Yuan Guiren in college graduates employment and entrepreneurship network video conference speech

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college entrepreneurship in 2015 made initial progress, college students will have a significant increase in entrepreneurial intentions. Yuan Guiren, Minister of education at the college graduates employment and entrepreneurship conference, said that to achieve a higher quality of employment and entrepreneurship.

12 4, the 2016 national college graduates employment and entrepreneurship network video conference held in Beijing, the party secretary of the Ministry of education, Minister Yuan Guiren attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the party’s the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education reform of college students employment guidance, enhance the level of service, and strive to achieve college graduates more fully, higher quality employment and entrepreneurship. read more

Enterprise soft Wen promotion can not be ignored details

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easysale communication describes some details of the promotion of soft paper, as an excellent soft Wen promotion staff must master the following points, as everyone knows to do soft soft Wen promotion for soft writing is the most important basic project, high quality of soft Wen can quickly enhance the visibility and reputation of the enterprise to the enterprise website out there are a lot of weight lifting effect. Therefore easysale spread we specifically summarize some characteristics of perennial soft writing soft Wen promotion, this paper not only for the enterprise effective propaganda of some SEO work and hobbies friends on SEO skills will help facilitate. read more

Claiming to be graduating from college students to steal 50 thousand yuan parents fled

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in this is known as the best entrepreneurial era, almost all young people have a passion for entrepreneurship. However not all throw the helve after the hatchet in the business. Like Hubei travels from home to start stealing is more desirable.

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When should the business end

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business, often easy to fall into a chicken ribs feeling, do not return then feel lost, but unfortunately. If this is the case, the business should end. However, after all, not every entrepreneur can be ready to grasp the end of the business time. So, the business should end?

the readers should be the business for three to five years, still struggling to survive, on account of always enough to send two to three months salary in cash, but there is absolutely no time to the end of hills and rivers. At this point, in the face of the growth of the fog, it is difficult to gather together the effectiveness of the strategy, the loss of the backbone, you should have been tired. If you start comparing business opportunity cost, how to begin to imagine if you give up employees, customers, partners, so you often suffer from insomnia, cold sweat. read more

Yibin School of entrepreneurship students back to entrepreneurial experience to share

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not long ago, college students apply for suspension of entrepreneurship at the beginning of each spring breeze blowing over the campus of college students entrepreneurship, to lift the menace from the rear. College of mathematics Yibin University invited two students leave school business venture entrepreneurs to participate in the sharing, share with students their business sentiment.

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How to achieve a breakthrough in investment bathroom products

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investment how sanitary products breakthrough? This is a problem that many investment sanitary products investors are more concerned about, at present, sales of sanitary products is very good, in such a development environment, open a bathroom products chain store has a good profit space. However, the competitive situation is also more and more severe competition between bathroom products. Let’s look at the analysis in the article!

in bathroom products chain increment, must make new adjustments according to the current market situation of management of sanitary products chain, make innovation in the bathroom products chain store marketing. read more

Biography of the world’s largest domain name registration agency GoDaddy external auction

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Beijing on September 11th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said Friday, the world’s largest domain registrar GoDaddy.com has been preparing for foreign auction sale, GoDaddy.com the final auction price is expected to exceed $1 billion.

sources said, GoDaddy.com had hired senior Silicon Valley banker Frank · Quattrone (Frank Quattrone) investment company under the command of Qatalyst Partners, the company responsible for handling the auction matters. GoDaddy.com currently manages more than 43 million domain names, some private companies will be expected to participate in the auction GoDaddy.com. Up to now, GoDaddy.com and Qatalyst Partners per capita of this rumor is not possible. read more

A single brush company run away speculation on the channel money era is over with AL repaying merc

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in this black industry chain, many companies have been closed down, the rest is not a part of the struggle, is to make a transition to micro business.

In addition to the

side fried believe businesses, third party organizations and participate in the letter letter fried fried individuals have been included in the scope of Ali crackdown.


Ali search product manager thinking letter suggested that businesses, will be from the perspective of sales to product quality, service quality, and personalized products. read more

Nearly thousands of servers trapped in Beijing tens of thousands of websites paralyzed

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"new moon power empty! More than and 20 customers gathered at the Yizhuang Netcom room! The police have arrived at the scene!"

Netcom has no right to detain the customer service in the cable."

in the cable is a big liar

should be considered to report to the Public Security Bureau

The "new moon power" and "cable" post was the top

in the Post Bar be in full swing! What is it?

Yizhuang Beijing Netcom data center, one of the well-known server hosting data center in Beijing. Its good network resources, and a good computer room environment, has been favored by many server hosting users. Many IDC companies also see here, so they use the package room and cabinet or Netcom cooperation, in flight and will sell to customers managed bandwidth. read more