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Six tips for university graduates entrepreneurs

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university graduates employment pressure is more and more big, a good job more and more difficult to find, even to find a job, the poor pay and what? So, more and more college graduates choose to start their own business, but just out of college students lack of social experience, how can the success of small business? Collection of college students successful entrepreneurs are in the hope of you who cheats, start on the road to help:

the first one???


heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence. read more

How to choose between entrepreneurship and study

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this year, more and more young entrepreneurs tend to be young, many students are still studying in the school to join the entrepreneurial tide. For these people, business and academic is always very difficult to choose which one is more important.

"now every day I only in class, watch the shop, rest these three things." Xiamen University of Technology, 2013, the management of cultural industry, Guo Weitong told reporters, with the students around the classroom, dormitory, library life is not the same, she would run every day in the classroom, shops and rental. read more

Hong Kong Hong Kong style hot pot

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Hongkong, China has always been dominated by the British before returning to the motherland. So compared to the China mainland, Hongkong early development closer to internationalization, abandon the rule by outsiders is not good for the specific performance of Hongkong in all aspects, take the delicacy, Hongkong is the city of the delicacy, exquisite dishes are quite complete, the integration of the essence of the world delicacy, and focus on the fine workmanship and the effectiveness of health, eat a lot of innovation emerge in an endless stream. read more

Real estate agency ten brands list

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2016 years of the property market hot, so many real estate intermediary money is earned full pots of alms bowl, which gave birth to the birth of the industry more and more brand. So, what is the real estate intermediary? The specific transaction of real estate intermediary is to help people selling housing registration information, and to ensure the availability of real effective declared release; to help people buy, recommend suitable for ideal housing, and lead the people buy the field house, to guide, facilitate transactions; real estate intermediary income is the main charge Intermediary Service Commission, intermediary service commission for 2.7~3% market practice. (part of the city to buy a 2.5%-3%, but there are exceptions, such as part of the Beijing real estate intermediary to the landlord and owner double Commission.) read more

The store can’t play tricks on sales promotion

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"promotion" has now become the major stores will take the business strategy, and how to promote the sales of the store will have a great influence. However, if you want to really promote the sale of the store to help, you can achieve higher product sales, you can not play tricks, or the development of the store will have a very negative impact.

there is a saying in China: a good excuse for a moment, I can not hide. If the business promotion is not based on customer honesty and respect, but purely to promotions and promotions, only to curry favour by claptrap attract the attention of customers, for customers pocket money, and lotteries are little more than practical unsalable goods, I think this business really can put up the shutters not far away. At the very least, this is no respect for customers! Customer is god! Just think: who would like to go to a store that has left unhappy memories? No matter how attractive the business promotion. read more

How to join the Zhengzhou gold stick rolling wrapper

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ate so much Ganmian skin you know the origin of this special snack wrapper for you, and you know this delicious snacks do? The following Xiaobian introduced for you.

wrapper is a traditional snack in Shaanxi unique, Ganmian skin is evolved from the Tang Dynasty to Amoy cold surface. Has the characteristics of loop, soft, fragrant, cold hot and sour taste, is one of the representatives of the people of Qishan Xifu snacks, the wrapper approach is very special, the rice dough and elsewhere niangpi is to tune into a paste, placed in a special cage steam. The Qishan wrapper is the first roll into the surface, and then steamed, steamed and then cut into slightly wider than the cold noodle strips, and eat rice dough is basically the same, different from the rice dough, roll paper are hard, high toughness, a reinforcement. People in Baoji enjoy eating, and they are popular in Xi’an in recent years. read more

Zheng Guangyu return home to promote economic development

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in the hard years, personal experience is very rich, at the same time, wealth is also very much, in such a context, many people will choose to return to business, make a contribution for the economic development of the hometown. In this paper, the hero Zheng Guangyu is the case, through continuous efforts, the choice of home business, thus the development of parents played a very big role in promoting.

Zheng Guangyu, 40 years old this year, is the town of Changchun Ling village, the village of six. After graduating from junior high school in 1986, go home to farming, a small age, he was faced with the early corruption of farm work is reluctant. The heart is always thinking, must not be in the countryside with the same kind of a lifetime as parents, we must find a way out. However, he is a seventeen – year – old children on their own in the end what can be done in the end? In the end, what can be a child of the age of eight? Where can I go? There is no spectrum of the heart. But Zheng Guangyu, although the age is not big, the idea is very positive, all the time think is to leave the countryside to find a job, go to work, never farming. read more

Ktv franchise operators how to improve profitability

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Ktv franchise operators if you want to improve the profitability of the store, which needs to do management work? Many beginners do not even know the direction of the effort, so the need to continue to learn. Xiao Bian provides a number of simple analysis, hoping to help you find some direction to find ways to provide store earnings.

The status of

traditional competitors: analysis of the number, the level of performance, turnover, profit and income statistics; the reasons for the success of advanced management level: excellent service?? social environment conditions? Failure: poor infrastructure policy factors?? market positioning mechanism failure? read more

Store location summary common factors are always the same

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to open the door, the first problem to be faced is the site, although each industry has a certain difference in the requirements of the site, but as long as the observation, the location of some gold address is still a lot of common location. The details of this issue deserves careful consideration.

position although not absolute, but there are many similarities, such as population mobility, traffic convenient, so choose a good place to consider the following factors:

1. flow: ordinary, holiday and day, night to person and proportion; read more

Wen businessmen have a new era of entrepreneurship has come

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referred to entrepreneurship, people often feel that rely on intelligence and courage to start a business is a necessary factor for success, in fact, now "literary creation" is popular, what is the literary creation? I believe that the following business story, you will have a certain understanding of the vocabulary.

in the sky overlooking Monument for Liberation square, Cathay Pacific, has become a natural heart. Cathay Pacific square is the heart of the left ventricle, the surrounding building is the right ventricle and other components of the heart. The ground is a group of artists in the open-air exhibition, Chongqing decorate the lustrous and dazzling, bright. From the high altitude overlooking the heart as if beating, flashing a dazzling light. read more