Thousands of black and white white national website stationmaster collective mourning in Wenchuan W

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May 12th

day, hundreds of Web sites across the country formed the temporary national webmaster 512 online memorial union ", remove the unified color with black and white white, to mourn the" 512 earthquake ", the website headlines have Broadcast Union eulogy" Wenchuan!! ". This activity is by stationmaster net, Zhuo school classroom, portal, proud net initiate.

in the morning, with black and white elegy played the Internet, more and more sites to join the spontaneous black grey tone trend, thousands of websites of collective mourning. Dongguan wedding website is taken off the home page, full screen sadness, Yanhuang interconnection website the same day to suspend the business day, there are a large number of Web topics or close the game entertainment channel, the webmaster to highlight the mind of collective action. read more

Wang Xin is still in prison you are the name of the fast broadcast back to do things

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people walk

tea cool

The new

company raised a small golden retriever, the little guy is stupid, adorable…

suspected dog born

er… Following into the subject.

this morning, Mr. Wang suddenly received a colleague forwarded a public article, said Nora back!

a number of push

began a bad evaluation of the king is still not how to believe, and then ran to look after the search and found a lot of relevant reports ~


Wen said, Nora 5 official return from the original team to build… read more

100 abstruse cereal contest came the latest news April 12th

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Fourth days

today has entered the Olympic Valley contest, the website can let everyone but that is emerge in an endless stream, the most concern is to enter the Google home page site.

is currently ranked to the first place is 100 abstruse cereal science and Technology Co Ltd (, the company is bigger, of course, can have the last laugh is the most sweet.

came to second or 100 abstruse cereal’s most beautiful domain name (, if the Olympic Valley fame is bigger, I think only in this domain most appreciation potential, look a little, it is not difficult to see that the man is trying to master, who is the third, who is the second, remains to be time to prove. read more

Daily topic 618 electricity supplier war traffic is not expected to make people aesthetic fatigue

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station network ( June 20th news, a Jingdong, Tmall,, Yi Xun, Dangdang and other electricity providers involved in fighting the giant electricity supplier promotional war, has killed like a raging fire. Unlike in previous years, the day did not suddenly appear flow blowout scene.

618 was supposed to be the birthday of the Jingdong, but it was a little too late. First came out of the ShangCheng Railway Station Tmall accused of forcing businesses two choose one, Tmall side denied, while announced that since the dig $400 million in cash to start in June to promote the middle". Then the electricity supplier giants have joined the promotion war. read more

New Weekly a Taobao County Rural electricity supplier test

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Kuang XinhuaThe

is the last piece of virgin land of electronic commerce, but its huge consumption potential only in the smooth channel after may be excited.

"I like warm underwear, how can you help me with?" in December 3rd, Hua Dongping returned to Suichang to participate in the county, the county government held the network to the general assembly, surprised to hear "shop Association of rural e-commerce service station". The chairman nanjiren Lang shop at Amoy excitement. read more

We note that the new cloud official was linked to horse you don’t into your website

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we do not go into their own website background. Because the background calls the new cloud announcement!

if you want to enter the notice to delete the ~~

http://s.www-newasp-cn/pack.html  there is a virus, I changed a bit into a horizontal

  this is the best we should first server patching ARP `~~~

Net exposure 12306 site a large number of users of real name information was sold

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[Abstract] the information communication now is in the sale, for the specific vulnerabilities and leaks of information is not the exact message, many white hat hackers to guess this information is likely to be by a software to grab votes leaked.

Tencent digital news (Zhang Yujing) today released the well-known vulnerability platform cloud on the news, "12306 a large number of user data in the Internet crazy including user account, password, identity card and other plaintext mailbox", but is still unable to confirm the information leakage way. read more

Thinking of doing business with the nternet inspirational orange nternet thinking is difficult to

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Chu orange is a kind of Internet thinking.

After the

era of big data, is not everyone can do not necessarily Chu orange. But the really big data will give young entrepreneurs found huge potential opportunities for industry, the past, the potential opportunities in the hands of a few people in relationships, resources and experience, but now, big data commercial applications are equitable access to any enterprises, this is an opportunity for smes.

by sea light micro world (click on the name of the title plus attention) read more

The second session of the Shandong internet conference video broadcast

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                second Shandong Internet Conference 2010 in Shandong opened in Ji’nan on July 18th, the webmaster general assembly to open cooperation and win-win "dynamic Shandong" as the core theme, mainly discusses under the background of new era of small and medium-sized webmasters, Internet entrepreneurs how to joint development of the topic. The second Shandong Internet webmaster conferences live video, the conference sponsored by the Affandi network, Ji’nan street network, Chinese club owners, Admin5 station network, considering the Legal Network Co, Dongying science and technology network broadcast the. read more

CN domain name under the site security situation significantly improve the malicious site to reduce

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, Beijing, November (reporter Zhou Wenlin) – McAfee, the world’s leading antivirus software maker, recently released a report on the threat of the global domain name, which shows that the threat of the top 4 domain names in the Asia Pacific region is the most effective. Among them, the national China domain name – CN domain malicious sites by nearly 20%, ranking 12 in Philippines PH optimization, the domain name is 11% less than a year, the Singapore SG domain name is 4% less than a year, common among the world’s largest top-level domain security situation before three. read more

DC Review Network global domain name service provider Top15 in early December

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IDC Review Network ( reported on December 23rd: according to’s latest data, as of December 16, 2013, the global domain name service provider market remained stable. Compared with last month, China is still only two domain name service providers among the world’s top fifteen list, and both into the top ten. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned in early December, the global domain name resolution service provider specific trends.

(Figure 1) the domain name of the domain name service provider domain map (as of 2013/12/16) read more

WeChat 5 commercialization of the first copy of Shanda literature behind the impact on the literary

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[IT] Sohu news (Wang Congji) Ali micro-blog shares the latter commercial exploration finally landed, widely believed to form so micro-blog against WeChat pattern. So WeChat now what are you doing? Famous senior WeChat enthusiasts, Pippi wizard assistant president Guan Peng said, WeChat 5 version as early as this month on the line, and the main function is for the new WeChat public platform of commercial road spreading.

Guan Peng revealed that the new features of WeChat 5 are almost related to the public platform: read more

The P2P network lending platform the rise of good and bad strengthen supervision and standardize Qi

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, Shanghai, September (reporter Gao Shaohua) – P2P lending model in the last 23 years in the domestic rise, more and more people are accepted and recognized. As a new Internet channel of private lending, P2P network lending platform is still faced with lack of laws and regulations, government regulatory gaps, business qualification uneven in quality problems, need government departments to strengthen supervision and promote the healthy operation of the industry standard.

P2P credit Pong network and read more

CCTV exposure of the network was more than the number of sites piracy website owners should avoid th

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best-selling network novel was pirated more than and 100 websites

CCTV news channel "news broadcast" aired on November 5th

A5 station network November 5th news network novel is now an important part of young people living in the city statistics show that China’s network has reached the scale of one hundred million novel readers, readers more popular works, it is a good thing, but the network writers and websites they encountered trouble.

in recent years, network writer Cao Yi (pseudonym "edifice") each works has millions of fans. "All-powerful" is a network edifice last year’s best-selling novel, only authorized a website published. However, in the network search engine "" all-powerful "input" and "novel" and "edifice" a few words, there are dozens of pages of search results. Look at the page, one by one to see each of the search results, the results found that more than and 100 not authorized website published a novel "all-powerful". read more

Petals network get KPCB millions of dollars in the first round of investment

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petals network is a waterfall flow image sharing site


technology news December 21st afternoon, interest based social network sharing website today announced that its parent company petals KPCB (Kai Penghua) first round of millions of dollars of investment, investment have all arrived today. Petals network is to shoot its website, but also has a picture of the social networking site photo petals network, image sharing community and shoot and picture cloud storage services and shoot cloud. read more

Yueyang’s smallest female webmaster entrepreneurial path

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this is a true story, the characters in the story called Liu Ni, where it took place in Yueyang, perhaps you are not familiar with the characters in the story, the story of the events we don’t know, because she has no real success, but I believe that through her perseverance and confidence will as soon as possible, to write about her story, hopes to introduce her, let more people know about entrepreneurship, trapped and bitter women face in the business. At the same time also give friends who want to start a business or as a reference for the successful people, but also hope to give valuable advice to Liu Ni, jointly contribute to the construction of information technology in Yueyang. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Ali 11 all day long transactions amounted to 57 billion 100 million Tenc

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1 Ali double all day turnover of 57 billion 100 million yuan mobile terminal up to 24 billion 300 million

November 12th morning news, Alibaba has just announced the transaction data of double eleven "all day long: Tmall double eleven all day long transactions amounted to 57 billion 100 million yuan, which reached 24 billion 300 million yuan in the mobile terminal transactions, logistics 278 million orders, a total of 217 countries and regions are lit. New online retail transaction record. read more

Jiangsu Yancheng police cracked girlfriend square network obscene game case

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20, June, according to the Ministry of public security website news, recently, Jiangsu, Yancheng City public security organs cracked the girlfriend square network video game dissemination of pornographic information case.

the game provides a virtual girlfriend role, game player to pay a certain amount of "diamond" (membership fee of 180 yuan), you can click on the mouse to invite the virtual girlfriend in the game, but the game content is click after playing pornographic video clips, bad character. read more

COM domain name from the acquisition of a new round of COM domain name investment fever struck

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recently, VeriSign has released "the fourth quarter of 2010, the domain name industry report". The report said that as of the end of the fourth quarter, the total number of global top-level domain registration reached 205 million 300 thousand, an increase of over the previous year by up to 6.3%. The total number of new registrations.COM and.NET domain is about 7 million 600 thousand, compared with the same period last year increased by 4%. At the end of February, the United States.COM domain accounted for 73.9514% market share, as the leading international domain name for the momentum is still strong. While the domestic domain name market, a total of 3959488.COM domain name, although the number is less than the United States, but the market share is as high as 85.0334%, in the CN domain for policy reasons fall under the condition of.Com year by year, in the domestic market near monopoly. Although compared with 85.2474% in December last year, the market share declined slightly, but in the domestic.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ as the leading top-level domain name market, the net growth rate remains the first domestic domain, the market has gradually get rid of before the Internet regulation, market eased. read more

Live off next year NASDAQ listed financing 10 million

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Admin5 station network August 7th news is committed to providing a second-hand housing rental information website anjuke recently re Jingwei venture capital investment of $10 million, which is already partners on the site of the third round of investment, a total investment of $22 million. Anjuke founder and CEO Liang Weiping said recently in an interview with CBN, the financing will be the last round of financing, the company is expected in the fourth quarter of next year to have the NASDAQ listed conditions. read more