Webmaster network daily broadcast buy site number in March to reduce the 357 reshuffle continues

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1 buy site in March to reduce the end of the first line to buy 357 or only 3-5 home

NetEase Francisco April 23rd message, after Ganji quit group purchase F investment group, Tencent and friends came joint operations, or to show the pattern of group purchase website. In 2010, Chinese group purchase website appears, copying speed to get out of hand; in 2012, many well-known website group purchase layoffs, collapse, and the local group purchase website is a month hundreds of rate of evaporation. Just two years time, the domestic buy site quickly come fast". read more

Grassroots wonderful information review 12 21 12 31 recommended

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· China’s mainstream users in the end is what?

first said a puzzled question me for a long time, such as abroad, many foreign things are put all the people as the base, very few people deliberately do first classification, if there is something that is made after classification. Take the plane analogy, first invented the airplane did not think these things need who to use aircraft, until now, civil words can basically achieve everyone can fly in foreign aircraft in those foreigners the impression is a kind of transportation tool only, and in a few years ago some people in China love always speaks more or less will fly that hang in the mouth, like a symbol of the plane ride is a kind of identity. Of course, this is a lot better in recent years. There are some reasons for this situation more or less income, but if the aircraft in the domestic invention, the aircraft is likely to become the special crowd like a special tool, ordinary people even if the money can not sit some types of chairs, such as the eight lift six to lift the chair. Of course, this may be just a guess. read more

n the first half of the 7 6% increase in the total Org domain reached 8 million 500 thousand

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August 18th news, according to foreign media reports, The Public Interest Registry on Tuesday announced the biennial report of "The Dashboard" domain name, domain name registration data show that the world’s top third general domain name.Org has more than 8 million 500 thousand.

.Org domain growth accelerated

in the first half of this year,.Org domain grew by 7.6% in the first half of last year, an increase of 3.2%, driven by this, org domain name has more than 8 million 500 thousand, but still far from the peak. The first.Org domain name was registered in July 1985. In fact, the growth rate of the.Org domain over the top 2.Com and.Net, indicating that.Org is increasingly popular in the world, registering new.Com and.Net domain names become more and more difficult is part of the reason. (Chen Guo) read more