Water purifier market prospects

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now the public entrepreneurial boom unabated, not as good as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a shop, has become the trend of the times. And when it comes to the current most investment projects in the water purifier industry, in the face of the current market environment, water purifier can join the opportunity to say. Water purifier industry has recently been blowout type development, in 2016 to join the water purifier industry is a good choice.

water purifier to join has great prospects: hot water purifier industry is an inevitable trend to adapt to the market development, the demand from the market perspective, household water purifier is closely connected with people’s life, from daily drinking water to cook, cook soup from the boiling water, if the long-term use of clean water, because the light is water impurities such as calcium and magnesium ions in gallstone disease, due to heavy metals, antibiotics, bacteria cause cancer, with increasing attention paid to the front of the Disease enters by the mouth., health "concept of consumers, high precision for household water purifiers clean water effect has been widely recognized. read more

Women’s hospital sudden death families hit the hospital claims 10 million

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recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences a pregnant female doctor in hospital death, families with medical trouble and claims 10 million. Chinese Academy of Sciences set up the red head documents require the hospital to explain. This incident is still ongoing fermentation.

A pregnant woman doctor of
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Yuncheng Local Taxation Bureau to provide convenient services to promote entrepreneurship to create

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in response to the management policy, all in providing convenient services for business hit off, to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, to help people succeed in business. Yuncheng Local Taxation Bureau to provide convenient services for the stars to create business, to create a good business environment for entrepreneurs.

is a positive response to the national public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, implement the Yuncheng municipal government "three one hundred" and "three project" work arrangements, the day before, the Yuncheng Municipal Local Taxation Bureau held a "tax service into the base", Yuncheng Xinghe innovation demonstration base of more than 600 guests attended in the business activities, they will enjoy the journey, with the Yuncheng Municipal Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service convenience. read more

Venture China Dalian action start

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business China · Dalian campaign will start with more young entrepreneurial dreams, at the same time, but also bring more business opportunities to entrepreneurs and excellent business platform, people with entrepreneurial needs not to be missed such a wonderful show.

2016 March 27th, venture China · Dalian action in Dalian High-tech Zone officially launched. Zhang Zhihong, director of the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology announced that the venture capital of Dalian ·, the demonstration project of high tech Zone, has been included in the national demonstration project of china". read more

Online shopping continues to increase the proportion of online entrepreneurs bring spring

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with the continuous development of the Internet and e-commerce, online shopping has come true to our side, the Chinese people become enthusiastic about the new way of consumption. According to statistics, China’s total online shopping reached 13205 billion yuan, an increase of 64.7%. In the context of economic slowdown, the online shopping market continues to maintain strong growth.

1998 eBay founded, opened the curtain of e-commerce in china. Then, a variety of large and small B2C C2C website, which along with bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, development, China economic ups and downs, which makes China online shopping market matures, due to various reasons of the history of the development of online shopping become China dust.

2003 in May, taobao.com was established, 20 days will usher in 10 thousand registered users, to attract a series of free measures launched, a large number of former eBay sellers also stationed in Taobao.

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To join the small pot project was elected Chongqing Chaotianmen air defense hole dry pot

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said a dry pot, Xiao Bian will never forget the time on the university cafeteria on the third floor window dry pot is always waiting in long queues, I want to eat a small meal dry pot must wait until the weekend, hurry to eat dinner time have the opportunity, do popularity pot can see one. Dry pot delicious, however, taste in line with the public taste, to join the pot you only make money.

Chongqing Chaotianmen shelter dry dry pot pot with well-known brand membership Chongqing Banghui catering group, since its inception the brand, has been well received by delicacy enthusiasts, the main characteristics is that taste good, the price close to the people, a variety of dishes and the amount of feet in Chaotianmen, shelter dry pot straight camp shop, we received a lot of consumers and without a lot of franchisees, praised for its delicious. read more

Sichuan CPPCC members hot migrant workers return home how entrepreneurship

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before and after the Spring Festival, many regions have started to return home entrepreneurship, employment slogan propaganda. Be able to get rich at home, this is the heart of many migrant workers, but there are a lot of people are very worried: where the door of employment opportunities?

"I support your proposal, must try to stay in our rural migrant workers employment base." The afternoon of January 28th, the provincial people’s Congress, Sichuan scholar fruit industry Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Xingju received a call from the phone company manager. With the increase of migrant workers returning home before the Spring Festival, the leading agricultural enterprises plan in early February, the dam feast party and organizing the way of learning, to attract young rural laborers at home employment. read more

The dream of Qinhuai Taobao bookstores to users closer to 1 cm

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Baidu library and the dispute between the author and the end of such a full stop: Baidu announced that the library of non authorized literature works basically empty, and the official launch of Baidu library copyright cooperation platform.

just now, talking with friends about electronic publishing, he complained: e-books can not replace the texture of paper books.

just a few weeks ago, Han Han Bowen released: "a letter to Mr. Robin Li", this sentence is very powerful: "you may not understand the publishing industry, I will simply introduce to you." read more

March turnover of 2 billion 340 million mobile phone group purchase group purchase growth engine

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news April 24th, group purchase navigation site 800 today released the "March 2013 Chinese group purchase market statistics report", the report shows that in March this year, group purchase turnover hit a record high, reaching 2 billion 340 million yuan last month, an increase of 16.5%, an increase of 35.2% in March last year.

report shows, buy monthly visitors following the fall of February because the Spring Festival is the reason, this month to 40 million magnitude, reached 41 million 470 thousand, an increase of 12.9%; at the same time, March will continue to rise in the sale of a single group number reached 353 thousand, up 12.5%, compared to the same period last year rose more than 1 times. In addition, through continuous tracking of each category group purchase price, reflecting the overall price change of group purchase life index in March this year reached 140.6, in March last year, the index is 118, it is said that this year again group purchase prices nearly 20% over the same period, the CPI consumer price index rose 2.1%. read more

‘ll be on the road with flowers and tears

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is a small place, but 300 thousand to the population, in an area such as a regional website, is not easy, I start from BBS

on the one hand, I think BBS is the easiest to build, at least to build a relative website, more simple, open source DVBB, DZ, PW is a good weapon.

on the other hand, BBS is the only website, more lively, more freedom. Zhangzhou local websites need information, information, through the BBS is also very easy to express.

BBS promotion is also easier than the site. An ordinary small area, I did not expect a hot overnight, but the cumulative, continuous publicity, continuous read more

Xie Wen from three perspectives on the nternet industry in the next 35 years

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friends want me to write an article, predict the next ten years the development of the Internet industry, I did not dare to promise. The network industry is a rapid development of new high-tech industry changes, in my ability, about 35 years after the industry trend is the previous record, 35 year forecasts generally is quite accurate, the longest time is to guess. The so-called Internet industry, you can talk about things around the world, you can also talk about a Chinese thing. The former is relatively good to talk about, because relatively simple, as long as a few major companies and several major context can be clear. China’s things are more difficult to talk about, because the Internet industry itself is a chaotic, industrial development to a large extent tied with the development of the country, the industry is not measurable factors and force majeure too much. Here try to talk about the Internet industry in the next 35 years from the perspective of the three, when it is not to see. read more

We have to learn to accept the real name system slowly

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recently, the topic of the real name system once again into the public view. The first is the end of January, the implementation of real name system, Ningxia moderator in Gansu province two. After that, Jilin province also announced to moderators of the real name system, and a clear thread will be sent after the first trial. In February 15th, the Ministry of public security organ of the people’s public security "newspaper" published a long article, for the first time to confirm the moderator in the promotion of national name system. In February 18th, Chongqing became the fourth publicly announced the promotion of moderators of real name system of provinces and cities. February 19th, Beijing announced the end of the year to achieve the city’s Internet cafes electronic real name registration. These places the real name system first move, indicating a wide range of network real name system asymptotic. read more

Domain koken com sold 12450

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              October 9th news, five letter domain name koken.com sold at $12450, about RMB 90 thousand yuan.

 It is reported that

pals.net 2670 $US

incomeelite.com 2250 $US

allopass.se 2000 EUR

rhubarb.co.uk 1651 £

drivinggifts.com $US

gardian.net 1191 $US

birthmate.com 999 $US

nuadmassage.de 700 EUR

goodyer.co.uk 595

hairlosscure.org 550 $US read more

National People’s Congress to consider the draft decision on the protection of network information

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According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December 19

Xinhua (reporter Yang Weihan) with the wide application of Internet technology and the rapid development of fraud and other criminal activities rampant use of the Internet, various means of crime and concealed the legitimate rights and interests of citizens are infringed the extent of the deep, shocking. It is an urgent task to punish cyber crimes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens from the national level.

strengthen the protection and management of network information, need to improve the legislative level. Many legal experts pointed out that China’s Internet legislation lags behind, the legal level is not high, mainly through the management of administrative regulations and departmental rules and regulations and all kinds of scattered, operation needs to be improved. December 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress decided that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on December 24th will consider the draft decision on strengthening the protection of network information. The legislation of the highest organ of state power is of great significance for the protection and management of network information, and is an important measure for the state to promote the orderly and orderly operation of the network. read more

Webmaster network daily broadcast buy site number in March to reduce the 357 reshuffle continues

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1 buy site in March to reduce the end of the first line to buy 357 or only 3-5 home

NetEase Francisco April 23rd message, after Ganji quit group purchase F investment group, Tencent and friends came joint operations, or to show the pattern of group purchase website. In 2010, Chinese group purchase website appears, copying speed to get out of hand; in 2012, many well-known website group purchase layoffs, collapse, and the local group purchase website is a month hundreds of rate of evaporation. Just two years time, the domestic buy site quickly come fast". read more

Kidnapping the whole industry chain For the financing of the United States began to play hooligans

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capital market trend, investors may see the most clear. Recently, the Jingdong and the Alibaba has announced a brisk earnings. Then, the share price from less than $20 / share low, straight up, become a stock takes stock of recent higher income; the latter, the same performance in American capital market strong, and $90 / share, hit a new high since listing.

investors understand. When no longer subsidize the war, the enterprise is also focused on services and technology, the GMV bigger, which is the standard of good business." A long-term concern for the brokerage industry analysts said, on the contrary, not for the purpose of profit, only to emphasize how much coverage of their own, how many loyal users, that is the ‘rogue’." read more

Electricity supplier recruitment domineering talent phobia push high salary foam

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] the "financial" reported according to the Beijing morning news, "for 1 years or above working experience, proficient in C++ programming language, the basic salary of 200 thousand to 400 thousand." This is the recruitment of the network on the release of Wanda Group is preparing electricity supplier recruitment notice. There are more "domineering". An electric shock, vice president of the general level of recruitment and staffing requirements are listed in the Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong and almost all of the electricity supplier list, as long as the work can be. read more

Tencent electricity supplier brewing and then adjust pat Network and QQ mall or face integration

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has just come out from Tencent independent, invested $1 billion to set up a Tencent electricity supplier holding company is brewing a new round of big adjustment. Last week, the Tencent announced in the QQ online shopping business dangdang.com, become the book channel operators; dangdang.com baby channel will be in this month officially stationed in the QQ online shopping. At the same time, by the Tencent holding 80% of the easy fast network will become the Tencent business "proprietary" part of the past business line and Tencent such as QQ and pat Network mall will also face the integration of Tencent business line adjustment is brewing. read more

Price war no money can not afford to hurt Jingdong

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2012 is about to end, the end of the world did not come so the day has to continue. This year for China’s Internet is also the most thing year. Buy war, search war, price war can be described as war again and again. From the beginning of the capital boom to the subsequent investment cooling, this year for the electricity supplier giants are really tough.

giants in order to keep their position in the field of electricity supplier giant, is the relentless marketing. We do not earn more money than anyone who is more than the loss of money. Perhaps the giants are still warm but investors have already down, after all, everyone is optimistic about the emerging field of business investment, can expect from a slice. However, a round of war down to look at the performance of those who hurt, it is clear that investors can not afford to hurt, and one of the most embarrassing than Jingdong. read more

How to refine the marketing channel point of view of how to use WeChat micro marketing platform for

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with the rise of mobile Internet, WeChat as a mobile terminal entrance, in all walks of life have shown a strong marketing capabilities.

One of the

in the Spring Festival most happy thing is to "grab" WeChat red, less than a few cents more, but also tens of dollars, WeChat to build a platform to grab a red envelope, without firing a shot, but let the users of WeChat is "Crazy", is somewhat unexpected, the horse is called a cloud "the attack on Pearl Harbor". Since quietly on the line in January 26, 2014, WeChat grab red quickly popular, its popularity, no less than the previous hit the aircraft games. After receiving a red envelope to want to cash, you must bind the bank card, so that the number of users to pay a large increase in binding WeChat. Tencent data show that from the beginning of the new year’s Eve, when the new year’s day 16, to participate in the snatch WeChat red envelopes more than 5 million users, a total of more than 75 million times to grab a red envelope. Received a total of more than 20 million red envelopes, the average received red envelopes per minute to reach 9412. Ma Yun said: "micro credit for a night time, Alipay completed 8 years of work." Visible WeChat marketing potential is unlimited. read more