Boakai Amplifies Concerns over Election Irregularities

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first_imgVice President BoakaiWants NEC to quickly clean up and re-publish the Final Voter Registration RollAdding his voice to those of several other political parties, Unity Party leader Joseph Nyuma Boakai has called on the National Elections Commission (NEC) and other responsible stakeholders to expeditiously review concerns that are being raised by multiple parties and take the appropriate actions to protect the integrity and sanctity of the Liberian electoral system.Speaking yesterday at a press conference held at his residence in Monrovia, Boakai called on the NEC to immediately clean up and re-publish the Final Voter Registration Roll to enable voters to ascertain in advance the inclusion of their names on the roll and the specific precincts and polling centers where they should vote.“We believe this will reduce the confusion and the long delay voters experienced,” he said.“We too have been gathering reports from some of our field agents pointing to some anomalies and electoral management inefficiencies, which prevented some of our supporters and citizens from exercising their constitutional right to vote.”He disclosed that the Unity Party has consulted its legal and technical experts, who have examined the veracity and magnitude of those reports in order to decide on the proper course of action consistent with the laws of Liberia.The  Vice President said he stands in full solidarity with all other political parties, including the Liberty Party (LP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the All Liberian Party (ALP) and other stakeholders who have raised concerns about acts of irregularities and fraud at some polling places.“So also goes our solidarity to all other political parties that participated in the process. As our nation prepares to transition from one constitutionally elected administration to another through democratic and peaceful means, we believe that any mandate coming out of this exercise must truly reflect the collective free will of the Liberian people,” he stated.VP Boakai lauded Liberians who turned out in their numbers, including the National Executive Committee of the Unity Party and “our campaign management team, collaborating political parties and the hundreds of thousands of gallant members of the auxiliaries, for the October 10 presidential and legislative elections that brought us into the second, and final round. You have demonstrated your belief in our cause and manifested your support for the real transformation of our country. Indeed you have shown an unmatched national spirit and unparalleled determination to save our democracy and maintain our hard-earned peace. For this, you deserve our deepest gratitude.”He emphasized that the political battle to elect a new president of Liberia is not over, adding that at this crucial juncture, “we urge all of us to put aside our differences and forge a united front to ensure a resounding victory on November 7. Let us all return to the base and respond to the clarion call to deliver to the Liberian people the quality of leadership they truly deserve.”He, meanwhile, called on all “our collaborating parties, sympathizers and well-wishers to join us to roll up our sleeves, take our message of putting Liberia at the front and center of everything we do, to the towns and villages of our country. Our ticket represents experience, integrity, maturity, and commitment to the country.”According to the UP standard bearer, thinking Liberia, loving Liberia, and building Liberia will also mean that “we wage a more effective battle against corruption by not only strengthening the integrity institutions but by taking practical actions to improve the trust of the people in their government. In this respect, we intend to lead by example and will expect everyone working in my government to do likewise.”He added: “When we ultimately win these elections, we are going to form a government of inclusion that will bring on board all our citizens who are capable of positively contributing to their country no matter their political, ethnic, religious or other backgrounds. It will be a government that you will be proud of. The formation of our government will signal the beginning of our drive toward total reconciliation.”Vice President Boakai concluded: “What we seek is not so much a victory of the party as compared to a victory of the people. In the final analysis, the party that matters is called Liberia, and it is that party that we intend to govern with your mandate together.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Family refutes officials’ claims regarding C-section

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first_imgLinden Hospital maternal death– says prenatal documents not released The family of 41-year-old Jennifer Gill of Amelia’s Ward, Linden, who died at the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) on Monday evening following the delivery of a healthy baby boy has refuted claims that she did not require a C-section delivery.One of Gill’s family members has also indicated that officials are in possession of the now deceased woman’s prenatal health documents which they have not yet released, adding that they believe this action should be investigated.They said the woman’s fiancé has opted not to disclose much until a post-mortem examination is conducted. The family failed to show up for the procedure, which was expected to be conducted on the body of the deceased woman at the Hospital on Wednesday.Gill’s niece, Tashanna, who resided with her, noted on Thursday that the family has not yet decided when they would have the procedure done, but confirmed that they would go through with it.LHC officials have since noted that the family would now have to travel from Linden to Georgetown to have the procedure done, since pathologists would not return to the said hospital to conduct the post-mortem.Hospital officials have so far indicated that the medical institution would have so far completed its investigation into the matter and an official report was prepared and sent to the relevant authorities, including the Chief Medical Officer and the Director of Regional Health Services.The medical institution’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Farouk Riyasat noted on Wednesday that based on his medical knowledge and facts of the report, he believed that Gill died after suffering a blood disorder, referred to as Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), which caused rapid blood loss and thinning, eventually leading to shock and kidney failure.The CEO made the revelation, which he stated was his belief, during a media briefing, which was also attended by the Hospital’s CMO, Dr Romesa McDonald and Public Relations Officer (PRO) Toshanna Alicock. Dr Riyasat also said that the family’s failure to show up for the post-mortem examination has hampered the flow of information for the report.The Hospital’s PRO had noted that according to facts from the report, on first assessment by the doctor on duty, Gill was in active labour when she arrived at the Hospital, being dilated at six centimetres (cm) and did not require a C-section. This was also reaffirmed by the CEO, who said that a C-section would have also proved fatal for the deceased woman given the alleged blood disorder which she suffered from. The Hospital CEO also refuted claims by the family that a C-section was not performed since there was no doctor available, as he claimed that the Hospital provides for doctors to be on call 24/7.He said only the anaesthetic consultant was later called in, but an obstetrician had been present with the patient at all times. Dr Riyasat also stated that an obstetrician was the one to decide if Gill needed a C-section, but he said Gill was found to be in the position to facilitate a normal delivery. Dr Riyasat reiterated that General Medical Officers (GMOs) were on site while consultants were always on call and theatre staff always  available, adding that a doctor was on site when Gill arrived.However, with regard to the conditions which the officials noted reportedly led to her demise, Gill’s niece, Tashanna, has since indicated her disbelief. “It’s all a lie. Everything that they’re saying is not true. At this point, I’m just putting everything in God’s hands. They’re not letting go of anything. They have all those documents. They holding on to all the papers,” she said.Officials had also indicated that the family had been kept up to date on the now deceased woman’s condition, and that she was given the best possible care.last_img read more