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· China’s mainstream users in the end is what?

first said a puzzled question me for a long time, such as abroad, many foreign things are put all the people as the base, very few people deliberately do first classification, if there is something that is made after classification. Take the plane analogy, first invented the airplane did not think these things need who to use aircraft, until now, civil words can basically achieve everyone can fly in foreign aircraft in those foreigners the impression is a kind of transportation tool only, and in a few years ago some people in China love always speaks more or less will fly that hang in the mouth, like a symbol of the plane ride is a kind of identity. Of course, this is a lot better in recent years. There are some reasons for this situation more or less income, but if the aircraft in the domestic invention, the aircraft is likely to become the special crowd like a special tool, ordinary people even if the money can not sit some types of chairs, such as the eight lift six to lift the chair. Of course, this may be just a guess. read more

The first case of extortion 315 complaints network fined one hundred thousand

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is a cultural communication company set up the "315 complaints network", actually fake business and Consumer Association "consumer complaints", and then blackmail black hands toward a family enterprise. July 2nd, the National Federation of industry, beauty and cosmetic chamber of Commerce held a press conference in Guangzhou, said the plaintiff, Guangzhou, Australia biological beauty care technology company has been 315 complaints network lost economic losses of $100 thousand. It is reported that this is the first through the right to defend the success of the network fraud case. read more

Thousands of black and white white national website stationmaster collective mourning in Wenchuan W

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May 12th

day, hundreds of Web sites across the country formed the temporary national webmaster 512 online memorial union ", remove the unified color with black and white white, to mourn the" 512 earthquake ", the website headlines have Broadcast Union eulogy" Wenchuan!! ". This activity is by stationmaster net, Zhuo school classroom, portal, proud net initiate.

in the morning, with black and white elegy played the Internet, more and more sites to join the spontaneous black grey tone trend, thousands of websites of collective mourning. Dongguan wedding website is taken off the home page, full screen sadness, Yanhuang interconnection website the same day to suspend the business day, there are a large number of Web topics or close the game entertainment channel, the webmaster to highlight the mind of collective action. read more

Wang Xin is still in prison you are the name of the fast broadcast back to do things

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people walk

tea cool

The new

company raised a small golden retriever, the little guy is stupid, adorable…

suspected dog born

er… Following into the subject.

this morning, Mr. Wang suddenly received a colleague forwarded a public article, said Nora back!

a number of push

began a bad evaluation of the king is still not how to believe, and then ran to look after the search and found a lot of relevant reports ~


Wen said, Nora 5 official return from the original team to build… read more

100 abstruse cereal contest came the latest news April 12th

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Fourth days

today has entered the Olympic Valley contest, the website can let everyone but that is emerge in an endless stream, the most concern is to enter the Google home page site.

is currently ranked to the first place is 100 abstruse cereal science and Technology Co Ltd (, the company is bigger, of course, can have the last laugh is the most sweet.

came to second or 100 abstruse cereal’s most beautiful domain name (, if the Olympic Valley fame is bigger, I think only in this domain most appreciation potential, look a little, it is not difficult to see that the man is trying to master, who is the third, who is the second, remains to be time to prove. read more

Daily topic 618 electricity supplier war traffic is not expected to make people aesthetic fatigue

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station network ( June 20th news, a Jingdong, Tmall,, Yi Xun, Dangdang and other electricity providers involved in fighting the giant electricity supplier promotional war, has killed like a raging fire. Unlike in previous years, the day did not suddenly appear flow blowout scene.

618 was supposed to be the birthday of the Jingdong, but it was a little too late. First came out of the ShangCheng Railway Station Tmall accused of forcing businesses two choose one, Tmall side denied, while announced that since the dig $400 million in cash to start in June to promote the middle". Then the electricity supplier giants have joined the promotion war. read more

New Weekly a Taobao County Rural electricity supplier test

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Kuang XinhuaThe

is the last piece of virgin land of electronic commerce, but its huge consumption potential only in the smooth channel after may be excited.

"I like warm underwear, how can you help me with?" in December 3rd, Hua Dongping returned to Suichang to participate in the county, the county government held the network to the general assembly, surprised to hear "shop Association of rural e-commerce service station". The chairman nanjiren Lang shop at Amoy excitement. read more

We note that the new cloud official was linked to horse you don’t into your website

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we do not go into their own website background. Because the background calls the new cloud announcement!

if you want to enter the notice to delete the ~~

http://s.www-newasp-cn/pack.html  there is a virus, I changed a bit into a horizontal

  this is the best we should first server patching ARP `~~~

Net exposure 12306 site a large number of users of real name information was sold

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[Abstract] the information communication now is in the sale, for the specific vulnerabilities and leaks of information is not the exact message, many white hat hackers to guess this information is likely to be by a software to grab votes leaked.

Tencent digital news (Zhang Yujing) today released the well-known vulnerability platform cloud on the news, "12306 a large number of user data in the Internet crazy including user account, password, identity card and other plaintext mailbox", but is still unable to confirm the information leakage way. read more

Thinking of doing business with the nternet inspirational orange nternet thinking is difficult to

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Chu orange is a kind of Internet thinking.

After the

era of big data, is not everyone can do not necessarily Chu orange. But the really big data will give young entrepreneurs found huge potential opportunities for industry, the past, the potential opportunities in the hands of a few people in relationships, resources and experience, but now, big data commercial applications are equitable access to any enterprises, this is an opportunity for smes.

by sea light micro world (click on the name of the title plus attention) read more