College Nurse Adjunct

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first_img* Can you perform the essential functions of this position?YesNo Have a Master’s degree in Nursing and a California Public HealthNurse certificate; OR Bachelor’s degree in nursing, a CaliforniaPublic Health Nurse certificate, and a Master’s degree in healtheducation, sociology, psychology, counseling, health careadministration, public health or community health; OR, theequivalent.* All degrees must be from an accreditedinstitution.Have an equity-minded focus, responsiveness, and sensitivity to andunderstanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural,disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnicbackgrounds of community college students, including those withphysical or learning disabilities as it relates to differences inlearning styles; and successfully foster and support an inclusiveeducational and employment environment.NOTES :● Applicants applying under the “equivalent” provision must attachdetails and explain how their academic preparation and/orprofessional experience is the equivalent of the degrees listedabove.● If your degree title differs from the minimum qualificationslisted above, you are requested to submit this equivalencystatement. Application Instructions Part-time, Assistant Professor Position. Adjunct pools are opencontinuously and applicants are contacted/hired year round forassignments based on college needs. * Criminal History Verification and Release: I acknowledge andagree that I understand that by answering the question below, Icertify that the information provided by me is true, correct andcomplete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I authorizeinvestigation of all statements contained herein, and on the P-881(if applicable and submitted), and I release from liability allpersons and organizations furnishing such information. I understandthat any misstatements, omissions or misrepresentation of facts onthis form, my application, and, if applicable, the P-881 orattachment(s) may be cause for disqualification or dismissal. Ifyou have ever been convicted of an offense other than a minortraffic violation you are required to complete the form ‘ArrestsWhich Led to Convictions for Crime’, P-881 (you must discloseconvictions that have been dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Section1203.4; Ed. Code 87008). Please copy and paste the provided URL forthe form -https://losrios.edu/docs/lrccd/employees/hr/forms/p-881.pdf – andattach the completed form to your application.Yes, I acknowledge and agreeNo, I do not acknowledge or agree Position Summary LocationLos Rios Community College District (District Office) The Institution How and where to apply Beginning and/or Ending Dates Posting Details Quicklinkhttps://jobs.losrios.edu/postings/2348 Department Location Total Hrs per Week/Day Special Requirements Closing Date Work Schedule AboutThe Los Rios Community College District is the second largest,two-year public college district in California, servingapproximately 75,000 students in the greater Sacramento region. Thedistrict’s 2,400 square mile service area includes Sacramento andEl Dorado counties and parts of Yolo, Placer, and Solano countiesand is comprised of four uniquely diverse colleges – AmericanRiver, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges. Inaddition to each college’s main campus, the district offerseducational centers in Placerville, Davis, West Sacramento, ElkGrove, Natomas and Rancho Cordova.The Los Rios district office is centrally located in the heart ofthe Sacramento valley. The growing Capital Region has strongcommunities and emergent arts and dining scenes, and is nearby someof the most celebrated tourist destinations in the country – LakeTahoe, Napa Valley and San Francisco. The Sacramento area is agreat place to live and work!StrengthsThe district has approximately 6,000 employees throughout our fourcolleges and district office complex. The District office iscentrally located between all four colleges and provides welcoming,inclusive, and equitable environments for Los Rios students,employees and our community partners. Our departments strive forthe highest quality in all programs, services, and activities, andare focused on advancing the learning of our diverse studentpopulation through improved academic and social outcomes.Our VisionOur colleges offer equity-minded, academically rigorous, studentsuccess centered education. Our objective is to help our studentssuccessfully achieve their academic goals, whether they want totransfer to a four-year college or university, earn an associate’sdegree, or obtain one of more than 100 certificates in high demandcareer fields. Minimum Qualifications Open ContinuouslyYescenter_img SalaryPlease See LRCCD Salary Schedules Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsUnofficial Transcript 1Licenses/CertificationsOptional DocumentsResume/Curriculum VitaeLetter of InterestLetter of Recommendation 1Letter of Recommendation 2Unofficial Transcript 2Unofficial Transcript 3Unofficial Transcript 4Unofficial Transcript 5Foreign Transcript EvaluationEquivalency Determination Letter (P-38 or Equivalency RequestStatement)P-881 Report of Arrests Which Led To Convictions For CrimeDocumentCalifornia Community College Instructor’s Credential * Considering this specific position that you are applying to –where/how did you learn about this position?College DepartmentCareerBuilderChronicle of Higher Ed (Vitea.com)Community College Registry Job Fair: OaklandCommunity College Registry Job Fair: Los AngelesCommunity College Registry Online Job BoardCommunity Outreach (ex. Festivals, etc.)CommunityCollegeJobsComunidadCraigslistDiverse: Issues in Higher EducationD’Primeramano MagazineEdJoinFacebook (Campaign)Facebook (Los Rios Page)GlassdoorGreater Sacramento Urban LeagueHandshake (CSU, UC Job Boards)HigheredJobsIndeedInstagramJob SitesJob JournalLatina Leadership Network of the California CommunityCollegesLinkedInLos Rios Community College District EmployeeLos Rios Community College District Human Resources EmailLos Rios Community College District WebsiteLRCCD Resource Group – API (Asian Pacific Islander Legacy)LRCCD Resource Group – Black Faculty & Staff Association(BFSA)LRCCD Resource Group Native American Collaborative (NAC)LRCCD Resource Group – Spectrum (LGBTQIA+)Professional NetworksSacramento Black Chamber of CommerceSacramento Asian Chamber of CommerceSacramento Builders ExchangeSacramento Hispanic Chamber of CommerceSacramento Rainbow Chamber of CommerceSacramentoWorksThe HUBTwitterYouTubeZipRecruiter General Responsibilities:The faculty member shall be responsible for the following:providing direct patient care under the supervision of the areadean; helping students fulfill their maximum potential; assessingstudent learning outcomes; maintaining a thorough and up-to-dateknowledge in their regular field; continuing professionaldevelopment; utilizing current technology in the performance of jobduties; maintaining standards of professional conduct and ethicsappropriate to the professional position; assisting witharticulation and curriculum development and review; serving oncollege committees and participating in faculty governance,including accreditation and student co-curricular activities;assuming other responsibilities as assigned by the area dean; andfulfilling other duties and responsibilities of a full-time facultymember as outlined in the college faculty handbook.This assignment is non-instructional and may include, but is notlimited to:● Assessing and evaluating the general health status of studentsand staff focusing on prevention, recognition, and early treatmentof illness.● Planning, developing, and coordinating Health Services forstudents and employees.● Conducting regular Health Services staff meetings to communicateinter-office and campus-wide information and discuss HealthServices operational issues.● Working with other college departments to meet the health needsof the campus community, including such services as emergencyresponse, crisis management, mandated immunizations and educationalprogram requirements.● Providing confidential health counseling for students and collegepersonnel with referral to appropriate resources within the collegeor community as appropriate.● Serving as liaison to community health agencies and using thesehealth resources for referral.● Protecting the well-being of students’ children attending thecampus children’s centers, and college personnel through preventionand control of communicable diseases.● Establishing standards and procedures for first aid care;providing appropriate first aid care as necessary on campus.● Conducting an on-going program of health education for thecollege community through classroom presentations, bulletins,newsletters, seminars, workshops and other activities.● Serving as a health consultant to students, faculty, andstaff.● Assisting in and maintaining a safe and healthy collegeenvironment by identifying hazards and recommending safetyimprovements.● Reviewing and evaluating the Health Services program andparticipating in planning to respond to identified needs.● Developing and implementing new programs.● Monitoring existing programs and services for applicability,safety and effectiveness.● Preparing reports, attending meetings, managing Health Servicesbudget, and working with advisory committees.● Assuming special responsibilities as assigned bysupervisor.● Providing guest lectures on health related topics.● Assisting with and attending sessions relating to staffdevelopment.● Demonstrating skill in the use of software technology supportiveof office programs and services and having knowledge and/ortraining in the use of computers.● Performing other duties as assigned.The non-instructional assignment may include day, evening, online,hybrid, weekend, and/or off-campus work and/or hours. Offers of employment are contingent upon the successful clearancefrom a criminal background check, freedom from tuberculosis, andproof of identity and eligibility to work in the United Statesprior to the first day of work. The District may select additionalqualified candidates should unexpected vacancies or needs occurduring this recruitment/selection process. When education is arequirement for the position, official academic transcripts fromthe accredited college/university must be submitted within 60 daysof hire. The Los Rios Community College District is seeking a pool ofqualified applicants for possible temporary part-time facultyteaching assignments. These positions are filled on an as neededbasis and are on-going recruitment efforts.Adjunct pools are open continuously and applicants arecontacted/hired year round for assignments based on collegeneeds.Teaching assignments may include day, evening, on-line, hybrid,weekend, and/or off campus classes. Conditions Job Posting TitleCollege Nurse Adjunct * Please indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications forthis position. Select the appropriate answer.I possess the minimum qualifications for this discipline aslisted on the job announcement. (Attach unofficial transcripts froman accredited college/university and/or evidence of jobexperience.)I possess a valid California Community College Credential forthis discipline. (Attach a copy of appropriate credential withapplication.)I possess qualifications equivalent to those listed and haveattached evidence. (To review Equivalency Process.)I have previously been granted equivalency to teach thisdiscipline by the Los Rios Community College District. (Attach theEquivalency Determination Form P-38 and transcripts.) Applicants applying to this Los Rios Community College DistrictFaculty1. A completed Los Rios Community College District ClassifiedApplication (required).2. Resume (recommended).3. Unofficial transcripts of college/university work (indicatingcompleted or conferred date) (required if using education to meetthe Minimum Qualifications of this position). * (“graduate advisingdocuments and grade reports” will not be accepted as unofficialtranscripts) (Required). NOTE : Los Rios employees are alsorequired to submit unofficial copies of transcripts.4. Two (2) letters of recommendation (recommended).5. Letter of Interest (recommended).6. Certification and/or Licenses ( NOTE : list requirement withpositions with additional accreditation MQ)NOTES :● Applications submitted without all required documents, listedabove, will be disqualified. Applicants indicating “see resume” onthe online application will be disqualified.● Graduate advising documents and grade reports will not beaccepted as official transcripts.● It is the responsibility of Los Rios Community College Districtemployees to also provide official transcripts, if required in theminimum qualification for the position. (Within 60 days of the timeof hire, employees are required to submit official transcripts, ifrequired in the minimum qualification for the position).● Individuals who have completed college or university course workat an institution in a country other than the United States mustobtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees andother relevant documents.● A foreign transcript evaluation is required any time foreigncourse work is used to meet minimum qualifications and/or salaryplacement even if the foreign transcript has been accepted by acollege or university in the United States.● Foreign transcript evaluations are ONLY accepted from AICE(Association of International Credential Evaluations, Inc.) orNACES (The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services)agencies or evaluators. Foreign Degree Transcript Evaluations click hereDo not submit additional materials that are not requested. Posting NumberF00036P Additional Salary InformationNo additional salary information to note Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Work YearN/A Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for completeinformation on how to apply online with our District. If you needassistance with any phase of the application process, please call(916) 568-3112 during regular business hours Monday through Friday8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.After hours inquiries should be emailed to hr@losrios.edu.Submission of applications are by 11:59 p.m. of the posting closingdate. Posting Date12/14/2016 Physical Demands Assignment Responsibilitieslast_img read more

COLUMN: Sports media shouldn’t just “stick to sports”

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first_imgFor anyone who knows me, there’s no question that I love sports. But there is a phrase — other than “the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead” — that I absolutely abhor, whether it’s online or in person: “Stick to sports.”While sports journalism is my specialty, I consider myself a journalist first, as do many fellow sports media members that I follow on Twitter. But I see it all the time, when a “sportswriter” has the gall to tweet about politics or lifestyle or something other than sports: “Stick to sports.”It also applies to athletes. Whenever a famous athlete — like LeBron James or Stephen Curry — dares to venture opinions outside of their profession, they are met with a tirade from brave social media warriors: “Stick to sports.”It is not only incredibly naive, but also condescending and insulting, treating “us” — the collective sports world — like we aren’t qualified to discuss anything beyond sports.This is especially relevant in today’s charged political climate. As the nation grapples with a Donald Trump presidency, we’ve seen athletes use their platforms to make their opinions heard. We’ve seen sportswriters who usually don’t stray from their beat throw their hats into the political ring.Tim Kawakami, a long-time sports columnist for the San Jose Mercury News whom I grew up reading and fills my timeline with daily sports opinions and analysis, tweeted about Trump’s immigration ban last month.“My mother was born in America, but was put in an internment camp during World War II as a child, for no reason except fear & hatred,” he said.It was retweeted over 1,300 times, and showcased the broader point that just because our main domain is sports does not mean that we don’t have opinions or interests outside of sporting events.Unfortunately, it feels like we in the sports media too often surround ourselves in a sports bubble, trapped by the notion that we are specifically “sports” media, too afraid to venture into the real world. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to comment on social media about a breaking news story, only to think, “I’m a sportswriter. People follow me for sports reasons, so they’ll think it’s weird, and someone will probably tell me to stick to sports,” and hit the backspace button.Sure, covering sports is how we dip our feet into the media world. It’s part of our job description, it’s what we’re paid to do and why people read our articles. But to limit ourselves only perpetuates the “stick to sports” perspective — one that paints sportswriters as unable to opine about anything else but sports, oblivious to the world around them.However, the Trump administration is giving athletes — and sportswriters — the impetus to come out of their shells. “A sportswriter doesn’t have to ‘stick to sports’ if the athletes don’t,” Bryan Curtis, the editor-at-large at the Ringer, wrote last month.And athletes and coaches, thankfully, have not. In a trend that started last year with Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem to protest race relations, prominent sports figures have felt emboldened by the current political climate. Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr, two of the most respected coaches in the NBA, spoke out vehemently against Trump’s travel ban. LeBron James, the best basketball player in the world, called it “un-American.” Curry, the defending two-time MVP and face of Under Armour who usually avoids making controversial public statements, had the best line when asked about Under Armour chief executive Kevin Plank’s comment that Trump was a “real asset” to the country.“I agree with that description, if you remove the -et,’” Curry said to the Mercury News.Curry, who could be worth a reported $14.1 billion to Under Armour and is signed with them until 2024, went on to say that he wouldn’t have a problem with abandoning the brand if its platform wasn’t in line with his views.Such political statements from superstar athletes have opened a window for the sports media to write stories outside the traditional norm of sports, to speak more freely on social media and be more willing to question athletes on their non-sports views.Tom Brady, now considered the greatest quarterback of all time after another Super Bowl win, caught a lot of flak when a “Make America Great Again” hat was spotted in his locker last year. He was criticized even more when he brushed aside questions during Super Bowl media day regarding his support for Trump by saying he was a positive person who didn’t know what was going in the world and wasn’t paying attention to news events like the immigration ban or the women’s march (yes, actually).Ultimately, it’s up to the person. If Brady wants to keep his political opinions out of the media, he has the right to do so. And sportswriters shouldn’t necessarily feel compelled to voice their political stances when that’s not what they’re paid to do. Nonetheless, it is important that athletes and the media who cover them aren’t afraid to step out and use their platforms, especially at a time when political activism is spiking. And it’s just as important that people respect those opinions and not dismiss them as simply comments from a “dumb jock” or an “out-of-touch, multi-millionaire athlete.”I’ll leave you with what Martellus Bennett, one of five New England Patriots not-so-subtly skipping the team’s post-Super Bowl visit to the White House, tweeted about the labels placed on him.“When you look at me what do you see? I know you wanna ask me what sport I play. I mean what else could I possibly be besides an athlete,” Bennett said. “When you look at me see the father, the awesome dad, the author, film director, business owner, champion, friend, Hufflepuff beast.”Yes, athletes are committed to sports, as are those who write about them. But we can — and should — treat ourselves and, likewise, be treated as so much more. Never just “stick to sports.” Please, never do.Eric He is a sophomore studying print and digital journalism. He is also an associate managing editor for the Daily Trojan. His column, Grinding Gears, runs on Fridays.last_img read more

La Liga schedule 2020: What games are on today? Times, TV channels to watch soccer in USA

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first_imgAs for Matchday 28, there will be four-straight days of fixtures to kick off 15-straight days of league action as teams try to cram in the remainder of season to maintain a regular schedule for next season.Below is everything to know about the return of La Liga, including a full schedule for Matchday 28 and how to watch the matches in the United States.MORE: Watch La Liga games live with fuboTV (7-day free trial) The return of La Liga means the return of two of the most iconic soccer clubs in the world: Barcelona and Real Madrid.Lionel Messi and Barcelona are on track to win a third-straight Spanish title, leading Real Madrid by two points. But there’s plenty of time left with 11 matches remaining for both teams, and Brazillian youngster Vinicius Junior will look to bring Los Blancos back to La Liga glory. La Liga schedule 2020Here is the complete La Liga schedule for Matchday 28:Thursday, June 11TimeFixtureTV Channel4 p.m.Sevilla vs. Real BetisbeIN sports, fuboTVFriday, June 12TimeFixtureTV Channel1:30 p.m.Granada vs. GetafebeIN Sports, fuboTV4 p.m.Valencia vs. LevantebeIN Sports, fuboTVSaturday, June 13TimeFixtureTV Channel1:30 p.m.Granada vs. GetafebeIN Sports, fuboTV8 a.m.Espanyol vs. AlavesbeIN Sports Xtra, fuboTV11 a.m.Celta Vigo vs. VillarealbeIN Sports Xtra, fuboTV1:30 p.m.Leganes vs. ValladoidbeIN Sports, fuboTV4 p.m.Mallorca vs. BarcelonabeIN Sports, fuboTVSunday, June 14TimeFixtureTV Channel8 a.m.Athletic Bilbao vs. Atletico MadridbeIN Sports, fuboTV1:30 p.m.Real Madrid vs. EibarbeIN Sports, fuboTV4 p.m.Real Sociedad vs. OsasunabeIN Sports, fuboTVHow to watch La Liga soccer in USATV channels: beIN Sports, beIN Sports XtraLive stream: fuboTV (7-day free trial)You can watch most La Liga games on beIN Sports, including all of the games for Real Madrid and Barcelona. For those without cable or without beIN Sports in their cable package, La Liga games can also be streamed on fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial.La Liga standingsBarcelona is on track to win a third-straight La Liga title, but Real Madrid only trails by two points with 11 matches to play so it’s still a tight race.Pos.TeamGamesPointsWinsDrawsLossesGoal Difference1Barcelona27581845+322Real Madrid27561683+303Sevilla27471386+104Real Sociedad27461449+125Getafe27461377+126Atletico Madrid274511124+107Valencia27421197-18Villareal273811511+69Granada273811511+110Athletic Bilbao27379108+611Osasuna27348109-412Real Betis27338910-513Levante273310314-814Alaves27328811-815Valladoid272961110-1016Eibar27277614-1417Celta Vigo272651111-1218Mallorca27257416-1619Leganes27235814-1820Espanyol27204815-23last_img read more