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  • Analysis on the website main keywords ranking suddenly drop

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    careful thought, whether recently in the soft release when the chain is too obtrusive, because I use the management software of dozens of blogs, blog group of building is my usual Shanghai Longfeng technique, hundreds of forums, if the chain of words, one day can do ten thousand outside the chain, but also included the situation has reached more than 10%, that is to say 100 soft article can be effectively collected more than 10, this situation has been quite good. So I carefully view the past history of the soft release, and one by one to see the collection, found that in addition to the forum included but deleted the more, it will affect the site ranking even drop right (this I also need time to grind)? The blog collection is not very optimistic, but in YAHOO the chain query results is satisfactory, but the love of Shanghai link outside the chain of results is not ideal, may love Shanghai to anchor text link is not displayed. I have done these query work tired, but in order to find out the reason as soon as possible, I must insist.

    these days have been observed in the website main keywords ranking drop causes 100 abroad, through the analysis of web server log, found the number of crawling spider Baiduspider love Shanghai very intensive, careful look at the number of grab page index.asp accounted for more than 80%, we all know some of the Baiduspider data capture love Shanghai for example code, successfully crawled and included in the database code is 20000, but the love of Shanghai Baiduspider grab the index.asp code for the 200064 majority, there is a lot of people say that this code is the K station of the aura, but my analysis of the previous several days and months before the log, the code is always present, confusing, and I compared with the HTML code page 20000, which are rarely part of the 20002 code, perhaps because of my home. The ASP dynamic page, 2 months ago I from home static into dynamic, until now, from the comparison before and after log access data, Shanghai Baiduspider love has not changed, I also analyzed the recent major search engines and the number of the chain of contrast, no much change (included and the chain increase or decrease), have shown a good trend, the world ranking has risen, at about 300W, so I judge the website main keywords ranking drop suddenly cause hundreds of the reasons not the server or website data itself, but also related to the search engine optimization.

    yesterday I query the web site keywords ranking and included, found improved, included in a timely manner, the fastest to reach 1 hours before this day, Shanghai also updated snapshot in 16, but the main keywords or not see a return to the weight, and keywords ranking have recovered from all sorts of results, Shanghai is interested in love a serious drop right for a keyword, relates to the keywords of Shanghai dragon cheating lead >

    Shanghai Longfeng small money single site sales Station

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    compared with the past hundreds of Internet business portal construction, now seems to be a lot lower threshold, few friends know, find some good products, and then build a single page sales station, through the Shanghai dragon optimization or direct purchase of keywords ranking, with good sales performance can I sell a white friends, the website has just launched a month, can Japan sold about 5 boxes, earn nearly 20 thousand yuan, and this is just one of his website. So when many webmaster complaining about the website does not make money, might as well change the idea, from the old ideas out, do some small and beautiful sites, making money may not much.

    2, the picture link set. For a single page, the most used is the picture, this is inconsistent with the principle of Shanghai Longfeng routine, so we had to settle for second, more work on the link. So, I suggest you not to copy others single web site, because you leave the link in the "most are others, is in the chain to help others, or if you sell the same product, which means you do propaganda in helping competitors. The picture, or to the original more awesome, more convenient for the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

    1, Title title. Love Shanghai for the new sites included more quickly, if you use the new domain name had never used before, so stick 2-3 hours, love of Shanghai will be included, if not included, don’t worry, hurry to love Shanghai Post Bar send several posts with links, pay attention to, must take the link, because we the purpose is to let the love Shanghai breakfast included. Title Title Note: accurate, steady, ruthless. Quasi means you want the full analysis of most Internet users search keywords, keywords behind some of the long tail; stability is don’t change your title title, at least to maintain 1-2 months; that is to be prospective firm, set the keywords must search volume is the highest. I like 178dm will set the jeep men’s official website, then you can wait for the love of Shanghai included.

    because of my company is to provide marketing strategy for the network, often to help owners planning sales letter or a single page station, see more, also inevitably Jiyang, and also built a Jeep men’s website, built after the discovery, the single page station of Shanghai dragon is actually very bad to do. When you don’t like the traditional website that the contents of the advantages and Links resources, only through some other channels for a single page station in Shanghai Longfeng, here are some of the ways I summed up, the more common but very effective.

    3, Links set. As a single page station, and we are willing to exchange links with the owners certainly not at this time, don’t give up this idea, if you have a good website, can you help yourself, if not, can do their own keyword optimization in single page Links position, here you are not to write ten or twenty the problem, the hottest, long tail, can write write, then the chain on the site, increase the key.

    Personal website optimization need to pay attention to what

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    every site needs a your own domain name, they can choose according to their own business to. The general international domain name贵族宝贝 is 100 yuan a year, the price is very cheap, but also very safe and stable. If your English is very good, you can go to registration, if English level is not very high, can find people on behalf of note. Here to remind you, in the choice of the space must be careful to choose a stable speed, independent of the IP space, the space cost of this may be a little high, but it is worth it. If you choose to buy a space, this may put a lot of space inside the station, the optimization is very negative, so to separate IP space more appropriate.


    third: select the


    webmaster can add a keyword in your description, but we should pay attention to the description can not write too long, because beyond the limits of "description >


    setting is a very important link, because it and your income directly linked. Now do site, the same industry competition is more and more intense, so when you enter a word will come out tens of thousands of content. So, we in the choice of keywords is the best time to stand in the perspective of the user to choose, a lot of understanding the user’s heart, to understand the user’s search habits, come up with some easy to remember, some words are simple and convenient users love, so the search rate will be much larger.

    the first point: how to choose the domain name and space

    second: about the title of the site

    is now doing many personal websites, some do more successful, so many people remember his website, but also to do the station itself have brought a lot of benefits. But also do not succeed, but not the success of the majority, this is exactly why? For so many personal websites novice, always have a lot of questions, such as how should choose the title more attractive? How to choose a better user search keywords? How to write a description of many problems? Let the webmaster very distressed, if you want your website to be able to have a good ranking, these are the key to do so today, and we want to talk about personal websites need to pay attention to what

    I think many people have the experience, when you enter a website, first of all is to see the title of an article, if the title attracted to you, you will have to continue to look down the interest, so choose a good title is very important. The title of the site should add a keyword, key settings must be appropriate, not too much, three compared to don’t repeat too much, the index of keywords can query in some search engine. Selected three keywords must be separated by commas, such words separated. Website title words should be appropriate, the length of the right, not too much, the best is simple and clear, with no more than 32 Chinese characters.

    Talk about the phenomenon of three Shanghai Dragon Industry

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    1, Shanghai Dragon – Novice to the rookie rookie, like the baby cry piteously for food;

    , entry-level — a lot of Shanghai dragon books, a general understanding of the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but can not operate independently of a website;

    3, intermediate level independently optimizing a website, but do not have their own unique insights, grasp the specific operation method, but the search engine slightly change, you don’t know what to do;

    1, the mountain is mountain, water is water;

    speaking in front of so many, in fact not the want to gather the number of words, but three today and this phenomenon, some more or less

    said only, I believe many of my friends are with the same, without the system of learning, for many professional terms are not particularly sensitive. Shanghai dragon this I believe not many people really systematic study, I also do not know now there is no such a professional university (the high school, never went to college, somewhat regret), is now the Shanghai dragon training school one by one.


    , 5 Masters level — God figures, to recover the original simplicity realm, equally tiny method can reach thousands of times and even thousands of times, no longer adhere to the Shanghai dragon.

    4, senior level from Shanghai Dragon technology research. It can have its own set of optimization system for the size of the website can be completely controlled, or have I said before Shanghai Longfeng thinking;

    has been to Shanghai dragon Er is divided into five levels:

    to be honest, the do so long Shanghai Longfeng, really did not understand the three realm in the end is what meaning, maybe my realm is too low.

    : a halfway decent phenomenon

    introduction: Shanghai dragon today talk about truth, don’t talk about the Shanghai dragon thinking, do not speak Shanghai Dragon technology, the same can’t teach you how to make money, which make a lot of money, because the money himself, (laughs) we just tell the three phenomena in the industry today. The do not know if you have not found these phenomenon, or we are in these phenomenon? Shanghai dragon is not grinding away, not behind closed doors, move around the world is not fresh.

    there are people from the operation and to explain the Shanghai dragon realm, such as:

    , enter the theme!

    3, see hill or mountain, see water or water;

    2, the mountain is not a mountain, water is not water;

    I believe that many Shanghai dragon deities are self-taught, especially at home early that a handful of people. The 10 year contact Shanghai dragon, also belongs to the solid Shanghai dragon Er, had not thought other skills in this line, my own walk is very painful things, while to go on

    The construction of the chain of posting notices

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    keyword density is between 3%~5%, keyword insert to be decent, suggested in the post at the beginning and the end of the content, not just the words piled up in the back or front post.

    every webmaster want to site traffic increased rapidly, the chain release is included, can drive the keywords ranking; even eager readers can click on the link to this page to key words in the chain you browse content when released. So how to do? Your blog should pay attention to what matters? Pawn Shanghai Longfeng introduce about post published notice.

    Two, the blog title

    blog name must be in service type or keywords for naming, for example: pawn Shanghai dragon blog: Shanghai dragon share a little experience, to provide comprehensive consultancy services named Shanghai dragon.

    blog post to a certain frequency, not this week issued a N article, next Monday article no webmaster, according to their actual situation, formulate a post release frequency and quantity.

    blog title must contain keywords, the title of each post to be unique.

    five, blog release frequency and number of

    is more than pawns Shanghai dragon introduced on the post published release notes; if you want to learn other knowledge, welcome attention to pawn Shanghai dragon blog.


    The density of



    four and key wordsEach post is inserted in the

    content must be high quality original or false original content, blog content must with keywords high correlation.

    , a blog name

    Share recovery is gradually down right after experiencing the love of Shanghai

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    May 16, 2011, Taizhou examination network on-line version of the update information, I insist every day from dawn to dusk, collect the local examination information, including some unknown test, the first few days flow steadily rising, largely due to the love of Shanghai, because it gives me more than half of the flow, and according to the statistical results of love Shanghai and do the relevant Shanghai dragon, by May 25th, the cups, suddenly found the search "Taizhou examination network home key Taizhou exam and other related parts of the exam for 6 years in the major search engines before 3, even love Shanghai completely from the search results eliminated, it is difficult to find other included the search page, tzks is also not a trace, the first reaction is Taizhou sea K exam is love? The immediate search site:tzks.cn, found that there are more than 5000 pages of results, But in the first few pages or see the page carefully to find the N page, found the home tracks, can determine the Taizhou examination network love Shanghai serious drop right, originally wanted to take this time after the revision, the Taizhou examinations do strong, become the largest and most complete, the most well-known education examination website at this time, but the mood fell into a trough, love Shanghai so suck, let me feel heavy, anxious.

    although the mood is depressed, but still have to look for remedies, so a careful analysis of the time correcting problems that may occur when the final results, the only possible problem is the revision to the original content, all transferred to the old directory, of course, I also consider doing so will lead to the original search engine included page unable to access, so I used a 404 error with jQuery, PHP technology enables users to access legacy content if there is no page, find the old file, if found to jump to the old version of the file, so for users, is quite friendly, yet for the search engine, did not do any good and it will only think this is a page missing, so after the new version of the line, love the sea every day to reduce the amount collected, a week, a drop of more than 5000 . Since we have found the problem, immediately began to remedy on the server to do 301 redirection, and restore to the line on the first day of the Shanghai dragon set, and then no adjustment, while ensuring all information is updated every day, try to provide some original content. Next day, Taizhou examination network traffic declined sharply after almost 3 days, fell in love with the sea in search of site:tzks.cn, included the amount recovered to more than 10 thousand, every love Shanghai has included Taizhou test network information, just home page snapshot or not refresh, fourth day home page snapshot has been updated, we continue to work in QQ, forum, blog and other places we can promote publicity, let Taizhou care exam net friend, come to visit, so there is no love in Shanghai, Taizhou test network traffic returned to be right down Before 50%, last for a week, that is yesterday, Taizhou examination of the home page snapshot is updated every day for 3 consecutive days, fell in love with the sea search tzks, tzks.c>

    Talk about the Wenzhou local network group purchase Shanghai Longfeng effect

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    in a number of group purchase projects in Wenzhou, with limited resources, in the high-end catering industry has been a net for each group purchase industry in Wenzhou. In 2011, will be more intense.


    Wenzhou city every year to update some businesses, some of the more famous catering industry, such as "one day," He Fang "corner" and "COCO" are more difficult to sign. They all have certain customer resources. The number only from their membership card issued, will know how much they have stable member of Wenzhou.

    of course, Wenzhou other group purchase network in Shanghai Longfeng do less, does not mean they do not, they started, than my Wenzhou enjoypack network group purchase earlier. I don’t know why they are doing in this area is relatively small, but I clearly feel that many Wenzhou group purchase network, this year has come out a few home at the same time, there are so few will be from the consumer’s view fades.

    I took over Wenzhou United enjoypack network group purchase promotion at the beginning, Wenzhou love Shanghai network group purchase keywords ranking in the 15 page after the spring 2011, I found it in the home, but also a key is in the third page, this to me Shanghai Longfeng beginners, is an encouraging.

    I to Wenzhou United enjoypack group purchase network of Shanghai Longfeng practice is primary, one is to optimize the web page content, for the salesman to find businesses, some text and colleagues carefully; two is to increase the reverse link, it looks simple, but it is a persistent hard work; three for Links, because the site has just started, the PR value of the site is 0, want to get some high quality Links is not a simple thing, I try to do, but many administrators or owners reluctant, but also some money; four in the local propaganda website, because once a few awards in Wenzhou on the Internet, I also wrote a lot of spare words, therefore, I also had to put his head into his own name and website LOGO, hope netizens in time to see my comments, love Shanghai A couplet enjoypack, come to see, this effect is.

    but, from the current point of view, Wenzhou so many network group purchase, only a handful of network group purchase in website promotion. Of course, in the love of Shanghai, can also see some network group purchase pay promotion "".

    so, I think, Wenzhou network group purchase all had to be based in limited resources.

    as businesses are profitable, for example, by the end of 2010, I went to Jiaxing, a friend opened a sizable hotel in Jiaxing friendship street. The beginning of the opening, they also cooperate with network group purchase. In the Jiahe delegation to provide those impressive client list of my friend, I asked a friend whether money? Obviously, discount in more than 5 businesses, basically no profit at all, but why do, in addition to the free advertising, is to attract customers from the future.

    "group purchase Wenzhou" and "Wenzhou network group purchase" two most competitive.

    Strange characters and the mobile phone side of Shanghai know that the chain of new sex.

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    use is actually in their website address before the love Shanghai site for a very simple example is: hi.baidu贵族宝贝/www.lovegou贵族宝贝/, many webmaster is to use this way to make love in Shanghai know, through smoothly. In addition to the above example, as long as the use of words such as Baidu, should be easy to pass. The webmaster can try.

    two, strange characters plus the form of

    , by Shanghai own advantage

    love Shanghai Encyclopedia of audit is difficult, Baidu always repeated words cannot let you through. And there are not so many words for you to do. Relative to other products like Shanghai, love Shanghai know is to use a way up. Many users may have discovered that, in the question which links are generally not passed through the difficult answer add links are more difficult. The author found that the addition of many web site owners to use the method of offbeat online, now list:

    Shanghai know there are a lot of skills, online articles are introduced in this article, I was just finishing a few small special skills, for your reference to the webmaster. The chain in Shanghai that love has a high quality, but with more things, the site was found in Shanghai, love is likely The whole army was wiped out. the breadth of the chain, is very important, ask the chain will not overdo sth.. This paper by carnitine which.

    three mobile phone, the mobile terminal to do


    posted second points from the figure can be found in the mobile phone symbol, the answer is the answer in the mobile phone on the mobile terminal. I haven’t really tried, but many have discovered this phenomenon. Is it easier to do mobile phone answering, or webmasters to use mobile phone business, the way to do the chain under the answer? Want to know whether the mobile phone terminal more easily through the answer, then try it yourself.

    sometimes look at love in Shanghai know, some people will find the answer out of order, all kinds of strange characters. The most common is a few letters + + +. English period period plus several English letters. I have tried this way by really fast, but few do not. Although this kind of random character looks no user experience, but sex is not just to know Shanghai leave a link, there are pictures and the truth.

    webmaster love by love Shanghai’s own product chain, such as Wikipedia, know love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai, Shanghai, Post Bar love experience, love Shanghai library, but also clear the way is not easy to do. The Encyclopedia of popular word are very difficult to do, unless it is long term, so that it was easy to pass. Ask when one plus links, Shanghai will be able to find love is very sensitive. Although these methods are not very easy to do, but the effect is the best, so the owners are trying to find ways of reliable not reliable.

    love. .

    The actual selection techniques of different Taobao keyword products and customers

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    for the novice, I just suggest a choice. This is my first choice of products, I also recommended that novice experience the selected product, to have the very big effect. Many people do website to study the keyword, then select the product. I do not agree, because I would love to find products. Why? Because the choice of products when selecting businesses, business choice is a very important work for me, sometimes choose the keyword is very good, traffic is also great, but is because each encounter black businesses, selected businesses have a lot of work analysis work, this later specifically write an article. Back to the topic, choose not to millions of large quantities of products are finished, but look out of the product, which is open for a class of products, and then sorted by price promotion, spreading out, if it is more than 200 yuan Commission, at least out of the promotion of 2-3, commodity reputation good point, the most it is important that the product page must be professional. This is the most important one, is responsible for the products businesses, will be on the product page design professional. As long as the user’s point of view this page is attractive to own it, such as video, multi entity photos, brand and so on. The rest, the method can be combined with the internet. Novice, especially the first time Taobao off, I think you can do here. In fact, product selection is to select users, because of different types of products have different types of users. This point has too many things inside, experience more slowly in order to analyze it, I also continue the analysis. Then slowly share it.

    1, more competitive products of the choice of

    ?There are a lot of fixed product selection and keyword argument on the

    for this, I want to say is a way of brainstorming. In the second step after careful, actually have some understanding of the alliance. Then according to the net. "

    The choice of

    products, it is more and more love, more and more choice of products and found the keyword is a science, not one or two words clear. Now plainly, do Taobao off or from niche research often. Some online said I will not go into.

    3, the choice of keywords.

    , when I was in accordance with the inherent model learned to dig into the station, along with the establishment, development, in fact, slowly found that the choice of niche is not a fixed pattern, Internet technique is a big concept, really want to dig or variable. For example, online said to choose home for promotion less, I don’t think so, like I said before, for many products do not have too much competition, may be too many people because of this "law" and did not choose the products, so the natural stand is not much, and this is the opportunity. So the choice of auction products generally: the search volume, the first two pages of the competition is small, more long tail can choose.

    2, new product

    How to find a good ?

    Shanghai WebUnion love interest of audience attribute analysis

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    in Shanghai love to our background, click on the "audience" analysis we can see that the interface here contains the audience gender, regional interest, etc.. Here we analyze the properties of the audience’s interest.

    Click on the

    indexing audience


    attribute core audience show discrimination and discrimination on the audience

    said the difference between the audience and the Internet users click on the distinction of the greater the absolute value, the higher the position in the diagram, the difference is more obvious. Discrimination is in the right line, said that it prefers the property than Internet users (interest, gender); discrimination is negative, in the left vertical line, said Internet users don’t tend to more than the property (interest, sex). Simply click on the more intention which interest your advertisement. This value is very valuable, because this is the user to click, that he has the intention of advertising this point.

    Show the audience the discrimination of

    The case of



    put our love in Shanghai, you must have been exploring what type you will put the object on the website, what their interests are, because it involves your advertising effect, if accurate grasp of audience interest, then certainly throw out bad advertising effects. But how do you know your audience’s interest, a lot of people on the head, experienced operators on the understanding of the industry can guess 80% through a period of time, but after all is a guess, a little data to support it, this is actually WebUnion itself provides this function, why don’t we it used to.

    Figure 1:

    data is the networking industry a branch of industrial products, products mainly businesses. The author screened nearly 2 months of data from.

    said the difference between the audience and the show of Internet users, the greater the absolute value of discrimination, in the area of the chart position is higher, the difference is more obvious. Discrimination is in the right line, said that it prefers the property than Internet users (interest, gender); discrimination is negative, in the left vertical line, said Internet users don’t tend to more than the property (interest, sex). That is simple in your advertising display of the audience, the reference value is not very big, because the audience is advertising on display, exhibition display, the audience is not initiative.

    Here is the >

    the following us which case analysis

    focus on clothing accessories and an account of the users are not interested in cosmetic products, this should not see all guess, love the beauty of how women might be interested in industrial products. But here is some "households beauty" – "other" this category there are still a lot of interest in this kind of click, can not let go, if direct guess, you ignore this kind of