, for ranking procedure call.

4, with the home page click distance

do you know "love Shanghai" the search engine is how to work? Have you ever doubt it, the same website theme, why in his ranking fell in love with the sea in front of me? Is the sorting algorithm of love Shanghai affect our website ranking. Well, we just feel out the love Shanghai is how to give us these website ranking, we can put our website optimization into an antidote against the disease it love website, ranking natural will go up read more

5 tips to take you out of the web site is down right Dejiong exit

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found that the site is down right is not what great things, look at your Links is not too much, or other site is K, a chain of snapshot is updated, the weight chain is efficient. When looking for the Links should pay attention to these, don’t pay attention to PR, the weight is also very important, get rid of the problem in the chain, update your website content. Find your weight is to know timely to check the chain in the lower, should not be ignored. This also remind everyone to pay attention to the quality of looking for a chain rather than quantity. read more

Guizhou Shanghai dragon manual optimization once the chain why better

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Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization manual why better visit: Guizhou high was: www.gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝

garbage chain: such as the search results page a link, some webmaster service website chain website ranking is not generated, links to related websites. This is the most basic garbage outside the chain, many tools group is relying on this link to search results produced by search time. They all know that now, these tools have been very rampant, but the charges are not high, short time, a massive increase in the chain to the site, the chain in fact is the biggest harm may lead directly to your site is down right. read more

Farrell Christmas special offer surprise 9 yuan crazy redemption activityShare business ideas unde

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in time

active material has been added. Please get

how to do guest, I believe that many of my friends my obsession. After all, compared to other Wangzhuan form, Amoy really worry, very convenient. But in the policy platform is more strict, the user acquisition costs more and more high under the condition of Amoy is indeed more difficult to do. Of course, more solutions than problems, to master certain methods and techniques, or guest you will be in my hands of the meat and potatoes.

Please see read more

Yu Minhong talks about the 3 CEO rules of the past 24 years the past the present the futureBusines

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other defendants in accordance with specific circumstances, respectively, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, suspension or immunity from criminal penalties, and impose a corresponding amount of fines and so on.

‘s startup, his entrepreneurial experience was made into a film. When he helped a small party, he said the reality was better than the script. "If I had to start all over again, I would have done better than I have now, because I had too many lessons and experiences."." read more

Some suggestions on making money online for beginnersFive novice must know the secret of Wangzhuan

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two: open their own Wangzhuan channel

website, nor the construction site, but still want to do Wangzhuan, how to do? I suggest that friends can learn some Wangzhuan skills, learn such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other software, such as mastering trademark design or programming skills, then each Witkey website to bid or direct orders to do so. These can be counted as Wangzhuan range.

a lot of people in order to promote their own Wangzhuan site, usually in some group or forum advertising fell off the assembly line, have to say this is a way to promote the fastest, but the consequence is to make other people feel disgusted, and even some people will pull you into the blacklist, to see it from the long-term perspective of Wangzhuan is disadvantageous, so learn to innovative thinking, to find their own Wangzhuan mode, not to steal the fruit. read more

How profitable is a local portalYiqifa DELL commission rate adjustment notice

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Yiqifa alliance platform

DELL urgent notice, since October 29, 2007, DELL computer including commercial and non commercial machines sales commission will be changed to 280 yuan per unit. The data return time is unchanged, and orders before October 29th are calculated at 360 yuan for commercial machines and 280 yuan for non commercial machines.

1. can not be the way to cash back.
2. cannot buy DELL related keywords in a search engine.
3. is not allowed to sign "DELL official website" on the META tag.
4. can not exaggerate the extent of concessions, such as "buy DELL computer crazy province 5000 yuan" and so on. read more

Open shop is a good Wangzhuan wayEasy squiggly in fact Wangzhuan is on your side

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3, the product will not expire, reduce cost risk. This game currency has no guarantee period, and in contrast, the game city will not appear in general prices and so on. because there are already member mechanisms

said now for the new shop mainly refers to open a store on taobao, then put their goods sold, it has become a popular topic in the Internet era, more and more people through the network shopping, it is convenient and there are a lot of reality than cheap, may have petty psychological. Although Taobao in the online shopping on the Internet, is a virtual network market, but the principle is the same with the reality, there are buyers and sellers, which is a real money trading, which is a virtual currency trading is an electronic business platform, now has been very popular, and will exist for a long period of development, has become a mainstream on the internet. read more

Lilac Garden CTO Feng Dahui luxury nternet start upsMicrosoft Shen Xiangyang big companies need tec

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GFW’s first law: foreign websites that are "UGC content" User-generated can be harmonized.

from the path of view, China’s plagiarism can be divided into at least: large companies to copy Silicon Valley big companies, start-up companies copied Silicon Valley start-ups, big companies copy small companies, small companies copy each other……

but these have China Cidaoxianhong the entrepreneurs more than they understand Chinese market. Silicon Valley bigwigs fear little attention to the plight of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs. We take a look at those across these entrepreneurs need to face the past Kaner what. The issues mentioned in this article may not be unfamiliar to Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, but they are indeed some arabian nights for Silicon Valley readers. read more

Zhou Hongyi university students beware of hurt Zhong YongTalk about the details of sh419 for promoti

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Wang Anshi once told a story of "hurt Zhong Yong", and I have also encountered such a thing. The Lord judges a year I worked as a dark horse contest, against all the odds award to a graduate student face recognition products. This thing is very early, so at that time VC gave him some suggestions, and to have the strength of the Internet Co cooperation, so that products and users in the interactive process to be polished, verified and refined. But unfortunately, after he won the grand prize, he became more educated and had a different attitude. A year later, although not obliterate all men, but I did not see this team has no business progress. read more