Amnesty says findings reveal scale of abuses in Sri Lanka

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He had also said that the use of torture was found to be so commonplace and widespread as to warrant a review of the validity of all past PTA convictions where a confession to the police was central to prosecution.Emmerson had also said that counter-terrorism in Sri Lanka has targeted whole communities for persecution, including harassment and arbitrary arrest and detention, and in particular Tamils. At the same time he said the Government has done little to hold to account those who committed gross human rights violations during and since the conflict. (Colombo Gazette) The UN Special Rapporteur’s key findings were that people arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) have languished in detention without trial for years and many of those who have been tried were convicted based solely on a confession to a police officer that may have been extracted under torture. “From forgotten prisoners languishing behind bars for years without trial, to whole communities targeted for persecution and harassment, to endemic torture, this report must serve as a catalyst for wholesale changes. This must start with repealing the Act and replacing it with legislation that meets international human rights standards. And, if the country is ever to truly move forward, those responsible on all sides for serious violations must be brought to justice.” Amnesty International says findings of a United Nations Special Rapporteur lay bare the shocking extent to which the Sri Lankan authorities have abandoned their human rights responsibilities under the guise of counter-terrorism.Responding to the findings of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism, Ben Emmerson, during his visit to Sri Lanka from 10-14 July 2017, David Griffiths, Amnesty International’s Senior Advisor on South Asia, said the authorities have hidden behind the Prevention of Terrorism Act to commit a litany of violations that make for very uncomfortable reading. read more

New screen vibrators deliver efficiency design freedom

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first_imgA world leader in engineered vibration for bulk material handling has introduced a new family of electric screen vibrators for regular duty and hazardous environments.  Designed to deliver up to 7,500 kg of centrifugal force for efficient material separation, Martin® Screen Vibrators are built specifically to withstand the rigors of industrial applications and continuous use, and can run 24/7 as needed.  “With a traditional screen vibrator, the drive functions as the energy source,” explained Robert Nogaj, Martin Engineering VP of Operations and Product Management.  “The energy is transferred via structural bridge to the vibratory box which is isolated by the springs.  With our new design, the energy source is an integral part of the structural tube that can be mounted to the sides or top of a vibratory box, making it much easier for designers to engineer and manufacture new kinds of vibratory screens.” The new line of vibrators is designed and engineered in the USA and will be manufactured in most Martin Engineering facilities worldwide to facilitate short lead times and service response.  Nogaj said that the designs are likely to find utility in high frequency vibratory screens, dewatering operations, as well as processing of gold and other elements.“The new Martin Screen Vibrator is our own design,” Nogaj continued.  “We started with several models, some of them direct retrofits for the Derrick® Shaker.  But our drives are fully adjustable, so the customer has more flexibility and creativity in how the vibrators are used.  We’re now in the process of expanding the product line beyond the models engineered to retrofit OEM equipment, including a line of much larger drives,” he added.  The new vibrators can be used with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in ordinary and hazardous atmospheres.  Explosion-proof models are ETL/cETL/ATEX/IECex certified for hazardous duty. The versatile dual-voltage product line can be used anywhere in the world, and the eccentric weights can be adjusted with hand tools to match ‘High G’ or standard performance screens.  No adaptors are needed to fit Derrick Vibrating Screens, as these direct-replacement units can be bolted and wired to existing connections.  Designed for low maintenance, the only service required is lubrication with a standard grease gun every 2,000 hours, and the long-life bearings produce less noise than OEM oil bath bearings. Martin Screen Vibrators provide the power to sort or separate material efficiently, and the sturdy designs have been proven in demanding lab trials and field applications.  The units are manufactured to the highest quality standards, effective for use in industries where bulk materials, solids and powders are stored or processed.last_img read more